please never find my blog

I just realized

I’ve posted frequently about Giant Sailor Moon Fan Phoenix Wright

but what about the opposite?

Usagi Tsukino plays Ace Attorney

why is this the first I am realizing this?

Usagi CANONICALLY LOVES VIDEO GAMES she is all over this. She loves Phoenix because he DEFENDS THE INNOCENT and BELIEVES IN HIS CLIENTS and she also loves Maya because hello RELATABLE (not just for loving All The Food but also holy crap talk about being born to a responsibility she does not feel at all ready for).

Her texting Ami for help and poor hopeful Ami thinks Usagi is finally asking for tutoring but nope, she’s just having a tough time with this testimony. Being Ami is suffering.

And dear god when she gets to the emotional cases LATE-NIGHT SOBBING CALLS TO REI, ALSO BEING REI IS SUFFERING.


anonymous asked:

Sehuns reaction when he finds out you call him bias king?

Well, it would be one of three things. It depends on the context in which he finds out. 

If someone just casually told him it would be this…

but if he found my blog and discovered it that way it would be this…

or this if he reads all my tags…