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High School Band AU: Chapter One

Here it is! I almost forgot this was ready, just waiting to be posted. Hope you like it!

“Well, that was disappointing…”

“You’re being too polite. That was awful.”

“I knew holding auditions would be stupid. You made me waste the whole week on this.”

“One week that you couldn’t skip class to jerk off to whatever weird shit you’re into, Saeran…”

“Shut up before I’ll break this pretty face of yours, Zen.”

“Ah, come on guys, let’s not fight right now, we have bigger problems right now?”

“Yoosung is right, nobody met our expectations, we still don’t have a vocalist and the festival is in less than a month…”

“Can’t we really ask Rika to come back? “

“I talked to V about this. She’s still recovering.”

“From what? From her diva tantrum?”

“Saeran, don’t even start, please…”

“No, fuck that! Is she still sensitive because she realized she’s not that perfect and she doesn’t have her boyfriend to cover up for her anymore? Come on, I can’t be the only one thinking about this! Saeyoung, some help here?”

“Oh, I don’t have a vote here, I’m just the DJ, or at least that’s what she said…”

“I’ll take that as a help. See? That girl has a major diva complex!”

“Saeran, don’t talk about my cousin like that, please.”

Okay, you’re pretty sure by now you shouldn’t be listening to this conversation. What were you even thinking? Coming here was a stupid idea, entering by the wrong door was a stupid idea, even considering this audition was stupid! Mental note: never let yourself be hypnotized by a pair of dreamy eyes! That is how you mother got pregnant, right? You giggle, your mom is pretty funny when she’s not running away to follow her frustrated dreams from her teenage days…

“Guys? I found one more!” you’re taken aback by this redhead guy pointing to you behind the curtains. Shit! “Aren’t you a little late?” he asks playfully.

“I… got lost.” You say, trying to avoid his gaze. “Anyway, I’m going now…” you try to turn your back on him, but he grabs your hand and leads you to the stage. “W-wait, I… I don’t…”

“Don’t be shy! Hey, guys, look what I found!” he points at you in a exaggerated way. Did he really just call you a “what”?

You find six pairs of eyes staring at you. Five guys and one girl look at you curiously, as if you were some kind of alien or something.

“What’s your name?” the brunette one asks without any expression in his face or voice.

“Hum… MC.”

“Okay, hum MC, what are you going to sing?” the brunette puts his pen on a paper waiting for your answer. He’s… scary, he looks like a teacher.

“I… I, okay, this was a misunderstanding. I was… I was trying to find the magician club.” Is there a magician club? Shit! Why can’t you even lie properly right now?

“The magician club has meetings on Wednesdays.” The blond one states and smiles sweetly, oh… maybe this one is nicer.

“Don’t act like the magician club is cool, Yoosung.” The silver haired one scoffs, gaining a glare from the blond one. “Are you lost, sweetie? Maybe I can help you…” oh, wait! This one you actually know, he was in the musical theater club too, what was his name again?

“Ugh, there he goes again…” this other redhead groans and mutters, giving quick annoyed glances to you. Oh… so this one next to you and that one are twins, okay.

“Yes, Zen. Let’s focus. What are you going to sing?” the girl finally says something, she looks more patient than the brunette one, but she is also pretty intimidating, and her haircut is cool!

“I… am not going to sing. This was a mistake. I should get going…”

“Are you scared? Don’t be! We won’t bite… well, maybe I will, but that can wait…” the redhead with glasses wiggles his eyebrows looking at you. “Haha, I’m just joking! You should see your face right now…”

“I’m not scared and I’m going! Sorry for taking your time, this was a misunderstanding.”

“You’re already here, why don’t you sing?” the brunette says, looking at you, you can see a little annoyance on his features.

“I… I can’t sing. I don’t know how.”

“Yes, you do! I know you! You were on the musical theater club! I remember you, quiet weird girl sitting in the back just doing backing vocal… do you remember me?” how could you forget Zen and his brutal honesty?

“I do…”

“So you can sing!” the blond one says and everybody stares at you again… that was stupid! That was so fucking stupid of you!

“I can, but I… I… look, this was stupid, okay?”

“Yeah, no shit!” the redhead without glasses scoffs.

“Excuse me?” you ask, did he interrupt you to make fun of you?

“You were hiding, listening to our conversation, then pretends you’re all innocent and shy when we catch you and keep lying to us even when we already know you’re lying! Come on, this is very stupid.”

“I agree with Saeran. This already took too much of our time.” The brunette one says, everybody look at him surprised and nod. Oh, you get it, he’s the leader, and the redhead there is pissing you off!

“So, if you’re not going to sing because you’re a scared little girl, just go away already!”

“I’m not scared! And you’re really rude, dude! Go get laid and release all this puberty stress!” oh no, you didn’t! Everybody looks at… what’s his name? Saeran, right? But you look to the other twin still by your side.

