please like this i worked hard on it okay

To all my writers out there, particularly fanfic writers because I am one and I’m feelin this hardcore

  • It’s okay that you haven’t written for a while, you can take breaks.
  • You can start writing again whenever you want, you don’t need an excuse.
  • If you would still like an excuse, here it is: I want you to start again, you should totally do it.
  • It’s ok if you’re out of practice, you’ll pick up traction again.
  • We’re all learners and its good to have role models, but try to be better than the writer were before, and try less to be ‘as good as’ someone else.
  • It’s alright to abandon a piece if you have no enthusiasm or passion left for it.
  • It’s okay to be needlessly dramatic.
  • It’s okay to be needlessly ridiculous.
  • Write the crackfic, write the rarepair, or write the popular pair. Write what you want to write.
  • Yes someone has probably written this scene before.
  • Write it anyway if you want to write it.
  • Yeah that trope has probably been done a million times.
  • Use it anyway if you want to use it.
  • Probably there are people who are tired of reading about that AU.
  • Write it anyway, they don’t have to read it.
  • Respect your audience, but don’t let other people dictate what you create.
  • Reblog your own work. Be proud of it. You deserve to pat yourself on the back.
  • I’m proud of you, you’re doing great.
  • Keep writing, keep making stuff. People will care. 
  • Future you will especially care.

can we just. take a moment to appreciate how amazing yuuri katsuki is? like truly. he is. amazing. can we please talk about how hard he works at maintaining a peak physique for skating? can we please talk about how endearing his love for food is? can we please talk about how amazing and brilliant he is for skating to the victor nikiforov’s free program in his off season to near perfection when he isn’t at what’s considered the ideal physique for figure skating? can we please talk about how he’s the top men’s skater in japan and most likely owned japanese nationals and like. every competition in the junior division? 

and not only that, but yuuri katsuki made it to the grand prix while getting his college degree and studied in america for five years while ranking high enough in competitions and making it to the grand prix final. and the only reason he flubbed was because he went through a lot? his dog died, he binge ate and just… he wasn’t at his best and oh he’s just so scared and anxious of letting people down and blames himself for things he just can’t control and honestly like?? give him?? a hug?? the biggest hug??

and despite all that, he still got back up again, still got himself out of his slump. he trained his ass off, got to work, made the most of his time with victor and is still! making the most! of his time with victor! he’s just so good! amazing! iconic! everything i aspire to be! i love him! i love yuuri katsuki!


Squeeze My Hand So Hard It Hurts

“Whenever I’m said, my mumma tells me to squeeze her hand so hard it hurts.”
You looked up at him, eyes shining with tears. “Why does she do that?”
“She says that’s how you remember that the person whose hand you’re holding is always with you. And it always works for me.” Ashton extended his hand to you. “Do you wanna?”
Your eyes went from Ashton’s hand back to Ashton’s face. “Okay, Ashton.” 

or, the story of Ashton and the love of his life. 

Please read and tell me if you like it!!!! 

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Mysme characters as shit i said last month

Jumin : mom i’m not lonely because i’m single, i’m lonely because I don’t have a cat pls mom

Yoosung : life is too hard i wish i could be a cactus

Jaehee : if i die will I have to continue working on this? please have mercy jesus

707 : do u like maths because u can count on me lol I really like you

Zen : you know what they say, 60 squats a day makes your ass okay

Unknown : life is so weird look at this sky so blue and then boom it’s raining i’m impressed

Rika :
Me : why can’t i rule the world it would be very peaceful, nice and lovely
my friend : sam you can’t even take care of your own life

MC : i don’t know what is happening but I think i like it lol

V : i could eat this eraser if that makes you happy please smile

@ hetalia fanwork creators

aaaa okay so, in this dying fandom getting notes for ur work can be hard but i just want all the creators to know: i appreciate you!!! thank u!!!!!

and if you still draw, write, make edits, etc. for this fandom please reblog/like this so i can check you out!

or if you just post hetalia still in general!! please!! i want to support u!!

