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A Way to You Again: Part 5

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Word Count:  1119

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Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request. The last scene killed me. I always love hearing from you guys <3.

Sorry it’s out late – my nap turned into a mini hibernation.

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I felt like a hypocrite. As much as I had dreaded someone from the Avengers knocking on my door – I was finding myself wishing for it. I wanted Bucky to fight for me – I wanted him to prove me wrong. I needed him to. Days went by in a blur as I debated with myself on what I should do. Maybe he was still on his mission? Maybe Tony had told him to let me be? I couldn’t find an adequate excuse for it.

“Are you sure he won’t just show up at your door?” Nicole asked one morning – arching her eyebrows in curiosity.

“I’ve only ever talked to him about the cottage once… and it was just in passing,” I shrugged miserably.

“Well maybe he’s trying to get ahold of you? Have you checked your phone?” she asked casually.

“No – it’s been off since I got here,” I added miserably.

“Well maybe you should…”

“NO,” I snapped at her. As much as I wanted him to fabricate from thin air – I also really didn’t want to know why he hadn’t told me. I had made up my mind that I wouldn’t like his reasoning, and that was that.

I walked into the living room rubbing my eyes wearily. I had somehow managed to doze off as I snuggled in the oversized bed reading my dad’s beaten copy of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse-Five.” I stretched my arms as I peered around the room – spotting Nicole on the couch in front of the fireplace. “Hey,” I muttered quietly. Her head immediately snapped in my direction as she quickly hid her hands. “What are you? OH NO. I told you no!” I roared as I went to snatch the phone from her hands. “Now they’ll know where I’m at! Dammit Nicole!” After a brief struggle I victoriously grabbed the phone from her hands and crossed my arms – huffing angrily.

“Ten missed calls, one  voicemail, and twenty text messages,” she stated as a fact.

“Huh?” I asked confused.

“Those are all from this Bucky guy. It seems like he might care,” she shrugged casually. I rolled my eyes annoyed and stomped back into the bedroom determined to hide there for the rest of the night.

As I curled up in the bed I couldn’t help, but feel like the phone I held in my hand felt like a lead weight. Should I go ahead and look? There was no way that Tony hadn’t locked onto where I was within fifteen minutes. Bucky, Tony, or Steve would be here in a matter of hours – so there was no point in holding out any longer… I needed to go ahead and face whatever he had to say so I could prepare myself. I reluctantly lifted the phone to my face – it was best to get the voicemail out of the way first. I clicked on the message before putting the phone on speaker and listened.

Bucky’s voice permeated the quiet of the room. My heart sank as I listened.

“Y/N… Tony said that you left a few days ago but wouldn’t tell him where you were going… I… I know something happened between you and Nat. Please call… please let me explain. I don’t… I don’t want to lose you over this. I… I’m sorry,” his voice was so incredibly sad that I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep myself from crying. When he paused at the end of the message my heart had done a backflip. I had never realized how much I wanted to hear him say that he loved me – but my hopes fell as flat as his voice as the recording ended.

I flipped through the the text messages quickly.

-Hey! I’m coming home – can’t wait to see your beautiful face.

-Steve just talked to Tony and he said you left???

-Is everything okay?

-I tried to call but it went straight to voicemail. Y/N please call me.

-Y/N, it’s not what you think. Please call me doll. Please come home. I miss you. I need to explain.

-I know I fucked it all up but please let me explain.

They kept going – each one a different variation of the one before it. I felt sick. It had been easier to accept everything when I had cut myself off from him. I sighed heavily. The truth was so glaringly obvious – I had never really accepted what had happened – just prolonged the inevitable. As I was flipping through the rest of the texts Bucky’s picture illuminated the screen. I froze in absolute panic – he was calling and I had accidentally just hit “answer.”

I stared at the phone – completely frozen in fear.

“Y/N,” Bucky’s voice said softly from the other end. I remained silent. I didn’t know what to do or what to say. It was as if I had suddenly turned into a statue. Bucky took my silence as a sign that I was going to listen and suddenly it was as if a flood gate had opened from his end of the conversation. “Doll, I am so sorry. I don’t know what all happened, but I know this is my fault. I swear I was going to tell you… I was going to explain everything, but I was just so afraid. So afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing and losing you… because you make me so happy. I haven’t… well I haven’t been this happy in a long time,” he paused for a moment waiting for my response. I sat in silence still unable to articulate the hundreds of conversations I had played out in my mind between us the last few days. “Doll…. Please. Please say something,” he pleaded – the edge of desperation cutting into his words.

