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So here’s the izuocha stuff that I promised… a little messy since they’re hand drawn but they’re better than nothing right? :3

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sisters so beautiful they reduce the self esteem of everyone who meets them

Happy Trans Day of Visibility! Here’s a shoutout to all the trans people losing their invisibility today!
The trans people who:

-disappeared years ago to their family and friends and will have to talk to them today

-drive their cars into drive-thrus and scare the people working there

-pretend to be ghosts, walk around haunted houses, and chuck shit around

-put tiny lizards down the back of people’s shirts while walking through the street

-have to be the special effects people for their cis friends’ harry potter stageplays

-sneak into the white house and graffiti penises on trump’s desk while he isn’t looking

-have been invisible for so long that they’ve forgotten what they look like, and like it that way

-whose idea of fun is harassing swans and geese in the lake, making them angry, and then directing them to transphobes

-give sad stangers hugs so they feel better, or terrified. it varies

-stand behind people in long flowy dresses and wave them around so it looks even better

remember, you are valid! tomorrow you will be invisible again!

Guys, I need your help

A really close friend of mine has recently told me that her mom is making her and her older sister weigh themselves every night before bed. Apparently, her goal is to “make sure they don’t get fat like me in high school.” The two girls are perfectly healthy, and have no need to be going on a diet (let alone frequently weighing themselves). My friend has stopped eating no matter how hard I try, crying that “I’ll get in trouble if I gain any weight.” She already suffers from extreme self-esteem issues, and I’m sure this situation is making her even worse. 

Please, please reblog if you think this is a form of domestic abuse. I can’t watch my friend go through this. 

Confession: I’m 20 years old but I’ve never worked, don’t have my license yet, nor had an internship yet and I feel like I’m so behind. I know 16 year olds who have done so much and it makes me feel inadequate. My mom sheltered me so much and told me all I needed to do was focus on school but now I have zero experience. I tried applying for jobs this summer but I was rejected by everyone. Idk what to do. I don’t wanna be failure. Can someone please give me some advice?

Do not send in responses to this confession – it’s anonymous, Please reply or reblog if you want to give some advice.

I’m not feeling the greatest, with my self esteem and all. If you guys don’t mind, could you either like or reblog this if you care about me? If you don’t want to, that’s fine! I’m planning on writing down everyone who does, so that I can look at it sometimes when I’m feeling upset. If you add any comments or anything I’ll write that down, too. Thank you, and please remember that you don’t have to do this at all.

OH MY GOSH!! I think I’m having something like a fouthteen years puberal crisis because one of the artists I follow and admire has reblogged one of my art work and think that it’s HANDSOME!? I’m crying bad, man! 

@kjinyu Thank you soooo much!! ♥ I admire you a lot and love your art, they’re so cute and full of feelings! 

And I’ve to thank all the people that reblogged and writed so much nice and cute things about my art in comments & hashtags (yes, sometimes I read what you write in your hashtags, cause I’ve a really big black hole as lack of self-esteem), you guys are so nice and kind and for an artist, being able to know that its own work is so appreciated, it’s a beautiful and wonderful and gorgeous thing! 

Please go on on leaving feedbacks and letting know how much you admire and like the work of an artist, don’t think that your comment could be an annoyance or something like that, because even the littlest nice word you say to someone could be his biggest success.

what she says: I’m fine.

what she means: reblogging written pieces you read and liked is the backbone of the fandom experience and most of the writers you know and like think their stuff is shit so please put some nice things in the tags and let them know they’re loved and appreciated

remember when kiera was my main mascot ? yeah me too anywHO i decided to stop being selfish and release the gif icons i made of her since my old laptop broke and i was forced to change my psd. by clicking here you’ll be directed to 34 GIF ICONS all of the gifs were made by me so please don’t claim them as your own but feel free to them to other gif hunts or edit them for personal use only. LIKE/REBLOG to boost my self esteem but i won’t cry if you don’t. 

So these things have been popping up on my dash and so I thought why not board the wagon! I would really like to interact with other people so please reblog or like if you’re interested with:

  • A cheerful but naive fairy with an unknown past
  • An orderly but sisterly wizard with familial problems
  • A shy and stuttering human with large glasses and self-esteem issues
  • A dragon who’s always angry but uses his asshole personality to hide his depression
  • Teen hijinks™
  • Angst embedded in some way almost everywhere
💜Reblog if you think it's ok to have colored hair and be overweight!!💜

Ok so I’ve seen this work before and I’m going to try it out.My brother since he was little has always said he wants purple hair and a side cut. He’s finally old enough where my mother will let him do it (he’s 13) but he thinks he’s too over weight for it. He said that if I can 400+ notes on this than he’ll go ahead and let me help him dye it. He thinks he’s ugly and hides under a hoodie every day, his self esteem is really low and I feel like this will boost his confidence. Please, please, please help me out guys! He’s such a cute kid and it would look great on him. You’ve gotten people rabbits and puppies, you can get my brother a kick ass hair cut 💜

