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Strawberry Village|4|M

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Chapter 4: It is time for you to grow up. 

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: ANGST, fluff, (future) smut, gang!au 

Words: 9,640

Warnings: Violence(!), mature language and themes. 

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3: Just a Girl 

Summary: Growing up as the daughter of an infamous Mob boss isn’t particularly easy or full of sunshine and skittles. Still, you hold yourself together pretty well and get by without too many issues. That is until you get kidnapped and dragged away far from the safety of your home, the brutal mobster-filled estate disguised as an orchard. Escaping from your kidnappers isn’t the hard part. That part is almost too easy. No, getting home to your concerned father and your overprotective, and now very worried, “family” is the problem. Luckily, you find your salvation in a kind, though not so innocent, stranger, who saves you from the wrath of gunfire. You then “convince” him to help you home, though the road towards Strawberry Village isn’t as smooth as you both hope

A/N: We are one more step down the road and it keeps getting darker. Honestly this hurt to write but I promise things will get fluffier (and smuttier wait what) down the road. One special character was inspired by @whydoievenstanthem who will probably know who as she reads this. Thank you to @perpetually-jungshook & @writing-blue for listening to me whine. I love you (please give me feedback I’m dying) Anyway, tell me what you think! Your encouragement inspires me to keep writing! 

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Once Upon A Time
Bare: A Pop Opera (cover by astrayan)
Once Upon A Time

Or rather, what would Bare sound like if lesbians.

I have some things to ask! First of all, please excuse my terrible accent ;n; I’m not a native speaker so there might be some things pronounced incorrectly!!

And even if you never watched Bare or don’t know the song, please give it a listen and reblog with feedback, or send me an ask!! I am studying to be a performer and it’s always good to have some critique on my work!!

Please and thank you!!! <3

Forgotten Love

RequestYellow!!!(hello) Can you write a Kai scenario where you finally decide to break up with him cause he’s constantly flirting w/ other women and when you do he acts like the world ended cause he does love you???? Angst, 2nd POV Sank yew(thank u) 

Pairing: Kai X Reader

Genre: Angst

Words: 4,292

Note: I don’t even know if this is any good but I almost cried while writing it, so … yeah. Sorry Kai is a dick here, please don’t hate me, and sorry it’s long I got carried away. I really hope you like it bc I put a lot of time and effort into it. Maybe give me some feedback??? Please?????? You might wanna listen to these songs while you read it idk 

Gathering your keys and phone off the marble counter in your apartment’s kitchen, you hummed the tune of EXO’s newest release as you walked out of the front door, locking it on your way. In honour of simply remaining successful, the members of EXO were holding a small gathering in their dorm for close friends to attend. Knowing that ‘close friends’ included other idols, you had dolled yourself up a little more than usual so you didn’t stand out too much.

The drive wasn’t long, within a couple of minutes you’d pulled up outside of their building and gave yourself some words of encouragement before exiting your car and entering the main doors. After using the elevator to get to the top floor, you took tentative steps towards their door.

You shouldn’t have been as nervous as you were, but with Kai’s flirtatious behaviour with other girls that had recently been slowly spiraling out of control, you couldn’t help but think about the worst possibilities. Surely there’d be other girls at the party, and they’d surely be very pretty. His antics had been getting on your nerves and every time you tried to talk to him about the subject he’d brush you off subtly, assuring you that you’re the only one for him.

It had been a couple of weeks since you noticed the flirting getting out of hand, so you decided if he continued to do it and not even take responsibility for his actions, you’d have to break up with him.

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Teen Wolf Preference #2 - You're sad


You had been going through a rough time lately. Everything just seemed to fall apart. And your friend Scott noticed. You kept saying that it was nothing, but in fact, it was everything. You were sitting in your room, all cuddled up on the floor, your knees tucked into your chest, as you were crying. Your parents were out, so you didn’t even try to hide it. Your phone rang, but your eyes were filled with water so you couldn’t make out who it was that was calling you. “It’s Y/N.” you said, wiping a tear away from your cheek. “Hey Y/N it’s Scott. Are you okay?” He asked, concern filling his voice. “Yeah, yeah, I’m okay.” You said, trying to stay strong until you could hang up. “So you’re okay?” He asked. “Yup.” another tear fell as you felt bad for lying to one of your best friends. “Y/N, I can see you crying. I’m standing outside and can look right at you.” He said. You looked out of your window and saw a concerned Scott. You sighed and hung up, and went out to let him in. The minute he got through the front door, he embraced you .And you just started crying all over again. When you had calmed down a little, he asked you what was wrong. “It’s… I don’t know, Scott. Everything and nothing at the same time.. I-I don’t know what to do.” You cried out. “You have to take the good, with the bad, smile when you’re sad, love what you’ve got and remember what you had. Always forgive but never forget, learn from your mistakes but never regret, people change,things go wrong, just remember life goes on.” Scott said lamely, as he still had his arms wrapped around you. And you slowly felt yourself relax for the first time in a while. “Thank you.” You whispered, feeling grateful for having Scott as one of your best friends. 


