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Heartbreak Insurance

Words: 10.9k
Genre: FLUFF.

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Ring Ri-

He bursts into a bright huge grin, despite not being seen. “Thank you for calling Heartbreak Insurance. My name is Jimin! How may I help you today?”

There’s a long silence over the phone until there’s a slight sniffle and the woman on the other line explodes into a hysterical sob. “HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHH…nnn..nnn-” It’s a type of uncontrollable bawling howl that makes your snot drip inside your mouth .

“I’ll connect you to our customer services~ Please don’t hang up the line. One moment please!” Jimin moves the phone handset into his other hand while he presses some buttons, successfully transferring her over a second later.

The average person falls in love 4 to 7 times before marriage and 40% to 50% of all marriages end in divorce. 85% of all relationships end with a breakup. Don’t just be a statistic!

At Heartbreak Insurance, we are committed to be there when you need it most. Affordable and comprehensible solutions to meet your needs today! With our Heartbreak Insurance, you can find a plan that fits your needs. We cover and care for you in your most vulnerable times, offering paid time off, therapy sessions and care packages.

Because heartbreak is pain too.

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Iron Crown

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jinyoung

Rating: R

Warning: Domestic abuse

Word Count: 5,900

Summary: As the Crown Princess of Vitus, your land has always been peaceful. When your power-hungry Uncle decides to stop paying the tithe though, things take a turn for the worse. The vampires who reside in the mountains are not happy and in retaliation - they set their sights on you. 

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The Louvre And Love

Originally posted by wyndolls

Wonder Woman/Diana Prince x Fem!Reader

Length: 1345 words

Warnings: none, female reader, probably could be edited better, modern!diana

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Pandora Hearts vs. Vanitas no Carte

Aka. long-ass rant about VNC and PH accompanied by the total amount of zero (0) screencaps from the canon material, also featuring my poor grammar skills (for which I’m endlessly sorry) and the bits and scraps of knowledge on fiction / art I happen to posses.

Okay. First of all, I made this post solely so that I can babble about VNC in comparison to Pandora Hearts, because that’s what they taught me in high school – if you have one author and the said author has at least two works, then not talking about both of those works at once is just a waste of a perfectly good opportunity to fill up your essay with a lot of meta with the minimal effort. And I just can’t walk past a chance like that without a second glance. Not that this rant would lead anywhere (I also don’t have any cool theories to share, which is honestly pitiful and keeps me up at night), but still. Here I go and, by the way, I’m taking spoilers with me.

Quick TL;DR before we start: Jun Mochizuki’s progress as a storyteller is just insane and she should be prayed for in the dark times of art / writer’s block.

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(anonymous said: hi! i really enjoy your blog and was wondering if you could do “what being the mother of ivars children would include”? 💖)

(a/n: thank you very much, sunshine! we are sooo glad that you enjoy our blog. of course! we hope that you enjoy what we have come up with here. thanks so much for requesting and please, continue to request: we love to see what all of our supporter’s would like to see more of. enjoy, sweetheart!  - admin kat 🌙❣️ & admin wenzel 🌲💖)

◾ First of all, Ivar would surely be soaring over the moon over the fact that you are the mother of his children.

◾ He would almost believe that you were a magical being sent to him or you and your life were surrounded by magic.

◾ Yet, there would always be that darker figure on one of his shoulders, poisoning his mind with insecurities and maybe even doubt. It would leave him in a peculiar mood.

◾ Ivar would feel as though he may not be the best of father’s, since he never really felt like he had much of one growing up. This has left him quite unsettled with being a father figure.

◾ With such insecurities, you would be the first to hush them, proving to him that he is nothing but the most excellent of fathers, and if anybody dared to disagree… they would certainly be fools.

◾ I believe that if you bore his children, he would fall in love with you, but definitely not turn into mush. There isn’t any changing Ivar, but his approach towards and about you would be much gentler. Nevertheless, you would never tame the wild beast that was Ivar the Boneless.

◾ Nobody would ever harm you, for they would be met with the treacherous acrimony that was Ivar the Boneless.

◾ After realizing that these are his children - as he thought he never would be able to please a woman or have children of his own - something would change irreversibly. He would fall in love with you, feeling that it was his duty to take care of you, even if you were assertive in the fact that you wished to stay far away from him.

◾ If you wished nothing to do with him, he would take this hard and lose his temper.

◾ If he was possessive or protective of you before, this would increase in ways that would alarm others. He would not wish for you to be out of his sight.

◾ If you were close to Sigurd, it would be question-less that he would despise this relationship. It would not only make him feel insecure, but he would have a feeling that his brother would continue to poison your mind.

◾ “Why don’t you get your own woman that can bare your pitiful children, Sigurd?” Ivar would spit like a diabolical snake. “Oh, that’s right!” He would sit back, tipping his head back as laughter poured out of his wolfish simper. “No woman, other than a wretched slave, would want to go with you. You are a coward.” He would allow his venom to sink in, astounding the audience.

◾ “Well, that may be what you think and feel, Ivar. But at least I’m not the one who has to pay men to fuck my own wife to bare you children.” Sigurd would fire back with verbal violence.

◾ “Ivar! Sigurd!” You would be enormously confounded.

◾ Ivar would most likely marry you, to keep you close to him. You have somehow bore him children, that would mean much more to him than just magic.

◾ It would surprise many to even realize that Ivar was capable of having feelings for someone that wasn’t to his own benefit, but those who think that truly do not know Ivar.

◾ He would marry you, letting you in and you would immediately become apart of his family.

