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i need an abortion

welp, ive been trying to avoid this for almost 4 months now but looks like it’s come down to this! im 17 weeks pregnant and my scheduled appointment for my abortion is Friday, May 5th at 8 am. costs for my abortion is $1,270, however, the National Abortion Federation is covering $505. which leaves me at a balance of $765 that i do not have. now. thankfully, after moving into my new residency, im working now and will be receiving my next paycheck next Wednesday. however, i will only be capable of covering approx. $200 of the $765 because i have rent to pay as well. time is of the essence. i didnt want anyone to know about this, i dont want anyone to know about this. ive been handling this physically and emotionally all on my own since February. help me. in Georgia, i have about 3 weeks left before i am no longer eligible to get an abortion here. if you have questions, message me. if you send a large amount of money (meaning $80 and above), now that i have a job, i can reimburse you. i need to have all of $765 by May 4th at 5:00 pm. in the meantime i will be working, trying to sell shit… do whatever. i cant afford to weigh this out any longer. most of you know who i am, know my story. please signal boost, circulate this as far as you can. if you would like to make a Facebook post about me, feel free but i ask that you keep my personal information lowkey until they personally reach out to me. i will be making a Facebook post tonight and if you want to friend me in order to share the post i make on FB, message me. my paypal is remember: $765 by May 4th at 5:00 pm. thank you.

                                                                           – Nea-Sa’Mon (aka Cosmo)

facebook and reposting

I know nobody’s here for long spiels, but this might be a bit lengthy… I’d much rather fill my dash with replies to you guys about stuff that has actual substance, or just post art in general, but this needs to be said.

Please don’t message me to ask if you can re-post/re-upload/re-distribute my work. I have an instagram, twitter AND tumblr where I distribute my work. That’s where I’d like to keep it. 

I appreciate the respect you’re giving by asking, but it gets exhausting to keep saying ‘thank you, BUT’…it says clearly on my description page to Not Repost Anywhere. It does not say ‘Please only repost with permission’ it just says Don’t Do It. If you send me IM’s about re-uploading my work on instagram/FB/twitter/wattpad etc, I will ignore it. My silence isn’t an unspoken ‘do whatever you want’, it is a blatant ‘no’. OTL

In terms of Facebook - I respect and admire the effort put in by those who run translation fanpages - but I will also have to automatically decline all of your requests. Not because I don’t want my work to be accessible to those who don’t speak English, but because I’ve had multiple facebook accounts re-upload my work without my consent and with barely any credit/proper captioning of the work. And whenever I’ve tried to fix the issue, I’ve either been blocked, or had the re-posters try and lecture me about how I’m asking for the impossible.

Artists don’t ask for much. We do this for free and because we enjoy sharing our love for a series with the world in the best way we know how - by drawing out our feelings and ideas. It’s honestly a bonus and privilege to be able to earn money from my fanwork/fanmerch, and I greatly appreciate every gesture of patronage. 

Artists shouldn’t have to ‘suck it up’ or be ‘aware that this comes with the territory’. Some artists, especially those who share work on Pixiv, face very real VERY serious legal repercussions if their fanwork is tracked back to them from sites that they did not consent to it being uploaded to. It doesn’t take much to paste a Pixiv artists description into google translate to see if they have said ‘Do Not Repost’ in their native tongue. 

Please respect artists. Please look at our descriptions, read our FAQs and consider ‘why am I re-posting in the first place? Do I have explicit permission? Did I check if they allow this? why not just support and spread my appreciation for their work by reblogging their art post, or telling friends about their blog/twitter/pixiv?’

Artists are not machines made of endless amounts of money, time, or energy. We’re human beings that thrive on feedback, communication, and mutual respect. I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now if not for the wonderful, kind people who supported and encouraged me on my art accounts. To those who support artists by re-blogging our work and/or keyboard smash their thoughts at us, I love you dearly. To those who support artists by purchasing our prints/keychains/charms/standees/zines? You guys are phenomenal, we couldn’t do half of what we do without you. 

To the re-posters however? And to those who try to lecture artists about the Ways Of the Internet and how Reposting is Inevitable? The solution starts with YOU, not us. Mutual respect and honest communication, please utilise it.

On Wednesday night 02/22, I was in a hit & run accident & have been hospitalised ever since. I was a five min walk from home, crossing the street when someone came speeding & ran the red light as I was crossing. two broken bones in my right leg, torn ligaments in my left knee, 1 fractured shoulder blade, 1 vertebrae & pelvis. Monday I had surgery to fix my broken leg. i still wont be able to walk for 3-4 months & will eventually have to attend therapy to learn how to walk again. I have been in so much pain & this has been very difficult for me, Jeremy & my family. the driver has not been identified nor has anyone even been assigned to my case. I often feel depressed & lonely at the hospital, but peoples messages & visits have helped so much.

i am almost going to be released from the hospital & need a lot of support. jeremy & my family work mornings mon-fri & i need help at home. extra helpful if you have medical experience. Even just visits would be nice too (esp. from animals).

ive also made this amazon wishlist if any of you would like to send some stuff for me. you can also feel free to send some of your art or other preeents.

lastly, if youd like to donate money to us, that would also be very appreciated & super helpful. You can paypal me at or forward me money via fb messenger.

i do a lot of work for my community & never expect anything in return. now that im in need, i hope now that my community can help me. please share this if you can. any & all help is appreciated. thank you