“trust me” || lin manuel miranda

Originally posted by digitalloop

word count: 2590

summary: reader x lin manuel miranda // not just another ride on a subway

*lowercase intented*

author’s note: okay, i don’t know what to expect from this. please let me know if y’all like the he/she writing, and if i should keep doing it. there are also a few cuss words in this so.. (sorry for any spelling or grammar errors) thank you, enjoy…

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Before I sleep I just wanna say that you know who’s probably the most excited about Roman v Taker?

Roman Reigns.

Roman loves Taker, he loves wrestling* and I bet getting to work with someone as great as Taker and as prestigious is probably a dream of his too. A lot of people are like “oh this isn’t a good match up” or “taker shouldn’t lose to Roman.” but don’t understand that it takes tons of hard work, and trust which Roman has put in for a match like this, be vocal that’s okay but please god stop denying that this man has passion, love and a true heart for the business he’s in.


“Ryder please tell me you’re not emailing my sister about me.”

Sara glanced up, years of experience keeping the guilt off her face, “Uh, no?” She offered, flashing a grin that often worked as a distraction.

Vetra merely crossed her arms, not buying it.

“Okay fine, but I just…wanted to surprise you. You know,” Sara shrugged, “Like you did for me with the steak.”

Vetra softened, her mandibles flaring out a little in a Turian smile, “Ryder…”

“But do you know how hard it is to find dextro amino chocolates in Andromeda.” Sara stopped for a second, “Wait, don’t answer that, you probably do.”

Vetra laughed, not even bothering to hide her amusement. “I appreciate the thought Ryder but it’s okay, I’m happy just having this.” She gestured between them, reaching down to offer Sara her hand.

Sara took it, letting herself be pulled up in to a hug. “And I am too, but the chocolates would have been a bonus. I’d be all suave with them. I was even going to bug Cora about getting me some roses.”

“I’m sure she’d appreciate that.” Vetra deadpanned, pressing her face close to Sara’s neck and Sara could feel the puffs of air from Vetra laughing again.

“Hey I’m persuasive.” Sara defended and when Vetra pulled away to look down at her with what Sara knew was a look of completely not buying it. “Well.” Sara amended. “I have a girlfriend who is at least.”

“Now that sounds more likely.”

“Think you can persuade Tann to stop emailing me?”

“Hm.” Vetra shrugged, “Maybe if you’re lucky.”

“Oh yeah?” Sara grinned, “I’ve been known for getting lucky.”

“How so?”

“I got you.”

“You’re ridiculous Ryder.” Vetra shook her head.

“And you love me for it.”

“Yes.” Vetra leaned down to press her forehead against Sara, “Yes I do.”

“See.” Sara smiled, angling for a kiss “Lucky.”

That luck didn’t last however as Peebee passed up above them and yelled down for them to get a room.

is there a post somewhere that deals with the fact that molly and john both had sherlock commenting on their appearance (lipstick / moustache) ?

how both of them


changed back to what they felt sherlock liked more

they both get to say

“it wasnt working for me”

in the literally exact same situation

but while molly gets a “really? i thought it was a big improvement. your mouth’s too… small now”

it’s john “i dont shave for sherlock holmes” watson that meets this whole different reaction - “i prefer my doctors clean shaven” etc etc…….

why all this? seriously???

(sorry if i wrote those quotes wrong, my memory sucks and im too tired to research the proper wording but yknow what i mean right?)

I just want to take moment here to say how much I appreciate @queergirlwriting

They inspire me in SO many ways!!!! Their writing is amazing, they are incredibly kind and considerate, and they are so resilient! (Not to mention they work out super hard and are body goals, okay??? XD heheheh)

I’ve talked to them once, but reading their blog makes me really happy, and I can’t recommend their fics enough!!! (If you don’t follow them already, go follow them please, especially if you like Sanvers!)

