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dan and phil on the 'creating a community' panel at playlist live 2017: a summary



could they literally be sitting any closer together i think not

dan asks the crowd how they are

dan and phil are the only ones that have spoken so far why is everyone else rude

phil again shifts closer to dan

julien and phil bonded over hamsters backstage

dan and phil are by far the most charismatic why is everyone else so sad

– the lag is fucking ridiculous i’m so sorry if i miss anything –

– the stream has broken –

– the stream is EVENTUALLY back –

dan says the cat whiskers are really bad for pores

phil is speaking about people making friends because of his and dan’s videos and fandoms are a reason for people being artistic

“i was a sad lonely teenager” - dan

dan calls phil out on being in the buffy fandom when he was younger

dans crossy legs i love it

i can’t get over his shirt it’s beautiful

and phil’s bomber jacket suits him so well i’m gonna cry

dan is so engaged in this panel he’s so intently listening to everyone else

“shoutout to the mums” dan says with a wink, “… and the dads”

“that is a good cube” - dan

dan snorts at the host calling creators ‘talent’

“you have responsibility now” dan says as a fan catches the microphone

“wow cool!” dan says as a fan reveals they’re from new zealand

phil says julien and jenna’s hamster looks like an anime hamster (“we all wish we were as beautiful as that hamster, it’s so perfect” - dan)

wow tom roasts phil for being on youtube for so long

when tom passed phil in subscribers in like 2008 he posted on phil’s channel saying 'suck it phil’ (“that’s why i avoided you for three years… kidding” - phil)

phil speaking about people being inspired by his videos is so cute i love him

dan and phil do sound effects as the cube microphone is thrown

– more lag ugh playlist please sort out your shitty wifi i have people depending on me to summarise

dan and phil lean in close to one another to talk as the microphone is thrown

fan: well for dan we all know what inspired him (dan doesn’t argue but does 'that’ face) but phil is there a moment or something that inspired you??

– i’ve switched to a periscope because the main stream kept freezing i’m sorry i’ve missed phil’s answer :( –

dan is doing a lil foot wiggle

this periscope isn’t lagging half as bad tho thanks to the streamer

dan takes the piss out of the sponsor

dan is speaking about the bristol book signing and an emotional mum and the impact his and phil’s videos had on her kids after a shitty year and it’s really stuck with him when he doubts the quality of his content i’m nearly crying he’s so humble

phil fixes his fringe


dan’s reaction to the bird is priceless

the host says sad mum is back in bird form…..

dan is embarrassed i think lmao

a bird has met my faves before me like the bird doesn’t even want to fucking be there

dan waved to the bird he’s so cute

dan keeps looking into the audience as people laugh

this panel is so nice and wholesome i love it

the host asked dan if he wanted to throw the microphone and he said “haha no”

dan waves to the fan with the microphone

dan says kanye would be a terrible present (“he’d be terrible and i’m a kanye fan”)

dan is sad that the sad mum was the best part of his career and it’s now a meme

phil calls himself a nerd

dan and tom discuss oldschool tumblr

dan’s favourite colour is black - “is that a colour or just the absence of colour?”

the cube mic has gone

phil likes “a greeny blue” or green and blue i can’t tell which he said

phil is still just smiling

dan is laughing at something

phil prefers twitter for communicating over all other social media

it’s gradually ending

“believe in yourselves, stay hydrated” - dan

they thank everyone for coming out

dan waves goodbye

the lights are out

it’s over :(

Facebook Reveal

So I wrote a supercorp THING based on this post because it made me irrationally happy: 

(Original post here for credit)

I thought a facebook crack reveal would be hilarious and fun, and apparently so did a few of you SO, I did it. Enjoy <3 :) 

@supercorptrashed @nevertobeships @project-alice

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To any artists, especially those who are young or new to art, please know that realism isn’t the end all be all of art.

I was on Instagram and I saw a post about this and there were people trying to argue that realism is superior by nature and cartoon/anime style is easy by nature. Yeah…screw that shit.

Having your own opinion about which is better or easy or requires more skill is one thing. Saying that realism is inherently better than cartoon work is just ignorant.

Imagine being like 13 and watching a show like Sailor Moon and thinking “I wanna do something like that” only to have a bunch of people tell you “you can do that, but you’ll never be as good as someone who draws realism.” Talk about dream crushing.

As someone who does both, I can tell you that realism and cartoonism have their pros and cons. Personally I prefer cartoonism, but I find realism MUCH easier. There’s no one true rule to all this, it all just comes down to each artist’s personal preference. 


