please keep credit to the artist


NAME CHANGE: nightflightversell

that art trade and commission scammer (whom also reposts artwork without proper credits. I found some neondragon stuff on there) has changed their url. Keep an eye out folks, and stay safe!!

artists get dicked around a lot as it without this bullshit from people. STAY SAFE GUYS. and please spread the word!!


in my sophomore year of college this guy made these items which quickly became a craze across campus. i myself bought one of his sweaters, which says “GOOD AND DEAD” across the chest and “ARM PAIN” along the sleeves. he showed up at 11 pm on a bicycle to deliver the goods in the dead of winter, wearing a metal t-shirt tucked into khakis. his facebook screen name is an indecipherable series of symbols. i have no authentic way to credit him but i want to share his art with you.

UPDATE! i was able to identify the artist as daniel guinness. he gave me permission to keep these images up and to include his email address if you would like to buy one! please support his art :)

SECOND UPDATE! i have received word that dan is not currently making the sweaters! he was able to get a fulltime position somewhere, let’s all cheer him on!!!

Bone correspondences

A little while ago, I realized that there is NO info on what bones to use for what. I was clueless and had no idea where to begin. Research was fruitless and asking others came with no results.
So I sat down during preap algebra 2 and made my own list.
These are my own correspondences, based off of what I felt like and remembering bits of spells I’d thought about. They are 100% my own, taken from no one.
Please give me credit if you use it anywhere else :)
I also know I haven’t included every bone out there, if I missed one msg me, I’ll give it some thought and see what happens! :D

▪Teeth- communication, learning other language, news, defense
▪Skull- thoughts, divination, communication, spirit work, astral
▪Spine- support, confidence, level headed
▪Arm- help, blocking (curses, hexes, psychic attacks, etc)
▪Wrist- flexibility, hard work
▪Hand- art, artistic ability, creativity, energy
▪Fingers- fluidity, progress, endurance
▪Nails/ claws- fighting, protection, finding things out, knowledge, struggle, balance
▪Rib- agility, protection
▪Hip- ebdurance, keeping it together
▪leg- endurance, travel, strength
▪Ankle- movement, moving on, catalyst
▪Foot- endurance, moving on, leaving things behind, hard work, independence, luck
▪Toe- balance, help, prosperity, money, changing luck (for the better or worse)
▪Tail- (like actual bones in the animals tail, not the tailbone) agility, secrecy, alarm, cursing

(Edited to include:) ▪Antlers- strength, endurance, masculine energy, Cernunnos, protection, more centered toward nature and earth, deflecting curses, and hope. ▪Horns- wealth, the home, determination, aggressive protection, more centered toward that which is man made, and cursing (Second edit) ▪Wings- adventure, deviating from the norm, sending/ receiving messages, travel, starting a new adventure/ path, hope, luck, wishes, comfort (let it be amplifying or taking away) The type of bird would also affect the correspondences; the wing bones, to me, would increase the things the bird stands for

Time for another book review!  Here is Yuri!!! on ICE Official Fanbook GO YURI GO!!!,  published by Shufu to Seikatsusha.  This is a new book that just came out this week, and it’s filled with oodles of pictures and information about the wonderful Yuri!!! on Ice anime and its characters.  Do you like the cover art?  There’s actually more to it… the artwork continues onto the back, showing Otabek, Chris, Phichit, and JJ.  The dust jacket is also removable, and the alternate cover art hidden underneath has lots of little pictures of Makkachin (and the Makkachin tissue case, too). Very cute!

This book is not available in English or French (although it has a few bits of English text here and there), but there are plenty of illustrations to enjoy.  Many of the pics are in full color, and there are some nifty black-and-white sketches as well.  As an example of what can be found in this book, check out this stuff about Phichit’s “Shall We Skate?” outfit: 

Keep reading for the rest of the book review, plus a few more pictures! 

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If anyone sees this fanart, please don’t reblog!!!
If you have already reblogged it, please delete it!!

This fanart belongs to the artist 黒兎 on pixiv and twitter, and they don’t allow any reposts of their arts, this is even written clearly on their profile :

You can find this artist on their own blog @au-to, follow and support them there instead!!

We talked to the user but they’ve only added credits, and sadly it keeps being reblogged so, by respect for this artist, please stop reblogging it and delete all reblogs!!!

Thank you and be careful~

Do not support reposts, respect the artists and encourage them on their pages!

Check our PSA tag for more blogs warnings

You’ve Got To Be FUCKING Kidding Me

This seems to happen every time a new book by Sarah J. Maas comes out. The fandoms become vicious and hurtful. But seriously I had hoped we grew up and wouldn’t go through this again.

