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Consider: Caduceus freezes beside the deep water, shivering in place.  Caleb knows that look from the inside.  He remembers,Time for that later.

He raps the back of his blackened knuckles across the firbolg’s breastplate.  The armor chimes, and Caduceus blinks, eyes wide and dark, not truly seeing.  Caleb reaches up as high as he can to tug on a lock of pink candyfloss, until the ears swivel up to focus on him.  “Come.  The ghosts will wait.”

The Ultimate Local Hero!!

from @moboxer‘s danganronpa kill/cure!

Oh my God this is the most random thing I’ve ever done but just just listen!!!!

Gavin is a pianist…

When he has a bad day at work or just in general he’ll go home and get his feelings out by playing a sad song or something

Oh!!! And to infect this with Reed900!! Nines plays violin!!! And when they get together they do the best frickin duets you’ve ever seen!!!

  • Jakub Vrana, on stage to an audience of just Michal Kempny: This offseason, we lost our dear Czech Mafia member Jerry to the Oilers
  • Jakub Jerabek, over FaceTime from a phone Kempny is holding up: Quit telling everyone I'm dead!
  • Jakub Vrana: Sometimes I can still hear his voice
Misfits/Post-Apocalypse AU Playlists

ya girl made playlists for my au for motivation and your enjoyment. There’s gonna be more songs added as I go! If you wanna recommend songs for me that’d be great uwu

Misfits - A playlist for all the misfits
Junkie - For Mark
Spraypainter - For Renjun
Fighter - For Jeno
Prankster - For Haechan
Guardian - For Jaemin
Healer - For Chenle
Thief - For Jisung

Read: Intro, Escape


                                Decide who you want to become, and be all you can be.

            dedicated to @usagiyamah

but here, you feel safer | dazai & chuuya | slave au

“I’m taking off the bandages on your thighs now, okay?”

Dazai hums in acknowledgement, watching with a detached curiosity as Nakahara, on bended knee, slowly unwinds the red-stained bandages from his thighs, careful not to let his fingers press too hard on the ruined skin. The bandages are stiff with clotted blood; they sting as Nakahara strips the layers of gauze away from his skin, but the pain seems almost tender compared to what he has to go through on a daily basis.

Most of the smaller scratches and cuts have healed, but the skin is mottled and discoloured, covered with bloodied teeth marks. He hears a sharp intake of breath; Dazai regards Nakahara, his blue eyes ablaze with a thousand different emotions. Dazai touches a mark, and his fingers come away bloody.

“Don’t touch them,” Nakahara says, his voice rough as he swats aside Dazai’s fingers. He picks up a cotton ball, soaked through with antibacterial wash, and brushes it against the angry red marks. “You’ll get an infection.”

Nakahara blows on his thighs as he labours over them; Dazai fights the urge to squirm away, shivers dancing down his spine. When Nakahara’s finished, he gingerly pats on an antibiotic ointment before wrapping the skin with bandages once more.

“Does it hurt?”

Dazai watches the blood colouring his fingers crimson, and shakes his head. “Not anymore.”

Nakahara hesitates, gestures at Dazai’s flimsy dress.

“Could you … Take off your shirt?”

“Again?” Dazai asks, watching bemusedly as Nakahara’s face colours at the memory of how he’d walked into the room with an armful of medical supplies, only to be greeted with him sitting naked and waiting on the bed.

“It’s just to apply medicine!”

Dazai shakes his head, injecting a layer of steel into his next words. “No. You can change the bandages on my arms and legs, but not the others.”

A look of confusion flits across Chuuya’s face, but he doesn’t argue.

Dazai helps him to clean up.

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Do you think Mrs. Yata is like a mom to everyone in HOMRA. Like she checks to make sure their all eating healthy or scolding those mostly Mikoto to stop smoking? I get the feeling everyone respects her.