-Speed doesn’t equal quality. Just because realism often takes a while, doesn’t mean it’s better than a cartoon. You can spend hours on a realistic portrait and it can still turn out like shit. It’s also very possible for an artist to spend a long while on a cartoon drawing. (I don’t even know why people kept bringing up the speed thing, because it makes no sense)

-A good cartoon style is not easy. There’s a reason why every random fuck on the street who draws a cartoon isn’t working for Disney, and that’s because there’s more to a cartoony style than just ‘draw some random person with big eyes and a small body’ or whatever. If you can see that Sailor Moon and Princess Jasmine wouldn’t look right in the same picture, then you can understand that every single cartoon/anime style has rules that must be conformed to for the drawing to be cohesive. That’s not something you can just pick up as a beginner. It takes time and hard work.

IDK how to end this, so I’ll just say again that realism is not the end all be all of art. Don’t be that one asshole who tries to say that realism and cartoonism aren’t equal, or that one asshole who puts down artists for what they draw or how they choose to draw it. There’s no one good way to do art, it’s all down to taste.

I want your opinions!

On crested geckos and leopard geckos!

Things like what you like and or dislike about each species, why you chose them (or wouldnt chose them again), and just in general your experience with them. You dont have to have owned both, only one or the other. But if you own both a kind of comparison write up would be great! 

This is not meant to be a post where people argue which one is better, this is just to help someone decide which species they would like to get. So please keep drama out of it. Both are great and incredible animals. 

Why I ship Aokise (part 1)

there’s plenty of ships in KNB, but is there a specific reason why I ship Aomine and Kise together the most and why it’s my favourite ship? The answer is: I have tons of reasons why I ship these two. 

It’s not just because Kise looks up to Aomine the most and that Aomine is the one that inspired Kise to play basketball and helped him hone his skills the most, but it’s in the subtlety of their friendship, the unspoken words between the two. It’s their trust and deep connection with each other. 

Disclaimer: This is not going to be about a post on how Kise has always idolized Daiki, but how these two, in my opinion, has the best relationship development. There’s no hating on other ships here, and please, if you have nothing good to say about this post then say nothing at all.

Some might argue that Kuroko and Aomine has a deeper level of friendship (no Im not hating on any other ships), but Aomine’s said it himself (you can check it out on wiki) - outside of basketball, the two have nothing much in common. Aomine in Teiko thinks of Kuroko as his best friend, Momoi coming in second because she’s has always been a constant in his life.

But Kise. The idiot he purposely threw the basketball at, the one who despite crushing several times, never stops asking hm for one-on-ones. Kise has also somehow wormed into Aomine’s heart, whether he liked it or not.

Part one - The Kaijo vs Too event

1. He acknowledges Kise as a strong opponent.

I’d like to think that Aomine has kept tabs on Kise in the few months they’ve been separated. Aomine knows that Kise is strong, probably stronger than ever since the GOM’s separation. He knows that his team wouldn’t last without Aomine playing - that’s how much confidence he has in Kise’s skills. 

Aomine has never said it out loud, but he has always thought of Kise of a worthy opponent. Even during their Teiko times, Aomine is always seen baffled by Kise’s growth rate in basketball. He’ll never admit it but if Kise is able to play how most players do that has trained for years and years in merely months, then Kise is one of the few that has a standing chance against him.

2. They both know each other best

This is something that i’d been wanting to talk about. In fact i’m so excited to talk about this I’m not sure where to start. They’ve been training together for months, of course they’d get used to each other’s patterns. It was one of the craziest intense match as the two of them tried to outsmart each other. They know what moves the other might make and all that, but this isn’t just it.

Outside of basketball, they often hang out as well. In a few KNB games, the two often hang out and they both know what each other likes and dislike. In fact, Aomine knows how Kise doesn’t like worms but he got Kise a larvae as a gift on his birthday, knowing it would piss him off (in a small comic strip by the artist of KNB). 

…i think I’ll write this part in another post.

3. Neither of them want the other to go easy on them.

After Kise gives Aomine “the look,” this is what Aomine said to him. He realizes that while Kise is using an underhanded tactic, Aomine doesn’t want him to go soft on him because of his 4 fouls. He wants Kise to win as much as Kise doesn’t want him to lose. This wasn’t stated in the anime or the manga but you can see that Aomine is sick and tired of Kise running after him all this while.

Kise knew Aomine wouldn’t hold back with his 4 fouls. Kise knew that this tactic of his wouldn’t work against Aomine. And the fact that Aomine found out about this little tactic of his made Kise happy - it just really means that they knew each other so much that Daiki was able to realize what the blond planned. 

4. Aomine looks out for Kise’s wellbeing and feelings.

OKAY SO THIS IS LIKE. The main reason why I even ship these two to begin with. People ALWAYS tell me that it’ Kise hanging on Aomine most of the time and I don’t deny this. But have you ever notice the way Aomine treats Kise? Not as if Kise’s fragile, but in the way Kise wants to be treated - as a challenger, as a strong, worthy opponent. While Aomine has always told kise that he’ll never be strong as him, but Aomine knows that all these words will just serve to motivate the blond more.

