please kill her off

Things I feel should be in Young Justice Season 3

(I know it’s probably not gonna come out for a while and most of these are probably not going to happen but shut up I can dream)

Teen Titans (Cyborg and Raven have been confirmed BOOYAH)


Damian, and therefore Tim as Red Robin

Character development for Wondergirl, Batgirl, La'gaan, Static Shock, etc.

The original team fighting and someone (Dick) being like ‘this feels familiar’.

Canon Bluepulse

Jason coming back and Garfield just looking at him and Wally and being like “ANYONE ELSE WANNA COME BACK FROM THE DEAD?”

Bumblebee PLATONICALLY calling Cyborg “Handsome” as an homage to the characters on the original (the good) Teen Titans cartoon

Jesus Christ! Mal and Karen need to get married and make babies please!

A scene where we see Tim staying up late, on a thousand cups of coffee, and Cassie being like “BOI GET TO BED BEFORE I WHOOP YOUR ASS”

La'gaan being low-key salty about Supermartian getting back together


Who’s Rocket marrying? Who is Rocket? WE LITERALLY KNOW SQUAT ABOUT HER

Zatanna trying to save her dad from Fate because WTF girl, I thought that was your life mission but we didn’t see anything in season 2!!

More Billy scenes plz! Preferably with Cyborg because they are ultimate BroTP

Beast Boy and Raven moment? PLEASE?


Arthur Jr. alive and healthy (like can we just not kill him off please?)

Artemis being her usual badass self as Tigress, and beating the shit out of Wally WHEN he comes back

Cheshire possibly working with the good guys? Like maybe Lian gets kidnapped and she and Roy have to go to them and they’re all super salty but it’s adorable

Dick making up more words, and just overall showing that HE’S STILL THE LITTLE MOTHER-FUCKING TROLL WE KNEW IN SEASON 1


Icicle Jr. Low-key being happy about Artemis being alive (because they’re childhood friends, which you know IF YOU READ THE COMICS)


Like please, Greg Weissman,

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uh i sent in an ask last week about this but it probably got lost so here i go again i guess? my best friend texted a few days ago and told me she's decided she's no longer bi bc its "a sin in the eyes of the lord." she says she still accepts me (i'm gay) but i'm really scared. she's the first person i came out to and told everything to and i think i just lost that. she was also my only sapphic friend so i'm feeling kinda lonely. any advice?

Im not sure if I could continue to be friends with someone who like Says That. Even if she says she accepts you she still… Has that awful opinion and I dont think that should be ignored? Im not sure if the situation could be resolved in any way other than like A. expressing that thats a fucked up thing to say especially when she knows youre gay and B. if she responds poorly smash that goodbye button

Thoughts on Episode 3: Body Double

I think Cheryl knows more than she’s letting on. Maybe not the whole story, but I’m sure she does know something. At the begininng of the episode, I thought Jason might have left to run away with Polly. However, I’m not sure after the events of the episode. 

Let’s talk about Veronica’s date. When she mentioned having a date, I got so freaking happy because I thought Beronica was going to be canon…but unfortunately not. Anyway, Veronica seemed to be having fun on the date and Chuck seemed like an okay guy. I was looking forward to a not-fucked-up relationship on the show. As you might now, that didn’t end up happening. 


Veronica Lodge is a badass and so is Betty Cooper and so is Ethel and so is every other girl who came forward to talk about what happened to them. Veronica marching into the boys’ locker room, physically pushing everyone in her path to the side was the best damn thing, okay? 

I am so incredibly glad that Riverdale spoke about the slut-shaming issue. I love Betty speaking for all of us, when she says that in the eyes of men, we are still objects and how we need to change that. 

Veronica Lodge+Betty Cooper+Cheryl Blossom=Squad goals.

“Where did you get those thigh-high boots? They’re amazing!” Kevin Keller sort of redeems himself, after all the biphobia (lmao not really) 

Cheryl seemed genuinely surprised that Jason wrote about Polly but idk, that seemed pretty obvious to me. Poor Cheryl tho. There’s so much she didn’t know about him and yet she loves him so.

JOSIE IS MY LITERAL QUEEN okay? I love Riverdale for bringing out the issues in today’s society. I do want to speak out more about Josie but I literally can’t find the right words and I also don’t really want white people to send me hate messages and death threats. 

