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CAMERA 2 || Oh Sehun

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NOTE: Thank you @acidtrippings​ for beta-reading this for me! ^_^  Cam!girl (noun) a model who performs through live webcam footage and do sexual things based on viewers request.

CONTENT: 8k sehun graphic smut exhibitionism+++other hot comments only suitable for 18 audience please understand :) 


One incident led to another until you found yourself talking to your viewers through the camera again…. this time with your new partner.

 “Let’s do it soon.”

Those four words were what you heard from Sehun but one you least expected. He said these words right a few days after your practice last time and you had ignored his suggestions because the two of you had only practiced once and you two ended up having sex at that. Not that you were mind really, you love the sex with Sehun and the fact that it was unintended until it was all caught in the camera…

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Omegaverse where Dadsona backs out of sleeping with Robert at the last minute, Robert still takes a grim satisfaction from the fact that Dadsona will be at Joseph's barbecue covered in Robert's scent

Dude*. Imagine.

Imagine Dadsona not remembering just how touchy-feely the two had been, because he was drunk. He doesn’t remember the way Robert had slung his arm around Dadsona’s shoulders (and his waist, at some point, to hold him up); doesn’t remember how they had basically been draped over each other as they walked back to their houses. But Robert does.

And sure, Dadsona showers before the barbecue, but not that thoroughly and Omega noses aren’t as good as an Alpha’s, so he doesn’t notice.

But the other dads, they certainly do.

They know the two didn’t have sex - if that had been the case, the scent would be much much stronger - but Robert might as well have written “First, fuckers” on your forehead, because to all of them, it’s very obvious that he got close and personal with you, even if they don’t know just how close that was.
Dadsona, bless his innocent mind, doesn’t catch on to the fact that the Dads kind of touch him a lot. A hand on the lower back here, an arm around his shoulders there, all (consciously or unconsciously) trying to erase Robert’s scent and leave their own. Robert, of course, watches the whole thing from the sidelines and is very amused. It even makes up for having to be around Joseph. And Joseph, he takes the most offence. But he has the best excuse to keep on touching you, because he’s the host and he introduces you to everyone.

When you two finally walk up to Robert and Joseph has to introduce you to him, he does so acting like he has no idea you two already know each other. Until Robert smugly interrupts and says “Oh, we’ve already met”. He winks at you, you blush and Joseph sends prayers to the heavens asking for patience and strength.

Amanda thinks the whole thing is fucking hilarious.

“As we come through the cabin for our final safety checks, please let us know if you have any questions. We ask that you all review the safety information card located in the seat pocket in front of you. Once again, welcome aboard flight 486 to Las Vegas, and thank you for flying with us at Independence Airways this evening,” Bria had a smile on her face as she finished speaking and headed towards the back of the plane. This was the last day of her three day circuit, so she was a bit tired. But, there were three and a half hours separating her from her nice warm bed. She could make it.

Once she was securely fastened into her jumpseat, she closed her eyes and leaned her head against the seat. Takeoffs were the roughest part of the flight, with nervous energy bubbling in the recirculated air, but Bria felt no nerves as the plane began speeding down the runway. The moment the wheels were off the ground, she felt the relief flood the cabin and opened her eyes.

They were in the sky.

Where We Land: A pilot/flight attendant AU coming soon to tumblr.

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The Last Unicorn - Part Two

Summary: Arin’s just a normal college student. Until one day, he gets involved with people with magic blood. Especially one man with siren’s blood. The catch? Arin’s immune to all magic.

Genre: Fantasy, College AU, Mystery, Humor, Egobang

Warnings: swearing, mentions of stalking, blood mention

A/N: Part two is finally up here! It’s over 3000 words and I’m really proud of it. We get some Arin and Dan interaction and a mysterious attacker makes an appearance. Please let me know what you think!

<< Read Part One

Arin was more than a little frustrated.

He thought he’d be able to adjust to the fact that Dan would be following him around pretty easily, but it was weirder than he’d expected.

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Wouldn’t You Love to Love Her / Kit Walker

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A/N: Based off this anonymous request: “Oneshot where the reader or OC (whichever you prefer) is a virgin and dating Kit, but decides she’s ready, and Kit is just a really gentle lover because it’s her first time and Kit is obviously the sweetest man on Earth?”

I’m not 100% happy with how this turned out, I’m basically shit at writing first time stories, but I didn’t want to completely scrap it and start over and take even longer to put this out. I hope you guys like it! Please let me know what you think.

Next on the list is a James March smut, then part 2 of my last Kai smut, then a new Kai smut. Ya’ll love some Kai, huh? ;)

Warnings: Smut!! Language.

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so last week i hit 1.5k??? like, that’s freaking wild to me, man. i can’t express how much this last year has meant to me. every one of you who has ever liked my fics or even just this blog and my ramblings has done wonders for my confidence. thanks to you all, i’ve taken the plunge and switched from studying elementary education to creative writing. while it may be far from an easy road, something deep inside is telling me it’s the right one.

so to celebrate (and to help pull me out of my posting slump) i thought i’d turn it over to you lovely people!

what do i do?