◾ His mother would be pleased to see that Ivar is with someone who could give him confidence, support him and help him to thrive. She would know that deep down, Ivar would love you entirely, even if he showed it in such a quirky fashion.

◾ I believe that his brothers - minus Sigurd - would be happy for his brother, glad that he is happy and has children of his own. However, Sigurd would affirm constantly that those were not his children, which would cause fierce arguments.

◾ You would often watch him play with his children, smiling as you see a side of Ivar that simply does not come out very often. A side that you only really know.

◾ Being the mother of his children would be a responsibility in itself and a big one at that. Having children is a responsibility, but being that they’re Ivars’, it may be challenging for you to juggle both parenting roles. It isn’t that he wishes not to be around or there constantly, it is more that he is laced with insecurity.

◾ “Quit your whining, wife!” Ivar would jibe furiously at you. “What do you want from me?

◾ “I want you to be a father.” You would argue with him passionately. “Your father may not have been one to you your whole life, but that does not give you an excuse to throw aside the blessing that the God’s have given you.

◾ “You think that this is a blessing for our children, dear wife?” Ivar would scoff, looking at you with his sapphire orbs, so cold and distant. “You think that is a blessing for our children to have a father that is a cripple? You wish for your children to have a father who cannot even stand on his own two feet but has to drag himself everywhere?

◾ “The sooner that you stop comparing yourself to other men, to other fathers, the sooner you would realize that you are much more capable than other men!” You would end the argument then and there, stalking off angrily.

◾ He would look at you like you were his world, even if it was for but of a moment. Ivar would soon look around him, seeing that the God’s had not abandoned him, but blessed him with the best wife and healthy children; even if he would not utter such things aloud.

◾ He would believe that you were fated to appear in his life, to stay in it, to teach him that not only his mother loved him, but that another person could love him too.

◾ This whole experience would not make Ivar a perfect man or make him any less twisted. What it would do is open himself up, seeing how his fathers words were right: He didn’t have to be like other men to achieve greatness in this world, in this lifetime.

◾ “How could the God’s be so kind to me? To bless me with you and our children?” He would hum deep at night as you slept, stroking the side of your face as he held you.

◾ He would ensure that his mother is there to help bring up your children. It would comfort him to know that you were close with her; and that his children too were.

◾ You would bring Ivar happiness that he originally thought was utterly impossible. He would hold you in the highest light possible, which would alarm other’s but you would see it in a totally different context to them. Knowing the real him.

ivar the boneless gif : source - 🏹

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Possible references to ‘The Ones Who Walk away From the Omelas’ in the BTS ‘Spring Day’ teaser

Since I know a big part of you have never read ‘The Ones Who Walk away From the Omelas’ (by Ursula K. Le Guin), I wrote a small summary of things I noticed were quite directly referencing the book. All quotations are from TOWWAFTO (that’s a mouthful).

With a clamor of bells that set the swallows soaring, the Festival of Summer came to the city Omelas, bright-towered by the sea. The ringing of the boats in harbor sparkled with flags. […] I incline to think that people from towns up and down the coast have been coming to to Omelas during the last days before the Festival on very fast little trains and double-decked trams, and that the trains station of Omelas is actually the handsomest building in town, though plainer than the magnificent Farmers’ Market.”

Setting: a beautiful town by the sea. A summer festival that people come to attend from other towns. 

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Hot Water

Summery: If the Christmas party taught Lucy anything, playing games with a particularly sadistic Erza was bad for the nerves. NaLu OneShot. Light smut.

A/N: I’m not going to lie this was a little bit of fun on my part haha (it came to me and I had to write it). 

This was written very quickly compared to some of my other works so please be forgiving. I am hoping to improve my creative writing day by day since I have to write scientifically for university. So this is a nice break for me xD 


“What would you say is better than sex?”

Erza was feeling particularly sadistic today and it had nothing to do with Jellal being away on a long S-ranked mission. Absolutely not. The guild dared not speak his name for fear of being beaten half to death. In usual Erza fashion, she was not going to give the rest of the girls in the guild a free pass, that would be too lenient. Oh no, they would not act lovey-dovey in front of her and get away scot-free. A challenging gaze swept over every girl sitting at the table, the unspoken threat clear in Erza’s prostrating body language. Everyone would answer the question or suffer the consequences, which would be bad if the game they played at Christmas was anything to go by. Lucy wouldn’t mind answering the question so much if the boys weren’t sitting stuffing their faces opposite, so clearly within earshot and had suddenly got very quiet at Erza’s inquiry. If a hole in the floor could open, Lucy would gladly sink through it right now. Especially since she knew without having to look, Natsu was there and would be able to hear no matter how softly she spoke, damn dragon senses.

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Interstitial (part the second)

Continued from part the first. An AU where this time, it’s Shinji’s turn to wait. 

     For the most part, Shinji was a pretty mild-mannered kid. He did his chores (eventually, after a good whine — and Misato would frankly be concerned if that wasn’t the case), his teachers liked him, and he never, not once, had said “You’re not my mom” to her, even when he was angry. But every once in a while, he would get really, really intense, as in, intense to the point where Misato thought that all those horror movie writers were maybe onto something after all.

     For example, when she was his age, she’d count down the days, then the hours, then the minutes until her birthday party started. “Eight days until my party,” she’d say, rearranging the books in their house for the seventh or so time because she wanted the party guests to think her family well-read. “Fifteen hours until my party… Twenty nine minutes until my party…” On the day of Shinji’s seventh birthday, he’d woken her up at six in the morning when he’d come into her room to ask her, “Hey, Misato, how many days are in seven years?”