All of my faculties seemed to have been taken over by some unknown part of myself that was unwilling to be hurt the way I had been hurt before. “There’s nothing left to say, Bucky…. Goodbye,” I said quietly before ending the call. I didn’t even know the words that were spilling out of my mouth until it was too late. I sat dumbfounded at myself as I stared at the phone in my hand. Why would I say that? What had I just done? Tears welled in my eyes as I realized that I could have very well ended everything then – he was trying and I had shut him down.

I jumped slightly as the door opened and Nicole came into the room. She looked at me apologetically as she held up two wine glasses and a bottle.

“I thought maybe we could use this tonight?”

I nodded sadly as tears streamed down my face.


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Hey everyone! Sorry for lack of updates on development lately, but we’re finally back with some rather important announcements! (TL;DR at the end if you don’t like reading my rambley wall of text.)

Do you guys want the good news or the bad news first?

Well, I’m going to assume you want the bad news first. Better to get it out of the way, right? :D

As you guys may be able to guess from the above picture, we’ve decided that the 7 characters above will form the full cast of the main characters. Yes, that means that unfortunately, our never-really-announced 7th love interest, Hood, will be cut from the final game. In conclusion, you’ll be able to romance 6 guys in the full game: Beau, Ellis, Mer, Nicholl, Snow and Zel. Each route will feature around 50-60k words, so that’s still a grand total of 300k+ word count, which should be more than enough time you guys need to get tired of Charming (I hope not, though!).

More bad news! The reason why we’re cutting Hood is because our character artist, Elzee, will unfortunately be unable to continue drawing for us :( Since we want the main characters to be consistent in art style, we have decided to drop Hood instead of having our new character artist draw Hood and try to imitate Elzee’s style. We’re obviously very sad about this as well, but Elzee has done an amazing amount of work for us gratuitously, and we are so grateful to her for everything <3

Hold back your tears! On to the good news!

We have already found a new character artist, who will be in charge of doing all the sprites for the remaining side characters of the game (current rough estimate is around 10). She is LiD’s CG artist, Greenace, who also happens to be a great friend of mine who’s in Ebullience Games with me. We are super grateful to her for offering her help! She’ll be doing her best to imitate Elzee’s style as best as she can.

Last piece of good news: As we have Greenace helping us out on sprites now, that means development should go much faster. So we’re hoping this will mean that Lads in Distress full version will be completed sooner than expected. :D In fact, we’re preliminarily setting July 1 as the release date for our updated demo, which will contain the new common route (with all the love interests) as well as scene 1 or 2 of each route.

As Greenace’s also the solo artist for our first commercial otome, she does have a ton of work, so please note that July 1 is only a preliminary estimated date. We will be working towards meeting this deadline, but if there are any delays, we hope you’ll understand. >_< We will keep you guys updated!

Our plans for the future after the demo release will be finishing each route one at a time to send out for beta testing. Based on our current progress for each route, it looks like Zel’s route may be finished first. We will be recruiting for beta testers here when the time comes, so keep an eye out for the applications!

TL;DR/Quick Summary:

  • Hood’s no longer going to be a character in the full game.
  • There’ll be 6 total love interests in LiD: Beau, Ellis, Mer, Nicholl, Snow and Zel.
  • Elzee will no longer be drawing sprites for us, and Greenace, our current CG artist, will cover the side character sprites.
  • Hopefully development will go faster since Greenace is super fast at drawing.
  • Updated demo expected this summer, earliest on July 1.
  • Will be doing route by route beta testing afterwards.

That’s it for now! Will keep you guys updated :D Thanks for all the support! It means a lot to us that you’re still looking forward to LiD even after all this time! ^_^ <3

PS: Come join us on our Discord server! We have a Lads in Distress channel for LiD fans, and we’d love to meet and talk to all of you! <3 (Oh, we give early updates and spoilers too ;) )

Request: Ryan and (y/n) are making out in the office and Michael catches them. Then everyone makes fun of Ryan’s lipstick marks and your hickeys.

