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So I was rewatching the Celebrity Bromance episode when I noticed something..When the fan approached Jungkook with a snack,he was very flattered and very kindly accepted it…

However,when he later wanted to open the snack,he didn’t open it the way it should be opened,aka like this

…but ripped it from the side.

Why?So he wouldn’t rip the fan’s message and it would remain untouched 

….Jeon Jungkook everybody..he…he is a good soul…

Shape of You - Jack Maynard Imagine

Summary: Jack and Y/N have known each other forever and have liked each other for almost as long, yet refuse to admit it to each other. One night at a club forces them to confront everything.

Word Count: 3,078

Trigger Warnings: slight sexual harrassment, slight bullying/teasing

Author’s Note: so I haven’t posted any fanfic on here in almost five years, so please be kind and please please give me feedback! I love getting constructive criticism about my writing. Also send in requests if you have them!

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For as long as you could remember, Jack Maynard had been in your life in one form or another. He always seemed to be around and as such, many of your childhood memories featured him and his older brother, alongside your favourite cousins. 

The Maynard Brothers had grown up across the road from your cousins growing up and always seemed to be there the same time that you were. With only an older brother who was more than ten years your senior, you spent most of your time with your cousins and they were more like siblings than cousins when you were growing up.

All of your important memories had him in it. When you broke your wrist when you were seven – Jack was the one who’d pushed you. All your birthdays and family barbeques – Jack was there pranking you with your cousins. You went to the same school and somehow wound up becoming friends with the same people. 

Basically, Jack was a part of your life as much as your cousins were. Your mother loved to tease you growing up that one day you’d fall in love with Jack and live happily ever after. The thought repulsed you - as if you would want to be stuck with the slimy little git for the rest of your life!It wasn’t until you got to secondary school that things started to get complicated. 

Jack and your youngest cousin were in the year above you, while his older brother, Conor, and your oldest cousin were two years above them. You all went to a large secondary school outside of Brighton, and you rarely saw the four of them during school hours. 

For the first time in your life, the older kids didn’t overshadow you and you started to become your own person.You still saw all of them every weekend, still had family celebrations and barbeques together and did the same things that you always had done. Jack and Conor were still the dumb boys across the road who hadn’t quite discovered the magic of personal hygiene quite yet. Your mother still teased you about the only reason that bothered you was because you liked one of them. You still thought she was delusional. Why on earth would any sane girl want to be with a boy who didn’t know what deodorant was? At that point in your life, you didn’t think you’d ever love anyone as much as you loved Nick Jonas.

Until one day, when you overheard one of the girls in your year boasting about having hooked up with Jack at a party. She was sprouting to a group of girls in your class about Jack’s magical tongue, and you couldn’t help but dry retch in response. Even though you were on opposite sides of the room, she seemed to have heard you, and loudly whispered to the group how some people were just so jealous of others.

You didn’t bother trying to conceal your snort this time, you shook your head slightly as you rolled your eyes. You? Jealous of her kissing Jack Maynard? Not in a million years. It wasn’t like he’d actually keep her around. Jack kissed girls all the time, you heard as much from your cousin, you could only guess that he’d already made it through all the girls in his own year who would kiss him, so he’d had to resort to the desperate girls in your year instead.

You had no way of knowing then, that he actually would keep her around. Suddenly she was there at all of your family get-togethers, and Jack was never there on the weekends. It bothered you and you hadn’t a clue as to why. Why should you care if he wasn’t there? All he did was tease you about tripping over and try and pull on your hair.

You tried to talk to your mum about it, and that went about as well as you should have expected.

“I just don’t get him! He’s known her for two minutes and now it’s like she’s part of the family! They’re always groping each other and sticking their tongues down each other’s throats, it’s so gross! Does she know that he only figured out what deodorant was like last week?” You groaned to her in the kitchen during a family barbeque, leaning against the counter while she made a cup of tea.

“Sounds like somebody is jealous …” she said in a sing-song voice, a delighted smile lighting up her entire face, “Oh honey, it’s about time you realised how much you like him!” she grinned, laughing at the horrified look of disgust on your face.

“Just look at him normally for once, okay? Come over here and look!” She waved you over to the kitchen window, sighing in annoyance when you didn’t move, “Humour me for once,” she directed you, smiling appreciatively when you dragged yourself over to her side.

The kitchen window was quite large and gave a very clear view of your backyard. You could see Conor and your younger cousins engaged in some sort of water fight, all of your parents gathered around on the patio laughing at something your dad was saying, and then there was Jack and her. They were cuddled up near a tree at the very back of the garden.