This part though:

Here, Aomine subtly states that he knows Kise isn’t at maximum power and full potential yet, and that he’s losing to Aomine now, but will be even better in the future, the next time they compete. Can I also take this time to mention how both of them are smiling wide and blissful while Kise is saying that? It’s like Aomine’s saying “yeah I know so its okay.” Aomine agrees with him (though like. very subtly)

Aomine knows that Kise has a bad leg. This can be proven as Aomine didn’t enter the zone against Kise. 

Also, even Imayoshi knows that Aomine has a soft spot for his dumb blond. 

This was translated slightly off from the manga. In the manga Imayoshi says: “If he had any weaknesses, it would be the soft spot he has for his former teammate.” Plural. 

5. Aomine cares.

To those that think Aokise is an abusive ship, stating that Kise’s adoration is borderline creepy and how Aomine stomps all over Kise’s feeling, please look and consider again. These two share an amazing rivalry and friendship.

Aomine knows that whatever he says to kise would only hurt and make the blond feel like he’s making a joke out of him. Aomine actually knows how to hold his tongue when it comes to Ryouta. 



THIS PART!!!! Some may overlook this part but it’s so so so very important. Aomine actually stood behind Kise to see whether or not he can get up by himself. His concerned face says it all. He knows that he was the one that pushed Kise to his limit, and Aomine is at a lost for what to do. ‘Do I help him up? What if he rejects my help?’ his face seems to say.

If Kasamatsu hadn’t come and help (not that I’m complaining since this is one of my ships too), I’d guess that Aomine would eventually offer his help. 

And if anything, Kise looked like he was expecting Aomine to be the one who offered him help.

AND MOREOVER!!!  Aomine stood by to make sure Kise has gotten help before moving back to his team. He made sure that Kise was in safe hands before looking away.

Aomine stood by to make sure Kise has gotten help before moving back to his team. He made sure that Kise was in safe hands before taking his leave. I may be getting ahead of myself, but I think this is exactly what it looks like. Aomine is a big softie (and a huge idiot) when it comes to the blond. 

6. Finally, this.

Ummmm? If you didn’t know, this title comes from Aomine’s point of view. Here, ‘おまえ /Omae’, referring to ‘your’, is used by Aomine. Kise uses ‘あんた’ when referring to others. Aomine is talking about ‘Their Basketball.’ No one else’s. I’m not sure why i added this point but this fact just makes me so giddy.

But in my point of view, Aomine both despise and love their basketball - he doesn’t like the way they play so similarly, the way they know each other best, the way Kise is trying to use Aomine’s style against him. But at the same time, he enjoys it. Aomine may make fun of him and belittle him verbally, but he really does enjoy playing with the blond because Kise is exciting as well as challenging. This is ‘their basketball,’ and nothing can change it. Aomine enjoys the blond’s company and vice versa (as seen from the manga) and knows that Kise could one day overwhelm him in terms of power (also from the manga). He knows that even if their basketball has changed, he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

PHEW! That was a long ass rant. Tl;dr - Aokise has a lot of potential, and I’m really sad that people actually shit on this ship. I wanted to bring this side of the ship into the light where it isn’t just Kise doing all the chasing.

I’ll upload the rest of the analysis later (teiko days, Aokise on casual days out, them from the Manga and Replace Plus, Knb Last Game, Official art and their screen time during games) So if you enjoyed this, reblog it or drop me a message!

Seventeen Reaction (Vocal Unit & Dino): You flinch in a fight.

Request:  could i request a reaction for seventeen vocal unit + dino accidentally hitting you during a fight? and if you’re not comfortable with that could it be a reaction to you flinching like the got7 one?

A/N: I could never imagine any of the boys hitting anyone ever so I chose to do it flinching instead. I’m aware this is a sensitive subject and that violence towards anyone is a very real issue and so if anyone has any issue with me posting content of this nature please let me know. Regardless I try to do so in a way that is sensitive to the reader. Thank you.


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You two very rarely argued and when you did it was never with raised voices, Jeonghan would never shout but every word he said was said with purpose and meaning behind it, sometimes with a tinge of venom if the argument was serious. However maybe the lack of raised voices is what made you so nervous, worried that he was so calm he would someday snap. Maybe that’s why when he took a step towards you you flinched away, backing up so you fell back to sit on the sofa behind you. He would stand in shock for a moment, taking in the events that just happened and replaying them back in his head in slow motion. ‘Y/N no...’ He’d whisper, falling to his knees in front of you, burying his head in your lap. ‘I would never...’ he would say. You would simply rest your hand on his head and smooth his hair gently, a silent sign that it was okay.