“I tell him the same every day, can you believe?” he says to you, smiling.

“SHUT UP!” oh… he’s… red, he’s blushing. You broke the little punk wannabe! Okay… this satisfied you more that you would care to admit.

“Then, if you’re not scared, will you sing or do we have to waste more time?” the brunette is the only one who didn’t show any reaction to your little argue with Saeran.

“Why do you keep talking about time? Do you have somewhere to go?” you ask. Jesus! You won one, you can’t be risking yourself like this.

“We’re still waiting for you to sing.” See? You knew you wouldn’t win twice on this.

“Fair enough. I’ll make you forget the place you had to be.” You just hear some uhhhs from Zen and the nice redhead, and the brunette smirks at you:

“Let’s see what you got.” Is that a challenge? Interesting…

“I should… get out of here. This is about to catch fire.” The redhead jumps out of the stage.

“Hi. My name is MC and I’ll be singing ‘I’m the Greatest Star’ from the musical Funny Girl.”

“This isn’t a musical theater audition…” the brunette is still smirking.

“Nobody said what kind of music I should sing. Does anyone here oppose to me singing this one?”  everybody nodded negatively, you noticed the girl looked a little excited, did she like the song or was she happy to see the band’s leader losing his control over them?

“Very well, so I won’t oppose either. Let’s hear it! Do you need any support? Yoosung can play the piano or Saeyoung can give you a base.”

“I’ll sing acapella.” Since you already made tons of stupid decisions, why not add one more?

“Do as you please. Saeyoung, the lights.” So the nice redhead’s name is Saeyoung, and he promptly lights up the stage, you feel a shiver as you can’t see any of their faces right now…

“Whenever you’re ready, sweetheart!” that’s Zen’s voice, you notice how excited he is.

You close your eyes, take a deep breath… and your voice come out.

“I got 36 expressions, sweet as pie to tough as leather, and that’s six expressions more than all those… Baltimore’s put together… Instead of just kicking me, why don’t they give me a lift? It must be a plot! Cause they’re scared that I got… such a gift? Well, I’ll nift!”

The thing about this song is that she has a lot of variations disguised as this little humor gimmicks, so… yeah, it wasn’t the greatest choice to an audition for a band, but hey! You’re having fun! Yes, this is fun, this is… natural, somehow. And the fact you can’t see their faces make you feel like it’s just you against the lights in the whole world.

Zen is smirking, as if he knew about this hidden treasure before all of them. Yeah, he just refuted the fact you couldn’t sing because he knew, he can trace talent even if it’s hidden behind a secondary role on a musical theater play. And as soon as you stepped in that stage, he knew exactly who they were about to deal with… well, at least musically, he had no idea that quiet girl could be that…spirituous. Confronting Jumin like that was bold, and he likes bold girls…

Yoosung is hypnotized. You look and sing like an angel, it’s so different from Rika, but the sweetness and this expressiveness are the same. Also, you look a little intimidating at first, but he’s pretty sure you’re very sweet and nice, he noticed this at the moment you smiled at him and the little fact about the magician club. Also, nobody that sings like that can be less than adorable, yes, h barely knows you, he already adores you.

If this was a cartoon, Jaehee’s eyes would have dollar signs in it. You sing well, you have a cute face… maybe they can sell tickets or get some gigs with you and finally make some profit out of this… hobby. Also, she loves Funny Girl, what an interesting choice… you’re… interesting. She’s curious about you, and she rarely gets curious…

Saeyoung is smiling, he was rooting for you the minute he found you backstage. He can’t explain, he just… liked you, he wanted to know what you were up to. Was that whole scene part of your number? You’re such a drama queen, he loves it! Yes, he’s already thinking about the costumes he can put on you, you will look so cool and cute… also, you made his brother blush, you’re already his favorite person in the world. Even if you don’t join the band, he wants to hang out with you…

Saeran was mad. You were so sassy, he doesn’t like sassy girls, he was rooting for you to sing really bad, but… what the fuck? You are actually great!? Ugh… just remembering the way you defied him make his blood boil. Stupid little talented  bitch… and you’re cute too? UGHHHH, you’re trouble, aren’t you? You’re making him feel troubled.

Jumin is still smirking, he just needed this confirmation on something he knew from the moment you confronted him: it was you. It had to be you, no one else. “ So this is the girl V warned me about, interesting…”

Prologue | Chapter Two    


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Rated: Mature 

You were absolutely shocked at the amount of people lined up outside the auditorium. It was about midday and there were thousands of people waiting in line. You were sure that the judges would have made it through at least half of the contestants and yet it looked as if there was barely a dent in it.

Wandering inside you were escorted by the producers to the backstage area. “Ah Oppa” you waved seeing Sunghwa.

“Hey” he gave you a weak smile.