A/N: I’m so sorry for not posting in a while, I’ve started school and it’s been a bit hectic, anyway I have more to come this is just to tie everyone over. And sorry this one is on the shorter side guys, I really liked the idea of it though. And I’m sorry for the awkwardness of the make-out scene, that was my first attempt at one. Anyway, keep sending request (please be specific) and enjoy!

Just like any other day at Dunder Mifflin, you and your boyfriend, Ryan, we’re talking together in the annex. Coincidentally, both Toby and Kelly were out for the day, so you and him could talk as loud as you wanted to.

As you sat on Ryan’s desk and he sat in his chair, you guys talked about the plans you made together for the weekend.

Once you discussed that, a comfortable silence fell over the two of you. While picking at your fingernails, you could feel Ryan’s intense gaze.

This caused you to blush and turn away from Ryan, but you still could feel his gaze burning holes in the back of your head. Deciding to be cheeky, you turned back around to face him. “Can I help you with something?” You questioned with a slight smile.

“You are so beautiful, you know that right?” He complemented you.

You gave a slight giggle, but didn’t reply. Ryan always made you feel special like that. When you didn’t respond, Ryan moved his chair over to you and pulled you into his lap.

You gave a small “umph” and wrapped your arms around his neck and cuddled into the crook of his neck. The two of you stayed like that for quite sometime. That is until Ryan couldn’t take your warm breath on your neck, and the warmth of your body against his chest.

When he reached this point, you felt tiny kisses peppered along your jaw. “Ryan, what are you doing?” You asked your boyfriend.

“I’m just showing you how much I love you.” He flirted back.

Smiling, you turned to face him and kissed him on the lips. You could feel your lips melting together, like a puzzle piece fitting perfectly.

You ran your hand through his hair, as he pulled your hips, trying to become closer with you. Ryan slid his tongue along your teeth, asking for permission which you happily granted.

As the two of you kissed, you could feel the electricity flowing between the both of you. It was almost to much to handle. That’s when Ryan started to kiss your jawline once more, sweet, short kisses.

You moaned a bit when you felt him move is smooth lips down your neck and sucked on your skin, over and over again, leaving a mark telling everyone you were with him.

Once Ryan’s lips came back to your mouth, you kissed him with such intensity, he had to steady himself as to not fall.

When you came up for air, you moved your lips down to his neck, kissing and nipping, also leaving marks on him.

This pattern continued on for quite some time until you heard a loud knocking sound coming from the door to the annex. Startled, the two of you looked to you it was and saw Dwight.

Quickly, you hid your face in Ryan’s chest, your face flushed with embarrassment. Dwight pointed to the conference room and then his watch before leaving.

“Crap.” Ryan stated as he slowly started to untangle his limbs from yours.

“What’s wrong?” You questioned gently. As soon as you asked that, you saw a clock and mentally face palmed. There was a conference room meeting that had started five minutes ago. You and Ryan were late!

As you fixed you skirt and Ryan’s collar, the two of you rushed in the conference room. You had your heads ducked, hoping to sneak in without a hitch, but you were not so lucky.

“Ryan. (y/n). Thank you for finally joining us. Michael said as you started to the two of you down.

Immediately, the both of you started apologizing until Michael held up his hand, laughing.

"I’m just kidding.” He told you, still laughing. “But why were you late?” He asked.

By this time, everyone else in the conference room was staring at you and Ryan, holding back laughter.

“Well, um. We, um-” You stuttered as you self-consciously pushed your hair back.

You knew this was a mistake when you heard Kelly shout. “Oh my gosh! You two were full on making out.”

Everyone started laughing as you put you head into your hands, embarrassed beyond belief. All your coworkers were staring at the hickeys that Ryan left on your neck.

“Hey, hey, guys.” Jim said, standing up. “We can’t just be laughing at (y/n). I mean Ryan, that is a lovely shade of lipstick for you.” Jim joked, referring to the lipstick stains that you had left on Ryan’s neck and collar.

