please make a new movie

One of the images to come out of the upcoming 2k16 movie is this sweet moment between April and Raph….

Knowing full well what happened with the other Raphril moments that were viciously cut from the 2k14 movie, I have no doubt these will be cut out as well…… probably to make way for the capril overload we’re most likely going to get in the next movie…..

Ugh. Really sucks being a non-canon shipper sometimes but I’m still holding out for a jealous Raph that threatens to beat Casey within an inch of his life if he EVER hurts April.

*ugly sobs* look just how freakin’ adorable they are……

Great Scott, Barry! (Barry Allen x Reader, Chapter 1/?)

Rating: T

Summary: When you, the Reader, first met Barry Allen, you had no idea you’d both be whisked to the past and accidentally disrupt the timeline. Now you two must do everything in your power to right your wrongs and get back to the future.

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Calling all Aca-Nerds

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Sup Pitches i’m looking to follow more Pitch Perfect weirdos cos that movie is my life! And i need to follow more amazing people who love the movie as much as I do!

So if you love:

  • Anna Kendrick
  • Brittany Snow
  • Rebel Wilson
  • Anna Camp
  • Alexis Knapp
  • Ester Dean
  • Hailee Steinfeld
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Bechloe
  • Beca Mitchell
  • Fat Amy
  • Chloe Beale
  • Basically anything Pitch Perfect

Then please reblog or like or something! so i can make new friends, loved this movie forever and i just don’t have enough people to die over it with. So i’d love to make new friends!


Hopefully this wasn’t too cringe-worthy.

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Can they please just make a new The Phantom of the Opera movie with Ramin Karimloo as the Phantom and Sierra Boggess as Christine, because they’re beautiful and I need an updated HD of The Phantom of the Opera???

(I know this picture is from Love Never Dies, but it’s the clearest picture I could find)

So many things to talk about.

Monster High:

  • The Ghostbuster Frankie is cute. I would have preferred a new character, but the concept is neat. It should have been Spectra for the irony of it all.
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the Steam family two pack! We’re finally getting hot dad! Maybe the doll gods will smile on me and SOMEHOW I will be able to afford them. Please make a Sparky/Frankie set next Mattel.
  • That poster for the new movie. Yikes. Draculaura looks cute, but that’s really the only nice thing I can say.
  • Not digging that the Lost Movie is supposedly in live action, but I’ll wait and see.

Ever After High:

  • Wasn’t really a fan of the new webisode. It was a standard shrinking episode at best.
  • Not sure how I feel about Nina. Nina didn’t really act how I pictured her at all. She felt a bit too much like Maddie personality-wise. When she spoke all I could think of was Draculaura.
  • Speaking of Maddie, why didn’t they use one of her growing potions?
  • Wonder if anything will come of that cliffhanger at the end.
  • I know I’m in the minority here, but I ADORE SDCC Cedar. I totally dig the creepy vibe she’s got going on. Of course, Pinocchio is one of my fav stories so yeah.