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Much like Jeonghan he had never raised his voice at you and arguments are rare. When you did argue, Jisoo would simply remove himself from the situation, taking his coat from the rack and disappeaing down the road to clear his head so he did nothing he would later regret. However this time was different, this time yours two argument was slightly more heated and so when Jisoo huffed and reached behind you to get his coat and make his usual exit, you recoiled instantly squeezing your eyes shut and trembling slightly in front of him. You wouldn’t have even opened your eyes before you heard the buttons of Joshua’s coat hit the floor and feel his arms around you, one hand on your head stroking your hair. He would hush you lightly, reassuring you he simply would never. Ever. 


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While Woozi wasn’t necessarily the largest, he had learned to make his voice loud and to have a big impact and so you felt the full force of that when you argued. It was over something so silly and irrelevant and yet you two were both tired which ended up getting you both more riled than usual. Perhaps that was what lead to you cowering a little as he approached you. He would be so shocked that all he could do was back away slowly with his hands raised defensively. ‘No’ was all he could whisper as he watched you slowly relax at the realization that Woozi would never lay a finger on you. Woozi wouldn’t even touch you through fear of making things worse so he simply excused himself to your bedroom, sitting on the bed and contemplating his actions, vowing to prove to you he would never hurt you.


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This would affect him by far the most. He would have to rethink what kind of person he was. The moment you cowered during your rare argument he felt a part of him break and he was sure it was his heart. Seeing you so vulnerable, he should be the last one who made you feel like that, he should make you feel liberated and like a princess, not afraid… never afraid. He would spend copious amounts of time rethinking his actions and going out of his way to make up for whatever it was he had done. He would buy you flowers, take you to dinner and despite your protests just generally spoil you rotten to even begin to make himself a man worthy of you.


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You hear that? That’s my heart breaking

This poor kid would be inconsolable. After you flinched during a fairly heated argument he vowed never to argue with you again, telling you through hiccuped tears and heavy breathing how much he loved you and cared about you and how he would never ever want to hurt you. He would cry for hours after you told him you forgave him and that it wasn’t his fault, feeling like he wasn’t worthy and feeling like absolute crap. The only people who could comfort him were his members, but even then he would be in a sort of daze for sometime after the incident, thinking of ways to look after you and make it so he never ever made you cry again.


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Heart broken couldn’t even begin to describe how Dino felt in the aftermath of your argument. Not only did he feel like the argument itself was his fault but the fact you felt so unsafe around him that you felt in danger absolutely broke him. He would apologise immediately, bowing and tentatively patting your back as you cried into his back, whispering to him that it wasn;t his fault. Regardless he would come home the next day with flowers and would challenge himself to start taking martial arts classes in order to protect you so you no longer needed to feel vulnerable.

I’ve seen a lot of nostalgia for the LJ days, in light of current fandom’s rabid rage, and I’ve also seen a lot of people rolling their eyes and pointing out that it’s not as if LJ was ever devoid of wank, oh my God. And certainly I can see both sides, and I’ve definitely been guilty of romanticizing the past, and I got into fandom just before the jump to Tumblr started anyway, but I think I remember three major differences in the tone of said wank, and I think I preferred the older poison.

  1. Write-ups on wank (aka discourse, and really that difference in terminology sums up this bullet point) used to treat the whole matter as a bit less life-and-death. The attitude on things like sf_drama and fandom_wank was point-and-laugh-at-the-ass, which was plenty cruel, but I would definitely take it over the current shun-the-problematic-forever-and-a-day (and quietly demand that others do the same on pain of being next.) 
  2. Even at their cruelest, sf_drama and fandom_wank and the like had links. Publicly available ones, which led to publicly available posts, with backup links to cached posts and screencaps of whole conversations in case a flurry of deletion occurred. Concrete evidence, not ‘please delete that post by ______, they’re transphobic and problematic and support pedophilia’ showing up in an inbox and demanding to be taken on faith. Not links to callout blogs who’ve since changed their urls or gone private. 
  3. The people arguing that slash fic was identical to pedophilia didn’t insist that they were the real liberals and were tearing all the rest of us to shreds for our own good - or rather, the abstract good of groups of people that included us. 

I’m not saying it was a halcyon age. There were people active in certain LJ fandoms who got legitimate, diagnosed PTSD from it. There have always been ugly, horrible things. And call-out and anti culture evolved from these things; the seeds for at least some of it were there. But these three things are all changes for the drastically uglier, and I understand missing the old-school rules of engagement. 

anonymous asked:

i really hate when aphobes shit on inclusionists for saying stuff like "dont argue with me on this post please" because i have dpd and avpd, which means i have a huge fear of being alone / hated and also a huge fear of confrontation. trying to participate in the discourse and fight for aro and ace people stresses me out to no end, but i do it anyways bc i care about this a lot. i dont say that people cant disagree with me but i feel like theyre mocking me whenever they make fun of it :/

I think one of exclusionists problems, not pertaining to discourse topics itself, is that a lot of them don’t know how to respect boundaries. So here’s a list of things that I made for everyone in the discourse to remember.

