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He’s basically a very quiet bloke. He likes being left alone - not on his own, though. He’s really a very soft person. His biggest fault is the same as mine - people don’t know him.
- Charlie Watts, 1965

We used to have some real long talks and even on the end of the telephone I knew he was really off drugs. The high he was in was the real him - the way only Brian could be when he was excited and fired up about something. Believe me, I could tell the difference. He was his old self all right. I was delighted for him.
- Ronni Money (on Brian’s last months alive)

Sometimes when I think about Brian it gives me deep pain. I miss his closeness, his warmth. Brian would often wake up in the middle of the night and hug me until I woke up. I wish I had made him understand how much he meant to me, how much I loved him.
-Anna Wohlin

Happy birthday Brian, you’re missed.
(especially by Keith even though he’ll never admit it)

When you should be doing something but end up doing everything else but that...

Brian is sharpening his favorite blade when Danny comes in and throws himself dramatically onto the opposite end of the couch. He’s not wearing pants, Brian notes. Just a revealing blue kimono and a dreadful pair of socks. Somehow the atrocity that is his wardrobe doesn’t do much to detract from how handsome he is. Not that Brian means to notice. It’s just- Danny’s clearly just woken up so his curls are all over the place, his cheeks are pink, and there’s stubble dusting his jawline, and it’s these little things that only Brian ever gets to see that really do it for him. Danny would never go out like this but around Brian he’s happy to just be. Brian isn’t sure if that means anything but he’d like to think it does.

Danny sighs a few times, casts a few pitiful glances in Brian’s direction, but Brian refuses to give in and acknowledge him until finally Danny kicks his legs out and huffs, “It’s my birthday.”

Brian stops sharpening his sword. He looks at Danny and waits.

“Did you forget?” Danny asks, blunt as ever.

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28, 13 and 5 with YoungK please~ 💕

28. “Please don’t do this.”

13. “Wait a minute, are you drunk?”

5. “I think I’m in love with you and it scares the living daylights out of me.”

a/n: this took a lot longer to write than expected haha, this guy gives me major feels. Anyway, enjoy angsty Brian! Sorry if it’s sucky!

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Please don’t do this,” Brian looked at you with pleading eyes but it was no use. You’d had enough. Enough of him forgetting dates, enough of him ignoring your calls, enough of seeing him flirt with other girls right in front of you.

“I’m done, Brian, get out.” You held the door to your apartment wider. He wanted so desperately to convince you that he would change, that he couldn’t be with anyone else… but he knew you well enough to know that right now, nothing he could say or do would change the way you were feeling.

Brian’s shoulders slumped as he walked out of your apartment before you slammed the door behind him and finally let the tears you had been holding back come falling down.


It had been almost two weeks since you had seen or spoken to Brian and although you had experienced this distance before with him doing promotions and such, you had never gone more than a few days without talking whether it be through text, on the phone, or on facetime. The past two weeks had been extremely hard. You often cried yourself to sleep and couldn’t bring yourself to listen to any of his music despite his band being one of your favourites. It all just hurt too much.

A loud knock brought you out of your thoughts and you sighed, not having the energy to get up to see who on Earth was knocking at your door at this hour.

“I’m coming!” You yelled as the loud knocking continued.

“Y/n!” Your hand that was reaching for the key stopped. You knew that voice.

“Y/n please! Please let me in!” Brian’s desperate pleas from the other side of the door almost paralyzed you.

“What do you want?” you asked, your voice slightly unstable.

“Please just let me in. Let’s talk it through. I’m such an asshole and I know that! I’ve made massive mistakes but I’ll change I swear! Please, please just let me in. I can’t be without you anymore.” His monologue paused, he was out of breath and you were growing aware of the slur that had appeared in his words.

“Wait a minute, are you drunk?”

“Only a little but that’s not important what’s important is that I think I love you!” Brian almost shouted and you hurriedly unlocked the door. He was starting to cause a scene and you couldn’t have your neighbours complaining.

“Come inside,” you said, opening the door and coming face to face with him. He looked like a mess. His fringe was falling in his eyes and he couldn’t stand straight, leaning against your door frame for support.

Stepping inside your apartment, Brian fell to the floor in the hallway. You closed the door and kneeled next to him, not able to resist brushing some of the hair in his eyes off his face. He looked up with you, his eyes red and glossy.

“I think I love you, y/n. I think I’m in love with you and it scares the living daylights out of me.” His voice was exhausted and cracked and you felt tears pricking the corners of your eyes. You couldn’t bear to see him this way. It pained you so much.

Sighing, you stood up and made your way to the kitchen, coming back with a water bottle that you handed to Brian.

“You can stay here tonight on the couch and we’ll talk it through in the morning.” You said, offering your hand to him to help him to the living room. Brian had settled onto the couch and was almost fast asleep by the time you had turned everything off and went to bed. Neither of you could think straight in that moment and you weren’t sure you were ready to take him back yet. You hoped the morning would provide clarity and magically fix everything, but as you laid in bed staring at the ceiling, tears silently falling down your cheeks, you knew it would be harder than that.

your dead eyes before mine, the way they’re missing their whites, yeah they’re just right.
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angeredthoughts replied to your photo “So where is the fanfic featuring Sam and Union Jack taking body shots…”

…I DARE YOU? FICLET FICLET! (and __ staring jealously from Natasha’s box. Because reasons.)

Lol. Well, your challenge was accepted, but I will be honest, I think this could have been written better. However, for the sake of having some fun with AVAC dialogue/missions, I’m posting it anyway. :D

“Drinks are on me!” Tony hopped onto the bar and reached for some salt, a bowl of sliced limes, shot glasses, and a bottle of tequila from the back of the bar. Tony sprawled across top of the bar. He winked at Sam as he rolled up the lower half of his shirt and jacket. With movements that seemed almost practiced, Tony drew a trail of salt along the upper half of his abs and balanced a shot glass of tequila on his navel. “Literally!”

