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happy new years! ft. s.j.m characters

tog : 

aelin : party animal. lost her clothes halfway through the night and started to strut around in rowan’s shirt. rowan had to follow her and snarl every time fenrys gawked at aelin’s bare legs. bare goddess™ legs. will dance to any music or no music at all. drunk™ my g od she is so drunk™ 3…2…1 “hAPPY NEW YEARS MY BUZZIE BUZZARD” giving rowan the sloppiest kiss ever, then goes back to dancing on the table.  

rowan : sighing, sighing, sighing. babysitter™ everyone is drunk™, but he has to keep following aelin around. snarls every time fenrys stares at her backside. really testing his luck, that one. go d he thought christmas was bad, he hates new years more. and believe me, he hated christmas. 3…2..1 “happy new years, fireheart”

aedion : created the bump and grind. showing his bi™ side. “stop dancing with my cadre, aedion!” “live a little, aelin!” mr. twerk fest. even did a bit of belly dancing and body shots™ cant wait for this year to end. he’s waited long enough. 3…2…1 “lysANDR-” “oh there you are. gimme kissy”

lysandra : playing board games with evangeline. keeping her away from the booze. spiked her apple juice. smiling and watching everyone making a fool of themselves. took them to church when she danced that one time and left them all speechless. 3….2…1 “aedion i’m right here” . “happy new years, you drunk rat”

dorian : dirty dancing™ with aelin. aye, aye, aye, back it up, two shots now y’all. one thrust this time, two thrusts this time, twerk-twerk real slow. somewhere between his fifth shot and his twentieth shot, dorian ended up being the stripper. “girl i love it how you move it like dis” aye, aye, ayeee. dorian got turnt. 3…2…1 “manny!”

manon : halfway between glaring at dorian and ripping aelin to shreds, but also just shaking her head. sighing and watching dorian. low key she was kind of enjoying the show. but you cant prove anything. not a thing. 3…2…1 “don’t call me manny”

chaol : “AELIN! DORIAN! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Nesryn, wonderful to see you dear. Bed EMPTY! No NOTES! Booze and clothes gone! You could have died! You could have been seen! Of course, I don’t blame you, Nesryn dear” furiously rubbing his temples. he’s so embarrassed that he knows these two. “killjoy!” “yOU’RE IN YOUR BRA” 3…2..1… “where is nesryn?”

nesryn : “y'all some white trash”™ “this is so embarrassing” “calm your white self down im laughing” “i have so many white frens™ bye” “cant one of you just be normal?” @11:59 “Y'all im out bye ha” 3…2…1 [cricket noises]. 

fenrys : fabulous fenrys™ aka magic mike 2.0. break it down. literally. he broke the table because he was dancing on it. taught elide how to twerk. “fenrys, stop it!” “my body too bootylicious for you, babe!” did belly dancing with aedion. 3…2…1 “WILDTHING!” falls and breaks table.

asterin : she’s been ignoring fenrys since the whole “ho ho ho” fiasco on christmas. this is no different. fenrys had no warning label and everyone let her walk right into a trap. drink™ more™ talk™ less™ 3…2…1… “i’m not picking him up”

lorcan : new phone, who dis? new year, who dis? lol i know none of you™ bye™ couldnt wait to get away™ see you never losers™ tried to make his great escape but elide caught him. was perfectly content with elide testing out her new twerking skills. on him, of course. 3…2…1 “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH ELIDE”

elide : at about 11:55 a drunk fenrys had the perfect plan. he dragged elide into aelin and lysandra’s closets and dressed her up in glittering silver clothes, making her look like a ball. elide was the new year’s ball™ she looked amazing™ ball-tactic™ 3…2…1… “hIIII LORRCAAAN”. lorcan caught her of course. and gave a Hellas worthy snarl and glare to fenrys. 

connall : wearing sunglasses in doors. too cool™ for these people and their straightness™. his petty side is coMING OUt. just like he did. he came out the closet™. cuddling with his gay boyfriend, vaughan. sipping champagne. 3…2…1 [curls finger] “come here, vaughan-vaughan” slightly drunk™ 

vaughan : “I AM STILL PRAYING FOR YOU HEATHENS!” says the fae who is cuddling with his gay boy™friend. finally got a squirt bottle full of holy water. started spraying it on everyone, hissing “let the lord reign true, glory to god in the highest, you are amazing lord”. 3…2…1 [throws squirt bottle and kisses his gay™ boy™friend on the mouth™].

