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Could you draw a familiar moment in the crightmoss family please? owo

I don’t know exactly what you mean by familiar, but here’s Nightmare reading his kids a story.

Moonlight: (totally invested)

Bex: This story is so unrealistic.

Noah: When are they going to kiss?

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-cutie Anon looks up with big puppy eyes- *shyly whispers* just discovered your Knight!Fidds and it's really adorable. Mind drawing him picking up injured Ford OwO please?

ah no don’t do the puppy eyes! I can’t resist the puppy eyes! Or you know, drawing Ford lovestruck over his own knight in shiny armor.

SO drew ya a quick thing and threw on some color cause I haven’t in awhile.

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Could you do long distance relationship prompts? Pretty please?OwO

Person A has been falling asleep constantly at school. Thinking the worst, one of A’s teachers pulls them in for a serious talk about their home life. Person A has to explain that they’ve been staying up to talk to Person B, a former exchange student who recently moved back to their home country.

Person A writes dramatic Shakespearean letters to Person B detailing the woes of not being able to hear B’s voice and hear their talk. B facetimes A to tell them how stupidly dramatic they are but instead ends up laughing at A’s ridiculous old English accent.

Person A and B spend their Saturday nights pointing out constellations to each other over the phone.

Person A and B live a block or two away from each other. Whenever B feels particularly lonely, they declare that they are in the, “shortest long distance relationship ever,” and then proceeds to close that distance by walking over to A’s house.

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HCs for dating Grimmjow please? OwO

Yay! More headcanons! 

  • He has a habit of coming off as an asshole, and pretty much acts like one depending on the situation. However, he’s gentle when it comes to you. There’s something funny about how his rough hands usually bruised from a fight are touching you with no rough intentions at all.
  • He kind of likes it if he can get a shy s/o cussing or yelling at him. It’s just hilarious that he can have that kind of affect on such a timid person.
  • He likes play wrestling. Any excuse to be able to have his hands on you is a good one, but he likes to end a play fight by throwing you over his shoulder. To be honest, it’s an excuse to touch your butt.
  • Actually, if he wants to mess with you, throwing you over his shoulder is his favorite way to do it. You hitting his back to let you down never fails to make him laugh.
  • At first, he’s awkward on displaying affection and expressing his feelings. Though when he gets used to it, he gets more expressive and PDA becomes something he enjoys. 
  • He low-key likes it when you cheer him on in a fight. Your shouts and cheers are music to his ear as he hear you get more passionate about it. (”KICK THEIR ASS!”)
  • Intense stares. He randomly will just look you intensely, and it’s hard to read his emotions when he does this but it’s becomes clear if he brushes your cheek with the back of his hand or ruffles your hair.