please my dearest followers

I am working on a new fanvid about Doctor’s and River’s time baby. I have the storyline worked out and everything but since you know, fanvids are for fans, I would love your input. I need suggestions for:

1. Song about a daughter looking for her father or generally a song father/daughter relationship or one that could be interpreted as such.

2. The Time Baby’s name. I was thinking Hope but that’s too cheesy. Something archeological? Something mythical? Idk, help?

Help would be appreciated! Thank you.


Please do not, I repeat, DO NOT trust this message, it is spam and I apologize if you got the message from me, I clicked the link like the dumbass I am and in a couple of hours I spammed a whole bunch of my followers while I was asleep.

So please dearies and friendos, don’t click that link. DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES I DID. And please spread awareness 

YOOOO Another Time to Take a Request to show my huge appreciation to all my dearest followers! Please send your requests related to Mass Effect/ Overwatch/DC universe:))) I’ll work on it asap after picking up one of them randomly.
Many Thanks, love you^3^)♡♡♡♡


To my dearest followers, PLEASE spare a minute or two to save my country’s free internet, please, I know tumblr is powerful enough to shut the mouth of our government.

You may not know, but in my country they want to approve some law called Ley Telecom, which attempts against our rights in many ways.

But which ways are those?

  1. We will be obliged to give our mobile’s location if the authorities think is necessary, which means in my country that if some authority linked to some drug dealer who wants to locate me, they will be able to do so and kill me.
  2. If it “risks our government’s security” they have the right to black out all telecommunication signals, meaning bye bye all information about corruption.
  3. If it was valid right now, they’d block my blog for publishing the information I’m saying right now.
  4. Internet companies are obliged to have a list of every user’s habits and likes. WTF? Stalker much?
  5. Even if you have the fastest internet in the country, they will be able to slow it down as much as they want in certain webpages.

So, please, I’m begging you, spread the word so Mexico can be Internet free, please.

I have an announcement and I feel like I have to write this down before I change my mind. So school will be starting again for me in a few days, I actually just got my class schedule this morning, and by the looks of it I know I would have to go on a hiatus for quite some time. It’s very hard for me to leave tumblr this was one of the hardest decisions i made, but sometimes you really just have to make sacrifices. It’s a little sudden so I would want to leave this message before i go. Please bear with me.

First of all, to my ever dearest followers, I don’t know when or why you lovely people started following me but please know that I am very grateful for the appreciation that you have showed towards my blog. Also, for those of you who left me kind anonymous or un-anonymous messages before, thank you for doing so because I’m 100000% sure that reading your messages made me very. I also, btw, read some of your tags (and/or comments) when you happen to reblog my posts and I wanna tell you now that I appreciate all the positive and hilarious remarks that you have written. You guys seriously are the best, if I could only tag all of you here I would but you’ve unexpectedly come to a number where it would be a little hard for me to do so. So, if you happen to read this, let me just thank you, from the bottom of my kpop-ed heart, for staying with this blog until now no matter how lame my posts can be sometimes. The months I’ve spent here are the best months I’ve had ever since I joined tumblr and you lovely people have played a huge role in that happiness. I really hope you didn’t regret following me. Please be happy always. I will be back as soon as I am well-adjusted to whatever is ahead of me this semester. See you soon. I love you.

And now, to the blogs that I follow that make my dashboard golden, let me just thank you so much for making me feel every possible emotion there is because of your posts. Your posts made me laugh until my jaw and stomach hurt, and cry so hard it felt like I was drowning in my own tears. You people are the funniest, kindest, and most creative people I have ever known, and that is not an exaggeration.  Never stop being the awesome bloggers that you are and keep on making people. I originally wanted to make an FF but then i follow like a gazillion awesome blogs so don’t have the luxury of time to make one now. I just hope this’ll get to you someday.

Finally, to the people here that I have become friends with, you know ho you are, i love you from the bottom of my heart and i will miss you a lot like A LOT. Really. Some of you I can contact using other means so we will hear more from each other constantly still haha but for those that i only talk through tumblr, please udate me about your life from time to time i would love to hear form you. Imma try to check my inbox as often as possible to see if you left any so please do. And i hope you know that I’m so glad I made this account because I met you awesome people! I love you all.

Know that i will try to be active again as soon as possible, but for now i really have to go. I will miss you i will miss you i will miss you all. Everyone, be happy always, and see you soon.