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Myths About Betta Fish

I’m sick of the pet industry always fucking animals like the betta over so let’s get some things straight
MYTH: bettas like small spaces, they live in small rice paddies in the wild
REALITY: No they absolutely do not, sure some survive this, but it’s a cruel life to live. Rice paddies are actually quite big although shallow, the average male betta has about 3 feet of its own territory in the wild. Bettas need AT LEAST 2.5 gallons, but a 5-10 g is even better. You can get a 3 g tank from petco for like $10
MYTH: you should feed your betta whenever it is hungry
REALITY: a bettas stomach is the size of its eyeball, it is very easy to overfeed. I feed my betta 3 pellets twice a day, but lots of people feed at different times with different food so I suggest doing some research and deciding what works best for you.
MYTH: bettas are lazy
REALITY: bettas are inactive in small tanks because they’re aware that they have no space to swim and will hit walls, in larger tanks bettas are very active
MYTH: bettas can only be kept alone
REALITY: it is true that male betta fish cannot be kept with any other betta, but (depending on the bettas personality) bettas can be kept with fish that are smaller and drab looking that won’t bite your bettas tail. I keep my betta with 2 snails and 5 ghost shrimp and he rarely bothers them. Female bettas can be kept in groups of 5 which is called a sorority. Keep in mind that these options are only possible in large tanks with lots of hiding spots.
MYTH: bettas will eat live plants so you don’t have to feed them if you have plants in the tank
REALITY: bettas are CARNIVORES. They won’t eat plants, they will eat blood worms and brine shrimp which you can buy frozen. In fact feeding real prey is good along with pellets or flakes.
MYTH: bettas don’t need filtration or heat
REALITY: they need both. As far as filtration goes, strong currents don’t mix well with bettas so a sponge filter is best.
MYTH: bettas only live a couple months anyway, why should I be doing all this?
REALITY: with proper care, bettas can live 5 years.
MYTH: bettas and all other fish are dumb
REALITY: bettas are actually very smart and trainable. Mine was taught to jump out of the water on command and come when called (by wiggling fingers). Some people have taught bettas harder tricks such as going through a hoop. They can even learn when meal time is and be ready for it.
MYTH: My child will take care of the betta
REALITY: your child will lose interest within a week, YOU will be taking care of their fish. If you’re not okay with that don’t buy your kid a fish.
MYTH: I should completely change the tank each time I clean it
REALITY: you should instead do frequent partial water changes of about 40% of the water
MYTH: bettas are throw away pets
REALITY: there is no such thing as a throw away pet and if you think there is you shouldn’t own pets

Please always read care sheets before buying a pet because -newsflash- PET STORES LIE.
*drops mic*

Timeloop Aftermath

((I decided to create a possible idea of what might happen with the Aftermath of this AU. It’s a brilliant AU, so many possibilities and great writing on your part (I also love your art wow)! So, here it is! I hope you like it!))

After the incident, everything in Jeremy’s life changed, and for the better.

After he told Michael about everything that had happened (using the journal as proof, even if he has to read it to him and persuade it to him enough to make him believe him), he was convinced by Michael to get the Squip out of his brain.

There was a whole shitload of stuff that happened (may possibly write it out), whereas Jeremy had to fight against the Squip'a forces, talk to Rich, and finally get that Mountain Dew Red to end it all, Michael being his main support.

Afterwards, with everything that had happened to them with the party and Squips, Jeremy finally seemed to be accepted by people. Not only did Rich come out as bi and started being good friends with Jeremy and Michael, he got them one step closer to Jake, Chloe, Brook and Jenna. Christine had taken a liking to helping Michael after the accident (Jeremy wasn’t into her anymore since he figured out his feelings for Michael, however he couldn’t help appreciate all the amazing things she did), and so the Drama Crew was formed, their friendship really unexpected and magnificent.

Not to mention that Jeremy and Michael had gotten together quickly. Jeremy visited Michael in the hospital everyday after the accident until he got out. Apparently Michael would have full blindness for up to a year, six-nine months at least, and then he’s have eyesight problems for the rest of his life (so, worse than needing glasses obviously, however he’d have partial blindness at times. However it wouldn’t affect him as greatly, and not as bad forever).

