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Could you do something about George and the reader is visiting the burrow and he keeps bugging her because he has a crush on her but she doesn’t know


(Y/n) POV:
We all sit around the Gryffindor table for the eating dinner. Smiles, laughs, and gossip was of course flying around the room. Suddenly an own flies in the room and drops a letter right into my food. “Another howler (y/n)?” George asks laughing. “Not this time.” I say laughing and opening the letter.

Dear (y/n)
Your father and I have recently found out your sister is stuck in a rut in New York. These muggles don’t understand how to get around and one hit your sister’s car! Sadly you’ll have to stay at hogwarts for break. I’m sorry dear I know you wanted to spend Christmas and make your cake this year, but I promise next year will be 1000 times better. Your father and I will pay you a visit soon though. Good luck with school dear, and don’t forget we love you.

Sincerely mum and dad

I slump my head on my hand and read the note again. “Way to go sissy.” I roll my eyes. “What’s wrong love?” George asks with a long face. “My sister got stranded in New York so now I can’t go home for Christmas.” I say playing with my food.

I see Fred slightly nudge his brother. George looks confused then smiles with delight. “Come home with us for Christmas. Mum would love to see you! She hasn’t seen you in a year!” Fred says with a smile. “I couldn’t guys. I don’t want to intrude.” “Nonsense!” The twins say. I smile and hug them both. “You guys are the best.” They laugh as I pull away, and I swear I could see a little blush dancing on George’s cheeks.


Today’s the day! I get to go over to the Burrow for Christmas. I get my trunk onto the train and spend the entire time joking with Fred and George. Though George seems a bit off. A bit quiet actually. That’s not normal.

When we get off the train I run to molly hugging her. “Ah (y/n)! I haven’t seen you in forever! So grown up! My gosh!” She yells over dramatically.

As we get to the warm and cozy crooked house I smell. “Aww having flashbacks (y/n)?” Fred asks laughing. “I like the one where you fall off your broom.” George laughs. “Thanks for catching me by the way.” I wink playfully making George’s face heat up. What is up with him? George then bucks up and trips me as I goes up the stairs. “George!” “Oh sorry love. I just couldn’t help watching you fall for me.” I roll my eyes and get up.

For the rest of the day George kept pinching me, tripping me and just completely bugging me. Attention deprived much?

At dinner we all eat the wonderful meal Mrs. Weasley cooks and then it’s off to bed. Molly let me sleep in the boy’s room because she knows how close we all are. I sit my bag down on the floor and get out my pajamas and shower supplies. “I’m off the shower boys.”

As I make my way out the door I hear them giggling and looking at me. “What?” I ask with a smirk. “Oh nothing. Nothing. Just something Georgie said is all.” Fred says getting a shove from George. I roll my eyes forgetting it for now, and going into the bathroom.

I toss and turn on the cot trying to find a comfortable position, but something keeps running in circles in my mind. George.

I sit up and scoot over to Fred’s bed. I shake him slightly. “Psst. Freddie wake up.” He rolls over and mumbles. “Ugh you’re so difficult!” I groan and hold his nose shut. After a second or two his eyes open and he sits up. “Bloody hell (y/n)! Thought I was drowning!” I giggle and stand up. “Come here.” I say walking towards the door. “What?” “Questions later Fredric now come on.” I pull him up and out of the room to the downstairs.

We sit on the couch Fred looking around in the dark. “Not that I don’t love spending time with my best friend, but it’s 2:46 in the morning.” “Yeah I know, but I just have something to ask you.” “About what?” “George.” I say causing Fred to smile in the dark.

He crosses his arms and smiles. “Finally coming around huh? It’s been long enough. Poor mate having to wait all this time.” I look at him confused. “I’m sorry what?” Fred face goes blank. “Guess jumping to conclusions is what I’m best at. What about George?” “He’s been acting differently. Blushing, getting a little jumpy. I’m just wondering what’s going on with him.” Fred smirks. “Don’t worry. I’ll handle it. He’ll tell you everything tomorrow morning.” Fred laughs as he goes back up to the room.

In the morning I change and hop down the steps going straight into the kitchen. “Molly could I make a cake for Christmas? I was going to for my family, but I’m obviously not there.” “Of course dear! More food the merrier!” She laughs and starts putting breakfast out.

One by one the Weasley’s come down and eat breakfast…but no George. “Where’s your brother?” Molly asks. Fred smirks at his food. “Asleep.” He says chewing on pancakes. “Oh that boy. (Y/n) will you go wake him up please?” I nod and make my way up to George’s room.

I knock on the door waiting for an answer. Yet when I don’t get one I just open the door and strut in. I look over to George’s bed and see him cuddled up in his blanket.

I walk over to him and shake him slightly. “George. Breakfast is ready.” He opens his eyes and looks at me for a second. “You okay Georgie?” I laugh and try to turn away until he grabs my arm.

I look back at him and scrunch my eyebrows together. “You okay George?” He pulls my arm making me fall on the bed with him.

He pushes my hair out of my face and smiles. “Godric you’re beautiful.” I laugh uncomfortably trying to get up. “Oh can I please kiss you (y/n)? Please?” He breaths and sits up trying to get to my lips.

