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YOI Artist Blogs
Master Google Database for all YOI Artist Blogs! Open for anyone to edit!

As a huge fan of the incredible fan art that’s been produced in YOI fandom, I thought I would start a master database of all of the artists in YOI! 

Since I can’t possibly follow every single YOI artist in all of Tumblr, I’ve only listed the artists I follow currently. 

If anyone else wants to help collaborate by editing this doc and adding to it, please feel free to do so! If you are an artist, please feel free to add yourself; if you’re a fan, please feel free to add someone else whose art you like. 

Click here or the title for the link to database

This database categorizes artists by: ships/characters drawn; NSFW; requests; commissions; repost policy; and preferred language!

I wasn’t able to figure out some of the answers for categories for many artists, as they did not have an FAQ page, or it wasn’t immediately apparent on their page, but did my best! I know I’m missing a TON of amazing artists, so if anyone wants to help, I think this would be awesome. :D 

Currently listed artists include:

@1o8k @aina-p @alpakappa @amelin-art @ask–viktor @ammeja @badlydrawnyuurikatsuki @badlydrawnseung-gil @blau678 @brilcrist @campaignofmadness @chaotichero @cookiecreation @crimson-chains @cubisticking @dedemidianart @doodlesonice @dorkishdorkish1905 @gairanelixir @hasuyawwn @kaciart @kamisartvonkunst @kantonliu @lamenart @mikkapi @minatu @nerfitisketch @niyaokul @redzonest @sakihokoru @seek-victory @shynii @themightynyunyi @yukipri @yurionniiice

If you are an artist above and would like to be properly categorized, please check out the doc. ^_^

Please reblog! <3 

If you have any suggestions as to how this database can be improved, please let me know!! ^^

Flat Colored + Full Body Commission of Bunny Yoosung for @cocorocogen <3

Thank you~ If you’re interested in a commission feel free to check my info post.

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“You can break my soul, take my life away, beat me, hurt me, kill me, but for the sake of lord..don’t ever touch him”// taegi. 

I’ve already seen a taegi set pic like this but i decide to do another one in my way with gifs so it’s not completely my idea. I’m not the owner of the gifs, i just edit them so please if you’re the owner contact me, i’m already sorry for use them without permission. 

If you repost please give credit. 


Megane!Noctis <3
I always gotta do the thing and have Noctis match Prompto or vise versa! The second sketch was inspired by my Senpais beautiful cosplay on twitter! Check them out okay, they’re amazing! Sorry if the first sketch is a little straining on the eyes however, the screen-tone is definitely stronger than the usual! 

Enjoy! <3 

“What’s This?” - Jack Skellington meets Castiel 

What’s this? What’s this?
He’s pretty like a song
What’s this?
So pretty that it’s wrong
What’s this?

I can’t believe my eyes
I must be dreaming
Wake up, Jack!
This isn’t fair!
What’s this?

What’s this? What’s this?
His wings are very soft
What’s this?
Why does he look so cross?

Jack can see Castiel’s wings, and they’re both bewildered by each other.


I want to do something fun with this:
Continue the lyrics of Jack praising Cas (JUST CASTIEL, please) in bewilderment.
It MUST be in the form of “What’s This?” from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
I’ll reblog it if I find yours to be a hilarious masterpiece.
if you can get @mishacollins to participate. (I wish!)

[Color and B&W versions Available on my Society6 and RedBubble]

They’re spending the summer break in switzerland
Mercy gets sunburnt
Pharah thinks it’s still too cold to be considered summer
They have a lovely time 

[Please don’t delete this caption. Don’t edit this image, don’t crop my signature, don’t erase the watermarks. Don’t copy, trace, steal, repost, or claim this art as yours. Thank you for your respect.]

“Jack Skellington told me I’m to perch here.“ 

[see how Jack and Castiel met here]

I reached my data limit really early in my trip and was without internet, so I decided to play around with my iPad. They’re playing Christmas music here in Japan (I’m visiting family) already. Too soon. 

Since my birthday’s on 12/25, I usually HATE Christmas. 

Jack Skellington and Cas are in charge of making it better for me this year ;)

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As a thank you for 600+ followers and sticking by me through my small hiatus, I thought I’d make some doodle dash icons for everyone! They are 200x200 in size, and were just scaled down for the preview. Only my personal favorites are shown in the preview; each icon has a different image, doodles, and background on it as well. I appreciate and love every single one of you who follow me and fill me with kindness with your words about my edits and colorings, and since joining this community I’ve found it so encouraging. I hope you all spread love and encouragement as well! 


+6 Doodle Icons of Mark Fischbach
+6 Doodle Icons of Sean Mcloughlin
+2 Doodle Icons of Signe Hansen
+2 Doodle Icons of Amy Nelson

All I ask is that you reblog/like this post to spread it around and just show that you’re actually using them! I love seeing my artwork in use. You don’t need to ask in order to save and upload these, just please don’t repost them. Follow the read more in order to view them!

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