“You look exhausted”

He raked his hand through his hair. “There’s so many people that they’re splitting judging into two days. And I thought the contestants were weird last year…”

“How bad could it be?”

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Dark's Heart (part 8)

Mark holds his head in his hands. He doesn’t know what to say or what to do. Amy sits next to him rubbing his back. Tyler is walking around the waiting room trying to not fall in a slump. Kathryn fiddles with the hem of her shirt looking down. Ethan is the first one to say something, “Mark it wasn’t his fault…”

Mark looks at Ethan. “But he made (Y/N) walk out and clearly hurt their feelings. If he didn’t they wouldn’t have left and this wouldn’t have happened…” Mark doesn’t know what to think of Dark right now.

The officers called him and told him that Dark said if they had to call someone for hi it was Mark. They told him there was a little fight and that you were shoved away but because you were so close to the street you fell into the street as a car was going by. The injures were not life threatening but you still had to have surgery for some broken ribs, an arm, and leg then you were hit bad on the head and had a concussion.

“Mark you were there. You saw the look on his face…” Amy said softly.

Once Mark got the call he drove to the scene fast to find a huge black void around the area. Everyone looked knocked out and like time has stopped in that area. Mark saw a single dark area that was swirling in mist and sparks or red and blue coming off everywhere. The closer he got to it the more he felt the aura get to him, it was the feeling of complete dread. “Dark its me… you need to stop this…” Mark slowly stepped to the dark area shrouded in a black mist. Finally the mist subsided to reveal Dark on his knees clutching you to his chest. Mark goes wide eyed, you are covered in bruises and your outfit had ribs in it. Dark holds your head to his chest and he has some blood on his hand. You have a tear still on your cheek and a drop of blood from your lip going down your chin. 

Mark kneels infront of Dark slowly. “Dark… You need to let (Y/N) go. They need to see a doctor now…" 

Dark is so still. "Then have doc come here…” His voice sounds empty.

“(Y/N) needs more than Doc to help them. You need to give then to the ambulance and release everyone here.” Mark takes as calmly as possible but even he is terrified. He has never seen Dark like this.

“No… I need to hold them… If I keep this state then they will still be here with me…” Dark holds you tighter. He is actually shaking.

“Dark the officer said that they will be fine and the hit was not that bad to be life threatening. Please…” Mark puts his hand on Dark’s shoulder. “(Y/N) need to go to the hospital now and you know that. For (Y/N).”

Dark doesn’t look up at Mark but slowly stands up and carries you to the stretcher. He places you so gently on it afraid to hurt you even more. He lingers over you and he grips the sides of the stretcher. He then leans in and kisses you. He knows you cant feel it and he will not feel you kiss back but he still needed to do it. Mark watches this in awe never realizing that he would ever see Dark like this. And when Dark stops kissing you and backs away he stops beside Mark. “I did this… I did this…” He finally looks up. Dark has actual tears streaming down his face. He was breathing hard and couldn’t stop. He walks away and once he is gone everyone starts moving and the ambulance takes you to the hospital.

“Mark I know Dark isn’t the best person in the world but he is hurting bad. can you give him that.” Tyler stops walking around and looks at Mark.

“He’s right. Dark actually cares about someone other than himself. He needs some help.” Kathryn saids.

“You guys don’t know… He already told me he knows what he has to do.” Mark sits up and looks at everyone. “Im upset (Y/N) got hurt.. but im also upset at what Dark thinks what he has to do it the right thing. And it is only right for him…”

“What is he going to do?” Amy looks at Mark worried.

Dark is in your room. He listens to the heart monitor beep. You have a cast on your leg arm and on your right leg. You have a bandage on your head and an I.V drop in your arm and one for blood. He created another void around the hospital only everyone else in the hospital but you and Mark with the team. Dark runs his hand through your hair softly. It has been three days since the accident and you haven’t woken up yet. Dark never left your side and when other people came to visit he hid on the shadows. This was the last time he told himself. He kisses your head and presses his head to yours.

Then he hears a sound from you and leans back. Your hand is moving and your eyes flitter open. “… Dark…” You try to move up but get gently pushed back down.

“Don’t move… you need to rest.” Dark’s hands are gentle on you.

You look up at him and a smile plays on your lips. “Rest? Isnt that what I have been getting since I knocked out? I think I slept enough.” You chuckle softly but it hurts and you wince.

“What hurts? How bad is it? Do you need more medicine?” Dark is already cupping your face looking at you worried.

“Im fine. Just a bit sore that’s all.” You sigh. “What happened while I was out?”

“The police took in those people who were bothering you. They will get charged but I wanted to do so much more to them…” Dark was getting mad just thinking about it.

“Hey don’t get any ideas… I don’t think you will look good in an orange jumpsuit.” You smile at him, that’s your Dark.

