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idea for the opening number of the 2017 Tony Awards

every show is introduced in the style of “prologue” from natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812


hi hi!! im taking sketch/doodle commissions!

please send me an ask if you’re interested and i’ll message you!

things i will not draw:

  • nsfw
  • animals
  • mecha
  • anything that makes me uncomfortable
  • too much details
  • backgrounds

things i will draw:

  • ocs
  • characters from shows/games/etc,
  • basically just that
  • character designs

tips are appreciated !!!

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My opinions on 13 reasons why

A lot has been popping up on my social media lately that many people feel like the show has been glorifying teen suicide. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety since I was in 3rd grade. This show was made to raise awareness, I’ve wanted to kill myself before and I’ve stood in the bathroom with a handful of pills, ready to take them, and I’ve been hiding in my room with a blade, knowing it could all be over with a couple cuts. But I didn’t. This show is raising awareness that teenagers DO have these feelings and we DO exist. We are very real and people need to stop ignoring this and pretending like teen suicide isn’t a thing. So I do disagree, they’re trying to educate people, not try to make it look fun. so please stop trashing the show saying it’s romancing suicide, they’re trying to help.

Very upset that I got too sick to play Archangel Michael in the show my theatre group is putting on (especially since they literally wrote the part for me, lmao), but pleased to announce Alex is still playing Bacchus/Dionysus, and going full Grantaire in the process. 

He’s got a toga, grapes and gets to make a lot of jokes about drinking and fucking.

I think Steven should have mastered his powers a lot later in the show? I think that could have been a good character development, more drawn out. Now he’s as strong as Amy??
Or maybe he has all his powers now, but he’s super reckless and can’t control them like the gems.
Just,,, please make him a child and let him make mistakes and LEARN. Not be some all-knowing???

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@fitzsimmons616: Could you do 39, please? Fitz to Jemma post Framework.


@myownwoorld: Hi, can you please make one with 39, make it as angsty as you like…. I like to suffer :)

You guys happen to ask for the same one, so here it is! Because of how much angst the show has, I for some reason have a hard time writing a lot of it. But, but your request has been answered as best as I can.

39: “How can you even look at me?” 

Leopold James Fitz had never had a bad bone in his body. Jemma knew him as the man who loved monkey’s, the man who cried during sad movies, who hated horror films, and who ogled at any precious child that crossed his path.

Jemma knew Fitz as the man who sacrificed his life countless of times for any and everyone on the team, especially her. He was the man who put his own personal feelings aside and helped her save a man he knew was a threat to their relationship, without her even having to ask. He was the man who accepted the Inhumans before anyone else. The man who refused to accept Ward was evil, despite the evidence laid out in front of him.

The man that crossed the stars for her. The man who would have jumped off a plane for her. The man who drowned for her.

The man who felt bad if ever harming anyone, and if he ever had to kill someone out of self-protection he had nightmares for weeks after.

She knew him as the man she loved with all her heart, with every fiber in her being, her soul intertangled with his for all eternity.

This very man was standing right in front of her, staring at her with his normally warm, soulful eyes – now cold and empty. It was like he didn’t have any emotion left, his gun pointed to her temple, his expression never changing from anything by fury. She could see the hate in his eyes and it was crippling Jemma, slowly. He had never once looked at her with so much hatred – it was a look kept only for Ward himself, if even him.

“Fitz, it’s me. Please.”

Then, his stern expression faltered. “Who are you?” he asks so quietly she could hardly hear him.

Jemma eyed the barrel of the gun, then back at Fitz. “You know the answer to that, Fitz.”

He blinked, his heart heavy. She could see him. Her Fitz. “You say my name like…”

She smirks, just slightly, tears building up in her eyes. “Like it’s my favorite word?”

He stared her down, the gun in his hand no longer even relevant to him. His brow scrunched together and his free hand pinched the bridge of his nose. “Like I hear you say it all the time.”

“That’s because you do, Fitz.”

He looked back up at her, his gun slowly lowering to the ground. “Why can’t I shoot you?”