When had Jack gotten so tall? You had always been taller than him, for your entire life, yet now he was standing against that tree and was a good head taller than a branch you knew you had hit your head on only this morning. The more than you looked at him, you noticed other things. Gone was the scrawny little shit who had tormented you as a kid; he still wasn’t ridiculously big but he actually looked like a man, not a little boy. Had his teeth always been that white? And since when had simply looking at him made your stomach roll? Was it possible that your mother was right?

Your eyes darted across the yard to where Conor was, another smile spreading across your face when you noticed him sitting down next to your cousin, who had previously been sunbathing near the pool. You’d always thought they would make a lovely couple, why couldn’t they see it when everyone else could tell they were into each other? It was so frustrating!

Suddenly a pair of fingers dug into your waist, making you jump and gasp as you banged your knee on the cupboard door. Spinning around, you noticed that your mother was gone, and instead, Jack was in front of you with a smug smirk on his face, when had he gotten here?

“You’re so easy to scare!” he chortled, bracing his hands on his knees as he laughed at your expense. You scowled at him, shoving his shoulder roughly in irritation. “What are you staring so hard at anyway?” he asked as you both looked out the window again.

“Conor and [Y/C/N],” You answered him simply, “Wondering when they’re gonna buck up and admit that they like each other,” you continued, peeking at Jack out of the corner of your eye and marvelling at how sharp his jawline was, surely that wasn’t normal, right? That thing could cut glass!

Jack snorted at your answer, “It’s Conor, he’s a little pussy, he’ll never tell her unless he knows for sure that she likes him back, it’s simple self-preservation,” he stated, narrowing his eyes when you let out a snort of your own.

“Must be a Maynard thing then, being a pussy,” you smirked at the offended look on his face, “Conor’s been in the pants of half the girls in Brighton, how on earth is [Y/C/N] meant to know she won’t just be another notch in his bedpost?” you argued back.

Jack rolled his eyes as he turned to face you; crossing his arms across his chest and making you wonder where in the hell those biceps had come from. “Maynard’s aren’t pussies! If anything [Y/L/N]’s are pussies! I don’t see you or [Y/C/N] with boyfriends, now do you?” he snarled at you, reminding you of the mean streak of his that often reared it’s head whenever he got agitated. “Perfect little virgin [Y/N] on her high horse can’t even get a boyfriend,” he sneered at you.

Swallowing the lump in your throat, you scoffed at him, letting out a loud bark of laughter, “Why would you think that I need a boyfriend in order to not be a virgin, Jack?” you goaded him in a sickly sweet tone of voice, before spinning on your heel and retreating to the bathroom upstairs, leaving a slack-jawed Jack Maynard in your wake.

Once you were safely in your en suite bathroom, you felt a couple of stray tears slip down your cheeks, splashing against the ivory rim of the sink. You wiped them away quickly, glaring at your reflection in the mirror in a silent argument to toughen up and brush it off. 

Jack was still the same boy who delighted in tormenting you, and that would never change.You weren’t about the melt into one of the girls who fawned over him; you were better than that. If he wanted to pretend you weren’t there when he saw you then fine, there were way cuter boys in your year anyway, you resolved with a smile as you flounced out of your bathroom.

If only you actually believed that was true.


Fast forward another few years and you could scarcely believe the way in which your life had changed. 

Instead of spending your lunches daydreaming about getting out of Brighton, you were living in a flat in London with your cousin and attending the university course of your dreams. 

Jack and Conor had devoted their time and lives to youtube and it had really paid off for them. You had gained five new friends through knowing the Maynards and could scarcely imagine your life without them. 
There were some things that would never change, though; after a brutal break up two years ago, Jack had sworn off relationships and become the same player that Conor had been through school. Conor still wouldn’t admit that he was in love with [Y/C/N] and vice versa. And you were still trying to convince yourself that you didn’t have a thing for Jack Maynard.

Over the years you had tried to forget about him, tried to bury the feelings deep down in your chest. No matter what you heard from your friends or your mum, you refused to believe that the feelings might actually have been reciprocated and that there could have been a chance for you and Jack. You had come to really value Jack as a friend and him finding out that you harboured some dorky crush on him was your actual worst fear. Things were fine the way they were. 

Your cousin was always trying to set you up on blind dates so one of them had to work out eventually, right?

Tonight was one such night. Your cousin had set you up with one of her work friends and at first things had been fine; the guy, who kind of reminded you of Mikey, had been nice enough initially, complementing you on your outfit and offering to buy you a drink yet not pushing you when you refused, you weren’t particularly attracted to him but you entertained him in order to make [Y/C/N] happy and to get her off your back about telling Jack how you felt. Things had been going fine.