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  • It would include lazy days ,where you’d both be tangled under bed sheets cuddling till it’s like 11am and you start Yelling cause’ both of you are late as hell to work. “ MIN YOONGI, WE’RE F*CKING LATE TO WORK, GET YOUR ASS WORKIN’ AND STOP BEING SO LAZY!!”, you’d pull on his arm and yoongi would probably twerk like he did in the baepsae dance practice “Satisfied now?”,he’s pull you back to bed
  • You, always having to brush his hair and help him to get ready in the mornings, cause’ the guy refuse to get off bed. “ Awww babe…what would I do without you”, he’d smile at you and you’d smack his arm
  • Him refusing to drive you back home ,cause’ he’s lazy so he suggests you stay at his place *wriggles eyebrows franctically*
  • Him giving you his perverted eye stare while you cook food for lunch. “ i’m hungry. Give me something babe even if it’s not food. “, he’s say in a seductive tone
  • Him expecting you to tell him each morning that his outfit looks swag enough to leave for work. “Yes, Min yoongi, you look Swag , now please run, cause’ YOU’RE LATE AF “
  • His warm fingers touching your bare shoulders as he’d whisper in your ears “ Bultaorne”, in a very sensual tone as you’d feel like your skin is actually catching on fire from his warm touch
  • You and Him singing over “I need you” as the neighbors would plead you guys to stop cause  Min Yoongi’s  singing voice is threatning to make their ears uable to function.
  • Him always sitting on the couch and pulling you on his lap when you refuse to tag along his unproductive hours of rest. “ It’s comfy, just stay here and stop moving so much”, he’d trap you in his arm “ Dude, I have to give in my assignement tomorrow! I can’t slack off like yo–”, you retort but he’d put his index on your lips. “ Hush baby and follow me. I’m Genius Min Suga”
  • He’s always right and you’re wrong . Don’t even try to retort, cause the guy is like prepared to spit these answers that make you shut up.
  • When both of you are laying on a bed ,He’d wither be  the kind of man that is lazy as hell  and tells you to stfu cause’ he needs his sleep or he won’t let you sleep at all.By that I mean that he can be pretty savage af when he wants the sexy time.
  • Him cringing his face when he don’t approve of your outfit. “Babe, no, wtf were you thinking when you put these two pieces of clothing together. I thought you were my girlfriend, not some fashion terrorist.Please put on something else for the sake of swag. I beg you”
  • Him not being able to function properly when you don’t feed him “ I thought we agreed that i’d live as a rock and that you’d bring me breakfast to  bed for that scientific purpose”, he’d lecture you
  • Him composing songs and always hiding them from you ,cause his masterpieces can’t be revealed till they’re officially done.
  • Him ranting to you about how life is being unfair with him, because he should have been born as a rock.
  • Him kissing you out of the blue each time you get in a  heated argument, cause’ it’s his only way to make you shut up
  • Him trying to get extra cheeky and touchy when you’re both at dinenr table with your families.His hands under that table are both dangerous for you and for your freaking reputation.
  • Him running his fingers against your cheeks and jaw before pulling you into a deep kiss.
  • Both of you cuddling under a blanket during winter days ,because the suga needs some love and heat to melt in your embrace ;)
  • Him taking care of you ina  very cold manner cause he ain’t into cheesy stuff.For example he’d hand you a water bottle but won’t even look at you while he does so.
  • He’s the type to enjoy laying his head on your lap while you play with his colored hair.He’s run his fingers along your thighs as he’s relaxing on your lap “Your thighs are better than a pillow *smirks*”
  • He won’t get jealous and it never shows in his face , because he trusts you and he knows he’s way better than all of these guy friends you have. SWAG
  • When you both get in a quarrel, he’s the kind of guy that won’t blink an eye and let you scream it out alone.He won’t try fighting back .He’ll let you explain your point.He’ll probably don’t even reply back to you, till you’re calmed down.
  • He’s very sneaky around you especially when you’re both alone.He probably takes all opportunities to make you flustered and have a smirk all plastered over his cocky face.
  • He’d bring you back to his hometown Daegu since he keeps on bragging about being “The most successful bastard ever born in Daegu”
  • He will show you where he grew up and he’d proudly introduce to his family, because you’re his pride.
  • He’s the boyfriend that sleeps in the movie theater ,when you go out on a date ,which ends up with you being extra pissed and him drooling on your shoulder. “What was the name of that movie again? Yeah we definitly need to watch it again *smiles sweetly*”
  • He’d try convincing you to dye your hair with him, which always ends in a horror movie, because you either said yes and it looks horrible on you or you said no and the guy pouting and agyeo-ing the shit out of you~
  • You’d always order your food out ,cause’ the guy ain’t got no cooking skills to show off ,unless you’re talking about cooking ramen noodles.
  • Him using winter and rainy days as an excuse to not go out and stay at home in the warmth, cause’ he be lazy like that.
  • You, stealing his shirts and him not noticing ,cause ‘ he’s slow like that, till he figures out he don’t have any shirts left “ that ain’t swag, Y/N!!!”
  • Him clinging onto you like some koala when you’re about to go back home, because he feels lonely without your presence.
  • Him kissing your cheek when you’re asleep and you opening up your eyes.The dude steps back and is embarssed as hell. “ NO I DID NOT TAKE ADVANATAGE OF YOU WHILE ASLEEP * hehehehehe*”
  • Him, standing you up each time Jungkook takes him to eat lamb skewers, cause’ da love for these lamb skewers shall be stronger the bond between him and his own mother. “ Why am I GOING OUT WITH YOU AGAIN, min yoongi?! *facepalms*”, you’d ruffle you hair
  • Him showing you his mixtape first before anyone else has the honor to see it.
  • Him telling you his deepest worries and not being afarid of showing you his very sensitve nature that ain’t showing.
  • Him teaching you how to play basket ball, because he wants you to fangirl over him cause he’s a cocky little shit.
  • Him wanting you to call him “Suga daddy”, cause’ IT’S probably one of his deepest fantasies  LOL
  • Him poking you when he wants some attention
  • Adorable backhugs everytime you’re focused on your work and Yoongi wants to distract you ,cause’ he’s evil like that.
  • Him ending your arguments with “ I’m the Genius Min Suga”
  • Him acting all cute and shit when he wants something
  • Him giving you kisses that are savage as hell when it’s the most unexpected ,cause he’s laid back like that.
  • Him don’t giving a F*ck about how people actually can witness you both, when you’re making out.
  • Him ,never giving a F*ck about exes ,but still feels bitter sometimes when he knows you’re still friends with some of them
  • Cuddling that turns out into some hardcore make out session *blushes*, cause’ the Min Yoongi, can go from lazy to some over energized beast when it comes to you.
  • Him whispering adorable compliments to your ears while asleep.
  • Him loving each and every facial feature that you have on your face.
  • You and him living happily ever and after while eating a supply of lamb skewers and sleeping till death make you apart, cause’ you’re both swag like that ;)

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Indefinite/permanent hiatus announcement

Hello friends and followers! This blog is about three and a half years old which is wild (I’ve been on tumblr a bit longer but I made this one in October of 2013). It’s been a wild three and a half years, but it’s time for it to come to an end. Recently, tumblr has bored me, and just made me annoyed and unhappy. It doesn’t satisfy me the way it used to, and the way other social media now does.

I also threw myself into the Cats fandom here, but for very personal reasons, I’m needing to distance myself from Cats drastically right now. To the lovely, amazing friends I’ve made from this hell site, old and new– thank you for everything!!

The blog isn’t going anywhere. But I’m not going to log into it with any frequency anymore. I won’t answer messages or check my dash. At times I may check up on certain blogs but I won’t be interacting with posts.

THAT BEING SAID, I’m not just disappearing!!! You can find me in the following places:

Twitter: skimblcshanks  ***this is my main one right now. let me know if we were tumblr mutuals and I’ll be sure to follow you back!***

Instagram: nattyd24601 

Snapchat: nattyd24601

Discord: You know who you are– I have the servers muted but you can always PM me!!!

RP blog: @mvcrofts ***IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME ON TUMBLR, this is where I’ll be, both on desktop and mobile. Please don’t flood me with messages unrelated to RP here, because it’s a high-traffic blog, but it will work for contact! I’d prefer other social media, however.