Now, the both of you were mortally embarrassed, with everyone still cracking up. Finally, you just pulled Ryan to the back and sat down. Knowing you would have to let this one run its course, you squeezed Ryan’s hand as you planned to be sick the next day.


It’s your girl Lydia, back again with some saphael recommendations!

I am entirely devoted to malec, but this ship is seriously underrated and I’m bringing it to light, so here we go!

A few notes from the compiler:

I still haven’t figured it out, is compiler even a word???

Again, please excuse my editing skills, this one is worse than the last one

I love getting messages from you guys, so keep ‘em coming!

you all have @wontloseyou to thank for this, thank you for requesting it!

As always, we are #blessed

Night Hours by carstairsjems (1,5k) Rating: General Audiences

What were Raphael and Simon really thinking during the whole ‘stick around’ scene in 1x11? And what happened after Clary’s departure?

“I like the way you handled yourself in this negotiation.” Raphael says, pleasantly surprised by Simon’s bravery to stand up to him and his loyalty to his friends. Maybe one day that loyalty would be transferred to Raphael and the clan. He hopes so. He hates the jealousy that wells within him when the fledgling chooses the Shadowhunters over him. ‘No,’ Raphael reprimands himself. ‘Over the clan, I mean.’ “Stick around.”

Pizza by RazzmatazzWillow (0,9k) Rating: General Audiences

Based on a tumblr prompt from @gabrielthetricksterarchangel: who gets hungry in the middle of the night and who walks into the kitchen the next morning to find the first person passed out on the floor surrounded by pizza crusts?

side effects of pretending to be in love by themadtilde (1,7k) Rating: Teen

“I want you to pretend to be my boyfriend,” said Raphael, slowly unfolding his hands form where they were placed on the desk before him.

Pointing North by Thewholocked (1k) Rating: General Audiences

“As far as Simon knew, everyone was born with a compass on their forearm, just below the wrist. Some of them were colored with swirling patterns, some of them were plain, some of them looked ancient and no one knew why, they just accepted it.”

AU where a person is born with a compass that leads them to their soulmate

in another universe by themadtilde (0,9k) Raeting: Teen

Saw this on tumblr: Simon gets stuck in AU just to find out the Raphael Santiago is his boyfriend there and wrote it.

too good to be good for me, too bad that that’s all I need  by moriartyscupoftea (2,3k) Rating: Teen

In which Simon and Raphael go and meet Raphael’s bitter ex old friend, and Simon realizes some things.

“I want you to come with me,” Raphael admitted, probably aiming for casual, but to Simon he sounded embarrassed and anxious. Simon was, if possible, even more confused. “Why would you want me there? I’m not very good at this, this vampirething yet, if you haven’t noticed.” Raphael mumbled something under his breath, which sounded suspiciously like 'how could I have missed that’.

Excuses by kuro1neko2kun (2,2k) Rating: Teen

Simon tries to convince his mom that everything is a-okay and he’s definitely not doing drugs. Things go…interestingly

Mine by babybunnyhunny (1,6k) Rating: Teen

After a long day of hanging out with the shadowhunter gang at the institute, Simon returns to the hotel to find a very irritated and possibly jealous Raphael waiting for him.

Flirting 101 by TrickyVicky3 (3,1k) Rating: Not Rated

Raphael sighs, shaking his head more to himself than anything else as he reaches down for Simon and pulls the other boy up again. “That will be all for today” he pulls the bottom of his tank top up, using the material to wipe away sweat, unaware of Simon’s gaze tracking over his abdomen. “You did good but not good enough, even if you pinning me down was kind of hot”

the art of asking your frenemy on a date by themadtilde (2,8k) Rating: Teen

“Well, how would you have done it? If you were going to ask someone out on your first date. What would Simon Lewis do to make the person you’re frenemies with, agree to go on a date with you?”
“I would do it like this. Raphael Santiago, would you like to go to the movies with me?”
“That wa - what?”

or: Three times Raphael tried to ask Simon on a date, and one time Simon asked him instead.

