please nintendo i need

Aside from OP, I actually got to wake up to another disappointment this morning

I had heard that Nintendo was going to make more Legend of Zelda amiibos, including at least one from Skyward sword. And I was thrilled about it because of the prospect that we would have an amiibo for Impa and/or Fi! I would love that so much. But what do we get? 

More Links. We have so many Links. I love Link but come on Nintendo 

We have ELEVEN Link amiibos now… 11… I don’t need 11 different Links. They could have given us Fi, Impa, Ghirahim, all 4 of the Champions from BotW, Tetra, and Prince Sidon and still had two more Links left over. 

if I was dying of thirst outside of Nintendo’s headquarters, Reggie would walk out, give me a Link amiibo, and leave me to die because he didn’t have any water to give me–just Link amiibos 

Infected Chapter 4*

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A Mario Fanfiction

Luigi could tell something was wrong. Mario never acted this way before. But he never could have predicted just how destructive this mysterious affliction would become. Luigi desperately attempts to find answers before his brothers entire mind is consumed by this horrible infection.

Rated T

mild blood and violence

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It was a particularly dreary morning that day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Heavy, water logged clouds hung ominously overhead, only allowing a small fraction of light from the bright morning sun through. The winds were no longer the pleasant breeze from the day before, but instead blew chaotically through the trees at random intervals. It was easy to feel the presence in the air; a summer storm was on its way.
  Princess Peach glanced to the foreboding skies above and breathed a nervous sigh. She wondered if she would be able to get Luigi home and return to her castle before the storm hit. She would hate to arrive at these important foreign affairs meetings drenched in fresh rainwater. Still, she was more concerned about her dear friend than she was about her dress getting wet, so she continued the hike nonetheless. 

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**Edit: A kind anon solved the mystery for me. It was indeed a belt attached to coat

I did this on a total whim, but someone needs to explain to me:

what the hell is that thing on Blanche’s hip??? They have this dagger like thing? Or it’s a belt, but belts don’t really do that????

Or maybe it’s just stuff from a bag they’re carrying on their back?????

Nintendo, I need answers. Please release the Team Leader’s design soon.