1. If someone asks you not to start an argument on their posts, don’t. They have a reason.

2. If someone asks you to not screenshot their blog, don’t. They have a reason.

3. If someone asks you to not vague about them, don’t. They have a reason.

4. If someone blocks you, that means they don’t want to talk to you anymore. Leave them alone. They have a reason.

5. If someone asks you not to call them something, don’t. They have a reason.

There are probably more, but these are the ones I have for right now.

–Mod Mercy

How’s Your Throat?

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Pairing: Simon Dominic x Reader
Warnings: ???
A/N: Originally posted on KpopPantyDrop

Have you ever been backstage at an AOMG concert?  No?  Well, it is just as crazy as you can imagine.  Someone will end up chasing someone or they’ll be arguing over something stupid and/or irrelevant.  And please whatever you do, do NOT mention the NFL or the Seahawks.  Unless you want to hear Jay go on and on about the strength behind the 12th man.  

But tonight’s conversation, wasn’t the worse you’d been apart of with the boys.  But it was definitely one of the most interesting.  Kinks.  One second Jay was talking to ELO and Pumkin, next thing you know everyone is sitting together discussing kinks.  

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Memory Foam {Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader}

**This will be the gif I use for Poly!Hamilsquad, sorry, if it bothers anyone, I can’t find many with all four of them (I like)

Prompt: Y/N and the boys go out to find a bed,

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x reader

Word Count: 660

Warning: Suggestive things (Ii mean it’s me, come on!)

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Music Series: Move Together

I’m trying something new. Short Harry Stories (is this a drabble? one shot? still not real familiar with the terminology) based on songs/lyrics. I thought it would be fun to try and see if anyone liked them.

This first one is based off the James Bay song, Move Together. All of the music series stories I will post will be from my own personal interpretation of the lyrics. If you have songs you would like for me to write stories for, please submit your ideas to me and I’ll be happy to give it a shot, and I apologize if I interpret the lyrics differently than you do, but that’s the magic of lyric interpretation, I suppose.

Link to this song on one of my Spotify playlists called Rainy Saturday Morning:

Also, if you’ve not seen it yet, I’ve posted Part Three of For the Love of Harry. The link is on my masterlist page.

Let me know what you think! xo


Home now, end of the night

It’s colder to turn on your side

“I understand that, love,” Harry argues. “But you need to work with me on this. This is my career! You knew how things were sometimes when we got together.”

“I know, Harry,” you say, feeling defeated already. “But I have a career, too! The only time we seem to even be in the same room lately is for a couple of hours while we’re both sleeping in bed. I miss you!”

And I know you’re up in two hours

But we didn’t get tonight, we don’t have tomorrow, so don’t ruin now.

“I miss you, too,” he replies. “I do, love, truly. But I don’t know what to tell you. My schedule is crazy right now. It’ll die down again after awhile.”

“You missed my art opening!” you nearly yell. “You’ve known about it for 3 months, Harry! This was big for me, and you told me over and over again that you would be there, and you weren’t!”

“I’m sorry!” he pleads. “I am.”

How we gonna move together? Just come closer

If we don’t move together, just come closer

How we gonna breathe? How we gonna be together?

Just keeping the peace between the sheets

“Please, love,” Harry begs, knowing neither of you are angry at the other, only upset at the situation that seems to plague your relationship lately. “You’ve only a bit of time left before you have work. I’d really love to lay in bed with you and hold you for awhile. Please?”

And I creep in, and everything’s loud

I’m sorry, I’ve woken you now

And we’ll argue the tiniest thing

But we didn’t get tonight, we don’t have tomorrow

So I’m done whispering, done whispering.

Harry walks slowly to where you stand leaning against the kitchen counter in your tank and shorts you sleep in. He approaches you cautiously before lifting his arms to hold you and kiss you sweetly. He reaches his hand to your jaw, kissing you once again, as you look each other in the eyes, both with sad, tired expressions. You lay your face against his chest as you feel him comfort you, rubbing your neck softly, light kisses from his lips to your head.

“I’m scared, Harry,” you say quietly. “I feel like I’m losing you lately.” You feel his arms wrap tightly around you.

“Never, love,” he says as he caresses your hair. “Never. We just need to learn to hold things together better, baby. We can’t let it get bad between us, no matter how frustrated we get. We both have to learn to compromise and remember why we’re together in the first place, right? We love each other. We can’t let our busy lives take what we have together. We just have to remember, when we’re angry, or lonely, or frustrated, we need to let go of our anger and fears, and just love each other, support each other. We’ll get through this, love, I promise. Our work won’t be like this always.”

So maybe don’t give me cold, cold shoulder

Before you go, turn around, let me hold you

And let me say in the dark of the morning

Just one more thing.