gavriel : “im seriously disowning all of you” dad™ daddy™ has had enough! so tired of these hoeligans. ate all the food. might be judging™ you. 3…2…1 “gavy gimme a kiss kiss” “go away aelin” “but uncle kitty caaaaat”

bonus, evangeline : honestly just happy she has a family to spend new years with. saw their true™ colors and loved them even more. full of giggles. blushed every time the twins smothered her faces, her scars, with kisses. 3…2…1. rowan gave her a sweet kiss on her cheek and evangeline frowned “when you get a little older” 


rhys : wearing those 2017 glasses where the glasses part is the 0. wearing a 2017 shirt. wearing tight black pants. did the conga line with himself, dragged azriel and cassian too. dirty danced with feyre. lied down on the bar and made cassian pour booze down his throat. 3…2…1 “feyre daarrrlinnngggg” idiot™ drunk™.

feyre : dancing with her sisters and mor. secretly thankful everyone is here to be able to do stupid stuff like that. just a bunch of smiling and laughing, and making sure rhys didn’t try to fly while drunk. wearing a crown bc boss™ 3…2…1 “hello, rhysand archeron” 

cassian : too cool™ for this™ … sIKE MOVE™ OUT THE WAY™ SUCKAS™ was a real smoothie. danced with everyone. ‘accidentally’ lost his shirt somehow. no one minds. them sinnamon rolls was looking real nice™ lick™ lick™ 3…2…1 “nes-” “no”

nesta : elegantly sipping a glass of wine. eating cheese and crackers. just plain classy. watching everyone else make fools of themselves. somehow got dragged into dancing once. knew how to bump™ and grind™ like no one was watching. 3…2…1 “nes-” “no” 

azriel : disappeared in his shadows on christmas day and he decided to come back. is like that guy in the gif where he comes back to a burning apartment, holding pizza. yea™. thats him. disappeared back into his shadows. 3…2..1… nope he gone™ 

mor : dRUNK™ kEE P T HE B o oZ e aWA Y fR Om mo R™ work it queen, work it. knows how to get a party started and keep it going. work mama work. got that tight dress on, i see™ you. 3….2….1..ended up making out with a wall, thinking it was azriel. 

lucien : no, no, no, no, did i mention…nO! “ugh fine, one dance elain, ONE DANCE” one dance turned into many dances. sure knows how too woo a woman via™ the flick of his hips™. 3…2…1 [longest yeah boi ever]

elain : had one sip of alcohol and somehow?? end?? up?? drunk??™ no one knows. almost lost her shirt, but lucien to the rescue. a lot of giggles and sweet dances with her mate. 3…2….1 “hAPPY NEW YE-” yeah boi™ 

amren : couples. couples everywhere. rolling her eyes but secretly™ happy for them. takes a shot every time someone does something stupid. somehow didn’t die™ of alcohol poisoning™ magic, true magic. 3…2…1. takes another shot

tamlin : …


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Hal and Barry in a haunted house. (˼●̙̂ ̟ ̟̎ ̟ ̘●̂˻)

Bonus polaroid pic:

“Wanna do it again?”

“Shut it,Hal…”

Based on this ask.

I know it’s not really what @halbeary was describing but i hope it’s still okay??

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night time selfie studies/self portraits are the best

A Lesson (Female!Reader x Aph!Norway)

This is a Hetalia fanfic btw.. Sorry if this is a little bad.. it’s my first tickle fic.
[Y/N] - Your Name in case you are not sure :3
please feel free to leave some suggestions for me as I do love ideas etc.
Also may I note here that there is some bad language so watch out for that :)
Thank You! And Enjoy~!! xoxo


[Y/N] was visiting her friends (the Nordics). Only Norway and Iceland were home at that moment, the other three were out probably visiting or annoying other people XD.
The three of them were sitting watching tv, pretty silent, not talking much..what a surprise. [Y/N] finally got the courage to speak “guuuys…” she sang “what” replied Norway, “I-I uhh…you are both really quiet..its scary” she stuttered “oh?..well you better get used to it, because I will not be loud like some other people” he replied. “Aw come on! I’m not loud…all the time, but I still like to smile sometimes” [Y/N] said “are you trying to say I’m miserable?” Norway asked “n-noooo…maybe….okay yes! Yes I am…” [Y/N] stupidly admitted. “Oh really?” he said “yup” replied [Y/N] “*fake smile* there.” he said just to make [Y/N] stop bothering him. “You act like you don’t want me here..” [Y/N] said “no..” he said “I can leave if you want me to..” [Y/N] said sounding kind of hurt “n-no..” Norway started to worry a little as he turned to look at [Y/N] who looked like she was about to cry. “Look, I don’t want you to leave, I am enjoying your company, but please, don’t expect me to smile or jump around or be loud or any of that stuff” he said sternly “okay boss!” Replied [Y/N].