YES, SJM may have said Elain and Azriel are not cannon. BUT THAT DOENS’T MEAN THAT PEOPLE CAN’T STILL TALK ABOUT THEM. That does not give people the right to bash others beliefs and thoughts, hopes and dreams. They have just as much of a right to keep putting out their head-cannon ship headcanons as you do putting out cannon ship headcanons.

NO, YOU CANNOT TAKE OTHER PEOPLE’S WORK. That means their text, their art or their pictures. You CANNOT crop out watermarks, you cannot alter their pieces even the slightest and try and pass it off as yours. You cannot claim ownership from the piece if it is not yours. Yes, you might have found it online without the watermarks, BUT IF THE ARTISTS OR WRITER TELLS YOU IT IS THEIRS AND TO PLEASE CREDIT THEM. CREDIT THEM !!!!!! You do not have the right not to. To do anything that alters the originality and authenticity of the piece is, for all intense and purposes, stealing. 

YES, there are spoilers floating around. But for mine at least THEY ARE TAGGED !!!! And I for one may not put the word SPOILERS in all caps and bolded in the title. BUT PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE and when you see the words CHAOL and TOWER OF DAWN in the same sentence ASSUME THE POST INCLUDES FUCKING SPOILERS. 

NO, Artists are not always going to portray the characters as how YOU saw them. But that is how THEY saw them. That is how they created them. And you should be damn well grateful that they took the time to create their artwork. The SJM fandoms have, in my opinion, some of the best artists. And it is disgusting when people tell them to change something and that its different in the books. They have artistic liberty and if you want the piece a certain way THEN MAKE THAT ART YOURSELF 

And finally, THESE ARE SJM’s BOOKS. These are her characters and she has had years to develop them in the way she wants them to go. They may not be the way you want. But too bad. Accept and be happy that she is putting books out that have strong independent women in them that build each other up and can actually conquer the world. 

I’m not saying there shouldn’t be any criticism but PLEASE let’s try as a fandom to not be as cruel as we have been in the past this time around. Because in the past few months, with the amount of hate and disrespect I've seen. It’s made me rethink logging on to Tumblr and posting many times. 

Can IG ACOTAR accounts stop posting posts on Tumblr without the respected credit?

I found a post from the ‘Explore’ tab on Ig and it’s a screenshot on Tumblr, created by one of us here. And I clicked on it because there was no credit to that person? And as I’m scrolling I find a couple of my own personal posts WITH MY URL CROPPED OUT?

What the actual fuck? How hard is it to KEEP PEOPLE’S URLS ON THE POST. I swear I never get salty, except for this shit. 

Copyright and giving credit where credit is due is a form of respect to the person who originally posted it. I would never share someone’s painting or song or novel somewhere without acknowledging where it’s from. The same reason why you footnote, or you Harvard reference on a paper. I come from a heavy graphic design, photography background and I AM BIG ON ARTIST APPROPRIATION.

STOP THIS SHIT PLEASE. It doesn’t take more effort to leave someone’s URL on your screenshot. RANT OVER.

Attn: Tumblr Staff

These porn bots must be taken care of. Enough is enough.

Porn bots are getting more abundant, more persistent, and more intrusive by the hour. This goes beyond the personal preferences and convenience of the average Tumblr user, this is a serious issue, and it will continue to be until you do something about it.

Porn bots are not just annoying, trashy, and inappropriate, they are also potentially harmful to Tumblr users in the following ways:

  • Teasing users who suffer from depression (or who are even just having a horrible day) with false followers. Receiving ten new followers inside of an hour can really raise somebody’s spirits only to bring them way back down again when they discover those followers are all meaningless. For an emotionally fragile person, this can be very harmful.
  • Exposing users who may be survivors of sexual violence or abuse to potentially triggering material. Victims of rape, sexual assault, molestation, etc. can be triggered by seeing certain imagery. When several bots follow you on a daily basis, this is a constant reminder of things some users may be trying to avoid for their emotional well-being.
  • Exposing minors to inappropriate and offensive content. Porn bots target everyone, not only blogs with similar content or those whose admins are of an appropriate age. Children and teens could be exposed to sexual content before they are emotionally mature enough to see it.
  • Portraying, promoting, and glamorizing offensive and illegal forms of sex. A good number of the bots that follow my blogs are ones that promote sex with minors. The women are very petite and dressed up as babies, school girls, teens, etc. Sometimes even the posts’ text will contain the words “young,” “nubile,” or “teen”. This is disgraceful. It encourages pedophilic behavior, which is both disgusting and a crime.
  • Suggesting that clicking through links in the posts will take them to outside websites where user can contact women for sex. This is not what Tumblr should be about at all, and it is definitely adding a seedy undertone to the Tumblr experience for many users.
  • Being extremely degrading to women. The posts on porn bots display offensive and degrading language, used to describe the women in the pictures of gifs on each post. This promotes treating and thinking about women as objects for pleasure or judges them solely on the appearance of certain body parts instead of valuing them as real people with feelings.
  • Stealing gifs and images and passing them off as their own. In my travels I had seen a tasteful nude photograph on an art blog. The exact same day, I was followed by a porn bot that used that very same image in a post without any credit given to the artist. A blurb containing offensive language had been put in place of the artist’s caption. This is stealing, and it is not okay. It also makes me wonder if bots can somehow pick up on my browsing history and attempt to generate posts that might appeal to the blogs they then follow. If so, this is targeted and invasive harassment.