“Who said I will get caught?” Dark smirks at you. He looks at you seriously. “I thought I lost you… I saw you fall… and that car hit the brakes to late and the sound…”

You move your good hand and take his. “It’s not your fault. It just happened.”

“No. It was my fault. If I dint snap at you. You would have never left and still be ok.” Dark takes your hand and rubs his thumb over it. “I did this to you.”

“Wow. I’m witnessing history. Darkiplier apologizing…” You tilt your head. “But you didn’t do anything wrong. I shouldn’t have said those things at you to make you mad.”

“You had every right to think that way. It is me. I don’t blame you.” Dark saids softly.

“No. Dark i mean it. Im sorry i hurt your feelings.” You take a deep breath. “I was just scared of giving in to someone again… But this time it was different because i really wanted to make it work. I didn’t want to lose what we had going on.” You have a tear coming down. “But i messed up… and i hurt you. And im lying here still hurting you.” You look into Dark’s eyes. “I like you Dark… Im so sorry i hurt you… I-”

Dark cuts you off by crushing his lips to yours. He doesn’t give you time to think. He kisses you deeply and tries his best to still gentle in your state. His lips are cold but then feel hot against yours. They feel soft and your heart skips a beat when he pulls back only to tug your bottom lip with his teeth softly. He looks up at you, both of you trying to catch your breath. Then he comes back again only more softer. He stops and leans his head with yours, “Im sorry…”

Dark kisses you again slowly but it feels different somehow. You feel your head is getting heavy. Then you see it, a memory of Dark being torn up. You move away from Dark. “What are you doing?” But he only pleans in again to kiss you and another memory snaps away. “No.. Dark stop!” He comes back again crushing his lips to your again but his hand holds your head in place so you wouldn’t move.

Snap* another memory gets cut off.

Snap Snap* when you are watching him play piano.

Snap Snap* when you text him silly things and he replies with a “why”

Snap Snap Snap* when he was in your room

Snap Snap Snap* The day you first met him

The last memory was of his smile on your date and it slowly cracks like glass then shatters. Dark stops kissing you and you are knocked out. you have a tear in your eye and he wipes it off. He turns off the void and leaves your room not looking back. A nurse watches him leave and walks into your room where you wake up again.

“O my your awake. Do you want me to get your boyfriend to come back?” The nurse saids.

“Boyfriend?” You look confused.

“Yes. The young man that has been seeing you since you got here. He is very handsome but he has this dark feeling about him i cant shake off. He always has on a suit.” The nurse tells you softly.

You look at the nurse puzzled. “I don’t know anyone like that…”

Dark walks past the waiting room. Mark gets up and runs to him. “Dark… did you…”

“It was for the best.” Dark saids professionally with his hands behind his back.

“For them or for you…” Mark saids.

“They would have only suffered being with me. It would have never worked out. Im sparing them pain.” Dark saids and he starts walking away.

“Dark! (Y/N) loves you!!” Mark yells at Dark.

Dark doesn’t look back at him. “That was their mistake..” And with that he was gone. Dark goes to his office and locks himself in. He stands there now feeling everything come down on him. He lets out a painful yell. He throws everything off his desk and throws over his bookshelf. His shell is broken and he begins glitching madly red and blue. He completely looses it and he stops when he sees the piano. He isn’t calm but sits on the bench and looks at the sheet music on display.

 He picks it up and his hand shakes. It is the song he wrote when you left the house. He looks at it and puts his head in his hand. “You should name your songs” he remembers you telling him. He looks at the name he wrote on the top of the sheet. He goes back to when he talked to the waiter when you were eating.

“Play this for us over the sound system for the room please.” Dark hands over a disc.

“Of course sir. Might i ask what this is?” The waiter looks at the disc curiously.

“It is a song i wrote for my darling there.” He takes a peek at you happily eating. “It is our song. And i want to dance to it with them.”

“O how lovely sir what is it called?” The waiter asks.

Dark looks at the sheet music. The song title is your name. Dark plays once key of the song. “I love you…”

Dark stares at the photo of you from his computer. There is a new picture of you in your room titled getting ready for the wedding. He lingers at it looking at your smile. “You don’t smile the same. I made you smile better.”

He leans in his chair and closes his eyes. He thinks for a while and then takes a deep breath. He opens his eyes and stands up. “Fuck it.”

Dark leaves his office and storms off to the garage. “Ummm Dark what are you doing?” Dark turns to see all the egos looking at him. Willford was the one who spoke up.

“Why do you care? Cant you all mind your own business.” Dark is irritated.

“Its just that i noticed you just searched up a chapel and i know that your not a religious one so…” Google hesitates.

“What kind of business do you of all people have at a chapel?” Ed saids straight out.

“If your trying to confess or something i suggest getting the pope for help.” Silver saids.

“Host also recommends to make many appointments because Dark has many confessions to make…” Host saids carefully.

