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being asexual is seen as “too straight” by the LGBT+ community and “too gay” for straight people. the truth is, we are neither. if straight people are “as straight as a line” and gay people are “straight like a circle”, then we’re as straight as the void. sexual attraction? i don’t even know her. you are seriously in the wrong place if you’re looking for an instant sexual connection. don’t try to “””fix””” us we’re good. keep moving please.

kdramawomensweek | kdrama women’s week

alternatively: a week and one day to talk about and make things for women you appreciate in celebration of International Women’s Day (8th March) 

Day One: Least Typecast Fave

An actress you appreciate who manages to not get boxed into industry stereotypes (re: roles), someone who constantly surprises you.

Day Two: Rent’s Due  

A character whose journey through adulthood you identify with, from job searches to daily upkeep, to bills etc. Someone who you feel reflects to some degree the struggle of either blazing through life or falling and getting back up again.

Day Three: 40 + up, women in stories you adored

This is self explanatory, no? Female characters in dramas over the age of 40 that blew you away.

Day Four: Work X3

A character with a job or a relationship with work that you found either interesting/was merged well with the show/was unexpected etc.

Day Five: Femininity + Her

A character who dealt with being a woman in a way that interested you. Either in the way she behaved, or the way she dealt with the way she was percieved or the way she dealt with her existence ‘as a woman’. Am I being clear enough? Forgive me if I’m not.

Day Six: Strong Foundations

Wax lyrical about a character who was supported either her friends or/and her family. Female characters supported in life throughout, called out when they should and loved for who they are.

Day Seven: So Goodbye

Female characters with the best disappearances (no death, never death unless it’s fake death) and gap years, off to better themselves, or leaving for whatever heroic dramatic reasons. I’ll be incredibly impressed if you can do one on a character that never comes back.

Day Eight: Age of Youth Love-fest/Happy International Women’s Day

News about Season Two dropped and even though the tag is still active, it could be a little bit more active. Tell me about your favourite girl (it can be all of them), favourite scene, favourite prop, favourite line, draw parallels between Park Yun Sun’s previous work and Age of Youth! Do it all.

As always should you not like the categories, there are always  2015 + 2016 prompts, although it would please me if you could stick to these ones. Please tag your posts #kdramawomensweek and/or @ us so they are easier to find, admire and reblog.

Hungry Baby 🍪
  • Little: *pulling on cg's arm while cg is cooking* I hungry!!!!!
  • Cg: I'm making food, little one. Go sit down and wait until it's done, alright?
  • Little: *continues to pull on cg* nOOOOOO I HUNGRYYYYYY!!!
  • Cg: *pulls little' hands away* Don't you start!
  • Little: *Does puppy eyes* I wants foods...
  • Cg: *looks at cookie jar* hmm... If I give you a cookie will you go sit and wait for your food like a good little baby?
  • Little: *eyes widen and reaches for cookie jar* Yeah yeah! I pwomise!
  • Cg: *gives little a cookie* you're adorable!
  • Little: *chewing on cookie* Hehe! Tank yous!
  • ___________________
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Thanks again y’all <3

♔♔    160+ high quality small/medium gifs of the very talented Yoo Yeon Seok.
            None of these gifs are mine and I found them from various sources. If any
            of these gifs are yours and you would like me to take them down, please
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            please don’t copy my gif hunt into another gif hunt. I apologize for any
            repeats. I will be updating periodically

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As requested by myself, here is a gif hunt containing #418 small, hq gifs of wolves/werewolves/shape-shifters. These gifs are from The Twilight Saga and can be used in twilight roleplays or really just any roleplay where you play a shape-shifter/wolf. There are duplicates of the same scenes in this hunt, but the gifs have different coloring so I apologize in advance if that bothers you. I don't own any of the gifs in this hunt. Please like this post if you're using or reblog in case of RPH.

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anonymous asked:

You are amazing, your art is amazing and it makes me emotional ? I don't know I just love flowers so much, I wanna learn how to draw them too ^^ your reblog are a blessing, I could stare at your art for hours !! I love you very much, and I'm so pleased to be following you :3c

Awww, anon! Thank you so much, that makes me so happy to hear! I love flowers as well - I like using them as embellishments, for visual appearance, however I also like looking up flower symbolism and trying different types of plants. They have a life of their own and its their own appearance can be altered to mean something as well. 

And definitely, you should try if you want to! Flowers are very interesting and fun to learn to draw, and I’m still learning as well! 

I love you too anon, thank you for messaging me!

♔♔  230+ mostly high quality small/medium gifs of the amazing, Kim Jae Wook.
         None of these gifs are mine and I found them from various sources. If any of
         these gifs are yours and you would like me to take them down, please let me
         know and I will. If you use this gif hunt, please like/reblog. Also please don’t
         copy my gif hunt into another gif hunt. I apologize for any repeats. I will be
         updating periodically.

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reminder that “fuckt*rd” and anything using “-t*rd” is still an ableist slur ✌🏻️

EDIT: Hey guys! I’ve been getting a lot of questions and comments on this post - ranging from genuine to antagonizing to just kind of. Unnecessary.

In any case! The basic thing to know is that I made this post when I was pretty exhausted and it came out lazy and poorly worded. I do apologize for the confusion this has caused.

To those asking about words like “fire retardant”, these do not come from the same source as the slurs mentioned.

The slurs featured above are ableist, and come from outdated medical terminology and a history of medical/general abuse and oppression towards cognitively disabled people.

If there are any other questions you have about this post, please ask them off-anon! As glad as I am to help, I really don’t like clogging my blog and others’ dashes with the same questions, especially if it’s about a touchy subject. Thank you for reading + have a good day!