For many users, Tumblr is a place to express creativity, communicate with friends, and have a good time. Please, let’s keep it that way by getting rid of these bothersome, intrusive, shady, and potentially harmful porn bots.

Thank you.

people who repost my art and put the credit in the comment below BUT remove my watermark and/or signature…………………


why would you?? if you’re still crediting???

i’m not sure if you’re trying to steal my art or not?????

but you sure as hell make it easier for other people to do just that…

if you care for the artist and have any respect for them whatsoever, never remove their signature

I found out that a submission that was posted a couple days ago has had the credit for the artist linked directly to a porn site instead. If anyone sees anything like that please contact me and let me know! The submission guidelines for this blog require that the artists themselves submit their own work, this person decided to try to use someone else’s art to lure people to their porn site. I try my best to keep up with who’s submitting but this one slipped though :/ 

Hey, for the love of fuck, please do not repost my art.

You are stealing.

You do not have my permission. If you have reposted (that is reuploaded somewhere else), please take my stuff down. You are not helping me. You are HURTING me. You are causing me a shit ton of stress. Stress that can fucking kill.

Please do not repost my art.

Reblogs are fine, I appreciate that. That isn’t stealing.

Just a reminder: You need DIRECT PERMISSION from an artist to reupload their work. Saying “credit to artist” or “not mine”  It’s still stealing.

Please don’t make me quit doing art.. Please don’t cause this unwanted stress.

You reposters are what makes an artist quit. You can also kill someone. Keep that in mind. Stress. Kills.

Good day!

Just a quick note to highlight an issue that has come to my attention these past few weeks. 

When you reblog a reproduction of an artwork, PLEASE keep the captions. And here’s why:

1. Credit to the artist, ALWAYS. Artworks are still WORK. Credit the artist damn it. They deserve it. They didn’t go to art school and practised till their fingers bled for you to reblog their works without captions. 

2. Art blogs such as mine work really hard to find the details and links to these artworks so keep the DAMN CAPTIONS DAMN IT. 

3. So far I was willing to pretend that I don’t see you all reblogging shit without captions but from now on I shall name and shame you. If you are one of those people that keep doing this, please be my guest and feel free to click on that ‘unfollow’ button. You shall not be missed, I can assure you. 

Please feel free to contact me for a further debate on the matter. 


Your friendly neighbourhood art historian. 

Why *some* artists don’t like resposts?

- The artist, a person who work for hours, sometimes weeks or possibly even - months, to make content you can enjoy for free. 

- The reposter, a person who save a image in a few seconds, and repost it on a different social media - often without the artist’s written agreement. Bringing attention to their profile and getting followers without any effort.

Artists don’t have to make content for us, and they are not getting paid for it. Their only profit is by commissions, and for this they need visibility. By reposting you’re getting their attention, how someone would commission an artist that they don’t know the name or page? Do artists not deserve to get revenue for their skills and labor? Also, it’s hurtful and discouraging for the artist when the reposts get more popular than the originals

So if the consent wasn’t explicitly given, don’t repost. Respect the original creator’s decision.

But it seems people don’t now what proper crediting looks like, for this reason i did a sample:

Clear credit must be given for any reference used and published, stating clearly: [ URL ], a link back to their profile [ Permalink ] and a explicity written permission:

Don’t repost. Permission to post this was given by the original artist to upload this work. Please contact the artist for further use of the artwork. If you liked this fanart, you can follow and support the artist.”

Leave a like and reblog artworks from the original artist, support them to keep doing art.

- By Mod Cat @fandom-positivity


Something That Needs To Be Addressed:

My embroidery piece called “Little Lonely Soul” (first posted on my Instagram as seen in the first photo) has become very popular, which I’m grateful for. The problem with that is, EVERYONE REPOSTS IT WITHOUT CREDITING ME SO NOBODY KNOWS THAT I AM THE ARTIST. Now, I do realize that I should have put a watermark or something on it, I just didn’t want to ruin the photograph. This piece is very dear to me and aesthetic blogs keep reposting it without even attempting to give credit. So, if you do use this, please credit me. This is a problem that happens to ALL artists. Not just me, but with any artist, please please please remember to give credit. Thank you.