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Song is Issues by Julia Michaels
(I do not own any of the rights to this song they go to their rightful owners)
Hello! This is my first Evak video ever. It took me quite a while to make (4-5 hours) as I am using a relatively crappy, free video editing program. Please tell me what you think about it, don’t be afraid to tell me the truth aha. Anyways, if you know any better free programs to make edits please drop them in the comments. Also, If you repost on any other platform please give me credit, My instagram is @/tarjeisandvikmo

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okay, so it took..4-5 hours to make a copy of the Anti!Chase sim but it gave me a chance to eat/draw n now I have him saved (hopefully) so making other Jackaboy egos should be quicker. also if I'm being annoying, like spamming about this please tell me

You’re not annoying, I swear! I love receiving asks from you guys! It makes me really happy! :D
Also when you’ll finish the other egos please tag us in it! I would love to see them! :) - Mod Lily

A list of all the boys I’ve kissed:

1. It was October and my hands felt a little empty until I found yours. 
2. We both had a little too much to drink. It didn’t mean anything.
3. I did it out of spite. I knew that if I kissed you- something in him would break. I’m sorry.
4. For the record,  you kissed me. 
5. Thank you for singing Ed Sheeran songs with me in your car and even more for holding my hand. For kissing me with music playing in the background. I’ll always remember those songs.
6. I needed a friend and you ran all the way from your house to see me. I just needed someone who listened but you gave me so much more.
7. You tasted like stale cigarettes.
8. I knew about her and I still kissed you back anyways because it didn’t mean anything, did it? You love her and I love him. 
9. Thank you for loving me as best as you could. 
10. You sat there in silence and listened. I couldn’t help it. 
11. I loved you but I wasn’t the only one. 
12. You were drunk and you were lonely. I was too. 
13. I gave you my silver ring with the word love engraved on the outside. It’s been two years since then and you’re father to a beautiful boy. Be good to him. 
14. Damn are you fucked up. You never mentioned you were having a daughter.
15. You loved me. You were good to me and I’m sorry that I couldn’t be what you needed me to be. 
16. I made a mistake. You did too.
17. We’re not bestfriends anymore.
18. I guess I miss you but not enough to go back to you. I know you miss me too. 
19. You drove 2 hours to see me for 5 minutes. Next time though, remember that I hate roses.
20. You were sad and I was there when she wasn’t. We’re still bestfriends.
21. It was December and he was gone. 
22. You took me by my wrist and left bruises. That wasn’t love. 
23. I never saw you again. 24. I’m never going to see you again. 25. Two years later and I can still feel the ache of loving you. Please come home.

—  A list of all the boys I’ve kissed // thewordsyouneverunderstood
4/4 Hurt

Requested: Yes or No

Anonymous: can you write a 4/4 where you guys are in a fight and he accidentally hits you?

A/N This is a warning for violence and if you are suffering from abuse or anything please talk to me


“Why can’t I spend more than 5 minutes with you anymore?!” i yell at Calum feeling tears well up in my eyes. “Why can’t you stop being a bitch for more than 5 minutes?!” he yells back stepping closer than before. This has been going on for awhile, us fighting, me balling my eyes to sleep and him coming back the next day hung over from Luke’s or Michael’s house.

I wanted to scream until my lungs hurt and would burst while my eyes made a waterfall down my chin soaking my shirt. “ Why can’t you love me like you use to?” I wanted to scram but it came out a hiccup whisper. That’s what set him off.

He grabs my throat in his bare hands forcefully pushing me against the wall “ How could you not think I don’t love you?! If i didn’t you would be on the streets with no family since you left them for me.” He spits as i gasp slapping his hand to get air.  “Pl-ease” i cry “let g-go” i wease out “Yo-u’re hu-rti-ng m-me.”

He gasp, the clouds in his eyes now gone and is now filled with sadness and disappointment. He lets go and runs a hand though his hair as i catch my breath rubbing my throat. As I realized am free I take a chance to run up the stairs but is stopped by his hand on my wrist, “please don’t leave me, it was a mistake” he cry's “what part; calling em a bitch, saying i have no one or physically hurting me?” i whisper not trusting my voice to go how while i am crying and from being blocked by air for more than 10 seconds.

“All of it, you know I would never hurt you.” he begs and crys harder. “Well it looks like you just did.” i say getting out of his grasp running up the stairs and locking the bedroom door sliding down pushing my knees to my chest crying harder when I hear him punch a wall making the apartment vibrate.