     “I don’t know off the top of my head, Shinji,” she’d slurred. “Use the calculator on my phone.”

     “I don’t wanna. It’s too bright.”

     “Fine then, hand it to me.”

     Shinji had had to shake her back awake when she dropped right back into sleep and simultaneously dropped her phone on the floor, but she eventually managed to unlock her phone by holding it behind the sheet long enough for her eyes to adjust.

     “2,555 days,” she said. “Or, I guess, 2,556 if you’re counting the leap year.”

     “Oh,” said Shinji. “2,556 more days until I get to meet Kaworu-kun again, then.” He sounded a little sad, but his tone was mostly that of someone laying out a long term financial plan.

     Ordinarily, Misato would have let that exchange quickly fall down into the slippery chasm of short term memory, but Shinji made it very hard to let that conversation go. Later on, at a much more reasonable waking hour of the day, the frosting on the top of his cake was mostly composed of molten blue candle wax, because Shinji had let his candles drip down to stubs in the time it took to make his birthday wish. Though the title “birthday prayer” would have been better suited to the ritual he was performing over his kitchen table altar.

    “To whom it may concern,” he said, eyes shut as tightly as his white-knuckled hands were clasped, speaking to whatever esoteric birthday deities got assigned to supervise these occasions, “please send my love to Kaworu-kun. Take care of him while I’m not around, and also please tell him I can’t wait to meet him.” He squinted one eye open. “But I will, because if he can, then I can too. Thank you.” Then he blew out his candles, and without saying anything, began to pick the candle bits out of the now-mutilated “Happy Birthday, Shinji” written in blue and white icing across his cake.

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this was inspired by nsyncs song it makes me ill. some jealous luke for you on this fine day

The club wasn’t really your idea of the ideal first date, but here you were sitting at a grimey booth in some bar you’d never been to across from your date Nate. Or was it Nick? You were shocked you couldn’t remember seeing as he hadn’t talked about anything, but himself all night long. You let out a snort while you twirled your straw in your empty drink, listening to the clinking ice instead of whatever what was coming out of his mouth.

“What was that?” He asked, raising his brows at you.

“Hmm? Oh, nothing,” You said plastering a fake smile on your face. He didn’t pause for long, continuing on with his story. He was going on and on about one time he evidently single handedly saved his entire country club from burning down. Sounded to you more like he dialed 911 then high tailed his ass out of the building leaving others inside, but hell looks like you had a hero on your hands. Your eyes were focused on your empty drink, his voice becoming background noise as you focused on the music playing throughout the club. No more blind dates, you decided. No matter how much your friends pester you never again would you agree to meet their coworkers best friends brother who, “is a real catch and would be perfect for you.” Your friends were concerned you weren’t moving on from your hook up? Boyfriend? Friend with benefits? I guess that label was the reason whatever it was was no more. You told them you were over Luke. It wasn’t a big deal you guys weren’t doing whatever you had been doing anymore. You didn’t miss the way he would kiss you right underneath of your jaw while he whispered dirty things in your ear. Or how he would trace shapes on your back while you two laid in bed together. Or how he used to sing to you softly as you were drifting off to sleep. Or how he’d intertwine your fingers while he drove, keeping your locked hands on his side of the car placed on his thigh. Nope you didn’t miss it. You were totally over it, but they, of course, didn’t believe you hence the reason you were out on this Saturday night listening to this man brag about all his accomplishments instead of in bed watching Dexter.

“I’m going to get another drink,” You said abruptly interrupting Nate or Nick.

“Oh, that reminds me of the time I was on a vacation, was mistaken for a bartender and ended up meeting the governor of Guam! I’ve got to tell you about it,” He said making big gestures with his hands.

“Okay, I’ll be back,” You rushed making a quick escape from the table before he launched into his next self praising story. You much preferred moving through the sweaty throngs of people in the club then sitting at that booth feeling trapped. When you finally reached the bar you plopped yourself onto one of the worn out stools. You leaned forward, getting the attention of a bartender, “Hey, can I get a-”

“She wants a gin and tonic, lots of ice,” a familiar voice interrupted you. Chills ran up your spine, you immediately recognized who it was. You spun around in your chair facing Luke, a little bit pissed he blew you off then thought it was okay to come in here and start dictating your drink orders.

“Maybe, I don’t want a gin and tonic,” You said feigning annoyance.

“Baby, you always get a gin and tonic. You’re trying to tell me in the three weeks I haven’t seen you that fact suddenly changed?” You let out a hmph instead of responding because you knew he was right. He leaned forward placed both hands on the bar on either side of you, trapping you in. His face inched closer and closer to yours, he brought his lips, painfully slow, to that spot on your jaw you loved so much and placed a light kiss there. Letting his head linger he whispered in your ear, “You look sooo good, baby girl. Absolutely mouthwatering.” You almost let out a small moan from the feeling of his chest pressed against yours and his velvety voice in your ear, but you controlled yourself. Putting your hands on his chest you attempted to push him away.

“I’m here with someone, Luke.”

“What polo shirt over there?” He said moving away from you, sitting down in the stool beside you, letting his jean clad knees knock into yours.

“Matter a fact, yes,” You said turning back to face the bar.

“Oh please,” He scoffed. Luke knew Nate didn’t even compare to him.

“Nate is very lovely and is interested in me. I know that may come as a shock to you,” You said not looking back at him.

