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Frances McDormand on Aging

“I know that I haven’t done press or publicity in 10 years; I made a conscious choice not to. I was starting to not like the job of acting because it also involved not just the promotion of what I’d done, but myself. And I wasn’t interested in that part, also it was just getting too close to my personal life. I couldn’t live the way I wanted to live. And a friend of mine said: ‘Women need you. Younger women need you. They need your image and they need your voice and it’s a very selfish thing you’re doing.’ And that was about five years ago, so it took me about five years to really listen to her. But I think, I believe that’s true.”

can we talk about LOUIS TOMLINSON the kid who failed his a levels the first time, the kid who was told by his teachers he would never amount to anything, the kid who got fired from every job, the kid who never took anything seriously because he was too afraid to fail, singing so sweetly and earnestly, “I think I’m gonna win this time” and “I won’t give up this time” and “I change my luck”


                                                   HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY
       Mismerizing, Inspirational, Notable, Supportive, Enchanting, Overmodest, Kindhearted


                                                   HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY
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Happy belated birthday Kalaquita!


She’s an amazing friend!!, we share so many ships!, and we also live in the same country!, And I met her years ago, and we still in contact!, I hope your birthday has been amazing!


Yes Jellal is gonna drop the cake, he’s clumsy when it comes to Erza, uwu. And he did the cake, he didn’t was sure which kind of cake erza would like, and just fuck it he did every type he could. Erza was blindfolded because the cake was a surprise, she loved it. and yes she eat the cake when it was upon her (literally).

One thing I’ve realized is that even though people say they’ve changed, you’ll never really know. You’ll never ever goes on in their silly little heads, never know what they’re thinking about. Who they’re thinking about. There’s never any knowns when it comes to other people’s imaginations. And that even though you want to believe that they’ve changed, you’ll never know if they really have.
—  change (via fraagmented)