please never forget me

things to remember:
  • there will always be a tomorrow
  • nearly all problems are fixable
  • even your smallest achievements are something to be proud of
  • being alone can be exactly what you need sometimes
  • always get back up, no matter what it is that pushes you down
  • new opportunities will come along
  • you are not alone
  • you are valid
  • you are loved
  • and you are going to be okay.

One of my personal favorites… Please never let me forget the gift that was this woman

Dear my once upon a time,

You’re running and I’m running and our ‘x’ is complete, we made our mark. You’ll be miles away and I’m never coming back. We’ll never meet again.

But please don’t forget me?

Don’t forget that girl who caught your eye and kept you for herself. That girl who spoke to you in whispers when the whole world was screaming at you. So ordinary, yet so special. That girl who kept you up till the whole world was asleep, till the noise died down, till all was silent, only her breath in your ear. That girl who didn’t talk much but knew you like the back of her hand. Don’t forget that girl who looked at you with her eyes big and wide, and all the chaos faded and the world seemed complete. That girl who got mad at you a hundred times, but loved you a hundred and one. That girl who knit your fingers together and refused to let go. Between passing days and fleeting moments, remember that girl you trusted the most. Don’t forget that girl who kept her hand on your chest, your hand on her chest, said she loves you “from here to there” and the earth stopped in its tilt. Don’t forget that girl who hugged you from behind when you were riding that night, city lights in your eyes, skin melting into skin. That girl you didn’t want to leave behind. She was her happiest when she was sitting on your lap, head on your shoulder, your smile in her hair: that girl you couldn’t live without.

Don’t forget her, 'cause I’m never forgetting you.

Yours truly.

—  Lakshmi Nagaraj // Now I’m here and you’re there, but love will always stay, “from here to there”.

I stopped writing about you all the time and stopped thinking of us as much.

So why is it that when I do, it hurts so bad? It feels like every single mistake I’ve made crashes down on me at once until I can’t breathe anymore.

It feels like goodbye.

But babe I miss you so much. I’m not ready to say goodbye yet…

—  I guess this is it.

To: You…you now if you want…

From: Garbage

Happy Valentine’s Day

At this point, it’s hard to imagine life without the squad. You guys are everything I could ask for in friends. Everything. (Well, everything except for y'all being next door neighbors, that’s still on my wishlist ;) ) You guys are my biggest blessing and my constant encouragement. My darkest days are filled with light because you are, each one, a reminder of hope. All I know is that I’ve never known God’s love and goodness more than is shown through the gift of you guys. It is my utmost honour and most esteemed privilege to call you my friends.

Take my hand and drag me back to where we were. I don’t want to let you go but I woke up this morning and found that you were the last person that I wanted to talk to. I guess I had to move on eventually. Who would have thought it would make me feel so selfish? I wanted to be everything you needed. I guess that just makes me stupid. Please, don’t let me go. Please, come back for me. Please, take me home again.
—  Pathetic and desperate

To: All you Hunks (*finger guns* ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)

From: The most relatable character

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have come to realize that I am like an old 20-dollar bill—crumpled, torn, dirty, abused, and scarred. But I am still a 20-dollar bill. I am worth something. Even though I may not look like much and even though I have been battered and used, I am still worth the full 20 dollars.
—  “You Are My Hands” -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I still cannot believe that I was able to see this precious angel in person this past Saturday night. It will honestly go down as one of my best days ever.

Kate McKinnon is even more beautiful in person, if you can imagine that. She was so sweet and kind and I’ll never forget it😭

(Please credit me if you use my photo😄)

“Sandy made long whips of Dreamsand and began to snap them at every coiling tendril, shattering the dark attackers.  Nightlight was equally effective with his staff.  He stabbed and slashed at the black sand, hacking deep rips and troughs into any shape that threatened.” – The Sandman and the War of Dreams

Tyler Joseph x Reader Oneshot

Originally posted by mynamesblurryfaceand

Tyler looked right into your watery eyes. You wanted to say a lot, you wanted to scream, you wanted to cry. You knew Tyler wanted to do the same things, everybody knows how it feels when you want to say something but you can’t because you’re about to cry. With all the power you have, you managed to say “T-Tyler..Leave. Ju-just leave.” you felt the first tears rolling down your cheek.

“(Y/N)..You are right. I’ve did a mistake and I am so sorry but-” Tyler said but you started to scream; “Tyler just leave! She loves you and you love her! Not me, you love her! Go to her, you will be happier! But please never forget me because I will never forget you.You are my first love.

All that Tyler could do was just a silent nod. He left. Your first love left, your hero, life-saver left. You were alone. You started crying, as loud as you could. After you realized that you stopped crying, the first thing that you saw was a picture of you and Tyler.

You got up and held that Picture in your hands. You started crying, again. You threw your favorite picture of you and your ex on the other side of the room. You heard a breaking glass, that was probably from the picture.

A few days later..

“I can’t believe that he deleted your pictures..” your best Friend said, looking disappointed on her Phone. “It is okay..” you said sadly. But it was not. You were so angry, so disappointed. He never loved you, did he? It was your fault. You said that he should leave, you said that he loves her, you said that he will be happier. You did it.

That was a really bad ending and I am not happy with it because its too short and that stuff! Please tell me if you liked it it is my first ‘work’! ♥ Request more stuff:)


Harry AND Louis first word was “cat”. THE. SAME. FOKIN. FIRST. WORD. My life is a lie. I’m about to die, it was a pleasure to meet you, never forget me, please. All the love, Morg x

You know what? Frick it. I’m making Becky and Carter a couple. They’re cute and I love them.