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let this man call his brother cute

im glad that the jughead comic is staying true to his ace/aroness in the new comics but i’d also like to highlight that it’s showing precisely what it’s LIKE to be ace.

all of his friends are “supporting” him in his “burger girl” adventures. and by “supporting” him they’re actually forcing him. even mildly teasing him. though it’s being played off lightly: this is actually a really harsh reality of being asexual and/or aromantic.

it’s not actually support. it’s your friends hoping that you’re “normal.” if you show any sign of having interest in another person, they will get overbearingly excited, prying and downright forceful about the ordeal. that isn’t what support is. it’s cruel, uncomfortable and discouraging and leads to nothing more than that.


Kofi, Anne and Jack in XXVII.

Roadhog does some thinking | Junkrat has some cake

A present for @marcus-and-carter

Author’s Notes:
1) So this is what happens when you fall in love with the characters you’re writing: you don’t STOP writing.
2) This is mostly all headcanon - just warning you now. 
3) My only real criteria for this was “I wanna read the cutest cute.” I hope I delivered.
4) I sincerely hope you enjoy this, Marcus!
5) There’ll be a part 2 to this soonish…

Wordcount: 5940-ish
Copyright: Overwatch is property of Blizzard. No copyright infringement is intended; this is a work of fanfiction.

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hey some music aus?

- u play guitar and i play ukulele. let’s swap our instruments for a week and see how it goes (why are these strings so small??)

- i’m just not good at sight-reading and you’re in my choir class could u help tutor me?

- singing solfege scales together !!

- no offense but that’s really not how you hold a drum stick do u need me to demonstrate

- in a music store and wow my instrument’s really out of tune. hey, you on the piano, could u hit a c for me please

- stand partners in orchestra. you’re much quicker than me could u turn the pages for us?

- you’re much bigger than me and play the violin. i’m a lot smaller and i play the cello

- at the piano recital and what the heck the program says you’re playing the same song as me. u better not be better bc you sure are cuter

- teach me how to play the flute? (u look ethereal playing it)


Hey guys!

Because i’ve gotten a bunch of new followers lately (thank you!!!!) I thought it would be fun to share these transparent Dirks I made for you to use! You can stick this guy on any background you like and easily make your own unique avatar/header/wallpaper/whatever!

Please let me know if you use them!

Also please let me know if there is a Dirk (or another character!) that you’d like to see cut out, and maybe we can come to an arrangement ;-)

Thanks again for following me!

I deeply apologize for this poor attempt at humor

So I just noticed something while I was on Google Images. I looked up the Clexa kiss because I wanted to draw it so I needed an image and I came across a lot of gifs. Firstly, the moment Lexa initiates the kiss (which we all saw on the show): 


I found another version. Now I don’t know if that’s something that was leaked or whether it was shown when the actual kiss came out as an extra scene or something but I didn’t quite recognise it completely. 

In this one, Clarke isn’t as shocked to have Lexa kissing her and it’s clearly very different from the scene that actually made the final cut. What I want to know is: 

Presidential Birthday Masterpost

Since 2016 is starting very soon, I thought I’d compile a list of all the presidents’ birthdays so everyone knows when they are and won’t miss them this year. I put them in order of when their birthdays fall in the year and not in the order of their presidencies

1. Millard Fillmore: January 7

2. Richard Nixon: January 9

3. William McKinley: January 29

4. Franklin D. Roosevelt: January 30

5. Ronald Reagan: February 6

6. William Henry Harrison: February 9 

7. Abraham Lincoln: February 12

8. George Washington: February 22

9. Andrew Jackson: March 15

10. James Madison: March 16

11. Grover Cleveland: March 18

12. John Tyler: March 29 

13. Thomas Jefferson: April 13

14. James Buchanan: April 23

15. Ulysses S. Grant: April 27

16. James Monroe: April 28

17. Harry S. Truman: May 8

18. John F. Kennedy: May 29

19. George H.W. Bush: June 12

20. Calvin Coolidge: July 4

21. George W. Bush: July 6

22. John Quincy Adams: July 11

23. Gerald Ford: July 14

24. Barack Obama: August 4

25. Herbert Hoover: August 10

26. Bill Clinton: August 19

27. Benjamin Harrison: August 20

28. Lyndon B. Johnson: August 27

29. William Howard Taft: September 15

30. Jimmy Carter: October 1

31. Rutherford B. Hayes: October 4

32. Chester A. Arthur: October 5

33. Dwight D. Eisenhower: October 14

34. Theodore Roosevelt: October 27

35. John Adams: October 30

36. James K. Polk: November 2

37. Warren G. Harding: November 2

38. James A. Garfield: November 19

39. Franklin Pierce: November 23

40. Zachary Taylor: November 24

41. Martin Van Buren: December 5

42. Woodrow Wilson: December 28

43. Andrew Johnson: December 29

Inspired by characters from The Bright Sessions

Sam and Damien are two characters who seem vastly different but when it comes down to it they have a lot of similarities. 

Sam’s a time traveller with special place in her heart for the 1810 or rather someone that she met there. The gloves take inspiration from fashion from that period, particularly vandyke points and marie sleeves, while still being practical for modern tasks like driving or intensive internet research.

Damien chose his own name which speaks to the level of edginess he’s trying to achieve. I tried to channel that as much as one can when making crochet gloves. However, since Damien wants you to think that they are very edgy and cool that’s exactly what you think of them

Pattern below the cut (this is the first pattern I’ve written so please let me know if there’s something that doesn’t work or make sense)

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