Jemma smiled for the first time in weeks. She pushed his gun to angle to the ground and stepped closer to him, placing her hand on the side of his face. “AIDA can program you however she likes, but Leopold Fitz would never hurt me, not in any life.”

His eyes were cloudy, but that crystal blue was shining through. “How can you look at me like that?”

“Like what?”

“Like I’m a good person. Like I deserve to be…” he trailed off, his eyes darting to the ground. The Doctor wasn’t a man without a heart, he was a man who had been forced to pretend he never had one.

“Because the Fitz I know is.”

His eyes searched hers, his eyelids pooling with tears. Emotions started overwhelming him, and a sob came out of his mouth as he said, “Jemma?”

She enveloped him into her arms, his head on her shoulder, tears running down her back. She placed a hand on the back of his neck and held him, whispering soothing words in his ear. “I’m here, Fitz, it’s me. I’m here.”

Director Mace’s funeral was today.

Jemma sat beside Fitz, their hands interlaced together. Fitz hadn’t said a word since this morning, his face showing almost no emotions – he just stared at the ground, detached from everything and everyone around him.

“Whoa, whoa, hey now,” Daisy shouted, leaving the table where they were all eating their meal. Other than Fitz, that is, he hadn’t touched his plate. With Daisy leaving, the table was empty, so Jemma took the opportunity to try to talk to him.

“Can’t believe you’re not hungry.” She gave his arm a slight shove.

For the first time in hours he muttered out, “Well, m’not.”

Jemma tweaked a brow at him. “You’re always hungry.”

Fitz just shrugged, his eyes now watching the empty seat in front of him.

“Fitz,” she whispers, giving his hand folded into hers a squeeze. “You can’t keep blaming yourself, Fitz.”

Fitz didn’t move, he was like a statue for a moment. Then, suddenly, he let loose of her hand and stood up, leaving the room without another word.

Jemma held back any tears that begged their way out and leaned back in her seat, taking in a deep breath. She knew he was processing, he was grieving, he needed time. That didn’t mean it didn’t hurt like hell though.

“He’s just trying to cope,” Coulson spoke beside her, causing Jemma to jump.

She looked at the (new) Director, swallowed down the lump in her throat, and nodded. “I know.”

“When you left for Hydra, and he realized your ‘going to see the parents’ was a cover, he didn’t eat for a good four days.” Coulson lapsed his hand over hers. “He’ll recover, just give it time.”

Jemma nodded. “Thank you, sir.”

He gave her a comforting smile, standing up from his chair. “It’s what I’m here for.”

Jemma allowed Fitz time on his own, knowing he needed it. After about an hour of never seeing him anywhere on base, she decided to search for him. She of course found him in their lab, his arms crossed across his chest, his eyes staring out at nothing. He looked so distant from everything, so lost.

“I’ve been looking for you,” she approaching his side, gently gripping his forearm. “You disappeared.”

“Yeah,” he looked up at her. His eyes were red like he’d been crying. “I needed some air.”

Jemma nodded, “It’s getting late, we should probably get some rest.”

Fitz shook his head, looking back at the ground. He hardly looked her in the eyes anymore – like he was ashamed for her to see what he was feeling. “I’m gonna stay here.”

Jemma scoffed. “Well you can’t sleep in the lab, Fitz.”

“Might as well.”


“I just … I need some space, Jemma.”

Anger boiled up inside of her. Not at Fitz, but towards AIDA and Radcliffe and even his dad. However, she couldn’t lash out at them, so she shamefully lashed out at whoever was in front of her. “We all need space, Fitz, but that doesn’t mean you have to move out, running away from me and everyone else you care about.”

“That’s not…” He let out an unsteady sigh. “M’sorry, Jemma, but I think –”

“Don’t finish that sentence.” She felt her temper running hotter and hotter. “You can’t keep blaming yourself for what happened, Fitz. The more you blame yourself, the more hurt you cause around you.”

