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You Remember... What Exactly?

inspired again to write again! enjoy :)
Laying sprawled across the couch with your eyes barely open, you gaze around the room to see the mess of what used to be the living room. A pizza box on the floor as well as the bodies of your closest friends, you groaned at the sight, shifting your position. Only another body behind you, which you didn’t become aware of until this moment, shifts as well, catching a tighter hold around your abdomen.

You turn your head behind you to see Niall, peaceful, and thankfully, clothed. You sigh with relief. You scan the room, finding Harry on the floor, clad in his underwear, with a blanket covering his top half, and Louis asleep on the recliner, which he was too big for. Liam was sitting up, gazing around the room, like you. Yours eyes met, forcing a dazed smile.

Liam whispers to you, “Do you remember anything?”

“Give me a minute,” you answer. “It’ll come back to me. ”

He nods in return. You look at Niall, and then back to Liam, asking, “Did we…?”

Liam shakes his head ‘no’ furiously, “No, you didn’t, you didn’t,” he answers, as if knowing the importance and anxiety of which it meant to you.

“Coffee?” He ponders.

You shake your head, “Yes please, I would help but I’m in a death grip.”

He chuckles. “Alright,” he replies, and silently gets up and tiptoes to the kitchen. In the meanwhile, Niall begins to awaken. He begins to groan, but you cover his mouth with your hand. He looks confused at first, but then he understands.

“Did we…?” Niall asks you, looking very concerned.

“No,” you respond.

“Oh thank the Lord,” he says, a wave of relief washing over him.

You and Niall were the best of friends, and always had been. You remained close once the band’s career took off; He would invite you out to shows and events, causing all of you guys to become very close with one another. Throughout the years, you had developed feelings for Harry, whether he knew it or not. The relief you and Niall felt was enormous, because not only did neither of you want anything to be weird between the two of you, but neither of you also didn’t want anything to put a damper of whatever it was you and Harry shared. Niall has been nothing but supportive of you and Harry, and actually appears to ship the two of you together more than anyone. He’s been very helpful with advice and being someone you can turn to whenever you need him.

“Did you and Harry…?” Niall asked, eyes cheering up.

“Not sure,” you responded bluntly. “Can’t remember a damn thing.”

He nods. “It’ll come back to you,” he offers in reassurance.

Liam comes back into the room with your coffee. “Mornin’ mate,” he whispers to Niall. Niall nods back.

“Let’s go out on the back deck,” you offer. “It’s much too crazy in here. The outside air would be nice. ”

The three of you slowly and quietly get up and make your way to the back deck, opening and closing the door with care. After you all were outside, you feel the freshness and clarity of the morning air and relax. You close your eyes, inhaling the air around you, to slowly exhale.

“I think I was the least messed up this time, for once,” Niall states. “Do you remember anything?” he directs the question towards you.

“It’s coming back in pieces. We’ve had the night planned for ages. Ordered pizza, opened a bottle of wine, drank the whole thing… Oh we also played a lovely game of Cards Against Humanity!” you laughed. “What a fun game that is, that was wonderful.”

Niall and Liam begin to recollect more and more of the evening. “Yes, that was something…” Niall trails off. “Wait, what did we do after the game? We stopped playing Cards and then moved on to another game I thought…”

“Truth or Dare?” Liam offers.

“Yes! Truth or Dare! Oh my, it’s coming back… Y/N?” Niall looks at you for agreement.

Your eyes are wide. You remember everything clearly now.

“Oh shit,” Niall gulps.

“What, what are you remembering?” Liam questions.

“Harry and I… We were dared to- to ‘get a room’ for what, 7 minutes?”

“Shit, Louis dared you two to play 7 minutes in Heaven,” Liam replied.

“Are we back in high school?” questioned

“No, but that’s how Louis gets when he’s drunk. He’s already childish but it becomes worse,” you answer. “Dammit I’m remembering everything.”

“And?” Niall persists further.

