please let the boys be happy

A thing I will never properly write:

His sophomore year, Bitty starts vanishing from 6-9 every Wednesday night and comes back to the Haus looking really happy. Jack notices (of course he does) and awkwardly brings it up (on one of their not dates for coffee) and it turns out Bitty is going to one of the school’s (many, many) LGBTQAI+ group meetings and is like “PLEASE do not tell the boys about this, let me have this one thing” so Jack is like “of course” and totally doesn’t notice how even more people are waving to Bitty when they walk to class, or how Bitty seems to be getting even MORE texts, like, all the time. 

(He definitely doesn’t hear Bitty arriving home verrrrry late one night and ending up humming all smiley to himself while he cooks breakfast the next morning, a hickey not quite hidden by his collar.)


One Saturday night Jack gets a phone call, and it’s Bitty, and he sounds furious and wants to know if Jack can please pick him up RIGHT NOW, so Jack goes to get him.

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BMC Bowling

-Jeremy is … like really bad, but incredibly lucky sometimes
-One time he gets a strike and Michael full on hugs him and spins him around in the air yelling stuff like “MY BOYFRIENDS A PROFESSIONAL BOWLER !!!“
-Michael is actually amazing at it and it’s really hilarious because he always wins by a long shot
-Jake is always hardcore trying to beat Michael to get Rich’s attention because Rich is always like “wow Michael you’re such a good bowler”
-Rich doesn’t even begin to comprehend Jake trying to impress him and it’s so aggravating for him
-Chloe is a super good bowler and her and Michael go bowling by themselves sometimes
-Brooke is always fawning over Chloe, but never bowls
-She gets a milkshake and just sits at the table like “good luck babe !!!!” “amazing strike, love you !!!”
-Jenna takes pics of everyone bowling and posts them on her snapchat story and is really cute about it and just !!!
-Christine gets 8 pins every time and it’s the most frustrating thing in the world for her
-She gets fries for the table and insists on one big group selfie at the end where she’s in front smiling and adorable
-One day they let Michael put everyone’s names in the lane computer and wow
-He puts Jeremy’s name as “Cutest Boy” and Jeremy is SO FLUSTERED
-He puts Jake’s name as “Ask Him Out Please” because he is just tiRED
-Jake does and Rich starts like pumping his fist in the air when he thinks nobody is looking
-Jake says “this shot is for you Rich” immediately after and bowls a perfect strike and everyone is SHOCKED
-Everyone is cute and happy bowlers !!!

imagine that every summer on sunny days grantaire draws and sells his paintings on montmartre
enjolras hangs out there with him, they talk about art and argue about poetry and stare at the sky (and at each other) a lot and enj buys for r coffee and r gives him a kiss as a “thanks” and
they re so happy i cant

Jungkook; Boyfriend Material

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Cooking (with dem sleeves rolled up, like BOI)

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Playing with dogs. Alway super cute with anyone

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That lip bite tho, like can you let me live please?

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Personal cuddle buddy

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Bare face and absolutely gorgeous 

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Lifting them weights

Now everybody say it with me; Jeon Jungkook is boyfriend material.

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okay but consider the following for a harry potter AU featuring jace and simon being TEEN WIZARDS at the new york institute for magical children hogwarts:

