please let me breath

Give Me Love

Philip Hamilton x Reader 

Summary: In which the young Philip Hamilton is the reader’s best friend, he’s always getting into fights due to his inflated pride. One night, he climbs through the reader’s window; cheesy fluff and shit I’m cringing this is so lame I can’t even I’m sorry (modern au)

Words: 1,430

Warnings: Mentions of fighting

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anonymous asked:

apparently u can pet the dogs when u remove ur weapons and press the action button.. i dont have a swich so i dont know the details but ive seen a version of this post saying u can, in fact, pet the dogs in botw

nope can’t on switch just tried everything. 

i unequipped my sword, bow, and shield, tried targeting the dog, pressed a, y, b, x. everything. cannot pet the dog. the dog is good and i cannot pet it.


Things just keep getting worse and I don’t know how to breath.

I know I shouldn’t bring my worries and troubles out here like this. I shouldn’t tag them under fandom names or ship names. But I’m at my limit.

It’s becoming harder to breathe, let alone function.

I’m resorting to things I know I shouldn’t be doing. Things I wouldn’t ever do. Things that I might get frowned upon for.

But it’s like it’s the only fix I have to escape this reality.

i feel vile and broken and helpless.

Please pray for me, everyone.
I need your prayers.

  • me: holy shit wolf 359 is so intense and emotional there is no way that it could get any more intense than this
  • the wolf 359 team: oh man, coming up are our most intense episodes ever, we've finally stopped holding back guys
  • me: fuckign
First time Blurb (Ft the whole gang

John Murphy: Murphy would actually slow down and make love to you. He would be very sweet and gentle (but still leave the occasional hickey) he would whisper in your ear some sweet (yet dirty) things. Like “fuck. You feel so great…so beautiful watching you under me”. He’d pepper kisses all over your face when he first slides inside you to distract you from the initial pain. He’d probably call you angel the whole time. “Fuck angel…p-please let me move!” And his hot breath would tickle your ear as he nibbles on your ear anD HOLY SHIT
Monty Green: This boy. Would be an absolute fucking gentlemen. He’d probably be really shy and watch you undress yourself. “Are you sure?!” He’d ask that a lot. He would trace your chest and back and pepper sweet kisses on your face and neck. This boy is an absolute boob lover/appreciator so he’d definitely give your boobs some undivided attention. He would moan at every clench around him. He’d encourage you the whole time too
“Oh my god…you’re so beautiful babe…so beautiful” he’d blush. oh MY GODSNNSNSB
Bellamy Blake: THIS BOI. Okay so he would probably go the whole nine yards. Candles. Massage. Anyway. He’d be awestruck once he saw you’re naked body and just ram your lips together. Squeezing your ass (he’s such and ass guy don’t tell me differently) And he would tell you how beautiful you were and how proud he was of you for taking him so well. “Fuck…God…you’re so perfect under me…you’re just….perfect…I love you so much.” And he’d bite your lip as you made out in the candle light shIT AH
Jasper Jordan: He’s vanilla so like Bellamy, he’d have candles and act confident (for like the first three seconds) then he’d get shy. His eyes would get as big as fucking saucers when he saw your boobs for the first time. He’d caress them and probs kiss the top of them. He’d bury his face in them (he’s a boob lover what can he say) and he’d probably be such a loud moaner.
“A-ah. Oh fuck (Y/n)….that-that feels amazing ungfh.” And he’d struggle to make a hickey and he’d also be highly probably holY HELL SOMEONE. SHUT ME DOWN ASDFGJKL