Josie and The Pussycats are my favourite band of 2017. 

I think Betty might be suffering from Mutlitple Personality Disorder. I don’t know too much about it and how it works, only what I’ve seen from movies but I think, Betty’s life is harder than what we see. There’s the constant pressure her mother puts on her, the issue of her sister and everything that’s been going on at Riverdale. I think there are too many sides to Betty and she’s struggling to cope and I think we’ll see more of this as the show progresses. 

Ms. Grundy can go die in a hole. Please kill her off. She is compltely disgusting. And she keeps talking down to Archie like bitch, you’re a fucking pedophile. If he tells, you’re gonna lose everything. Keep your god damn mouth shut. 

Jughead is seen eating this episode! Yay! They aren’t burgers but he’s still eating! I feel like there wasn’t enough Jughead in this episode but then again, I always need more Jughead so,

Jughead and Betty are my current favourite Brotp. 

Chuck and his dick-gang got suspended YES!!! Also, that scene where the girls are all standing together, so beautiful and powerful!! Amazing!!! 

I loved the Betty and Cheryl scene at the end. 


I want to see Jughead, Betty and Veronica being detective buddies next episode. 

This is my favourite episode so far. It was so good and I can’t wait for the next one!


I’m so glad I went to the park today. It was going to be such an ordinary day if you hadn’t been reading that book!

kate mckinnon is both transphobic and in a movie about killing a sex worker so please keep her mediocre snl sketches off my dash, thanks

I needed to write about my relationship with women on vikings and especially with Aslaug for weeks.

Firstly, I’ve seen many posts here talking about how Hirst kills female characters on this show, and the thing I have to say to this is : hell yes, y'all right. I used to love Vikings to the bones for its female characters, Lagertha(s1-2), Helga, Siggy senior, Porunn, Aslaug and Kwentrith, for example. Not mentioning all the loss of potential with all these characters and more. Cough cough- Yidu.

The only proper, and proper is a huge word, death a woman had in this show is actually Siggy senior, dying as she lived, bravely.

We never had the chance to see what Gyda, Thyri and Siggy Bjornsdottir could become. We actually never had the chance to see any female characters growing up in the viking world surrounded by men. Let us be honest, the women are the heart of this show. Fearless, fierce, brave women. Beginning with Aslaug, yeah, well, that’s the all point of this post.

Like everyone else who started watching Vikings without any knowledge of the norsemen culture, I disliked her when she showed up. And I think that if you’re not that interested in understanding the characters of this show, you’ll stay stuck thinking Aslaug is a homewrecker.

The main point I like about Queen Aslaug is Alyssa Sutherland. The amount of hate she gets on social networks for protraying this character is disgusting. Yet, she stays polite and kind-hearted, and she is very protective of Aslaug. I honestly think that we couldn’t have dream for a better actress to play the queen Aslaug is.

I recently watched a 40min long interview of her speaking of Aslaug. And you should all listen to it very carefully. Stop pretending Lagertha is a usurped victim. In the first EVER episode of Vikings, Lagertha says to Ragnar not to sleep with too many women in Kattegat. That says a lot about their relationship. Lagertha DECIDED to leave her husband because he humiliated her. And for that, I looked at her with a large amount of respect. Lagertha has been through many shit, so did Aslaug. Ragnar only was to blame for this. HE decided to sleep with another woman, who could bare him sons. What asshole could leave his wife cause she can’t give him sons?(Henry VIII, and I think Hirst has a lot of Henry VIII issues to deal with).

Like Alyssa pointed out in this interview, Aslaug grew up alone, as an orphan. She is a volva(not a witch as catholic meant it), she « sees things other cannot ». She knew when she met him that she bound to give Ragnar his sons. And I don’t mean she isn’t cunning, of course she is. And clever enough to become queen. When she realize that she is pregnant with Ragnar’s child, her only concern is for her son not to grow up without knowing his famous father, like she did. Imo, this was not out of ambition, but mainly for her child to be born. Alyssa also said that Aslaug is scared of Lagertha, and that she keeps her in high respect. In series two, Aslaug actually says that she would like to be more like Lagertha. She knows Lagertha is a fierce shield-maiden, with a HUGE pride. And that’s why she also left Ragnar to go make her own fame and history. Again, like Katheryn said in an interview to promote season two, « If there is anyone to blame, it should be Ragnar. I don’t think Lagertha blames Aslaug for this. »

So what is this 4B bullshit again ? Fanservice.