Honestly,,, the het.alia fandom is really unsupportive…? If you’re not a big artist that’s been established in the fandom forever, unless you get lucky, no matter how good you are… Your art probably won’t get many notes which is really disheartening . When I say ‘lucky’ I mean a blog with all that status goes and reblogs it or something like that fandom hub but even then.. Idek i just feel like a lot of other fandoms have more support for all artists? I see r e a l l y good artists which have basically no notes, then if a big blog posts the messiest doodle ever it’ll still get thousands . .
As an artist it’s really a let down when you work hard on something and don’t get any visibility, and many artists draw not only because they want to, but to try to please others. The notes bring people’s self esteem up and I know if all my art got none I wouldn’t be posting but I’m at nearly 700 followers and my art can go with only 5 notes after weeks so I wonder how it is for even smaller blogs!!!
Plus most of those smaller artists only get likes, too, something a larger artist wouldn’t really have to worry about…

I just think with this fandom a lot of artists (and fic writers!) work a lot for nothing, which sucks. I don’t know if it’s all fandoms but trust me, giving an artist those notes will make their day, if you can’t reblog because you don’t want to then you could try to write a comment or message the creator ?

I just find it sad how only a few big big blogs can get notes on something like art.. Their doodles will get thousands while a non popular blog will spend 3 hours and get maybe 10 notes at most

It sucks
I could keep going but I don’t wanna spam you more


dear @taylorswift,

since I was in Cologne on June 20 at your concert, every day i have to think of what you’ve told us, you’re fans. Of course I’m talking about the clean speech. i think you’ve got no idea what you’ve caused in the entire swiftie-fandom. 

this speech has changed my whole life. everday i listen to the 1989 world tour audio of the clean speech, while closing my eyes, imagine you were standing on the stage and i would be back at the concert. I try to keep your words in mind every single day. this speech has become so important to me. not only for me, i can speak for the entire fandom.

thank you for believing in us when we don’t, thank you for loving us and thank you for teaching us what self esteem means and how important it is. and thank you for always being there for us. 

in biggest love @taylorswiftannika (Annika)

Annoying rant ahead

ok so I came across this post (I can’t find it anymore cuz i just got mad and scrolled passed) about reblogging instead of liking art.

I’ve been trying to get into that habit of if I see art I like, I will reblog it.


This post talked about not guilt tripping people to reblogging your art. Because you are a piece of shit basically for wanting your art to get attention.

What blew my mind about this was that the person who reblogged this was a really great artist I loved and it got me thinking…well of course you don’t give two shits about reblogs, its because you have 50,000 followers like???

Unknown artists are not promoting something bad like doing goddamn drugs, they are just saying if you have the time to like my piece, please reblog it xoxo. 

Like how do you think YOU got noticed? Definitely not just sitting there with a bunch of likes, it’s because people shared your art.

Now that you made that post young/new artists don’t want their damn art posted because you had the nerve to make them feel like utter shit just to have a lil bit of attention. Like ok buddy

When will people understand that “I do not own this content” or “this is not mine” does NOT justify, validate or excuse intellectual property theft?

Damn, do you ever think for a second about the artist, who spent time working on it and who, most of the time on this site, will only be paid by the sole attention and consideration given by the people who share/like/reblog/comment?

You are stealing that tiny little bit of credit from them, that little piece of personal success, that strand of potential self esteem, that thing that could possibly make them feel good about themselves.

If it feels like something harmless and free of consequences for you then please think again. Because yes, as an artist I want to see my art around so that many people can see it but I although I don’t get paid I don’t do it for nothing. I, like many others, crave credit and recognition.

Does that mean we’re vain, attention-seeking aNd popularity-searching people? No. It simply means that we have worked, for ourselves and for others, that we want payment for that, like every other worker in the universe.

And that payment is recognition. A tiny bunch of letters at the end of a post, a nice comment in the tags, a lovely ask, something to say that you’re not worthless and that your work brought something to others.

By stealing and reposting uncredited art, you’re also stealing that happiness from artists, and the only payment that non-commissioned work could ever raise. You’re endangering an artist’s self esteem and potentially their mental health, with all the dissociation and distress that property theft triggers.

So maybe you see art as a selfless practice that is free for everyone to take, and you’re free to think so, but do not apply your vision to others.
Give your own art away if you want, but don’t rip others from their identity.

(this works for art theft and repost but also for artstyle copying and mimicking, that is just as troublesome although sometimes involuntary.)