That was until you had run into Conor and Josh, and your ‘date’ had lashed out, telling them to fuck off and leave you both alone. You had been trying to pull away but his grip on your wrist was too tight and you could only imagine the marks that his beefy hands would be leaving around your wrist. 

He dragged you out into the middle of the dance floor, moving his hands to your waist and digging his fingers in, pulling you up against him and grinding against you. You could feel the revulsion rolling off of you in waves as he panted against your neck. You wanted to cry, or scream or beat him off you but you were trapped and you couldn’t see anyone you knew anymore. You just hoped that Conor or Josh would pass by again so you could latch onto them.

On the other side of the club, unbeknownst to you, Conor had instructed Josh to keep an eye on you whilst he stepped into the smokers area to call his little brother. As much as Conor wanted to rip that guy’s arms out of the sockets, he knew that this was something that Jack needed to do and see. He was so sick and tired of watching you and Jack dance around your feelings and he felt that this might be the very thing Jack needed to push him over the edge. Jack had opted to stay home tonight, instead of coming out with them, so he was probably watching the football in his underwear again or something.

“Come on, pick up, pick up, pick up,” Conor grumbled under his voice as he listened to the phone ringing out, if Jack had called up one of his booty calls after the very serious conversation they’d had this afternoon, he would actually deck his little brother. His shoulders visibly sagged in relief when Jack’s voice came down the line.

“Struck out already have you?” he chuckled, balancing his phone between his shoulder and ear as he searched through the fridge for something to eat, he was kind of regretting his decision to stay home now so a call from Conor had raised his spirits significantly. 

“You’ve gotta come here mate, right now. It’s [Y/N],” Conor rushed out, realising with a start that a number of things could have happened in his absence, he just hoped that Josh would step in if things escalated too far. Jack would never forgive them if anything happened to you. 

Meanwhile, on the other end of the phone call, Jack was already shoving his feet into his shoes and shrugging his jacket on while still listening to Conor.

“Where are you? What’s going on? Is she alright?” he rushed out as he grabbed his keys and wallet, shoving them into his pocket as he ran down the stairs two at a time. “Text me what club your at and just keep your eye on her okay? If anything happens to her, it’s your funeral, Conor,” he stressed to his older brother, already in the middle of ordering an Uber to pick him up. 

Conor sighed softly as he got off the phone, running a hand through his hair before turning to walk back in the bar, praying to god that Jack was here quickly.

You, on the other hand, were running out of options. You couldn’t see Conor or Josh or any of your friends and the crowd around you seemed to be multiplying by the second. You could feel the guy behind you dragging his mouth down your neck painfully and rubbing his crotch against your ass roughly. You could feel tears pricking at the edge of your eyes as it occurred to you that you might have to leave with this guy. All you could do was think of Jack, and how you wished that it was him instead of the thug behind you.

“Oi Luv, whattaya say we take off back to my place and have some real fun,” he groaned in your ear in what you were sure he thought was a sexy manner but just made him sound like he was constipated. Your heart started thumping in your chest as you tried to think of a way out of this and failed to find one.

“Mate you are punching so far above your weight it’s not funny,” you heard a voice behind you and nearly collapsed in pure joy and relief. The man behind you released you from his grip and you stumbled slightly, peeking around him to see Jack standing before you both with a confident grin on his face.

Before you could think or reconsider your actions, you were pushing past the man who’d had you in a death grip for the past hour and standing close to Jack. 

He looked at you worriedly, reaching up and pushing a strand of hair behind your ear gently as he looked you over, “You okay, sweetheart?” he asked in the gentlest voice you’d ever heard him use. You almost melted at the soft tone of his voice and the gentleness of his actions, nodding slightly and smiling at him appreciatively. 

The hand that had been behind your ear slipped down to the small of your back, almost the same place the other man’s hands were before, except this time in filled you with comfort instead of revulsion.

Pulling you in front of him, Jack led you out of the club and onto the sidewalk, you were sure you looked a mess, the result of being stuck in that man’s grip for almost two hours. 

Once you were outside, you could finally breathe, and that was when everything hit you all at once, all the emotions and what if’s hit you like a freight train, causing you to turn around and hug Jack as tight as you possibly could. 

Your entire body shook as you hugged him tightly, feeling a wave of relief and safety roll over you violently as he held you close to him just as hard.

“Shh, hey, it’s okay, [Y/N], everything’s fine, I’ve got you, baby,” he cooed in your ear as his hand ran up and down the length of your back softly, smoothing down your hair as you both stood near where the Uber was due to pick you up.

He was so glad he had got there when he did, seeing you so scared and so powerless had been like a bullet to the chest; he wasn’t used to seeing you that way and he didn’t like it. He had wanted to rip the man to shreds and probably would have, but then he saw how relieved you were, and the other man vanished. 