Eventually Iceland got a phone call and had to go out, so [Y/N] was even more bored because now she only had one person to talk to/annoy.

~~30 mins later~~

he still hadn’t spoke but had fell asleep, [Y/N] was worried because of his shallow slow breathing looked like he wasn’t breathing at all so she panicked and shook him awake, he woke up, but wasn’t happy “omg…[Y/N] what is it!?”
“sorry..I just-” she was cut off
“no, I thought I was dead..well I’m not” he said
“ugghhhhhhh” [Y/N] groaned with boredom
“what’s with the sounds?”
“I’m bored” she said like a small child, she went from sitting normally to sitting with her legs up at her chest, to sitting curled up in a ball, to lying with her head on Norways leg, to lying with her head hanging off and her legs on the back. “[Y/N]..sit still, please…I think you’ve been in at least 50 positions, made 20 different sounds and a sacrifice to the gods, just..calm down please” Norway said clearly holding back a smile “oh come on..I know you want to laugh at me” smiled [Y/N] “no..” he replied
“you do..I’m an idiot, who doesn’t want to laugh at a buffoon like me huh?” she said, his ‘smile’ got a little harder to hide “n-no”
“yes, come on, laugh at the idiot, I’ll make a sacrifice to the gods” smirked [Y/N], he stifled laughter “I know you’re trying not to laugh..” she smiled “no..I-I…I’m not” he stammered. “Yes you are!” Sang [Y/N], she decided to try a backwards roll off the couch, she wasn’t successful and ended up stuck, she had her arms caught under the couch and her legs stuck in mid air “ouch..omg help!” She tried to help herself “hahaha!” He laughed then covered his mouth, [Y/N] looked startled “ laughed” she said, eyes wide as he looked at her “no I didn’t now let me help you..dufus” he said helping [Y/N]. “You laughed at me didn’t you?” She smirked “no” he replied “you did! I heard you!” She insisted “nope” was his answer “really? Well, I’ll make you do it again so I can prove you did” she smirked, he just rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. She poked him in the side, he jumped and looked at her like ‘do not’. “[Y/N] please..okay, I did laugh, but it was funny” he finally admitted “I knew it…trying to be mr serious huh?” [Y/N] smirked “no..don’t be ridiculous” he said “I’m not being ridiculous, you’re the one trying not to laugh here” she said “[Y/N]..” he said “why do you never laugh or smile?” She asked annoying him slightly. He sighed and looked at her, “what are you trying to say eh?” Norway said
“nothing” she quickly said realising she had fucked up big time..again.
“oh really?” He said
“yeah..I…just said…you…you’re very serious” she said “and how many times have you told me that?” He raised his eyebrows, she got nervous “uhh…quite a-a lot..”
“yes..and do I like constantly being told I am serious?”
“but nothing, I suggest you stop talking before you say something else”
[Y/N] gulped, “s-sure..I’m sorry”
“you will be sorry if you say anything else”
“hmph..okay Mr.Grinch” she mumbled thinking he didn’t hear her. She was wrong.
“What did you say?” He asked clearly irritated at what she said, he looked at her and turned to face her.
“Isaidnothing” she said fast
“oh? And you think 'Mr.Grinch’ didn’t hear it huh?” He said poking her in the stomach “gah! No I don’t!” She squeaked “and what did I say if you said anything else?” He was clearly pissed off, “that..I-I’d be sorry and I am please don’t hurt me..”
“exactly, are you sorry?”
“yes! I am!”
“hmm..I don’t think I believe you” he narrowed his eyes at her who was shaking. “Why are you so scared? I won’t hurt you..”
“a-are you mad at me?” [Y/N] asked
“yes, I am”
“nope, don’t don’t listen to me, I’m not listening to you..” he said
“thats really childish..” said [Y/N]
“what?” He was even more mad
[Y/N] immediately regretted saying anything. “Thats it” he sternly said as he stared at [Y/N] making her nervous “nervous are we?” He said “s-stop..” she brought her shoulders up, he smirked then started rapidly poking her sides, she squirmed and tried not to laugh, clearly struggling “no..pff…please” she stifled laughter “well..Mr.Grinch is not very happy with you and Mr Grinch does not think you are sorry” “but I..its not my fault you’re such a grouch” she yelped, he didn’t seem to be getting anything out of her and she certainly wasn’t making situations better for herself. So he started poking her stomach which made her laugh loudly “hahaha! Stop!” “nope”
“ahahahaha! Please! Stohop!”
