please make up room

i have Some Thoughts™ about what happened after the whole Epikegster thing.

After the panic attack jacks kinda lookin around his room and something feels…/off/ but he doesn’t know what. so he looks around the room and realizes he can still see parse wherever he was standing/sitting and something has to change. so he moves stuff around. drags the bed into the middle of the room, shoves the desk over where the bed was and its better. not entirely better, but it helps. he pushes his bookshelf farther along the wall, sticks the bedside table where it used to be, in the corner by his bed. better. he sticks his sheets in the wash, maybe does some stuff to occupy his hands and now, with the different layout, it feels better. it no longer feels like someone invaded his space and messed everything up somehow without leaving a mark. his space is his again.

shitty comes in the next day and is Very Confused™.