please let graduate school be over already

more than like you

A/N: So I received a superstition prompt in my ask and totally ended up switching it around much more than I’d planned. But to the anon who’d requested, I hope this is alright! If it isn’t, please do let me know! Anyways, hope you guys enjoy as always!!
Words: 1,303
Pairing: Rucas

“I still can’t believe we don’t share the same free period,” Riley frowns at her best friend as they make their way down the steps. 

“I’m telling you, it’s a conspiracy to keep us apart!” Maya exclaims, shaking her head. 

It was their junior year of high school and the two were already stressing over the fact that they wouldn’t have as much time together since they’d be graduating next year and going off to college.

“I completely agree.”

“But at least you’ll have Lucas to keep you company,” She teases, nudging her arm obnoxiously.

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