He knew that he didn’t want to have to ever worry about another man having his hands on you again, and he would tell you how he felt; but not tonight, tonight he just needed to be here for you and comfort you.   

Strongly considering maybe doing a part two to this? Let me know if you want one

and I just don’t know what you want from me. 
I mean, one day you’re here and the next you’re so damn distant. One day were floating on top with the sun shining and I can honestly say nothing has ever been more clear to me than the way I love you but then 2 minutes later, and we’re drowning. 
We’re 10 feet under and I can’t breather or see a damn thing. And I just don’t know what you want from me.
If you don’t want to float on top with me, then please just let me go because I’ve spent too much time underwater just to be pulled back under. I’ve spent too much time learning to swim, just to learn what it feels like to drown all over again.
—  love me or leave me, I don’t care anymore just please choose one. 
Why I Fell in Love With Your Sign

Aries: Your wildness is intoxicating. Your aggressiveness and passion makes me want to spend every second riding on your high. I fell in love with you, because you raised the stakes and made life exciting again. 

Taurus: You are adorable and your charm never fails to woo me. Your love sends me falling for everything that you do; your cute laugh, your delightful hugs, and your darling chivalry. You remind me of an old school love. I fell in love with you, because I need to protect you.

 Gemini: Your flirtatious and competitive nature makes me learn to let go and not take myself so seriously. I’m infatuated with your carefree persona, but allured by your intellectual and darker side. I fell in love with you, because you keep me fascinated by you. 

 Cancer: Your gentleness and warm heart wrapped its arms around me right away. Your feelings were so raw. You felt pain, happiness, and wishfulness making me want to share my every waking thought with you. I fell in love with you, because you made me human. 

 Leo: Your confidence invigorates me and your energy gives me euphoria. Your touch is like magnetism and I can’t help myself when I’m with you. Your everlasting smirk and your thrilling drama complete me. I fell in love with you, because you electrify me.

 Virgo: Your ambition and determination leaves me in constant admiration. You ooze dominance and are incredibly compelling. I’m mesmerized by your will, strength, and intelligence. I fell in love with you, because your power consumes me with desire.

Libra:  Your calmness surrounds me like a rain coating an umbrella. Your intelligence and wit keeps me smiling. Your love is sweet and pure as if I don’t need to be anything but myself. I fell in love with you, because you make me feel like I can be myself.

Scorpio: Your mysteriousness intrigues me. Your intensity keeps me living on the edge and you consume with your love. You make me want to yell and scream, but you make me want to kiss you and hold your hand to wherever we escape to. I fell in love with you, because you defy everything I’ve ever known. 

Sagittarius: Your love for the world is exhilarating. You make me feel every breath I breathe, even when we are on the ends of the earth together. Your laugh fills the room and your warmth envelopes my heart. I fell in love with you, because you won’t ever let me let go.

Capricorn: Your wisdom continues to captivate my soul. You know everything to say, everything to do. You shift the perspective of the world; all my doubts, all my anxieties, all my sadness feels like nothing when you’re there. You shield me from the demons of life and guide me to angels. I fell in love with you, because you protect me.

Aquarius: You are everything I’m not. You always finish my every thought, my every sentence, and my every desire. Our romance is reveting. You’re the one that entices my fire but keeps my flame cool. I teach you how to love yourself, and you teach me how to love others. I fell in love with you, because you complete me.

Pisces: Your deep soul enchants me like a beautiful dream. I’m hypnotized by your mind and the way you think differently from anyone else. Your creativity takes me to a place of child like wonder, but your intelligence takes me to a place of great knowledge. I live to feel the way you feel and long to see what you see. I fell in love with you, because you amaze me. 


Chuck appreciation post. Ok, so I saw a post or two from @gr8writingtips and thought of Chuck, so I went and found some more. (Please have him in season 11…) And also, I made a side blog for my SPN stuff and it’s @silviaspnblog if you wanted to take a look.

Ten Times Ben Told Leslie He Loved Her, Before He Told Her That He Loved Her

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Without knowing it, you stand outside of a door half open. I’m already on the other side. The word love is scrawled on the door in my handwriting. It couldn’t be yours because you haven’t confessed yet. If there is anything for you to confess at all, that is. I don’t know if you feel anything for me past this friendship we’ve spent so much time building. At the end of the day, you’ll either cross the threshold and start this new life with me or close the door before it can begin.
—  Please don’t close the door. // Maxwell Diawuoh, Request:  I am in love with my best friend but I don’t know if the feeling is mutual or it’s just me.
she does what the night does to the day

i blame @kcismyreligion for this. seriously, i cannot be held accountable for what pure, tooth rooting, slightly naughty fluff this is

rating: m

word count: 5.4k | read on ao3

Bellamy doesn’t really do the whole party scene that often. Sure, it’s nice to get free drinks and an ego boost from time to time, but that feeling only lasts for the first half hour. After that it’s just warm beer, an overwhelming amount of rowdiness, and someone either ends up throwing up on themselves or calling the cops. Usually both.

