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*Falling Apart* Newt x reader
◘ Anonymous asked:

Hi can you write newt × reader where they are in fight,like newt doesn’t have enough time for reader and she is sad?Thanks💖

Hope you enjoy, dear Anon! 

It had been weeks since the last time you and Newt had done anything remotely romantic. You understood he was busy writing his new book and tending to his creatures, but lately, you felt rather forgotten. He barely spoke to you in-between writing, taking care of the creatures and getting supplies. Most days you either wandered around wherever you were in your journey and poke around in little shops. 

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Good morning - Ethan Cutkosky

He looked so peaceful in his sleep. His chest was rising and falling slowly, mouth open ajar, and curls tousled on his head. The sunlight peaking from the curtains hit him in the best way possible. I didn’t mind mornings as much if it meant waking up next to him.

“Eth, babe, it’s time to get up,” I whispered, softly tracing a line from his bottom lip, down the middle of his chest. He stirred slightly but remained in his slumber.

In reality, it couldn’t have been any later than 7:30 and we didn’t have any plans till noon. That didn’t stop me from attempting to wake him up.

I climbed on top of him to get into a straddling position. I pressed gentle kisses along his jawline, slowly making my way down to his neck. A small noise came from the back of his throat causing me to smile against his skin. His breathing had become much harder. My hands roamed his body, his skin was warm and soft. His abdomen was solid and smooth, I was very thankful that Ethan was used to sleeping shirtless. I paused once I got to his happy trail, his breathing hitched. My fingers toyed with the waistband of his boxers causing a needy whine from him.

I stroked him through the thin material, scooting down so that I was between his legs, he hissed when I pressed a small kiss on him through the fabric.

“You’re such a fucking tease,” his eyes were shut and his jaw was tightly clenched.

“Good morning, Ethan,” I smirked. I loved that those were the first words he’d said to me.

“Good morning baby,” he whispered, his morning voice was the sexiest thing I had ever heard, it was raspy and husky.

His eyes fluttered opened and my gaze was met with those bright eyes I loved. He gave me a sleepy smile. That smile always killed me, it gave me butterflies and made my heart skip beats. He was perfect. His beauty distracted me from what I was midst doing and I was only brought back from my trance by his erection growing even larger.

I dipped back down and pulled his boxers down, his erection sprang out, slapping against his stomach. He sharply inhaled when I took him in my hand and pumped him a few times. His mouth formed a perfect “O” shape, watching him react to my hand alone made me feel good.

Groans escaped his lips, God how I loved those lips. Those full, pink lips drove me insane. I placed a soft kiss on his tip before wrapping my lips around his cock, sucking gently at him till the vein on the underside grew prominent as he got harder and pre-come bubbled on the tip.

His eyes were screwed shut, his hands were fisting the sheets, small moans were coming from the back of his throat.

I dragged my tongue up the vein, then slowly slicked over his slit. His hips bucked up and
I lightly pushed them back down, holding him with down one hand. I took him in inch by inch, Ethan threw his head back and mustered out all the profanities he could.

When the tip of his cock touched the back of my throat, it brought the loudest moan from Ethan. I looked at him through my eyelashes, as if he could sense it, he looked down at me. His eyes were dazed, a bead of sweat ran down the side of his face. I loved seeing him in this state.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he panted, re-shutting his eyes and letting his head fall back again. 

I hollowed my cheeks and bobbed my head faster, feeling his pulse against my tongue. I knew he was close. My hand curved around him following against my mouth, I felt him twitch in my mouth, whines and whispers came from Ethan as he released in my mouth. I pulled off slowly and place a small kiss on his cock’s head. 

His cheeks were flushed, breath was hard, curls damp sticking to his face and eyes wild. I laid back down, giving him a few minutes to come down from his high and nuzzled my face into his neck, my fingers running up and down his chest.

“Babe?” he broke the comfortable silence moments later.

“Hmmm?” I hummed pulling away to look at him.

“Thank you,” he breathlessly chuckled.

“Anytime,” I grinned up at him and pushed a few curls out of his face. He carefully gripped my wrist then reached for my other one, he pinned them above each side of my head. In a quick swift motion he was in between my legs.

He pressed kisses along my jawline, then brought his mouth next to my ear, “Hmm you know what that means though, right?”.

