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Privacy; Interrupted

Summary: Request from Anon -The boys get bored and insisted on joining you while you grocery shop. [and it turned into whatever this is, sorry.]**

Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 1300+

Warnings: Language, implied smut, terrible writing, PWP, Ash having a computer, smut,  idfk reader beware.

A/N: This is a rewrite from a SPN fic I wrote from an anon request. The bolded italics are the reader’s thoughts. I wasn’t going to tell you that but I figured I save myself the time of answering asks about it.

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Day 11 without a hint of action and the boys are officially driving me nuts. With the Accords in place, Bucky in recovery, and Tony Stark nowhere to be found, life was pretty dull around your safe house.

I, on the other hand, have buried myself  into my writing. Finally putting some much needed thought into my  novel, adding bit and pieces to my screenplay, and dabbling in some prose that was a little ‘less dignified’. I spend way more time thinking of synonyms of penis, than I’d like to admit.

The guys weren’t prepared for the sudden onslaught of nothingness and since I’d taken up permanent residence with them, I was now their sole form of entertainment.

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Out of Boredom Comes Pleasure

Summary: Request from Anon -The boys were bored at the bunker and insisted on joining you while you grocery shop. [and it turned into whatever this is, sorry.]

Characters: Dean, Sam

Word Count: 1300+

Warnings: Language, implied smut, terrible writing, PWP, Ash having a computer, smut,  idfk reader beware.

A/N: I’m posting a fic, guys. Don’t hold your breath for the next one. Thank you for the proofread @aprofoundbondwithdean and for yelling at me until I posted it. ;)

The bolded italics are the reader’s thoughts. I wasn’t going to tell you that but I figured I save myself the time of answering asks about it. 

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I Now Pronounce You Will and Nico cont. pt. 3

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Chapter 3-

That weekend, Nico and Will went to meet with a lawyer Nico had found while the kids were at school. They were sitting, waiting on their lawyer and Nico was drumming his fingers on the edge of the couch. Will was chewing on his nails.

“Should we be… acting couple-y?” he muttered. Nico turned to him and raised an eyebrow.

“Just because we’re ‘a couple’ doesn’t mean we have to shove it in people’s faces everywhere we go. Relax.” Nico returned to drumming his fingers against the couch and stared at the floor. Will wondered if he was doing the right thing.

Then the door opened and a man stepped out to greet them. He had thick black hair and dark skin and dark eyes. He had a clean cut beard and wore perfectly pressed pants and a button up shirt that perfectly hugged his torso, chest, and biceps. The sleeves were rolled up and Will could see the edges and curves from his muscles. His hands were wide and lined with veins that made them look like they belonged to a statue.

Nico took his hand first, shaking it. Will blinked and stood to shake his hand next. It was rough and warm.

“I’m Paolo Montes, your lawyer. Why don’t we go into my office?” He smiled and led them through a set of doors. Nico nudged his arm harshly.

“Close your mouth you’ll catch flies, honey.” Will blushed and opened the door for him to go into the office. “Um, I take it you know our case?”

Paolo smiled and sat down. “I’ve dealt with these cases constantly. The LGBT community struggles the most when it comes to this. People immediately assume it’s a fraud. As though it’s impossible that two people of the same sex might actually be in love.” He rolled his eyes and shook his head. “If you two are legitimate, you’ll have no problems at all.”

“Have there been cases that aren’t?” Will asked.

Paolo nodded. “There was one in which a gay man’s heterosexual friend agreed to marry him so they could each get the benefits of the marriage. They were found out and went to prison for lying on a government document.” Will noticed Nico tense. “Speaking of which. Have the two of you ever considered marriage?”

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Upside Down ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Hijikata only means to stop by the apartment for a moment, just to pick up something he’d forgotten, but that’s… not what happens.

“Where’re my cigarettes?” Hijikata calls as soon as he enters — the door had been unlocked, as it always is.

“Here on the kotatsu!” Gintoki calls back. “Exactly where you left them, asshole.”

Hijikata enters the living room and finds Gintoki on his back with a Jump in hand. It’s not anything he hasn’t seen before and it’s not something he should even be thinking twice about, but he still pauses. They’ve been together how many months? And how many of those months have the kids, the Shinsengumi, and the rest of the godforsaken world known about them? Yet, still, Hijikata finds himself pausing at the sight of something so simple and familiar that his fingers twitch at his sides.

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anonymous asked:

who else teaches at the institute of 1d studies? whos classes do i need to enroll in??