“Why are you always with her?” I whisper yell not wanting to wake my prince upstairs. “When will you stop complaining?’ he spits back venom in his voice not caring to wake up he’s son who was only 3 weeks old and  barely got to see his own dad.

“When I know why you’re always with her!” I cry rubbing my eyes so he can’t see me cry, which fails. “why do you always cry? i want a getaway from here, is that so bad?” he yells “ will you just stop yelling? i don’t want to wake up Jasper”. 

“you’re not my mom y/n, I can do whatever i want.” he says with hes dark blue eyes which are suppose to be a sky blue filled with happiness. “I never said i was and actually if you just want a getaway from us, then at least tell me so i know to pack mine and Jasper’s things to get out of your hair” I cry not caring anymore.

 “Not like you love us anymore anyways, you clearly don’t show it with hanging with her probably cheating, getting drunk all the time, coming home at 6 in the morning then leaving an hour later. you never talk to me, never hang or take care of Jas.” “I thought when the man stayed while his girlfriend was pregnant, that meant he was there to care of them both not have lame excuses to ‘getaway’.” 

He smacked me. The love of my life laid a hand on me, something he promised never to do. “y/n..” he whispers realizing what he just did. “No stop” I say waving my hand telling him not to come closer “you’ve done enough, i’m leaving after I pack my things along with jasper’s and then you’ll have this place to yourself with her. just please don’t touch or call or text me ever again.” i whisper and cry as i hear a cry coming upstairs. “Goodbye Luke” I walked up the stairs closing the door to Jasper’s room leaving Luke to himself downstairs.


I laid on the couch, once again waiting for Michael’s arrival from a night out with the boys. I look through twitter seeing pictures of him and the boys and smiling at his smile. It drops when I see a picture of him with another girl wrapped up in each other. I close out the app after typing out a tweet saying “Liar”.

I put my phone on the coffee table and paying attention to my favorite show _Friends. _I smile and giggle but it quickly stops when I hear keys jiggly and the front door to our apartment opens. I shut my eyes acting like I was sleeping. I hear footsteps go to our room then quickly come out walking to the living room and stopping when he stops me.

He walks over shutting the tv off and moving pieces of my hair out of my face leaning down kissing my cheek, like he always. I lightly stir at the action and he stops for a few seconds before picking me up and walking to our room, laying me down on the bed and walking to our closet to change his clothes into a new clean pair of boxers. He lays down and wraps an arm around my waist, which i immediately move and i curse as he now knows I am not asleep.

“So which one of us is the liar?” he grumbles sitting up and turning on the lamp beside him. I sigh and close my eyes “can you stop, I don’t want to deal with this right now.” I say and rub my eyes. “When can you tell me what i did wrong this time?” “Michael stop” i sigh pulling my bangs behind my ear. “No tell me” he eggs on and i groan “ The pictures” “what pictures?” “of you and her”.

“Are you accusing me of cheating?” he yells standing up now “ honestly, yes because when you see your boyfriend hugging another girl with his face almost devouring her breasts. so yes I am and-” i get cut off by a smack to my face. I close my eyes and open them letting tears fall down my face “did you just hit me?” i cry and look at him, who has a shock face looking between me and his hand. “DID YOU JUST HIT ME?” i repeat full on crying now with hiccups here and there.

“I didn’t mean it, is wear baby” “you don’t have a right to call me that after what you just did.” i whisper “ goodbye Michael, i’ll be back to get my things whenever.” i say walking out the bedroom grabbing some shoes, my keys and walking out the door leaving my heart in there with the one person I didn’t knwo anymore.


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We yelled and screamed till our lungs and chest hurt. We called each other names and moved closer to each other probably waking the neighborhood. We fought, like normal couples and had hot make up sex right after, but that wasn’t the case tonight. We would not be having sex, we would not make up tonight or maybe any night at all.

He did the one thing he promised not to do, he hit me. We promised to each other that none of us would ever get physical but he did. I don’t think I’ve ever cried in my life this hard before. Th love of my life had broken yet another promise he said he would keep.

I grab my cheek looking at him and seeing the tears cloud his eyes “ y/n baby i am so sorry-” i laughed and continued crying “ no you’re not, cause if you were, you wouldn’t have done what you juts did and break another one of your stupid promises.” I cry harder. “ I didn’t mean to y/n please believe it was just a reaction” he pleads “I can’t” i say backing up towards the door grabbing my keys and phone.