“I said no”
“you did this to yourself [Y/N]..”
“n-no I didn’t! Hahaha! Y-you’re just mean!” She giggled “what?” He stopped for a second and looked at her “n-nothing” she said “thats’re for it” he said sternly, he pinched her sides which made her lose it “n-no! HAHAHA! EHEHE!” She laughed, she squirmed around falling back, with all the squirming and laughing, she fell off the couch onto the floor, Norway was now sitting on her hips so she wouldn’t move. She tried to push him away and tried slapping his hands but he wasn’t listening or reacting. “You’re scary when you don’t talk!” She laughed “oh..I am?” He said “ don’t listen to me..why should I listen to you huh?” Norway went on “ehehehehe!” Laughed [Y/N], he had stopped to let her breathe, “so..are you sorry?”
“dude..I said I was sorry like ten minutes ago..” sighed [Y/N]
“was that you trying to be smart?” He asked raising an eyebrow
“is that so huh?”
he started again but didn’t say a word, [Y/N] laughed like a hyena and kept trying to push him away but he wasn’t having it “COME ON! AHAHAH PLEASE STOP” “you can tell me to stop as much as you want, but I won’t until I feel like you’re sorry”
“BUT- BUT HAHA BUT I SAID SORRY” she tried to say through laughing. “I know, but I don’t believe you” he firmly said. He got off her and sat beside her, he pinched both of her knees, she squeaked and laughed “ahaha! Hehehe! Noho!” “found a weak spot have we?” He smirked slightly “n-no! Haha!” She laughed “I think I have” he smiled “n-n-nOHOHO HAHA” she laughed a little louder when he moved to the back of her knees “heh..” he laughed quietly. He accidentally touched her foot while she was flailing, she giggled “ehehehe!” “hmm” he smirked, [Y/N] knew exactly what he was thinking “oh my goHOHAHAH-” she was cut off by Norway repeating what he did, he smirked again “thats what I thought” he sat on her ankles facing her feet, [Y/N] struggled knowing exactly what he was going to do. “Don’t!” She said but he didn’t listen, he moved his finger up and down her feet “ehehe! HEHEHE! HAHAHAHA” she laughed “[Y/N] are your feet so small/big (your choice)?” He asked “HAHAH I-I-I DONT HAHA DONT KNOW” she laughed. “How come you are so ticklish everywhere?” He asked “I DONT KNOHOHOW STA-! STAHA-! STAHAP!” She struggled to speak. “Do you know what is funny?” Norway asked “NAHA N-NO!” She replied “when you are like this..its funny seeing you in despair..” he said, it creeped [Y/N] out and she was a little scared “WHAHA-! WHA-! WHAHAT?!” She said through laughing “ scary as that sounds..I know..I don’t mean it in that way- do you know what? I’m not even going to confuse myself by trying to explain..” he replied, he got off her and sat beside her, she gathered herself and tried to calm down “AHA! HAHA! HA! Ha..haha…heh..” just when she managed to get her breathing back to normal she dived ontop of him before he had a chance to protest. She sat on his hips and held his hands on each side of his head, clearly he was pissed off “h-hey! What the hell are you doing? Get off me!” He said agitated “hahaha! Noooo!” Laughed [Y/N] “*groan* whyyyyy?” He asked getting only a very childish giggle from [Y/N]. “Hehehe! I have my reasons for this, because you tortured me, hehe..and, do you remember that last time I was here..and you and the others-” she was cut off “oh my’re not still mad about that..are you? It was just a silly prank damn it…” He sighed remembering what happened which he would soon regret. “Heck yeah I’m still mad!! I was so embarrassed..” she almost looked sad, “I-I…I’m sorry, that wasn’t my decision I-”
“Don’t be sorry, I am pissed off about that and what you did just now, will be sorry, I will make sure you regret everything you did hahaha!” She laughed maniacally, he just gave her a scared look. “Oh…my lord, please don’t…” he tried to convince her, but to no avail. She then smirked and said “now then! Where should we start huh?..” he just pretended not to be scared and looked around nervously, [Y/N] then poked him repeatedly in the sides, he stifled laughter “pfft!…hehe!- pff…st-stop..” but she only got more vigorous, “hmm….