Despite the joking bets about how long they’d last, they lasted.. that’s just it. They lasted. They graduated, went to college together (They were cool in college, let me tell you,) and moved in together shortly afterwards. They went on dates, got a dog named Pac-Man (a stray Michael found on the street, what a furry,) , and eventually had a wedding! It was small but cute, the Crew was there, Jeremy’s dad was there, Michael’s parents were there, and Mr. Reyes was there for some reason. It was all amazing, life couldn’t go better for Michael and Jeremy Heere.

That’s the saying, you can only go up. But when you’re up, where else can you go? Well.. only down, of course.

Jeremy and Michael were in their early 40’s. It had been so long since everything happened, the two never imagined Michael’s sight could be so bad ever again. He had been able to see just fine since he had turned 31, despite still needing glasses. They hadn’t even costed the doctor in a whole year, they were so confident.

Confidence wasn’t enough.

Michael had always been insistent on driving himself places after he had gotten better. To practice driving again after getting better, he went to the grocery store to get stuff for the week for them every week, and he had just kept it up since. It wasn’t a big deal.

It had been September when this whole instance occurred. Jeremy sat at home on this Monday, when he had the work day off for Labor day. He sorted through the papers in his hands that was keeping him busy. It wasn’t business papers, oh no (he couldn’t work for a big business anyways, it reminded him of the Squip. Plus he just hated the thought of working in a cubical), these were adoption papers. Jeremy and Michael had been thinking about this for yesrs, and now they were thing of going through with this. He was reading through the different foster care systems near them, when he heard his phone ring.

Jeremy wasn’t one to let his phone go to voicemail unless he was really, really into something or just couldn’t reach the phone. This wasn’t one of those times. He was quite calm at the moment, normal, feeling alright..

He suddenly didn’t feel alright. With the sound of the stranger over the line telling him about the accident. Telling him that his player two had swivered off the side of the highway into a ditch in a frenzy. He was at the hospital. He was under-

Jeremy had stopped listening. Why? Because he dripped his phone on the way outside. Panic ran through his body as he sped out of the driveway in his car, cutting someone off and not caring for a single second.

He could barely breathe as he raced towards the hospital. He knew where it was from how many times he’s been there for this man and this man alone. This man he loved more than anything in the world. The man he saw die so many times before- but felt it so real this time that he felt like he would die right here and now if he didn’t make it to the hospital.

Adrenalin filled him as he crashed into the ER, frantically waving down anyone at all to tell him where Michael was. He looked insane, so if course, security had stopped him before a nurse had came to him.

“Where’s Michael? Where- I-Im married to him! I-is he ok?”

“Sir, were doing everything we can. Hes in a critical state. You have to calm-”

“I can’t calm down! I have to see him- h-he can’t die! I can’t let him d-die! Please!” Jeremy held back the word ‘again’. He also held back tears.

“Sir, I..”

Just then, a doctor stepped into the area. He talked to the lady at the front counter before making his way over to us. “You’re Jeremy Heere, sir?”

Jeremy nodded quickly. “Y-yes, where’s Michael? Is he ok? H-hes ok, right?”

The doctor had paused.

Jeremy felt a fear rush through him at this silence. “H-hes, t-tell me Michael’s ok! Tell me!” He persisted, his voice escalating.

The doctor spoke calmly, obviously rehearsed and drone-like. “I’m sorry sir. There was nothing else we could do for him. Michael had punctured his lung and bled to death before we could do anything usef..”

Jeremy felt his heart drop as the words sunk in. His thoughts seemed to stop, scream to a halt, not disappear, but a much , much worse feeling. The feeling of his whole life crashing down on him and fleeing him at the same time. His heart stopped, like everything else, for a pause that seemed to last for hours.

Then it all hit him. All of it. His heart came back, feeling an ache that only grew worse with every pump. His mind filled with the words of the doctor, the thoughts of his lovers death, the thoughts of Michael, Michael, Michael is dead.

Jeremy was crying. His cheeks were leaking as he pulled himself away from the other men. He stumbled back, still staring at the doctor. His vision became blurry as he started crying harder than every before, his breath becoming tiny gasps, his feet losing balance when he realised he was outside the hospital, on the grass. He brought his hands to his face, weeping and whaling profusely to himself, alone.

Everything came flooding back. And it all guilted him. He could have gone grocery shopping with him. For him. He could have taken him to the doctors to get checked up, seen that his sight might get worse. Checked that his lover was ok with a phone call, say “I love you, player two” one last time. The worst part was that he couldn’t remember the last words they had exchanged.

