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Hello. Can I ask for Kirishima reactions if his lover put their turtle pet in his hands and say " It's our child now " with a very serious face ? Please ?

Hi, and sure thing! I love the spiky boy! Also, I read a headcanon on another blog that his mom got him a pet turtle when his quirk developed - that’s so so cute, and I love that headcanon so much! Still, in this headcanon the turtle is the reader’s pet, not Kirishima’s! Enjoy :)

Kirishima Eijirou was ecstatic enough being over at your place, given you were his datemate. He was eager to see your house (and a little nervous to meet your parents, even if only for a moment), and the excitement sure did show! He only got a glimpse of the living room and kitchen as you tugged him along to your room (leaving the door open, as per request of your mom).

He blushed a little as he looked around, but for the most part he was excited to see the room - an intimate part of you. The trinkets on your desk, toys, posters… All these small things made him fall for you more!

“Wait here,” you told your boyfriend, leaving the room, and leaving him alone. A little flustered and unsure of what to do, Eijirou decided to read through the spines of books in one of your open cabinets.

He turned around with a smile when he heard your footsteps coming back, but froze upon seeing your serious expression - had something happened? But before he could as much as open his mouth to speak, you shoved something into his hands and said, “This is our child now”.

Eijirou looked down at his hands, seeing a turtle, and then back at you, and then back at the turtle again. The confusion quickly melted away into laughter, “Ah, you had me worried for a sec!” Your boyfriend laughed, recalling the suddenness of your serious expression, “He’s so cute! [Turtle’s name], right?” He spoke excitedly, recalling the couple times you showed him your pet turtle’s pictures on your phone. He was so much cuter in person, though!

You nodded enthusiastically, “Yes, that’s him! I’m glad you remembered.”

“Of course I did, silly! How could I not remember my own child’s name?” Eijirou teased, though you could swear there was a hint of pink on his cheeks. Actually, thinking about having a child… with you!… made him a little flustered, but it wasn’t unpleasant. It surprised him that you’d bring up such a topic though, especially on the first day he was over in your room!

“Here, you can set him on the ground. He likes to wander, but as long as we keep an eye on him, it’ll be alright.” You smiled, and Eijirou gently set the turtle on the ground. The two of you elected to lie down on your stomachs, propped up on your elbows, so observe your ‘child’ some more. It was quite a flattering angle, that is!

“So, [Name],” Eijirou flashed you that spiky grin of his, “You want kids one day?”

Now it was your turn to blush.

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Pairing: Balthazar x reader 

Request:  The reader like helps the Winchesters on hunts and she meets Balthazar, she can see his wings, and basically their soulmates and the Bros get a bit overprotective when they find out but eventually try and accept it.

Author’s note: I know it’s kinda stupid, but it’s my first story after two weeks, so it maybe gets better. This soulmate thing has been written by so many people.. sorry it’s not something super wonderful. Please, leave me feedback and if you like this and want more, requests are open. Love ya 😚

 You were coming back to the motel from shop where you bought some essentials. You opened the door and much to your surprise found Winchesters talking to hella handsome stranger. 

 "Whoa, what is this angel boy doing here? Not like I mind..“ you admitted.

 "Who is this lovely lady?” Stranger asked. 

“Slow down you two. Y/N that’s Balthazar.” Sam explained. 

“Balthazar? I must say, I expected someone who’s pain in ass, not someone I’d like to have in my -“ 

"Y/N!” Dean yelled. 

“- team! What are you thinking about you filthy dork?"you smirked. 

"Wait, Y/N, how did you know he’s an angel?" Sam asked. 

"I’m not blind maybe? Seriously, these wings are awesome man.. but, how it’s possible you don’t stuck in doors or something? I mean, God, they are huge!” You said with excitement. 

“So, you really see them?” Balthazar’s face brightened. 

“Oh.. yes, I guess? Is it wrong?" 

"No no no, don’t be afraid. You know, my dearest, wings are very special things for angels. So, our dad make them visible just for very special people. People that we can love more than everything, our soulmates..” he explained calmly. 

“Uh, sorry for ruining your moment, lovebirds, but I think you need agreement of the family." Dean disturbed your conversation. 

