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Inazuma Outer Code Story 4 ‘I am not a God’ (Set after Raimon vs Zeus)

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Aphrodi: ‘Zeus’ strength is fake,’ huh… I wonder how everyone feels about this…

It’s not fake. Everyone worked hard together. Even without Kami no Aqua, Zeus would be strong! Kami no Aqua was a mistake! Why couldn’t I, as captain, notice sooner…?

Old woman: Oh, what’s wrong dear?
If you like, you can talk about with this old woman?
It’s just lovely to meet you.

Aphrodi: Thank you. But… it’s not worth bothering you about, madam…

Old woman: Oh, but because it has nothing to do with me, it shouldn’t be a problem to talk with me about it, right?

Aphrodi: I guess…

Old woman: That’s what I think

Aphrodi: I made a terrible mistake… That I dragged everyone else into…

Old woman: Oh, and you think it’s all your fault?

Aphrodi: I’m the captain! I should have protected everyone. But I led them down the wrong path… I’m a failure as a captain…

Old woman: A failure… So you plan to quit?

Aphrodi: I can’t do that. I love soccer. I love it so much it’s unbearable. Besides… everyone’s depending on me… I have to fulfill my responsibility. Because of my mistake, everyone…

Old woman: Everyone makes mistakes, no matter who they are. What’s important is how they react afterwards. How they continue on after their mistake.

Aphrodi: I want to start over. From when I met everyone on that day… As if Kami no Aqua didn’t happen… That’s what I want to do. But if God is real, he probably won’t forgive me.

Old woman: Oh? Aren’t you a god? A god is someone who watches over everyone, and leads them to happiness. You’re thinking about your teammates. Because of that, you’re like a god to them.

Aphrodi: Me, a god?

Old woman: Yes

Aphrodi: Sorry, but I’m no god…

Old woman: Is that right?

Aphrodi: It is. I’m nothing like a god.

Old woman: Alright, then in order to become like a god from here, how about becoming god’s apprentice? A kind apprentice, who leads everyone in the right direction.

Aphrodi: God’s apprentice? That’s right. In order to do that, we have to work together.

Old woman: Good luck. Well then, I think I’ll continue my walk after talking a break to talk with a lovely young man. Good bye~

Aphrodi: Umm! Thank you, madam.

Old woman: No problem.

Aphrodi: *answers phone* Yeah?

Teammate: Captain!
Practice has already started! Please hurry up! You’re the captain, so please be on time!

Aphrodi: Ah, I’m sorry. I’ll go right away.

I’ll start over. As God’s apprentice.

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There's this movie called 'heathers' and there's a spanish sub on YouTube if you ever want to watch it. It's about junior , Veronica Sawyer , fitting in with the three heathers of highschool. She meets this man named Jason Dean, who sees the world had a crazed society that deserves to die off. He called in love with Veronica and tries to get her to write fake suicide notes for his/their murders. - I see this being an au for Vincent and Renata in their highschool days. Please look up more it's 👌

i will look into :D

As Kpop/Anime/ and some lover of  other foreign media, it’s sad that foreign subtitling is put into far better quality care than captioning for the HOH/deaf/Deaf/ APD people. Sure people who sub aren’t perfect ( note me slightly complaining that sometimes subbers need to sub whenever their native language comes up ( due to not everyone can hear it) and mistranslations do happen.) but they are more serious about accessibility even through it’s for people who do not know the language. I love serious subbers who take their time to sub ( Be shoutout to all the translators who take their subbing seriously!!! Your work is respected).

But when you look at people who caption for their native language ( such as English for example) because of HOH/deaf/Deaf/APD people. People do these things like “joke captions”, “unfinished captions”, and all sort of nonsense. None of this stuff would done if people were captioning/subbing  a foreign language video .I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but I see way more quality subbing than quality captioning for my OWN language.

All of saying is: Take notes from the subbing community. If you were watching a foreign media video, you wouldn’t like seeing a video not finished subs or joke subs ( I know there are fake subs but at least people let people know that most times).  D/deaf and HOH and APD people like me don’t like seeing that too. If you captioning a video, please be mindful and provide quality captions in the best of your ability.