His mind was in such a spiraling state that he started thinking of everything bad that he ever did to Michael. He reached his deaths, he reached the looping. He remembered every death. He remembered his pain and how none of that pain was nearly as bad as it is now. Now was the worst day of his life. And there had been many bad days for Jeremy Heere.

He just wanted to see his face one more time. He wanted to see his lover, his player two, his alive husband, his best friend, his partner in crime, the most amazing person in the world-

“Or you’ll what?”

The bathroom. The light. The taste of shitty, terrible liquor threatening his mouth. And right in front of him, almost 30 years younger, was the love of his life. He teared up.





That was really really really fantastic, wow!! I have had thoughts about making the timeline where Michael goes blind the final timeline, sort of like, there’s gotta be some sacrifices, but they don’t necessarily have to be someone dying, ya know? And just imagining all the fun stuff that he and Jeremy go through afterward, hoooo!

All I can think about now is Jeremy pushing Michael (who’s wearing like, shutter shades or a pair of ridiculous sunglasses probably) around in a wheel chair through school and Michael’s like “Move outta the way, bitches, I got an escort to class” and like. Once they recover they get comfortable enough to make blind jokes ppfffp
Although I do like the idea of Michael’s sight coming back eventually. Like the accident at Jake’s house was only temporary and he regains his sight after a couple months or a year or smth.

BUT ANYWAY BACK TO SCREAMING THAT WRECKED ME AAAA!! I just can’t imagine how awful that would be, to live thirty years and then be taken back in time all the way back to the start of the whole thing;; but now Jeremy can try to prevent the whole blind thing, yeah? (Maybe instead Jeremy ends up going blind :0)

STOP KILLING MICHAEL I say as I continue to kill Michael in multiple of my AUs haha–//shot

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!! You guys are awesome continuing to shower me with fics and beautiful art and giving me more ideas for this AU I AM TRULY. TRULY BLESSED.)

Ransom and Holster fill their house with assorted pets named after their Hausmates. They spam the group chat with pictures of them doing stuff.

I dont know what pets would be given what name, but there is a tarantula which escaped and sometimes just pops into sightlines and freak out/bless everyone (depending on the time of day). That tarantula is named Johnson

Okay, let's get some things straight here.

In light of a recent debate with some idiots on another social media platform, I need to rant a little.

Mutts are NOT inherently healthier than purebreds. You can get a dog with half the problems or you can double them. It depends on the dogs that bred.

Breeders are NOT the problem. They go through weeks upon weeks of studying the genetic history of their desired pairing, going through generations of health testing and medical history.

Breeders do NOT turn a huge profit off of “their animals’ reproductive systems.” By the end of health testing for mom and dad, the process of whelping and all the supplies needed for that (and everything needed on hand in case a puppy gets rejected), shots for pups, and so much more, the price they ask for one of their pups barely covers what they’ve already put into them. Breeding is expensive. Testing eyes and hips and elbows is expensive. Testing for the breed’s common genetic defects is expensive. Don’t tell me that breeders are only doing what they’re doing for the money, because that’s the exact opposite of the truth. They do it to better their chosen breed and eliminate as many genetic defects as possible. They do it to give people predictable traits in healthy dogs that will fit the purpose for the animal.

Again, breeders are NOT the problem. There is a clause in most puppy contracts stating that if, for any reason, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, the person buying one of their puppies can no longer care for the dog, they are to return it to them. Breeders’ pups aren’t the ones getting abandoned and tossed into shelters wondering when their people will come back for them. They aren’t the dogs that get lonely and confused and cold.

“Adopt don’t shop” is REALLY STUPID. Shelter animals aren’t right for everyone. People with small children may not want to risk bringing a dog into their homes that could have some unknown past trigger that leads to one of their kids losing their face. That’s just not ethical.

“Adopt don’t shop” is ALSO STUPID because any dog that goes into a home just for the sake of having a home does not necessarily go into the right home. You know what happens to the dogs that go into the wrong home? They get landed right back in the shelter. The guilt trip that is this whole campaign leads to dogs going to the wrong homes and being sent back to where they were before.

I’m all for adoption. But I’m also all for breeders. I want every pet to be able to have a loving home to call their own. I want them to be safe and well cared for. I am for the responsible addition of a loving pet into the right home.