“Tell me,” his lips were traveling down my neck, making their way down on my collarbone. He pressed his groin against mine causing the much needed friction. The only thing separating us was the thin material of my panties. I could feel the wetness beginning to collect between my thighs.

He pulled away, causing me to whimper. He pressed his lips on top of mine and mumbled against my lips, “Your turn”.

HI GUYS. I’m sorry if this is bad and cringy!! IT’S MY FIRST TIME WRITING SOMETHING LIKE THIS, but stay with me. I pinky promise I’ll get better. Anyways, please leave me suggestions and give me feedback!! again, I’m sorry- M💚

the worst thing about april fool’s day on tumblr is the rickrolls. i don’t mean like…the ones that are Cleverly Disguised or anything?? the ones that are like “here’s rick astley’s never gonna give you up for all your rickrolling pleasure!! use it well!!” and i never know when i click on it if it’s gonna be never gonna give you up. once it turned out to be a literal screenshot of the audio player. once it was how bad can me be. i just want to listen to rick serenade me please leave me alone

happy new years! ft. s.j.m characters

tog : 

aelin : party animal. lost her clothes halfway through the night and started to strut around in rowan’s shirt. rowan had to follow her and snarl every time fenrys gawked at aelin’s bare legs. bare goddess™ legs. will dance to any music or no music at all. drunk™ my g od she is so drunk™ 3…2…1 “hAPPY NEW YEARS MY BUZZIE BUZZARD” giving rowan the sloppiest kiss ever, then goes back to dancing on the table.  

rowan : sighing, sighing, sighing. babysitter™ everyone is drunk™, but he has to keep following aelin around. snarls every time fenrys stares at her backside. really testing his luck, that one. go d he thought christmas was bad, he hates new years more. and believe me, he hated christmas. 3…2..1 “happy new years, fireheart”

aedion : created the bump and grind. showing his bi™ side. “stop dancing with my cadre, aedion!” “live a little, aelin!” mr. twerk fest. even did a bit of belly dancing and body shots™ cant wait for this year to end. he’s waited long enough. 3…2…1 “lysANDR-” “oh there you are. gimme kissy”

lysandra : playing board games with evangeline. keeping her away from the booze. spiked her apple juice. smiling and watching everyone making a fool of themselves. took them to church when she danced that one time and left them all speechless. 3….2…1 “aedion i’m right here” . “happy new years, you drunk rat”

dorian : dirty dancing™ with aelin. aye, aye, aye, back it up, two shots now y’all. one thrust this time, two thrusts this time, twerk-twerk real slow. somewhere between his fifth shot and his twentieth shot, dorian ended up being the stripper. “girl i love it how you move it like dis” aye, aye, ayeee. dorian got turnt. 3…2…1 “manny!”

manon : halfway between glaring at dorian and ripping aelin to shreds, but also just shaking her head. sighing and watching dorian. low key she was kind of enjoying the show. but you cant prove anything. not a thing. 3…2…1 “don’t call me manny”

chaol : “AELIN! DORIAN! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Nesryn, wonderful to see you dear. Bed EMPTY! No NOTES! Booze and clothes gone! You could have died! You could have been seen! Of course, I don’t blame you, Nesryn dear” furiously rubbing his temples. he’s so embarrassed that he knows these two. “killjoy!” “yOU’RE IN YOUR BRA” 3…2..1… “where is nesryn?”

nesryn : “y'all some white trash”™ “this is so embarrassing” “calm your white self down im laughing” “i have so many white frens™ bye” “cant one of you just be normal?” @11:59 “Y'all im out bye ha” 3…2…1 [cricket noises]. 

fenrys : fabulous fenrys™ aka magic mike 2.0. break it down. literally. he broke the table because he was dancing on it. taught elide how to twerk. “fenrys, stop it!” “my body too bootylicious for you, babe!” did belly dancing with aedion. 3…2…1 “WILDTHING!” falls and breaks table.

