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does bendy play with the cutouts or the plushies, asking for a friend

((…that comic is only semi-related to this ask but i got the idea and I had to draw it. bendy didn’t think he’d actually play along and thought he was serious.

anyway he doesn’t really play with the cutouts aside from using them to spook people, but he likes playing with the bendy dolls. imagine how your average little kid would act if they had several dolls of themself? yeah, that’s how he is. much like shawn, he gets mad if you’re mean to them.))

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I’m sorry this is so rough and messy but I had to draw them when I saw the amazing Marichat monster AU by @australet789 . Like… I can’t even get over it, I love them so much. I just picture Chat being a giant overprotective cuddle butt cat monster but he can turn on you like lightning if you threaten Mari at all and AAHAHDHs they’re so cute.

Please go see her gorgeous artwork here

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Hebrew: בבקשה לא להעתיק, לערוך או לפרסם מחדש לאתר זה או לכל אתר אחר. אם ברצונך לשתף את היצירה, אנא פרסם/י את הלינק ליצירה המקורית במקום.

中文: 请不要复制、修改、或者重新发布我的图画在任何地方。若你要把我的图画分享给别人,请你发送原版的网址给喜歡的人,谢谢。

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Tumblr deleted this?????? 

Idk why, but it’s gone from my blog so yeah! Fuck me, right?! So yeah my H2O Delirious piece, reposted from what seems like forever ago. Someone had messaged me saying it was gone, and I finally looked, so yup here it is again!

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“Sneak peak” at my … whatever this sns thing is that I’ve been working on.

(Please ignore the spelling and grammar mistakes this is still just a rough draft)

I’m not all that good at drawing, I don’t understand %99 of the art world stuff. For example, all the different pencils and shit (plus I don’t even own a computer so digital art is a no go) Sooooo … this is all drawn with a mechanical pencil.

//My art: Do Not Re-Post.
//Art by: Deadpoolsbride

Edit: Thank you everyone so much for all the love. I never dreamed my drawings would get so much validation or be viewed by so many people. As of right now I’m sorry to say that all my works are on hold. For personal medical reasons I would like to keep private. It is currently unknown if I’ll be able to .. continue working on this series or any of the works I had planned and promised you all. Again thank you so much for all the support and love. This has truly been a dream come true. My heart goes out to you all and I wish you all all the luck in the world in your lives. -Admin Katt

Of course my kick-off for this brand new blog should be a Ned!

I tried to give this painting a little bit of an old photograph feeling and fuse realism with a more stylised approach. I’m pretty happy with the discoveries I made technique and brush wise and how he turned out eventually. Expect more Ned, he’s really high on my favorites list.

Since this is my first post on my art blog, I’d like to ask to please consider reblogging if you like it, so I can garner a little bit of exposure. Thank you kindly!

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