please make them worth it

To: All you Hunks (*finger guns* ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)

From: The most relatable character

Happy Valentine’s Day!

you are art

some people will misinterpret you

some people will merely glance at you

some people will critique you

some people will try to buy you

some people will stare at you in awe

some people will appreciate you

some people will study you and know all of your details

whichever it is, you’re still art,

made by the hands that swirled the galaxies,

crafted by the Molder of the mountains.

you, a novel in the works,

a portrait of Grace that needs finishing touches.

so if someone doesn’t like what they see,

or what you make them feel,

please don’t forget

your worth is not determined by spectators.

they didn’t design your pattern with care,

they didn’t chisel away the sharp edges of your heart,

they didn’t see the ripped canvas you once were.

the Artist did.

Fandom pro-tip:

If you see a post hating on your fandom, ship, whatever


Just simply ignore it. The phrase “Don’t feed the trolls” applies here as well even if these people aren’t technically "trolling”. The thrive on attention and the reactions they get from riling people up who they feel are wrong or “bad”. They usually have large groups behind them so trying to defend yourself will get you a barrage of hate and harassment. Stay out of it. They won’t listen to a word you say and they’re not worth spreading negativity and drama anyway.