  • jace has been able to see the threstrals that roam around the school since the first time he stepped into the grounds. he points them out to alec and izzy but when it becomes clear that only he can see them, he stays quiet and tries to convince himself he’s not losing it. he doesn’t quite manage it, not until weeks later when he sees muggleborn simon sitting in the courtyard and staring up at the sky, eyes tracking the flight path of the twin threstrals dancing in front of the midafternoon sun. 
  • despite this connection known only by the two of them, simon and jace don’t actually get off to a good start. jace thinks simon’s intolerably annoying and gets even more irritated when he finds himself losing entire minutes staring at simon’s wide, sweet smile across the dining hall and only jolts back to himself when an unimpressed alec and/or an amused izzy kick him hard in the shin. simon thinks jace is a stereotypical jerk who’s absurdly beautiful and frustratingly good at everything and it makes simon become uncomfortably aware of his own perceived inadequacies. 
  • in one infamous incident, clary tried to convince them they would be good friends if they’d just stop being so dramatic. it went about as well as a similar conversation izzy had with alec and clary about each other: terribly. 
  • things change though when the whole thing with valentine goes down, and a fourteen year old jace is ostracized by practically the entire student body because, through a series of soap-opera like plot twists, he turns out to be the son of a genocidal maniac. in potions, the one class shared only by the two of them, simon pointedly takes the seat next to him. “what are you doing?” jace asks, warily. “those assholes over there seem to be under the impression that because i think you’re a dick i’d be down with them dragging on you,” is simon’s angry reply. “and listen, we may have never gotten along, but if everyone who thought i was an annoying shit was evil incarnate, then literally the only two people who wouldn’t be in that category is clary and my mom.” 
  • struck speechless, jace can’t say anything but, “even you?” and simon laughs, surprising even himself when he finds that jace’s words don’t sting him, for once, but feel like a gentle rib instead. “oh, yeah,” he says, “you don’t know how many times a day i want to punch myself in the face.” they become friends after that, the way that you do when you can laugh at yourselves together with someone, and that foundation stays with them for the rest of their lives - even when the particularities of their relationship continues to grow. 
  • when he realizes it, it’s  surprisingly easy for simon to accept that he’s fallen love with jace. the only thing that was preventing him before was pride and sheer stubbornness, because simon wouldn’t have been able to forgive himself if he got wrapped up in someone who couldn’t stand him. now that he’s getting to experience firsthand what it’s like to have jace’s concern and attention, even if its in a totally platonic way, simon’s got no chance. still, he stays quiet, too aware still of all the ways he thinks he falls short. usually, the warmth of their friendship is enough to soften the regret of not getting to have more. usually. there’s almost a sweetness to the ache.

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Precious….. That’s probably the best way to describe this amazing, talented, beautiful young man.

Actually,maybe precious is not even enough to describe this amazing young man.

Maybe, there is no word that can properly describe Kim Taehyung, known as V(which stands for Victory). 

Who is Taehyung?

He is talented

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and so much more.

Just look at that beautiful smile:

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Its so bright

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So happy

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So precious

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However, there are so many people that wish to destroy. that precious smile. 

So many people who wish to take this sunshine and extinguish it.

This year oh what didn’t haters do to try and bring him down.

The mean words…

The death threats….

The accusation of him being an abuser when all he did was play around with a fan.

All the meanwhile the poor, poor boy was suffering, as he was trying to get over the death of his beloved grandma. A woman who raised, him cherished him, led him for many years was suddenly gone and Taehyung had to keep that smile

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  pretend that he is alright…. 

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That he is not hurting….

That he is not in severe pain.

That takes strength and courage. After all not everyone can go forward. Not everyone can receive comfort 

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without lashing out on everyone in front of him at any moment.

Taehyung does not deserve hate. Not even a dislike. After all for what?

Maybe people hate him cause of how caring he is

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Maybe they hate him because of his huge, kind heart

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Or is it his love for animals?

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It could be because of his love for kids.. His wish to one day be an amazing father and husband.

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Or maybe its because of jealousy. 

Maybe its because people have never learnt to love, to care, to hope like he did.

Maybe its because he fight to stay sting and to improve every day, as a dancer, a singer and most importantly as a person.

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There are people who envy those that smile. That hate those who look misfortune in the eye and say I can do this for myself, my family, friends, members.

There are people who hate people who are kind.

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Most importantly ere are people who will never ever be able to fathom that some kid from Daegu got where he got. They are filled to the brim with envy. They think that they are the best but here is the thing.

Taehyung is  person who used to dream of being a farmer.

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He is a person who befriended Jimin immediately and then told of his friends when he saw Jimin sitting alone.

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He is a person who cares for his members.

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But most importantly he does not sit on his phone writing hate speeches.

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Instead he works hard. Improves. Develops.

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So please Taehyung do not let others bring you down. When i have a hard time I think of how you smile. How you sing. How you dance.

And I thank you for that.

You do not know how many people you help indirectly.

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You do not know how much you mean to so many of us. 

After all, you are our sunshine, our precious Taehyung.

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There is nothing wrong with being 4D or alien like. But there is something wrong with making it seem like  negative thing. I know fans try to protect Taehyung but we can never know what he really feels 100%. So lets just make the things around Taehyung as positive as positive because Taehyung deserves the world. No, he deserves the universe.

