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Friendly Fire (pt. 2)

part one • part three 

Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were tired and your hair was a mess. All you were doing was putting your hair up, but the hair tie had other plans. Now you’re in this little war with Bucky. Who will win, who will lose?

Word Count: 1,032 shit thats a bit much sorry

Warnings: Cursing, slight nudity? sort of?

Notes: this wasnt supposed to be that long, but there was so much i wanted to “explain”/write! i swear the rest of the parts wont be this long hahaha. its 3:04 am as i write this, so forgive me if theres mistakes. if you find any typos, or you get confused, please ask me and ill fix it and/or explain. if you want to be tagged, let me know and ill happily add you :) enjoy part two ~

Yesterday was pretty exhausting. You spent the day with Bruce, performing tests; making sure you didn’t have any sprains, minor fractures, bruised ribs etc. By the time he let you go, it was too late to shower.

Slumping into bed, you decided to just wake up extra early and shower. That way you don’t have to worry about anything.

Five o’clock strolls around and your phone goes off with that classic alarm clock ring that you hate. The only reason why you chose that ringtone was so you had motivation to actually get up and turn it off. If it had been your favourite song, you would have stayed in bed, and kill it within a week.

With your eyes still closed, you leaned over to the side and reached over for your phone to turn it off. Your hand danced around the surface of the entire nightstand only to find that it wasn’t there. Jumping out of bed, you rubbed your eyes open only to confirm that your phone, was indeed, not there. As the horrendous ringtone played on, you frantically patted down your bed and looked around your room for your phone.

“Jesus fucking christ where did I put that shit??” you muttered to yourself.

After thirty intense minutes of checking every spot in your room, you headed back to your bed feeling stumped. You grabbed your pillow, place it to your face, while the back of your knees touched the side of your bed. As you fell back, you let out a quiet but deeply annoyed moan. Taking a deep breath, you removed the pillow off your face and noticed it right away.
Your phone was on the ceiling. The ceiling.

“Wha- what the hell?!” you spat out, only to cover your mouth in hopes that no one heard you.
“How did it- what? Why is it there??”

You sprung out of bed, looking around your room for something to stand on. You weren’t that short, but you weren’t that tall either. The rooms were average height, so roughly 8 to 9 ft. There’s literally no one on the team who could have reached the ceiling without needing a ladder, stool or… Or the ability to fly. As you moved your dressed next to your bed, you began ruling out suspects.

Okay, Sam has his wings, but I would have easily heard that. Same goes for Tony and his suit. That only leaves Wanda and Vision. But why??

Barely reaching for your phone, your fingers slid against the side of it allowing it to loosen and fall carefully into your hand. You got down from your dresser and inspected the back of your phone. No tape, no glue, nothing. Weird. Flipping the phone back over to turn off that annoying alarm, the screen illuminated with the time.

5:41 am.

“Shit, I should shower now” you sighed, tossing your phone on your bed.

Grabbing your towel, clothes and other stuff, you quickly made your way to your bathroom. You were in such a rush, it slipped your mind that you didn’t lock the door.

No later than 10 minutes, Bucky had quietly stepped out of his room.
As he made his way to your room, he put his stealth skills to use. Poking into your room, he spotted your phone lying among the messy sheets. He grabbed it, entered the passcode he saw you put in the other day and went into settings. He reached out for his phone and checked the time.

6:52 am.

He snickered to himself, internally applauding at his wonderful plan.

When she wakes up, she’s still half asleep for another half hour. There’s no way she’ll even notice the time difference.

Once he changed your phone to the right time, he placed it perfectly back on your bed just like how you left it. As he made his way back to his room, he noticed the bathroom door. At first it looked like it was closed all the way, but as he stepped closer, he noticed that little tiny space between the door frame and the door itself.

“This is just perfect” he spoke inaudibly low, “Y/N makes this too easy.”

Gently, he opened the bathroom door and stuck his head in for a look. Luckily the shower curtains weren’t transparent, but instead a solid colour on cloth. As he peered around, he saw your clothes on the sink counter and reached for them.

Closing the door carefully, he headed back to your room to drop the clothes on the side of your bed. He moved them around until he felt that it looked like you dropped them there in the first place. When he was satisfied, he creeped back into his room like nothing happened.

You turned off the water, grabbed your towel off the rack and began drying yourself down. When you deemed yourself dry, you bent over to put your hair up in the towel. Right after, you realized your clothes were missing.

“I could have.. Sworn I brought them” you mumbled, “God this entire morning has been off, I probably forget them.

Still, not wanting to walk out in your birthday suit, you took the towel off your head and tried to wrap it around your body. The towel was small because you only used it for you hair. You always brought your clothes with you, so you never needed a bigger towel.

You barely managed to cover your personal areas, but remembering that everyone was probably still asleep, your worries drifted. Unaware that the time is now 7:13, you walked out of the steamy bathroom only to be greeted by wide eyes.

Clint lowered the paper to see what everyone was staring at, only to see you hiding behind a too small towel.

“Well.. Good morning, Y/N” he chuckled, lifting the paper back up.

Tints of pink began appearing on your cheeks as you froze. Everyone looked away immediately, and faced one another. Still you felt someones eyes on you, and as you scanned the room, you were connected with icy blue eyes.

“How has your morning been, doll?”

You noted the sly smirk, and knew.

“This isn’t over, Barnes.”

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