Texts from Last Night by kuro1neko2kun (0,5k) Rating: Teen

(915): I told you I was good to drive

(1-915): dumbass I drove… you sat in the passengers seat and steered with a paper plate

algunos cosas son del destino by moriartyscupoftea (1,5k) Rating: Teen

Simon is pretty sure Raphael is going to murder him one day, and it’s all going to be Clary’s fault, somehow.

"Listen, guys,” he started. “I don’t think you realize what kind of schedules vampires keep.” Everyone present - Clary, Jace, Izzy and Alec - looked at him with confusion. “What do you mean?” Jace asked, frowning more than usual. Simon gulped. “Imean, it’s, what, three o'clock? Raphael’s sleeping.” Or at least had been when Simon had sneaked out of the bed. “Or, you know, probably is. I wouldn’t know, personally, but it’s an educated guess.” Izzy looked at him with raised brows. Simon was seriously starting to think that his rambling was becoming a problem.

Fuzzy Feelings by kuro1neko2kun (1,1k) Rating: General Audiences 

“I just came out of surgery and I’m convinced you’re my partner but you’re the just the long suffering (and super hot) nurse” AU

forever isn’t too long, when i’m right where i belong  by moriartyscupoftea (4,1k) Rating: Teen

Raphael sat on the living room chair, the cup of tea Magnus had practically forced on him balanced on his knee, while Magnus himself was slouched on the sofa, laughing. “You,” he wheezed in between hysterical fits of giggles, “are going to propose? To Simon?” Raphael pursed his lips, praying for strength from anyone.

I know what you are (say it) bisexual by thankyouforexisting (6,3k) Rating: Teen

Simon tells himself,

It’s not gay, it’s not gay, I’m totally not checking him out, he just had that stain on his right trouser leg….

Raphael is, apparently, a rich as fuck vampire, because the suit shop they go in is fancy as hell. They park in the basement, because, uh, sunlight, and even though dusk has fallen it’s better to be safe than sorry (sorry meaning dead). Raphael keeps smirking, which does nothing to help Simon’s inner mantra that consists of

I’m straight, I’m straight holy fuck is he licking his lip- I’m straight..

“This,” the vampire announces as they walk into the shop, smiling faintly, looking, almost for the first time since Simon’s met him, as if he’s relaxed, “is the greatest place in the world, Simon Lewis.”

He looks at him then, grinning, eyes dark, shining, looking more polished than ever but somehow oddly vulnerable, and Simon’s breath hitches, his insides turning to goo.

His mantra becomes

Let me not jump him, or, at least, not in public..

Customer Satisfication by kuro1neko2kun (2,1k) Rating: Teen

You’re the customer and you get back at me for all the times I’ve spelt your name wrong by mispronouncing my name in increasingly horrible ways’ AU

your left hand man by finkpishnets (4k) Rating: Teen

“Okay,” Simon says, shoving a shirt back into the overly ornate closet that takes up half his room, “this isn’t a nineties movie. There’s not going to be a shopping montage to indie rock chick music, and even though tiny backpacks are probably cool again, please don’t ever buy one.”

Raphael looks at him like he’s a moron. “Do you even understand half the stuff that comes out of your mouth?”

then you’ll wake up by finkpishnets (3,5) Rating: Teen

“How is the training going?” Clary asks, and Simon shrugs, resisting the urge to pull a face.

“Well, Raphael hasn’t staked me yet, so that’s progress.”

5 Times Simon Thought Raphael Was Insulting Him In Spanish (+One Time Simon Realized He Wasn’t) by lizards (6k) Rating: Teen

Raphael likes to lowkey compliment Simon, the only problem is that Simon highkey has no freaking clue what he’s saying.

When’s a monster not an monster? by scalira (7,5k) Rating: General Audiences

Oh, when you love it.

Welcome home by Shadowspeaker (12,5k) Rating: Teen

“Dios,” He whispers to himself, rubbing his face, but it doesn’t take away the absurd thought that’s crossed his mind. He types back a reply eventually and then rolls onto his back to stare at the ceiling. In the dark, the shape of coffee brown iris’ and plush pink lips smiling form. Raphael rolls over with a frustrated growl and grabs up his phone again sending the texts quickly before he can change his mind.

