please never stop laughing

Please stop apologising for who you are. For your loud laugh, for your emotional outbursts, for loving too much and too hard, for wanting to be held and wanted and cared for. Don’t be sorry for being who you are, for bursting into tears while watching a sad film, for losing your temper and crying when you’re angry.
—  Don’t apologise for being yourself. No one does it better than you.

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I've been laughing for a solid 10 minutes. Please never stop shitposting

I mean..that’s the only thing i can do! If you see an ugly post, high chances are that it’s mine! The only way to stop is to delete (and i probably should as @skamisako just suggested me in the tags lmaoo) but then @schembel said i shouldnt so im kinda torn about this lol

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I was wondering how seventeen members would react to you secretly read fanfics about them? Please and Thank you ~ ❤️

*assuming you’re dating

Would never stop teasing you and laughing about it
S.Coups, Jun, Mingyu

Would think its cute
Hoshi, Wonwoo, DK, Seungkwan

Think its a little funny, “Babe if you wanna go on a bowling date just tell me, you don’t have to read about it. You have the real deal right here.”
Jeonghan, Vernon, Dino

Would think its a little weird but hey he isn’t complaining
Joshua, Woozi, The8


Yesterday I was talking to the lovely @biglittlebluebox about a lot of amazing things (including the possibility of us being twins - jk, but we’re so alike it’s actually freaky). One of those things happened to be Wellven and how we’re both trash for this AU ship. Suddenly, these headcanons happened:

  • Wells going behind his father’s back on The Ark to make sure that Raven has enough food, water, medicine and clothing.
  • Him introducing Princess Mechanic to each other. 
  • Basically, Finn’s backstory is given to Wells, because Wells is a literal ray of sunshine and would never cheat on Raven or be annoying as fuck. 
  • Raven making a flower crown for Wells when she lands on Earth, which makes Clarke burst out laughing. “It really suits you. Please do never stop wearing it.”
  • Basically, Raven, Wells, Clarke, and eventually Bellamy being amazing partners in crime. We all need this, let’s be honest. 
  • “She deserves so much better than you.” - Wells to Finn (the fuckboy)
  • Wells always making sure that Raven eats enough.
  • Them taking care of each other during the biological warfare in 1x10. 
  • Them taking care of the delinquents while Bellarke is on the daytrip in 1x08: “EVERYONE GETS A BLANKET!”   
  • Honestly, like Bellarke, they would be the pair on Earth who would take one one’s bullshit. Especially not Murphy’s. 
  • Wells running back inside the dropship to protect Raven from Murphy’s gunshots. 
  • “He’s my family.” “She’s a genius. Now, let her handle it. I guess you haven’t ever seen her kick ass.”
  • #otp: compass and rocket fuel
  • Lots of smiling. LOTS OF SMILING. 

Dear Eliza Taylor, please never stop laughing 💜

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