please keep credit to the artist


in my sophomore year of college this guy made these items which quickly became a craze across campus. i myself bought one of his sweaters, which says “GOOD AND DEAD” across the chest and “ARM PAIN” along the sleeves. he showed up at 11 pm on a bicycle to deliver the goods in the dead of winter, wearing a metal t-shirt tucked into khakis. his facebook screen name is an indecipherable series of symbols. i have no authentic way to credit him but i want to share his art with you.

UPDATE! i was able to identify the artist as daniel guinness. he gave me permission to keep these images up and to include his email address if you would like to buy one! please support his art :)

Bone correspondences

A little while ago, I realized that there is NO info on what bones to use for what. I was clueless and had no idea where to begin. Research was fruitless and asking others came with no results.
So I sat down during preap algebra 2 and made my own list.
These are my own correspondences, based off of what I felt like and remembering bits of spells I’d thought about. They are 100% my own, taken from no one.
Please give me credit if you use it anywhere else :)
I also know I haven’t included every bone out there, if I missed one msg me, I’ll give it some thought and see what happens! :D

▪Teeth- communication, learning other language, news, defense
▪Skull- thoughts, divination, communication, spirit work, astral
▪Spine- support, confidence, level headed
▪Arm- help, blocking (curses, hexes, psychic attacks, etc)
▪Wrist- flexibility, hard work
▪Hand- art, artistic ability, creativity, energy
▪Fingers- fluidity, progress, endurance
▪Nails/ claws- fighting, protection, finding things out, knowledge, struggle, balance
▪Rib- agility, protection
▪Hip- ebdurance, keeping it together
▪leg- endurance, travel, strength
▪Ankle- movement, moving on, catalyst
▪Foot- endurance, moving on, leaving things behind, hard work, independence, luck
▪Toe- balance, help, prosperity, money, changing luck (for the better or worse)
▪Tail- (like actual bones in the animals tail, not the tailbone) agility, secrecy, alarm, cursing

(Edited to include:) ▪Antlers- strength, endurance, masculine energy, (if you’re Wiccan, the horned God), protection, more centered toward nature and earth, deflecting curses, and hope. ▪Horns- wealth, the home, determination, aggressive protection, more centered toward that which is man made, and cursing

If anyone sees this fanart, please don’t reblog!!!
If you have already reblogged it, please delete it!!

This fanart belongs to the artist 黒兎 on pixiv and twitter, and they don’t allow any reposts of their arts, this is even written clearly on their profile :

You can find this artist on their own blog @au-to, follow and support them there instead!!

We talked to the user but they’ve only added credits, and sadly it keeps being reblogged so, by respect for this artist, please stop reblogging it and delete all reblogs!!!

Thank you and be careful~

Do not support reposts, respect the artists and encourage them on their pages!

Check our PSA tag for more blogs warnings

Can IG ACOTAR accounts stop posting posts on Tumblr without the respected credit?

I found a post from the ‘Explore’ tab on Ig and it’s a screenshot on Tumblr, created by one of us here. And I clicked on it because there was no credit to that person? And as I’m scrolling I find a couple of my own personal posts WITH MY URL CROPPED OUT?

What the actual fuck? How hard is it to KEEP PEOPLE’S URLS ON THE POST. I swear I never get salty, except for this shit. 

Copyright and giving credit where credit is due is a form of respect to the person who originally posted it. I would never share someone’s painting or song or novel somewhere without acknowledging where it’s from. The same reason why you footnote, or you Harvard reference on a paper. I come from a heavy graphic design, photography background and I AM BIG ON ARTIST APPROPRIATION.

STOP THIS SHIT PLEASE. It doesn’t take more effort to leave someone’s URL on your screenshot. RANT OVER.

Nosebleed Club Field Journal

Hi everyone! I have a project idea for you all: a “field journal,” wherein you submit works, and I select a few pieces from the submissions pool to showcase in a free e-book! I will make no money off of this project, and full credit will be given to artists whose works I choose.