“I am not at all shocked he is interested in you. Just means he has good taste in women, but I know for a damn fact he can’t please you like I can baby girl. Mentally or physically. You can’t play me, I was watching you over there with him. You were more interested in your empty glass than you were with whatever bozo was saying” He said bumping your knee again.

“His name is Nate,” you huffed, hoping you were right. “Wait did I just hear that you were watching me talk to him?” You asked turning back to him with sly smile. His eyes went wide realizing what he had revealed to you. Then he shrugged.

“Yeah, I have, so what.”

“Don’t try to deflect this, Luke. You’re jealous,” You said with a smirk on your face.

“Maybe I am jealous, but that’s because you’re mine baby girl. For me to kiss, touch, and please. Not for anyone else. Especially not polo shirt,” He said.

“Well, that’s unfortunate because polo sh-Nate is the only person who is going to be doing any of that,” You said grabbing your forgotten drink from the bar counter and getting up. There was no way you were actually going to let Nate do any of those things, but Luke didn’t need to know that. “You lost the right to do any of that when you broke things off…and I’m not your baby girl.”

Luke jumped up, trying to grab your arm to stop you, but you made your way into the crowd of people before he got to you. You made your way back to Nate sitting in the booth, you internally groaned not wanting to listen to whatever ridiculous story he was waiting to tell you. You reluctantly slid back into your booth setting your drink down on the table.

“Wow you are finally back! I was about to send a rescue team for you,” You gave him a small smile in response to his failed joke. You were already missing Luke’s touch.

“So where was I? Oh, thats right! Guam!” He began to tell his next story and you immediately zoned out. All your brain was thinking about was Luke. His name was like a mantra in your head, just chanted over and over again. You mentally cursed him. How dare he affect you like this. He was like a drug. So intoxicating and you were addicted. Nates ringtone pulled you out our your thoughts. He quickly answered it.

“Hello…Someone did what to my house?…Toliet paper is where?..No, no. I’m on my way right now,” You couldn’t help but let out a snort at the fact that someone tped his house. Who even did that anymore? It really didn’t matter because you were mentally thanking whatever reckless teenagers got you out of this miserable date.

“I am so sorry. I have got to go. I’ll contact you, we can go out another time okay?” He said quickly making his way out of the booth. He left you sitting there alone at the table without another word.  You sat there for a minute giggling at the whole situation. You were so ready to go home and crawl into bed. As you reached for your purse you heard that voice behind you for the second time that night.

“Man am I glad he’s gone….Bummer about his house, can’t imagine how that happened,” Luke said with a smirk.

“Lucas you did not actually get someone to tp his house for you”

“Of course I didn’t, but you’d be surprised what people believe from a guy who claims to be an official,” He said with a laugh.

“How did you even-”

“Apparently Michael knows polo shirts cousin or whatever. Got his number from him…Anyway that doesn’t matter. What matters now is we can be alone together,” He said

“Actually, I was just leaving, but it was great to see you,” You said getting up from the table, but he grabbed onto your hand pulling you to him.

“Come on baby girl. We belong together. You don’t know how seeing you with him made me feel. Thinking about him touching you and kissing you in ways only I should ever do. God, it made me sick,” He explained gazing at you with those crystal blue eyes.

”Luke, you are the one who ended things. You stopped contacting me, not the other way around,” You said not making any effort to pull away, loving how you felt in his arms.

“I know, I know and I regret doing that. It was one of the dumbest decisions I ever made and seeing you with polo shirt made me realize that,” He said.

“Great, so you only want me because someone else has me now,” You replied rolling your eyes getting ready to move away from him and walk out.

“No, no! Let me explain. Before I thought I was hot shit, too badass for the feelings I had for you. Those feelings that were so intense. Feelings that made me want to give you the entire world on a silver platter if that’s what you wanted. Feelings that made me not care what I did with the rest of my life as long as I was with you. Feelings that made me want to bite the head off any guy who even looked in your direction. I had never been like that over anyone, it freaked me out. So I bolted, but my feelings are still the same. I want you so bad baby girl,” He said lifting a hand up to your face stroking his thumb down your cheek.

“Too little too late, Luke. My heart is very much in the hands of Nate now,” You lied, wanting to prolong his torture just a little bit. Punishment for ever breaking up with you in the first place. He bent his head down to you and started to work slow kisses up your jaw making his way to your ear, you hummed with pleasure.

“Please, baby girl. Polo shirt could never compete with me,” He said catching your earlobe between his teeth and giving it a little tug. “And his name was Nick you little shit.”

You couldn’t help, but let out a loud laugh at that bit information. You pulled back to look him in the eyes.

“It was not,” You said trying to suppress your laughter.

“It was, but it doesn’t matter now because the only name you are gonna be screaming tonight is mine,” He said with that shit eating grin.

“Oh, really?” You said in a teasing tone with a slight quirk of your eyebrow.

“Absolutely, baby girl,” He said finally catching your mouth with his. You moaned into his mouth, grateful for the contact. You were his baby girl and man, were you thrilled to hear him call you that again. This was the best end to any blind date you could have ever asked for.

That’s What I Like to Hear (BvS Lex Luthor Imagine) (Part 1 of 2)

Summary: (Female!)Reader works at LexCorp, gets invited to a masked ball fundraiser… and ends up with a new position? 

Word count: ~1.3k

Warnings: Language, alcohol use, mild violence (?), Lex being weird (lol) 

A/N: This is a really self-indulgent two-part Lex Luthor x Reader imagine that I’ve been working on for a while. Thank you so much to @shallowjaney for reading this and giving me feedback. More feedback/thoughts are always welcome- I hope you enjoy! 