Tony laughed at his own joke then popped a slice of lime in his mouth.

Sam rolled his eyes as he sunk the seven ball into the right corner pocket of the billiards table.

Brian–aka Union Jack–had been lounging at the bar, taking in the scene while claiming to be on the look out for something local to try. Considering how long the guy had been at the academy, Sam was positive Brian had already tried everything on the menu.

Then again, maybe Brian hadn’t meant local cuisine if his hungry gaze on Tony was anything to go by.

Brian sized Tony up, letting his eyes linger on Tony’s abdomen. A crooked yet coy smile slide onto his face. Brian downed the rest of what he’d drinking just moments ago and set the cup aside. “Well now, I never turn down a free drink.”

Tony ripped his gaze off Sam and stared wide-eyed at Brian. “Oh,” he said around the lime.

Brian’s smile widened. “I assumed you were offering to the whole club. Forgive me if I was being presumptuous.”

Tony’s gaze flickered to Sam, and in that moment Sam wanted to tell Tony to shut Brian down.

Sam and Tony weren’t a thing, but Tony had been flirting a lot recently, and Sam appreciated it eighty-percent of the time. He was still trying to figure out his feelings though. It seemed like every other conversation he had with his classmates led to him feeling infatuated. If it wasn’t Tony, then it was Natasha, or Kamala, or someone else.

Sam hadn’t felt this confused since he’d started going through puberty. At least this time his voice wasn’t cracking.

Tony’s gaze returned to Brian’s. A pink hue dusted his cheeks, yet he smirked up at Brian. Tony removed the lime from his lips and batted his eyelashes at Brian. “It’d be pretty rude of me to discriminate. Please, help yourself.”

“Indeed I will.” Brian maneuvered around Tony until he was standing with one hand on Tony’s hips.

The once coy smile had become lecherous.

Brian bent down and ran his tongue along the salt trail.

Tony gasped around the lime and his hips shifted upward. The shot of tequila quaked, but before it could fall, Brian had wrapped his lips around the glass and tossed it back with just his lips around the rim.

Just as swiftly as he’d taken the shot, Brian set aside the empty shot glass and brought his mouth to Tony’s.

Sam swallowed hard as he watched Brian take a bite of the lime,only to knock it aside to steal a kiss from Tony.

Tony tensed, but soon relaxed.

Sam’s stomach churned as he watched the kiss go deeper. He tugged on the collar of his shirt and grumbled about the lack of air conditioning in the club tonight.

Tony sighed happily as Brian ended their kiss.

Brian looked very pleased with himself. “Another shot?”

Tony was about to nod.

Sam couldn’t hold back. He dropped his pool stick on the table and marched over to the bar. “Sorry, pal, but it’s my turn now.”

Brian wasn’t the least bit perturbed. Instead, he took a step back and waved Sam to take his place. “Of course. It would be rude for me to have seconds when you haven’t had firsts.”

Tony grinned up at Sam. “Have all the first, seconds, and thirds you want.” Tony wiggled his hips. “I never set a limit when I said drinks were on me.”

Sam’s throat went dry. His finger itched to touch those hips that had rolled so invitingly, but if he was going to keep up with the bodyshot pretense then he needed to set up Tony for the next bodyshot.

Sam picked up the salt and reapplied it where Brian had licked it off. He squirmed at the obvious trail of saliva along Tony’s stomach. He didn’t know if it was the good kind of squirming or not. There was of course the matter of germs, which wasn’t appealing, nor was the thought of Brian and Tony hooking up. There was a primitive part of Sam though that took delight in knowing he’d soon mark Tony too. There was even a part of him that was slightly thrilled by the notion of an indirect kiss with Brian.

Tony groaned and threw his head back. “Are you going to make me wait all day?”

Brian snickered.

Sam shook his head and shoved down his thoughts. He poured a shot of tequila and placed it on Tony’s navel.

Meanwhile, Tony had grabbed another slice of lime and popped it into his mouth.

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Sam grabbed Tony’s hips as he’d seen Brian do, and leaned down.

Sam ran his tongue across Tony’s belly, pausing as Tony shuddered minutely under his touch. He felt Tony tense as he tried to cut off a sound, and Sam decide to let his teeth graze Tony’s skin as his mouth traveled down to Tony’s navel.

A plaintive yet muffled sound escaped Tony and his hips vibrated under Sam’s touch. Sam took his time, let his lips hold the shot glass in place as his fingers teased along Tony’s thighs.

When he felt he’s tortured Tony enough, Sam tossed his head back, swallowing the tequila in one go. He yanked the glass out of his mouth and set it aside. He barely had time to acknowledge the burn in his throat before he had his mouth on Tony’s.

The taste sour of the lime slipped into his mouth as his pressed his lips firmly against Tony’s. He was tempted to steal a kiss like Brian had, but he forced himself to refrain.

He rose up from Tony and spat the lime onto the floor–he’d pick it up later.

Tony was flushed, but his expression was nonchalant as he quirked an eyebrow up at Sam then looked at Brian. “So are both of you up for round two?”

“Yes.” Brian reached into the bar and pulled out a bottle of whiskey. “How about for round two we do an alternative version of the bodyshot? One where we don’t need a pesky shot glass?”

Tony smirked and sat up to shrug off his jacket. “I’m game.”

Sam’s eyes followed the flex of Tony’s abdomen. “Yeah, me too.”