Raphael invites Simon home to meet his family

Not-So Secret Desires by babybunnyhunny (1,7k) Rating: Mature 

With Raphael out meeting with important vampires, Simon thinks he’ll finally have some alone-time. However, his night ends up going way differently then he expected…

I hope I did an okay job, please reblog and share it so as many people as possible get to see it and use it! I appreciate you all and thank you!

/Lydia Isabelle

Acknowledge Your Ghost Story

I hope you guys like this one!!! It is mostly setting the scene for the fight at the Triskelion, but hopefully it provides you with some insight into how the characters are feeling. There is some tension, but also some sweet moments.

If you have any feedback, please let me know : )



You didn’t sleep at all. How could you? Your mind was racing. Your husband, who had died in 1944, was sitting on the bed, keeping an eye on you. He was very different though. He couldn’t remember you, not really. Or Steve. Or your lives together. But it was him.

The previous day had gone by in a blur. You had escaped death by Hydra’s clutches, by your husband’s hands, and today you were preparing to infiltrate the Triskelion, and take down the Helicarriers.

First though, you needed a plan. Luckily, Fury had one.

On the way to Fury’s safe house, you all remained silent. Bucky felt confused, and unwelcome. Nat was still angry. Sam was wary. And Steve… his emotional range currently mirrored your own.

After arriving, you wanted to get straight to business. You needed to throw yourself into something, to keep yourself busy. But Fury was concerned that he counted one extra head than he expected.

“Fury, I know it is difficult to understand, but he can help us,” Steve spoke, trying to convince him.

Fury looked around. You hoped that he would not ask Nat for her opinion. She was still fuming. Not that you could blame her.

“Barnes,” Fury eventually said, looking directly at you. “I know he is your husband, and you love him. But, can you guarantee that he won’t cause problems?”

You looked at Bucky, who looked back at you silently.

“Sir, he wants to remember who he was before Hydra. I can guarantee that he is sincere. I can feel it.

“Please. You created a group that works really well together, with people who needed second chances, who needed people to believe in them, and who needed something to believe in.

“James deserves a second chance just like Nat. He deserves people who will believe in him, like Bruce. And he deserves something to believe in, like Steve.”

Fury silently considered your words, before he nodded. “Alright. We can use as many hands as possible on this one, and we don’t have much time. This will be his field test, but he is your responsibility.”

“Of course.”

After some silence, Hill began to speak.

“Great. Now, these Helicarriers need to be taken down, as quickly as possible. They cannot be allowed to run the algorithm Zola wrote. Otherwise, millions of people will die.”

“So, what’s the plan?” Steve asked.

Hill placed a box on the table, and opened it for you all to see. Inside it, nestled into protective foam, were three computer chips.

“If we pull a chip from each of the Helicarriers and replace them with one of these, then that will do the trick. It has to be all of three Helicarriers though. One or two won’t cut it.”

The plan was simple enough, but you had no doubt that the execution would be more complicated.

You were to infiltrate the Triskelion as a group, aside from Nat and Fury. Once you gained access to the control room, Steve would take a Helicarrier, Sam would take one, and you and Bucky would handle the third, while Hill overlooked the whole operation.

Meanwhile, Nat would go undercover and enter into a meeting that Pierce was hosting. She would be able to release Hydra secrets online, effectively ending them.

“Maybe then we could salvage what is left of SHIELD from the wreckage,” Fury said.

“No, Nick. Hydra grew inside SHIELD for years without you noticing. We can’t risk that happening again,” Steve said in his most authoritative Captain America voice.

“Why do you think we’re all here? I noticed,” Fury replied. He looked around the room, for approval. His eyes fell on Sam.

“Don’t look at me, I do what he does, only slower,” Sam replied.

Fury looked at Hill, who slowly shook her head. A glance in your direction, and he was greeted with a sad smile.


Soon, you were all getting ready. A duffel bag slide in front of you, and you looked up at Steve with a cocked eyebrow.

“What’s this?” you asked, fiddling with the zip curiously. Your mouth fell open when you saw what was inside.

It was one of your old Howling Commando uniforms. It was exactly how you remembered it, and you had no doubt that it would fit you.

“Where did you…?”

“Let’s just say, the night watchman at the Smithsonian is going to get in a bit of trouble,” he replied.

“Oh Steve, you didn’t steal these?”