Not that I’m complaining, but he doesn’t seem like himself. “Kiss me (y/n).” George says. I stare at him. I can’t stand it anymore. I smash my lips against his and he immediately responds.

He flips us over so he’s on top. George runs his lips down my neck biting in places making marks. “George.” I moan out arching up.

Then I realize what I’m doing. “George.” He groans and grinds against me. “George.” “What is it love?” “We have to stop.”

He looks at me with sad eyes. “Why?” I get out from under him and stand up fixing my clothes. “George. Breakfast is ready.” George stands up and grasps my hips. “Well I’m hungry for something other than mums hot cakes.” He kisses up my neck and grips my hips. “George. Stop.”

He pulls away with sad eyes again. “I love you…” “George you’re really not being yourself.” I try to go downstairs but he pulls me to him. “I’ve loved you since 2nd year (y/n). Honest to Godric.”

I look him in the eyes and see something. A slight pink sparkle. I sigh and shake my head. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” I say under my breath and run down the steps. “Fred!” I scream and end up chasing him around the table with George trying to catch me.

I get caught in George’s arms and Fred laughs. “A spell? Really?” I groan and try to get at Fred. “Oh relax. He’s not acting. The spell makes you truthful. Stronger than the potion actually.” Fred states in a matter of fact tone.

George tries to kiss me again, but I wrestle him to the couch. “Well get him off of it.” “Do you want him to remember what he said?” Fred asks with a smirk.

“Yes. Fred please!” George yells with a lovely smile as he stares at me. “My pleasure.” Fred waves his wand and George stops struggling.

I look down at him and see him looking up at me. I raise up off him and continue to stare at him. “(Y/n)…I’m-” “I love you too.” I say. George smiles and kisses me.

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ive come to the conclusion that i only know how to write dad shawn

“and that’s how you ruin a life. congratulations.”
“mom?” your 14 year old daughter wanders into the kitchen where you were working, she was holding a giant package of forms for you to sign.

she sat in the chair across from you before explaining what the papers were.

“so since we’re graduating grade 8 in june, the school takes us on a graduation trip to celebrate. i was wondering if i could go?”

she slid the papers across the table so you could read through the forms. you remembered going on this trip when you were her age, you had the time of your life and made some memories on this trip you wouldn’t forget.

the trip would take them to another province of canada for a new nights, which you didn’t mind and you were sure shawn didn’t mind either. after all, she’s been almost everywhere already.

“it seems fun, i think it would be okay for you to go.”

you signed a few of the forms before your daughter spoke up again.

“really? it’s not too expensive?”

you looked at the bottom where the total price was displayed, you were surprised at the low cost. for everything that they were going to be doing there, it was a good price.

“no sweetie, you can go.”

part of you felt guilty making this decision without shawn, but you knew he would be okay with it.

“thanks mom! i love you!” she exclaimed, hugging you before pulling out her phone to call her friend. you heard her excitedly talk to her friend while she made her way up the stairs.

about an hour later you heard the front door open, meaning shawn was home.

“it smells good!” he yelled, walking into the kitchen to greet you. he was referring to the dinner you started to make, tonight you decided on homemade pizza.

“thanks, we’re having pizza. the kids will be happy, we haven’t had pizza in a while.”

shawn nodded, “i’m hungry.”

“you’re worse than the kids,” you chucked, handing him the cheese to grate for the pizza. “they haven’t complained that they were hungry yet.”

he started grating the cheese, occasionally sneaking some cheese while he went.

“where are the kids anyways?” he asked, “haven’t seen them all day.”

as if he was on cue, your 5 year
old son came running down the stairs to greet his father.

“daddy!” he exclaimed, running into shawn’s open arms.

“he’s got some news,” you said, “tell him.”

the little boy smiled proudly, “i’ve got a girlfriend now!”

shawn smiled, “well that’s great, what’s her name?”

he continued to tell shawn about his ‘girlfriend’ while you continued making pizza.

you called your daughter down as soon as the pizza’s were done, she came running at the mention of pizza.

you could hear her still talking on the phone with her friend as she entered the kitchen, she was telling her she needed to go.

“okay, i’ll talk to you later. i know i know, i’m so excited! bye.” she hung up the phone and stuffed it into her back pocket before greeting her dad.

“hey baby, how are you?” he asked, kissing the top of her head. even though she was just entering her teen years, she was definitely daddy’s little girl. no doubt.

you grabbed some pizza for your son who was struggling to reach it as you listened to the conversation between shawn and your daughter.

“can i have three pieces please mommy?” your son asked, taking a sip from his water bottle.

“start with two, then we’ll see.” you handed him his plate and he happily took a bite from his pizza.

“oh mom, the first sheet for the trip is due by friday.” you daughter said, “it’s the first payment.”

you nodded, “you can bring it tomorrow.”

“what trip?” shawn asked, “where are you going?”

she explained the trip exactly how she explained it to you hours before. shawn didn’t seem as interested as you were.

“you aren’t going.”

you looked at your husband, “i already told her she could go on the trip shawn. she’s known these people since kindergarten, it’ll be fine.”

“yeah dad, that isn’t even fair!”

“you’re not going. especially since it’s overnight and there are boys there.”

both you and your daughter rolled your eyes. of course shawn would bring up boys, he makes a fuss anytime she mentions a boy.