“Come on, now,” Harry says softly, as he pulls away from you slightly, taking your hand and leading you back to the bedroom, where you both climb into the bed, Harry lifting the sheets over you both. “Come closer, baby. I need to hold you. I think both of us can push back our schedules a bit in the morning, can’t we?”

How we gonna move together? Just come closer

If we don’t move together, come closer

How we gonna breathe? How we gonna be together?

Harry holds you tightly to him as you both fall asleep. In a couple of hours, you get up to get ready for work, leaving a sleeping Harry in the bed. When he wakes, the sun streaming through the window into his eyes, he lays his arm across the bed, feeling the cold mattress where you had been only a few hours before. He sighed deeply, readied for work, then went about his day. He knew he probably wouldn’t see you again until after his work finished in the studio that night, which lately had been after 1 or 2 in the morning.

As he finished something they had been stuck on for a while in the studio, Harry rubbed his eyes and yawned. He looked up at the ceiling then through the glass windows of the studio wall, and saw you standing on the other side of the glass. You never came to the studio anymore, which caused an immediate concern.

“Give me a few, will you?” he asked of the people he had been working with. He walked to the door, opened it, and let it close behind him, looking at you. “Hey, you alright? What’s wrong?”

He sees you smile sweetly. “Nothing wrong. Was just hoping, maybe, you would have a few minutes sometime to sit and eat a little bite with me?” He looked at your feet at the basket you had brought, filled with a few of his favorite foods and drinks. “If you’re busy, I can wait. I don’t mind.”

He touches your cheek with his hand, gently caressing your soft skin, then kisses your lips more lovingly than you had remembered him kissing you in weeks. Harry pressed his forehead against yours with eyes closed and whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” you whisper back.

Just keeping the peace, just keeping the peace

Just keeping the peace between these sheets.

Sakura’s Parenting

Okay, I am just gonna tackle this head on. I half don’t want to, because I know I might get so many hateful comments, but I just wanna say it: Sakura is not an abusive parent.

Now, as always, I’m gonna put a disclaimer up: I am pro-sakura and pro-sasusaku. You can obviously continue to read this, because I have no control over you and this is the internet, but the disclaimer is here just in case you are anti and don’t want to waste your time reading it. I’ll also be getting personal in this about my own abuse experiences, so please do not read if you’ll get triggered by that too. And please don’t just spit out insults for fun at my expense.

So, the ONE moment that started this whole freaking theory of Sakura being abusive was when Sakura punched the ground out of frustration when Sarada was being rather insulting towards and upset with Sakura.

Alrighty, so first off, not only did Sakura punch THE GROUND, she immediately felt terrible for doing so and for upsetting Sarada. And I already can hear people yelling “But she still punched the ground in front of Sarada which is aggressive” or “If she is willing to punch the ground that hard, what else does she punch!” SO I’ll get a littler personal with this to explain my position and feelings:

I was abused as a kid. I got a good mix of emotional and physical abuse (not from my mom. I just want to clarify that, because I love my mom). When I read this part of the manga, it didn’t even phase me as abusive or scare me (and yes, I actually have PTSD from some of my abuse, so there would be reason for me to freak out if it triggered anything for me).

Now I’m not saying that I represent all children who suffered abuse, because I DEFINITELY do not. But as someone who did go through it, I can honestly say I would prefer a ground punch. Punch that ground please, because taking your emotions out on the ground is better than throwing objects at my face, locking me in my room, or dragging me around the ground so you can listen to me scream sorry while in pain.

(Okay, now I’m actually kind of crying a little remembering some stuff, but I’m gonna power through this.)

And from the other side of this, being in Sakura’s position in other words, I have punched things before too in anger, but have never punched a person. I have punched walls especially (left a dent in one before) because I had emotions I didn’t understand or just needed to get out (and had no other outlet available to me). But I have never hit someone out of anger, and I never ever want to. People actually tell me I am too nice sometimes too. I’m not a vicious person at all. (The only time I ever hit someone was when I was fighting back in self defense. I was hit first.)

And when I was abused, my abuser certainly did not feel guilty about it AT ALL. He actually laughed about it usually. Sakura only just scared her daughter and immediately feels guilty and apologizes.

Honestly, Sakura’s moment of frustration was not only provoked by Sarada, but also likely a result of Sakura ALWAYS having to cover for Sasuke. (I am not saying Sasuke is a bad guy here, by the way, so don’t get mad.) Poor Sarada is asking questions all the time about her dad, and Sakura simply has NO answers besides the fact that he’s out on a mission. And with the threat of the mission being Uchiha related, she can’t give her daughter too many details I’m sure, just in case her daughter could then become a target somehow. 

Then throughout the rest of the manga, Kishi shows us all these other heart-warming moments of Sakura’s kindness and love towards her daughter, just in case people get the wrong idea.

(I never had my abuser ever give a fuck that I was sick, let alone watch over and worry about me. Pretty sure he would rather me die, honestly.)