"Actually, I don’t -" 

"However, listen to me, Casanova, if you ever hurt her, you will be Kentucky Fried Angel, understand?" 

"Sure.” Balthazar rolled his eyes.“I will see you idiots more often, huh?" 

"Yeah, you can’t separate us. If you want her, count with us. It’s 1+2 family pack.” Dean stated. 

“Ehm, sorry for ruining YOUR moment, but didn’t you forget about something? Like me? For example?” You mumbled. 

“You know what you want, I like it…” Balthazar said. Suddenly, something in his voice changed. 

 "Sorry, if it is too much for you, I can leave now and you can think about it. Or if it’s against your will, maybe there are ways..I can figure it out. I really don’t want to push you in anything-“ 

You quickly pressed your lips against his. 

"Are you done? ‘Cause I’m hungry and there’s nice bar in town. And for your information, I wanted to ask you out since I opened door.”

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imagine #11

Thousands of people get the notification for Brendon’s new tweet. None of them, however, are prepared for what it says. It’s a retweet of an old message, with a new reply attached to it. He retweeted Ryan’s message from years ago: “he’s my boy. Always will be.” The message he replied with is simple. He attached a very recently taken picture of him and Ryan in which Ryan is looking at Brendon adoringly and Brendon is facing the ground, laughing at something Ryan said. The picture is captioned, “Got my boy back.”

Request: Skating Makoharu (I hope you meant ice skating, anon ^^°)

FiguereSkater!Haru and IcehockeyPlayer!Makoto AU. They are training at the same ice skating ring and practicing a performance for the annual show program (and falling in love in the process ^////////^) 

Maybe I should play around with this AU some more *-* 

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guys i'm going on a trip

ok so i haven’t been on much bc i has finals from and my graduation!!! and now i’m going to thailand for two weeks so i want to set up a queue so my blog isn’t on complete hiatus. i’ll be on when i get a chance (and wifi)

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im also thinking of making an edit of my trip to thailand if i get good pictures or inspiration:)))
Seventeen’s reaction to you taking their sweaters.


“(Y/N), have you seen my sweater” He’d ask you and he would look everywhere for it, not noticing that you have it on and when he finally looks at you, he’d smile and hug you.”Why are you taking my sweaters?” He would ask you but he’d let you wear them.


He’d notice right away that you were wearing his sweater, and he’d see most of his sweaters were missing too.”(Y/N), Do you like my sweaters that much?! You could have just asked for them~” He would take millions of pictures of you so he can show off to the rest of the members.


“Ah, you look really good in my sweater~” He would compliment you as soon as he saw you.”My sweaters are pretty awesome, right? You can use them if you want, I don’t mind.”


Jun would take 130128038208017 photos of you, send them to everyone he knows, set them as his phone wallpaper and make you wear his sweaters all the time.


Hoshi would compliment you and he’d let you use his sweaters, he would just watch you wear his sweaters for the entire day  and he would die inside.


Wonwoo would be surprised when he’d see you wearing his sweaters and he’d ask you why you were wearing them.”Do you like them?” He’d ask you and when you would say yes, he’d go out to buy you more sweaters.


When he’d notice you stealing all his sweaters, he’d say he doesn’t mind and that you could wear them if you wanted to, and he’d purposely buy more sweaters for you so he could see you wearing them.


Seokmin would tell you that you look adorable in his sweaters and that if you wanted more, he’d buy them for you. He would even ask you if you wanted couple sweaters.


Mingyu would love it if you wore his sweaters and he would die from your cuteness but, later on he’d annoy you and say stuff like,”(Y/N), do you like my sweaters more than you like me?! Is there something you aren’t telling me??” And you’d just be like Mingyu calm down, it’s just a sweater.


Minghao would get so happy when he’d see you with his sweaters, he’d smile and giggle and tell you that you look very cute. And that if you wanted to use more of his sweaters, you could.


“Why are you taking all of my sweaters?! Stop and give them back to me!” He would chase you until you’d give up.


Hansol would be surprised, but he’d tell you that you look very good, and that you should wear more of his sweaters if you wanted~


Channie would ask you why you were taking all of his sweaters, and he’d say it’s ok as long as you share them with him! But he’d tell you that you look cute.

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