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If you tweak and do hard drugs and shit and decide to blog about it, that’s your own damn life.

But I don’t want y'all following me, and I don’t want to see yall and your tweaker urls in my notes.

That shit is too close to the stuff I have to see in my personal life, I’ve watched my childhood best friend struggle not to let his life slip down a drain, and I’ve seen a good friend of mine from high school die of an overdose within the last two months. I don’t want reminders and I don’t want someone who thinks it’s cool to do this stuff interacting with me or my blog.

I’m not saying y'all are bad people, cause I don’t know your lives or who you are. But that’s a trigger I don’t want in my face all the time. So please respect that and stay away from my blog. I’m tired of blocking people.


HAPPY SELFIE NIGHT!!! i’m actually posting a selfie alongside one of my *surprise!!!* senior pictures! my one year old niece smiled for a picture with me and i thought it was adorable and my senior picture this week is outside “The Shoe” which is the stadium at the school i’m going to next year! i also unfortunately can’t watch the episode tonight but i will watch it first thing tomorrow and then cry with all of you i promise

show me your lovely faces!!

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and anyone else!! i’m at work so i probably forgot some people and i’m sorry but i’m doing this in a hurry so i don’t forget. let me know if you wanna be tagged or don’t!

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Please have Yoosung for your perfect & sweet Valentine’s Day


This picture is based on his phone call when he told us about his student life in middle school. There was a trend of folding 100 origami birds with love message in them, which they believed will make the person you like asks you out first. Yoosung helped his friend folding the birds. I’m sure he wants to fold them for us now :3~~


Let me join in Valentine’s Day event of @mysticmessimagines xDDD


P.S. I got scared EVERY time I haven’t finished drawing his eyes yet…..

How to cope with failing classes

Last week was the last week of classes for me, and I think I failed two out of the five subjects I enrolled for this term.

I had two breakdowns, and I spent days crying over what I could no longer change. It had gotten so bad I was shaking involuntarily, and I couldn’t bring myself to go to school.

So let’s get straight to the point.
You failed some classes this term.
Believe it or not, it’s not the end of the world.

Failure is part of growing, and I know that while you’re reading this, it might not seem true… but please believe me, it is.

You did your best – with the time and materials you had. You did all you could to salvage what was left of your semester. That’s okay. You have a chance to do better in the following term, or if your professor allows it you can still fix your grade this month. The point is that, you did not fail yourself. 

You are still a good person, and you are not a failure. 

Do not ever be harsh to yourself for not being able to perform as good as you wanted to. Failure is part of change, and now you are able to learn from your mistakes.

Ask yourself, what was it that you did wrong or what happened that led to this? Pick up from there, and apply what you’ve learned in the following terms or events in your life.

Do not ever beat yourself for not being able to do what you wanted. Treat yourself with some respect. Cry, go ahead and let it all out, but when you’re done crying, start moving forward again.

If you didn’t get to complete all the requirements for a subject, then work on it when you are ready to start again. Do not work when you are still feeling emotionally wrecked or unhappy. Take care of yourself first.

Jerome Valeska x Reader: Daddy’s Little Doctor

Originally posted by evaalterrr

omg i got so excited at it i can’t even….. ugh. not only because i got an another request but also because this is an amazing idea and i’m in love with this, i think i need to change some things that were a little unclear to me but i hope you will like it anyway

sorry if it’s too short to your liking, & please let me know what you think


[Y/N] was a pretty 15 year old girl, who liked spending her free time in her dad’s work. Jim Gordon’s work. She’d go there everyday after school.

She wanted to work at the GCPD in the future, not as a cop, but as a doctor, just like Doctor Leslie Thompkins. [Y/N] was a very smart girl, so everybody believed she would accomplish her goal.

[Y/N] enjoyed being with Doctor Lee, and as you may wonder, Doctor Lee enjoyed being with [Y/N]. She reminded her of herself when she was younger, so she was happy to answer any questions this sweet girl had.

“Harvey! Do you know where Doctor Thompkins is?" 

[Y/N]’s been looking for her, she wanted to watch her work, as always. At first she wasn’t sure if that’s okay with her but she said she enjoys her company, much to [Y/N]’s joy.

"I don’t know, kiddo, check the morgue.” Answered busy Harvey Dent petting her on the head and walking away.

[Y/N] was walking to the morgue as she heard two cops talking about Jerome Valeska. They didn’t have a chance to meet but she saw him, that day when they found his dead mother. Dead because of him.  

His cult was trying to bring him back from the dead…

“Can you believe he’s lying in the morgue right now with no face on?!”

“Shut up, this is disgusting.”

[Y/N] could agree on that. It seriously gave her chills.

But still, it didn’t change the fact she wanted to see how he looked now. She would never admit it to anyone, but she thought he was kinda cute. When he had a face and was still breathing, though.

[Y/N] entered the room humming a song she always does.  

“Doctor Le–” she stopped dead in her tracks.

Before her, Lee Thompkins sitting on a table, tied up, looking over her should to see who just came in, worry filled her eyes as she noticed it’s [Y/N]. And there it was Jerome Valeska, standing across from Doctor Lee, his face all bloody and bandaged smiling widely at [Y/N]. He was wearing something very skin-tight…

“Hi there. Care to join us, Sweetheart?” Jerome walked towards her.

Now as he took a better look at her, he noticed she looked younger than him.

“Don’t cha a little too young to work here?”

[Y/N] only shrugged and gulped as he started to tie her up and told her to sit beside Lee.

They looked at each other, Lee’s gaze looked like it was asking her “Why did you have to come here exactly right now?!”

Jerome not interested in Lee anymore, moved to kneel before the pretty girl and looked into her eyes.

“Do you know where is my face, Precious?”

She stared at him. “Yeah… I heard Dwight took it and that he wears it like a mask..” She made a disgusted face.

Jerome exhaled deeply. “At least he’s a handsome fella now.”

[Y/N] cracked a small smile trying not to giggle. She didn’t want Doctor Lee to think she’s stupid.

Jerome glanced back at Lee and then back to [Y/N] and cupped her cheek. 

“Now tell me, what exactly are you doing here?  You can’t possibly be working here, you look young. How old are you anyway, Sweet Cheeks?”

“Umm..” She was unsure if she should tell him but he had something in his eyes that screamed “tell me all about you!”

“I don’t work here, I’m 15 years old. My dad is working here.”

“Don’t tell him that [Y/N]!”

“[Y/N]? Pretty name for a pretty girl.” He smirked and reached for something to gag Doctor Lee. “Who’s your dad? I’m dying to know.”

“James Gordon.”

He started laughing like crazy. “James Gordon! I can’t believe it! And Doctor here is still talking to you after what your father has done to her poor husband?” He burst in another laugh.

[Y/N] wanted to defend her dad but she knew there was no point.

“Ohhh you’re coming with me, Gorgeous! You’re too fun to be left here!” He started to untie her.

And she left with him. Just like that.

Doctor Lee waited for someone to rescue her, they needed to find [Y/N]. They needed to find Jerome.

But she could’t stop thinking about that one thing  that was still disturbing her.

The adoration in young girl’s eyes when she looked at the Ginger.

anonymous asked:

I read a really good FBI Derek fic a few months ago. Now I am on the hunt for any FBI Sterek fics!! A friend recommended this blog. So I am hope you can help me. Thanks 😊


Anonymous said:Good morning lovely people!!! After last nights finale I am in desperate need of all FBI Stiles or FBI Derek fics!! Please any all as long as it ends with HEA STEREK! Pretty please 😘

In case you missed it. It’s now canon that Stiles is going to school to be an FBI agent. So…let your little fic writing hearts explode. - Anastasia

Originally posted by canonspngifs

And In That Moment (I Saw You) by Boom

(1/1 I 1,397 I Not Rated)

Derek Hale has been hunting the assassin known as the Nogitsune for six years. Granted there hasn’t been a murder attributed to him in five years, but Derek it sure he’s close. His husband, Stiles, thinks he should let it go.

