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I'm 101% here for taem finding out he needs to dance and being angsty about It but breaking through and becoming his dance machine self, please spam us with thoughts!!!!!!!

Okay u asked for it here u go also I’m on mobile so if spelling shit is wrong pls blame autocorrect lmao also I don’t know a whole lot about the Amish community and their customs so this is based off the minimal screen time I saw of the Amish character in my movie earlier lmao

Just lil Amish baby boy taemin somehow by some miracle finding out about the auditions at SM??

He goes, which is STRONGLY against the wishes of his family, elders, bishop, etc

Literally he almost gets shunned the moment he puts in semi-average clothes and leaves for the city

His mom is crying as he leaves

But also he feels like this is something he’s just meant to do?? The flyer he saw for it was a sign from God!!! How else would he have seen it???

He gets in holy shit he’s so excited he’s almost hyperventilating

He has to get his parents to sign a thing because he’s a minor and he has to translate a lot of it for his parents and they’re SO AGAINST IT and the bishop gets involved and it’s basically just

“Taemin if you go, you will be shunned. There is no turning back.”

Taemin contemplates it for WEEKS before he decided yes this is what he wants he wants this he needs this

He goes and lives with a cousin who left and was also shunned and it’s a difficult transition into public school and city life but he’s actually allowed to be a trainee

And at first a lot of people make fun of his accent and how he’s a little awkward about certain things and how he doesn’t have a phone or an iPod like wow what a loser

He eventually leaves his cousin’s house and lives in the trainee dorms. By this point he’s very used to taking care of himself because his cousin wasn’t so great at being very maternal or anything and so he just looks out for himself. He’s grown accustomed to experimenting with how he can add different things to instant ramen. Honey and milk is his favorite so far. He decidedly leaves out the shrimp flavor packet when he adds things like honey and milk.

When key first meets him, key makes fun of taemins accent. Someone else gives key shit for making fun of a kid with an accent when key himself used to have an accent like a month ago before he got used to talking without it. Key then decides to help taemin speak without an accent. They’ve been very close ever since.

Jinki takes it upon himself to make sure taemin is doing okay when he finds out that taemins family essentially disowned him. Taemin doesn’t notice it until after they debut. He’s very thankful.

A lot of the staff adore taemin because he’s very polite and shy, and also they feel bad for him. Taemin does not appreciate the pity, but he does appreciate the little gifts some of the managers give him. He especially likes the iPod shuffle he’s given once jonghyun shows him how to use t and put music on it.

Taemins also never used a computer. Minho took so long showing him how to use it and also how to play video games. They play a lot of video games together.

The first time they talk about their families after they debut, taemin just stays silent. Jinki notices him get a little teary eyed, though. Jinki hugs him tight and reassures him that all the members love and care for him very much, and they can be his new family if he wants. Jinkis mother also sends taemin little care packages sometimes. Jinki pretends he doesn’t see the way they make taemin get a little misty eyed until he blinks the tears away.

Taemins cousin and her boyfriend came to see taemin on debut day. She said she was going to send pictures of taemins debut to taemins parents and brother. Taemin pretended he didn’t hear and promptly ignored it.

When taemins mother opens the letter and pictures of taemin fall out along with a letter from the cousin about how he’s debuted now and he’s the lead dancer, she cries. She hasn’t seen a recent picture of her son in over three years. The family keeps the pictures in a small drawer in the living room, and they don’t tell anyone that they have them.

Even though he’s been shunned, taemin starts sending letters to his family. They never write back, but they get them. They also keep those letters in the drawer in the living room. Taemin tells them how much he misses them in every letter.

When he’s 17, he stops sending letters for a while. He thinks they don’t care because they never write back. His brother writes him a couple months after the letters stop. Taemin cried for the first time in years.

He sends his old iPod shuffle to them after that, along with headphones and instructions on how to use it.

“You can hear me in it,” he wrote. “Press the ▶️button and make sure you have the headphones plugged in and in your ears. You’ll know when you hear my voice.”

Even though it’s against their rules, they all listen to it. They cherish the few minutes they get to hear taemins voice.

He does not include the song “lucifer.” He’s afraid they would think he was possessed by the devil.

When he gets nervous, his accent peaks through a bit. He always tries to hide it when he realizes people have heard it. He pretends he doesn’t have it.

When he’s 21, ten years after he’s been shunned, he’s being filmed for what he thinks is a variety show. Only, he’s met with his parents and brother when he walks through the doors of a house out in the country. He falls to the floor and almost instantly has tears falling down his face.

His parents switched to a different church within in the Amish community. This church allows for contact with people of different faiths. He’s allowed to talk to them. He’s allowed to see them.

His mom hugs him tightly, helping him stand up and telling him how much she loves him. He holds onto her so tightly, his hands gripping into the back of her clothes. His dad and brother come over as well, petting his hair and hugging him and saying how much they’ve missed him.

It’s a very emotional time for him

I really don’t know what the point of this au is lmao

This is officially the most effort I have ever put into a shitpost also WARNING IT GETS KINDA LOUD AT THE END

its based off this

@spooks-mc-pooks-esquire sent me this audio and i just had to do this, sorry I know I’ve made like four BATIM posts in a row by now but I swear I’ll draw something else soon


“I’ve got somethin’ WAY better in mind fer YOU.  See, me ‘n’ Joey got ourselves a deal.  I help him with his little, er… project… and he makes sure we never get pushed around and outta the spotlight again.  This whole revenge biz?  Icing on the cake.”

“Now, let’s see how YOU like bein’ trapped in here, forever followin’ the script some schmoe writes for you.”



A person going by the name “ Flandre Scarlet (Bendy The Dancing Devil) “ has  stolen countless pictures of artwork and reposted them on Google Plus.

Without even doing the following!

  • Claim that it doesn’t belong to them!
  • Ask for permission!
  • Or credit who and where it belongs to!

Please spread word of this person. For they may have already stolen your art without even asking. And if you have a google plus account, please report this person!

They are already known for stealing mine ( @bendy-boris), @ask-showstopper-bendy ,  @askbendytheangel ,  @bendythe-demon , @anastasia-cherubin ,  and @asktheinkdemon .

(I will add more to the list if you state you find yours got stolen too. )


((I remember seeing a post that we got mentioned in about what would happen if your 2D Bendy in monster form should meet with Bitty Bendy.))

((Please no hate, I’m trying real hard here ;;///;;;))

heres your daily dose of hot and spicy meme

im so sorry @ask-showstopper-bendy

bendies(???) in order of appearance
and moose

I know absolutely nothing about what’s going on with them but I’ve seem them a lot on my dash lately *cough* @kimmys-voodoo *cough* and I feel like a part of me has adopted them as a little ship of mine???? Plus I love old cartoons so…