If you’d like to add me on FB or get my phone # (only if we’ve talked more than like… twice?), you can contact me at any of the above social media platforms to ask! I will not be on this blog effective immediately so contacting me here is useless.

I’m going to have this post queued for a few times a day for a while. Thank you all for being there and for understanding. Goodnight!


Tfcon charlotte photo dump # 4 cosplayers Photo 1 Nest member (bayformers), Megatron (bayformers), and Bumblebee ( g1 ). Photo 2 MTMTE Tailgate, Rung, Cyclonus, Swerve, Cyclonus, and Whirl - Liz Bayer cosplay (fb). Photo 3 queen Starscream, and Rodimus prime. Photo 4 MTMTE Tailgate and Cyclonus. Photo 5 Rewind? I would like to give all of these cosplayers proper credit. If anyone knows who is who in the pictures please let me know. This way I can give them credit. Thank you.

The different sides of  Jeon Jungkook


Originally posted by squeakjimin

“I’m innocent , you can hug me as we cuddle to sleep on clouds “

Originally posted by jeonsshi

“Please, hang out with me noona~”

Originally posted by vikooks


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Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

“Did you just kissed my cheek??Is it okay if I kiss your cheeks too?”

Originally posted by sunshine-hobi

“ I’m tired…I miss my mom”

Originally posted by salazarstyles

“It’s my first day of high school!!! heeeeee so excited!”

Originally posted by jinkooks

“Stop it, you’re making me blush~”


Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

“ Hips don’t lie , BABYYYY!!” *shakes his hips like Shakira*

Originally posted by tahyns


Originally posted by parkjimiinssi

“Lets try dancing shamelessly till one of my hyungs facepalms and joins me right after”

Originally posted by edenalieth


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

“and the haters gonna hate hate hate hate and I’m just gonna shake shake shake shake shake”

Originally posted by orchid-bud

*makes weird faces*

Originally posted by bangtan

*more weird faces*

Originally posted by chocochipkookie1997

*dances frivolously*

Originally posted by yoongiwara

*puts his hands in the same motion as mr.burns  in the simpsons does it*

Originally posted by yoonkooks

*more dancing*

Originally posted by taeguk

*Casually judges his hyungs*

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

“Whassup bitch.How ya doing?”

Originally posted by jeonjam

“I got two dicks *raises eyebrows suggestively*

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

*practices how to give birth with jimin cause’ its a normal thing guys do in their spare time*


Originally posted by sehuns-bubblebum

“ Hey there sweet thing, HOW YOU DOING? “

Originally posted by jikookwillruletheworld

*puts his hand down in his pants on national tv*

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

*suggestive stares*

Originally posted by galaxygirlexo

* tries to look like a curvy girl figure*


Originally posted by donewithjeon

“ I will f*ck you up with my gaze till you change your ub” *smirks*

Originally posted by kookie-bts

Originally posted by chimchams

*flying kisses*

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

*effortlessly sexy*

Originally posted by jeonsshi

“ My hipthrusts will send you to out of this galaxy”

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

*serious sexy gaze*

Originally posted by spongecakechimchim

“ I’m not your usual f*ckboy. I can f*ck you with my gaze and the work is done. ”

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

“ I know you want me so bad” *snickers*

Originally posted by eridanianada

*more kisses*

Originally posted by kkuks

  “ Don’t blame the player, blame the game”

Originally posted by jungxook

“I’m a hot International  playboy *smirks*. “

Originally posted by sugutie

*more hipthrusts*

Originally posted by dugyu

“I shall eyef*ck you even more”

Originally posted by jung-koook

Originally posted by forjimin

*sultry sexy gaze*


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

“What was a girl again?”

Originally posted by tae-kooks

Originally posted by jimin-nim

“ Bruh, how do I reply to a girl?”

Originally posted by bts-we-are-bulletproof

*wild jump of fright*

Originally posted by jung-koook

“uhm…m-my n-name i-is”

Originally posted by jeonjam


Originally posted by taewithkookies

“ Wait what? You said I’ll be talking to a girl,like RN?!!! *DRAMATIC MUSIC*”

Originally posted by jxnhyungs


Originally posted by jeonjam

“ omfg her leg brushed against me. !@#!$!%#@% *PANICS INTERNALLY*”

Originally posted by sugutie


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anonymous asked:

You know? You make me a happy person:'D I love your Jotahan, is so cute, so IC. I really hate when other ppl make Rohan a replace of Kakyoin or put Rohan as a whore who only wants a laid with Jojo, but you make them beautiful that makes me cry ;; Im your biggest fan, do you write fics or smth? Anyway never stop drawing please I love all your art ^^ (btw can I use one of your fanart to my cover pic in my FB? with credits of course uvu)

IDK HOW TO RESPOND ELOQUENTLY SO JUST AAAAAAA thank you???  I don’t care for those portrayals so i gotta like..,,, be out here makin the content i wish 2 see,,, i’m here for that sweet mutual-cherishing-loving-relationship-boys aesthetic…. They just… love eachother so much *wipes tear* :’) <3<3<3 thank you you’re really sweet ;v; I don’t write fics </3 I’ve considered but like… my writing is bad lmao  tHANK YOU <3<3 And thats fine! go ahead i don’t mind :3c

{ Alrighty, I leave for Maine at 4am tomorrow SO here’s the run-down:

-Probably not gonna answer threads
-mobile updated so unless I’m staring at my phone when you do it, there’s a 99% chance your comment/ tag to me got lost and I literally did not see it.

I’m gonna be on the border of Canada, basically, and the internet up there? Shit. Super shit. Like think some brats shitting in a bag and setting it on fire and telling you it’s thanksgiving dinner: it’s that level of shit.

IF you have my phone # you can attempt to text me. No guarantee I will respond.

I will also be in these places, sporadically:
Discord: SirHouseplant#3961 (tell me who you are, please and thank you)
Skype: HerrSkit (which the mobile version of this has been nerfed. Like a 40% chance of you getting a response here.)
FB: I’ll be liveblogging the highway. The short url is /rainbowhouseplant BUT you HAVE to send me a message saying who you are or else you get deleted + blocked. I ain’t got time for no creepers.
Insta: HouseplantWasHere ….For uh. Food porn. And highway photos. I’m not driving, like, fuck that noise.

Aaaaaand, as always, be nice to your fellow Rp’ers whilst I’m gone, and if someone’s causing you drama: block and delete them. I PROMISE you it will make your life better and you’ll enjoy RP more.