This is a scene from a longer work I may or may not actually post. Can be read as a stand alone.

I can’t count to I love you by constellationmoles (Fawxy)

(1/? I 1,433 I Mature)

As much as Stiles loves being in the most corrupted part of the FBI, running with werewolves, and the secrets he has to tell his dad, no other emotion can rival with his hatred for Agent fucking Hale. With his horrible whatever color his eyes are and shitty Adonis face. And why does he look like he was crafted out of marble? Shit uh wait no come back I got this.

Alright fine. As pretty as Agent Hale is, he does not wish to be married to the guy. But his boss says ‘hahahah no pretend to be in love with him because hunters and witches and stuff’ yeah yeah whatever Deaton you just want us to stop fighting in the break room over the last donut hole.

Stiles Stilinski does not want to be fake married Derek Hale but nobody listens.

Not even his new husband.

Lunatic by Horribibble

(2/2 I 2,469 I Mature)

FBI Agent Derek Hale is one of the good guys. He takes his suppressants and plays the part of a decent human being with remarkable accuracy. But when he’s sent in to interrogate Stiles Stilinski, alleged serial killer, it looks like the pack’s come back to haunt him.

“You shouldn’t pout like that, baby. Not when we planned you such a big surprise.”

Better Safe than Sorry by Inell

(1/1 I 3,435 I Teen)

Stiles, Derek, and Isaac check out the area where Paige Krasikeva was likely kidnapped by their perp.

The Secret’s Out by DarkAlpha67

(1/1 I 3,769 I Teen)

Edwin Rocks has been Stilinski’s partner for years and he doesn’t know anything about the kid, until there’s a bombing and he sees another side of Stilinski and finds out some interesting things too…

Underlying Architecture by Blue_Five 

(2/? I 4,042 I Mature)

Remains are discovered in Arlington Cemetary. FBI Special Agent and Alpha Derek Hale has to figure out who the body used to be and what happened. Dr. Stiles Stilinski is an Omega and a brilliant anthropologist capable of doing just that with his equally brilliant team at the Jeffersonian.

Unfortunately, they can’t stand each other.

Anguis in Herba by WednesdaysDaughter

(3/3 I 8,606 I Mature)

“Not to gross anyone out more than they already are, but has anyone found the victims’ skin?” Lydia asks and Stiles gags.

“I don’t even want to consider the answer to that question Lyds,” Stiles complains and Allison grimaces in agreement.

When a serial killer from his home town runs rampant, Stiles Stilinski (Technical Analyst for the B.A.U.) along with his team must find him in time to save one of their own from ending up like the first three victims: Poisoned and skinned alive.

Jones by Lostxcow

(5/? I 15,901 I Mature)

It was only supposed to be a regular case with the BAU team flying out to Beacon Hills to assist Detective Stiles Stilinski solve a copy-cat murderer case who was supposed to be dead 2 years ago. How did Derek end up flying back every weekend on his days off just to see him again?


AU where Derek is an FBI and meets Stiles (detective) to help for a case. they hit it off from there. Derek visits every days off he has, Stiles texts him random shit while he’s bored. Derek always forgets about time difference making Stiles mad, but he loves him too much to care.


Criminal Minds AU but with Derek and Stiles instead of JJ and Will bc i love them both so why not. and there’s not a lot of FBI sterek which there should be

Keep On the Sunny Side by GiggleSnortBangDead

(1/1 I 53,746 I Explicit)

It’s like a Tarantino revenge flick, but worse. It’s all a little cliche but, hey, they gotta kill Kate Argent.

By Blood or Bite (Pack) by bigbootsmanofwar

(15/? I 98,970 I Explicit)

Derek didn’t do field work. He refused. God knew the last time he left the office, it didn’t go so well. He’s perfectly content to just sit in his lab, help out from afar, and keep to himself.

If the kid who kept breaking all the rules would stop confusing him, things might have been OK. You know, with the kid he’s turned who he can’t stop worrying about, the damaged splinters of family he has left, and the Uncle he doesn’t trust looming over Stiles’ shoulder.

If he wasn’t so lonely, he’d pack it all in now.

Blue Moon by AsexualDerek (Cammerel)

(24/24 I 113,050 I Explicit)

After Agent Hale’s partner is killed, he gets landed with a young, nubile agent that doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut and stop asking questions about things that aren’t his business to know.

Science AUs
  • I accidentally spilled hydrochloric acid on you so you really need to use the emergency shower and omg, if i knew you looked that good shirtless and wet i would have spilled it on you much earlier in the semester
  • You caught me looking at your answers in the lab but you really need to let me keep copying you, please, I have no idea what i’m even looking at under the microscope
  • No one should look as good as you do in safety goggles
  • could you please stop saying “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”???? it’s fucking physics
  • you keep messing up this titration and if i see this solution go bright bloody purple one more time i will beat you with the measuring cylinder 
  • i’m sorry i keep messing up the titration
  • i fainted during the dissection and you’re the one who caught me
Fantasy vs. Reality

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2100

Warning: This is an AU, slight language, fluff.

Summary: Dean was your ultimate fantasy in school but you felt like he would never notice you. Years later you run into one another again and he is covered in tattoos and a completely gorgeous bar owner.

AN: If this gets a good reception from you all then I plan to make this a mini series where I will write out certain moments in their lives. If this is something you would be interested in, please let me know.


There’s things in life that you never really expect. You never expected to graduate from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. You never expected to move back to your old neighborhood to help your father after your mother died. You most certainly didn’t expect for your school girl crush to still be in full force after seeing him years later.

Dean Winchester was every girl’s fantasy when you were growing up. He always came across as that popular badass that seemed so unattainable unless you were dreaming. The fantasy only grew once you had all reached high school. Dean had always been attractive but he really grew into his features the older he got. His lips were full, pouty, and the perfect shade of pink. His eyes were one of his more prominent features; a beautiful mossy green color that almost looked like whiskey if the light hit them just right. His light brown hair could always be found styled into a faux hawk. He was tall and broad, fairly muscular for a teenager. By the time 18 hit, he had started to get tattoos and wore a leather jacket religiously. He was the bad boy that every girl wanted and their parents didn’t want him anywhere near their daughters. You were the quiet girl in school. You had friends, you were involved in school functions, and you always ended up with good grades. Dean may have played in most of your fantasies back then, but you were fairly certain he barely knew who you were. He could have any girl he wanted, he most certainly got plenty of action and you kept to yourself.

You were currently trying to get some grocery shopping done for your Dad, refusing to let him live off of Hungry-Man frozen dinners any longer. Ever since your Mom had passed he hadn’t taken the best care of himself. He still went to work and came home everyday, but he was eating complete junk and drinking more than usual. When you mentioned coming back home to help out, he was reluctant to accept stating he didn’t want to disrupt your life. You ended up getting your way though and now here you were.

Keep reading

To Be Afraid

|To Fall|

Member: Jungkook

Genre: Angst/Fluff 

Word Count: 5086

Summary: Love. It’s a strange thing. It can either make you the happiest person in the world or the most miserable. You don’t know when it comes or when it goes. Sometimes it’s not returned and sometimes it is. We don’t know how to deal with it, but we still yearn for it.