[Y/N] stop..” he growled slightly “make me” she sternly said then tickled his sides, he started to squirm more and eventually broke into a laughing fit, not even stopping “hahaHAHAHAHAHAHAH! NAHA-! HAHA-! HA-! HAHAHAHA” he laughed, [Y/N] was surprised at how much he was laughing but she smiled, satisfied. She moved under his arms which made him hit his hands on the floor and slap [Y/N]’s hands in attempts to get her to stop, but he was too weak already to do anything which laughing so much. He just lay under [Y/N], all he could do is laugh. “AHAHAHAHA STOP PLEASE! HAHAHA! AHAHAHAAA!” He laughed in a funny way making [Y/N] snigger to herself. She stopped for two seconds to let him breathe “HAHA! HA! Ha..haha…ha…heh…heh…wHY DID YOU DO THAT?” He seemed pissed “hahaha! You should’ve seen yourself! You big goon! Hahaha!” [Y/N] laughed, he just grunted in embarrassment “please stop” he said “hmm…nah” was her very firm reply. “Noooooo!” He groaned “aww, tired are we?” She smiled down at him “” he replied. [Y/N] slowly moved to sit beside him, not taking her eyes off him while he looked both scared and worried what she was about to do, he only feared for the worst. [Y/N] put a hand above each knee, he immediately knew what was happening, she pinched where her hands were, slowly picking up the pace as he laughed more “ahaha…no VictorIA PLEASE! HAHAHAHA! HEHEHE!” He laughed in a girly way, [Y/N] only laughed at this “ahahahaha! Your laugh is so funny” she laughed “NEHE! NO! NOHO! NO ITS NOT” he said through laughter. “Hahah…damn, why does everybody have ticklish knees?” She asked “I DONT KNOW HAHAH” he laughed “and nobody ever knows either hahah” laughed [Y/N] “HAHA..HEHE..HAHAHAH! HEEHEE STOP!” He continued to laugh, she eventually stopped again, he was breathing fast and his cheeks were red and he was crying with laughing so much. “I…I’m gonna kill you” he breathed “wrong!” [Y/N] shouted as she dived back ontop of him attacking his torso again, he laughed “[Y/N] no! PLEASE! HAHA!…*silent laughing*” “what were you saying, you were gonna kill me huh?” She smirked “nOHO-! NO-! NAHA-! HEEHEE-! STOP-! HAHAHA!” He laughed jumping everytime she poked him “what do you mean you were gonna kill me then eh?” she stopped, and put her hands on either side of his head. “Like. THIS!” He pushed her to the side of him and did not hesitate to sit ontop of her and hold her arms to the ground, she struggled and tried to get away from him by kneeing him which just made situations worse “mhm, I’m gonna kill you” he smirked “oh my god” [Y/N] said quietly “you’re such a fucking grinch! Get off me!” She cursed “no swearing!” He gasped “thats what they all say, get off me you bitch!” She continued “I said stop swearing!” He replied “and I said get off me you little shit!” “okay, first you knee me, then you throw profanities at me..I’m gonna make sure you are not going to do that again” he said “what? You sound fucking let me up” she continued to swear “what did I just say?” he let go off her hands and pinched her sides “hahaha! hehe! Hahaha! HAHA! STOP IT” she was trying to slap his hands away and got carried away and hit his shoulder pretty hard, he gasped “I see, you are so gonna get it now..” he said with a straight face “no! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to! I was panicking!” She stammered “are you sure you’re not just feisty?” He said “are you trying to say I’m aggressive?” She replied pissed off “maybe” he said, [Y/N] grunted. He carried on with his intentions. He pinched at her sides and made sure she wasn’t going to hit him again, she laughed and squirmed around under him “AHAHAHAHAHA HEHEHEHE STAHAHAHAHAP PLEHEHEHEHEHEASE HAHAHAHA!” She laughed “no” he said “WAHAHAHAHY? PFFF-HAHAHA!” She kept laughing. He then got an idea, he lifted her shirt up a little, not too far XD he leaned down and blew a raspberry on her stomach, he let out a long stream of giggles “ehehehehehehehehehehehehe! Nahahahahaha” he smirked and did it again “bAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! STAHA-! STA-! STAHAHAHAHAP!” She laughed, he took his head away from her stomach and looked at her, she was breathing heavily and giggling quietly, he then went to her ribcage area, he hadn’t tried there yet, he got a loud but cute laugh from [Y/N] “AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO PLEASE STOP IT AHAHAHA-!” She laughed he smirked and kept going “EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! EHE! EHE! HEHE! HE! He..hehe” she slowly faded down as he stopped to let her breathe. “Please stop..I can’t take anymore..” she begged him. He smirked and said “you still haven’t said one word” “whats that?” asked [Y/N] “starts with s” he replied “…oh…..s-sorry..” she said nervously, blushing “thats better” he smiled and helped her sit up then hugged her.