“really shawn, calm down. when you read the form you’ll see, they separate them.”

you crossed your arms over your chest as shawn did the same thing. your daughter looked at you pleadingly, hoping you could convince him to let her go.

“no y/n, she isn’t going and that’s final.”

your daughter stormed off to her room, you heard the door slam moments after she left the table.

“come on shawn, it’s her grade 8 trip. it’s only four days, she’ll be okay.”

you and shawn argued back and forth for a bit, you really wanted her to go on this trip but he had other thoughts.

about an hour later, you were sitting on the couch watching tv with your son when your daughter entered the room.

“mom, is he really not going to let me go?” she sniffled, taking a seat next to you.

“i don’t know honey, i couldn’t get him to change his mind.”

shawn was in his office, he had enough of fighting so he went there to think.

“you have to talk to him mom, please.”

she was on the verge of tears, she had always been quite the emotional one.

“i’ll try my best, but you know how he is.”

she placed her head in your lap, paying attention to the show on the tv.

minutes later, shawn joined you all in the family room, taking a seat next to you two.

“i hate you,” she grumbled, turning her head to face your stomach so she couldn’t see her father.

shawn’s face dropped at her comment.

“and that’s how you ruin a life. congratulations.” you mumbled, directing it at the both of them. you know your daughters comment must’ve broke shawn inside. she’s never, ever, said she hates him.

“baby, you don’t mean that.” you said, trying to get her to take what she said back. she was a stubborn girl, and you knew shawn was going to cave before she apologized.

“maybe i do, you don’t know that.”

shawn shook his head, shutting his eyes. you saw a single tear escape before he quickly wiped it away.

“you can go on the trip, i read the forms. it seems fun.”

he smiled at you with sad eyes and you wanted nothing more but to comfort him too, but your daughter was currently on top of you and she was making it hard.

“you’re only saying that because i said i hate you.” she said, sitting up again. she shook her head before exiting the room.

shawn opened his mouth to speak, but you stopped him before he could.

“go talk to her shawn, she didn’t mean it.”

“but what if she did?” he asked, running a hand through his already messy hair. “i don’t know what i would do with myself.”

“shawn.” you interrupted him, “just go talk to her, please.”

he nodded before heading up to her room, hoping to make things right with his daughter again.

EXO: Kai Smut


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Hi! I love your stories so much! Can you do one where y/n is just moving into Josh's apartment and everything is so beautiful and stuff thank you so much!!!

A/N: I’m so sorry for taking so long to do this request! I was feeling really uninspired these last weeks, making it hard for me to write. I’m not completely happy with this one, I might go back and edit it a little in the next days, but nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it! Thanks again for this request! xx (and for your kind words (: )


Moving In

Words: 1116 

Triggers: None 


It wasn’t even a few weeks ago, as Josh asked you to move in with him. Well, he more blurted the question out, surprising not only you but him as well.

You were both all cuddled up on his couch, watching some stupid show which made the both of you burst out into laughter. Only a few hours before, you told him how your landlord planned on raising the payment for the apartment you lived in. It wasn’t the best of the best, so you didn’t really understand why he would want to raise it, when the place was shitty as hell. You were furious.

It was all that you could’ve afford at the time when you first moved to Columbus. After time you got used to it, so you didn’t bother to search for something better, even if your money would’ve allowed you to. Then you met Josh and you two got together, meaning that you spend most of your time at his place anyway.

You were mad at your landlord; there was no way that you would give him any more money than you do now for that hellhole. Heck, the shower wasn’t even working properly!

So as the both of you laid on the couch, Josh stroking your side softly, he dropped the question. “Do you want to move in with me?”

Your eyes, which were previously fixed on the screen, shifted quickly to him. “What?”

He looked surprised as well, but soon enough his face shifted to something more serious.

“I mean it, move in with me. You spend most of your time here anyway, you even have your own spot for your clothes in my closet! It wouldn’t be that different.”

“It would! I’d have to give my apartment- you’re right.” You stopped midsentence as soon as you noticed that Josh was right. It wouldn’t change a thing, it would make everything only easier. Besides, you wouldn’t have to give your landlord the satisfaction of agreeing to the payment-rise. 

This time, Josh looked surprised: “What? Really?”

You laughed at his reaction, nodding. Only a few seconds later and Josh had the biggest grin on his face, pressing a soft kiss to your lips. “I love you so much!”

So now was finally the day. You already had all of your personal belongings packed into boxes, the little furniture you owned already sold, leaving your old apartment completely blank. The two of you wouldn’t need any of the furniture since Josh’s apartment already had everything needed. Only your plants would make the move too, after exclaiming to Josh that you’d need some green things in his apartment. He never bought any because of his touring schedule, exclaiming that they’d die anyway. But now you could water them when he was away.

You were excited, to say the least. Living with Josh would mean seeing him every day, cuddling whenever you’d like to and generally be with him. As long as he’s home and not touring.

You were glad that Josh was pretty chill about his stuff. Since you had a lot of things, for example said plants and flowers, some paintings and overall many pictures of the two of you and your group of friends, Josh offered without hesitating to make more room for your things. Even if you planned to get rid of the paintings, as you were packing everything up, Josh immediately told you no. He wanted to hang them up on his walls, saying that he’d love to make his apartment into yours as well. You should feel at home and besides that, the paintings would look sick as hell.