But Miller wanted company while he sought out the boy from his lit class he had a crush on, and Raven was finally off her meds which meant she could drink, so Bellamy somehow ended up in the role of the exasperated soccer mom trying to wrangle them into some semblance of order.

Key word being trying

They’ve already been here for almost two hours, and frankly, they’re lucky he hasn’t murdered anyone as yet. The music is too loud, there’s far too much people stuffed in the frat house, so much so that they’ve begun to spill out onto the lawn despite the chilly fall weather, and frankly there seems to be nothing nonalcoholic being served at all unless he counts some sketchy looking cans of Red Bull which- he’s not that desperate, not yet.

So yeah, Bellamy is pissed off and tired and wants to do nothing but go home and finish his documentary on the Romanovs where he can simply be in peace and quiet and solitude.

Of course, it’s just not his night, so somehow while trying to find them, he ends up with an armful of drunk blonde which- he so does not want to deal with this right now.

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Let It Snow (Cisco x Reader)

Requested by: anonymous “could you please do a cisco x reader with 123 and 120 from the prompt list? thank you ahead of time; your writing is wonderful!”

Prompt: 120 + 123: “Wanna kiss?” + “Seriously!?! The power’s out?”

Winter Prompts


Word Count: 1,065

Author’s Note: Just message me if you guys want to see some winter stories! I love writing these:) Sorry for the delay, some family is coming over so I literally spent the past day cleaning. Anyways, hope you enjoy this imagine!

“Yes! Yes, I won!” you cheered as the scores popped up on your screen in bright green letters. You glanced over at Cisco’s computer to see the same bright letters but in red with the words “LOSER” written on it. You gave him a well-deserved smirk of triumph as he glared at you.

“Another round!” he urged.

“Nope.” you held your hands up as if to say ‘I’m finished’. “No more, Cisco Ramon. You just have to admit that I’m better at Mario Cart than you are,” you said with the same smirk plastered on your face. He huffed before crossing his arms in frustration.

You smiled at him. It was the night before Christmas and you two were having a video game battle in S.T.A.R. Labs. Snow fell heavily outside the building. Everyone had gone home for the night but the both of you had no one to come home too. As depressing as it sounded, you were actually glad because then you could spend Christmas Eve with the guy that you had been subtly crushing on…even though you couldn’t stop thinking about him for even two seconds. It was a miracle that you won the game with him sitting right next to you.

You knew that liking someone that you worked with was just asking for disaster, but you held on hope because you thought, more than once, that he liked you back. Now, you weren’t being conceited or anything, but you really thought he liked you too. You were just too nervous to come out and tell him. Every time you did, you would think about what would happen if he didn’t and that stopped you from ever confessing your feelings for him.

You looked over at Cisco, who was pouting cutely. ‘Damn it,’ you thought. 

“Fine,” you sighed, but still smiling. “Rematch,” you said. 

“Yes!” he grunted, fist bumping the air. He cracked his knuckles and looked at you intently with a gleam in his eyes. “The Vibe is ready for his comeback.”

You laughed. “You did not just say that,” you dared.

He winked at you teasingly. “Yes, I did, babe.” 

Suddenly, a blush erupted from the base of your neck that spread its way up to the apples of your cheeks. You were about to say something when the lights flickered for a couple of seconds. You both stared at the ceiling, just waiting for it. A minute passed by without any signs of a blackout.

“Oh, good, I thought the snow would’ve taken out the po-” Cisco started. And he jinxed it. Right then, all of the lights in the lab shut off except for the one backup generator light that illuminated the Cortex in a dim red. 

“Seriously!?! The power’s out?” Cisco yelled irritated. 

“Look what you did, Cisco,” you started in mock anger. “You jinxed us.”

He started to laugh. “It’s the power of The Vibe,” he said with extra emphasis on his superhero name. You laughed alone with him. 

“Yeah, okay.” You paused to stop your laughing. “So now what?” you asked. “We can’t exactly leave in the middle of this heavy snowfall. And there’s no electricity to turn on the computers either.”

Cisco began to think deeply. “Hold on,” he said, holding a finger up, “Lemme think about something.”

As he was distracted about thinking of an idea, you were distracted with him. Even in the middle of a blackout, you couldn’t stop thinking about Cisco. He was the only person in the world that could make something like this, being stuck in a building on Christmas Eve, okay. More than okay. Enjoyable. 