(My mom would often give me super tight hugs when I was in trouble or sad, and it comforted me so much, and made me feel safe. I actually teared up at this part because of that.)

(Sakura passing on Sasuke’s little tradition to Sarada, even though Sarada doesn’t know it yet. Sakura’s trying her best to not only comfort Sarada, but also somehow express her father’s love for them both without him even being there.)

(Sakura, exhausted, still trying to protect her daughter from whatever she can. I mean, Sakura is limping and beaten down from the crazy Shin dude, but she loves Sarada and wants to get between her and any existing or potential danger.)

(Okay, again, this hug had be in tears. I miss my mom so much right now, I may have to call her after this.)

ANYWAY, to wrap this up because I actually am crying (I am a little ashamed of myself right now, I honestly did not think I would cry at all writing this), Sakura had one moment of anger, and Sakura-haters grabbed onto it excitedly to create new reasons to convince people to hate Sakura. Sakura, in my eyes, is nothing but a worried and caring mother. She was basically a single mom for 10-ish years too. She raised her child on her own, and Sarada obviously benefited from her mother’s love and parenting. She’s strong, intelligent, healthy, and level-headed (for the most part).

(In case you are wondering, though I am sure you aren’t, my mom got divorced when I was a teenager so I had some decent teenage years to help me recover and all that. So my mom is definitely safe, as am I, and she is married to a wonderful man now. So no one needs to worry about me, though I’m sure you weren’t at all.)

So, that’s my quick defense for Sakura.

This is pretty touchy for me, so if you do want to argue, please be civil. I honestly don’t know if I should even post this, but I get so angry when I see people accuse her of being abusive. Because I look at all those sweet moments Sakura has with Sarada, and I FEEL that love. And it hits my heart every time. (My eyes are totally watering up again, I am so lame!!)

Thanks for reading :)

(And if you do want to discuss anything with me privately, feel free to message me about it. I doubt you do, but hey, if someone out there is reading this and needs someone to talk to or confide in, I’d be happy to!)

I was not aware until today that aphobia in the LGTBAQ+ community was a thing.

One more thing I’m going to have to take a stand against, I guess.
To all my a-spec followers: I love and support you.
I’m sorry about the gate-keepers.
They used to do the same thing the bi and trans people.
You are Valid. And I will fight for your right to be here. Happy Pride Month.

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Hey I just got suddenly apprehensively curious after reading that lovely bits about Tiny Steve, but what happens when they figure out how to send him back to his own time? Would Tiny Steve refuse? Would Tony feel sad?der when he's gone? I'm sure at least Big Steve might feel relief from not getting framed by himself (?) so often. Maybe Tiny Steve's spirit lives on in everyone's terrified muscle memory like they accidentally or not accidentally say something mean or that can be construed as mean

And everyone just wince because they can almost hear pissed! Tiny Steve trying to cross time and space to come fite them. Like a lot of them look at Big Steve and Steve just sighs a lot.

Tiny!Steve would probably refuse at first but Tony, self-sacrificing martyr that he is, takes Tiny!Steve aside, and gently holds his hands, and whispers, voice shaking, “You need to go back, Steve. This isn’t–this isn’t what you’re supposed to be doing.” He lifts his hand, cups Tiny!Steve’s cheek. “You–you have things that you need to do still. You need to go do them.”

“But you need me here,” Tiny!Steve insists. “You need me here.”

“I want you here, Steve,” Tony tells him. “But where–when you come from, they need you more.” He strokes a hand through Tiny!Steve’s hair. “Please, Steve.”

And Tiny!Steve swallows back the angry rush, the need to argue, because Tony is right and he hates it. “I’m only going because you asked me to. And I’m going to come back for you.” He sneers at the room where everyone’s waiting for him, including post-serum Steve. “And I’ll be better than him.

Tony smiles wetly and cups his cheeks. “You just do what you have to do, sweetheart. Just–you need to go back. Okay?”

“Okay,” Tiny!Steve whispers, draws Tony down for one last kiss before he has to leave. “Okay.” He brushes a thumb over Tony’s cheekbone, considers biting the words back because he knows it’ll hurt Tony more than it’ll help, probably. But apparently that’s something he does now, keep secrets. He doesn’t want to be like that, be the person that hurt Tony by keeping something important from him. “I love you.”

And Tony smiles again, tears rolling down his cheeks at the action and it’s the most lovely, heartbreaking thing. “Oh, Steve. I love you too. It’s always been you.”

And Steve hates whoever he’s become, that he’s had Tony’s heart in his hands all along and decided Tony wasn’t worth it.

(The problem with Tiny!Steve is that he misconstrued a lot of things as mean because he’s from the forties and so he was ready to fight about everything. It was terrifying. At least for Tony that culminated in Tiny!Steve gasping and cupping his cheeks and assuring him he’s wrong. For everyone else they needed to be ready to Catch Tiny!Steve’s Hands.)