Fitz shook his head again, his breath shallow. “How can I not, Jemma? I killed Mace. I’m the reason –”

“No, Fitz,” Jemma turned his head to look at her. She looked him directly in the eyes as she said, “AIDA and Radcliffe are the ones at fault, do you understand me? You were a victim just as much as Mack or May were. You did not kill Mace, and you did not kill Agnes.”

Fitz searched her eyes, gazing at their desert beauty. He sucked in a deep breath, and while releasing he said, “How can you even look at me? It was my face that gave you all the injuries you’re still healing from. I was the one who pointed a gun at your face, who tortured…” his voice broke, and he looked back down. Her anger melted away, seeing the tears stream down his face. Jemma couldn’t stand seeing him like this. She had to fix it, but she knew she couldn’t use anything but words to try and soothe his pain.

“I can look at you because you are Leopold Fitz, the man I love with everything I have. It was never something I had to overcome.” She lifted his head again, brushing his cheek with her thumb. “I know you Fitz, and this is you. Not that LMD, not the Doctor, those men were never you and I knew that. Because no matter how much they might have looked like you, the warmth and love behind your eyes was never there, like it is now. This is the man I fell in love with – and despite your programming Fitz, you still always managed to twist whatever you were doing into what you saw as the right thing. You could never live with yourself, whatever version of you there was, to do something evil out of will. That speaks volumes, Fitz. It shows that no matter what programming, no matter what brain washing, manipulation, deception, it doesn’t matter, because you will always be Leopold James Fitz: lover of science, monkeys, positive outcomes, video games, and –”

“You.” He gave her a weak but loving smile.

“I was going to say space, but,” she gave him a teasing smile in return.

“I’m so sorry, Jemma.” This time, he didn’t look away. “For everything, I – I wanted to protect you and instead I caused you more suffering than I ever could have burdened –”

“Don’t you understand, Fitz?” She caressed his cheeks in both of her hands, wiping away his tears. “I never once blamed you.”

Fitz stood up from his seat, looking down at her beaming face. He took one of Jemma’s hands in his and cherished her smile before leaning in and sweetly kissing her on the lips. The kiss was short lived, but affectionate. Their foreheads met and meeting her eyes he said, “I love you, Jemma.”

She ran a hand through his hair, smoothing his overgrown curls. She returned the gaze, giving him a tender smile to say, “And I love you. We’re in this together, remember?”

Fitz closed his eyes, taking in everything. Then once opening them again he looked at her fully, searching her eyes, captivated by her strength and beauty. Then, he finally said out in one breath, “Together.”

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anonymous asked:

How much (if you even do) sell your babies for? I'm not interested in showing I'm just looking into getting a buddy in few few years! (Preferably male please! I've had female animals all my life and wanna shake things up a little)

I do sell peepers.

One of my goals and the one I have the most immediate and direct control over is providing people with the best possible First experience with pet pigeons and doves.

All Ramsey pigeons, regardless of breed, are $30.
All Ramsey Ringnecks are $20.
I want to ask juuuust enough to prevent impulse and attempted bulk purchases without making them prohibitively expensive.

Physically sound rescue pigeons are $20.
Physically sound Ringneck Doves are $15.
Because I cannot guarantee their long term health or temperament, only that they will be disease and parasite free before they leave my home.

Pigeons with special needs are $10.
Doves with special needs are $5.
Special needs birds can be high maintainence and require frequent vet visits, so I want to make things as easy on their approved adopters as possible.
But the people that would snap up a disabled bird for a stocked hunt or dog training think “taking it off my hands” is doing me a favor and NOTHING insults those people as much as being asked to pay ANY adoption fee!
So it doesn’t take much of a fee to deter that sort of person. ^v^

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What is the WGA strike and what are the effects? Can you please explain us everything?

You got it. Basically the writers demand more money, they are also not happy with the pension plans. And until they reach a deal with the AMPTP, which represents the studios, the writers will strike. There was a vote on Monday which authorizes the WGA to strike, but the two parties still have one more week to come up with a deal. And tbh, I’m with the writers. Studios make more money than ever and the pay for the writers decreased, which is unacceptable. 