“We had sex,” you manage to get out, just above a whisper.

Your mind is racing. You remember the words falling from Louis’s mouth and the smirk translated onto Harry’s, and that look in his eyes like he was going to devour every fiber of your being. You remember the way he grabbed your hand and brought you up the stairs to your room, and how the boys hollered after the two of you. You remember the way Harry pushed you up against the door the second it was shut, hiking you up his body, kissing down your neck, surely leaving marks. You remember his moans, the sweetest sounds escaping his mouth, and his rough voice, rasping “You’re fucking beautiful, beautiful lovely Y/N.” You remember the moan escaping your mouth, your breathlessness and your neediness for his touch and affection. You remember the way your mouths connected, the magnetic attraction of your lips locking and unlocking together. You remember how he moved you from the wall to the bed, how he removed your shirt and his as well, proceeding to your shorts and his jeans. You remember his teasing, suckling love bites, peppering down your body. You remember the way he made you roll your eyes to the back of your head as he thrust into you, the way he made you cling to him, digging your nails into his back. You remember your name falling from his lips like a prayer as he’s rocking in and out of you. You remember the two of you reaching your highs at the same time, and the muffled words of “I love you”, mumbled from his lips as well as yours. You remember the fast clean up, recovery; you remember how quickly it was over.

He’d been calling you out of your trance for a couple seconds now; “Hey, are you alright?” Niall asks.

You look at him. “I have no idea,” you answer simply. “Did I tell you about it?”

“Yeah, and a little too much for my liking to be quite honest,” Niall responded.

“Woah you got sex details? What the hell?” Liam says, astounded.

“Not now,” Niall says to calm him down.

“Right, sorry,” Liam apologized to the both of you. “I’m going to check on the others,” he says, hugging the both of you before going inside.

“Is that why we were together on the couch when we woke up?” You asked. “Because I gave you sex details?”

Niall laughs, “Yes, actually. ”

You nod. “What do I do?” you question.

“Well, eventually he’ll wake up, and he’ll remember, and you’ll talk about it. It’ll be fine, don’t stress too much. ”

“Okay,” you nod. “Let’s go back in.”

The two of you return inside to find both Louis and Harry awake; Louis in the bathroom, showering or puking, and Harry in the kitchen. Your eyes find each other, causing a deep blush to form on both of your faces.

“Mornin’, love,” Harry greets you.

“Hey,” you answer, offering a small smile.

“You uh, want to talk?” he asks you.

“Yes, actually, come with me,” you respond. You’re leading him back up the stairs, everything still very fresh from last night.

You reach your bedroom, closing your door, all too familiar from last night.

“So, about last night…” Harry begins.

“Uh yeah…” You start out as well.

“I meant it, Y/N. I meant it all,” He says, softly, gently. “Please don’t think it was the alcohol speaking. The alcohol, if anything, helped me express my feelings, as strange as it sounds…” He trails off, scratching the back of his head, flushed cheeks, avoiding your gaze. When he finally meets it, he can’t look away. The magnetic attraction between the two of you can be felt throughout the atmosphere. You found yourself moving closer to him.

“God, you’re… you’re magnificent. I can’t even use words to effectively describe what I feel for you. Although I do feel like an idiot for taking so long-” you cut him off.

“Shh, please. Harry, last night was incredible, amazing, beautiful- I loved it. Every moment.”

“Me too, love. I know I’ve always flirted with you, hard actually, but I was always so scared to express my feelings for you and now there they are, out there wide open. I hope I didn’t scare you away…” He looks hopeful.

“Of course not, Harry. Of course not. Please don’t think I’m scared. I’m anything but scared, I’m on a high, and it’s incredible up here, on this high, with you there too,” you answer him. His face is completely flushed, his lips a beautiful pink. You go to kiss him, he returning the action tenfold. Your lips, perfect for one another. You leave each other breathless, and electric.

“So let’s give this a try, eh?” He offers.

“Gladly, I would love to,” you smile in return.
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