A/N: so 5000+ words happened. I started writing it and it seemed alright, but then I feel like it just go dragged on. I don’t know… Lately I feel like I’ve been lacking a lot in my writing so please let me know what you think about this. 

(also sorry for not being so active with updates. school is starting to get hectic again TT) 

Originally posted by donewithjeon

They say that three time’s a charm, but is it really?

The first was in high school.

You were a part of a tightly knit group. The four of you spent all of your time together; going out on weekends, working together in group projects, hell, you even grew up together. Like all cliche movies, the group consisted of two boys and two girls. Almost naturally the four of your grew attractions for each other. This group of best friends soon became a living, breathing, double date. Of the two couples, you and Jimin were the first to get together. He was your everything. He was your first. Nothing could ever replace the emotions that that relationship brought to you.

“Jimin? Are you home?”  You ring the doorbell, but no one answers. You wait a few more minutes, but there’s still no answer.

He wasn’t at school today so you assumed that he was sick. You even skipped half a day to go home and make him some soup so he wouldn’t feel completely miserable. The last time that Jimin got sick, he couldn’t speak a single word. He’s not one to get sick, but when he does, it’s hell.

“Ji-“ You turn the doorknob and realize that it’s open.

Ah Jimin, that pabo

You don’t know why he would leave the door unlocked, especially if he’s sick.

“Jimin? Are you home?” You look around the house, but you see no trace of him. This leads you to believe that he’s in his room; on his deathbed.

“Jimin?” You knock softly on his door.

You hear the rustle of bed sheets and a few moans.

Aigoo. He must be extremely sick.

You open the door, but then you hear another moan. However, this moan did not sound like one that would come from a sick person. It didn’t even sound like it came from Jimin.

It can’t — No.

Your heart beats violently against your chest. Your hands are sweaty and shaking as they grip the doorknob tightly.

The longer you stand behind the door, the more you hear. Moans. Jimin and a girl. Saying each other’s names. You don’t know who the girl is nor do you care. Tears overflow your eyes. This cannot be happening to you. It can’t be true. This isn’t who Jimin is. You know that he would never do this. Not to you. Never.

One hand still on the doorknob and the other gripping the bag with the soup that you made for him. From what you can hear, they’re not planning to stop anytime soon. A small part of you is still holding onto the hope that it’s not actually Jimin. That your ears are playing a cruel joke on you. But you know. You know because that’s exactly how he sounded when he’s with you.

Mustering up what’s left of your courage and sanity, you push open the door forcefully.

“Jimin—” You were about to blow up in his face, but once you see him on top of another girl, both naked, you lose it.

“Y/N, what are you doing here?” Jimin stares at you wide-eyed, but unmoving.

“You didn’t come to school today so I thought you were sick! W-what are you d-doing?” You realize that it’s a stupid question because you can clearly see what’s happening, but you can’t think of anything else to say.

“I—It’s not — I’m sorry.” Jimin gets off the girl, but before he gets off, she gives him one last kiss. You can’t believe it. First, the nerve of that girl, and second, the fact that Jimin also kissed back.

“How long?”

There’s a painful silence.

“6 months.”

You guys have been dating for a year.

He’s been cheating on you. For half a year and you didn’t even realize anything.

“Fucking hell Jimin! Half a year? God! Why am I so stupid?” You run your hands through your hair as you try to compose yourself, but tears you didn’t know you still had rush down your face. Jimin stands in his spot, not knowing what to do.

“I’m sorry Y/N.”

“No you’re not.”

No answer from Jimin. This confirms everything.

“We’re done Jimin, but I guess you didn’t need me to say…”

You stomp out of his room throwing the bag with the thermos onto the ground.

You’re at the door and only now are you noticing the second pair of shoes that belong to the girl.

Jimin was your everything, but to him, you were only a pass time.

That was your first. Your second ended on a slightly better note.

Your heart hurt for a few months, but then you realized that Jimin is not worth the time nor the hurt that you’re feeling. The relationship wasn’t real. There was never a relationship. You were so blinded by the young first love that you didn’t even realize the truth that was in front of you the whole entire time.

Years after, you spent time rebuilding yourself. You moved, you studied in university and worked some part time jobs. Somewhere along the way, somewhere along the late night lectures, you came across an interesting figure. Namjoon. When you first met him, it was hard to talk to him because it always seemed like he was analyzing every aspect of the world, but you came to admire that side of him. Both you and Namjoon would always arrive at the lecture hall early and after the two of you started to realize that, you started talking to each other. When you finally decided to pay attention to what he was saying and really thought of it, you realized that Namjoon isn’t just all talk. He makes some extremely good points and you marvel at how those words are really coming from a 22 year old.

Namjoon changed you. He changed the way you looked at the world and dealt with situations. He also changed the way you felt.

“Y/N. Can we talk?” Namjoon calls you in the middle of the night. You were about to go to bed after studying for reckless hours.


“Yes. I’m afraid that I can’t wait until the morning.” The tone of Namjoon’s voice makes you worry.


“I’m coming over right now.” Namjoon hangs up and you wait for him.

A few minutes later, you hear a three soft knocks at your door.

“Hey.” You open the door and you see Namjoon, except he looks extremely anxious. You let him walk into your apartment and he takes a seat on the couch.

“Y/N. I have something to tell you.”

The two of you have been dating for 9 months. It has been brief, but compared to the first relationship, you feel a lot better. Nothing seems forced and the two of you are very open with each other.

“What is it?” You look at him with a lot of concern and sit next to him.

“I think..we should take a break.” You hear him say the words clearly, yet you don’t feel as broken as the first time.

“Is something wrong?” You keep your composure and look at him. He meets your eyes.

“I hate to say it this way, but it’s me. You’re amazing Y/N. Don’t get me wrong. I know you’ve been through a lot in the past and just to see you grow as a person was amazing, but I’m starting to realize that I can’t give you what you deserve. You deserve a lot more than me Y/N. I don’t want you to be tied down to me when there’s still the whole world that you haven’t seen yet. Please understand this Y/N.” Namjoon takes your hands in his. Your’s are ice cold and his engulf yours with the warmth which perfectly represents your relationship. Namjoon has been nothing but the support that you needed.

“Namjoon, I understand what you’re trying to say, but I also can’t see myself with anyone else. You’ve supported me through so much even though we’ve only been together for a months. You’re everything I need.” You try to turn the situation, but you can tell that Namjoon has already made his decision.

“No, Y/N. I think this break will be good of the both of us. Especially since we’re both coming out of a relationship. I want to make sure that we really feel what we do truthfully and not by a means of rebound. Please?” Namjoon pleads and you can’t do anything, but agree.

Although you’ve been out of your first relationship for years now, you still catch yourself faltering back to thoughts of you and Jimin. Once again, Namjoon speaks the utter truth.

“Okay. Let’s do that.” You say, barely in a whisper.

“Thank you. No matter what, I still love you Y/N. Together as a couple or not. Love is still love.” Namjoon gives you a hug and gives you one last kiss on the forehead.

There was no resentment, no regret. You felt nothing but gratefulness for meeting Namjoon. The relationship wasn’t long, but it made a lasting impact. You learned not to linger onto the past, to not be afraid to speak your mind and have differences. You learned that not everything will go you way and nothing is that picture perfect relationship. There will be ups and downs and maybe more downhill than up. But that’s okay! It’s all part of living and you’ve learned to embrace that.

It’s a year after you and Namjoon decided to maintain the friend status. It was a mutual decision. After a lot of thought, you both realized that you’re not actually ready for a relationship and that the two of you are more fit as friends than lovers. There were no hard feelings and no signs of hatred. Namjoon and you still keep in touch. In fact the two of you are practically best friends. This is completely different from your first.