(Gifs are mine.) 

You didn’t dislike your job at LexCorp, but it certainly wasn’t your dream job. Instead of being one of the “hip” software developers or engineers who spent their time in the airy, spacious “offices” upstairs, you were a statistics grunt, spending your days running regressions on regressions, Chi-squares and t-tests… And your office was down in the basement. Your small department had a couple of tiny windows, but the majority of the light hitting your eyes on a regular basis came from your computer screen. You knew that Lex Luthor knew that your department existed—all of you always had fresh coffee and the mail was always delivered to the basement on time—but you hardly ever saw him. When your fingers tapped the inside of your mailbox in the break room and unexpectedly found an official-looking black envelope, it had been about six months since you’d had any real interaction with anyone from upstairs.

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The Fan Letter (Oswald x Reader) Part 01

Originally posted by upflyingwords

I actually wrote this months ago, thought I needed to finish the whole story first and now, however, decided to split it into parts … So, you recently moved to Gotham and are quite intrigued by all the articles about Oswald Cobblepot, the so-called ‘Penguin’ in the local papers. 

Warnings: my as usual rather bold language, apart from that none

Editor: @amandajuly81

Tagging: @penguinsweetest , @queencobblefreezestuff @red-panda-on-the-loose @oswald-cobblepot-is-my-addiction @umbrellas-and-tallymarks @ascoolasathestral

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Requested by @ayyerica

Actual Request:  “Could you do an imagine where reader is jealous of Hayley because of the pregnancy. The readers always loved Klaus so when she finds out, she shits her humanity off so Klaus is worried and asks Elijah for help as the reader always listens to him and she realizes she’s better off with Elijah than Klaus.”

“Strange news, love.” You hear Klaus’ voice and a silly smile appears on your face. “You’re not gonna believe this.”

“Enlighten me.” you challenge him and there it is: that famous devilish smile.

“It turns out I’m becoming a father. Do you think it’s a little bit early? Being a father at the age of 1000-and-something?”

“What?” is the only question you dare to ask. You’ve been with Klaus over a hundred years and been in love with him for almost fifty years. And now, he’s having a child from… someone else?

“You heard me, love,” he says. “Pack your things, we are going to stay in New Orleans for awhile.”

He doesn’t even see your misery. He always refuses to see your feelings. And now…

“Who?” is your second question.

“Does it matter?” Klaus asks and packs his books and other stuff. Then he stops, sees the look on your face and he seems impatient. “Well, do you remember Hayley? The wolf girl who-”

“Helped you about Katherine, yes, I know her.” you complete his sentence. That idiotic wolf girl? She’s gonna be the mother of the man you loved’s child? “Congratulations Nik.” you say. He smiles and bows like an actor.

You go to New Orleans with him and live in the compound that Elijah found. Even he seems excited about the baby and the girl. How did Klaus do that? How? Can’t he see you at all? Are you just an invisible plaything for him? That massive pain will kill you, you are afraid. You can manage to handle it properly at all. Your brain is fuzzy and everything seems meaningless… All he wants from you is a soldier without feelings.

Soldier without feelings…

Here’s your answer, you think. That’s the solution of the pain. You can shut your heart down… Oh my, such a sweet idea. Now you understand how drug addicts feel like… And you shut it. Your humanity. Just in a few seconds, you feel all the pain at once and then… Nothing.

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I know a lot of you here in the studyblr community are on the tail end of high school and soon to be graduating or just recently finished up on school. I graduated high school last year and so wanted to share with you guys 12 things I’ve learned during and after my senior year! Seniors, add on to this post for our high school studyblrs out there!

1.    Everything is not about your grades.

Work your ass for them, but there is a life outside of them, okay.

2.    You are so much more than you think you are.

DO NOT EVER DOUBT YOURSELF. You are a mighty queen or king that is courageous, intelligent, brave, amazing, and exuberant. I know it’s hard to understand things but trust me, it’s going to get better. It may not seem like it, but a lot more people like you than you think.

3.    Your friends are not always forever.

Some might not talk to you after high school, and some might. Some might not talk to you but still care a whole lot for you (those are good friends – keep them) and some you might never see again. It’s all a little complicated really. You’ve got to make an effort to keep up your friendships sometimes! Do you, and the people who really deserve to be in your life will be there, present and supportive. Remember to be there in theirs, too.

4.    Stay away from drama.

Trust, fam. Trust.

5.    Some teachers are your friend – they are not all bad.

I had one teacher that I had a few times throughout high school, and I can never be able thank him enough for the help he gave me, as well as the life lessons he shared. He was the only one that truly expressed his belief all of his students, including myself. The thing is, your teachers are human too. They’re stressing and worrying and may (or may not) have a bucket load of other things on their plate just like you do. One of the biggest highlights of your high school career is the bond that you shared with your teachers. No, you will not be friends with them forever, but yes, they will make an impact on you for a long time. Form relationships with your teachers. Ask them how they are. Do they need help? Can they help you? Despite it being their job, some of them will support you and help you through tough times.