He glanced over at you and you quickly looked away, hoping that he didn’t notice you making lovey-dovey looks at him in the dim lighting.

Cisco rolled over to you in his leather chair and leaned on elbow on his knee, looking at you with a serious face.

“Wanna kiss?” he asked.

A moment passed. Then, you began to laugh. You couldn’t keep it in. The nerves messed up your common sense and you couldn’t believe what you just heard. You laughed until you came to control it.

“You are one cheeky man, Cisco,” you said with a large smile. You could feel your face turning red. Did he really just ask you to kiss him? Now?

“I’m serious, Y/N,” he said with a soft smile. This made you stop laughing and your heart beating faster than it was before.

“What?” you whispered.

He took your hands in his. “I mean, Y/N, I have liked you for a long time. I just…” he looked off in the distance before making eye contact with you again. There was a determination there that you haven’t seen in a while compared to his usual joking manner. “I just really like you, Y/N. And I don’t know if it’s because of the snow or the Christmas feeling or your smile, but I really want to kiss you right now.” 

You took a deep breath in.

“So..can I kiss you?”

You instinctively licked your lips before smiling back up at him. 

“Yeah,” you said softly, your heart still going at a hundred miles per hour.

Before you knew it, you felt Cisco’s lips against yours. At first, you didn’t know what to do. You’ve only kissed two guys before and you didn’t nearly like them as much as you did Cisco. But then you let go and let your instincts take over. You pulled your hands out of Cisco’s to wrap your fingers in between his hair, his hands going to your waist. You kissed each other heatedly until you couldn’t breathe.

He bit your lip gently before pulling away, his breath fanning over your cheeks. 

You closed your eyes and laid your forehead against his.

“I like you too, Cisco,” you hummed happily. 

He pulled away to give you a large smile before kissing you again with more passion. 

The lights flickered back on, making you two pull away again. You saw that the snow had calmed down, falling gracefully now. He grabbed your hand.

“Let’s go celebrate Christmas together, Y/N,” Cisco proposed, still smiling.

You returned it, feeling a warmth inside of you grow larger.

“Okay,” you agreed. 

Together, with fingers interlocked, you walked out into the crisp, calm Christmas Eve night where you knew that this new year would be one to remember.

The End

Winter Prompts

klance shrek au (please forgive me)

ogre keith lives alone in his swamp when donkey hunk comes up and enters his life and they go to save prince lance from his castle for lord zarkon (that tiny asshole) and run into dragon shay and prince lance is just so fed up with this asshole of a prince not giving him his rescue kiss and then finds out keith is an ogre and gets upset because he was supposed to have his true loves kiss with his rescuer and gets kEITH INSTEAD and he’s so upset but he just wants to go and see his supposed beloved that sent keith to save him

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  • Wynne: You love him
  • Warden: What? Love who?
  • Wynne: Alistair, of course
  • Warden: What? No! What gave you that idea?
  • Zevran: Oh, please, my dear. Even the dog can see it
  • Warden: Mabari are very intelligent creatures!
  • Zevran: So you admit it!
  • Warden: Yes, okay! I LOVE ALISTAIR THEIRIN
The Language Of Submission

Someone once told me that we speak and understand love in different languages.

Not literal dialects, but expressing love in what we do, how we do it, where we put our energy. Our upbringing shaping how we perceive the expression of affection. For some, love is felt through time spent on another. Others understand love to mean physical gifts given. And so on. 

Love is the foundation of Master and slave; and the language of love that a submissive speaks, how they express their submission is very important. Giving your Master what he desires is very important. A slave always wants what is best for his owner, to please him.

I desire my Master. I desire to please him. He owns me utterly and I have so much to be grateful for. Though we have been together awhile now, we are still progressing and venturing deeper, and now I am learning the language of submission that speaks to him most clearly. He has had an insight into what others have expected of me; but my submission to him is unique. The language of submission I speak for him is unique. Only he will hear what I say. Only he whose collar I wear can understand what I am giving.

I will strive every day to give more for my Master. As a slave, I want to be the best for him. That is what he deserves. The best. 

He deserves all that I can give, and I give it freely. I love you Master. Thank you for letting me serve you.

It’s not you now that I miss. It’s the person you used to be; when you told me you loved my imperfections instead of telling me to change them. It’s not you now that I wish was still here, it’s the old you that I wish was still around. Back when you told me that you loved my passion for the little things instead of telling me to calm down and stifle my love of life. And for a while, I wondered why I felt so out of touch with who I used to be. Maybe it was because I spent so much time wondering whether or not you approved. How silly was I to try so hard to fit into the mold of a person you wanted me to be instead of continuing to grow into my full authentic self? Never again will I desperately scramble to paint myself as a picture just to please your eyes; I am too busy creating my own masterpiece for my own soul.
—  I write my best when my heart is feeling things deeply.