As a single candidate, completely free in the market, you’re loving the single life. You’re not in a rush to find someone nor are you trying to find someone. Instead of forcing something that’s not meant to be, you’re taking your time to learn who you really are.

In the past year, you’ve gotten into art. Dance, music, visual, everything. Namjoon was actually the first person to expose you to the world of art, but it’s only now that you’re really finding that interest. Of all the museums with paintings decorating the wall, you’ve come to really enjoy the art you find on the streets. Street performers to be exact. They can sing, dance, or do sidewalk art, but you will still experience that same kind of amazement.

Recently you’ve discovered this one street performer that does two of the three, sing and dance. He seems fairly young, perhaps around your age, but he is extremely talented. The first time you saw him was when you were walking home to your apartment. There was a huge crowd right in the middle of the sidewalk so you decided to join in. You didn’t know what to expect, but it’s safe to say when you first saw the performer, you were pleasantly surprised. He was dancing to an upbeat song and his body never missed a beat. It was amazing.

After that time, you would make it an effort to never miss any of his performances. You could say that it was something like love at first sight, but more alongs of in love with the performance at first sight. For the next couple of performances, he also danced. There were a variety of them ranging from slow contemporary to fast, more hip hop style dances. It didn’t matter what style it was, all the performances were good.

However, it was today’s performance that really caught you. There were a few occasions where this performer would sing, but today’s song was slow and you really felt the emotion of the song coming to life. Embarrassing enough, after he was finished singing, you had a few tears in your eyes.

You waited for the crowd to disperse a bit and then it was just you, the performer and a few other people that have decided to stay. He must have noticed you standing in your spot because he walked over to you.

“Hey. I don’t mean to sound creepy, but I’ve noticed that you’re always at my performances. Do you live near here?”

“Hi! Yes, in fact I do. I live a couple of blocks down from here. Your performance today was extremely nice. Thank you.”

“No, thank you for always coming to watch. It’s always nice to see some familiar faces in the crowd.” You take a look at him and you already knew this from the beginning, but he’s not hard on the eyes. Not even the slightest. Out of the whim, you come up with a crazy idea.

“Would you like to go get a drink? I know this really good place a few minutes away from here?” Okay, so it’s not like skydiving crazy, but you’re inviting a complete stranger to have a drink with you! In your books, that’s enough adventure to last you a whole two weeks.

Though two cups of hot coffee, you learn that his name is Jungkook and he’s being doing to the street performance business for years now. This whole thing is just his hobby, but somehow people have come to love what he does for fun. He’s also an extremely outgoing guy, but also very sensible. Hours after talking, reluctantly, you had to leave because it is a weeknight.

“Can I have your number? So we can keep in touch?” Jungkook asks and you nod your head while you punch in your number into his phone. “Thanks. I guess I’ll see you soon?”

“Yup, it was nice meeting you Jungkook.”

“You too Y/N. I’ll text you later! You know where to find me!” He gives you a cute wave and you head back to your apartment.

A few months pass and you get to know Jungkook fairly well. You can sense that there’s something more to your relationship with Jungkook, but you can’t put your finger on it. You’re able to joke around with him like you did with Jimin, but you’re also able to have really deep late night talks with him like you did with Namjoon. However, unlike the other two, Jungkook has a way of making you smile for no reason. It’s actually quite hard to compare Jungkook to Namjoon and Jimin because all three of them are so different, but they each made you feel something.

You decide to give Jungkook an early visit before his show at night. You spend the entire mid-afternoon preparing some food for him as well so he doesn’t get hungry midway through. He has told you that sometimes he forgets to eat when he does his shows and you know how bad that is for your health, especially if you’re constantly engaging in physical activity.

Once you’re finished with the food, you pack it into small boxes and place it in one of those reusable grocery bags.You get dressed and grab everything you need.

The weather outside is a lot nicer than you expected. The sun is hanging low in the sky, filling it with a nice tinge of orange and the markets are busy as usual. Luckily you’re not too early and you see the Jungkook’s back as he’s setting up his speakers and everything.

“Jungkook!” You shout and quicken your pace to reach him. He turns around swiftly and scans the area until he sees you. Then he gives you a bright smile and waves.

“Y/N! What are you doing here so early? I don’t start until a few hours later.”

“I know, but I wanted to surprise you.” You smile.

“Ah, what’s that?” He points to the bag that you’re holding.

“Oh, I — uh, I made you some things to eat. I know how you said that you usually forget to eat because you’re so caught up with performing.”

Jungkook doesn’t speak for a few seconds which makes you extremely nervous. You can feel your face heating up and you guess that it is now as red as the sweater that Jungkook is wearing.

“Unless you already ate. I could just take it back—”

“No! No. Thank you. I really appreciate it. Thank you Y/N! Here, we can eat over there.” Jungkook takes the bag and points to the fountain at the middle of the market.

The two of you walk over to it and take a seat on the edge. You take out the multiple lunch boxes, only realizing now how much food you actually made.

“Oh my. I didn’t realize how much I actually made.” You laugh nervously as you bury your face in your hands.

Jungkook doesn’t hesitate to take a bite of the kimbap that you made. At that very moment, you swear you saw his eyes light up like the lights at the market during the night.

“You seriously made this?” Jungkook takes another bite.

“Yeah. Is it any good?” You take a bite for yourself, but you’re not too sure how it fits with Jungkook’s taste.

“Is it any good? Y/N! This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten aside from my mother’s. Oh my god! I’m coming over to your place for all my meals now.” Jungkook exclaims as he moves onto the lunchbox with the noodles. He lets out a sigh of satisfaction.

A blush creeps back onto your face as you watch Jungkook enjoy the food that you made.

“I don’t know about all meals, but I can definitely make you some food when I come to watch you.”

“Thank you Y/N! This is seriously so good! Oh my god, I could kiss you!” You freeze.

You know that Jungkook is kidding as he’s so captivated by the food, but for some reason, his words are making your heart beat ten times faster. You haven’t known him for that long so why are you feeling like this? There is something familiar about what you’re feeling, but it’s not something that you will ever get used to.

Is it even okay to feel this way?

Is it too soon?

You haven’t known him for that long.

Maybe his words just caught you off guard. Yeah. That has to be it.

Tonight you decide not to go to Jungkook’s performances. There has been a lot on your mind lately and you can’t seem to sort out everything. It’s like someone just dumped all your emotions on you all at once without any prior notice.

You’ve been a lot more emotional lately. Scared. Kept away. Quiet.

Your texts with Jungkook have become shorter and shorter and calls are almost non-existent now. Anyone would think that you’re being a bitch for suddenly changing attitudes like this, but for some reason, you didn’t care.

Maybe you’re afraid of letting your feelings free and maybe you’re afraid of what might happen if you let the world know, but you don’t want to be hurt another time. You’ve already been in two relationships, the first one which ended very badly, the second was out of mutual feelings. You don’t know what else can happen. The only thing that you’re sure of is that your feelings are growing stronger and stronger, but you’re also becoming stronger and stronger at suppressing them, pushing your feelings to the back of your mind.

The night haunts you with flashbacks to your first relationship. You’re 110% over those feelings, but just the idea of another relationship ending badly is enough to knock you off of your game. You can’t get rid of that feeling when you discovered that Jimin was cheating on you for half of your relationship. You can’t stand the feeling of knowing that everything was one sided and a lie.

It’s not fair.

You don’t deserve this.

Jungkook doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.

Suddenly, your phone lights up from the dark living room.

Hey Y/N. Are you okay? You didn’t come tonight…

A frown appears on your face.

Yeah..sorry. I’m not feeling to well this week.