“I don’t know maybe he finally lost it? Dark do you need me to write you to a psychiatrist you may need professional help for your sudden change of character.” Dr. Iplier questions Darks sanity.

“Ummm guys maybe we shouldn’t overstep..” Bim saids softly.

Dark’s shell is cracking and he is very annoyed. Everyone braces for what is to come then it subsides instantly. He takes a deep breath. “I need to do something now. Don’t wait up.” He leaves. The egos hear his car speed off. 

“You guys are dumb.” The egos turn to see Bim’s date looking at them.

“Do you know whats going on flower?” Bimg goes to his date and holds their hands.

“Isnt it obvious?” The date looks at everyone who shakes their head. “Someone is going to crash a wedding.”

Grind On Me

Part 2  

Prompt: Can you do anything with Soulless!Sam? Please!
Rating: Explicit/Mature
Pairing: Soulless!Sam/Reader
Word Count: 1,291
Warnings: Swearing, derogatory name calling(but it’s only like one word lol) and of course Soulless Sam should be a warning all on his own
Author’s Note: ugh I don’t think this is my best butI enjoyed writing this, my love for Soulless!Sam is unconditional lol:p Hope you like it!

Title of the fic came from this song by Pretty Ricky. If you don’t know this group you should definitely look them up, I’ve been listening to them for years, I wasn’t supposed to be ‘cause I was so young but what kid listens to their parents?! ahahahaha


“Dean, Dean no I am not sharing a room with him!” You made your discontent known to him and soulless who was standing just inches away.

“But I thought you two were together?" 

"Yes, Sam and I are together not me and soulless!”

“____, I’m still–” Sam began but you cut him off.

“Bullshit you’re not my Sam!!" 

"Can you at least give me a chance?" 

"No, I don’t feel comfortable around you, you don’t sleep, you have a permanent fucking evil look, I don’t give a shit if you can do the puppy dog eyes, it’s not happening!”

“Alright, since you’re uncomfortable with it, I’ll bunk with him and you can take the single bed room.” Dean handed you the key to your motel room, you took it without hesitation and made your way to the room with your backpack on your shoulder, you looked back to see Dean opening the door to their room which was one room over from yours. Sam was still looking at you, he gave you a smirk and a wink before making his way in after Dean.

You sort of felt bad but then again you didn’t, he wasn’t your Sam, he may have the body and brains of him but he sure as hell wasn’t him and you couldn’t wait to get your Sam back because when you did you would surely jump his bones. What sucked the most was that you were highly attracted to soulless, of course you were, he was Sam but then again not. Ugh everything was so confusing and messed up, you wanted everything to go back to normal, before soulless, before the apocalypse.

The three of you were in town for four days before you figured out what you were hunting and even then the next two days were spent tracking it down and killing it. By the time you all got to the next town you were exhausted so it didn’t matter where you slept you just wanted to sleep, this time you all had one room with two beds and if it came to it you would rather sleep in the bed with Dean than being anywhere near soulless.

“I’m going for a food run, ____, want anything in particular?” Dean asked after you came out of the bathroom, a towel drying your hair with some cotton shorts and a t-shirt on.

“Uh, I’ll come with you.”

“Dude, seriously, you just came out of the shower. Sam isn’t going to do anything so just, y'know, chill.” He walked out leaving you with him.

“So, just you and me now, babygirl.” Sam said with a mischievous glint in his eyes and a smirk on his face that you wanted to smack off.

“Do not call me that, you can’t call me that, only Sam.”

“Whether or not you like it, I am your Sam, there’s no getting around it.”

“No, you’re not.”

“You know what?” He stood up at the exact moment you sat on the bed “That’s true, I’m much better than him, I notice a lot of things that he probably wouldn’t like how hard you’ve been trying to not jump my bones.” He laughed, walking closer to you and you sat there frozen in your spot.

“You know, if you needed some release then all you had to do was ask.” He now stood in front of you but you wouldn’t meet his eyes or rather his bellybutton because that’s where your head met. His hand came under your chin and lifted your head, it wasn’t forceful, which surprised you, but it definitely wasn’t gentle.

“It wouldn’t be accounted as cheating, if that’s what you’re worried about, I still have the same thoughts, same memories, I remember how I wouldn’t be rough with you during sex, you hated that didn’t you?” It was true, Sam was always treating you like a porcelain doll but you knew he could be rough and throw you around if he wanted to. He and you had talked about it but nothing had changed.

“I wouldn’t be gentle with you, I can guarantee that, ____.” He let go of your chin and knelt down in front of you, your breath caught in your throat. Those multicolored eyes glanced up at you not moving from your eyes as his hands slid up from your calves to your thighs and giving you a playful squeeze.