Don’t wreck the dashboard while I’m away. I don’t want to come back to like, people deepthroating tentacles, okay? }

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Can I have a BTS reaction to where your guys' child (preferably baby, but it's okay if not😊) sneezes so hard that they fall backwards? I luv ur blog💖💝💘💜💙❤️💚💛

AWWWWW ANON THIS IS SO ADORABLE I CAN’T EVEN.. *runs away and hugs teddy bear tightly*. BTS ft babies are the cutest thing on this earth.Thank you for requesting~ Here’s BTS reaction


Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Namjoon :

*Falls backward with a shocked face before he breaks into a smile*

“Ooohhh my little one just SNEEZED!!Daddy is so so so PROUD OF YOU” DAYUMM…Y/N, I think our son will blow away the girls with his sneezing “

Originally posted by vminv

Jin :

*hides his face in case the baby’s saliva hits his face*

“ oh~ Our baby is growing up very well…*pinches the baby’s cheek * But baby…you know that sneezing in daddy’s face is very impolite! Y/N, please teach her to not sneeze in my face.My skin is sensitive “

Originally posted by booptae

Jimin :

*Smiles sheepishly cause’ he’s proud of his baby no matter what*


did he just said he gave birth to a child?wathever…its jimin lol

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Taehyung :

*Gasps in happiness as he falls off his chair*

“OMG Y/N, OUR DAUGHTER’S JUST SNEEZED!!! DID YOU HEARD HOW BEAUTIFUL IT SOUNDED?! How come our baby looks so cute no matter what she does!″

did he just called a sneeze beautiful? lmao

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Jungkook :

*Claps like a proud Seagull dad*

“ Whoah, even his sneezing sounds extra manly!!! Look at this babe! Our son is gonna be Jeon Cena #2 .He’ll be breaking hearts just like how I used to wreck bias lists in the past”

Originally posted by hugtae

Hoseok :

*Hyperventilates and fans himself ,cause’ he’s astonished*


Originally posted by yoongbeans

Yoongi :

* grins like a nostalgic grandpa*

“Yoongi Junior, You got so much swag , I even fell off my chair when you sneezed. See this everyone , IT’S MY SON!!! MY SWAG HAS BEEN GIVEN DOWN TO THIS GENERATION!!”

You can request ANYTHING from my blog :) REQUEST BOX IS ALWAYS OPEN !!I’m open to answer anything whether it be ships(CLOSED)/bts reactions to “___”/scenarios/drabbles/ bts fb status/bts text conversation/ bts snapchat AND MORE !!! IM LITTERALLY OPEN TO ANYTHING just please ask me what you want and I’ll make it come true
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kpopfanstan  asked:

HAHA i got 1 for ya... you forget your mother is over visiting you. so when you & bts or got7 member bust through your door making out about to go get it on. Your mom is just like "hey hows it going" makig her presece known... btw this means nothing to you because you & your mom are close & super open with each other & she dont mind she is just like "have fun" so all you say to her is oh hey mom "srry forgot you were here. be done in uuuhhhh a bit! then we can chill" XD my real life



Originally posted by jeonsshi

Namjoon :

He’d be the kind of guy that feels instantly uncomfortable and ashamed about the fact that he never even met your mom before yet she walks on you getting all steamy with him.He’d would break the head of your bed by accident.

“Your mom just walked on us going all out and I just broke the head of your bed, yet you’re still able to laugh?!! WHY AM I LIVING MY LIFE LIKE THIS??!” *bangs head on the wall*

Originally posted by hoseokayo

Jin :

Jin would keep his cool  and try straightening up his shirt while combing his fingers through his hair to look good in front of your mom.NO MATTER What, being handsome always works. 

“I actually expected this to happen. My entire existence is awkward.My life may be smeared with handsomeness but it’s also smeared with awkward moments that cannot be avoided.Hope you can understand?”

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Jimin :

Jimin would probably the most chill about this since he already knows from one look that your mom actually likes him too.He’d go back to set the mood right after she closes the door.

“ Your mom actually thinks I’m hot , right? Tell her that I’m free to make her grandchildren whenever she needs a son-in-law *smirk* “

Originally posted by jxnhyungs


Taehyung would probably hide behind you while face palming around a hundred times and you’d have to Reassure him that it’s fine because now he thinks your mom hates him.

“ WHY ME ?! WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE ME?!I ALWAYS INTENDED TO SHOW THE BEST IMAGE IN FRONT OF YOUR MOM!!! I think I need a break to get over how embarrassing my life can get” *cries in despair* 


Jungkook would probably try stepping away from you and fall off the bed while hitting his head in the process.He’d also try sitting up and end up falling over you, which will cause him second hand embarrassment. Why was he so clumsy? 

“I’VE EMBARRASSED MYSELF LIKE 3 TIMES IN FRONT OF YOUR MOTHER, YET YOU DARE LAUGHING LIKE THIS?! I should just jump off the roof to forget how this life is being cruel with me.*pouts*”

Originally posted by hugtae

Hoseok :

Hoseok  would actually act as if this was normal shit that happens everyday , cause’ his life itself is an embarrassment for his squad.

“I’ve already been through this embarrassing state of life. Nice try. I’m a man that never feels ashamed . I’m the kind of guy that dances to Touch my body with no shame at all”

Originally posted by minsnuggles


Yoongi would actually pretend to be dead as if his soul was momentarily leaving his body when your mother gets in.

“Did my dead acting work ?I practised a lot to look like a rock in case something like this actually happens.I actually wanted to live as a rock in my other life” *sighs in a nostalgic tone*

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Hello! Do you know if any scientific/academic research on aromanticism/the aromantic spectrum exists?

I will be honest, a casual academic search brings up little on aromantic, let alone the aromantic spectrum. It is sometimes mentioned as a side note in the very little amount of asexual academic literature that exists. But hey, I’m an English Literature graduate - wtf was my degree if not how to find obscure and rare articles?

This is one of those incredibly long and detailed posts so I’m just going to be able to link it if anyone else ever asks about this topic again.

I understand that a lot of people will not care to read a collection of vaguely-aromantic-related posts, so what I want to do at the start of this is encourage anyone who wants to participate in studies about aromanticism to do so.

First of all, Megan has recently advertised for participants in a survey on  Asexuality and Aromantic Awareness. You do not have to identify as ace/aro to participate. Also, they don’t use the current aromantic flag… It appears to be more about information than anything else…
Also another study was brought to my attention via the Aromantic group on Facebook:

Her email is:
I am conducting thesis research about aromantic and aro-spectrum people. I hope to find common experiences or experiences that are different for each person as a way to help others better understand aromantic people. If you would like to participate, and are over 18 years old, I am doing interviews over Skype. If you send me a message, I will give you my Skype screen name and we can set up a time to conduct the interview. I will not include your name in my thesis, but I will be comparing answers from different interviews. I plan to present and talk about this research. While names won’t be used, if you aren’t comfortable with people listening to your experiences, please don’t feel pressured to participate. Thank you!

Shelby has also agreed to do interviews over FB messenger when someone asked in the group. This is their Facebook page:
So onto the pre-existing research!
Just like any lazy student, the first thing I did was go straight to Google Scholar. If I didn’t include quote marks, the search results were crowded with phrases such as “a romantic”. Irritatingly, despite the term “a-romantic” being used frequently in discourse about aromanticism, the term “a-romantic” seemed to cause the “-” to be ignored and only produced “a romantic” results.