I am for responsible pet ownership.

Adopt or shop, it’s your pet and your choice. But don’t go around bashing people for choosing the other option because you’re a self-righteous prick.


He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.

comicbookmama  asked:

For my masters project, I wrote a book for teachers about proper care of class pets. I'm thinking of revisiting it in hopes of getting it published, and am working on updating its info. What small animals do you feel are best suited to school life - assuming that the teacher is a proper caretaker (and as a teacher, I know that assumes a great deal - that's what the point of the book is, that teachers who choose to have class pets are obligated to model proper caretaking for the students).

Gah, I find this really hard because I really just…don’t believe in classroom pets. :-/  I’ve had very bad experiences with it personally, and I rarely hear GOOD stories about classroom pets. So the whole thing just seems like a horrible idea to me.

That said…I guess these are the ones I would suggest if the teacher is really willing to put the effort in and make it work out for the animal, not just the classroom & kids, along with my reasoning.

- Invertebrates: I saw a post discussing this recently…I can’t recall if I reblogged it or not. If I remember, I’ll try to find it. There’s a fair number of invertebrates with pretty easy diets, not a lot of special temperature/humidity needs, can be kept in small tanks (5-10g) & are big enough to be interesting to watch. Also generally pretty cheap to buy, set up, & maintain. Bonus of teaching kids the interesting parts of bugs, their important role in various ecosystems, etc. Examples include roaches, other beetles, preying mantids, isopods…I’m sure I’m forgetting some. 

Mice: NOT to be hands-on for the kids; can keep a couple females together in a small enough tank to be reasonable for classroom - 20-30g; don’t need particularly special temperature/humidity; relatively easy diet to manage in classroom setting. 

- Gerbils: Also not to be hands-on for kids; again, can keep a pair of same sex gerbils in a similar sized tank as mouse; also a relatively easy diet, no special temp/humidity needs. They do need plenty of digging space & care must be taken with enrichment because they’ll chew it. 

These are really the only mammals I’m comfortable even suggesting. I’m still hesitant because both are prey animals that can be easily stressed by noise, so I would consider it necessary for the teacher to watch behavior & health and be willing to remove the animals to their own home if the noise & activity prove to be too stressful. I’m not comfortable listing any other mammals - most need much more space than most classrooms are willing or able to provide, or they need more hands-on socializing, or they have more specific care needs that could get tricky.

- Crested gecko: Similar to above, this is the only reptile I think I’m comfortable with suggesting. I’m not as great on reptiles, so there might be some other potential options. But most reptiles need special heating, lighting, need live prey or frozen rodents for prey, etc. All of that gets a lot more dicey in a classroom setting where heating elements may not be allowed or may get turned off by cleaning staff. Crested geckos don’t really need special heating/lighting (but care does need to be taken that they don’t get too warm, some classrooms can have issues with that), they can be fed a balanced commercial diet that’s easy to prepare, they can be kept in a relatively small tank, they’re fun to watch. 

…That’s all I got. Fish can be more difficult to move since the tank must be drained, it would likely be harder to do water changes in most classrooms, etc. Otherwise I’d suggest possibly a betta fish in a 10g tank. But ehhhhh. Birds are an absolute no, hermit crabs require too elaborate of a set up to really be ideal in a classroom (and are not easy to dismantle for taking home on school breaks). 

I’m sorry, I’m not sure how helpful this was! There just aren’t a lot of animals that really are reasonable to have in a classroom setting for the vast majority of classrooms & teachers. If a teacher is very dedicated & has permission from their superiors, they could check into curriculum-based programs that some places run - I remember my Fisheries & Wildlife courses discussing a fish program of some kind. I know sometimes there are programs with chicks in more rural areas, but I’m also rather skeptical of how good those are - it just depends on who the chicks go home with & the care they get. I’m guessing most just turn into farm hens, but still. 

Another potential alternative idea you could include is doing classroom indoor or outdoor (if possible) gardens. Plants generally need less care, but it’d still be a decent lesson in care and could integrate well with a number of science & environment lessons. 

R: Their significant other has a lot of uncommon pets.

Requested by @pinkypieeg:

Hello!~ me again~ I really loved the first reaction for my request. I was wondering a reaction to bts’s s/o having a lot and not commonly pets?