I believe some of our stars will always be the same.

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Hi! I'm so Gruvia deprived lately and I need something to keep me going.. Can you do "Caressing Silk Strands" for Gruvia please? Thank you!

Consider this an alternate version of the time Juvia and Gray spent alone in their little house. 

;A Seed Of Love

Juvia hummed at the sensation of fingers combing through her hair. The touch was distant at first, tugging at the edge of her slumber. Soft and gentle, the caress left a tingle of warmth against her scalp. Then she heard his voice. A quiet whisper at the edge of her thoughts. 

‘Wake up,’ it said. 

Juvia’s eyes fluttered open. Light shifted in and out of focus. A shape filled the confusion, a blur of colour that slowly turned into a man.


Sitting up with a start, Juvia caught herself mere centimetres from his face. His eyes flickered over her shoulder, to where the sun was muted against the half-open blinds. His warm breath fanned her face. 

Hooking a strand of hair behind her ear, Juvia eased herself back against the headboard and let out a long, deliberate yawn. ‘Did you need something, Gray-Sama?’ 

Gray scratched the back of his head. ‘You slept in later than usual,’ he said. ‘I was…’ Gray’s stomach gargled in answer to unspoken thoughts. ‘Worried.’

Juvia’s smile brightened. ‘You want Juvia to make breakfast?’ she asked.

Gray nodded. ‘It’s not that I can’t…’

Juvia’s hand moved to his shoulder. His eyes flit back to hers. They shared a quiet moment before Gray stood from the end of her bed. The mattress creaked as it relinquished his weight. Juvia stared at the spot he’d been sitting. This was the first time he’d broken their agreement to stay out of each other’s rooms. Six months had passed since Gray had agreed to let Juvia stay beside him. Six months since Fairy Tail’s disbandment.

‘Juvia will check the garden,’ she said, tossing the blankets aside. ‘The vegetables will be ready any day now.’ 

Gray rocked back on his heels and cast another glance through the partially opened blinds. Their garden lie just beyond the house, a bed of soil Juvia had tended to since their arrival. With a small spring just a little ways north and plenty of sunlight for growth, the plants were already beginning to vegetate. Their home had become a little world of life, a garden of seedlings just waiting to blossom. Among them, a seed of love was beginning to sprout. 

Though Juvia had always loved Gray, that love had been rooted in her growing fear of abandonment and the unfamiliarity of being accepted. Being a part of Fairy Tail had changed that. The love she had was no longer a shallow glimmer of hope. It had grown and blossomed with each day. Soon, the flower would open. If only he would notice her among the rest. 

Juvia’s cheeks flushed as Gray leaned in to pull a wisp of hair from her face. He’d been far more attentive this past week. Where once they would simply train and eat, Gray now offered to take Juvia for walks. Sometimes, they would wander into the woods skirting their home and pick berries from the trees. Other times, Gray would sit and talk to her about the parents he so dearly missed.

‘What should we do today?’ Juvia asked, fidgeting with the buttons of her pyjamas. ‘I think Juvia is getting used to our new technique.’

Gray considered for a moment. ‘Let’s skip training today.’

Juvia blinked. Ever since they’d arrived at their home, Gray had been adamant about his training. Fuelled by his hatred for END, for Zeref, Gray had endeavoured to become stronger. Strong enough to defeat all of their enemies. Today, that glimmer of hatred was gone. He looked at Juvia now with a gentleness she couldn’t quite place. His hand came up a second time to rest on her head. His hands sifted through her hair, like a needle moving seamlessly through silken thread. 

‘Did you really forget?’ he laughed. 

Juvia tipped her head. ‘Forget what?’

‘Today is your anniversary.’

Juvia could only stare at him.

‘It was on this day that you and Gajeel joined Fairy Tail.’

Affection lifted and swelled within her. ‘You…remember the date Juvia joined Fairy Tail?’

Gray nodded. ‘Shouldn’t I?’

Juvia’s eyes welled with tears as an amalgam of bliss and sadness took her. 

‘H-hey, what’re you crying about?’

Wiping a tear from her cheek, Juvia let out an embarrassed laugh. ‘Nothing. Juvia is happy, that’s all.’

‘You miss Fairy Tail, huh?’ he asked. ‘You’re worried about Gajeel and the others.’

Juvia nodded. In the past, she would have been ecstatic to spend time alone with Gray. But now, that time left a growing ache in her heart. Juvia’s life with Gray was a memory she would cherish for an eternity, it was worth every moment, but not at the expense of her guild.