 All of the previous concerns you had, vanished as you unpacked the first boxes. Josh made it easy, wanting to make the place your new shared home. You couldn’t have asked for a better boyfriend.

It was a little bit after 7 o’clock as you unpacked the last box. You let yourself fall back onto the big comfy bed, deciding that you needed to rest because of your aching body. Only some minutes later and Josh stuck his face between the crack of the door, looking for you.

“Hey Babe, just wanted to tell you that I’m finished with hanging your pictures up and everything.” He smiled proudly, probably because he managed to do some proper manly work without messing up.

“That’s great, but please don’t make me stand up to go and look at the living room. I can’t feel my legs anymore.” Josh laughed at your statement, making his way towards the bed to sit down beside you.

“Well… I could carry you if you’d want me to.” He chuckled again, pressing a single kiss to your temple. “But I have a better idea: a long hot bath? Just to relax your sore muscles.” He winked, exaggerating his little sarcastic side note, to your laziness of not wanting to walk anymore.

“Hey!”, you playfully hit his chest. “A bath does sound nice though, but only if you’re joining me.” Now was your turn to wink, bursting out into a fit of laughter with Josh. “No for real, you can join me, if you want to.”

“Even if I really like your idea, I have something else to do. Sorry, babe!” He kissed your forehead and stood up, making his way again out of the door. You frowned slightly, but that soon changed as you remembered that you can take a bath now, whenever you’d want to. Your old apartment only had that shitty shower, which didn’t work for most of the time. 

After taking your needed bath, feeling more than happy and relaxed, you quickly changed into something more comfortable for spending the rest of the night on the couch, watching some movies hopefully.

You walked up to the living room, which was connected to the kitchen and eating area. To your surprise you saw that the dining table was set up, Josh standing in the kitchen.

“You didn’t have to cook, Josh! Some take-out pizza would have been enough.” You exclaimed, walking up to him to see what he was doing. Sure enough, he cooked your favorite meal.

“I know, but since this is our first night at our apartment, I wanted to make it a little more special.” He grinned, obviously proud of his cute idea. You kissed his cheek, thanking him.

Since Josh wasn’t finished, you helped him, enjoying the fact that you cooked together with your boyfriend in your shared kitchen; the both of you in jogging pants.

You were happy that you said yes to his offer about moving in and grateful for having a wonderful and perfect boyfriend like Josh is.

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#14 with jack please

enjoy xx 


14. “Can you two please get a room?”

It wasn’t your fault, you had been on holidays, away from Jack for a couple weeks, a couple weeks too long in your opinion. Being away from each other had made the two of you much more clingy and now, you tended to show more PDA than not. 

Jack always made sure he had some type of physical contact between the two of you, whether it being his arm around your shoulders or your waist, his hand tightly holding onto yours, swinging them around when you walked around or his hand cheekily placed into your back pocket of your jeans. Without fail, you were both constantly touching each other.  

Now you were laying across the couch with Jack practically underneath you, one of your hands placed on his chest and the other running through his hair as he whispered quietly about how he and Conor nearly left Anna stranded at a park when they were younger. The other boys were too engrossed in the movie that was playing on the tv to see that you and Jack were, once again, off in your own little world, not even paying attention to the movie.

“I love you, gorgeous” Jack whispered as he ran his fingers through your hair, placing a kiss to the top of your head. “I love you too, handsome” you look up to his face and place a loving kiss to his lips. What was only meant to be a quick peck was slowly turning into a make-out.

“Can you two please get a room?” Mikey piped up from the other couch. “Yeah, you guys are making too much noise, I can hardly hear the movie” Josh joined. “Fine,” Jack huffed, standing up and taking your hand to pull you along with him, presumably to his bedroom.

“Now, where were we?”

Meet My Boyfriend

Member: Wonwoo ft. Older Brother DK
Genre: Kind of fluff?
Word count: 1,614

1st month

“Wait, so what’s this guy’s name again?” Seokmin asked.

You sighed, clearly showing your annoyance. “For the tenth time, it’s Wonwoo. Now please, don’t ask him when he comes. You’re just going to look bad.”

Seokmin gasped dramatically. “I’m sorry!” he exclaimed sarcastically, “This ‘Wonwoo’ guy has to work hard not to look bad. I don’t. I’m the judge here.”

You squeezed his shoulder affectionately. “Yes, I know. But you’ll like him, really! He’s such a sweet guy, Seokmin! And I’ve known him for years!”

The doorbell rang just then, indicating that your awaited guest has just arrived. You smiled at your brother and hurried to answer it. Once you swung the door open, you were greeted by the lovely sight of your boyfriend, Wonwoo, dressed in jeans and a nice shirt and holding a beautiful bouquet. With a warm smile, he pressed the flowers into your hand and pecked your cheek.

“Come in, come in! Seokmin is dying to meet you!”

Off in the house you heard a snort.

Rolling your eyes, you closed the door behind Wonwoo and led him to the kitchen. Upon entering, you noticed how Seokmin’s eyes narrowed when he saw the two of you holding hands. Besides that, he smiled at the intruder guest.