The title for this project is still pending, but right now I have three chapters in mind:


FOUNDATIONS will discuss childhoods, formative experiences, people who raised you, personal and political histories, the birth of cities. THE EXPLORER will address the spirit of adventure, foreign lands, rediscovering one’s neighborhood, wildernesses, outer space, the sea. THE LOVER will focus on sexuality, self love, healing, separation, reunion.

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Good day!

Just a quick note to highlight an issue that has come to my attention these past few weeks. 

When you reblog a reproduction of an artwork, PLEASE keep the captions. And here’s why:

1. Credit to the artist, ALWAYS. Artworks are still WORK. Credit the artist damn it. They deserve it. They didn’t go to art school and practised till their fingers bled for you to reblog their works without captions. 

2. Art blogs such as mine work really hard to find the details and links to these artworks so keep the DAMN CAPTIONS DAMN IT. 

3. So far I was willing to pretend that I don’t see you all reblogging shit without captions but from now on I shall name and shame you. If you are one of those people that keep doing this, please be my guest and feel free to click on that ‘unfollow’ button. You shall not be missed, I can assure you. 

Please feel free to contact me for a further debate on the matter. 


Your friendly neighbourhood art historian. 

@ Reposters

So, you’ve stumbled upon someone’s art that you really like. You take the image and re-upload it to your own blog/twitter/page to share it with your audience. No big deal, right?

100% incorrect. Do. Not. Do. This.

Please for the love of fuck, do not do this. 

Always ask permission before reposting others’ work. This is not your property to just throw around as you wish.

“But the artist uploaded it onto the internet! It’s fair use!”
No, no it is not. Artists trust their audience to respect their works and not steal them when they share their work with you. 

“The artist should be thankful for my reposts!! I get them attention!!”
Thankful that you don’t value our work enough to abide by our simple wishes that you not steal our work? Really??? And yes, you may get the art attention, but that attention is going to you. Not the artist.

“But I’m not claiming it as my own, so it’s not really stealing!!”
Please understand that others may assume that since you are uploading the art, you are the artist. You then get all the credit from the traffic that sees your repost of someone else’s work. It is technically stealing.

“But I gave credit!!”
Great, you’re on the right track– however, you still have to ask the artist to repost their work. They may not want their works redistributed where they can’t keep track of it.

Reposting others’ art without permission is just as much stealing as it is to copy+paste Wikipedia articles word-for-word on your essays. Treat artists with the respect they deserve for fueling your demand for art content.

If you do want to share the artist’s work with your audience, ask before you repost or if you are on a site such as Tumblr or Twitter, just smash that handy reblog/retweet button, as artists fucking love when their art is shared like that– It’s a win-win situation.

If you want to use my artwork...

Please. Please ask first beforehand. I’m totally okay when people reposting my fan arts on other social medias, but don’t crop / blur the watermark.

Secondly, regarding the usage of my oc pictures for RP or repost or personal use, i’m sorry, i do not allow it. Repost with permission, please. Unless if you want to rp as one of my oc, please keep them in character and do not alter their profiles. And of course, please ask first or at least give proper credit.

Third, commissioned pictures are strictly not allowed to be used. They are exclusively for my clients and a part of my portfolio. Please keep in mind, that some people worked so hard to pay artists to make their characters alive.

I know i may seem like very insecure about it. Some people kept telling me “if you don’t want people to steal it, don’t fucking post it” and whatsoever. But i have rights to speak up my mind. I put a lot of effort on every piece of my ocs, and for people to take and use it for their own ocs, i just can’t //sigh. Well sorry for the rant. I have no grudge against anyone. I just can’t keep it for myself..

[ENG TRANS] ANAN - Daesung Feb.2017

Source: Anan (Feb. 2017)

Please credit (@mmvvip) when taking out. Thanks!