There’s a small pinch in your chest for lying to Jungkook, but it’s not a complete lie; you really aren’t feeling well.

Okay. Get some rest then! I hope you get better soon

You read his last text and sink back into the couch.

How long is this going to go on for?

Weeks later, you’ve still managed to stay on the low. Nothing really got better. Your thoughts, raiding the quiet of a peaceful mind and you’re scared to even face Jungkook now.

Just then, your phone starts to ring, causing you to jump from your spot.

“Hello?” You pick it up without looking at the caller ID.

“Y/N?” A familiar voice rushes through your ear.


“Hey, how are you? You haven’t been answering your calls lately and you stopped coming to my shows at night.”

“Sorry..I’m just not feeling that well.”

“Oh…Are you feeling better now?”

“A little…” To distract yourself, you pick at the sleeves of your sweater.

“Okay…Um…I got these tickets to go to a concert and I was supposed to go with one of my hyungs, but he bailed on me so I was wondering if you would like to go with me? You don’t have to if you’re not feeling well and we haven’t really talked in a while so—”

“I’ll go.”

“Wait, what? Really? I don’t want to make it seem like I’m forcing you.”

“It’s fine Jungkook. I think it will be nice.” You don’t know what you just got yourself into, but you can’t go back now.

Jungkook managed to get some extremely nice tickets, especially considering that it’s a BigBang concert. Your seats were somewhere near the front middle of the venue and everything was in the perfect view.

“I’m so glad that you agreed to come with me Y/N! This is so exciting!”

You knew that Jungkook is a huge BigBang fan because he would never stop talking about them. You also knew how much this concert would mean for him so you didn’t want to ruin it by sulking in your emotions so you tried to let yourself go.

Without a doubt, the moment the concert started, it was amazing. The atmosphere was unbelievable and it didn’t feel like you were in a stadium. You don’t know what it felt like, but it felt good. You could finally enjoy yourself and all your thoughts were pushed away by the music.

You and Jungkook started to sing along with the songs. Luckily you guys weren’t the only ones or else you would have looked like maniacs.  The lights are flashing around everywhere and it’s honestly the best feeling. At one point during the concert, you look over to Jungkook and notice how focused he is on the stage. His eyes are practically lighting up and his mouth is opened just to the slightest.

This is another quality that you admire about him. His passion.

You to turn your attention back to the idols up on the stage and you enjoy the rest of the concert.

During the slower songs, the fans start to sing along and it sounds amazing. You also join in with the singing and you admire the sea of the light sticks.

Then you feel something warm touch your hand.

You look down and notice that Jungkook is holding your hand tightly. You look up at him in shock, but he just smiles and stays focused on the screens. The thoughts come rushing back into your mind and you thank the gods for the loud music or else everyone would have heard you heart pounding.

What does this mean?

The concert ends, but Jungkook is still holding onto your hand. People start to exit the venue and the two of you follow them.

“Jungkook we should go before there’s a lot of people at the sub—” You train of thought leaves you once you feel Jungkook soft lips on your cheek.

“W-what is that for?” Jungkook shrugs.

“I just wanted to do that. Come on! Let’s go!” Jungkook takes the lead and guides the two of your towards the subway.

The ride back to your apartment was quiet. It didn’t help that there were a lot of people and you and Jungkook were squished into one corner of the train. The whole entire time you couldn’t look up at him. Everything that happened tonight replays in your head. This whole time you were trying to control your feelings and maybe forget about them, but then Jungkook goes ahead and does what he did.

“Hey Y/N. This is our stop.” Jungkook tugs at your arm lightly and you nod.

The walk back to your apartment is also quiet.

“Y/N, are you okay? You’re not saying anything.”

“What? Oh…yeah I’m fine. Just…tired.”

“Oh…” Jungkook slows his pace, but you continue to walk, falling out of Jungkook’s hold. The moment his hand is no longer holding yours, you feel this emptiness. You feel exposed. You don’t like it, but what can you do? This is what you wanted. To let go.

“Wait!” You turn around and Jungkook runs to catch up to you. You don’t get a chance to say anything as Jungkook cups your face in his hands and kisses you, right there in the middle of the sidewalk. Your eyes widen. His lips are soft and warm, but yours are cold and hard. Your lack of movement causes Jungkook to stop and he pulls away.

“Sorry…I just…I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”


“Just here me out Y/N. We’ve known each other for what? Half a year give or take? When I first saw you in the crowd, you took my breath away. You’re absolutely beautiful, but when we started to talk, I knew that I didn’t want to stop. I hate how cheesy this sounds, but it was like something just clicked in my mind. Everything felt so right. Over these past few days where we stopped talking for a little bit, I missed you so much. I couldn’t stand it so I asked my hyung to hang out another time just so I could to this concert with you. Now, I know that you probably don’t feel the same way, but if I didn’t tell you today, I don’t think I ever would have. It was killing me, not being able to see or talk to you and it was killing me even more knowing that my feelings are only getting stronger and stronger. Y/N you’re extremely special to me and I just wanted you to know that whatever you do, wherever you are, I want to be with you as well.”

If you weren’t frozen before, you definitely are now. Jungkook is holding both of your hands while he looks at you with glimmering eyes. However, you frown and slowly take your hands back.

“Jungkook…I’m sorry.” You see the frown form on Jungkook’s face, but you turn and walk away. The moment your back is facing Jungkook, tears fall ruthlessly down your face.

I’m sorry Jungkook. I’m scared. I don’t know what to do. You make me feel like the luckiest person in the world, but I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve you.

A month passed and you’re a mess. Namjoon tried to give you advice about this and he tried to get you to tell the truth to Jungkook, but you refused. You didn’t have the strength to do so. Jungkook called and texted you everyday, trying to ask what happened, but you never replied. During the day you were fine, having the distraction of work, but night was the worst. You didn’t know what to do with yourself.

You’re about to settle into bed, bracing for another sleepless night, but then there’s a loud banging at your door.

“Y/N! Open up please! I know you’re in there! Namjoon told me everything! Please Y/N! Just come out!”

Namjoon told him? How?

Hesitantly, you open up the door and there he is. Jungkook standing in front of your door looking better than ever, while you’re here in your pyjamas, looking like a mess.

“Y/N…” He says in a whisper.

“What do you mean Namjoon told you? How do you know him?”

“He was the first to contact me. I guess he found my contact information through social media or something. He told me what you’ve been through. All of it.”

“Oh.” You look down at your feet in embarrassment, but then you feeling Jungkook engulf you in a hug.

“Why didn’t you tell me Y/N? I would have understood. Do you know how much it hurt me to see you walk away that night? I thought I did something wrong!” You feel your tears soak through his shirt, but he only holds onto you tighter.

“I didn’t know what to say…I don’t know how to say it.” You wrap your arms around his waist and pull him in close as well.

“You should have told me a little bit though. I would never hurt you Y/N, you know that.” You nod and Jungkook wipes away all your tears.

“It’s just…You came into my life out of nowhere and these feelings came back. I didn’t know what to do because I’m always so happy when I spend time with you. I love you…” You whisper the last three words, a realization you had on that very night.

Jungkook pulls your chin up so that your eyes meet with his. He smiles softly and gives you a peck on the lips.

“I love you as well Y/N. More than you would know it. Hell, I spent a whole entire month texting you every day even though you never replied!” This makes you laugh a little. “Let’s take this one step at a time okay?” He holds you by your waist and you nod.

“Okay.” You whisper and lean into his chest.

“You don’t have to be afraid Y/N.”

Maybe three times will be a charm.


