please monsieur i have a child

This is how Les Misérables went right

Valjean: give me a place to stay please and thank you also I’m stealing your silver

Bishop: bitch you could’ve asked

Valjean: :0

Fantine: please don’t send me away for having a kid

Foreman: how bout I do.. anyways

Javert: hello Monsieur Mayor you look familiar

The mayor, sweating visibly: uh man idk what to tell you

Fantine: k well my life fucking sucks

Valjean: where’s your child

Fantine: *dies*

Valjean: wow rude

Valjean: *accidentally finds Fantine’s child* woah

Thenardier: you can have the child I don’t fucking want it I mean give me money or you can’t have her

Valjean: wow rude

Cosette: k you’re my dad now I guess fair enough

Valjean: I’ll take very good care of y- IT’S THE FUCKING POLICE RUN CHILD RUN

Cosette: *under her breath* he’s better than the Thenardiers

Javert: I’m sad can the stars fucking help me find this bitch and arrest him

Gavroche: life is good woah

Marius: *is sad because he’s alone*

Les Amis d'la ABC: hey marius do you wanna be friends

Marius: no

Cosette: damn I’m pretty now

Marius: damn she is pretty *proceeds to stalk her for over a year*

Éponine: hey marius you’re cool oh you like another girl ok then

Valjean: *is kidnapped by some random dudes that just so happen to be the Thenardiers while marius watches* wow rude

Enjolras: marius we’re gonna build a barricade are you with us

Marius: fuck if I know

Gavroche: hey where’s my parents

Some Guy: in jail

Gavroche: cool

Marius: I’m in love with you

Cosette: I’m in love with you too

Éponine: wow rude

Éponine: *proceeds to dress up as a boy so no one will question her presence at the barricade* extra? me? no

Lamarque: *dies*

Enjolras: wow rude

People of France: *build barricades* yas fam this gonna be lit

Bahorel: *dies*

Mabuef: *dies*

Jehan: *dies*

Éponine: *dies*

People of France: maybe not so lit *abandons Amis*

Amis: wow rude *dies*

Marius: guess I’ll die

Valjean: bitch no

Grantaire: *@ enjolras* so it looks like it’s just you n me ol chum

Enjolras: fuck this shit *dies*

People of France: aw, that’s so sad :((( they’re all dead :((( if only :(( we could’ve :((( helped them :(((((((

Javert: guess I’ll die

Marius: ok all my friends are dead wow rude

Cosette: let’s get married

Marius: k

Valjean: marius I’m an ex convict I stole bread but don’t tell Cosette k bye

Marius: k bye wait what

Marius: cosette your dad’s an ex convict he stole bread

Valjean: marius you had one job *dies*

Cosette: :0

Amis + other dead people: *singing about freedom they’ll never see*

Valjean: wow

It Was The Night: 2

Author’s Note: welcome to part 2! again, please note this is not meant to be historically accurate lmao i cant seem to stress this enough
Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)
Genre: drama; historical au; romance; suspense
Rating (this chapter): PG
Word Count: 1,722


It has never escaped my attention that Monsieur Park had, from the time I was child, better perceptions of my future and interests than I have ever been able to decipher. From the moment he saw me, singing to God and to the mass, he seemed to know me, seemed to see inside my soul, or, perhaps, heard my soul, and divined my needs before I could voice them.

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