6.    Don’t worry too much about boys… it’ll work out.  

Don’t get so caught up worrying about other people… sometimes we begin to lose ourselves in it all. Don’t ever change who you are – your morals, style, and mindset – for a boy. If you do worry too much however, a few of these guys are going to be life lessons. One of my experiences went too deep without somehow ever scratching the surface and all I can say heartbreak is a horrible thing.  Don’t ever think you are not good enough or worthy. You are 100% worthy. Just because he/she may not see you the same way, it does not make you any less beautiful. Don’t ever rush to find your perfect match. Let it come to you. Be amazing and loving and strong without them first. And take it slow if prince charming finds his way to you (you may not realise this now). Trust me, friendship is so important in your relationship. I’m lucky enough to be with a person that I didn’t initially get too serious with (although we both liked each other very much), and I’m so very glad we became good friends before we took it further. It may not happen in your senior year, or maybe it will, but it’ll happen one day soon, I promise.

7.    Be comfortable doing you.

This explains itself – it is OK TO BE DIFFERENT. It’s ok to go to parties and it’s ok to not go to parties. It’s ok to be a nerd and it’s ok not to be a nerd. It’s ok to be kind and it’s ok to be yourself. [What’s not ok however, is being disrespectful and mean… be a good person, my friends. Respect.] Oh, and don’t ever be ashamed for being who you are.


I’ve always been a high achieving student (not to toot my own horn here) and studied A LOT. The complication was that I didn’t pay enough attention to how I was studying, compared to how much I was studying. I mean, sometimes I did, and sometimes I didn’t. PASSIVELY HIGHLIGHTING AND READING IS NOT EFFECTIVE, GUYS. I know from experience. I worked my ass off more than enough but I flunked in my finals. You wanna know why? I wasn’t in a 100% healthy state physically and mentally, and on top of that I didn’t work and learn in a way that benefitted me at all! Find study methods that fit you – stick to one or two styles and fit them accordingly to your classes. Don’t worry about perfectionism!!! Do what you have to do but do it right! Please don’t give yourself so much excessive stress by not applying yourself and actively study!!!

9.    It might not always go to plan, but you’ll get there.

In reference to my previous tip, know that sometimes it’s just not going to go the way you want it to. Let it all out and take a breath. Start again. Keep going. You can do this.

10. DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH. See a counsellor, or find someone to talk to as soon as you can.

I had never felt so stressed more than I had in year 12. On top of school, I had other activities, extracurriculars and sports I took part in. I also had lots of social events, a relationship and lots of family events/time that were important.  I struggled so much to juggle this all and did not know how to say ‘no’. It ruined me.  If you’re struggling and don’t know what to do, talk to your school counsellor or a teacher (maybe the one your friends with, as mentioned in #5) or a trusted friend or adult. Please, for the love of whatever you believe in, please look after yourself. When you get home from school go for a walk for 20 minutes.  Try out a free yoga class on YouTube. Go for a run! Do some resistance work! Smile. Be friendly. Stay away from drama. Power on day by day. Cry if you have to. Let your emotions be free. Learn to live to appreciate yourself. Prioritise and reorganise your life. Look after yourself. This is so important.


I’m not talking about a plain old PB sandwich – though no hate if you’re into that – instead have leftover dinner, fresh veggies and dip, grapes and strawberries and bananas, a bar of dark chocolate, a handful of almonds… the list can go on. Pros? You get your own delish lunch; ummm your own pick of food, duh; you can pack as much as you want (literally I’d bring lots to school every day so I would never go hungry between breaks – trust me on this one); SAVE MONEY; and it’s likely better for you than what’s in your cafeteria anyway! Most of my friends were quite jealous of this, funnily enough.

12. Appreciate your support network.

Year 12/Senior Year is tough. Who are in your support network? Thank them. It’s stressful, I know, and sometimes you snap at your family for irritating you or you don’t pay enough attention to your friends. Love them and appreciate them and support them when they need it too. Let them know year 12 is hard. They want nothing but the best for you, and love you so so much! 

It’s going to be one heck of a year. Have fun. Good luck.

-   Kalyisah (studywithkal)

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jerk and kitten update soon?

Yes! Sorry, this is late, but immediately follows part 1 and 2 and happens before part 3. Enjoy!

The first time Alex sees Sidney and Zhenya together is also the first time he hears Sidney call Zhenya a jerk. With much prejudice.

Alex is so surprised he trips over his own two feet.

“Shit, man, you okay?”

Alex flails his hand, waving his teammates’ concern away, and stalks across the hotel restaurant once he’s back on his feet.

“What’s this?” he demands. He props his hands on his hips, is suddenly and painfully reminded of his mother, and drops them hastily, playing at cool.

By the look of horrified panic on Zhenya’s face and Sidney’s wide eyes, he’s probably not doing a very good job of it.

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Here's a thought...

Heavy Sarcasm ahead!!!

Recently I’ve become troubled by something. My beloved heroine Yui Komori of the series Diabolik Lovers is being demonized again. Particularly by a handful of terrible (Gosh Awful) fan fiction authors that only watched (part of) the anime and suddenly think they’re experts when in reality they really know anything about the series.

Like some terrible infectious disease a Diabolik Lovers OC’s either get obscence priority over Yui or replace her all together. OC’s themselves aren’t inherently bad per say, but OC’s rewritten as badass or outspoken etc would just be impossible.

It’s absolutely sickening when your character is a ridiculous Mary-sue and A.You butcher the characters and source material. B.Your OC stand in reacts in the most obnoxious way to bash the heroine further. C.You’re so intoxicated by your drivel and the reviews you get from brainless idiots such as yourself you will never grow as a competent writer or see the error of your ways.

I’ve tried to give some of these authors the benefit of the doubt, but this copy paste unrealistic OC’s are KILLING me. Listen to the CD’s, play the games and please pay attention!

Here I propose a list and explanation of some of the worst characteristics of said OC’s in Diabolik Lovers.