  • mbf me (so you can see when i post your fic! i’ll be tagging them as “phloridasonewordprompts” btw)
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  • send me an ask with any one word, or even a few, that you’d like me to center a short little ficlet around! (you can specify that it’s for this if you’d like but you don’t need to!)

ideally this can give me a nice little kick of creativity, while also giving a little something back to all of you! it’s a win win!

even if you feel you can’t come up with a plot or aren’t in the mood for a fic, please reblog to spread the word! depending on how many i get, it may take me a while to do them all but i’ll do my best to get to every single one! and thank you so so so much again for 1.5k!!! i love you all to the moon and back! <333

no smut pls as my gray ace ass isn’t comfy with it btw thank you!

Walk Like a Dream

The Darkside, Part 4

Word Count-975

Characters- Reader, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Lucifer!Vince, various demons

Pairing- Sam x Reader

A/N- So I was going to post this last night but I was just so damn tired when I got home from work.  Thanks to @getyourrocksalt for beta reading for me, love you girl!  Tags are below the cut, if you would like on or off my list please drop me an ask or message.



       To say that Sam was pissed when he woke up was putting it mildly.  Dean let him rant about lost time for a few minutes before pointing out that Sam wouldn’t have been any use to Y/N in his exhausted state.  That shut Sam up, sent him to the car and kept him quiet for the first part of the twenty hour trip to Los Angeles.  They picked up Castiel just outside of Logan.  The first thing he did was try to apologize to Sam for knocking him out like he had.  Sam shot him an epic bitch face that shut him right up.

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Can you do Maple Syrup & Newtina please? :) Thank youuu! 😄

I started this and then lost it during the Great Browser Hiccup of 2k17. So let’s try a second take, shall we? Continuation of this prompt, now with 100% more maple syrup!

The scent of buckwheat pancakes studded with blueberries and drenched in syrup draws Tina from the bedroom–just as Newt suspected it would.

Bare, slender arms slide around his waist just as he’s plating the last stack. Newt smiles down at the skillet before snapping the burner off and turning, pulling her into a proper embrace when she tips her head back to smile at him. “Good morning.”

Newt dips his chin to kiss her before tipping their foreheads together. “It’s a good morning now,” he murmurs and shows a smile. “Did you sleep well, love?”

“I did until the smell of good things cooking woke me up,” Tina smirks, arching an eyebrow while looking pointedly over his shoulder. “Was that your plan? To lure me out here and away from dreams with a homemade breakfast?”

“Did it work?” Newt asks, only to shrug while indicating the food. “You said you liked pancakes and insisted I try your maple syrup. So, since I was already up, it seemed perfectly logical to make some for breakfast.” He smiles, a little slyly, and touches the tip of her nose with his own. “Only, I had intended to bring you breakfast in bed…”

Tina reaches past him for the jar of maple syrup, unscrewing the lid to scoop out a generous dollop. “That’s very sweet of you,” she murmurs and pops her finger into her mouth to clean it around a playful smirk. “Still not as sweet as this, though.”

Newt feigns outrage before moving in to kiss her again, swallowing her giggles as he patiently chases the sweetness around her mouth. Tina’s body turns loose and pliant in his arms when he pulls her closer, wrapping around her to sink deep into her lips until they part with a gasp. 

“Oh,” Tina breathes and touches his jaw with trembling fingers while leaning into him. He opens his eyes to find color riding high on her cheeks, her eyes dark and serious.

Newt is unable to look away when she reaches for the amber liquid again, coating two fingers before deliberately bringing them to his face. She solemnly traces his lips until he parts them, granting her access and earning a ragged sigh when he laves them with his tongue before releasing them with a gentle pop.

“Oh,” Tina says again, and her eyes sweep over him when he cups her face.

“You’re right,” Newt decides as he sweeps his thumb along the crest of her cheek, “it is very sweet.”

Tina has to lick her lips twice before she’s able to formulate words. “H-how sweet?”

Newt pretends to give this serious thought while tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “I’m afraid I need to engage in further research before coming to a conclusion,” he murmurs and is rewarded with a smile that makes him weak in the knees when she pulls him in for more, murmuring his name between heated kisses as they make their clumsy way to the couch.

The pancakes are cold and soggy by the time they get around to eating but neither of them mind, too focused on reddened cheeks and mussed hair and the slow, secret smile of lovers to notice.


I just got these in my inbox.

One is a hotmail, the other makes a blatently false claim. No one mentioned a site to me last weekend, certainly no one who’d but it in my inbox, let alone on my side-blog. And the hotmail one would be suspicious anyway, as it advertises very like a human trafficing ad.

I would recomend blocking/reporting it if you get anything like this in your inbox.


I don’t want anyone to have to fall for this.

Hey do you guys remember that time when Zuko took lightning for Katara and then the two never talked again and weren’t even friends

let this man call his brother cute

170920 wkorea Instagram Update: #Wmoments 런던 패션위크 마지막 날, 더블유는 지금 1시간 뒤 열릴 타미 힐피거(Tommy Hilfiger) Fall 2017 컬렉션에 앞두고 특별한 화보를 촬영중이랍니다. #Wshootingday 의 주인공, 엑소 찬열을 만나보시죠. Sound On! 🎧 #editor_g

#Wmoments The last day of London Fashion Week!! An hour ago, we were in the process of shooting a special photoshoot, featuring the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2017 collection. The star of #Wshootingday, Let’s meet with Chanyeol. Sound on ! 🎧 #editor_gr

Translation by fyeah-chanyeol
(Please take out with full credits)