“I borrowed them. I mean, they were ours to begin with,” Steve replied, raising a playful eyebrow at you.

You stepped into a changing stall, and began to get into your old get up. There was something strange about it all.

“Wait. What do you mean ‘they were ours’?” you asked, stepping back out of the stall, and putting your civilian attire into the duffel bag.

Steve exited his stall too, and your heart swelled when you saw him in his old uniform. The bright blue, and old design brought back so many memories. You felt a familiar feeling of pride as you watched him placing his regular clothing in the bag with yours.

Bucky walked silently into the room, and stopped in his tracks, watching the two of you smiling at each other.

“James, is something wrong?” you asked, turning your attention to him. He remained silent, a slight shake of his head the only answer he gave.

“Are you ready for this Buck?” Steve asked, picking his shield up, and slipping it onto his arm.

A discreet nod.

Bucky was feeling confused, and his dulled emotions were swirling violently within him. You could sense jealousy. It was the jealousy of a person on the outside, looking in.

Bucky wanted to remember. He wanted to be on the inside, with you and Steve, as it always was. You took a small amount of comfort in that desire of his. It tied him to you.

“(Y/N)? Are you ready?”

“Nearly,” you replied, and then made your way out of the room, leaving Steve and Bucky together.

You followed the emotions that you could sense, and they led you straight to the person you wanted to see. You took a deep breath, and approached her.

“Nat? Are you ok?” you asked quietly. You knew that you were just as at fault for your altercation with her. You could only hope that she would be willing to talk to you.

“I’m fine. A little nervous, but this is a big mission,” she replied in a noncommittal manner.

“Nat, I just wanted to say that…”

“I’m sorry,” both Nat and yourself said at the same time.

You remained silent for a moment, before a smile flashed across her beautiful face, and she shook her head with a small laugh.

“Listen, (Y/N), I can’t trust him. Not yet. But, he is your husband, and I should have been more understanding. If I were in your place, I’d fight for him too.”

“Well, I’m sorry too. I’m supposed to be the person who can put themselves in another person’s shoes, but I let my emotions get the better of me… he’s your ghost story. I should have acknowledged that.”

“Alright then. After this is over, we’ll sit down and acknowledge my ghost story, and your husband. How does that sound?” Nat asked.

“That sounds good,” you smiled your reply.

“Time is running out,” you heard Hill say, walking into the room. “Everyone ready?”

You nodded, and before you knew it, you were on your way to the Triskelion.

We Need Your Help!

Toonami is starting up a sort of behind the scenes streaming podcast with the pictures and the internets. Hoping to have something up in a few weeks.

We’re going to be answering some questions, and showing some clips amongst other talking parts, and we need you guys’ help. 

1) What was the first anime you watched? Tell us about it!

2) What general questions would you like to ask us? Keep it simple, and remember, we can’t talk about past, present, or future show acquisitions, so please don’t ask.

3) Send us the favorite promo (that you’ve made yourself) for a Toonami show that’s on the air now or has been on in the last year or two. You can send this link, for now, to Jason DeMarco’s account: It’s cool if you haven’t made one, but if you have, send us a link! We’ll pick our favorite one and talk about it on the show!

