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Tagged by @poolsidescientist. I’m not a huge movie-buff so…forgive my lackluster answers lmao. I don’t have any movies out and about to even look at and my memory is awful.

All time favorite movie: I usually say Ever After. But Disney’s Hercules is probably a close second? I don’t know.

Movie you’ve seen again and again: Disney’s Hercules. I’ve seen it about a billion times. One day I watched it three times in a row and still laughed at the jokes? I don’t know what it is about that movie. Runner-up would probably be Pokémon the First Movie cause bro I watched that on repeat as a teenager.

Movie that makes you feel inspired: I couldn’t tell ya.

Movie with cinematography you love: I honestly don’t know.

Movie that scares you: I watched Final Destination 2 at a friend’s house as an adult and I’m still thinking about logs falling off of a truck. See also, being cubed by a chickenwire fence. Nothing really frightens me, though. I don’t have real nightmares about anything.

Movie that makes you cry: I watched Glory like 100 times to write an analysis paper on it for a class in college and like, I was so burned out on it after watch #5…but cried…every fucking time anyway?? Even though I was dying at the historical inaccuracies?? Honestly though I get emotional over a lot of movies. 

Movie that comforts you: I don’t really have a comfort movie. The 80s Anne of Green Gables movies, maybe, though I actually prefer Anne of Avonlea. The whole series. Follows was an amazing Anne.

Movie you dislike: I tried watching some shit like 1B.C. or something? I can’t remember. That movie was definitely marketed to bitter former-religious people because to really understand the jokes you had to have been raised pretty seriously in a religious environment (which I was), but all I felt while watching it was rage. I usually don’t call something blasphemous and mean it but hooooly shit that movie was the closest I’ve ever felt to meaning it. 

Movie you hate that everyone loves: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was only good to me as a teen because it had “Twist and Shout” playing at a point in the film and I enjoyed playing that in band. The film itself creeps me out and I hate it. But it’s like “a classic.”

Movie you love that everyone hates: I don’t think I love any really terrible movies? I guess Zootopia was really hit or miss for people, though, and it’s one of my favorites now.

The first movie you remember watching in theaters: The first movie I did see in theatres was the rebooted Star Trek movie. The second was The Lovely Bones. I never went as a child.

The last movie you watched: Paper Chase on Netflix. I didn’t like it.

Favorite genre: Romance/Drama.

Favorite animated movie: Zootopia and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. See also: Hercules. I also still really like Frozen though I think it was overhyped and the movie is deeply flawed.

Favorite Disney movie: Hercules. Though Mulan is a close second. 

Favorite Movie Musical: Hairspray maybe. 

Favorite horror movie: I hate this genre and refuse to watch it though I do joke that Doogal was so bad it might as well be a horror film.

Favorite drama: Don’t make my weak ass pick.

Favorite comedy: ???????????? Nothing is coming to mind.

Favorite fantasy/sci-fi: Star Wars??? Original trilogy & Rogue One.

Favorite documentary: I watched one about women who disguised themselves as men and fought in the Civil War and I still think about it a lot.

Favorite sequel: My brain is so blank the only thing I can think of is Mulan II which everyone hates but I didn’t think was that bad.

Favorite director: I don’t know who directed anything leave me alone.

Favorite Actress/Actor: I don’t follow any particular actors or actresses in particular so…I don’t have one.

A line of dialogue that’s stuck with you from any movie: “The story of my life is the story of the people in it.” Opening line of the 1994 Black Beauty. This is not how the book begins but I always thought it was memorable. Like your life is the story but it wouldn’t be a story without, you know, all of the “supporting roles” others take up, right? Anyway…it’s one of my all-time favorite films. Also, the music is amazing.

A line of dialogue you dislike from any movie: I honestly don’t know anything off of the top of my head.

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Gal Gadot or Chris Pine


My bisexual ass can’t decide. Wonder Woman was both a great experience and a hard one because I was sitting thinking, “I want to wear Steve’s jacket …”

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“… But I also wanna cuddle Diana!”

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Not helping is how both Gal and Chris seem like really nice people and total sweethearts –

I’m sorry, but this is an impossible situation, I must be selfish and say both.

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EXR with a kiss on the nose?

The guardsman flicks a finger down Grantaire’s passport, looking bored. “Maximilien and Alexandra Grantaire?” He looks up at Grantaire. “You’re married then?”

Grantaire gives him a broad smile and spreads his hand out in front of him. “For my sins. My family insists on meeting my wife, so we’re off to pay them a visit. I imagine they think I’ve dreamed her up to extort money from them in the name of a wedding.”

The man gives Grantaire a knowing smirk. “I can see why they’d have doubts. If a fellow ugly as you can find a willing girl, I suppose there’s hope for the rest of us, eh? Or maybe you’ve got something to compensate for you face.”

“There’s nothing wrong with his face.” Enjolras has been silent and rigid ever since they crammed him into a dress and bonnet for this farce of a plan, and Grantaire almost jumps to hear him speak now. The intensity of his voice is almost as startling.

The guard nods politely in Enjolras’ direction. “Beg pardon, Madame, I’m sure it pleases you to say so. But by god, that nose-”

There’s nothing wrong with his nose either,” Enjolras growls. Grantaire and the guard both look at him skeptically. Enjolras lowers his face and raises a hand to cover his mouth, but his defiant glare ruins the demurring gesture. Grantaire had imagined a million ways their deception could go wrong, but it had never occurred to him to add Enjolras defending his masculine beauty to the list.

Grantaire pulls Enjolras close to him and gives the guard a conspiratorial wink. “Ah, women! Strange creatures, the lot of them.” Enjolras is rigid as a board against him, and Grantaire keeps babbling, hoping Enjolras will come back to senses. “The lady’s got stock in me now; she has to defend my value lest her property depreciate further and damage her investment.”

Enjolras turns his glare on Grantaire. Slowly, deliberately, he takes hold of Grantaire face and kisses the tip of his nose. He settles back to his place at Grantaire’s side with an air of satisfaction, as though he has won some argument.

The guard hoots with laughter as he signs Grantaire’s papers. “Good luck with your family! They may wish you’d been telling tall tales after all when they meet this one.”

Grantaire hopes he manages not to look as stunned as he feels as he takes the papers back. “Thank you, sir. God save the king.”

Enjolras doesn’t even blink at that. Grantaire will never understand him.

“crave that mineral” is a case study in the dangers of memes. it was amusing as an oddly worded goat factoid and as like two non sequitur text posts but then everybody went “hey, this joke is easy, all you have to do is type a few words! i can do that!” (memes that consist of easily repeated phrases always get stale the fastest, just look at “arrow to the knee”) and so the phrase flooded tumblr as everyone copied a couple of popular bloggers in an attempt to get notes. and then capitalism happened

the lesson to be learned here is that not every joke is funny enough to be used more than three or four times please meme responsibly