Your parents were giving you a rough time, because of your bad grades. You didn’t know what the big deal was, it was just one bad grade. But it seemed to be the end of the world, for them. One day, you just couldn’t take it anymore. You were at Stiles’ house, studying, when your mom called. “Hey mom, what’s up?” You asked with a smile on your face. “Where are you?” She barked at you. You were surprised by her tone, but chose to ignore it. “I’m at Stiles’ house, studying. Why?” Stiles looked at you with a surprised look on his face. “Didn’t we have a deal? You should be at home, studying! Don’t you understand how important your grades are?!” Your mom said enraged. You tried to explain yourself, but your mom just hung up on you. You let out a frustrated sigh. “What’s up?” Stiles asked. “It’s just my mom.. She’s driving me insane! And she’s been saying all these hurtful things lately. Like ”if you don’t get better grades, you’ll end up on the street as a homeless person! Do you really want that Y/N?!“ You quoted. Stiles sent you a comforting smile. "Hey, everything’s gonna be okay. Now, let’s study and show your mom that you aren’t going to end up on the streets.” He said and playfully nudged your shoulder. You smiled and got to work. 


Your cat had just run away, and you were devastated. You knew it sounded ridiculous, but he had been with you for over six years. You always talked to him, about everything. He knew about all your crushes, and he knew all of your secrets that you didn’t dare to tell anyone, and the fact that he was gone, made your heart ache. So when Isaac found you slowly crying out on the Lacrosse field, he put a soothing arm around you. You let your head rest on his shoulder, as you cried until there was no tears left for this round. Isaac then gently wiped away your tears with a small smile playing on his lips. “Hey, listen Y/N he’s okay, and he’s going to come back. Okay? I promise you.” He said calmly. He sounded so sure that you only wished to believe him. “You sure?” You asked. He nodded with a smile. “And if you want me too, I can help you put up those Missing posters you have in your bag.” He said, smiling. You looked at your bag and saw that it was open. “Really?” you asked. He nodded. “Really. Let’s do it after school, okay?” He got up and stuck out his hand for you to take. “Okay.” You said, finally believing that your cat would be found.  


You slammed your door and slid down against it. You closed your eyes, trying to block out the sound of his voice yelling at you. “Y/N GET OUT HERE!” Your brother yelled once more. You had gotten into an heated argument and tears were threatening to fall. You took a deep breath and texted Derek. Hey Derek… I know it’s late and all.. But.. Could you come and pick me up? Please..? You pressed send. You took another shaking breath. Your brother was still banging at your door. Your phone vibrated next to you. I’m on my way.You sighed in relief and got up. You opened the door and walked downstairs with your brother yelling in your ear. You grabbed your shoes and put them on faster than the speed of light. And faster than you had expected, Derek’s car was holding outside your house. You opened the door and ran to Derek’s car. The minute you sat in the car, you broke down crying. Derek didn’t really say anything, but just the fact that he would pick you up at 11pm made you happy to have him as a friend. But it only made you even happier that he pulled you into a soothing hug, the minute the car was holding still. “Shh, I’m here.” Derek held you close as you just kept on crying. And when you stopped, he took you up to his loft where you sat on his couch and watched movies all night long, until you fell asleep with your head on Derek’s chest. 


Heartache. The main reason for all your sadness. You had just broken up with your boyfriend. And despite the rumors, it wasn’t because he had cheated. He had respected you too much, and had broken it off before anything would happen. But it still hurt like a thousand knives being stuck into your heart at once. At least that was how you would describe the feeling. You sat in the cafeteria when your ex walked in with a beautiful girl hanging off his arm. That was how we used to walk…You thought. You wiped away a tear and looked down before he was you staring. “You really are too pretty to be crying, Y/N.” A voice said. You looked up and saw Aiden looking at you with a smile. “I can’t help it..” you answered, feeling just another tear slip. Aiden came around to your side and sat down next to you. “Look, if he broke it off because of that girl, he ain’t worth it. And you know it. And I know it hurts, but hey, I’m here. Ready to talk if you need it.” Aiden said, rubbing soothing circles on your back. You sniffled. “Thank you Aiden. I really appreciate it.” You said, giving him your best smile, telling him that you were serious. “You’re welcome. Now, let’s get out of here. I know a place we can talk.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you up on your feet. As you walked out, you noticed your ex staring, but you didn’t care. You had found someone who would listen instead. 

Hey! Please give me some feedback, so I can improve and makes these better and better! And I’m truly sorry for any spelling mistakes, they are not intended! And if you have some requests, don’t be afraid, I don’t bite! 



hi everyone, i just wrote probably my favourite song to date :-) i tried to write a song that people could use when they aren’t feeling so strong to try to keep fighting on, so basically it’s a song about staying strong. it has a lot of emotion for me but i really really hope you guys like it, i worked hard on it! if you’re ever feeling down i hope you can listen to this and can cheer up and feel strong again, and always remember i’m here to talk to you if you ever need it :-)

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