A/N: Thank you I’m glad you enjoyed the first request ! :) This one was really fun to write ~ I had to do some research and I can’t tell you how many times I cried in front of such cool / adorable pets. Also, putting under read more cause I realize it’s pretty annoying on the dashboard lmao


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anonymous asked:

Smol child Prompto

(Beware some spoilers ahead)

Ah, smol child Prompto

  • Baby Prompto in a chocobo onesie, of course.
  • Baby Prompto in a carbuncle onesie.
  • Smol child Prompto wants to befriend everyone.
  • But also doesn’t.
  • Smol child Prompto wants to get close to other kids and say Hi first and befriend them.
  • But smol child Prompto doesn’t want other kids to make the first move.
  • It’s fightening.
  • 2 y.o. Prompto is sat in the child seat when going shopping with either mama or papa.
  • 2 y.o. Prompto is yelling HI (°▽°)/ at other kids in other carts.
  • 2 y.o. Prompto is exchanging lollipops/candies with the other kids of the other carts.
  • Smol child Prompto is sat at the conveyor belt. 
  • Smol child Prompto has no idea how he ended up there.
  • So don’t his parents.
  • Smol, tiny child Prompto is looking at all the products mama and papa buy because they have a barcode.
  • They’re like me .A.
  • He’s trying to figure what he has in common with those things.
  • “MOMMY, LOOK, this one has it too!”
  • “MOM, MOM, shampoo has it too!”
  • Beebee is one of his plush toys.
  • Smol child Prompto has assumed since he can remember and has for sure, just like the sky is blue and like the grass is green, that mama and papa bought him at the supermarket.
  • That’s why he has that barcorde.
  • Indeed, it was never a bother to him, or a drawing or a birthmark. It was his barcode because babies come from supermarkets, right?
  • Smol child Prompto never questioned where babies came from due to that previous assumption.
  • Smol child Prompto is a m a z e d by chocobos but has barely ever seen one.
  • Smol child Prompto’s screaming if he sees a chocobo plush.
  • You’re not shutting him up until you buy it to him.
  • Smol child Prompto is never taken nearby the toy section.
  • There’s too many chocobo themed things, his parents literally couldn’t afford all that if he sees them.
  • Smol child Prompto has more chocobo toys than memories with his parents.
  • They’re busy, don’t judge them.
  • Smol child Prompto can’t count how many chocobo plushies he has.
  • He hasn’t learned that many numbers. ;_____;
  • Smol child Prompto insists on sleeping with all of them.
  • All.
  • They don’t fit in the bed.
  • Smol child Prompto has a list:
  • This night, these first 10 chocobos sleep with him.
  • Next one, these other 10.
  • The next one, these other 10.
  • It’s never 10. 
  • Smol child Prompto has troubles counting, okay, leave him alone.
  • Smol child Prompto is never getting out of his chocobo onesie.
  • N e v e r.
  • You don’t try to take it off him, he’s screaming.
  • Mama puts him in place (thanks gods) and he can have it off for bath and sleeping.
  • But he’s putting it back on as a daily basis thing.
  • Smol child Prompto’s running around the kindergarten practicing his KWEH.
  • Also wants all the other kids to see his onesie.
  • Smol child Prompto’s more used to nannies than papa or mama. 
  • Parents arrive very late.
  • Smol child Prompto has tried to stay awake until they arrive.
  • Smol child Prompto’s always falling asleep.
  • Smol child Prompto thinks it’s his fault; it’s because he couldn’t stay up later that he fell asleep, and it’s because he stayed up late and still fell asleep why he overslept and woke up to papa and mama already gone again.
  • Smol child Prompto asked Chococaptain Commandocobo to keep watch at the window and tell him when his parents arrive.
  • Smol child Prompto always, always forgives Chococaptain Comandocobo for falling asleep, too.
  • He’s hugging him and telling him it’s fine, they’ll try later at night again.
  • Smol child Prompto LOVES MUSIC.
  • Smol child Prompto LOVES DANCING.
  • Smol kid Prompto is dancing in his room.
  • He’s falling onto his buttocks.
  • He’s standing up and retaking the dancing because it’s fine.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s going to take other kids by the hands and make them dance if he thinks they’re sad.
  • Dancing deletes sadness, you dance and you’re happy. :3
  • Also likes to sing.
  • He LOVES singing.
  • Smol child Prompto is singing everywhere.
  • Smol kid Prompto is singing in his room.
  • He’s singing in school.