Also, if they ever see this: THANK YOU for writing nb!Alex, it made me realize things about myself that I hadn’t given too much thought until I read your fics. I’m forever grateful! ❤

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Can you defend Arc V against haters just like you did with Ash Ketchum and Yuma Tsukumo. I like Arc V til the end please help us be our hero :(

Originally posted by setoskaiba

Phoo. Okay, this is actually gonna be kinda hard. Not because I hate ARC-V or anything, I don’t, I love it still; but I don’t particularly care for the direction it’s gone or how it’s treated its characters. This is a show that tried to do a whole lot of new things and had a bunch of stuff ahead of it, but got hamstrung by executive meddling and poor management and organization and konami not understanding how the card game works and continuing to introduce new mechanics that completely alter the metagame and viability of cards they’re trying to promote and whatever else is going on behind the scenes. It’s a mess. Even as a loving fan, I have to acknowledge that. I have a feeling a good portion of the haters are fans acknowledging that, and whether they’re inflicting their bile on other fans trying to be optimistic or not is up to them, but regardless of what direction the show’s gone now, I am a fan and I’ll defend it to the best of my ability. Still, I have to do the obligatory “hoo boy I mean I understand where the haters are coming from this time, because man are these flaws evident, yikes.”

That being said, I do love what it tried to do, what it has done as a series. It’s a series that introduced IRL gaming strategies to ingame duels, shouting out to the more meta fans there, one of the first series to actively integrate all the previous summonings into its plot on top of the new summons (the last one I can think of doing that was GX, and they admittedly didn’t have that many old summons to bring back), broke several YGO trends regarding tournaments, duelist archetypes (the protag, the tall rival, the main gal, etc), brought back minor characters to participate in important plot events, trying very hard to juggle a huge, huge cast, etc. There was a lot it had going for it before it got dropped through tournament filler hell in the Synchro arc and hella revisionist plot writing. Even now, when it’s plainly obvious that the writers are struggling to tie things together in whatever way they can with the limited time they have left, they can still pull off little things that make us go “oh!” in surprised delight even while the rest of the episode can make people go “oh…” in disappointment.

The characters in ARC-V are wonderful, still somewhat endearing even after either getting shafted, thrown in repetitive, unfulfilling development arcs, or just having been completely rewritten in their roles entirely. Although at this point I’m wondering if people are excited to see their babies because they’re fond of what they once were, or just because they’re happy to see them do things? The first two seasons of ARC-V are just great for what they do, and hell, I even like the Synchro arc’s progress up until the Friendship Cup, and I actually do like the idea behind that particular tournament despite not being too fond of it’s execution. The idea of “bringing duels with smiles” can work, even if it’s just not done right by this particular series, and if nothing, the series has given a lot of room for fans to speculate, to think about how things could have gone. (Hell, I have a writeup halfway done myself about how the flaws in it could be fixed/the plot could be rewritten. I just have to get around to finishing it one day.)

Really, for a series about entertainment, of fun displays and action duels with dancing alongside the monsters, ARC-V does a lot of telling, not showing, and that’s it’s major flaw. That being said, I did still find it enjoyable to watch, and I still love the characters enough to want to do them justice and to watch the series to the very end. I’m not telling you that the show is undefendable or anything like that, but it definitely could have done a lot better. 

Remember, the series might be ending next week, but the characters and premise will never truly die. After all, every single YGO ends the same way: just because this particular story has ended, doesn’t mean the journey is over. There are always more duels to play, always more stories to tell, and infinite possibilities just beyond the horizon. For all its flaws, I’m still completely willing to take these characters to the next stage, and I hope you all who love them will too.

In other words:

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hey yes hello!! so i’m not rlly feelin back to school n i figured others might not either soooo i made a printable!! it’s sort of a self care kinda thing and i worked super hard on it tbh. 


 please give me credit for this bc as i said, i did work rlly hard on it. 
 the images used (except for the triangle banner on top) are from google
this is for personal use only 
 please reblog if you are going to use it / send me pictures bc i would LOVE to see that 
for best quality, print it out on 8.5 x 11. i’m not sure how it’ll look w other sizes
i uploaded it to google docs as a pdf so you’ll only be able to access it w my link.



 okay so that’s about it. i hope u like the printable + it helps out your school life a bit :]

So apparently some ‘artist’ on the Internet thought it would be very much okay to just STEAL this artwork of mine, put some terrible Photoshop effects on it and upload it as their own, taking all the credit for it. They’ve NEVER ASKED for my permission to use my work and they haven’t even mentioned my name in the description. Instead, they removed my signature and applied their own on top.