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Giving & Taking Pt.04 (M)

Luckily I was able to find some time to write this. I hope you guys are enjoying the series so far! Feel free to let me know what you think. There is now 3 more parts left in the series. I will continue to post once a week. As always please enjoy! <3

Warnings: Graphic smut, Oral sex, & Sexual Intercourse

Genre: Romance, Angst, Smut, & College AU

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader, Jungkook x Reader

Word count: 2,906

Pt.01 Pt.02 Pt.03 Pt.05

Originally posted by scaredful

A week had gone by since the last time you saw Jungkook and honestly nothing had changed. Namjoon and you were ‘ok’ and you were still keeping busy with school and work. One of the servers at your job had quit which meant you were working over time. You were exhausted, but you still had a term paper to write. 

Hana had friends over tonight and there was no way you were going to get any work done. All you could hear was giggling and screeching voices coming from the living room. Finally you decided it was probably best for you to go to the coffee shop and try to get some work done there. Plus you definitely needed the caffeine too. 

On the bright side the coffee shop was practically empty. You figured on a Friday night college students would much rather be drinking beer rather than coffee. You chatted up the barista for a few minutes before settling down on table that was tucked away in the corner.  Immediately you dove into the term paper you had been attempting to write earlier. 

You had probably been in the coffee shop for almost two hours now, and your eyes were starting to sting from staring at your laptop screen too much. The cute barista brought you over a refill without you even asking for it. You couldn’t tell if he was flirting or just being nice. Considering there was no one else in the shop he was probably just bored and needed to do something. 

You took this as a sign to take a break. You sipped on your coffee and checked your phone. All you had was a text from Namjoon asking if you wanted to come over to his since he was having a few friends over. That was nearly two hours ago, you figured there was no point in texting him back since he was probably drunk or high by now. 

You were mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed when you heard the little chime on the door ring signaling that someone had come in. You didn’t bother to look up. The barista greeted the customer and then you heard it. Was that Jungkook’s voice? You shot your head up and your eyes made contact with none other than Jungkook’s. He was staring right at you, he gave you a slight smile and ordered his drink. 

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Ashton Irwin Imagine

Prompt: 18. “I can do this alone.” (Ashton)

Prompt: 22. “I got detention because of you so you owe me big time.” (Ashton)

*Imagine a cliché “the popular guy (Ashton) falls in love with the nerd (Y/N)”. lmao I don’t know how else to describe this 

“Psst…Y/N.” You felt Ashton tap on your shoulder. You slowly turned in your seat and glared at him. “What do you want?” You snapped. You were currently trying to concentrate on an important test the teacher had assigned but Ashton wouldn’t stop bothering you.

“Let me see your paper.” He tried reaching over to grab it when you smacked his hand away. “Do your own work.” You hunched over your paper and continued on your test making sure Ashton had no way of seeing your paper.

“C’mon Y/N, please.” He begged. He was the school’s ‘star’ quarterback and you were just some nobody with straight As. You rolled your eyes then glanced up to make sure the teacher wasn’t looking before facing Ashton again. “You should have thought of tha-“

“Ms. Y/L/N, Mr. Irwin, what do you two think you are doing?” The teacher stood up from her desk at the front of the class and snatched your paper from your hands. The class fell silent and you felt your face heat up from embarrassment. “Automatic zeros for cheating, see me tomorrow morning before school for detention.”

“But Mrs.-I-I wasn’t, I didn’t-“

“I don’t want to hear it.”

“She wasn’t cheating. It was my fault honestly.” Ashton defended, glancing over at you apologetically. You ignored his gaze, too angry at him to say anything more. The bell rang and you quickly collected your belongings and stormed out of the classroom, tears threatening to fall from your eyes.

“Y/N wait!” Ashton yelled out. He tried to grab hold of your arm but you tore away from his grasp. “Leave me alone.” You muttered, instinctively walking faster, hugging your text book to your chest.  

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Many Burgers, Many Days - Jughead Jones Imagine

REQUESTED: No, but I already did an Archie imagine so I wanted to do one for Jughead!

WARNINGS: Sarcasm. And puns. (Also some swearing.)

SUMMARY: A story of yours and Jug’s relationship over the summer.

NOTES: So, Episode 3 of Riverdale happened. Yep. (Please can Grundy just get out :////)

Also, I’m getting closer and closer to performance night for my school musical, so updates may be few and far between.

Anyways, hope you enjoy this one! 

Originally posted by mieczyslwstilinski

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anonymous asked:

Can I get a Valentine's Day peter Parker x reader please???

Peter Parker X Reader –  Don’t Tell

A/N – For me, this works best with Tom Holland (Avengers Spiderman) but an older version of Aunt May & Uncle Ben (like in the original trilogy.)

Warnings – None.

Rating – T

Based off this imagine by @thefandomimagine

Originally posted by guywiththeguitar

High school is an unusual society where the students follow unspoken rules and the teachers let them in order to maintain an easier, quieter life. The rules are simple enough: stay within your group, don’t become the teacher’s pet, keep fights within your year, and above all, never tell on another student.

Unfortunately, that last rule came with its own consequences for you on a Friday before school let out. Toby Garfield had accidentally broken one of the windows for all the students to see but since nobody, including yourself, was willing to tell the teacher, Mr Maguire, you were blamed for being the closest to the scene of the crime. It meant that after school, you had been given glamourous job of scrubbing graffiti off the walls; you had even been given the janitor’s keys to put the cleaning supplies away afterwards.

After an hour and a half of scrubbing, you checked your watch yet again, sure that it must finally be time for you to go home. When you saw it wasn’t, you were sure time must be passing agonisingly slow just to taunt you.

“That’s it.” You growled irritably, throwing the scrubbing brush back into the bucket and inadvertently soaking yourself with water. “No more. There’s nobody here. I’m going home.”

You continued to chunter to yourself down the hallway until you reached the supply closet where you grew even more frustrated as it refused to unlock.

“OH, COME ON!” You exploded angrily.

“Hello?” A muffled voice sounded from inside the closet.

You frowned at the door, puzzled. “Hi?”

“Hey um, I’m kind of trapped in here, do you think you could let me out?”

“Oh!” You burst into action, trying again to unlock it. The door remained stubbornly shut, even when you leant against it with all your might. “Door’s jammed.” You grunted, pushing harder.

“Yeah… Flash dented the lock so I wouldn’t get out.”

“Flash? As in Flash Thompson? Why would he- Hang on, you’re not that guy are you? The one he always picks on? What was it? P- P- P- Percy? No, uh-”

“It’s Peter actually.”

“Right, Peter, sorry about that. This is (Y/N) by the way, if you know me that is.”

“Yeah, we’re in most classes together.”

“We are? My bad, I don’t pay much attention. Well, when this is over I’m gonna kill Flash. Okay, move back from the door, I have an idea.”

Peter moved as far back as he could in the tiny supply closet, waiting for your master plan. There was a loud thud against the door, followed by a pained groan.

“H-hey, are you alright?” Peter fretted.

“That was… That was a stupid plan.” You cringed. “New plan. I’m going to get some of the tools from workshop. Sit tight Peter, I’ll be right back.”

Peter sat down, leaning against the wall as he had before you came along. He debated what he’d tell Aunt May and Uncle Ben this time, after all, there would be no explaining the- Loud scraping of metal on metal interrupted his thoughts.

“You’re back.” He declared happily.

“Uh-huh.” You answered distractedly, attacking the door hinges with a screwdriver and hammer. It took just under half an hour of hacking inexpertly at the tight metal before you managed to remove the hinges completely. You grabbed the door quickly, easing it to the floor to let Peter out.

“Done.” You panted tiredly, staring at the mess you’d made.

“Thank you, I’m sorry I put you through so much trouble.”