The effects are not good for movie and TV fans. Summer shows could end their seasons early. Late night shows will suffer the most, because those are daily shows and the writers are so important. The strike could also effect new shows, the pilots that are currently in development. This means that shows, that otherwise would’ve been axed, could be brought back. 

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

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lili reinhart is a lesbophobe who queerbaits for her show but ultimately shuts down any w/w bc she thinks it only belongs in fan fic. look up her early interviews for the show

actors and actresses, especially when they’re fresh faces, don’t have any say on how the show decides to market itself. the writers wrote in scene that made us all root for betty and veronica, lili didn’t. i will defend this by reminding you how cole allegedly talked to the writers in hopes of making jughead asexual or even aromantic, but the end result was bughead just appearing out of no where. i do not believe this just because it came out of cole’s mouth, roberto aguirre sacasa actually confirmed that he had talked to him about this. but did it happen? nope. my theory is that this was to cover up what they started with the kissing scene that yes, was queerbaiting at its fullest, but wasn’t cami or lili’s fault just because they were doing their job. 

moving on to the next alleged queerbaiting point that you lot make when discussing this: when she started hanging out with cami, you called it queerbaiting and ignored even the faintest possibility of genuine friendship. 

by dissecting each and every interview she has ever given you are falling into the trap of the mindset of a tabloid journalist. taking parts of an actress’ sentence and putting them together to orchestrate and spread a conspiracy that does not have any substantial proof whatsoever. someone had to shut down the rumors, and the person who spoke out was lili. i agree, she could have worded it better!!! there is always room for explanation, especially when it is about blatant queerbaiting. 

why do you feel the reason to slap on so many labels on people when your evidence is just a few interviews? lili has not clarified her intentions after the interview, which means you don’t have any proof that those were her exact words and not some random journalist putting sentences together and leaving out any sentence that would make the story less controversial.

i do agree that the interview raises unwanted questions about the actress but one interview is not enough for me to change my idea of a person. 

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm a fairly new Teen Top fan (at first I wanted to say I'm a new angel but that sounded a little silly) and I was wondering if you could recommend some shows Teen Top has done/been on, please? Since you make gifs I thought you might know the good ones. I'm also really curious about the show the gifs of last week where they're singing and c.a.p turns off the background music so only Chanjo's voice can be heard are from? Thank you very much in advance, have a nice day!

Hello Angel, welcome to the fandom! I hope you really like it here~ I have replied to this question before, but I’ve updated the dead links and added other stuff:

The gif set of the boys fooling around in the studio, and C.A.P turning off the music, you can watch the video here!

Well, for starters, I suggest you watch their Weekly Idol episodes first! Here are the subbed episodes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (more episodes here!)

Teen Top recently came out with their own show called ‘Teen Top on Air: The New Beginning’ and you can watch the episodes here!

Their recent interview with KBS is the funniest you can watch it here

Their DVDs are bomb (and eng subbed too praise the lord): 1, 2, 3, 4,

Here are their first edition MV put up together!

If you don’t have enough time but want to watch something entertaining, I suggest you watch Niel’s 4 things show english subbed here!

If you want to watch Teen Top + 100% (100% is their dongsaeng group)’s ‘Rising Brothers’ episodes, here are all of them, and if you want to see them individually learn things and be cute af, you can watch the other section of ‘Rising Brothers here!

You can watch L.Joe’s web-drama ‘Magic Bottle’ (only 3 episodes): 1, 2, 3

Changjo worked in a movie ‘Mak Girls’ so you can watch Changjo being his pretty self in movie cuts: 1, 2!

You can also watch Teen Top’s ‘Never Stop in Guam’ and you can find the eng subbed episodes here

For small videos of everyday Teen Top, you can watch their English subbed ‘Teen Top On Air’ videos here!