You shouldn’t let him do this but oh, how you wanted him so bad, you could feel that tingle in the pit of your stomach as he spread your legs. Yeah, you were definitely going to let him do this, it had been a long time since his hands had been on you in any type of way. You bit your lip as his calloused hands crept further up, his fingers hooking in the waistband of your shorts and yanking them down. You maneuvered so he could get them all the way off and soon your shirt went with them so you were bare in front of him.

“Sam.” You whimpered, you were begging to be touched, to be stroked or rubbed, you needed some type of relief. You were anticipating the touch of his hands or tongue on your swelling lips and clit, you could practically feel it and his hands were so close that all he would have to do is inch them up just a bit further.

“I have an idea, come here.” He laughed, suddenly picking you up, he sat down on the bed and positioned you so you were straddling just one of his jean clad legs. “Dean is going to be back soon and you need to be thoroughly fucked which I can’t do right now, you need the release so you’re going to have to bring yourself there, ride my leg and show me how desperate you are to get there.”

“You ass, you got me worked up and now you’re not going to do anything!” You breathed, Sam laughed deeply and gripped your hips to push you down slightly so now your hot pussy rubbed against his leg.

“I suggest you get to it unless you want to go to sleep frustrated.” He slapped your ass hard making you jump at the sudden surprise but it made you rub against the cloth and you moaned. It was perfect, the texture of his jeans was good enough that it didn’t hurt to rub on, you rocked your hips back and forth creating heavenly friction, your clit getting just the right amount of attention.

Soon your eyes were shut tight and your movements became quicker whilst you let out series of moans as your rode his leg fervently, Sam watched as you withered and squirmed above him with a smirk set on his face and his eyes set ablaze.

“Look at you, my little slut, riding for all it’s worth. Do you need to get off badly, do you want to come all over my leg?” He looked down at the junction where your lips met his leg to see the wetness there.

“Yes, yes I need to come.” You panted, your nails biting into his shoulders.

“Then come.” He growled and with those two words you were shaking with your climax, your hips stuttering as euphoria washed over you. You stopped now feeling too sensitive and when you opened your eyes you met Sam’s, his pupils dilated with a feral look in them.

“Just in time.” You had no idea what he was talking about but then you heard the key slide into the lock, Dean was back, you hopped off Sam with shaky legs, grabbed up your clothes and ran to the bathroom hearing him laugh as the door shut.

BTS - Marriage Squad
  • Rapmon: do you,do you, DO YOU take this man, in life and death, but PLEASE don't die-
  • You: i think their might be a little too many self-promotions
  • Rapmon: and i think ur not a certified priest
  • J-Hope: I think its called a marriage celebrant
  • Rapmon: u wanna fight bro
  • J-Hope: not really, i mean you cant beat up *pauses* the hope
  • Rapmon: more like the situation
  • You: *sighs* Suga how is the food coming along
  • Suga: um. It's coming alright
  • You: Suga. Did you eat. My fucking wedding cake.
  • Suga: maybe
  • You: is that not cannabalism, Suga eating Sugar
  • Suga: oh god no *drops fork*
  • You: Jungkook please tell me you're doing better than them
  • Jungkook: yeah i've learned the song on the piano and everything
  • You: can i hear it?
  • Jungkook: *starts playing danger*
  • You: well fuck
  • Jungkook: what did i do wrong
  • You: Jin, just come and help me put on my dres-
  • Jin: you mean the dress that so obviously looks better on me than you
  • You: what are you doing wearing my wedding dress
  • Jin: I should get married soon I look pretty damn hot
  • You: i thought you were supposed to be doing my hair and makeup what happened
  • Jin: I happened
  • You: Taehyung please tell me in the name of the ogre lord that you haven't screwed up the one simple task I gave you
  • V: of course not!
  • You: thank god, you're the best flower boy
  • V: thanks! I even took out those pesky flowers
  • You: wait you took out the flowers
  • V: yeah!
  • You: and what did you replace them with....?
  • J-Hope: C'mon you've gotta go get ready!
  • You: wait but Taehyu-
  • walking down the aisle
  • You: its been hectic but I can't wait to get married, all thats left is to watch Taehyung walk out and then i-
  • You: oh no
  • J-Hope: what is it?
  • You: Taehyung said he replaced the flowers with something but I dont know what
  • V: *reaches in flower basket* *struggles* *slowly pulls an arm out*
  • You: holy shit
  • V: *pulls out Jimin*
  • Jimin: why am I NAKED WHY AM IN AN AISLE








[Translation] Taeyang in ANAN Magazine




With his second album which took 4 years to make, BIGBANG’s main vocalist SOL is making his long awaited Japanese debut. We talked with him about his work and the emotions he put into his album.

He composed [EYES NOSE LIPS] from his own experiences with love

His second album [RISE] was a big hit in 10 different countries worldwide. It took 4 years for this album! With SOL’s words, “while I kept recovering from my setbacks, I was able to release my album amidst feelings of desperation,” you are able to sense his spirit and pride as an artist.