Anan: We have chosen D-LITE as a representative of “relate-able person”. We’ve asked him how he feels about this and he mumbles “I’m flattered…” in a fading voice. Even so he’s a member of BIGBANG, a group which held multiple of successful dome concerts, and in fact this coming spring he will be an solo artist to be on the same stage!

D: I never came to think that I am a special person. I look for what I lack all the time, and I like to keep doing that. And when I look for them, I can find ALOT (laughs).
I accept my small eyes, bow legs and other physical traits, but I would never want to give up on things that I can manage to improve, like the way I sing.

And as for the the things I still lack, my fans, members and staffs fulfill them. So if you call me a relate-able person, it is because of those people (who help me). Especially, the power of the fans is tremendous. There were so many times when I was sick and lost my voice during the concert, and overcame that by looking at the fans’ faces. I believe there’s power that I can’t see with my eyes that I receive from the fans.

A: D-LITE is famous for his “angelic smile” that makes everyone happy. Every time he loosens his face with a smile, the stage and the audience gets closer and closer. He has been beaming during this interview. Seems like he can never be angry but…

D: Of course there are times when I get angry. Things that need to be said even with anger must be said. The first time when I got angry was during D'scover production. Before that, I believed getting emotional won’t solve anything and I was a “yes man” who would accept everything. But after going to hospitals to get my throat checked, the doctors told me “I’m concerned about your mental health than your throat. You should express yourself more.” All of the doctors told me it’s better to let my feeling out, so I decided not to keep everything to myself. When I get mad and make a bad atmosphere, that only last for a bit. Most important is the piece of work that will last forever. I could keep my smile on stage because the staffs who work with me offstage accept my feelings. There may be times I require them patience. It’s the reason why how much the staffs and I can share our ideas and thoughts with each other determine if we can work together or not.

A: What is the difference between business scenes that require to say “no” for a better result, and scenes in a relationship?

D: When I am really in love, I can accept basically anything. But this question: “Me or work. Which is more important?” is a real trouble. There are times when I get short notice work schedule right? And when I get that question it gives me a headache. What do I answer? I say things like “I gotta go to work but my heart is here with you~” and leave (laughs).

A: By the way, you are the only one who doesn’t use SNS in BIGBANG.

D: A while ago, I made an Instagram account just to see what the members are posting. But I ended up not checking at all (laughs) From when I was little I never liked taking pictures or getting pictures taken. While doing things like “Look here~ 3,2,1”, I  think “why am I doing this??” I regret that I don’t have a lot of pictures from my childhood because of this, but when I’m moved by the scene, I rather see the scene with my eyes than taking pictures. When I visit places, I don’t really like being satisfied by just taking pics and leave.

A: D-LITE receives lots of love from the fans and staffs, but indeed, BIGBANG members are the ones who he feels the most connected.

D: We each have different personalities and interests. The only thing we have in common is that we each have our own ways of doing (laughs). For the first 5 years of our career, we were so different from each other that we were troubled. But recording ALIVE made our situations change. We came to accept our differences. Our teamwork got better after realizing that we each are puzzle pieces with different shapes that are put together to make one piece. By now, I know what each of them are thinking just by looking at their eyes.

A: Five puzzle pieces are perfectly fit to make BIGBANG. The main key of the teamwork is balancer, D-LITE.

D: SOL-kun and VI are the types who would take the initiative to step forward and get the attention. TOP-san and G-Dragon-san are the types who gets all the eyes even without doing anything. I want to be the person who keeps watching behind them.  I don’t want to step forward.  I must watch them from behind and do a “traffic control” (laughs)

A: It is a miraculous five piece group.

D: Can it really be sure that the five piece was good, (jokingly pointing at VI on a magazine), or was 4 piece better. I will let everyone decide on that(laughs).

What does D-LITE think about his charms that melts people’s hearts?