I would like to take this amazing opportunity to remind such great ‘artists’ that it is NOT OKAY TO STEAL other people’s artwork and take credit for it man, NOT OKAY. 

If you want to take someone’s artwork and take a huge massive sh*t on it with your mad photoshop skillz then please, at least ASK for their permission first. 

We work hard and put enormous amounts of time, effort and struggle into doing these artworks. It’s only fair that you respect that. 

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Can we request headcanons? If so, can you please do one wherein MC catches the boys (Sherlock, John, James, Sebastian, and maybe Mycroft) kissing another girl and about the angst/drama that would ensue? I love angst hahah! Thanks for all your hard work!

Okay so I was torn on how to answer headcanons like this. But I think I got it.

Originally posted by axgl04

I apologize anon for taking forever and a half to answer this (which I know means that the last part about my hard work is null and void). Like seriously this has been sitting here staring at me from my inbox for a long time.  I just wasn’t sure how to proceed.

When it comes to the guys they are all possessive.  It makes it hard to imagine them even glancing at another woman besides MC. But I will give this my best.  Honestly though this one had me stumped.

Please bare in mind these are just what would happen in my opinion.

Sherlock Holmes

This could’ve come about many ways.  A woman who is smitten by the detective she’s read about, someone hired to get between Sherlock and MC, or some really really bad advice that Sherlock has taken.  Either case he doesn’t hear her as she walks in, gasps and there’s a moment of confusion before she runs.  Embarassed and emotionally distraught.  Probably goes to Simon cause who else will she turn to?  Sherlock tries calling her, and she ignores his calls.  Finally it’s John’s phone calling her, she answers but it’s Sherlock and he barely starts to apologize when she hangs up.  

Mikah is the one that MC contacts so he can go and get her things as it’s hopeful that Sherlock wouldn’t put in as much effort to stop him and he would to stop John.  

Even when Sherlock goes out of his way to express his apology he doesn’t seem to fully understand how deeply it hurt her.  Simon is the one to answer the door and when Sherlock shows up she slams the door in his face.  

It takes Sherlock breaking in to a rehearsal disguised as someone to get MC alone so they can talk. 

John Watson

He is kissing someone, for a reason I can’t even begin to fathom, and Sherlock bursts in in the usual fashion thinking he’s with MC, cause who else could he be with?  He sees what’s going on and the girl runs out flustered and past MC who goes upstairs confused.  John accuses Sherlock of being mean to a potential client and MC asks if they should go after her to make sure she’s alright.  

Sherlock walks out of the room not saying anything.  John tells MC he’ll be right back and he goes to ask Sherlock if he won’t say anything.  That he just needs to get things fixed and figured out (possibly an old girlfriend that he never officially broke up with before and he doesn’t want to hurt).  Sherlock doesn’t understand but begrudgingly agrees to avoid hurting MC. 

John’s hand fell on Sherlock’s shoulder, “hey thanks for not, you know.”  

Sherlock turns, a look of contempt usually saved only for the lowest of low criminals when he and Sherlock are out on a case, “do not thank me.  I am still uncertain that I won’t go up there and tell her what has happened.  But-”  He looked away, “it would break her heart.  I do not wish to hurt MC.  But you should tell her right now John.”

“You’re right though it would hurt her… I can’t tell her that-”

“Oh yes you can!  You go tell her right now, and I can comfort her once you’ve done the right thing and confessed your sins.”

“But I thought you didn’t want to see her hurt.”

“I do not wish to see her hurt, and I do not wish to hurt her, but I also do not wish to see her played by someone like you.”