In canon presumably she never met any of the Homra guys, since when Yata finally calls her in one of the short stories set during ROK she mentions that he apparently hasn’t contacted her in like two years (seriously Yata I know you’ve got shit going on but call your mom ffs she worries about you). It might be kinda cute to have an AU where Yata keeps in touch with her though and she ends up hanging out at the bar and being all Team Mom to all the big scary gang members. Like Yata eventually calls her some time after Fushimi’s betrayal because he feels hurt and wants to reach out to someone, like he knows it’s such a weak little kid thing to do but he just wants to hear his mom tell him that everything’s going to be okay. Yata didn’t quite think the whole thing through though, like imagine him unloading on his mom about how he and Saruhiko had a fight and he doesn’t know what to do and what if Saruhiko never comes back and somewhere in there he mentions that he’s in a gang and his mom is just like ’…you joined a gang.’ Yata’s like ‘um…’ and his mom is all ‘Misaki you did not join a gang’ and Yata has to hurry to explain to her that Homra is an awesome gang and they fight for justice and stuff, they’re not a bad gang okay.

Yata’s mom isn’t so sure about this and decides to find out for herself, so a couple days later Yata’s at the bar being a  bit depressed when his mom just walks in bold as you please, sitting down at the counter and ordering a drink while Yata stares in open-mouthed horror. Initially everyone teases Yata for having his mom come in, like what did you need your mommy to protect you and Yata’s mom just shoots the guy who said it her best 'disappointed mother’ look and that just shuts everyone right up. After that Yata’s mom decides to stop by every now and again just to make sure her kid is being taken care of (and maybe at first it’s also concern for Yata’s health, since he’s clearly down from Fushimi leaving and maybe neglecting himself just a bit and Yata’s mom decides that she needs to make sure her kid is still eating right and gets all his energy back). Kusanagi’s rather amused at having some help in his role as Team Mom, Yata’s mom is probably like the strict mom and Kusanagi is the indulgent mom who will kill you if you touch his bar. Yata’s mom even stands up to Mikoto, like just imagine the rest of Homra staring as she informs Mikoto that smoking is bad for you and besides he has a young girl right there next to him did he even think about how all that secondhand smoke could affect Anna’s lungs. Anna looks a Mikoto, Mikoto looks at Anna and then back at Yata’s mom and he just nods and puts out the cigarette. Yata is absolutely mortified that his mom just said that to Mikoto-san of all people while the rest of Homra are totally impressed that Yata’s mom stood up to the Red King and after that they all have huge respect for her. Also imagine her being all sweet with Anna, like maybe she brings Megumi along one day so Anna has another girl to talk to and she shows Mikoto the proper way to braid Anna’s hair and she’s being all motherly, it makes Anna smile so no one complains at all.

question for scarlet vision people: in fics, vision’s nickname is spelled in a lot of different ways, there’s “vizh”, “vis”, “viszh”, “vizhe”, “vische”… you get the point. i wanna know if you write fic (or read it) - what do you use/prefer and why?

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2/2 Ru says that he's worried for them, especially his daughter since she travelled with them. Gren, for once, is quiet, before promising that if- /when/ they get out of the dungeon, because they will escape somehow, he'll help Runaan find her, and return them both safely home, to Xadia and to Ru's husband. Runaan finds such a promise from a human to be empty, but it's... comforting all the same. He tells stories of his family to Gren to pass the time now

this is so sweet i love this


As some of you may know I have received some reports and rumours that I am stalking a mun through my other social media.

Let me say this.

While it is true I managed to find the account, I am doing it not to stalk her, but rather to deliver my apology because of my tumblr deletion sometime ago.

I did not want said person to become uncomfortable or feel guilty for me deleting my account and I just wanted to clarify that it is not her fault for me deleting.

But inadvertently I did another blunder that I shouldn’t have done, to which I just realized.

I have unfollowed her account in my other social media and have clarified and apologized to her again here in tumblr, for that was not my intention.

I am sorry for my actions.

You are all free to believe or judge me for what I did, but I have said my piece.

Thank you