please never change ♥♥♥


I really love all the Plant Boy AUs and I’ve wanted to draw Phil for a long time now so enjoy this masterpiece which took me about 6 hours?

And I’m sorry I’m not that good in drawing leaves.

@amazingphil you’re awesome, ily please never change a thing about you. You’re perfect the way you are. And @danisnotonfire don’t worry ily just as much. You’re both amazing human beings and I’m very proud of you.

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The world's needs more sappy people that can't shut up about dreams and stardust and that feeling you have when you shyly reach for someone's hand and feel it wrap firmly around your own. Please never change.

you are too precious, thank you so much! thank you for this oh so sweet message!

The amount of energy and love you’ve put into a bad relationship/friendship will not outweigh the amount of appreciation you will receive when its invested corrctly. Regardless if your kindness was taken for a weakness, please promise me that you will never change, never become bitter and never become cold. Okay, so you misplaced your energy, it happens to the best of us, but don’t beat yourself up about it, it will be valued and it will be returned through love.
—  MR
Okay so who ever wrote this shit here


Desperation so powerful that’s forgotten when his best friend won’t talk to him. Love so strong that her not existing in that universe affected him for one moment but then when Albus couldn’t meet him anymore, her non-existence in their universe is blanked out entirely when he goes CRYING TO HIS DAD because Albus can’t be his friend anymore. 

Lol, now I really want Scorpius to fall in love with me. So that when I entirely disappear from his world he pouts with desperation to get me back. Because obviously we all know where Scorp’s priorities lie.

I mean honestly, I don’t even care (I do very much really but I’m alright if they remain friends AS LONG as they’re together for ETERNITY) if Scorbus becomes canon but Sco/rose honestly seems fake to me. We saw how frantic Scorpius got when Albus didn’t exist in his universe but he didn’t seem nearly as much bothered by Rose’s absence.