1.Your OC isn’t girly. (Because that’s lame! Being girly is for weaklings!)

Now let me be clear I don’t have a problem with feminine or tomboy characters. I DO have a problem with using Yui’s apparent girly disposition as reason to bash her.

Somewhere, someone suddenly decided that if you were girly there’s something wrong with you.

This reaches imbecilic writing of astronomical proportions such as:
I never wear pink! If I see it I feel like I’m going to throw up! (maybe you should make an appointment with your doctor…)

I’m all natural I never wear makeup! (Um…neither does Yui… And there is nothing wrong with a little make up if that’s what you like.)

I never where skirts or blouses! (Again, fine and AGAIN there is nothing wrong with wearing feminine clothes! So Yui wears a skirt! Oh right that’s her school uniform! She typically wears shorts)

I never wear shorts—-(okay I’m done.)

2. For an OC, who was born and raised in Japan you sure don’t have a JAPANESE NAME!

Self explanatory. Your OC is pure Japanese but has a foreign name for no reason whatsoever…
Crescent, Victoria, Jewel, Bella etc. (And stop, she’s Japanese! No offense to anyone named Crescent, Victoria, Jewel.

3.She’s a badass!

Stop it right now. This is Diabolik Lovers. There is no way in hell your human OC is going to mouth off to a Vampire and get off Scott free. Most of the Diabolik Lovers cast have dominate strong personalities. This is why Yui works because she IS submissive. Remember Diabolik Lovers is a series for masochistic people with masochistic personalities.
That is why Yui becomes more receptive to abuse! Because you know! She’s a Do-M!

Your character is not going to slap Kanato or hold Teddy hostage. He will kill you. (Painfully with glee!) Your character is not going to be disrespectful to Reiji and walk off in a conversation dismissing him, back talking him or in general being intolerably rude. He will kill you. (Probably slowly. Then when he finally gets around to making that resurrection potion, bring you back to life and kill you…Again.) Your character is not going to upset Ayato and deny that who is ‘Ore-sama!’ He’ll probably hurt you and may kill you. (If you push him over the edge.)

Seriously play the game do some research, even Yui has been killed or died in some of the bad routes…

Hell sometimes she becomes Yandere!

And please remember before you bash Yui. They are VAMPIRES who pretty much are her masters. They move with extreme speed if they’re not out right teleporting. They have enhanced strength and reflexes. It’s six against one not counting the Mukami and Tsukinami families.

4. Laito

“Yui is so stupid! I wouldn’t let Laito do that to me!”

First off stop it. As if you could defeat a superior strength and teleporting supernatural creature you pathetic human worm that you are.

(Oh of course! I forgot! You’re not human! You’re a vampire/angel/demon/werewolf/witch/Kitsune etc. Etc. Etc. With eyes that change colors depending on your mood and ridiculously multicolored hair that fall in flowing waves to the back of your knees…)

“He’s so oversexed! What’s wrong with him?!”

His mother sexually abused him and raised him as a lover. He really, really doesn’t understand the meaning of a normal healthy relationship as he’s never really had one!

Laito doesn’t ask. He takes. It’s pleasure for him. His pleasure of course.

5.Study the source material!

If you’re going to take the time to write a fanfic, do a little research!

Your OC cannot be Eve or have Cordelia’s heart especially if Yui exists in your fan fiction. Your OC shouldn’t be more important than the main character that’s an obvious Mary-sue red alert! Your OC in no way should just invite herself into Yui’s life and then proceed to bash Yui because of her choices! It’s awful your bias colors your work and ruins your story spectacularly!


You are not an expert because you watched the anime. The anime wasn’t intended for newcomers going in blind. It was for FANS that already new what was what.

Just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t mean you vilify it! I can tell from that has two Diabolik Lovers categories (one in gaming, the other in anime/manga) more than half of you don’t even know it was a game and drama CD series long before an anime. You basically have no idea what you’re talking about.

まふまふ (Mafumafu) Namahousou Report - 041315

(Warning: Extremely long post. This was 3 pages on Microsoft Word, and sentences may still be awkwardly phrased. Please enter at your own risk.) 

(Warning 2: My own thoughts are interwoven in this report, with the most ostentatious ones being labelled by P/N (Personal Note)! I translated the majority of the namahousou & tried to stick as closely to Mafumafu’s original words as possible, but there may still be mistakes & omissions.)

  • To repeat, Mafumafu’s album “Yamiiro Night Parade” will be released on 4/25, and consists of 15 tracks (4 commissioned tracks, several original tracks & instrumentals)!

  • Mafumafu said he doesn’t like looking at his videos after he uploads because he doesn’t want to end up in a bad mood (as a result of possible negative comments), but he went & looked earlier and seeing it filled with comments like “Waah! It came out! Thank you!” made him happy.

  • While wondering why he’s so short of breath right now, he recalls that he still hasn’t eaten dinner yet and hasn’t eaten anything but a salad for the whole day today. He’s on a diet right now, since he doesn’t want to be told “Did you get fat?” when meeting everyone at Cho-VoMas. However, because he’s on a diet, that’s most likely why his throat is dry, his voice is hoarse, and he runs out of breath quickly… and he’s hungry…
    • Mafumafu says he hasn’t gained that much weight, but rather, everyone else is just too skinny. Recently, whether it’s Amatsuki or Urata or Soraru, they’ve all become skinny to an incomprehensible point, so if Mafumafu is to stand next to them, he thinks he’ll be told (/insert weirdo voice) “Nanka… nanka… Urata-san, Soraru-san & Amatsuki-kun are skinny but, Mafumafu, isn’t he no good?”, and he’ll be sad. He says all of this despite admitting in the end that he’s the type with a naturally slender build.
  • Mafumafu’s going to dye his hair this week! He was thinking that he wanted to meet everyone with a cool hair color. Right now, his hair color isn’t “alive”, and is that of a “normal human being” (Yes, his own words www). Mafumafu says at this rate, he’ll be mistaken for a lowly human being, so he wants to make his hair a color that’s more “alive”.