((People don’t stop flinching after they speak for a month.))

um okay but if you people keep insisting that jongin didn’t call kyungsoo jagi, then what did he call exactly for ONLY kyungsoo, JUST kyungsoo, NOBODY ELSE even thought yixing and chanyeol were of hearing distance, to turn his head and respond to jongin with that precious smile.

please don’t say it’s jeogi because if he had called that, anybody could have responded because it wouldn’t have been directed to one specific person.

sure, there’re a lot of questionable kaisoo moments that can be deemed invalid and overthinking on kaisoo shippers’ part. but please don’t argue on this one because i’ve tapped on the rational side of my brain and even argued with myself only to come to a conclusion that even if jongin never called kyungsoo jagi, he must have given kyungsoo a pet name he uses only for kyungsoo to turn around in an instant.

the point of this post is not to pick a fight or to insist i’m correct on the jagi part. but for kyungsoo to have responded to jongin only, jongin must have called kyungsoo something he knows by. you can decide if it’s better jongin called kyungsoo jagi or probably something even cuter between the of them.

Celaelin and Rosachaorian

Some Aelin discourse for you all at 3AM in California, because right as I was about to go to sleep, I saw a post about something that’s been irking me for a while now, and I couldn’t not talk about it. Also, a forewarning: I’ve just come off a performance high and I’m very tired, and therefore my filter is gone, so this may be a little bit of a b*tchy post that I refuse to take all the sass out of like I usually do, so I am so sorry if I personally offend anyone. Please know that I mean absolutely no harm, I’m just very tired and shaky (because I took way more albuterol than I should have WHEEEEE).

And like, obviously, if anyone is hurt by this post, please tell me, and I’ll probably message you a very long apology in the morning.

I may regret this or rewrite this in the morning. We shall see. Anyway.

I see an awful lot of people posting about the whole Aelin/Celaena/Lillian (she’s a part of this now? Wtf?) identity crisis, which like, ok, fine. I think we can all agree that Aelin has matured and changed somewhat since she took on the identity of Celaena. That’s good—that’s called character development (something a few YA authors need to learn about *coughs*), and we want that. We don’t want Celaena attempting to rule Terrasen. First of all, she’d refuse and it would never happen. Second of all…hello, human (fae?) disaster.

Celaena Sardothien: Human Disaster (Please get this reference).

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Author’s Note: This was my first request from @justanotherfanficreader! And I struggled a bit at the beginning but I had fun writing this. I think husband!Lin is my favorite to write. Because gah!

Prompt:  258? (Shit! Are you bleeding) Husband!Lin x reader? Please?

I may or may not be posting another story tonight….hmmm…

Word Count: 1636 (a tad bit short)

You loved the life you had at the theatre. It was a bit of a change from your last job, where you were a kindergarten teacher. You loved the kids, but this was a great change from the little ones. Of course, your husband could argue that him and his co-workers were like kindergarteners. And he was partially true. There were days that you had to yell at them during rehearsals.

“Lin! Don’t jump on Daveed’s back like that.”

“Anthony, Lin, Chris, what the hell are you doing!”

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Austria and Prussia headcannons??? Please


fun fact: I didn’t really ship it til I had this blog and saw Jul’s version of Prussia

• Argue frequently not gonna lie

• Gilbert sleeps in

• Roderich was tempted to beat him with a pillow once because he wouldn’t wake up

• Piano and flute duets

• Roderich glares at Gilbert across the table if he does something impolite like cutting someone off

• also: kicks him and it turns into footsy

• Gilbert 👏🏻 can 👏🏻 sing 👏🏻

• Kinda one of those romances that has a vibe you know

• Like, post-war romance vibe

• “We’ve been through a lot together and I don’t want to hurt you anymore because we’re both kinda broken” vibes

• They’re more of an angst pairing to me tbh :/

some AUs to consider

“We ended up paired together as contestants on ‘Soul Mates’ the game show and we kind of hate each other but we both really want the $100,000”

“My friends convinced you and I to go on a double date but we just want to be friends and it turns out so do the other two… but now I’m falling for one of them and you’re falling for the other”

“We were best friends when we were three but you moved away and I forgot about you”

“Hello please let me in I left you a message at two in the morning and I was very drunk and please let me delete that”

“That field trip totally sucked and now the whole school bus is stuck in many miles of completely unmoving traffic. So… hi”

“I got mugged but you saved me with a can of pepper spray and some pretty impressive sweeping kicks… except you saved me with a CAN OF PEPPER SPRAY and my face feels like it’s on fire”

“It was really hot and I got heat stroke on the Tube and passed out in the station, thank god you’re a doctor”

“We’re stand partners in the orchestra and we’re constantly arguing or talking during rehearsal and the director hates us”