Here is what I found:

Aromantic is present in a study done during Asexual Awareness Week, and an area potentially covering Arospec:
Of the respondents to the study, 16% were Aromantic and 29% identified as other which may have included Arospec but not necessarily, as many people could have been using more specific -romantic words which were not monoromantic (Polyromantic was not included, for example.)

We know from this that only 31% of the Aromantics (On the Acespectrum) felt themselves to be part of the LGBT community. My major issue with this publication is that it is essentially a display of results rather than anything ‘academic’. It does not tell the reader how the questions were chosen or with what purpose, it does not discuss the methodology and it does not draw any conclusions. But we don’t have a lot to go on here, I mean, the research wasn’t even aimed at us anyway.

Again, we are mentioned in Methodological Issues for Studying Asexuality, Hinderliter. This article is quite frequently referenced in asexual literature that discusses romantic orientation.
I don’t have access to the article, but the section that was highlighted reads:
…There were participants who were not asexual (perhaps, more appropriately, aromantic) in one of the first two interviews who were asexual in one or more of the subsequent interviews, highlighting the issue of fluidity…
A validated measure of no sexual attraction: The Asexuality Identification Scale - Morag Yule

“More colloquially, there are pervasive stereotypes that assume all asexual individuals are aromantic (i.e., that theydon’t experience romantic attraction—described as “a feeling thatcauses people to desire a romantic relationship with a specificother person” (Asexuality Visibility and Education Network [AVEN] Wiki, 2013), female, afraid of sex, highly religious, disabled, victims of sexual trauma, or as making a conscious choice to be asexual (e.g., celibacy) (Neth, 2011; NextStepCake,2011; Sloan, 2006; Walters & Geddie, 2006). There is also strong evidence of bias and discrimination against asexual individuals(MacInnis & Hodson, 2012). How asexuality is conceptualized, therefore, has profound clinical, academic, and sociocultural implications.”

We’re well aware of the stereotypes that conflate aromantics and asexuals, so it’s nice to have it mentioned in academic discourse. Not that it seems like anyone feels the need to consider studying aromantic allosexuals (hmph) or even aromantics as their own focus group.
Asexuality as a Spectrum: A National Probability Sample Comparison to the Sexual Community in the UK - Caroline McClave
“Other aspects of orientation were unavailable with the data in this study, such as the idea that one could be romantically attracted to another person or not, as poised by Diamond (2003), also cited as a limitation by Aicken et al. (2013). Prause and Graham (2007), found that a small portion of their study accepted the term of asexuality, but self-identified in terms of a romantic orientation. In addition, without asking about romantic orientations we cannot compare romantic asexual people to a-romantic asexual people as Hinderliter (Hinderliter, 2009) does with data from the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (AVEN).”

Asexuality: A Mixed-Methods Approach - Lori A. Brotto
“The desire for a romantic relationship was not universal in our sample. Some indicated that they desired neither sexual nor romantic interactions. Among those who did desire a romantic relationship, they defined those relationships according to romantic as opposed to sexual attractions (e.g., hetero-romantic instead of hetero-sexual).

Everyone’s definition of sexual activity is somewhat different but I mean asexual people just aren’t interested in intercourse and there are all different levels of how far they’ll go…there are some asexuals who are aromantic and they don’t want anyone to touch them and they hate being touched at all….in asexuality there is the same types of romances there is with sexuality.  There’s aromantic, heteroromantic, biromantic, and homoromantic and their sexualities could differ and what they desire could differ. It just depends on the person. (Participant 1)”
Coming to an Asexual Identity: Negotiating Identity, Negotiating Desire - Kristin S. Scherrer (CW: Q-SLUR)

The Romantic Dimension
The complications of asexual identity were illustrated when participants were asked how they describe their sexuality. Thirteen people abstained from this question and the remaining eighty-eight described themselves as asexual. However, as illustrated by Dora, most participants used additional language to describe their asexuality. Two main categories emerged that further describe asexual identity: romantic identity and aromantic identity.
In this sample, eleven participants described themselves as aromantic while twenty-five described themselves as romantically oriented. Like the issue of masturbation, I did not know to include questions regarding romantic identity, however, as this data suggests, this theme emerged as important for many participants. For Mark, his romantic identity, “means [that] I separate the romance feeling from the sexual aspect.” For Mark, as well as others, there is a difference between sexual and romantic identities. Alice, a twenty-two year old white woman, describes her identity as, “Asexual. (And aromantic, i.e. no ‘romance drive’, no desire to find a partner).” For Alice, as well as others, claiming a romantic identity is descriptive of a person’s interest in being in a partnership.

This distinction between romantic and aromantic orientation is most obvious when participants are describing their ideal relationships. Self identified aromantic asexual individuals tend to describe their ideal relationships as primarily friendship-like. Kisha, a twenty year old white woman said, “I like having a few close friends that I feel comfortable around.” Another self-identified aromantic asexual, Susan, a nineteen year old white female, describes her ideal relationship as similar to a current friendship.

I’ve already got a friendship that feels a lot like my ideal relationship. We have a ton of common interests, so we don’t need to plan out what we do. I just go and hang out at her house for the day and everyday activities (like watching TV) are about 5 times as fun as they would be if I was doing them myself. We laugh, we think the same way, we never fight or cause any burdens to each other… That’s all I want, just great friendships. I don’t need attraction or anything physical.

As Susan’s statement illustrates, another common feature of ideal relationships for aromantic asexual individuals is the lack of interest in “anything physical.” Alex, a nineteen year old white male and self identified aromantic asexual, comments, “an ideal relationship for me is a close friendship, where we can be accountable to each other. No kissing, hugging, or anything else. Just a mental and emotional relationship.”

While aromantic ideal relationships are characterized by friendship and lack of physical contact, this is different from the ways that self identified romantic asexual individuals describe their ideal relationships…

…In contrast to the aromantic asexual individuals […]these examples indicate an interest in physical intimacy. Also unlike the ideal relationships of aromantic asexual individuals, romantic asexual individuals describe primarily monogamous, dyadic relationships similar to many sexual relationships.
While a romantic dimension might be a relatively unique axis of sexuality, asexual individuals in this survey also described their sexual identity in relation to the gender of their partner(s). Twenty three participants indicated some type of queer identity and twenty-eight indicated a heterosexual or straight gender identity. None of the self identified aromantic asexual individuals indicated gender as important in relationships, in contrast to those who identify as romantic, where all but one described the gender of their partner(s) as important to their sexual identity.