Actually, scrap that.  

He deserves far more.

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We love you Taehyung! So please stay healthy, happy and remember that its okay to cry.

We love you, I love you. And though you may not know us its ok.

Because we are here.

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I promise.

Lets spread the love for Taehyungie !

Thank you for reading!

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Some binding tips from the Voltron boys! Stay safe everybody <3

This is Day 3 (You’re a Star!!/Armor) of the trans voltron week put together by @trans-legendary-defenders  which ended 3 days ago soz

This took me like 3 days to make but I’m :’) so proud

btw I don’t bind yet (I’ve done quite a bit of research in preparation tho) so please let me know if any of my information is wrong!

Advice I wish I got told while my heart was breaking.
1- Stop pretending like you’re happy all over social media just because you think he’s going to see it, you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.
2- Please don’t keep letting strange boys into your bedroom, they will not make you forget him, maybe temporarily but when the lights are off and you’re all alone, the ache will be back and it’s only going to come on stronger.
3- Learn to survive alone, you only need your own self stop depending on others to make you happy.
4- Stop checking on his Facebook page, he hasn’t posted anything new.
5- He isn’t going to text you, leave the house without your phone every once and awhile instead of gripping it so hard in your hand waiting desperately with agony for him to miss you.
6- It’s okay to cry. You’re not pathetic for still being stuck on him, it only makes you human.
7- Write, write until your wrist is aching, find peace within the ink and paper share your thoughts freely until your heart is throbbing, write his name over and over, explain how angry you are, burn it, tear it up. You have every right to be mad, as long as you’re not taking it out on yourself.
8- Learn to do you, use this time of freedom to explore yourself, find out who you truly are. Give yourself time to breathe, you owe it to yourself.
9- Wing your eyeliner, wear that dress, look at yourself in the mirror and repeat “I deserve to be loved, I am here and that is enough” over and over, memorise it, yell it, sync it far into your mind, remind yourself there is only one you and there is nobody who can replace that.
10- Smile more, laugh until your lungs hurt, sing so loud your throat starts to dry out, dance in front of the mirror, treat yourself, take chances don’t be embarrassed to be yourself.
11- Break something, scream, your feelings are valid and it’s okay to explode sometimes.
12- Stop looking at photos of her, stop comparing yourself to her and beating yourself up because your beauty is different to hers, stop despising yourself for having shorter hair or a different body shape, it wouldn’t change the reality that he’s with her now, so don’t waste your precious energy wasting away at the thought of him and her.
13- Take your broken pieces and build a fucking castle, don’t let them knock you down, you are stronger than them.
14- Just because he stopped loving you doesn’t mean you have permission to do the same, you are worthy of all the love in the world and you deserve no less, don’t let him leaving determine your worth. You are loved and you deserve to be here, don’t let them convince you of the opposite.
—  B.L letters I never sent
I don’t normally ask for help, but I think I should ask for help

This is my Handsome Nice Boy, the Creamy Boy, Spice

I’ve had him for ten years.  He loves hanging out with people and being brushed and sleeping on the cleanest, darkest clothes he can get his sheddy little white butt on.  He’ll sit and sleep near you (usually above you) all the time.  He has the loudest purr I know and will purr with reckless abandon.

And I have to give him up.

I have another cat, Pepper.  Spice cannot handle being in a house with another cat.  It makes him anxious and results in territorial spraying behavior which, despite multiple vet visits, medications, cleanings, pheromones, all manner of solutions, will not stop.  

My parents are fed up with his behavior.  They believe that euthanizing him is the most humane thing to do, rather than abandoning him.  The only reason they haven’t put him down yet is because I have been begging them not to, stalling, and trying desperately to find another place for him.  I attempted to have him brought to my apartment, but this has become impossible and unhealthy for him.  All no-kill shelters I have contacted so far have been unwilling to take an ‘unadoptable’ cat.  

I know for sure Spice would stop this behavior and would be happier in an environment where he’s the only cat.  I’m making this post after months of doing everything I can to keep him alive, and I’m running out of options fast, in the slim hopes that someone might be willing to take him.  He’s happy, healthy, still full of life, and absolutely doesn’t deserve to die.  

If there’s anyone out there who might want to take him, or know someone who might like a boy like him, or even has recommendations for shelters, please let me know.