“Sherlock you don’t even know what happened.”  John hissed through his teeth pulling Sherlock further away from the study door, hoping to avoid MC over hearing.

“She’s an exgirlfriend of sorts who is shy and doesn’t seem to know that things are over between the two of you.”

“I mean I would tell MC about this, but after she kissed me…”

“The ladies all think they’re special to you, and you always continue to treat them as such.  But John you need to tell MC, or I won’t hold myself back from doing so.”

“Just give me time to get this all sorted out, please Sherlock.”

“…. make it quick.”

 However she does finds out later that they were both lying to her.

James Moriarty

When you’re a wealthy man, as also proposed in the story in Seductively Glamorous.  Sometimes other families try to get you to be in a relationship with their daughters.  When you’re a criminal consultant you don’t really want people to know you have relationship ties.  So when James was dealing with a very determined and pretty young lady he had Jack and Sebastian try to keep her occupied out on the town.  But he had not finished getting it through to her that he wasn’t interested when they came back home.  

They tried to show MC to other parts of the estate and keep her away from James and this young lady, however she got curious and opened this one door leading to a security room where she was able to see that they did have cameras set up around the place recording certain rooms. One of which had a young lady straddling James, planting kiss after kiss on him.  Jack and Sebastian weren’t sure what she had seen when they went to find her and she was running down the hallway.  Though one peek at the monitors in the security room was enough to make them wonder exactly how James Moriarty was going to make them pay.

Mycroft Holmes

MC walks in and he has his hand under his other woman’s chin, tilting her face up as he is gently demanding her to kiss him back.  MC yells “What’s going on here.”   

 The poor woman is just surprised and Mycroft has an arm around her holding her still while he faces MC, “this is my girlfriend.”   

 "But I thought I was-“ 

 "You were mistaken, don’t worry, it’s an honest mistake.”  He gives her a smirk before she takes off and heads to the only people she knows of as friends John Watson, but she hesitates in front of the house because of Sherlock.  He’s Mycroft’s brother, even if they don’t get along, he would’ve known wouldn’t he?   

 Sherlock rushes out to meet her because he saw her through the window.  He is able to get her to spill the beans and leaves her crying in John’s care while he goes and takes care of his need to punch his brother.

They do what they can to get her to feel better.  Simon coming back and picking her up and keeping MC with her for a bit.  It’s a few weeks of hell on MC when suddenly Mycroft shows up with a shrug, “he’s come to take MC back home with him.” MC refuses.  Mycroft won’t tell her what’s going on, but is just trying to get her to go along with it.  That’s not going to work and he needs to try to woo her all over again while Sherlock tries to figure out what his brother did to explain to MC why she can’t forgive him. 

Jack Stillman

MC walks in on him and another woman, maybe not kissing, but looking like they’re about to.  She gives Jack the run around in the Moriarty Estate while she messages John and Sherlock to come pick her up.  She can’t think clearly.  She isn’t sure how to handle this.  After all they went through together.  

Jack begs her to come out and talk to him, thinking he can reason with her.  She still doesn’t come out to talk.  She’s hiding in the closet waiting for a message from John to let her know they’re there for her, when the doors fly open.

Sherlock and John show up and rush to the door to help MC, but she opens it cheerfully.  Not understanding why they’re there.  They try to talk to her about it.  

Days later the woman is reported missing.

Sebastian Moran

MC hears Sebastian complimenting a woman in their room, his voice full of warmth and love.  She starts to hear him talk about how he just wants to keep kissing her little face so much.  This is the last straw and she bursts in, tears in her eyes, ready to yell at him.  He drops the cat he was talking to.

(I’m sorry I just can’t imagine it, like…. if he did kiss someone else after finally struggling to get James’s approval?  It would be so far out of character that he would’ve… had… to have been…. DAMMIT JACK GIVE ME THE FREAKING COIN AND STOP HYPNOTIZING PEOPLE)

Jeremy Cassell

It isn’t that MC hasn’t had to kiss people while acting.  It’s acting.  She always appreciated that Jeremy could respect that and even help her with practicing getting a character down.  Though to Jeremy there was only one person who could see through his disguise no matter how well he did it.  So when he was disguised and working as Lupin and had to kiss the sweetheart of who he was pretending to be and MC had seen it?  He wasn’t so sure what to expect.  