4 years ago, I thought about wanting to bring to Asia the Western underground R&B craze that I’ve gotten into, so I started recording. Like the song CL featured in [Love You To Death], this music has that sort of cold robotic quality to it. I thought that as an artist “I should make something that no one else is making.” But my wishes were too big and were quite distanced from the kind of music the listeners wanted. Due to having to shrink that gap, the album took 4 years.

For the song [EYES NOSE LIPS] you went back towards your experiences with love. Up until now you had told the public you had “no love experience,” SOL, you’ve finally had your first love!?

Truth is, I had my first love a very long time ago. But at that time, since it was my first I didn’t really know how to navigate it and I was bad at expressing myself. So with my jealousy the relationship crashed and burned. The wounds from my first love weren’t very deep and after, I was looking forward to those feelings of romance again. Despite this, even when I had an encounter that would lead to love, I would brainwash myself saying “I have no interest in love, and she doesn’t suit me” and pretend that nothing even happened.

That seemed to have changed you SOL, but about your unexpected second love.

Thanks to her I realized the “cool act” I was doing was meaningless. My heart was released and various emotions poured out of me. In the end we broke up, but she was my greatest love.

Apart from your songs about being broken-hearted, the remainder are about the side effects of not being able to forget about all the grief and hardships?

Rather than that, I wrote those songs in order to feel that pain and grief. For me the feeling of grief is precious. I thought of many ways to leave behind those memories but since I’m an artist I wanted to leave them behind with my voice. If I have another brush with love, I will continue to put my experiences into song, It’s bitter work but it pours out of me.

Due to your broken heart SOL, you’ve broadened into an expressive person. You can see that in your performances on your solo tour which are going on now.

I wanted to directly feel the audience’s reactions so I chose smaller venues than I do with BIGBANG. I’m the lead for this tour so from the concepts, to the set design, up until the setlist, all is under my direction. I want you to feel like you’re completely in SOL’s world. 

D-LITE just had a hit with his Japanese solo tour this July. Were you aware of this?

G-DRAGON who went to see D-LITE’S concert told me “it was amazing how funny it was.” I felt just a bit of a rivalry. But I don’t have a comical character like D-LITE does (laughs), so I’m preparing fun stages in my own style. Should I show off my body? (laughs) When I show it, it won’t be just by simply taking my clothes off. Look forward to it on stage. Please come check out what performances I’ll be having at my concert!

Born May 18th 1988. Debuted in BIGBANG in 2006. His name means “sun” in Greek. [translators note: SOL was actually the Roman God of the sun] He is releasing all of his solo songs up until now on his album [RISE +SOLAR & HOT]. From August 23rd his [SOL JAPAN TOUR “RISE” 2014] will begin. From November he will do a five dome tour with BIGBANG.


Get Lonely - The Mountain Goats

“Get Lonely” is about Chicago and for that reason (and other reasons) it is familiar to me, like the clear ring of a bell, like the face of a person you’ve seen a thousand times. Last winter it snowed and snowed in Chicago and we were all helpless in the face of it, this thick blanket coming down to suffocate us. Chicago was cold and awful in the winter and the cold planted this anti-seed of rot inside of me, whispering nothing will ever grow again, nothing will ever grow again. Sometimes you go downtown trying to get away from the inside of your own head and you’re walking and you pass underneath a skyscraper, right, that last little sliver of sun disappearing as its shadow overwhelms and you think “God, I really needed that sunlight today.” Trying to stay strong, spirit willing. 

When I saw the Mountain Goats in Chicago they played this song, the quiet solitary heart of their whole set, and JD told a story a lot like that, about living in Chicago and walking underneath the skyscrapers and thinking please, please, not now. I can’t take any kind of darkness now. I am so sad already. Sometimes the city loves you and sometimes the city is this cluster of jagged teeth gaping up into the sky and it does not love you at all. I want you to know: he said “this song is about Chicago” and we all screamed, this raucous exaltation of truth. I turned to the girl next to me and she had this helpless grin on her face. “That’s so true, I mean, that’s so fucking true about Chicago!” she said and I nodded and didn’t say anything. During this song I started to cry very quietly and intensely and I couldn’t stop and I was terrified someone was going to ask me if I was alright. I want you to know that.