“i’ll be back tomorrow for my things.” i say shutting the door.

“I love you.” he whispers at the same time i close the door and finally lets the tears and sobs out.

A/N Not that it took me almost two hours to think and write lol but I hoped you enjoyed this and if you want another part, just message or inbox me and remember to please talk to someone if you are getting abused or have seen abused.

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Hello hahah, so I just recently listen to The 7th Sense, and I can't stop listening to it now.. Is there anything I need to know about all of NCT, besides them being bloody amazing? :))

yes hi hello finally people start recognising me as an nct blog after almost a year of having this url much nice and also i’ll try to explain this as good as possible because engish isn’t my first language, and this is really long it took me like 4 hours so bare with me

So let’s start from the basics. NCT (Neo Culture Technology) a multinational group which will have multiple members and many different sub units based in major cities all over the world. Each sub unit can have different members, depending mostly whether they fit the song and concept, however, it’s not sure if the x line up, nct u for example, will make a return together (here is something interesting nct-127 answered a while ago - [x] )

So far, only two sub units have debuted, NCT U (the first unit) and NCT #127, who are currently promoting their newest album (please support them by purchasing it physically or buy it on itunes or google music if you can and actually want, you won’t regret it). The members who debuted with these units were part of a predebut rookie team, SRB (initials for SRookie Boys) and they started as SR14B because the team was introduced to the public in 2014 (though Taeyong and Jeno were introduced in 2013), so now the remaining trainees of the team are ‘SR16B’ (for example I found out about them in 2015 so they were SR15B back then) did i even make sense lol

The remaining trainees are 6 which means that 9 have debuted. However SM is a savage so there are more traineeslocked in the dungeon

now let me introduce you to the boys its going to be a long ass ride haha get it? ok i’ll stop now

*from the eldest to the youngest, i’ll also put SR16B too because they are basically going to debut with them in the future. I put the members who have debuted first!*

/ Taeil’s profile / => NCT-U + NCT #127 member

/ Taeyong’s profile / => NCT-U + NCT #127 member

Yuta’s profile / => NCT #127 member

/ Doyoung’s profile / => NCT-U member

WinWin’s profile / => NCT #127 member 

/ Ten’s profile / => NCT-U member

/ Jaehyun’s profile / => NCT-U member + NCT #127 member

/ Mark’s profile => NCT-U member + NCT #127 member

Haechan’s profile /=> NCT #127 member


my info with photos because i couldn’t find anything reliable.

Hansol ~

  • Name: Ji Hansol
  • Position: Dancer, vocalist (?)
  • D.O.B: Nov. 21. 1994
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Home town: Busan, S.Korea

Photo // Photo 2 // Photo 3 // Photo 4

Johnny ~

  • Name: Seo Youngho
  • Position: Rapper, vocalist (?)
  • D.O.B: Feb. 19. 1995
  • Nationality: Korean-American
  • Home town: Chicago, USA

Photo // Photo 2 // Photo 3 // Photo 4

Kun ~ 

  • Name: Qian Kun
  • Position: Vocalist (?)
  • D.O.B: Jan. 01. 1996
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Home town: Fijian, China

Photo // Photo 2 // Photo 3 // Photo 4

Jeno ~ 

  • Name: Lee Jeno 
  • Position: Vocalist. He has also mentioned he likes to dance and sing, so probably, also dancer? 
  • D.O.B: Apr. 23. 2000
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Home town: Seoul, S.Korea (?)

Photo // Photo 2 // Photo 3 // Photo 4

Jaemin ~ 

  • Name: Na Jaemin
  • Position: Dance (?)
  • D.O.B: Aug. 13. 2000
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Home town: Seoul, S.Korea

Photo // Photo 2 // Photo 3 // Photo 4

Jisung ~ 

  • Name: Park Jisung
  • Position: Dancer, Vocalist, and he has also mentioned he enjoys rapping, so who knows! 
  • D.O.B: Feb. 05. 2002 my same age bro
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Home town: Seoul, S.Korea

Photo // Photo 2 // Photo 3 // Photo 4

Video Masterlist~ 

(if you want to know moe about their personalities and see them being on crack basically) 

Music Videos

The 7th Sense - Music Video // Performance Version // Behind The Scenes 

Without You - Music Video + Chinese Version // Behind The Scenes

Firetruck - Music Video // Performance Version // Behind The Scenes 


(only nct u has had interviews, unless i’ve missed something)

