please never change ♥♥♥

"Girl talk" from Descendants 2 almost killed me

There’s SO many good points in the like 2 minute session where they all sit down and reconnect. And they let out how they feel. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they made the point that if someone doesn’t love you for who you are, all of you, then they don’t deserve you and they aren’t the one for you. Never EVER change yourself to please others. I feel like so many people really need to know that and I’m glad that they finally showed a girl who is strong and powerful break down because of insecurity. They’re showing that it isn’t weakness, it’s normal and that everyone feels that way sometimes. You are strong no matter the problems you face. You can rise above.


Happy birthday to the most amazing man I know.  And thank you so much for not only making my life better - but for making the world a happier and better. Thank you for being in my heart since I know how to love. I grew up watching you, you are a part of who i am. Now, I can’t even imagine how my life would be without you. And I know that I’m not alone, there are  thousands of people who feel same. We are proud of you, please never change ❤️

valagator  asked:

Hey!! I just found your blog recently, but I can just say that I'm OBSESSED with the way you draw Harry. It's absolutely perfect and please never change it 😂 Okay, anyway 😂 I was wondering if you could draw Harry flying up to the minister's box after England win in the World Cup (snitch still in hand, of course😂) and kissing Draco over the railing


ive never drawn a kiss pose before and boy was it a toughie hehehe


jackgilinsky: i don’t care what anyone says, this girl is the love of my life. i can’t imagine a world without her. it doesn’t matter what i’m going thru, she somehow knows exactly what to do to make me smile at any given moment. she is my very best friend & knows literally every little thing about me. i’m telling u this girl is special. not only is she the most gorgeous human being i have ever laid my eyes on, but she has the kindest heart of anyone i have ever met. she’s the type of person who puts herself second to everyone else. i’ve only known her for about 3 years, but those 3 years feel like a lifetime. she has taught me so much & i continue to learn from her every day. madison elle beer i love you with all of my heart & pray that i get to call u mine forever. you are the reason i go to sleep with a smile on my face. please never ever change. i can’t wait to see what u do over these next few years & u better know i’ll be there for u every step of the way. no matter how rocky the road may get. you are my soulmate. HAPPY 18TH. hope it was the best one yet. p.s. i’m sorry i posted a video of you sleeping. i hope u can forgive me. i love you. i’m gonna spoon u now. goodnight.

// Captain Flint
Recently finished Black Sails and WOW, it was excellent. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. I don’t even know who to paint next, there are that many amazing characters. A huge thank you to @wecanseethemadness, for convincing me to watch it!