asterin : she’s been ignoring fenrys since the whole “ho ho ho” fiasco on christmas. this is no different. fenrys had no warning label and everyone let her walk right into a trap. drink™ more™ talk™ less™ 3…2…1… “i’m not picking him up”

lorcan : new phone, who dis? new year, who dis? lol i know none of you™ bye™ couldnt wait to get away™ see you never losers™ tried to make his great escape but elide caught him. was perfectly content with elide testing out her new twerking skills. on him, of course. 3…2…1 “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH ELIDE”

elide : at about 11:55 a drunk fenrys had the perfect plan. he dragged elide into aelin and lysandra’s closets and dressed her up in glittering silver clothes, making her look like a ball. elide was the new year’s ball™ she looked amazing™ ball-tactic™ 3…2…1… “hIIII LORRCAAAN”. lorcan caught her of course. and gave a Hellas worthy snarl and glare to fenrys. 

connall : wearing sunglasses in doors. too cool™ for these people and their straightness™. his petty side is coMING OUt. just like he did. he came out the closet™. cuddling with his gay boyfriend, vaughan. sipping champagne. 3…2…1 [curls finger] “come here, vaughan-vaughan” slightly drunk™ 

vaughan : “I AM STILL PRAYING FOR YOU HEATHENS!” says the fae who is cuddling with his gay boy™friend. finally got a squirt bottle full of holy water. started spraying it on everyone, hissing “let the lord reign true, glory to god in the highest, you are amazing lord”. 3…2…1 [throws squirt bottle and kisses his gay™ boy™friend on the mouth™].

gavriel : “im seriously disowning all of you” dad™ daddy™ has had enough! so tired of these hoeligans. ate all the food. might be judging™ you. 3…2…1 “gavy gimme a kiss kiss” “go away aelin” “but uncle kitty caaaaat”

bonus, evangeline : honestly just happy she has a family to spend new years with. saw their true™ colors and loved them even more. full of giggles. blushed every time the twins smothered her faces, her scars, with kisses. 3…2…1. rowan gave her a sweet kiss on her cheek and evangeline frowned “when you get a little older” 


rhys : wearing those 2017 glasses where the glasses part is the 0. wearing a 2017 shirt. wearing tight black pants. did the conga line with himself, dragged azriel and cassian too. dirty danced with feyre. lied down on the bar and made cassian pour booze down his throat. 3…2…1 “feyre daarrrlinnngggg” idiot™ drunk™.

feyre : dancing with her sisters and mor. secretly thankful everyone is here to be able to do stupid stuff like that. just a bunch of smiling and laughing, and making sure rhys didn’t try to fly while drunk. wearing a crown bc boss™ 3…2…1 “hello, rhysand archeron” 

cassian : too cool™ for this™ … sIKE MOVE™ OUT THE WAY™ SUCKAS™ was a real smoothie. danced with everyone. ‘accidentally’ lost his shirt somehow. no one minds. them sinnamon rolls was looking real nice™ lick™ lick™ 3…2…1 “nes-” “no”

nesta : elegantly sipping a glass of wine. eating cheese and crackers. just plain classy. watching everyone else make fools of themselves. somehow got dragged into dancing once. knew how to bump™ and grind™ like no one was watching. 3…2…1 “nes-” “no” 

azriel : disappeared in his shadows on christmas day and he decided to come back. is like that guy in the gif where he comes back to a burning apartment, holding pizza. yea™. thats him. disappeared back into his shadows. 3…2..1… nope he gone™ 

mor : dRUNK™ kEE P T HE B o oZ e aWA Y fR Om mo R™ work it queen, work it. knows how to get a party started and keep it going. work mama work. got that tight dress on, i see™ you. 3….2….1..ended up making out with a wall, thinking it was azriel. 

lucien : no, no, no, no, did i mention…nO! “ugh fine, one dance elain, ONE DANCE” one dance turned into many dances. sure knows how too woo a woman via™ the flick of his hips™. 3…2…1 [longest yeah boi ever]

elain : had one sip of alcohol and somehow?? end?? up?? drunk??™ no one knows. almost lost her shirt, but lucien to the rescue. a lot of giggles and sweet dances with her mate. 3…2….1 “hAPPY NEW YE-” yeah boi™ 

amren : couples. couples everywhere. rolling her eyes but secretly™ happy for them. takes a shot every time someone does something stupid. somehow didn’t die™ of alcohol poisoning™ magic, true magic. 3…2…1. takes another shot

tamlin : …


night time selfie studies/self portraits are the best