NCT U On Air Show - (Day 1) // (Day 2)

NCT U Idols of Asia - (x)

Super Junior Kiss The Radio 160415 with NCT U - (x)

NCT U Album Cover Making Film - (x)

Pops In Seoul; NCT U; Q&A - (pt.1) // (pt.2) 

NCT Life

NCT Life in Bangkok(EP.1) // (EP. 2) // (EP.3) // (EP.4) // (EP.5) // (EP.6)

NCT Life in Seoul - (EP.1) // (EP.2) // (EP.3) // (EP.4) // (EP.5) // (EP.6) // (EP.7)

NCT Life in Paju - (EP.0) (new season, more episodes will come out)

I hope this helped! Please shout me a message if you need some more help regarding NCT! I am sure you’ll love them all, honestly, I can’t express how happy I am for stanning these precious boys! Welcome in our fandom and thank you for asking me

Baby, You're Perfect | L.H. Imagine |

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Requested | Yes

Anonymous said:Request of where Luke is insecure about his body and u comfort him all set around the Christmas time?


This story was kinda hard for me to write. I an no way in any shape of form, trying to romanticize mental troubles, mental disabilities, or body image issues. I am just writing this to make this anon happy. So, if this TRIGGERS you, please don’t read, okay. I don’t want any of my followers to get triggered bc my stupid ass is writing this okay, okay.

** ALSO : If you need someone to talk to, my message is ALWAYS open, okay. I promise Ii love you, and I don’t want you to be upset, please talk to me I want you to be happy :) I love you **

Baby You’re Perfect

I opened the oven and put the cookie sheet, full of freshly made chocolate chip cookie batter, rolled into small round circles, into the oven. I closed it and set the timer for 10 minutes.

I then started making the gingerbread cookie batter in a separate bowl. As I was putting the spices into the bowl, I heard my boyfriend in the other room calling me. I walked into the living room, and was welcomed with Luke, standing and showing off the beautiful tree he just decorated. It was so amazing I went over to hug him.

I walked over and kissed his cheek, “ Good job babe, it looks great ” I said. He kissed m cheek back and said “ Thanks, I can also smell your cookies, they smell pretty good. ”

“ Thanks babe ” I said. “ I need to get back to baking, how about you replace the couch cushions with the Christmas ones. ” He nodded his head and went to the closet to grab the cushions. I went back to the kitchen to finish the baking.

~20 minutes later~

“ Luke, stop! ” I screamed, trying to get away from him because he was trying to kiss me with the leftover batter on his lips. “ C'mon babe, don’t you want a kiss ” he said. He finally caught up to me and kissed my cheek.

“ Ew! You are so gross ” I said with a smile. He just laughed to himself. “ C'mon help me clean up from baking, please ” I asked, pulling my famous puppy dog face, which I know Luke couldn’t say no to.

“ Ugh, fine, if I have to ”  he said. We walk back into the kitchen and start cleaning up the mess that was made when Luke tied helping me make Christmas cookies.

After we finished, the cookies had time to bake so we just decided to watch some cheesy Christmas movies. We sat down on the couch in our shared apartment, and turned on whatever was on. He was sitting down and I was laying down, my head resting on his lap. I felt his hand starting to play with the stands of my (Y/C/H) hair and it was calming me.

I looked up at Luke, and he looked down at me, and we both just smiled. I sat up and we just looked at each other. I then leaned in and kissed him, and he immediately kissed back. I then instinctively went over and straddled him and he grabbed my butt, and the kiss started to get deep and more passionate.

I then tugged the bottom of his shirt, and then Luke pulled back. He then asked me if I could get up and he went to our room. I was kinda confused, but this has been happening recently.

Recently, Luke and I have been getting into some more passionate makeout sessions, and once I kinda tugged at his shirt, he kinda pulls back and either tells me he’s tired or he'll come up with an excuse. I knew that he wasn’t a virgin, and neither was I, so it’s been confusing me lately.

I went to our shared bathroom, and I knocked on the door. I realized the door was locked, so I knocked a little harder, thinking that something was wrong. I heard Luke, he said he would be out in a minute. I just assumed he had to use the bathroom, so  I went back to the kitchen, remembering that I had to take the cookies out of the oven.

I took the cookies out, and put them on a cooling rack to cool. It’s been at least 15 minutes and Luke still didn’t leave the bathroom. I went over again, and knocked on the door and asked if he was okay. No response. I go worried.