“Seokmin, this is Wonwoo,” you started, “Wonwoo, this is my older brother, Seokmin.” Wonwoo instantly shot out his hand to shake Seokmin’s, but he just got a suspicious glance in return. He quickly retracted his hand and gave a small bow instead.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Wonwoo said politely.

“Yeah,” Seokmin replied shortly. The tension in the room was growing quickly, so you decided to end the conversation before it turned for the worse.

“Say, Wonwoo, why don’t we watch some TV? Maybe there’ll be a movie on or something,” you suggested.

Wonwoo nodded and went to the living room.

“Why are you dating him?” Seokmin whispered urgently as soon as Wonwoo was out of hearing range. “He’s so scary!”

You crossed your arms and clicked your tongue. “I’m sorry! But Wonwoo is a really nice guy and you have to work hard to act better in front of him!” With a huff, you walked out of the kitchen to join your boyfriend.


2nd month

Visits from Wonwoo became pretty often then, much to Seokmin’s dismay. The two of you were sitting on couch in comfortable silence, the TV droning on about a vacuum that specifically picked up animal hair. It was cozy, sitting side by side, Wonwoo’s hand on your left thigh. It was warm, and it made you feel safe and loved.

“Have I told you how pretty you are?” Wonwoo said suddenly, turning his head to look at you.

You smiled at him and squeezed the hand on your thigh. “Only everyday. It’s nice, though. Makes me feel special.”

“Good.” Wonwoo’s face came closer and it seemed like you two were about to kiss. His lips barely brushed against yours when-

“Heeeyyy! You two take up so much space, make some room, please!” Seokmin smushed himself between you and Wonwoo, awkwardly sitting on your thighs and Wonwoo’s hand. “Another commercial? Really? I want to see some more wedding dresses! They all look so pretty!”

Your eye twitched. If only there was some type of weapon laying around… With Wonwoo’s regular visits, Seokmin getting in between the two of you also became an everyday thing. Yes, you loved your brother dearly, but this was too much. Glancing over to Wonwoo, you also noticed how he looked extremely annoyed as well.

“Isn’t this nice?” Seokmin spoke up again. “All three of us spending quality time together? And this couch is so comfy! I really like suede. What about you, Wonton?”

You silently prayed for a hole to randomly appear in the floor and swallow you up. Or better yet, swallow Seokmin. ‘Someone strike me now,’ you pleaded in your brain.

At least Seokmin was having fun watching Say Yes to the Dress.


6th month

Soft. His lips were so, so soft. His taste was addictive, his scent intoxicating. One hand was in your hair, gripping slightly, while the other held onto your waist. You pulled him into you, wanting more and more.

“Wonwoo,” you murmured against his lips, causing him to groan quietly in his throat. The kisses were slow, but by God they were passionate. His body, pressed against yours, was so warm and inviting and just so ugh. Words couldn’t describe how perfect this moment was.

A smack sounded at your bedroom window, but neither of you paid mind to it. Another one came, this time louder. You broke away from the heated session, looking over your shoulder to see what the commotion was.

You screamed.

Seokmin, sitting on a tree branch, had his hands pressed against the window and a very serious look on his face.



Seokmin disappeared from sight, scrambling down the tree to possibly save his life.


8th month

“Oh, wow, Wonwoo. This skirt looks great,” you say into your mirror, flashing a smile and twirling around. The lacy material was flowy and soft, and it accented your hips and waist perfectly. “And it fits so nicely! I think Seokmin will really like it.”

Wonwoo smiled. “I was hoping you would like it,” he said as he stood up from your bed and came behind you. He placed his hands on your waist and rested his chin on your shoulder. “You look beautiful,” he murmured, kissing your neck softly.

The atmosphere was pleasant and peaceful, making you sigh in content. “I feel like the luckiest girl alive, really.”

Wonwoo hugged you from behind and met your eyes in the mirror. “And I know for a fact that I’m the luckiest man alive.”

You giggled slightly and blushed from his sweet comment. “Come on; let’s go show Seokmin or he’ll think we’re doing something inappropriate again. I don’t want to replace the hinges on my door again.”

Wonwoo snickered and released you from his embrace, only to take your hand and lead you downstairs. Seokmin was sitting on his “favorite” suede couch, intently watching a rerun of Days of Our Lives.

“Seokmin; look at this pretty skirt Wonwoo got for me.”

At the sound of your voice (mostly from saying Wonwoo), Seokmin turned his head to look at your “present”.

Boy, he did not like what he saw.

“That’s too much thigh. You’re going to flash people, (y/n). Maybe Jisoo can pray for you or something,” he snapped.

“Seokmin! Don’t be so rude! This skirt looks fantastic on me and you know it! This isn’t like you! Where’s my sweet, caring, charming big brother?” you cried out, obviously hurt.

Seokmin immediately felt guilty and a pang of sadness stabbed him in the heart. Though, he remained silent.

“Are you that jealous of Wonwoo? He’s a great guy, Seokmin! He got this skirt because he thought of me! And you know what, that was really sweet of him!” You shook your head. “I can’t believe you. I thought you would really like him.”

Seokmin glanced over at Wonwoo, though he looked very awkward and not really sure of what to do in this kind of situation. It would be a lie if Seokmin said he didn’t feel the same.