    • Recently, he’s had a variety of work to do & had to go in & out of offices, so he couldn’t quite just enter into offices with an insanely stylish hair color. This is why he changed his hair color into that of a “normal human being”.

  • There’s been comments asking and encouraging Mafumafu for a major debut, but Mafumafu personally feels (/insert weird grumpy voice) “Why are you saying things like that? Why are you saying things like that?”. Mafumafu wants to be free with his upload and live broadcast schedule and everything else just like it is now. He wants to create doujin (self-produced) albums, to work unmanned without the need to have expensive store goods created, and to respect his own will. If there suddenly comes an offer that can arrange for these amazing conditions & would not force any more “benefits” between Mafumafu & his current listeners, he might think, (insert weirdo voice again) “Then, I might do it, why not”. However, if there aren’t such conditions, it’s not right for him. Up until now, Mafumafu has already refused around 7 companies (this is the first time he’s revealed it). He listened to all of them, but their conditions were all different from what Mafumafu was thinking of, so he thought that if he accepted, wouldn’t that just be betraying his own will? Thus, he’s been negotiating, and he’s been negotiating like “GRRRR” since 3 years ago, but he ended up having to turn down the offers. 

    • However, Mafumafu believes that he’ll come across the perfect chance someday, so if he ends up meeting such an ideal company, he’ll tell us, the fans, about it without wavering. When the time comes, he’ll be like, “Here, right here, is the best, so it’s turned out that I’ll be having my major debut, ahhhhh!”. But until then, Mafumafu’s asking us to please wait for him.

  • Since I’d be a hypocrite for writing out this message through my point of view, given that I’m using a Youtube video to listen & write this report, I’ve decided to translate Mafumafu’s direct words in regards to Youtube reproduction:

    • “It seems that my namahousous are being reproduced on Youtube, but please don’t do that! Seriously! Even though I intentionally don’t leave timeshifts, if they’re reproduced, wouldn’t that mean that Mafumafu’s “gross sounds” are left (permanently) on Youtube? Don’t reproduce it! Mouuu… but I guess it’s fine? It’s not fine but… it’s like that, yes, it’s like that…”

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to the signs that have marked my heart

dear aries, i strongly apologize for the way things have turned for you. you are not a catastrophe, and there is a highway out there for you somewhere. it may seem as if it’s a traffic jam of thousands; no way for you to escape. but i promise you will find your way to happiness 

dear taurus, you are way more than a system of millions and billions of stars, you’re a share of our universe. so please, please, don’t shut yourself away

dear gemini, never give up if you fall over. just remember, everything that breaks has a chance of fixing. what happened yesterday, months or years ago, no longer matters. today is a new day; a new beginning  

dear cancer, your eyes are like an endless ocean, full of secrets i will never come to know. but someday someone will drown in them, and be smothered with your love and mysteries

dear leo, i know that stress is a big problem in your life, but i’ll always be here for you to help you unwind that string. thank you for helping me see the little positivities and beauty in life

dear virgo, i told you things i wouldn’t even admit to myself and you treated me like i was still precious and beautiful; a rose in a valley of devastation. i became addicted to your love and i couldn’t remember the lighting and wildfires or the life i had before you. you were everything i craved; i needed you, and i lacked you. you told me you needed me too and i believed you, oh i believed. but you’d rather linger above the clouds and live a false truth then be down on the ground with me. i wish i could be up above the stars with you but i’m pinned to the earth. i search search search for you, and know i might never find you, but part of me still clings onto the hope that you might love me the way i love and yearn for you.   

dear libra, learn to enjoy the time you spend by yourself. sometimes you may feel as if loneliness is eating and picking you apart. but the company of only yourself can benefit you at times

dear scorpio, i let myself believe that the words that spilled from your mouth could cure my pain but some words you said placed another scar on my heart. i thought i could change you into something i now know that you can never be. and i apologize for that

dear sagittarius, never let yourself believe that you are dull and meaningless. because you are a thousand shades of colors; a sunset. love yourself, and accept who you really are

dear capricorn, you have to learn to allow people to love you; no one will be able to if you keep your heart locked up in a box. you are so much more than what you think of yourself

dear aquarius, don’t waste your entire life on someone who doesn’t appreciate you to their fullest. you deserve so much more

dear pisces, let go of the past and i promise the storm lurking in your brain will fritter away. remembering everything bad that has ever happened to you only brings unwanted tears and misery 

Could Have Been Me

Title: Could Have Been Me

Genre: Idk man I think it’s like angst/fluff/gettingtogether 

Summary: Phil still loves Dan after all these years, however Dan has a new partner Indigo who is taking a serious toll on Phil’s life. Will Phil eventually get with Dan, or is it already too late for Dan and Phil?

Author: weasley-is-our-king-

Word Count: 5969 (I’m really sorry)

A/N: This is so long and idek if it is any good or not. Seriously I really do hope it’s better than I think it is. Btw there is some swearing and a homo/transphobic slur (just one). Oh and if you think that Quinn won’t be a reoccurring character in my stories now you are wrong. 

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