I want you to think about what the Mountain Goats do, what they really do. This is a song about the intersection of such small things and such a huge thing. The tiniest details: Button up my coat. I will come back home, maybe call some friends. Maybe paint some pictures, it all depends. The small things we do to convince ourselves it is still worth trying to keep ourselves warm and you know. The huge thing. Loneliness, right, overwhelming even as a word. Ephemeral, impossible to catch between your fingers. I love this song because to admit to loneliness seems almost childlike to me, being afraid of something too big to have any chance of fighting. This song, though, is so quiet about the inevitability of loneliness. It seems, almost, to invite it. To indulge it. I will stand in the shadows of the buildings. When I lived in a big city I listened to this song a lot because I couldn’t figure out why I kept doing the things I did, kept going to places I knew would make me feel desolate, windswept, empty. Sometimes to get out of something you have to go through it. Sometimes you have been lonely for so long that it seems only natural that you should continue that way. I will get lonely and gasp for air / look up at the high windows, and see your face up there. Every time I listen to this song I know exactly whose face I’m looking for. It isn’t always the same but I always, always know. Think about that, this ability to make a universal truth out of something so liminal, so small. Send your name up from my lips like a signal flare. All we are sometimes is desperate beacons in the cold, asking please, please, come help me. God, I am so fucking lonely.

 “Get Lonely” is me when I am the worst of myself and for that reason alone it’s very soft, very familiar. All I ever am is lonely. I am a small girl made of newspaper scraps and Elmer’s glue and constant loneliness and this song is so straight-forward about that. I will find a crowd and blend in for a minute / I will try to find a little comfort in it – and I will get lonely. The inevitability of loneliness, even when you try so hard to avoid it, do all these tiny things. It all depends. It is such a matter-of-fact thing, this laundry list of things I will do today. I will leave the house. I will stand in a crowd. I will get lonely. The song is called get lonely and I think there is a reason for that. I think it is not quite a choice but a tipping-over, past a point where you could reel yourself back in. You do these things that feel like decisions, you are inexorably drawn, and then there you are again, standing in the shadows of the buildings. Trying to find comfort in the simple act of being in a crowd of strangers, knowing you won’t. Sometimes you do things that make you get lonely, which I think - at least for me - means this: We are all lonely, all the time, impossibly so. But you can forget about it, day-to-day, you can go through and feel fine but sometimes it just hits you, the vastness of everything, of the plain you inhabit, and you have to wake up early and walk out into the cold. You have to stand in the park and watch the young couples go by with their strollers. You have to think about the person whose name would burst from your lips unbidden at the end of the world. You have to get lonely because it’s too big not to.

- Aly & Sophia

[STARCAST- BTS RAP MONSTER X Warren G] EP.01 When Hip Hop nova meets the legend of Hip Hop!

[RAP MONSTER X Warren G @ California sound Studio!]

Who? RAP MONSTER and Warren G
When? Feb 23rd to 24th
Where? City of Los Angeles
What?  Completing their Collaboration music work
How? Worked as hard as they could
Why? To make a fantastic music!

On last Feb 23rd, RAP MONSTER went on a flight to the States to meet Warren G to finish up with their collaboration work. Is Warren G the Warren G that we are thinking of? Yes! The legend of hip hop, he is Warren G, the godfather of G-Funk. 

On March 5th the song <P.D.D (Please don’t die)> revealed which was made by the two men. You have not heard of it yet? That is no good! Hurry up! Turn the music on. Also enjoy appreciating a video, pictures, and an interview of RAP MONSTER and Warren G’s collaboration music work~ it is only available here at STARCAST!

“ Warren G’s studio, RAP MONSTER was here”

“Where is my dear Warren G?”

He is here! Hi, my name is Warren G~”

“Before we get to the work, how about we take a ‘Selfie’?

“Yo, bro~ Where should I look?”

“Have you ever heard about the importance of the angle? Taking picture at the right angle is the key!”

“Holding hands tightly may our friendship to last forever”


[RAP MONSTER is answering to the questions, <P.D.D>is?]

SC: How did u meet Warren G?
RM: We first met via appearing together on reality program <American Hustle life> last year. At that time he asked me first if we could work together after hearing BTS’s song. And here we are, revealing our albums.   

SC: How was working with Warren G?
RM: We worked at his studio, and his engineers also helped us out on making the album. It was very exciting to work with the legend. It was a great honor for me.  

SC: what challenged you the most when composing ‘P.D.D (Please don’t die)’?
RM: the tracks that Warren G made was full of 90s Hip Hop groove. It was different from the songs that I have been listening to. I tried hard to keep the G-Funk’s feeling and change the song in the way that suits into Korea’s culture and today’s trend at the same time.  

SC:  Is there any fun episode that happened while you were in the States?
RM:  I and Warren G were having an interview with the local media, and all of sudden a reporter said “I know this might sound too crazy but can I please ask about one thing?” at first I got really nervous, but the reporter was me and Warren G’s fan! He had listened to all our song and he even bought our album <DARK&WILD>. He handed me a photo card and asked me to sign my autograph on it, I was so shocked!

“Interviewing with local media in US!”

[Preview on the next episode!]

This is not the end of RAP MONSTER and Warren G’s story. We will come back in a few days with more pictures and videos. We will be back~

cr: star cast