Shit Said/Done In My Theatre Class Starters
  • “[Name], you’re a Jewish butcher, not an Italian chef. Please stop with the accent… it’s not even close.”
  • “Will you stop fondling your nipples in class, it’s making me uncomfortable.”
  • “…did you just eat part of the broom?”
  • *aggressively twerks on partner while singing a love ballad*
  • “Why is Cinderella’s prince some kind of BDSM dominatrix?”
  • “Sorry, I didn’t mean to stab you in the cooch like that.”
  • “This is an early 20th century Jewish village in antisemitic Russia… so wearing sexy lingerie is out of the question for the dream scene.”
  • “Can we do Newsies, because I will cross-dress to play Medda. I don’t care if I’m half Puerto Rican, male, and six-foot-five, I’ll do it.” 
  • “Stop trying to shove her off of the top of the set, I don’t want to fill out the paperwork.”
  • “I can’t concentrate on my lines when he is gyrating his dick into my bellybutton!”
  • “Stop spanking him with the whip, this isn’t a sex dungeon, it’s a wedding in fifteenth century Italy.”
  • “Please stop whipping your princess, that’s not how you win her heart.”
  • “Can I body slam you during our scene? I’ll try to keep from breaking your spine.”
  • “*in a sweet voice* If one more of you little shits touches the completed bios, I will have to cut off your dicks and feed them to you. If you do not have a penis, I will just slice off your nipples.”
  • “Why am I always the slut?”
  • “I like how no matter what, I always get the part of either the weird guy or the drunk.”
  • “What the fuck, why is my name Gretchen???”
  • “Fuck you too bitch, I’m a sexy-ass goddess!”
  • “Look at all these bitches”
  • “Where is my child…”
  • *punches a man in the face while holding a two year old* 
  • “Okay… Can you not slap your sister with a broom?”
  • *steals a stool by shoving it into over-sized handbag* 
  • “The kiss looks like he’s a dementor trying to suck out her soul, and she’s just letting it happen.”
  • “Oh my god I look like a motherfucking princess”
  • “When I am tired of my job, I am going to put on the show American Idiot and go out with a bang.”
  • “Shit, I forgot to make the exit wound on my face!”
  • “If you hit that buzzer one more time, I’m going to beat you both!”
  • *accidentally turns the gyro-ball lights during a sad ballad*
  • “We can’t figure out the gunshots, so just go hit the set with a hammer six times.”
  • “We’ve apparently got some 1940′s orgy to get back to, so… got to go.”
  • “So no one go into the room for a little while… we might have tried to spray paint the backdrop and the fumes are so bad I think I might be high.”
  • “Why on earth would you spray pepper spray into the air right before a show?!?”

What disgusts me about Clexa is that you guys keep posting things like “omg Clarke spit on Lexa, she loves her. They basically kissed” and associating the scene with a marriage proposal. You keep associating things otherwise known as ABUSE with love. And you’re reblogging it and these posts have like 2k notes on them and I wanna know how many of those notes are from impressionable young people who are now thinking it’s hot and romantic to call/be called names. You see the fucking problem? Yes, please give me lgbtqa representation. No, don’t fucking give me what would be considered an abusive relationship today for the sake of being able to say there’s a f/f relationship on this show. How would you guys feel if one of your friends/family came and told you their “significant other” SPIT ON THEM, CALLED THEM A BITCH, MADE THEM A PROMISE AND ABANDONED THEM, THREATENED TO KILL THEM, etc. Please don’t tell me you’re gonna look at them and be like “wow you’re perfect for eachother”, “you’re basically married”, “that’s true love.”


The intoxicatingly alluring @apricotica tagged me to share my idiosyncrasies. Feeling super naked right now. Avert your gaze, please. I’m a grow-er, not a show-er.

  1. If we’re at a rock show of somebody I like a lot and am familiar with, I’m going to sing along—very loudly, and quite well. Enough to attract the attention of everyone around us in the crowd. Be ready for that. Also in the car. You’re going to be serenaded, and I will surf stations aggressively/manically until I find something good for singing.
  2. The idea of getting a manicure fills me with anxiety and revulsion. Not because of some kind of toxic testosterone poisoning, but because I’m extremely particular about how I keep my nails for musical reasons and I absolutely cannot imagine entrusting another human, even a professional or a loved one, with something so important. (Pedicures don’t bother me, but I have horrific runner toes and nobody, professional or loved one, wants any part of that scene.)
  3. I’m not a picky eater by any stretch. But if it’s supposed to be served hot, I need it served fuckin’ hot, like surface-of-the-sun hot. Anything less is, as the tumblr kids say, problematic. I’m that guy at restaurants. And please don’t be offended if you serve me dinner at your house and I ask where your microwave is.
  4. I can’t sleep or even rest if there is some aspect of my home’s technology that’s not working 100%. I must fix it. Now. And please don’t talk to me while I’m working on it, because this is the most important thing, ever.
  5. Expect me to look directly in your eyes a lot when we’re talking, possibly to the point it makes you a little uncomfortable. I’m not trying to make it more serious than it needs to be, it’s just what I do. Your eyes tell your whole story. And they’re pretty.

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