When Hirst wants us to look for strong women on this show, he makes them shieldmaidens. What about Helga, what about Siggy senior ? What about Kwentrith, Aslaug, Judith, making their own way without being in a shieldwall ?

I mean it like I say it, Aslaug never murdered Ragnar in his sleep for her children. He raped her, yes Ivar is born of a rape, sorry. He beaten her(If s1-2 Lagertha had known this, she would have murdered Ragnar herself, being a victim of an abusive husband too). She had all the reasons to kill him, and imo she never did for her sons. So, thanks to shitty writing, she wasn’t the best mother but in the other hand, she cared for her children. She took care of them, raised them when Ragnar felt like he didn’t want to be king anymore. Wow, daddy of the year. She rose Kattegat to the title of major trading center, and kept it secure. Of what we saw, the « look what mess she made of my home » was not canon at all. This storyline bares many contradictions it makes me angry. Both for Aslaug and Lagertha.

Hirst tried his best to make her a villain. The saddest part of this is that the one scene when Ragnar comes to apologise to his wife was Travis’s idea. Hirst gave so much zero fucks that he didn’t have this idea. Cause Ragnar and Lagertha forever. Even I, wouldn’t do that with my one true otp.

What of « women should stick together more, and we should rule » ? Lagertha forgave Aslaug, in season two it was water clear. And suddenly, she became power hungry for a place she left willingly twenty years ago ? I rolled my eyes so much I saw my brain. And on what purpose ? It almost looks like she was taking Kattegat back to rule with Ragnar again. Yo, Lagertha deserves better than this shit. That was stupid and out of character.

In one of the latest episodes, Sigurd says « What is a warrior without his honor ? » Well, apparently queen. Since murdering someone with an arrow in his back in acting with honor.

Now back to Aslaug and how she deserved better than to be pregnant 1,5/3 season she was alive. She is the daughter of a dragon slayer and the most famous shieldmaiden to ever live, for Odin sake. We never had a chance to see how she ruled when Ragnar was raiding or being selfish in exile. Everyone just assumed that she ruled badly. Ragnar is allowed to sleep around but not her ? Even if at this point of season three, imo she didn’t give anymore fuck about Ragnar. She asks him to come home for his sons, only for them. Bjorn is allowed to give up on his daughter and everyone assumed that Aslaug was responsible for her life and well-being ? It’s more easy to blame her than one of the mighty sons of Ragnar, isn’t it ? Don’t forget that, at this point, Aslaug was completely alone with five children to look after, neglected by her husband who was everything but kind and gentle to her. And that she felt betrayed by a man she cared about, once again.

I don’t mean men to be role model fathers but come on, Rollo leaving Gisla on her own in Normandy, not knowing if his nephew would kill him ? Ragnar leaving for almost ten years ? Bjorn not minding his own daughter death ?

Aslaug freed Porunn so she could become what she wanted, a shieldmaiden and be with Bjorn. Aslaug freed Yidu so she could leave if she wanted to. Aslaug took risks to keep Ivar alive, risk even to have her own people hating her, fearing to be cursed by Ivar illness.

I would’ve liked to see more of Helga/Siggy/Aslaug friendship. But women on this show are only worthy of attention if they can fight in battle, apparently. Proof is that Helga is going mad, Aslaug is dead, Siggy too, Kwentrith too. Judith and Gisla character development ? Destroyed to enlight men’s storylines. Honestly, Ubbe saying that he and Hvitserk aren’t jealouse cause they are « vikings » ? Rolled my eyes once more. Margrethe deserves better than being a Ragnarssons sex toy. Astrid deserves better than watching her lover lamenting herself over her one true lost love. 

Aslaug not teaching her sons to be respectful of women is what made me even more angry with this season. Being neglected herself by their father, whom she loved truly once upon a time, I don’t think she would EVER allow them to treat women like things. Even Torvi’s development is reduced to ashes now. And I was honestly rooting for her at the end of 4A. She should remind Bjorn that she still have this crossbow she killed her second husband with, sometimes.

