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A Christmas present for my sister~

I hope you all will have a great 24th and 25th!!!!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  • Dear Taehyung,
  • You're always smiling.
  • You're always having a good time.
  • How do you do it? I know it can get hard sometimes, especially as an idol who works under pressure a lot and doesn't get much rest.
  • Your strength, it amazes me. Thanks to you, I've changed a lot as a person & my mindset has definitely become more positive.
  • thank you for the happiness you bring upon me. I've become so much more outspoken and I can feel myself growing up as a person.
  • I know it can be hard to show your true self through a camera, especially when the media & netizens are there to jump on anything you might say.
  • But, just know that you're doing you. Please don't let anyone bring you down.
  • Your recent fancafe post, my heart shattered to pieces reading it. Knowing that someone who has made me laugh and become the happy person I am today, is now in pain and doesn't realize their true value, it hurts.
  • And it sucks, because I can't be there to comfort you.
  • Just like the rest of us, we can't physically be there to comfort you.
  • But, Tae, just know that you are capable of anything. Your character and smile has lit up the world's of so many other people.
  • & don't worry, I have been there too, where I've felt the lowest of my lows, and although it can take a lot of time to slowly get back up & the fact that I'm still slowly growing, just know that there will always be someone who may be "better" than you but, you are doing you. & you will always be killing it in YOUR OWN WAY.
  • Just like you've always had, Tae. ♡
  • I'm sorry there's not much we can do except for sending you words of strength. But just know Tae, you are an amazing human being and don't even think twice about it.
  • ARMYs love you.
  • Have strength bby ♡
  • I know it can get hard, but remember, you are you and no one is better at being you than you. ♡
  • Love,
  • ARMYs.
  • - Note: After reading what Tae had written in the fancafe, I had to make this letter.

anonymous asked:

Most essential oils, except diluted tea tree oil, are actually also pretty irritating and unnecessary in skin care and bad for the skin

alright let me start off by saying that i’m a licensed esthetician, who spent a lot of hours (and money) at school learning how to take care of skin. i took an essential oils course offered through my program and received a certification for use of essential oils on top of my esthetics license. essential oils are not “bad for the skin.”

1) i did not advocate for use of undiluted essential oils directly on your skin. i said “skincare products with essential oils” which implies that these are products you purchase that have essential oils listed in the ingredients.

2) there are MANY essential oils that are beneficial for your skin (lavender, frankincense, basil, geranium, ylang ylang, lemongrass, cypress, and chamomile, to name a few), and a few of them can even be applied undiluted for certain skin conditions (basil can be applied to relieve itchy bug bites, sandalwood or geranium can be used on cold sores, and tea tree actually CAN be used undiluted on acne)

3) obviously everyone’s skin is different, and you need to do your own research into essential oils before buying them and slapping them on your skin (which was never what i was advocating for anyway).if your skin is super sensitive, a lot of things can cause irritation, but essential oils are beneficial and they’re certainly not unnecessary in everyone’s skincare.

if essential oils haven’t been beneficial for you, or if your esthetician or dermatologist told you not to use certain oils (any besides tea tree, i’m assuming from your ask, and even then told you to only use it diluted) that doesn’t mean they’re not good for your skin. it just means they maybe aren’t the best option for you. which is fine, that’s why your esthetician/dermatologist creates an individualized skincare system that works for you. but everyone is different and everyone’s skin has different needs, and a lot of people can fulfill those needs using various essential oils, either in products or yes, even undiluted. 


“Well kid, I’m thinking we might need to start planning our funerals.” They’d been hiding for hours now and yet Yang was still on the warpath, which didn’t bode well for them at all. Admittedly he didn’t know for sure if she knew the two of them had been responsible for the prank, but considering her hair had gotten messed up, he wasn’t taking any chances.

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Emily a TFLN where the missus and Harry have been dating for a few months. So the missus' period came early and she's out of pads and she can't run to the store to get them. She texts harry to get them for her and she's all embarrassed. And Harry doesn't know which one to get so he kinda freaks out too. Just a cute little tfln so let old!Emily get to work. Lots of love for you. ❤

Harry. Missus.

I know this is a bit weird to ask but could you help me out?

I’m your boyfriend.

That’s my duty.

What’s the matter?

I need you to run to the store for me.


I need something and I can’t go and get anything right now.

Why not?

Can you not start with those questions, please?


What do you need?

I need pads.

What do you mean pads?

Eugh, Harry.



I honestly don’t know what you mean, love.

Do you mean those washing pads that you use when washing the dishes? I have loads. I can bring them round to you.

No, Harry!

For god sake, just think a bit more feminine.


Uhm, sure.

I can run and get you some.

Need to run out and get some stuff for dinner anyway.

Thank you.

Maybe I can come round yours and cook for you?

Why would you do that?

Because you need some cuddles, some good food and me.

I don’t need cuddles. I’m fine with a microwave spaghetti bolognese meal. And I don’t really need anybody around me right now.

Just let me look after you for one evening.

Please, Harry.

I just want to be alone.


Let me come and look after you and give you cuddles and belly rubs and kisses and I’ll cook you a gorgeous spaghetti bolognese and we can eat it in bed and watch whatever film you want and I’ll make you all the tea you want and feed you pieces of chocolate and whatever you fancy.



That does sound really appealing now you’ve said that.

You’ll let me come round?


But, don’t get confused when my mood and hormones change.

Or if you see blood anywhere.

It’s like a murder scene.

Don’t be so dramatic.

And need I remind you that I have a mother and a sister. I’ve seen it all before.

Yeah, but, it’s weird because I’m your girlfriend.

I don’t care if you bleed like a faucet down there when you’re on your period.

That’s disgusting, Harry.

It’s true though.

I honestly don’t care.

I’ve seen it all, so, really, you have nothing to worry about.

I’d be a shit boyfriend if I left you on your own, anyway. 

You’re not a shit boyfriend, Harry..

You’re pretty fantastic.

Also, you’re going to get me pads and make me food so that’s already winning the boyfriend of the year award.

Well, I don’t know what pads you use.

So, inform me. x

They’re in a blue box.


Just text me when your down the aisle and I’ll let you know. 


Hopping in the car now.

Give me 10 minutes to get to the store, and an hour till I see you with everything. Might buy you some cute things to take your mind off of the cruel lady that is Mother Nature.





Down the aisle now.

There are so many boxes of this stuff.

Why so many brands?

It’s only like that with condoms, Harry.

You think I haven’t seen the numerous boxes and brands for one thing you wrap your dick in?

It’s all the same latex going around your dick.

So many brands for one thing.


What brand do you have?


Wait, the ones you ‘always’ have or are they called that?

The brand, you dickhead.


I’ve never done this before, love.


I’m sorry.

Don’t bother with buying dinner.

Why not?

Because I’m craving a Chinese takeaway now.


I’m ordering now.

What do you want?

I’ll have that chicken curry they do.

Okie dokie.

I’ll be about 20 minutes, okay?

That’s fine. 

I’ll see you then. x