“It’s no big deal, I’m just glad-” You turned to Peter, “Good God man.” You stated, appalled at the sight before you.

Peter’s face was covered in cuts and bruises, his left eye was swollen and purple, and there was dried blood, which had made its way from his nose to his shirt.

“Did Flash and his gang do this to you?” You whispered incredulously.

“Uh yeah, sorry.” Peter apologised, hating the worry on your face. “It’s fine really. I’m sure Flash just has his own troubles and-”

“No. This isn’t okay so don’t go acting like it is. Come on, we have to get you cleaned up before your cuts get infected or something.”

“Are you sure we should be doing this?” Peter questioned apprehensively as you tried each key on the bunch for the nurse’s office. “Isn’t this breaking the rules?”

“Peter, I just broke down a door, I think this is acceptable.” You pushed the door open. “Now sit down, I need to get a cloth.”

Peter perched on the edge of a bed while you rifled through some drawers, “Cloths are in the second drawer and saline solution is in the cupboard on your right.” he explained.

“I’m guessing you spend a lot of time in here.” You got the items, moving back to him.

“A little more than I should.”

You prepared the solution on the cloth, “This may sting a little.”

You dabbed his face gently, clearing away the blood where you could. Peter sat silently, suddenly bashful at your proximity.

“So, where do you live anyway?” You asked while you worked.

“What? Uh, w-why?”

“It’s late, I don’t want you walking home alone in the dark.”

“What about you? If you walked me home, who would walk you home?”

“Look, just tell me where you live, who knows? It may be right next to me but I won’t know until you tell me.”

“I live in Forest Hills but you don’t have to-”

“No way, I live in the street around the corner.” You lied, doing whatever it took to get Peter home.

“Really?” Peter lit up excitedly.

“Yeah, come on, I think I’ve done all I can here. I’ll lock up and we can go.”

“Uh (Y/N), what about the supply room door?”

“What the principal doesn’t know can’t hurt us, he’ll probably just assume it was just some vandal; God knows the school’s full of ‘em. Now let’s go, it’s bad enough walking through New York in the day, it’s even worse at night and I don’t know about you but I don’t have any bus money so I’d rather set off now.”

“Where could he have got to May?” Ben Parker paced restlessly around his living room, waiting for the phone to ring.

“Ben-” May started, looking through the net curtains.

“I should be out there looking for him.”


“It’s been hours now.”

“Ben!” May raised her voice slightly, startling her husband. She smiled serenely, “Peter’s outside and it looks like he’s brought a friend.”

“What?” Ben joined his wife at the window. Peter’s back was facing the pair but they could just see you in front of him.

“Do you think he’s been out on a date?” May gushed ecstatically.

“Now May, it could just be a friend.”

“Either way, our little Peter hasn’t brought many people over before.”

“What do you suppose they’re talking about out there?”

“I don’t know, oh let’s invite them in, I’d love to meet Peter’s new friend.”

“Do you really think that’s a good idea?” Ben asked a little too late, May was already heading towards the door.

She threw it open enthusiastically, “Peter dear, welcome home. Come now, why don’t you introduce us to your friend?”

Peter blushed awkwardly, “A-aunt May-” he stuttered.

You looked behind Peter to see his aunt and uncle in the doorway. They motioned you inside, “Come now dear, no need to be shy.” May cooed at you.

“Sorry about this.” Peter whispered, nervous that you would hate his family and think him a loser. In truth, he loved his family more than anything so if you disliked them he knew he wouldn’t have anything to do with you from then on.

You walked past Peter to the front door, “Hello, I’m (Y/N), it’s a pleasure to meet you.” You stuck your hand out which Ben shook amiably.

“Please dear, come inside, we’d love to hear how you know our Peter.” May beamed.

“Oh, um- I wouldn’t want to impose.”

“Nonsense, it wouldn’t be a bother.”

“Uh, well I suppose, if Peter doesn’t mind.”

Peter finally joined you, “No, not at-”

His aunt gasped, “Oh my, Peter what happened to your face? It wasn’t those boys again was it?”

“Uh, no. No, it wasn’t, it was actually um-”

“No, I can tell you, I saw the whole thing.” You jumped in, saving Peter from whatever mess of an explanation he’d come up with. “Peter actually slipped on something at the top of the stairs and fell down half a flight. It was reported to the principal and I took him to the nurse’s office; it was all just a clumsy mistake.”

“Peter, you really must be more careful.” May chastised mildly. “Still, it’s good you had such a nice friend to help you. Now come on in out of the cold you two, I’ll make everyone a nice cup of tea.”

Over the next twenty minutes, you were asked all manner of questions which you answered gladly, knowing that if your family met Peter, they’d probably do the same to him. You found May and Ben to be lovely people who clearly adored their nephew. It almost made you reluctant to announce you had to leave.

“Are you sure you won’t stay for dinner?” May offered.

“No thank you, I should be getting home ASAP.”

“Where do you live dear? I wouldn’t want you walking home alone in the dark.”

“Aunt May, (Y/N) lives just around-” Peter started until you gave him a look and shook your head.

“I um, I actually live in the city, but if I start walking now I can be home in an hour or two.”

“Peter,” Ben scolded, “you let (Y/N) come with you all this way even though (s)he lives in the city. How could you be so irresponsible?”

“It’s alright, really. Peter didn’t know where I lived, I didn’t tell him.” You explained. “It was nice meeting you both, I hope I’ll get to again. See you later Peter.” You got up to leave.

“Hey now, it wouldn’t be right to let you go out alone in the pitch black. What kind of person would I be if I allowed you to do that? Come with me and we’ll go in the car.”


“No buts, come on now.”

You knew there was no way you would win the argument against Ben Parker; he was the very image of how a guardian should behave. You followed him out of the house apologising for the inconvenience.

When the car pulled away, May turned to Peter, gushing, “(S)he is a lovely one, that (Y/N). You should ask him/her out before someone else does.”

“Aunt May-” Peter blushed.

“Now, now, I saw the way you looked at (Y/N), it’s the same way your father looked at your mother when they first met.”

“(Y/N)’s just a friend.”

“For now maybe but that can change quite easily.”

Peter shuffled awkwardly on the sofa.

“Alright.” May relented. “I’ll drop it for now but we both know I’m right.”

She walked away, leaving Peter to his thoughts. You were one of the first people to really acknowledge him in school and you’d met his family all in one day, how could he not have a crush on you? Despite that, he was sure you were just being polite and that everything would go back to normal on Monday because who would admit to liking him in front of the other students?

Much to Peter’s amazement, you didn’t ignore him on the following Monday. In fact, from then on you made extra efforts to sit with him in class, work together on group projects, and even meet him when you could outside of school. Your friendship endured even when Peter started acting unusual, disappearing on occasion, and making peculiar excuses not to meet you. Although you wanted to know what was wrong with him, you stopped asking because he became fidgety and uncomfortable whenever you did. After a year as your friend, Peter decided it was finally time to ask you out; as soon as Valentine’s day rolled around he was going to visit your house, take flowers, and hope you wouldn’t reject his affections.

Peter checked himself out in the mirror. He had a million questions right now but nobody to ask them to. Was his outfit okay or would a suit be better than jeans and a t-shirt? Were the dozen red roses he was holding too much or not enough? Should he slick his hair back? How would he ask the question? Would he suddenly blurt it out in a moment of clarity or would he stand gawkily spluttering clumsy words? His multitude of questions were interrupted by the phone downstairs, he ran to get it since his Aunt and Uncle were away on a day-long date.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Peter, where are you?” You asked. “You said you were coming over to work on our Science project today or did you forget?”