I admired Lagertha in the first seasons, but now I can’t recognize her anymore. It’s hard not to be resentful toward her since 4B started even if it’s all the writer’s fault. Even Katheryn is lost with all this, she doesn’t know on which foot to dance on interviews. Season four actually destroyed more characters than I could mention.

Writing strong female characters isn’t writing them acting in a manly way. Female characters are diverse, powerful and brave in many ways, not only in a shieldwall. Stop killing off women Hirst, please. And give Lagertha her mind she seem to have lost.

Weapon XX: Part 4

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.2K
Warnings: (Mentions of) forced starvation, angst

A/N: I’m so happy that everyone is loving this series!

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

~~Bucky’s POV~~

“Woah, what the hell happened?” Steve exclaims as Bucky shuffles into the living room. He hardly heard Steve, deep in thought about the mystery assassin that just tried to kill him. Natasha, Tony, Sam and Steve were all staring at him, wide eyed,

“Those plums finally bite back?” Sam quips. He was smiling, but his eyes told Bucky he was concerned with the state Bucky was in,

“I got attacked,” Bucky explains, “In that little cafe I like near the market,”

“What?” Tony pipes up, looking more intrigued by the turn the conversation took,

“I don’t even know. I felt like someone was watching me the whole time, and when I entered the cafe, everyone left… except a woman. She attacked me,”

“Who was she?” Natasha asks, cocking an eyebrow,

Bucky shakes his head, “Her face was covered. I could only see her eyes,”

“Hydra,” Steve deducts, no question in his statement,

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(Otherwise I finished Chapter 1 of a particular story. Links will be provided near the end)


Two years ago, there were two wielders named Blaine and Strelitzia, who were the closest of friends, until fate had driven them far apart, and one day, ultimately ended one of them. However, if one had the chance to change a tragic fate…would it work? Or make matters worse?



Yes, Blaine is the main character of this fanfiction, as I believe he is the good guy here. In Chapter 1 at the moment however, Strelitzia is just mentioned, but never fear…I have a few tricks up my sleeve to bring her back in some shape or form.

Anyways, prepare for fluffy moments later on! Press Read More though if you’re lazy and just wanna read it here:

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No, but like you have to understand, I’m not just upset about Zoe’s death because she’s one of the shows last remaining poc (although that is part of it). No. It’s the fact that she had dreams. She spent a year of her life trying to make herself better, for HER, no one else. She had a (possible) suicide attempt and she probably felt awful and alone for so long. Then she came back to school, and she was THRIVING. She was intelligent and gaining friends by the minute, and SHE WAS STARTING TO LOVE HERSELF AGAIN. You could see it when she won Lady of the Lake, and when she took that selfie of what was probably a rare moment when she felt beautiful, and whenever she was with Noah. I don’t care if you hate her for coming between Noah and Audrey, or being shady, or whatever, SHE WAS FINALLY IN FREAKING RECOVERY AND NOW SHES DEAD. While Noah had people looking for him, people who loved him, and he was dreaming of a girl he loved and their future together, ZOE WAS HAVING A PANIC ATTACK LOCKED IN A BOX IN A LAKE. SHE WAS AS ALONE IN HER FINAL MOMENTS AS SHE PROBABLY FELT WHEN SHE TRIED TO KILL HERSELF. SHE HAD FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR (Noah, Lady of the Lake, Her new friends, her bright future) AND SHE DIED SCREAMING IN A BOX. SHE SURVIVED WHEN SHE TRIED TO KILL HERSELF AND SHE DIED AGAINST HER WILL IN WHAT IS NOW THE PEAK OF HER LIFE.

@mtvscreamwriters, can you please stop killing off your mentally ill characters (as well as your pocs) for the purpose of character development for your vanilla mains.

Fandom: “We wan’t a strong female character with a well thought out back story, who’s dynamic, has a likable personality, and a role in the main plot-line. A character for young female members of the viewer audience to relate with, not a damsel in distress waiting to be saved, or a villain with no real likable qualities for the fandom to hate on. A female character That can be sexy, but isn’t sexualized for the pleasure of men, or eye-candy for the main characters to ogle. Maybe someone who can become a series regular to add some diversity in the sea of butch men the series has offered us.”

Writers: “soooo… New female love interest?”