“Why can’t you be happy for me?” you whispered.

“I am,” Seokmin replied after a few moments worth of silence. “I just… don’t want you to get hurt. Or pregnant, for that matter. I don’t know what you two do upstairs-”

“Seokmin,” Wonwoo interrupted, “it’s not like that. I wouldn’t do that to (y/n). Not until we’re completely comfortable with it. And that includes you. I get it. You’re protective of your little sister, and I would be the same. I got to say, I can respect you for that. Not many guys stick up for their sister like that all of the time. You’re a cool guy and I respect you greatly.”

Seokmin stared at Wonwoo like he just grew a second head. It became so quiet that you even began second guessing your hearing. Then, after much silence, Seokmin decided to speak.

“That was so nice,” he said as he sucked in a breath. He placed a hand to his heart and let out all the air. “I’m sorry. My behavior was horrible. I’m just worried about (y/n), you know? I didn’t mean to get too out of hand. I hope you can forgive me.” Seokmin stood up from his seat and bowed to Wonwoo.

You gave Wonwoo a starstruck face and he simply smiled. “I do. And I promise to look after her so you don’t have to all the time, okay?”

“What about the baby?”

Now you looked to Seokmin, clearly confused. “What?”

“If he’s going to look after you, what about your child?”

“Excuse me?”

“I want to be an uncle, (y/n)! When will the baby making process start?”

Your jaw dropped.

“When the skirt comes off,” Wonwoo said nonchalantly.


“Will I have to leave the house or will you two go somewhere else?”


“We can go. Make it seem like less of a hassle, you know?”


“Yay, babies!”

“I agree. I think our child would be so cute. What do you think, (y/n)?”



P.S. I really hope you guys like this! This was super fun and I look forward to doing more!



Depending on where you stay, some places have rules about using adhesives like tape, glue and blu-tack on your walls. But using posters and photos are a great way of having your room feel like home. So, finding anything like rope, wire or string, you can hang up your photos on pegs or clips like a traditional washing line. Or you could have it as a vertical line, hanging from the ceiling too!

But don’t just stop at using it as your very own photo frame, you could use it from left to right to make a detailed plan on revision for final exams, or use it display a timeline of the concerts you’ve been too, or use it as somewhere to put all your revision notes to look at before you go to bed.

For an added bonus: you could even use a string of fairy lights to light up pictures and your room. But please make sure you keep the photos at a safe enough distance from each bulb. You wouldn’t want to come back to a burnt down student accommodation!!

The one where nobody knows you’re in a relationship (Louis imagine)

You had been friends with Zayn since kindergarden and when he was put in One Direction you never lost contact. You often joined them on tour and you got to know the other boys fairly well after four years. Especially Louis. A couple of weeks ago you kissed for the first time, right after one of their shows. It had been a long time coming and you couldn’t be happier right now. Louis decided it was better to keep it quiet for some time. He wanted to wait to tell the boys until he found a good way to say it. He was nervous about it, especially for Zayn’s reaction. Although you kind of had the feeling Zayn wouldn’t mind. You knew him for such a long time already and you expected him just to be happy for you and Louis. You had to admit to yourself that you kind of liked the part of sneaking around like this. It was nice to exchange these glances between him and you. Or the way he secretly touched your arm, your back or your shoulder when he walked past you. Or the way he texted you, while sitting in front of each other, when you were surrounded by all the boys and the crew, after each show, telling you how beautiful you looked or how much he loved you. It had something exciting to it.

You just arrived at the next stadium and you were walking next to Lou while strolling through the corridors of the building. You helped her sometimes with doing the boys’ hair. Lou had taught you over the years how to do it. Suddenly you felt two familiar hands on your shoulder, massaging you instantly. ‘Check you phone, Y/N. I thought I heard it going off in the car.’ Louis sounded behind you. He let go of you again, walked past the both of you and looked back again to wink at you. ‘I know it’s not my right to say, Y/N.’ Lou suddenly said beside you. ‘But sometimes I could swear you guys were a couple.’ A crooked smile appeared on your face when you searched for your phone. You were not good at keeping secrets. Louis knew that. This was the first time someone mentioned it to you, and you had no clue how to react. ‘Why are you smiling?’ Lou asked and you saw her looking at you in the corner of your eye. And when you met her eyes with your brightest smile, her jaw dropped. ‘No!’ She squealed, covering her open mouth with her hand.  But you nodded at her excited, just like her. ‘I didn’t tell you! So don’t say it to anyone!’ You quickly added. It was very important for Louis to tell the boys himself. You quickly glanced to your phone again, to see what the text message was about. ‘I’ll be in room next cafeteria. – Louis x.’ You immediately closed your phone. The boys had a habit to sneak up behind you and it wouldn’t be good for them to know it like that.

After a couple of minutes your way separated from Lou’s. And you were happy when you reached the room Louis was talking about. From the moment you entered, he grabbed your wrist, closed the door behind you and kissed your lips while cupping your face. ‘God, I missed this…’ He whispered softly in between the kisses. And you couldn’t agree more. The past few hours you were constantly joined by the boys and other people, what made it impossible to kiss or do normal couple things. ‘You need to tell them, Louis.’ You said softly when your lips left his. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to his chest. ‘I know…’ He agreed. ‘I’m getting tired of not being able to kiss you whenever I want to.’ And it was indeed very tiring. Especially because you were longing for it constantly. It felt so good to do this. It must feel even better being able to do it all the time. ‘I’m going to tell them tonight. After the show.’ He said and you looked up at his face, smiling. ‘I’d love that.’ You agreed while you reached for his lips again.