‘I miss them,’ she confessed.

Gray looked thoughtful. ‘No need to worry,’ he said. ‘We’ll see them again. No doubt about it.’

Juvia let him pull her into an embrace. ‘How do you know?’

Gray let out an unexpected laugh. ‘There’s no way that guy doesn’t know about the guild by now.’

That guy? Juvia’s eyes widened in understanding. ‘You think…’

‘No doubt about it,’ he assured her. ‘Natsu’s going to barge through that door any day now.’

And three days later, who should appear at their door but Natsu, Happy, Lucy and Wendy. And together, the six of them started out on a new journey.

The journey home. 

Soul Sisters


Inky, you and I have had a bit of a rough time this past year, and I’m so happy to know that we’ve weathered the storm, and are still such close friends. It means the world to me to have you in my life. This picture has definitely been a labor of love. I’ve spent at least 16+ hours on it over the last couple of nights, but I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I feel like it captures our girls and their playful spirits, enjoying something they both love together as friends. I feel like Mai and Issi really are Soul Sisters, and so that is why I decided to title this picture as such.

I love you Inky and I hope you have a wonderful Birthday ♥

Doghouse - Tom Wilson

Author’s Note: Ayooooo this is my first time writing a hockey imagine and I hope y’all like it. This is before the Brobeans were split cry. Send me requests please! (This helps with NaNo lol oops sry not sry.)

You had been dating the lovely and idiotic Tom Wilson for ten months when he and his roommate, Michael Latta, casually pointed out that you spent more time at their apartment than your own. They helped you move in and the rest was history.

Fast forward two months later, everything was fine and dandy. Except it wasn’t. You felt like you were slowly losing Tom to hockey. He was never home when you were and every time he left for away games, your chest ached in loneliness. You had a job at a local gym and a few friends but you felt alone in this big city.

So, you decided to end that. One teary phone call later and Lauren Oshie was standing outside the door of Casa de Brobeans. The blonde was the nicest WAG you had met so far considering you’ve only been to two games before. It wasn’t that you hated hockey, no you loved the sport. It’s just the fact that you couldn’t bear to see Tom get the shit beat out of him live.

“Honey, I totally understand. I felt the exact same way when TJ and I first got together but there’s a perfect solution,” she pulled you into a tight hug.

“If you say make more friends, I will strangle you,” you let out a watery giggle and she burst into laughter.

“Nope. Wipe those tears and put on some shoes. We’re going somewhere.”

Two days later, when Michael and Tom returned home, they noticed something was up.

It was quiet. Too quiet.

“Y/N? Babe?” Tom called, dropping his bag at the front door. He immediately checked your shared bedroom and frowned. They always came home to you blasting music and cleaning, working out, or doing something around the house.

He called your phone only to hear it ring from the bedside table. His heart dropped in his stomach. You never left the house without your phone.

“Okay, calm down. Maybe she went for a run! Or to get groceries?” Mike suggested, but even he was feeling a bit nervous.

They sat on the couch and didn’t even turn the TV on. Michael sent a text to Andre who sent one to Nicky who in turn texted Alex who sent out a group message.

No sign of Y/N.

It started to get darker as rain started to hit the windows of their apartment and Tom was getting visibly tenser.

“Maybe she left me,” he said miserably, “I haven’t been home in days and maybe she found someone better.”

“Dude, why the fuck would she do that?”

“I love her. I’ve been too fucking chicken to say it but god I love her.”

“Why haven’t you told her, dumbass?”

“God, I don’t know,” he sighed, burying his head in his hands.

The sound of keys unlocking in the door made them jump up in time to see it swing open. You stepped in, soaking wet and breathless. Your cheeks were red, like you had been running and based on the outfit you were wearing, you were.

“Hey! Welcome home!” you smiled right as Tom pulled you into a bear hug, burying his face in the crook of your neck.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” you frowned, “You guys won every game.”

“Where were you? I was worried sick!”

“Oh! I was taking Cap for a run.”


Tom looked down to see a large chocolate lab staring up at him with pitiful brown eyes. He had a Capitals collar and leash on and a goofy grin, his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth.

“You got a dog?”

“YOU GOT A DOG?!” Latts yelped, pushing Tom aside to pet the dog.

“Yeah. I was getting lonely around here so Lauren and I went and got Cap.”

A smile broke across his face and he shook his head in disbelief before pulling you in for a bruising kiss. You smiled against his lips, dropping Caps leash and wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I love you,” he murmured, pulling back so he could look into y/e/c eye’s. You stood on the tip of your toes to kiss him again, “I love you too.”

“And I love you,” Michael sighed, petting Cap who started to lick his cheek.