Peter cursed himself silently, he’d been so busy getting ready that he’d forgotten the excuse he’d made to visit you.

“Uh… yeah. I’m on my way now, it’s just that to make our uh presentation board we’ll need tacks and I went to the store here but they don’t have any.”

“Oh, no problem, you just get over here when you can and I’ll pick up some tacks at our store.”

“Great, I’ll uh, see you soon (Y/N).”

“Okie doke, see you soon, bye.”

The phone clicked off. Peter looked at the clock on the wall, he’d have to hurry if he wanted to ask you out before your family got home. He ran upstairs, grabbing his backpack. There was only one thing that would get him to your place in good time; for this job, he would have to be Spiderman.

You threw the tacks in your bag on the way back home from the store, absentmindedly taking the shortcut through the back allies to your apartment block as you always did when it was cold.

“That sure is a nice lookin’ bag you got there.” A lanky man in a cut off denim vest and jeans croaked.

“Excuse me?” You turned to face the man.

“I’ll bet it’s worth a pretty penny or two.”

“W-What do you want?” You demanded shakily.

“That depends really don’t it. How much do you have?”

He pulled a switchblade out, grinning maliciously. You took a few steps backwards, keeping an eye on him until two meaty arms wrapped around your chest.

You screamed and bucked, craning your neck to see your attacker, another man who was clearly in league with the first, sneered as you writhed against him. The first man came closer, swaying his knife around, “I think this is going to be a fun day.”

“Wait.” You shrieked. “I’ll give you everything I have. Please, you don’t have to do this.”

“Have to? No. But I do want to, I like hearing people scream.”

“Wow.” Sarcastic clapping brought everyone’s attention to the vigilante Spiderman, who was stood only a few feet away. “Real great show everybody but it won’t make it to stage if someone dies in the first scene.”

“What the hell are you on about?” Denim jacket waved his knife in Spiderman’s direction.

“Wait! This isn’t a play rehearsal? Damn, if it was I was gonna add a scene where the two idiots got arrested and the victim goes free… Oh well, I guess I can do that anyway.”

You watched disbelievingly as the other thug let go of you, ready to go head-to-head with Spiderman. You didn’t know what to say about the scene in front of you as you stood, paralysed, watching it unfurl. It took only about two minutes for Spiderman to incapacitate the two men, leaving them stuck against the wall, presumably for the police to find.

He approached you, completely relaxed. “Are you alright? Did they hurt you?”

You swallowed thickly, your suspicions confirmed, then in a low voice you whispered, “Peter?”

Spiderman stumbled back, stunned. “Wha- Who? I don’t know any-”

“Stop. Don’t insult me like this Pe- uh Spiderman.”

You turned to leave the way you’d came but were stopped as Spiderman grabbed your wrist. “Can I… Can we talk about this?”

You hesitated before nodding uncertainly. Spiderman grabbed you around the waist tightly, using his web slingers to take off into the sky. Cold air whipped across your face as you clung tightly to him, both exhilarated and terrified until he stopped at the top of a nearby building, about 20 stories off the ground.

“How did you know?” He asked, sounding less confident than before.

“No matter how you disguise it, I know your voice by now.” You kept a safe distance from the friend you thought you knew. “How- I mean… You were always the guy who took photos but like… Were you born like this? Hell, are you even from this planet?”

“You’ve definitely been reading too much Superman.”

“Okay, drop the sarcasm mister or I’ll uh, very slowly climb down the fire escape, I guess.” You peeked over the edge of the building dubiously.

“It’s a long story with a radioactive spider and I know it’s weird but this is new to me too. Do you… do you accept me as Spiderman?”

“I don’t think I have much of a choice.” You replied sardonically, then switching to concern you asked, “Do you get hurt a lot?”


“Is this where you’re always disappearing?”


“Okay.” You clambered onto the fire escape.

“Wait, (Y/N) where are you going?” he asked, alarmed.

“I just need some time to figure this out because I’ve just found out my best friend is a vigilante superhero who disappears often to get into fights with strangers.”

“Hang on, please don’t be like this, I- Just stay here for two minutes, can you do that for me?”

You exhaled tiredly, rubbing your forehead, “Sure, fine, whatever.”

“Great, I’ll be right back.”

Spiderman zipped away, leaving you on the fire escape to survey the city below; it seemed peaceful to be above it all. You could almost see the advantage of having powers like Peter’s. The peace didn’t last long however as Spiderman flung himself back onto the roof, landing behind you. When you faced him, you saw that his hands were behind his back and he was shuffling nervously.

“I uh, I planned to do this properly but considering everything… here.”

He pulled a very wilted bouquet of roses from behind his back, the heads had fallen off a few and the rest had shed most of their petals from the journey up. The sight of them made you smile wearily as you took hold of them gently.

“Thank you?”

“It’s Valentine’s day.” Peter blurted.

“That it is. So, is this you asking me out?”

“Yeah. If you don’t like it though, I can try again, we could do it a different way, or-”

You put up a hand to stop Peter’s babbling, “I um, I still need to get my head around everything so I’m just going to head home now.”

“WAIT!” Peter put his hand out. “Uh… Look, I understand if you don’t want to see me again but please, I’ve gotta ask you, you won’t tell the police about this will you?”

“Excuse me?” You said, affronted by the question. “What kind of cretin do you take me for? I would never in a million years, tell the police that my boyfriend was Spiderman.”

The whites of Peter’s mask widened in surprise, “B-boyfriend.”

You grinned. “Yes, boyfriend. Now, either you give me a lift to my apartment block or I climb this fire escape. Either way, it’s an adventure.”

Peter ran over to you clumsily; he was too lost in his ecstasy to speak. Instead, he simply grabbed hold of you and vaulted confidently off the roof to take you home.

You hugged me today. 3 times to be exact. I love being in your arms. If I could, I’d hug you forever and never let go. Your chin rested on the top of my head as I nuzzled into your neck. Please never let me go.
—  hugs // 2:23pm
Not So Familiar III

Not So Familiar III
[Witch!Familiar!Rapmon AU]

☾ Not So Familiar I    Not So Familiar II

Walking through the door you dropped your bag in a huff and Namjoon was by your side instantly. Taking your hand into his as he dragged you to your bed. “C’mere…”

“Namjoon please I don’t have the energy for your games I just want-”

“Rest…” he pulled you into his arms, letting your head rest on his shoulder. “Just tell me about your day like before…”

Namjoon did have certain perks, after a long day at work and school you still had that very thing that brought you back to your center. All you needed was to cuddle with your cat and the weight of the world would be taken off your shoulders. There was just something about having someone to come home to, someone that loved you. 

And now that he was human, you were happy to see that none of that changed.

He had a tendency of being right all the time, and as annoying as you found it, it was sort of refreshing. Even as a cat, he was the one that could get you to slow down. When the world seemed too crazy Namjoon was always your center.

You two spent hours relaxing in your bed; Watching tv, napping, even reading. Namjoon was going through a spell book, just absently flipping through the pages, skimming every few spells. You found yourself getting so curious watching him read, you somehow ended up taking his book from him. Not that he minded much.

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I’m here to tell you today that your degrees, the ones you toiled to get, the ones you actually took classes to earn, those degrees, will basically do nothing. Let me clarify. You can’t exchange your degree for cash. You can’t have a degree audition or interview for you. You can not eat it. Please don’t make love to it. You can maybe smoke it but I wouldn’t advise it. A college degree collects dust. It does nothing. It does however mean something. It represents something, to yourself and your community. It tells your community. “I have expanded my mind and destroyed my liver but I didn’t give up. I pushed through. I made it, man.
—  Charlie Day

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