Another article done by Scherrer
What Asexuality Contributes to the Same-Sex Marriage Discussion - Kristin S. Scherrer

[on the topic of same-gender marriage policy making]
"Policy makers should ask, how can policies be inclusive to those who are disinterested in forming dyadic intimate relationships? Or, how can policy support intimate, non-sexual relationships? Same-sex marriage’s singular focus on lesbian and gay dyadic, committed couples re-marginalizes the experiences of other sexual minorities, such as asexual, polyamorous, or aromantic individuals. How can relationship recognition policy be inclusive of multiple types of relationships?”
Theoretical Issues in the Study of Asexuality - CJ. DeLuzio Chasin

“Specifically, for people who experience both romantic and sexual attraction, how do these experiences relate and when do they differ? Might some people systematically experience same-gender attractions of one kind (e.g., romantic) and other-gender attractions of another (e.g., sexual) as Diamond (2003) suggested? Might researchers discover a population of aromantic sexual people hitherto misunderstood? What happens when romantic desire is considered separately from sexual desire? Theorizing about asexuality will prove productive for exploring sexuality more generally.”
Damn straight it will. Someone tell Chasin about the allosexual phrase pls.

Romantic orientation isn’t really discussed unless sexual orientation comes first. Aromantics are normally assumed to be a subset of asexuals. Arospec is even less visible. I am depressed by this research. Carry on.


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Can i request bts reaction when they walk in on tjeir roomate showering or changing

Hey there~ :) This request sounds quite interesting *smirks* Here’s the reaction ;)


Originally posted by jinkooks

Namjoon :

He would probably want to kill himself for making you feel awkward like this.Knowing that he’s a very respectful guy he’d apologize right away.


Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jin :

Jin would probably just smile sweetly at you before apologising and closing that door like a gentlemen. What you don’t know is that Jin will bring it up to make you blush 

“Y/N, you look quite alright to be honest.Keep working it! It’s our little secret , I won’t tell anyone I saw you~” *winks*

Originally posted by daffodiltae

Jimin :

This dude would probably be confused as hell when he opens up that shower to find you showering.He’d bow and apologize before smirking to himself.

“I’ll treasure this in my brain for the rest of my academic years before bragging to my friends, how much my roommate during college looked so hot *hehehehehe*”

Originally posted by bangtan-tv

Taehyung :

You’d scream, he’d scream and you’d both scream till he’d close the door on you and run away to his room and lock himself up for the next five days because of this traumatising experience.

“I-I-I….I just saw a m-my r-r-oommate half naked… HOW IN THE WORLD AM I SUPPOSED TO FACE Y/N FOR THE NEXT 4 YEARS??!”

Originally posted by taewithkookies

Jungkook : (lol this reminds me of Jk roommate au *smirks*)

Jungkook would be astonished with a blank face.His soul just left his body and its not planning to come back soon.He just saw what he shouldn’t and now he can’t unsee your body,which will make him nervous and bothered around you.

“ This is it.We’re F*cked and I can’t unsee this for the rest of my life.How am, I supposed to hold a converstation with Y/N, without thinking about that, now?! *facepalm*”

Originally posted by j-hopegifs

Hoseok :

Hoseok would be very playful about this and would even shot you a  few winks before leaving.You already saw him change and it’s mutual for both of you since you’re both cray cray.It’s not a big deal.

“ What happens in the room stays in the room~~ Right Y/N? *nudge*”

Originally posted by vminv

Yoongi :

He was probably sleepwalking when he suddenly opened the door and you were changing.He probably didn’t even see what happened(or maybe he did? lol),but he’d still apologise cause’ he’s swag like that.

“Bruhhh…Sorry I was sleep walking. I didn’t even see! I mean…I like how you match your bra with your panties btw”, he’d shot you a smile before walking out

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IMAGINE Jungkook as your cop Boyfriend who enjoys using his police status just to get what he wants.Always showing up to your work with his cop uniform and that stick that seems threatening in your opinion.

“ Y/N ,you’re under arrest”, he’d stare at you with that serious gaze

“What is it this time, Officer Jeon ?”, you roll your eyes “Did I steal your heart again? Seriously …please never use this line on me ever again”,

“ Babe, you don’t understand, I had to use that pick up line at least once on you~”, he’d nudge you with that cute tone and you chuckled at his adorable sight 

Of course, he had to act cute around you even though his uniform made him sexy at all times.

“ I mean…I’m an officer, I must arrest people that go against rules! Especially when they steal stuff like my heart”, He raises a seductive brow

“So what’s up? You want to put me in a cell now?”, you pout “ Sometimes, I don’t know if you’re supposed to be a cop or my boyfriend!”, you poke his cheek “How in the world am I supposed to address you?”

“ Hm… “, he taps his chin as if he’s thinking before staring back at you “I love it when you call me Jungkook…but the thing is that, I love how you call me Officer Jeon”, his sneaky smile shows up “ It sounds sexy, when you do”,

He gives you that seductive gaze as he pulls your waist closer to him to have a better look at your facial features.You’re beautiful to him and he wants to look at you, since it’s been so long since you’ve spent time together.

He touches the side of your cheek to bring your face closer to his. He stares at your eyes twice before biting his bottom lip and leaning to your lips level.You push his chest with your palm and he furrows his brows in disagreement.Why did you just push him away? He wanted to feel yours lips so bad against his, yet you just broke his moment. It has been for about more than a week  that he last kissed you, since he’s been on duty for so long.

“You sneaky little shit! I swear , you’re the crime, not me!”, you slap his arm “Are you insane?! We’re at my workplace! Please behave!”, you scold him

He stares at you in disbelief.

“ Did you just reject a kiss from me ,right now?”, he raises his brows while touching his chin

“Yes , I did! As an officer, you should now more than me, that this its ethically not correct to kiss your significant other while you’re on work hours”, you comment 

“ Who invented such rules?”, he crosses his arms against his chest “ You know what? I feel like going against the rules right now”, he smiles at you

He walks a step closer to you

“NO ,JEON!! Please no!!”, you tap his chest with your palm “My job is on line!! Let’s not break the rules for just a kiss! I need to keep this job!”

He snickers with that very seductive gaze he harbors on the floor before looking back at you

“I think you must have forgotten something after we got in a relationship”, he comments before leaning to your ear level “ I make the law”, his whisper sends shivers down your spine

“What are you saying?!”, you push him before pinching his cheek “Look Bunny, Go back home and wait for me instead of getting me in trouble. We’ll share all the kisses you want at home”, you smile at him still pinching his cute cheeks

He suddenly grabs your wrist and yanks it away from his cheek, before giving you that deep piercing gaze that amkes you weak to your knees

“ I’m the police Y/N, shouldn’t you treat me more seriously?”, he’d smirk

You feel yourself getting weaker as he steps closer to you

“ I-I-I…STOP staring at me like that!”, You stare at the ground “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“ Oh really?”, he raises a brow “ I think I’ll need to investigate that further”, he comments “ I’ll give you a choice”, he suddenly says

You seem confused.Just what is he saying now?

