please never change ♥♥♥


“You…never change, do you?”

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This is a scene from chapter 24 of the fanfic Flowey Is Not a Good Life Coach by @unrestedjade!

When I finished reading the story, I knew I had to draw this scene. I started drawing it the night I finished reading the fic, though some other folks beat me to it. EVEN SO! I wanted to finish my illustration, even if it took me ages, which … it did.

Something about this scene hit me hard, though I can’t fully pinpoint what part of it, exactly, whether it was Papyrus’s gaining LOVE, Papyrus’s struggle to figure out what to do at the end, Flowey’s being held by the hand he’d broken mere hours ago (and, side note, I hate that I didn’t show this at the right angle to show Papyrus’s injured hand), or simply Flowey’s death–or all of the above. It was such a powerful scene that cemented itself so firmly in my mind that I had to draw it.

Well, it’s been a wild ride. Thanks again to Unrestedjade for such an awesome fanfic!

I was trying to draw actual ribs XD didn’t do it very well, right? Haha

But I really wanna color this and I guess I will. Nooo I gotta resist the coloring addiction! Nooo

Thank you very much to anyone for appreciate my blog, i love you all………….. If you want to repost anywhere Thranduil picture edited by me,  i don’t mind and no need to get permission….but please never change anything….

The fact that Timothy Jackson Drake, a man who has had many chances to get laid, and has had more than half of the DC universe’s characters throw themselves at him, is STILL a virgin, after all these endless amounts of comics and new writers and artists…

It’s what keeps me warm at night.

Please never let this change. Keep my son pure. Please @DC.

Stay Beautiful.

Lately @wildlyminiaturesandwich and @hopelesslydevotedsimmer have been getting tons of heat from anons. You guys are my inspiration. I love your legacies, I love your responses and I love your CCs. Please never change, you’re both beautiful and I love that you both are so close and protective of one another. I hope you gals stay the way you are. You inspire me with your friendship, creativity and attitude. We need more women like you in the world.<3 Sparkmonkey

luminescent-lights  asked:

just wanted to say you're absolutely beautiful and perfect just as you are! please never change yourself for anyone but yourself, because if they cannot accept you as you are, they don't deserve you. you make so many people, including me, extremely happy and you're such an inspiration to so many people. Half of the shit life throws at you, you don't deserve; you deserve so much happiness and please don't let anyone take that away from you andrea. i love you a lot, stay strong x

Thank you so much :)

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I don't think words can describe how important you are... You are the only reason I'm still alive. The only reason I didn't give up and the only reason I keep on fighting. The night that I wanted to end things..I somehow ended up seeing your videos and going through your tumblr. You seem so happy... It's a miracle to me how you do that. I don't even have the strength to come out..You are everything I want to be in life..I just want to tell you thank you! Please stay who you are and never change!

dude this means the world, but stop saying that you cant do it because you can. you create your own identity, what u think is what u become so think positive, think positive, think bravery, for fucks sake even think creativity. be yourself, be happy, be inspired and stay inspired. you are enough and you deserve ur place here on earth, now go make something of yourself.

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Mmmk why do you gotta tag all your stuff as "crappy art" because seriously i love it all it has so much energy with it and the scratchy doodley look is perfect and never change alright youre a great artist please dont put ypurself down <3 <3

Thank you! I’m so happy you like my style.

I started tagging my art as “crappy art” back in 2012, so it’s just my general tag now. Part of the tag is tongue-in-cheek. I don’t actually think all of my art is crappy—some of it is, and a lot isn’t—but I also know I’m not a premier artist or anything. And that’s okay. Drawing is fun, so I do it, and I’m always improving.

I’m super lucky to have so many people like you who enjoy what I make, so please don’t worry about me!