‘LOUIS, WHERE ARE YO-…’ The voice started outside in the hallway, but when it entered the room you both stood in, it stopped, taking in the sight. Louis immediately pulled back, but it definitely was too late. You knew it was Zayn, and suddenly you didn’t dare to look. But you knew you had to eventually. And when your eyes met his, you were surprised to see him smirk. ‘I knew it…’ He nodded, looking proudly. ‘HARRY, I TOLD YOU! I KNEW IT!’ He yelled to his band member in the hallway. ‘You knew it?’ Louis breathed out, so confused, but you felt him searching for your hand and you gladly grabbed it. Harry appeared in the door opening as well, looking at the both of you holding hands. ‘Louis. Jeez. I thought you would’ve told us by now!’ Harry rolled his eyes, entering the room. He walked over to you and hugged you friendly. ‘Congrats, Y/N.’ He said while he padded your back. ‘And you…’ He let go of you and pointed to Louis with his finger. ‘You cost me ten pounds because I thought you would tell us!’ He sounded frustrated but his eyes stood happy. ‘You are lucky that I like the two of you together.’ He smirked as well. You walked over to Zayn and he laid his arm around your shoulder. ‘The thing is…’ He started, happy with himself. ‘I know Tommo is a good actor, but this girl here, isn’t.’ He squeezed your shoulder when mentioning you. You immediately felt your cheeks heat up. ‘So that’s why I know it’s been going on for quite some weeks now.’ He smiled happily. Louis eyes grew even bigger. ‘You knew it from the start?’ He sounded surprised. And Zayn rolled his eyes at his tone. ‘Yes, we all did. Except for Harry. He was sure you would’ve told us!’ He spoke looking at his disappointed mate. ‘Sorry, Harry.’ You gave him a guilty smile. And he shrugged when he heard your words. ‘It’s alright. I’m happy for you.’ He pouted dramatically, but laughed it off only a couple of seconds later.

It was great to wish Louis  good luck with his show in public. You could kiss him and hug him and it was great. ‘I’ll definitely need to learn you some acting skills in the future.’ He said serious tone after your lips left his. And you looked up at him with a smile. ‘I’ll be glad to learn it from the master then!’ You said. He kissed your lips one more time, before he left with the boys to go to the stage. Immediately when they were gone, Lou grabbed your hand and pulled you to the make-up room. ‘And now… The details please!’ She smiled. And you gladly told her about the best first weeks of your life till now. 

NOTE: I’m sorry it’s up so late! Took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with this request! Hope you liked it :-)

i have Some Thoughts™ about what happened after the whole Epikegster thing.

After the panic attack jacks kinda lookin around his room and something feels…/off/ but he doesn’t know what. so he looks around the room and realizes he can still see parse wherever he was standing/sitting and something has to change. so he moves stuff around. drags the bed into the middle of the room, shoves the desk over where the bed was and its better. not entirely better, but it helps. he pushes his bookshelf farther along the wall, sticks the bedside table where it used to be, in the corner by his bed. better. he sticks his sheets in the wash, maybe does some stuff to occupy his hands and now, with the different layout, it feels better. it no longer feels like someone invaded his space and messed everything up somehow without leaving a mark. his space is his again.

shitty comes in the next day and is Very Confused™.

Luke - Stupid Mistakes Part 3

Here’s the third part and everything gets a little crazier and heated I hope you like it. Request for part four.