Other than that, some videos I linked might be un-subbed because the channel subbing them was taken down and they haven’t re-uploaded the videos yet. I hope you have a good time watching all these! You have a good day too love ^^

Being ethan's girlfriend and being in teamiplier would include..

A/N: Tis I, your local trash can here to give you some quality ethan fluff.

-chica getting jealous bc you give ethan more attention

-going on double dates with mark and amy

-“Y/N, we broke something in arrow dodge again…”

-always helping tyler prank mark and ethan

-you amy and kathryn being best pals.

-ethan giving you cute lil love kissies before filming a video with the guys.

-livestreams being the lit-test thing in the world.

-making fun of tyler for his editing skills

-ethan always showing you off during livestreams

-“ethan please we all know how much you love y/n.”

-making sure the guys go easy on him during arrow dodge or any other dangerous activities.

-“Promise me you’ll go easy.”

-“We promise, Y/N.”

-still getting nervous

-then laughing at him once you know he’s okay.

-“EW” whenever you and ethan do something cute.

-“you have coodies y/n!”

-just all around living the great, great life.

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Hi! New reader here. I noticed for some reason in your navigation section page 30 is missing? Like when you click on "Page 30" it shows a cover for chapter 3, but if you press "Previous" in that post you see the actual page that is labelled '30'.

whoops! thanks for letting us know, i don’t know how i missed that ahaha. if you find any other times i hecked up making the navigation page please do say :D
-mod mel

Admin things for Raúl Week

I hope everyone enjoyed Chilty day. I will continue to take things for the list til Midnight CST!!! So keep posting away. If I havent gotten you on the masterpost, have no fear work got crazy busy and I havent had a chance to update yet.  

Onto the Admin things:

1. YAY to our first successful day of Raúl Esparza Appreciation Week. You all did a wonderful job. I loved everything that was posted today!!!  I appreciate all of your hard work today. 

2. Tomorrow is Nevada Ramirez day. I cant wait to see what you guys have in store for our favorite trashcan.  

3. Please tag me @yourtropegirl in your work for the masterpost. I seem to get everything I am tagged in but can’t find it when I search the tags I created. Who knows why? Other than Tumblr is dumb. Hopefully that will make things easier. 

4. Contributions should only be the poster’s own work. If you wish to show other’s work for Appreciation Week, reblogs only please. 

I think that is it. Any questions let me know. 

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Hi Emma! I plan to give away my ATR code to the japanese community or anyone who lives in japan because I don't think I should keep it since i cannot go. Can you help me on how I could post it on twitter saying "I am giving my code for free! Please private message me and show me that you are a real ATR fan (i.e: drawings, goods bought) and not a reseller." Thank you!!

Hi anon! Sorry my reply is so late orz
I rewrote it a tad to make it more clear but let me know if you don’t like what I wrote? I assumed you were just planning to give it to the first person who sends you proof that they are a fan, and not do it by raffle or anything. Anyway, I think this should do the trick…

※ 転売を防ぐために、本物のATRファンであることの証明をDMで送って頂ければお譲りします(イラスト・お手持ちのグッズの写真等々OK)

“I can’t attend the ATR Budokan performances, so I want to give away my serial code to someone!
*To prevent reselling, I’ll give you the code if you can send me proof that you’re a real ATR fan (drawings, pictures of goods you own, etc. are OK)”

anonymous asked:

and kj is samoan yet no one cries about his show parents being americans? whats the point here? camis interpreting a latina the same way kj is interpreting an american this does not affect the show or her heritage.