  • He’s singing in the bathroom.
  • He’s singing through the park.
  • Through the living room.
  • Before sleeping.
  • At breakfast.
  • Any any eating time.
  • Smol kid Prompto is trying to eat but singing is more important.
  • He’s singing while chewing.
  • Food’s falling down his mouth.
  • He’s not shutting up, anyway.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s singing all the time.
  • He’s NEVER getting tired of singing.
  • This is what he and 2 of his kindergarten friends sound like:
  • Smol kid Prompto is the conductor of their singing.
  • Smol kid Prompto makes the songs, or chooses them.
  • Seriously, I can’t ever get tired of those adorable sounds, go click that link if you didn’t and picture tiny kid Prompto on duty.
  • Smol kid Prompto wants to be musician when he grows up.
  • Smol kid Prompto wants to teach chocobos to sing.
  • Smol kid Prompto has his own orchestra, but it’s more like a chorus, if you ask him.
  • It’s ALL his chocobos. They’re arranged on semi-circle in his room.
  • He’s conductor and has his own “music wand”.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s hands are flying everywhere around him when conducting.
  • Smol kid Prompto praises the chocobos and encourages them mid play.
  • Smol kid Prompto is clapping and cheering very loudly because he’s so damn proud of his orchestra.
  • He’s hugging them one by one after each presentation. They deserve it.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s terrified of noises around the house.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s not hiding under the bedsheets.
  • …okay, he is.
  • BUT he’s also brave enough to go check what’s making those noises.
  • Chococaptain Commandocobo goes with him to have his back.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s constantly frightening himself checking for the source of the noises.
  • Smol kid Prompto HATES mirrors.
  • “They let ghosts in, mama”.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s glaring at and fighting his own reflection.
  • It’s a ghost trying to personify him and trying to take his place in the real world and cage him in the ghostland for all eternity and nobody would notice they’re living with a fake Prompto and it’s going to murder everyone. HE’S NOT GOING TO ALLOW THAT.
  • Please don’t question smol kid Prompto.
  • Smol kid Prompto doesn’t understand why Cor isn’t his dad.
  • Not as in “WHY!? >:’(”, it literally puzzles him.
  • Cor always remembers his birthday, visits him often, buys him new clothes, actually cooks for him, talks lots with him, helps him with homework, and he draws with him, he’s literally what Prompto has heard dads are supposed to do so this is his dad, right? Why is everyone insisting he’s not?
  • Okay, Cor may visit only once per month, but the day he spends with him is FAR more attention than he usually gets on the other 29 days from anyone else, so ¿¿¿¿?????
  • Smoler kid Prompto is bought/given new clothes by Cor because mom and dad forget how fast children grow up, and Cor’s usually visiting to find the shoes are basically crushing his toes.
  • Smoler, tiny, younger kid Prompto used to think Cor was Dad and that his parents were Nannies that also hired their own Nannies. 
  • So every time Cor comes visit smoler, tiny, younger kid Prompto believes and has for sure with entire security that he’s going home.
  • Smoler, tiny, younger kid Prompto is very puzzled when dad Cor leaves again and has to “leave him with the nannies”.
  • Smol kid Prompto wonders what his “real” house looks like, with papa Cor.
  • Smol kid Prompto wonders what his real mommy looks like.
  • Smol kid Prompto thinks there’s two Cors.
  • Smol kid Prompto hears parents speak about some “serious, quiet, frowning” Cor.
  • But the Cor kid Prompto knows laughs, plays, and is always smiling.
  • Smol kid Prompto doesn’t realize Cor’s smiling only because they’re together.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s TERRIFIED at the idea of Cor being hurt by his “ghost reflection” and replaced by it and that’s why his parents speak of a man he can’t identify as the real Cor.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s making sure Cor never passes in front of any mirror.
  • “No what, Prom?”
  • Please no, Cor, he’s terrified.
  • “But why-”
  • Smol kid Prompto only has friends at kindergarten; papa and mama are usually out on evenings, so smol kid Prompto’s childhood lacked daily goes to the park (only now and then with the nannies) or other kids’ houses.