MC started to avoid him and when he did finally get her alone with him she tried to avoid looking at him or talking about what had happened.  Finally he was able to confront her, he knew she had no where else to be.  It was then that she asked for a break.  What was the big deal? It was just an actors kiss.  “No.”  MC looked away, her eyes welling up in tears.  Not to that lady.

She left while he was stunned.  The romance he put on was an act, MC understood, but she was sympathizing with that woman and how it was real for her.  Jeremy would have to figure out a way to apologize and get MC back. 

Hercule Poirot

This man won’t let drama anywhere near him.  As soon as that woman started kissing him he would push her away.  Trying to be as nice and calm to her as possible, stating that while he is flattered there is only one woman in his heart who would ever be allowed to kiss his lips.  MC who probably could’ve walked in on a bad scene is confused with how Hercule has an apologetic look on his face and how the woman in question looks a little heart broken.

“This,”  Hercule indicates towards MC, “is my girlfriend.  The only one who can light up my life.  If you are in need of detectives she and I will be more than willing to help you. For her heart is as big as her beauty.”

Another shout out to @cinnamonteaandbiscuits for proof reading this all day with me

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How hard can your school be?? Your like 16????


I’m like really confused…. Yes I’m 16

First off, I have no idea what Highschool is like or how hard it is or more specifically sophmore/junior years.

But second, I have worked my butt off, skipping days of hanging out with my friends and pool days to do school. I worked so hard that by 12 years old I was taking college classes. So at 16 I’m finishing a college degree.

So I’m sorry if I offended you or something by saying my school is hard, but please just stop, okay?

Meet A!

A is a naga! For those who don’t know, Naga are essentially giant snakes! A is a daring girl with iridescent green/yellow scales. About three feet long, she floats through the air lazily, never stopping. She’s very carefree and easy going, and has an air that shouts “whatever man, just do it later” (okay, but like….in a suffer’s voice). Very lazy until it comes to air magic. She prioritizes this above all else and wishes to have a companion who will work hard at air magic. She’s a really good teacher when she’s in the mood to help!
Her preferred offerings are cacti, and succulents!

If you are interested in this spirit, please fill out the submit form and I will let you know if you have been chosen or not!
Please remember to supply the vessel to bind your spirit to!
If you have any questions refer to either my info, shop info, or my ask box!
Thank you!!


Everything was silent in the hall. If you concentrated hard enough you could hear the brains of your frustrated peers searching for an answer.

“I have papers!” Someone burst in shouting. One of the examiners went up to him.

“Sir would you please remove yourself.”

“Okay but I have papers saying that (Y/N) (Y/L/N) is too smart to be here, she should be with me at Lexcorp!”

anonymous asked:

okay let me break it down to you sweetie. your gifs are grainy and there are so many pixelated areas which is not pleasing to see. i must admit though your gifset for exo's christmas singles are beautiful. you just need to work on your normal gifs. also normally, if not a aesthetic gifset, using normal colors are advised. that way it is much more easy in the eyes.

Alright noted lol. You could’ve just told me this nicely without sending me hate right? Lmao

little-fairy-princess  asked:

Hi! I hope this is okay, may I ask you, how does it work, being a switch? I'm a Little/sub, but my boyfriend is a switch with sub needs, and I would really like to learn more about it. Thanks in advance :3

Well I’d say that being a switch I have both a dominant and a submissive side! Sometimes I enjoy taking control and playing the mommy role. Other times I like completely submitting and being little. It is really easy to please a switch, though it can be hard because we can switch out when our partners are least expecting it. When your switch partner is feeling little make them feel it by playing with them, getting them a sippy cup or their own paci for little time. And when they feel dominant, hand them control and just be little! All in all always talk to your partner about what makes both of you comfortable! Best wishes.