“  Is it me or your job?”, he stares at you

“ WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT?!”, your eyes widden

“ Do not yell at me! I’m Officer Jeon Jungkook !! “,he flaunts his name on the badge “ You better behave, or I won’t be nice”

“Great… Are we cosplaying now?”, you rolled your eyes in disbelief “ I never thought you’d be into those kind of things”

“ So , choose”, he cuts you off

“ For now, its my job! I might love you Jeon, but I need this job”, you stare at him with a serious gaze “ Please understand…”

“I See…”, he nods his head still with that stoic expression “Seems like you enjoy being a bad girl”, he stares at you “ Well, I’ll have no choice,but to arrest you for that”

The next thing happens so quickly. You hear a metallic sound and feel something cold around your wrists.Did he just handcuff your hand together with his hand?!Your eyes widden in response

“ YAH! JEON JUNGKOOK!! ARE YOU CRAZ–”, you’re about to yell at him, but he puts his palm over your lips and smiles at you

“ I’m arresting you for offending your boyfriend , You have the right to stay silent and anything you say can be held against you.”

You quickly remove his hand from your mouth to deeply breath and frown

“what is he saying now?!”, you comment “ Jeon Jungkook, are YOU DONE BEING INSANE?!”, you glare at him “ You better free me , RIGHT NOW!”

“What will happen If I refuse? “, he smirks

“ I’ll kill you”, you show him your fist

“Damn, you just threatened me…” jungkook’s eyes rounded “ I don’t think I’ll be able to free a girl that just threatened a police officer that happens to be her own boyfriend”, he shook his head

“ Yah!”, you yell

“ I warned you”, he smirks before adding “ Everything you say will be held against you”, he winks at you “ Now, I think you’ll to follow me to the police station”, he drags you with him

“ Jungkook!”, you whine “ Let me go!!!”

“It’s not happening”, he stares at you as he drags you out of your office “ I’m not some easy cop that frees a girl, just cause she’s cute and she happens to be my girlfriend”


“ oh man …HOLY SHIT!!! THAT’S A DOUBLE THREAT!”, he frowns at you “ Y/N…you’re probably the first woman I heard trying to threaten me twice in a row without any fear”, he scoffs 

You sigh and grab the side of his uniform.Why not try to be cute ? Maybe it’ll work

“ Baby, please free me… I have to get back to work in 5 minutes! My break is over!”, you pout 

“ Don’t try seducing me with those eyes!!”, he stares away “ It won’t work!”

You sigh once last time before tiptoeing and pressing your soft lips on his rosy cheek. Officer Jeon’s cheeks are red like tomatoes and he’s holding on his cheek like no tomorrow. He’s shy and you know it.He wasn’t expecting this at all

“ Can I go now?”, you nudge him

“ Ok , I’ll let you go, this time!”, he replies in defeat

Of course you were the only exception to his law.

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What BTS Would Smell like


This man has the ultime After-Shave smell that seems to spread around as he passes by you. He always smells like something clean and tidy.His suit and his aroma gives him that very mature and manly feel that makes you dizzy . You just want to bury your head in his suit to appreciate this amazing smell.


This mature guy smells like Business man cologne.He’ has that professional smell that seems to attracts all females. An aroma that makes you able to relay on him and feel free. He has the kind of aroma you’d like your man to have when he gives you a warm backhug.


This dude smells like heavy cologne and hair products, A LOT of hair products. His aroma shows he doesn’t like to go out much and enjoys staying in bed. Still, yonngi’s aroma seems to sooth you and calm you down whenever you’re in panic mode, which is why you wished you could stay his arms.

Taehyung :

He smells like Baby powder with a hint of lemon aroma that comes from his flawless hair. His aroma shows his youth and sneaky personality. He basically has the ressuring smell of a bestfriend You’d always want to give him a backhug just to have that amazing smell invade your senses.


He would smell like a perfect combinaison between fresh laundry detergent and soap,which makes you feel like you’re in heaven. He has the chest you want to be laying on in the mornings before waking up. How much you wish he could engulf you in his manly arms with your head buried in his chest.

Jimin :

This boy smells like spice fuckboy cologne with a slight hint of cinammon aroma that is just sweet enough to make you weak to your knees. You just want to basically have your nose in the crook of his neck all day long since his scent is addictive to your senses.

Hoseok :

Hobie would smell like bubble gum , with a hint of sour candies which self explains his personality.His aroma is what makes him full of surprises and it seems to intrigue you.You’d like to lay your head on your shoulder to subtly inhale his amazing aroma that seems to make you drunk

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Originally posted by jjungkook

This short scenario/ drabble  was inspired by a reaction request someone sent me :)

Genre: Fluff/Comedy
Pairing: Jungkook/ you
Length: 872 words
Summary: Jungkook is your best friend and he loves teasing you,which happens to make you so angered that you feel like kicking his ass for once.

You and Jungkook were back from school doing homework in his room. Both still in your blue and black uniform, you were sitting at his desk solving calculus problems. He took off his tie as he got bored trying to solve the problem and looked at you. 

He stared at all your facial features with so much fascination, before staring at your cheeks.Here he was Poking your cheek. You should’ve known following this man to his place would turn into a playground instead of a working session.

“Cute”, he comments while he stares at your cheek in awe still poking it 

“Stop touching my cheeks”, you warn

“How come your cheeks are so cute”, he pulls your cheek" Whoah…they’re elastic too", he comments “ AMAZING”, 

“Are you done playing, kook? ”, you sigh “ Shouldn’t you be working on the homework too?" 

“But I’m bored~….Y/N play with me”, he pouts while pulling on your sleeve “

 “I can’t kook! We can’t! We have to give this in tomorrow!”, You stare at him in disbelief , you were already stressed to death 

“You’re no fun”, he ruffles his hair in annoyment before focusing back on his work

 You stay silent for a while and he stares at you again

You could say ,your presence was quite a distraction for him.

 “ Your baby face is the perfect combo for your short height”, he ruffles your hair as it falls on your eyes and blocks your vision

“What are you implying here?”, you sent him a deadly glare

“ Awww did I made you pissed?”, he chuckled 

You kept your cool thinking he was just being immature like the usual. 

You had to finish up that homework and Kookie won’t stop you from doing so 

“Why are you ignoring me Y/N”, he pouts as he pokes your shoulder like a little kid 

“ I heard you crushed on that Sunbae…what was his name again?”, jungkook started pondering “Was it john…or something like that? Is it true?”,his heart stammered in expectation 

“jin”, you reply heartlessly “ And I don’t like him, I just said he was handsome" 

Jungkook felt very bittersome for some foreign reason 

"Pft..he’s not that hot”, Jungkook rolled his eyes “ I thought you had better taste in men" 

"None of your business kookie”, you roll your eyes in response 

“You’re too short for him anyways”, he comments “And you wear cute little ribbons…I mean, Aren’t you a bit too childish for him?”, he starts saying out of the blue “ Plus you still collect Pokemon cards.Y/N…just when are you planning to stop doing that? Should I add the fact that you’re fangirling over EXO and fantasizing about dating Oh Sehun”, he rolled his eyes “ Totally childish" 

These two last words were a strike to your limits 

I’ll kill him 

Without warning, you brought your fist and punched the hell out of his innocent toned arm.Jungkook was there staring at you in disbelief. Who were you and what have you done to his cute best friend who’s been a passive angel. Where’s the girl that only slapped his arm playfully or at the worst nudge the back of his head. You were delicate and he knew you so well, you would not dare hurt a single hair on him, yet now he feels like his arm will fall off his body. 