  • But he’s happeh with his kindergarten friends in kindergarten, and happeh home with his chocobo plush toy army.
  • Smol kid Prompto spends evenings playing with them.
  • You should see him play Seek and Hide with the chocobos…
  • …when it’s their turn to count.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s usually falling asleep in his hideout place.
  • Smol kid Prompto assumes chocobos are simply TERRIBLE at seeking and finding people.
  • Smol child Prompto is constantly getting sick.
  • You know, the genes and inside biology…he wasn’t meant to live like a person at all.
  • So he’s slowly getting adapted.
  • Hence, constantly catching colds.
  • Papa Cor’s attending him.
  • Smol kid Prompto LOVES movies.
  • Smol kid Prompto has learned to pause them.
  • He’s pausing movies in his favorite parts so he can stare at the frozen picture.
  • Gods, he loves pretty pictures.
  • He wants to have all these separate frozen fragments somewhere so he could keep them individually.
  • Smol kid Prompto likes to stare at things he likes pretty.
  • Smol kid Prompto likes to stare at things but they usually move or change.
  • He likes that they change but he also wishes he could keep one frozen picture of things because it’s just so pretty.
  • If only there was a device that could do that stuff…
  • Smol kid Prompto is terrified by teenage girls.
  • They are so tall and scary ;_____;
  • Smol kid Prompto’s terrified of fireflies.
  • But he’s amazed by trains and cars.
  • Smol kid Prompto is too sensitive to the cold.
  • Smol kid Prompto is constantly in that chocobo onesie to stay warm.
  • …of course, not like it’s an excuse just to wear it or anything.
  • Smol kid Prompto asks for a wish every time he sneezes.
  • Please don’t question him.
  • Smol kid Prompto thinks that the dots of his face are marks of raindrops.
  • He’s running away from rain.
  • Don’t let it touch him, my god.
  • Smol kid Prompto is finding out his friends don’t have codebars.
  • Smol kid Prompto at first thinks the other children were stolen or that the Astrals didn’t finish them and the parents bought them not noticing it.
  • Smol kid Prompto starts getting nervous when it’s more than just 4 children that don’t have codebars.
  • Smol kid Prompto realizes his parents don’t have one either.
  • Nor does Cor.
  • Smol kid Prompto has realized nobody but him has it.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s starting to grow insecure because of it.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s crying and terrified of continuing playing with his friends because he thinks they’ll think he’s defective.
  • Mom’s constantly telling him he’s okay and fine, but smol kid Prompto’s grown too insecure.
  • Mommy tried to reassure him it’s fine, but she’s buying him wristbands to give him a little confidence because he’s just not convinced, hoping he’ll grow comfy to take them off when he grows up.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s TERRIFIED.
  • He’s panicked.
  • He’s running to his nanny.
  • Also realized he can’t see his forehead.
  • Don’t you DARE suggest he uses a mirror >:(
  • Smol kid Prompto DAMN LOVES ANIMALS.
  • He’d make good rescuer with kid Iggy.
  • Smol kid Prompto is hugging ALL THE DOGS that he sees.
  • He’s hugging all the kittens.
  • He’s trying to hug the birds.
  • Not petting. He’s hugging them.
  • Smol kid Prompto that has lost confidence to befriend other kids is befriending all the animals he sees.
  • His parents lose him at the park, but worry not.
  • He’s sat somewhere surrounded by three dogs, always.
  • Why are the dogs obeying him
  • How
  • Smol kid Prompto’s having therapy talk with the dogs.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s playing with the dogs.
  • Smol kid Prompto is befriended to all the dogs of the neighborhood.
  • Also most of the dogs of the park.
  • Smol kid Prompto wants to walk dogs.
  • He’s still too small :’(
  • Smol kid Prompto’s asking his parents for dog treats so he can carry them around every time he goes out with his parents or the nannies so he can feed ALL THE DOGS that he sees.
  • The dogs of the park now tackle him as soon as they see him.
  • Smol kid Prompto can’t have a dog of his own :’(
  • But he’s okay with being friends with all the local dogs.
  • They’ve never said anything mean about his codebar. <3
  • Dogs are so kind to him, he’s so moved :’3

This is smol child Prompto.

Here’s smol child Noctis.
Here’s smol child Gladio.
Here’s smol child Iggy.

The squad is complete.

These are the Chocobabies. They are adorable and need your love.

Love them.