Part 1, Part 2

Half asleep I rolled over and sprawled out across the empty double bed. Part of me was expecting someone else to be laid there. As I opened my eyes the events of last night flooded into my head, completely waking me up from my groggy state.
‘No, no, no, no, no.’ I mumbled into my pillow. The feel of Ashton’s lips filled my head along side the glare that I received from my boyfriend. Silently, I agreed that I’d never go out drinking when I was angry again. The memory of falling asleep on Ashton’s chest also rose to the surface, which explained why I was expecting someone to be here with me.
I didn’t want to face anyone today partly because of my actions from last night but also because of this horrific hangover that made me feel like crap. How much did I even drink last night? I couldn’t remember. But I knew that I couldn’t stay curled up in bed forever because I had agreed to meet Luke today. Luke. Being drunk I had completely forgot about talking to him today and I wished that I could just stay tucked up in bed all day and forget about it. But first I had to go down to the lobby and check if they had a room available for me because I felt bad making Michael sleep on the couch.
Reluctantly, I dragged my body out of the bed and threw on some clothes and makeup, deciding that I would go for a walk and do some tourist activities.
When I walked out of Michael’s room, Michael was still passed out on the couch and no one else was in sight, which I was really thankful for. Silently, I tiptoed through the room to the door, without managing to wake Michael.
‘Hello, can I help you with something?’ The perky receptionist from when I arrived asked.
'Yes, do you have a room available that is near the top floor?’ I asked, stepping up to the counter.’
'Let me just check.’ She said, turning towards the computer screen and clicked the mouse several times. 'Yes, room 116 is available. How long will you be staying for?’ She asked, turning her head towards me.
'Oh just until the end of the week.’ I said.
'And how would you like to pay for it?’ She said, after doing a few clicks with her mouse.
'Oh the bill will be going to the penthouse suite. You can check that with them.’ I added after she looked sceptical.
Luke’s POV
'Luke if your going to make up with Y/N please don’t do it in my room and at least take your clothes back with you.’ Michael said walking out of his room and throwing a shirt at me.
My brows furrowed as I didn’t understand how one of my tops got in there. 'But I haven’t…’ I started. 'This isn’t my top Mike.’ I said balling it up and throwing it back at him.
'Well it’s definitely not mine so who’s is it?’ Michael asked, looking at us in confusion. I had definitely seen that top recently, but I couldn’t remember where I had seen it.
'Isn’t that yours Ash?’ Calum asked, turning towards Ash who was eating and wasn’t really paying attention to what was happening. His eyes widened slightly as he took in the shirt.
'Yeah, how did that get in there.’ He laughed, but it lacked humour.
'Wait.’ I said, looking back at the top. It was the top that he had been wearing last night. 'Are you fucking joking?’ I said, standing up to snatch the shirt from Michael, as my anger rose. 'You were wearing this last night.’ I said, turning on Ashton. 'You slept with her?’ I asked bluntly.
'No Luke, nothing happened. I swear.’ Ashton said, raising his hands in defence.
'Then why is your top in her room?’ I asked, stepping towards him.
'Well technically it’s my room.’ Michael said, and I turned to glare at him. 'But that’s not important.’ He quickly added.
'I brought her back because she was drunk and needed to sleep it off. She fell asleep in the car, so if carried her to bed and she didn’t want to be alone so I stayed with her for the night. I had only intended to stay until she fell asleep but I accidentally fell asleep myself.’ He said, looking me in the eye and shrugging.
'Bullshit. You’ve always liked her Ash and I’m bet your happy about this whole situation.’ I said, which caused him to stand up.
'No I’m not because she’s happy with you. But you’re the one who fucked up Luke, so you have no one to blame but yourself.’ He said pointing at me.
'How did it feel to kiss my girlfriend?’ I asked, feeling my anger rise.
'She kissed me, but you were too busy with the other girl that I’m shocked you even saw that.’ He raised his voice in anger. My fingers curled up into a fist and punched him in the nose.
'What the fuck Luke.’ Ashton said with pain laced in his tone as he doubled over in pain, clutching his bleeding nose.
I threw his top at him no longer wanting to hold the material that Y/N had been grinding on and stormed out of the door.

Part 4

What Friends Are For- A Sammy Wilk Imagine (Requested)

Marissa POV

“I don’t want you here anymore.” My mom said with absolutely no explanation. I had just came home from work to find all of my belongings packed up and ready to go. We never had the best relationship, so in all honesty I wasn’t surprised this was happening.

I left my house not looking back once and went to the place I knew I’d be welcomed with open arms, The Wilkinson’s. I had been friends with Sammy since elementary school and we only grew closer as we got older. I could honestly say he was my best friend and his family especially his mom was like my second family.

They always treated me with kindness and respect, something I never received from my own family. Luckily, the Wilkinson’s only lived down the block from my house. I dragged my stuff down the street to their home and rang the doorbell, waiting for a response.

Within seconds the door was opened by a shirtless Sammy, I expected nothing less. He smiled from ear to ear when he saw me, but that quickly faded when he saw all my belongings.

“What happened?” He asked inviting me into his home. I set down my belongings and hugged Sammy, I needed him right now, I needed a friend.

Sammy held me close as he rubbed my back. “She told me to leave.” I whispered in his ear.

“Sam, I have no where to go. This was the first place I could think of.” I continued.

Sammy broke apart the hug and looked down at me, his eyes filled with sadness.

“I’m so, so, so sorry Marissa.” Sammy told me.

“I mean we never had the best relationship, is it okay if I crash here for awhile. I’ll find family or something, but for now this was all I could think of.” I said as I trembled, I was nervous they wouldn’t want me here.

Sammy shook his head. “Mom!” He yelled.

Within seconds Lori came running into the room, with a panicked expression on her face. “What is it, what happened?” She questioned looking from me to Sammy to my belongings.

“My mom, she um kicked me out.” I answered timidly.

“Oh honey. I am so sorry. I just don’t even know what to say.” Lori said sadly bringing me in for a tight hug.

As we embraced, I heard Sammy clear his throat. “Mom, can she stay with us for a bit?”

Lori looked down at me and smiled. “Of course, Marissa. Stay here as long as you need to. You know we’re always here for you! I’m going to talk to your mother about this by the way, it’s just not right.”

“You don’t have to do that.” I said as we broke apart.

“I don’t have to, I want to! Please, make yourself at home. Sam, clean up Annie’s room and get out fresh linens for Marissa. I’ll be back later.” Lori said with her kind smile.

Once she left I turned to Sammy. “Thank you. You and your mom are too kind. I can’t repay you guys for this.”

“You don’t have to, this is what friends are for.” Sammy said hugging me once more.