“ Luke, are you okay ” I asked again. No response.

I got really nervous. “ Luke, if you don’t answer I am going to fucking barge this door down.

No response.

I started crying. I started pounding on the door, screaming his name.

’ LUKE! PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR! ” Is what I said for a good minute.

No response.

That was it. I started pounding on the door, desperate for the door to fall or somehow open the door. The door miraculously opened and I saw Luke, standing in front of the mirror, with his shirt off, just staring at his body.

My heart immediately broke. I walked over to Luke. He didn’t even move when I opened the door. I grabbed his body from the back and held him. I noticed that he was crying. “ Luke ” I said, trying to get his attention.

He just closed his eyes, not wanting to make eye contact with me. “ I’m sorry ” is all he said. I can’t believe it.

He thinks that his body isn’t perfect, when I think his body is the best in the world. I turned him around and made him look in my eyes. “ Luke, look at me "  Ii said. He opened his eyes, and my heart broke.

” Luke, please listen to me, you are the most, perfect human being in the world. You make my life worth living and I love you with all my life and I hate seeing you like this. You are so fucking worth it and such an amazing human and I love you to fucking pieces. Please never think you aren’t in every way perfect, because you are, okay. I fucking love you so much and please, please know that I will never, ever stop loving you. “

His arms just wrapped around me. ” I love you, thank you “ is all he said.

” I love you baby, you’re perfect “  I said back, kissing him.



But seriously, thank you so much for 900+ followers like, why, im hella trash.


He cheated on you (Calum)

Anon request:  “Can u do short imagine when cal cheated on you? thanks” 

I was crying since now more than an hour, my body was shaking and I felt like I was burning inside. You knew that Calum was still behind the door because you could hear his heavy breath. He was not apologising anymore, he didn’t dare to talk. You were in your luxury bathroom, looking outside, replaying what you saw when you came back home earlier than usual tonight: him and her, kissing in your kitchen, playing with her long and beautiful mermaid hair, grabbing her butt while she was giggling like a teenage girl. You wanted to shout, everything seemed bitter since this moment. “Y/N open that door please, I can explain, I promise I can explain everything”. Suddenly your tears stopped, your sadness being replaced by anger. You opened the door roughly, pushing him, hitting his toned chest with no strength at all. “Why? Why you did it to me? I’m the only girl who ever loved you for who you really are! And you dare to cheat on me with a money digger bitch? I hate you, I don’t want any of your explanations, I just want you to leave this house now, I beg you to get out of this place right now!” I almost felt on my knees, my legs were total jelly, I wanted to vomit, even if the last time I ate was like 18 hours ago. He opened his mouth to talk and tried to took my hands in his. “Don’t even touch me! How dare you to touch me with this hands which were touching this slut 5 hours ago?!” “But I love you…” “I do love you Calum! And that’s why I never cheated on you, because I truly love you, with all my heart! But you don’t love me, you’re selfish, that’s what you are, now leave please” I said falling to my knees, crying like I never cried before, my heart had been ripped by the love of my life, the one with who I talked about having children, being married, having a beautiful big house with a flowered garden next to the sea. He just walked away, he knew that if he stayed I was going to suffer much more. He closed the main door downstairs and I felt empty, like I’d never been before.

An Arrow & Olicity daydream…

(I spent a chunk of the day discussing politics and I needed to decompress. So I spent the last few hours of work writing Olicity meta and what would be cool to see in Season 5 re: character journeys - especially the finale.)

I really love Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

(If you haven’t watched Buffy, please consider this me screaming in your face: watch buffy right now.)

Quick digression: I didn’t love S6 when it first came out, and that was mostly because I watched it live and got it piecemeal week-by-week. There were many, many reasons at the time. It took me a few years to see it, to view it as a whole, and to appreciate all the underlying themes and the overall tone, as a full season vs. episode-by-episode. Now it’s one of my favorite seasons. Anyway, that’s off-topic. Or is it? *side-eyes emoji*

The reason I’m saying this is because Season 6 has one of the best finales, simply because it flipped everything we know about the characters on their head. It also flipped what we expect from a supernatural/fantasy show where the villains and heroes are clearly defined, including their roles in the apocalypse and what’s expected of them. The character I never would have guessed at the beginning became the Big Bad and when she’s about to completely destroy the world in her grief, it’s not the Slayer that saves the day. It’s the character that everyone thought was just there for comic relief and to rebuild windows. (I’m boiling this down ridiculously, and if you haven’t watched Buffy, why?)

