please let maggie be in season 4

TWD Character Plot Summaries in One Sentence

Rick: Season 4  - Identity Crisis.
Season 5 - I am leader Rick, now please let me kill someone.

Carl: Season- I’m still human. 
Season 5 - Look how I’ve grown.

Maggie: Season 4 - Must help Glenn/Must find Glenn. 
Season 5 - All hope is lost but hey, I still have Glenn.

Glenn: Season 4 - Maggie/Must find Maggie. 
Season 5 - Maggie!

Carol: Season 4 - Killing people when I think it’s for the best. 
Season 5 - Woe is me; immense guilt over killing people when I think it’s best.

Daryl: Season 4 - The boy must grow to be a man.
Season 5 - *beats chest and also talks about feelings*

Abraham: Season 4 - My blood type is DC.
Season 5 - Being an asshole for nothing.

EugeneSeason 4 - I’m going to save the world because I’m an important scientist.
Season 5 - LOL jk.

Rosita: Season 4 - Standing here looking pretty.
Season 5 - ACTUAL chola with skills.

Michonne: Season 4 - I need people.
Season 5 - I need my sword.

Tyreese: Season 4 - Manpain.
Season 5 - I’m the new moral compass which means I’m going to die soon.

Sasha: Season 4 - Fuck this, fuck that, fuck everything.
Season 5 - Fuck it.

Beth: Season 4 - Hi, I’m Beth and I’m nothing like you expected.
Season 5 - Look at how strong and resourceful I really am.

Noah: What she said.^^

Gabriel: Eternal angst and blubbering.

Dawn: I’m upset with you so I’m going to take it out on this person instead.

Gareth: I’m going to eat you but first, a 10 minute speech and an abstract painting regarding the subject.

Judith: Season 4 - Gaga.
Season 5 - Googoo.