"JUST WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH MY HEIGHT?!”, you explode “ What’s wrong if I like collecting pokemon cards??! What’s the problem If I like wearing cute stuff ??! Will I not be able to find a decent man if I’m not myself??!!JUST WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF MR. I CAN GET ALL THE GIRLS I WANT!!! Your homework is not done and your IQ is lower than a PARK JIMIN, so SHUT UP" 

"Y-Y/N”, he stares at you as his mouth dropped “ I was just teasing you… I didn’t meant to offend you…”, he’s still unstable from what happened “I was just saying those things ,because I like you so much and your cute little habits… ”, he replies shyly still rubbing on his hurt arm “but I gotta admit your punch is far away from cute " 

You suddenly feel bad for hitting him 

” Does it hurt?“, you touch his arm 

"A-Owwww”, he winces in pain before giving you a weak smile 

“ You should definitely join the wrestling or boxing club at school, Y/N….i swear your punch is amazing… I think It’ll even leave a bruise”, he stares at his arm 

“Omg…what to do?”, you start to feel bad 

“Sorry,kookie”, you pat his arm lovingly “ I didn’t mean to hurt you like that.. I just felt so annoyed at the moment.. " 

"It’s ok , we all have these days ”, he reassures “But…do you really like Jin sunbae?”, he asks again

“I already SAID NO”, You turn to look at him “Get over it,kookie”, you nudge his arm and he winces again in pain

“Ahhhh….owww”, he leans his fluffy hair on your shoulder and fake sobs “ You really hurt me , Y/N”

Little did you knew that he was more  hurt thinking you liked someone else than because you hit him a few minutes earlier.

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amazing-bitch  asked:

Reaction to accidentally waking up in the same bed as bts??? (⁎❝᷀ົ ˙̫ ❝᷀ົ⁎)

Hey there amazing gurllll!!!! I love this request so much tbh x) It’s a  great idea!! Thank you for requesting!!! I love you and take care~~~ Without further do here’s the spicy reaction~


Originally posted by snowmons

Namjoon :

He would probably try to have the situation under control as soon as he wakes up.This guy knows there must be a reason why he’s waking up beside you.He promised himself he won’t freak out , but then you wake up and scare the shit out of him.


Originally posted by jung-koook

Jin :

This guy would probably be confused at first. He’d stare at your sleeping figure and then look at the time.He’s not sure if this is real life or a dream He’ll start freaking out once he sees it’s 1:00 PM.

“ IT’S 1:00 PM, WE’RE LATE FOR SCHOOL. WAKE THE F*CK UP Y/N!! Do you really want us to leave without breakfast!!!! Well , I don’t KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT I WANT MY BREAKFAST!!”

Originally posted by aegyojimin

Jimin :

This dude is smirking the second he sees you in his arms.It was actually his plan to end up in the same bed as you and it worked perfectly.Chimchim is very satisfied with himself. He just made his biggest  fantasy happen.

“Y/N is finally in my arms * sweet smile*…This naughty one is holding me so tightly *smirks* I think this is by far the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life.I’m proud of you Jimin. *pats himself*. Get em’  * celebratory dance*”

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Taehyung :

Tae would be surprised but overjoyed to wake up beside you.He would probably be a little nervous about it. He’d stare at your face for the longest time.Maybe hover his slim fingers on your cheek while smiling.Tae actually loves your sleeping face.

“ Awww…How much I wish I could wake up to this everyday. I WON’T LET YOU GO Y/N, YOU’LL STAY IN MY ARMS FOREVER!!!”, he’d smile before hugging you tightly till you wake up cause’ his grip is choking you

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Jungkook :

This guy is freaking the f*ck out. He cannot believe he spent the night with his hand laying on the perfect curve of your waist. He did not plan this when you invited him to play video games for the entire night.He felt violated and the way you were gripping onto him didn’t help either.


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Hoseok :

He’d be mindf*cked but he’ll eventually laugh it off since he’s so crazy.He’d probably start poking your face and drawing stuff on it while laughing with no ending.Maybe also play with your hair while gazing at you.

“ I think Y/N will get a shock when she looks in the mirror * giggles*.I made a work of art. Bravo Jung Hoseok, you’re so good you should maybe open up an arts studio~~ *praises himself*”

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Yoongi :

This guy would shrug it off and go back to sleep, since he’s too tired and addicted to sleep.Don’t expect him to react or even wake up. He’ll probably wake up  to drink and  notice you.

“ She’s sleeping like a rock, I shall look more like a rock than she does.*goes back to sleep*”

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Pretty please a Kookie reaction! You're on your periods, and you're his first noona girlfriend, he's a little lost when you say 'my boobs hurt, could you massage them for me?' I can't help but imagine a shy little Kookie, blushing the shade of a cherry and just eeeeeeeeeekkk! I'm dying thinking about all the fluff. Ahaha. Thank you in advance! xxx

Awwww that sounds so adorable. This fandom loves the shy kookie so much <3 I wish he stays that way forever >.< Here’s your reaction

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Jungkook reaction :

I bet Jungkook barely knows what happens when a girl has her period tbh, which would make him so confused af when you complain about your boobs that are hurting.He’d blink a few times before thinking in his little brain how come boobs can hurt. “Babe ,you’re hurt? I mean…how am I supposed to help you feel better?”, he’d tilt his head to the side with that apparent confusion on his cute face.You’d ask him to massage your boobs and that’s when he’s probably fall off the edge of his chair and flush as if a bomb has been dropped on on him.” D-Do w-w-what?! Can you repeat… I think I misheard something”, he’d gulp down his saliva. You’d repeat the same words and Jungkook would bury his face in his hands in utter embarassement. “Y-You want ME, to massage YOUR BOOBS?! Babe Do I look like a guy that can do this…?I’m already nerve wrecked by your mere presence*blushes*…now you ask me to touch your boobs… *cries* ”, He’d fake a sob. 

You can request ANYTHING from my blog :) REQUEST BOX IS ALWAYS OPEN !!I’m open to answer anything whether it be ships(CLOSED)/bts reactions to “___”/scenarios/drabbles/ bts fb status/bts text conversation/ bts snapchat AND MORE !!! IM LITTERALLY OPEN TO ANYTHING just please ask me what you want and I’ll make it come true

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