except it does. they whitewashed kj by giving archie two white parents in the show when kj isn’t white. they forced him to cover his samoan tattoos. they erased his identity because they’d rather he be seen as white. he asked for his tattoos to be seen and they denied him that. you’re telling me you don’t have a problem with that? taking someone of color and stripping away everything that makes them who they are? and with cami, she’s brazilian and yet they’re pretending like all latinas are the same thing by having her speak spanish in the show and making both her parents non brazilian! please tell me how much of a difference it would’ve made to have veronica speak portuguese instead of spanish! how would it have affected the plot in ANY way?! cami even said in an interview that she doesn’t like that all latinas are treated the same thing in hollywood. her race is not interchangeable irl so why is it treated that way in the show? riverdale has lots of problems and yes every show has them. it doesn’t mean you have to stop liking the show, it doesn’t mean you need to stop watching. but as viewers it’s our job not to blindly praise the show. it’s disgusting to try and tell me what’s happening isn’t terrible. whitewashing kj is disgusting. refusing to give veronica brazilian parents when cami is brazilian is awful. this is not up for debate. this is not an argument that ill entertain on my blog. and if you don’t agree with me then you can unfollow me, block me even, because i am not here to entertain racism.

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Can we see pics of you in the bralette? If you're comfortable that is!

Well, I linked it in the last post, but if you’re on mobile you can’t see it right? I don’t know if people are comfortable with seeing my midriff though. You can’t see anything, I am wearing pasties underneath so nothing is showing, but I’ll put it under a ‘read more’ just in case //wheeze

I was modeling it for at an antique festival. Her tops are a great price since a bralette like the one I’m wearing, minus the line detail, is $130 on Free People’s. You can get a custom one from her for $30-$50 and she can make it longer, make it a halter top, add fringe, flowers, etc so please check her out! She’s a sweet lady so don’t be afraid to email her, If you like her FB page, you’ll get $5 off.

Also, if you like her page, show me and I’ll sketch you a free headshot! 👌

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iifis nt too much throuble could yuu do blrry/jen where hhe's lettin he rride him but sshe's a big pwoerbottom eeeekek💕💕💕 🔐

he thumbs at her clit with one thick black finger, making her shake with her hands braced solidly on either side of his torso. he smirks, showing bright white pointed teeth. “what a nasty little slut you are, shaking for your daddy.”

her hand is around his throat in less than a second, squeezing the air out of him as she slows her bouncing to a lazy rut. “what did you just call me?”

“n-nothing,” he gasps, fingers now still between her legs. his eyes are a dark red. “mommy, please.”

“that’s better,” she sighs, and when her hand leaves his throat he hacks, drawing in a ragged breath. both of her hands rest on his chest after that, her icy blue eyes glancing down between them. “you can rub mama’s clit, baby. i didn’t mean to startle you, but you can’t use that kind of language around mommy without a punishment, right?”

blurry nods, slowly, thumb pressing at jenna’s swollen clit yet again. he feels her wet around him, starting to shake again. “m-mama…are you close?”

“close,” she affirms, eyes shut, nails digging little half moons into blurry’s chest. the slow, lazy rut she devolved to now quickens yet again as she works herself over him. “just stay still, baby. mama’s gonna use you to get off now.”

This Is Late Because Hockey

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Nickname: im not cool enough for one

Starsign: Capricorn

Height : 4'11

Last thing I googled: “sidney crosby flaming puck photoshoot”

Favourite band: oh god. p!atd probably?

Favourite solo artist: Haley Kiyoko

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When did I make this blog: four years ago?? I think??

What kinda of stuff do I post/ reblog: everything, I guess??

Do I have other blogs: i have four sideblogs but I only use two, and I don’t know how to delete the inactive ones without going on desktop

Do I get asks regularly: Nah (please, I’m bored and lonely)

Why did I choose my url: because of my undying love for Martin Jones, goalie for the San Jose Sharks

How many blogs do I follow: 850 (should I do a cleaning?)

How many post I’ve made: 126,892

Hogwarts house: I was sorted into Ravenclaw on pottermore, but I really think I’m more of a hufflepuff

Pokemon team: Instinct

Favourite color: the bisexual flag

Average hours of sleep: 8

Lucky number: i don’t think I have one?

Favourite character: ((I have so many))

What am I wearing: hufflepuff pj pants and the shirt we got from the dealership when we got my car

How many blankets do I sleep with: 2

Dream job: sports dietitian

Dream trip: I’d love to go back to northern Italy (the city we lived in was Vicenza, about two hours west of Venice), I really enjoyed living there

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