Your timing is so impeccable, anon! We’ve just been discussing the faculty line-up for the upcoming semester. 

Firstly, the thing about the Institute that you need to understand is that it’s an open form system. An open campus. You may come and go as you please. You may jump up to the podium and grab the mic and talk for an hour about Harry’s hands! Or the way that Niall wears a suit! Or your feelings about Zayn! We are all teachers here and we are all students, but here are some of the important players in this particular wing of the Institute of 1D Studies:

Sika / othisredding - Founder and President of the Institute. A guiding light and ispiration to us all. There is a corridor in the main building that is wallpapered in Sika selfies.

Kenzie / echolikebells / one half of getoffthebridge1d - The institute’s studier of studies, a librarian but without all the awful parts (the books stack themselves here). Guest lecturer and Harry tags expert. 

Gillian / nozayngel - Baker of cakes, respected lecturer in the Zarriall department. Beloved by every student. Host baking club in her kitchen where students and faculty gather learn advanced icing techniques and discuss the nuanced joyful beauty of Ziall.

Jamiefeelingshulk - Our guidance counselor. Step into her office if you are having a feeling about Zayn or ANYTHING else and you’re not sure what to do with it. Drink her relaxing tea, tell her your troubles. Also a featured speaker in this Spring’s Tragi-Louis lecture series. Spends her breaks in the staff lounge knocking things over and angrily muttering about Zayn’s tongue while she beep-beep-boops the wall.

di / imlikenah - Chair of fandom and media studies! Ot5 expert (aer class on the subject is highly requested). di also watches over the institute garden and leads a special Nouis seminar course. 

Darren / likeliterallydead / one half of getoffthebridge1d - famed Niam guest lecturer with a Summer seminar on Southern Gentleman Niall. Buys way too many pearls. Can often be found in the staff lounge bickering with Kenzie. 

Chris / johnnykaratevevo  - our graduate student TA. Picks up everyone else’s classes when they can make it in, generally keeps things moving. Volunteers her free time in the counseling office with Jamie. Often late turning in papers but is SUPER nice to every student. Also acting equality officer in the Institute. 

Syar - theroadverytravelled - director of admin, in charge of carefully color-coding all the files, organizes roundtables and guest speakers, accessibility coordinator and student relations liason. She maintains the Zayn meditation cave in the quad and also steps in to guest lecture on parallel universe Nouis. Respected member of the Ziall Booster Club on campus. 

Jenn / Me! - I just like…pick up the trash and yell about Niall a lot. Though I do teach night classes on Ziall Vampire Boyfriends, Zayn’s Gentle Touching and the Immoveable Permanence of Narry. 

Other Notable Staff and Students:

Victoria / nononoabsolutelynot - Lirry studies coordinator

Elaine / nicethighsnicereyes - Composes and send out the daily Institute emails

Katy / justawordshaker - Has been hanging around the quad a lot making students cry about Louis, leads the student choir

Alex / space-bakery - Coordinates the post-larry lecture series (not listed on the official schedule, please inquire in the office) and runs an interactive workshop titled “Where Are You Meant To Be?: fandom in the physical realm”

Jamie / myinsidescape - Niall Booster Club honored member. 

Danielle / nuthinbutniall - Runs a very popular seminar series with me on Niall Springsteen 

Alex / thewordisweetabix - Lecturer on the philosophy of fandom, frequently found in the Zayn meditation cave. 

Em / never2old4this - Preeminent Louis scholar. Runs an ongoing lecture series titled “Louis Is Important!!”

Ray / felloveronpurpose - Maintains the institute’s expansive zine library, teaches a course on zine-making and trinket collecting.

Vlargaret / yourwholelifeisa1dblog - Vlada and Margaret teach a very popular class on Poetry Direction (along with Erica) and the speculative politics of One Insurrection. 

Jebet / cosmonoughts - Junior professor in the College BF Harry department, resident barista and oceans expert. 

Erica / boybandquicksand - Leads the Poetry Direction series with Vlargaret.

Kate / hereforthehair - Teaches a summer class that meets outside in the garden devoted to discussing Domestic Direction and the art of the AU.

THERE ARE SO MANY MORE. So many more. These are just some notables.

Listen though: the most wonderful thing about the institute is how expansive it is. It just goes on and on. You are a teacher. You are a student. We are all everything. There are so many wings and satellite campuses and areas of study I’ve never even considered. 

Please feel free to bust into my inbox and let me know what courses you teach, or which ones you would love to see on the schedule. I want to know all about it. The Institute of 1D Studies is expansive and eternal and meant for us all.