please never change ♥♥♥

anonymous asked:

I just want to say two things real quick. 1. You are consistently such a breath of fresh air and I'm so freaking happy I stumbled upon your blog one day. Seriously, I adore you. Please never change (unless it is to somehow become even more awesome! Though I don't see how that would be possible). And 2. Thank you so much for all you give to our fandom. I can't even imagine the hours you put into all your projects, and I hope you know how appreciated that time and effort truly is.

Ah, I swear I might cry reading this. The good kind of crying, I promise. Thank you so so so much. This is such a kind message and I’m so glad you’re happy with the blog (and me!).

designed a different sorta mirror (ര‿ര)

Looking for some sweet, sad, hilarious – and everything in between – OMGCP fics to read during break?  Here’s a small list of some of my favorites of the year by 15 awesome writers.  


“I can’t imagine this is debris from the house. The house was demolished around 10 years ago because there were squatters and people like us that would come inside the house and try and stay inside the house… Shit, maybe this is from the house, cause it looks like the bottoms of the foundation… Oh Jesus Christ dude! Look at that, it’s like tiles from the bathroom right there it looks like!”
                                 “(wheezes) You really turned a corner on that one pretty quick!”

(’The Disturbing Murders at Keddie Cabin’ )

Stan commits an endearingly excessive amount of crimes.

This man has been living in a small town in relative safety for a few decades, and his list of crimes still comes out to be a comically large stack of papers.


Happy birthday to the most amazing man I know.  And thank you so much for not only making my life better - but for making the world a happier and better. Thank you for being in my heart since I know how to love. I grew up watching you, you are a part of who i am. Now, I can’t even imagine how my life would be without you. And I know that I’m not alone, there are  thousands of people who feel same. We are proud of you, please never change ❤️