Basically, love saved the day.

Why am I waxing on about a season finale that aired almost fifteen years ago?

Because I have a daydream, friends, and it’s 100% about the fifth season of Arrow and Olicity’s role in it.

Rather, Oliver and Felicity’s role in it, as separate characters… 


Allow me to explain…

Keep reading

in the waves: a makoharu fanmix from softbeam and me

1. Jenny - Studio Killers / 2. Beautiful - Mystery Skulls / 3. CHOCOLAT - Hoshina Anniversary / 4. XO - Beyoncé / 5. Digital Love - Daft Punk / 6. Let Me Be With You -ちぃVer.- - 田中理恵 / 7. Spending all my time - Perfume / 8. Sunlight - Bag Raiders / 9. Island Song - Ashley Eriksson / 10. 낭만길 (Romantic St.) - 소녀시대 / 11. You Make Me Feel BRAND NEW - 버벌진트, 산이, 범키, 스윙스, 팬텀 & 칸토 / 12. Liebesträume (Dreams of Love) - Franz Liszt

art source:


     Is this TRULY what you all want my manips to look like?!

     If you don’t, THEN STOP STEALING, PLAGIARIZING, EDITING, AND POSTING THEM ON OTHER WEBSITES WITHOUT MY PERMISSION (Facebook, Instagram, Weheartit, etc.). I have seen my work STOLEN, EDITED, and someone by the name of Frozen2Sceneson Instagramhas went out of the way to remove my signature at the bottom of my Titanic AU Jelsa Poster (shown above) and put his/her OWN signature, claiming it was his/her own. 

     I am ANGERED and DISGUSTED by this. It takes me 2-5 hours to make these manips. This one shown above, took me 4 hours to make. I enjoy doing them, but if it comes to this I will STOP posting them.

     I love it when you guys like and reblog my work, it let’s me know that you love it. But if you wish to post it somewhere else outside of Tumblr, PLEASE JUST ASK!!! I seriously beg you guys, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE JUST ASK ME!!! I will most likely say YES, as long as you DO NOT EDIT IT, AND GIVE MY SOURCE TO MY TUMBLR PAGE. 

                                          NOTICES TO:

          Ivanna on Weheartit   +   Frozen2Scenes on Instagram

Frozen2Scenes from Instagram:

                               Dear Frozen2Scenes,

                              I am the TRUE editor of the Titanic Jelsa AU         

                              MANIP. I see on YOUR INSTAGRAM 

                              PAGE, that you have EDITED OUT MY 

                              SIGNATURE (that is ALWAYS at the bottom of 

                               ALL of my manips), and you have put YOUR 

                               OWN SIGNATURE there, claiming that IT IS 

                               YOURS. I DO NOT appreciate you

                               PLAGIARIZING my work. Although, I was furious 

                               when I learned that you had stolen my work; I'm 

                               asking you nicely to REMOVE your post of MY 

                                TITANIC JELSA AU MANIP by 3/31/14. This is 

                                NOT RIGHT that you have over 2,000 likes on 

                                work, that YOU have STOLEN from me. If you       

                                 DO NOT remove the post by 3/13/14, I will 

                                  proceed from there…

                                                                    ~ MarciBeautyQueen

Ivanna from Weheartit:  Dear Ivanna,

                                      I DO NOT appreciate YOU taking MY 

                                      WORK without MY permission.  I have 

                                      noticed that people on Tumblr are now 

                                      starting to take MY manip, from YOUR

                                      Weheartit PAGE, instead of taking it 

                                      FROM ME, the ACTUAL SOURCE.

                                       I thank you for leaving my signature on

                                       the post, and not editing it out, or claiming

                                        it  was your own. But, I’m asking you to 

                                       please REMOVE the post by 3/31/14 from

                                        your website, without proper credit to me.

.                                                                      ~ MarciBeautyQueen

                     If I don’t protect my work, then who will?

                          Please give credit where credit is due…

                                                  Thank you,


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I don’t really have many words I can use to describe how I’m feeling right now but thank you. If you follow me, like or reblog anything I make or if you’re one of my amazing friends, thank you so much. I’ve only really been active on tumblr for ten months and to be this far on in so little time is amazing. So yeahh, thank you for supporting me and my pitiful blog.

Here are some blogs you should definitely check out because they’re some of my favourites: ((I’m sorry if I missed you out, there’s a lot of people I love whoops))

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