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Valentine’s Day round posting

Hello again! Posting is almost upon us, so here are a few guidelines:

  • You can upload your gift anytime between 10-12th Feb
  • If you upload your gift somewhere else (AO3, spotify, etc), please also make a post on tumblr with a link to it
  • Please tag or @ both your recipient and @aftgexchange

That’s it!

If you need to drop out, please send me a message asap so I can find a pinch hitter so no one will be left without a gift. If you haven’t posted yours by close of day on the 12th, then I will find someone to replace you.

Imagines/One Shots I Have Left In My Inbox:

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     So I’ve mentioned it before, but if you haven’t seen it some of the submissions were deleted. I’m not sure how, but I do know that I had a lot of inboxes and messages one day and the next day they were gone ;-; So if you don’t see the character you requested PLEASE send me your request again ^-^ Just make sure to add what fandom they are from, and what actor/actress is portraying them if they have more than one or none, or otherwise I have no idea lol

    Another thing I’ve been asked is my schedule on publishing imagines and I don’t really have one, but if I’m working on gif imagine I can upload more frequently on a day (3-6 imagines), but if I’m writing a one shot that’s probably all I’ll upload for the day or I’ll add in one or two gif imagines if I have time. :) 


Here they are:


Spencer Hastings (1)

One Shots:

Alec Lightwood (1) {smut}

Shadowhunters x Teen Wolf Crossover (1)

Daryl Dixon (1)

Gerard Way (1)

Joker (1)

Zack Addy (1) {smut}

Percy Jackson (1)

Jerome Valeska (1)

Farkle Minkus (1)

Captain Kirk (2)

Daniel Radcliffe (1)

Alex Karev (1) 

Peter Maximoff (1)

Josh Mathews (1) 

Eustace Scrubb (1)

Evan Peters (1) 

Bucky Barnes (1)

Avengers (1) 


     Thank you to everyone who keeps liking and reblogging my imagines!! It makes me feel so happy and encouraged to make/write more :) That is all for now so thank you for everything and please send in more requests :) Don’t forget to add the fandom!!

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~ SJ ღ

Fan Video For All Time Low

So guys one more time i want to make a video for All Time Low, telling them how much we love them and why we are so proud of them. But i need as much as possible who want to be a part of the video. So please help? 

1. Message me HERE if you wanna be a part of the Video, so i know how many wanna be a part of it and i can put your name on the list.

2. Make a short video like 30 Seconds, saying why you are proud of all time low or why you love them so much.

3. Write me a message again HERE and i will put it in the video aswell.

4. Send me some Fanart that you did, as a picture, as a video whatever just send it to me.5. Upload the Videos to Youtube and upload the pictures to tumblr and tagme in it but please TELL ME what is going on cause i get confused all the time. :D
Or send the stuff to my email which is CoolDisneyLyrics@web.deI will include all your tumblr or Twitter names so they know who was a part of this whole project. So please keep that in mind when you send me an email that you include your twitter, tumblr name or whatever. :)