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Who do you think would propose? Will or Nico? (Sorry if it's so random, it's raining here and I am feeling kind of sentimental and start thinking about stuffs)

OOOOOO such a good question. Honestly I thought I’d have my answer immediately but then I thought about it more and I was like hmMMMM. I’ve read fics where both ask or either of them asks…

I believe Will would ask. He’s more on top of the relationship game plus he would want it to be perfect for Nico. Not that Nico doesn’t want the same thing, but I feel like Nico is trying his best to be a good boyfriend and is figuring it out as he goes, so proposing wouldn’t just pop into his mind. He’d just think, yeah we’re going to be together forever and I need to do the best I can for Will and be there always, but that wouldn’t translate into I have to propose and we must get married, ya know?

Will, on the other hand, is thinking about marriage, always has been, so of course he wants to do the proposing. He’s also hopelessly romantic so he’ll be both spot on for the proposal but also extra.

:) thanks for asking!

Hi hi I feel kinda nice!! 🤗
About to watch one of my favourite movies, “Birdman”, by the amazing Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, for the thousandth time (this movie is a MUST SEE, it’s phenomenal!!!!), and earlier my friend and I went to this get together with someone we hadn’t talked to for ages and it was really really lovely‼️💓💓💓💓

Commission for the wonderful @daybydayartwork of our boys Mitchell and Corbin!!!
It was a lot of fun doing this and I’m sorry it took me so long to get it done and then took me longer to post it :U

Also, hey, go commission her too. Her art is fabulous and you’ll want to print that sh_t to hang on ur wall

Speedway Au Mighty’s design belongs to @xyheir!!

Will i ever fix these up? Probably not so take these orz //slams hand on table im love this au aaaaaaaaaa

Fic: Stay Alive [Chapter 4]

Summary: Pursued by a force they do not understand, navigating a world laid waste by their failure, Toki and Skwisgaar have only one option: Survive.
Rating: Mature for Violence and Sexual Content.
Chapters: 4/8
Pairings: Skwisgaar/Toki
Notes: There was a time when I believed I could finish this story before Halloween. What a fool I was! Anyway this is the chapter where I nerf Skwisgaar. 

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