Voice : My voice has been my complex. It seems a bit blurred and not clear. It changes it’s mood so I have to pamper it (laughs). But, the happiest moment is when I’m singing. I want to keep singing as long as I can so I keep doing voice trainings, and I learned the vocalization of the “right voice” so there’s no stress to my throat. If I change my singing all of the sudden though, it’s rude for those who loves my current voice.. I better not forget my true traits.

Lips: Is it sexy? I just think they are pink (laughs) I decided to make my nose and lips into an ice tray merchandise because those two are what people can be reminded as me the most. I always take note of new merchandise ideas as they come up. I have too many ideas actually. One thing I I would want to change are my legs. If I could make my bow legs straight, I would be few cm taller. My mom bought me bow legs fixing machine but it didn’t work on me..

Humor: Humor is a big part of me. I’d be so glad if I can make the bright atmosphere and make people happy. I loved to make the classmates laugh at school. But when I was at home, I never talked. My parents were strict and my grades weren’t well so I remained silent (laughs) My sister had good grades unlike me. She would be frustrated just by missing a single problem on an exam. I had no words to say…


(Image from the LazyTown official website. Not mine).

***LazyAbridged: Call for Writers, VA’s, and Artists***

What it is: LazyAbridged is an idea for an abridged-series type fandub of LazyTown. This is a fanmade project for fun with no intention of making money. In order to bring this idea to life, we will have to assemble a crew. Here’s who we will need:

Writers: People to come up with jokes which will be put together in the abridged script. We will schedule times to watch the original episodes based on when people are available, and we will watch and throw out ideas in TogetherTube. I will limit writers to 8 people; first people to reply will get priority. Depending on interest, I may allow a few substitute writers in the case that someone in the writing group is unavailable to work on an episode. You don’t have to be an exceptional writer; you just need a sense of humor. Please keep content PG-13 and below. If you would like to be a writer, please send me (runningfromexplosions) a message or reply to this post.

Artists: People to make title cards, video thumbnails, and art for the credits based on the episode content. You don’t have to be a great artist, but your work should appear to have some effort put into it. Silly and exaggerated art styles are preferred! I’m going to set the limit at 4 main artists. However, there will be room for a featured artist each episode. As with writers, first to reply will get priority. If you would like to be an artist, please send me a message or reply to this post.

Voice Actors: People to speak the lines as written in the script. If a voice actor is uncomfortable with a line, they can request to change it. There will also be some room for improvisations. We need voice actors for Stephanie, Mayor Meanswell, Ziggy, Trixie, Stingy, Pixel, Bessie, Sportacus, and Robbie. You don’t have to sound like the canon voices to be cast. Voice acting will be judged by sound quality and acting ability above ability to imitate. Anyone interested in a voice acting part should make a tumblr audio post, soundcloud track, or YouTube video of their self reading several canon lines from the character they desire to play. You can audition for more than one character, but you will only get one role in the end. Auditions can be linked to me or sent in a private message on tumblr. You don’t have to send in an audition right away; you can reply to this post stating your interest and send in an audition later.

Other: If you can think of another way that you could help participate, feel free to message me. You may also message with any questions you have.

DEADLINE: The deadline for requests to join the team + voice acting auditions will be JUNE 10. The crew will be confirmed on the next day, JUNE 11. Thank you in advance to anyone who offers to join. I hope we can have fun with this!

Hipster Dave just for the sake of it.

+) Bros, I luv yall and I’m really happy that people appreciate my work, but please ask beforehand and CREDIT ME if you’re planning on using my art!

(also, that rule applies to every single artist out there, not just me.)


hello everyone sooo new year new me right? for 2017 my goal was to reopen commissions, so here’s a fresh commission post for this year!

if you’re interested in commissioning me, please fill out the form under the cut and send it to

the prices above are a base price - this means that additional characters or complex designs will add to the overall cost. simple backgrounds are free though!

i won’t draw nsfw, mech or furries (although humans with ears/tails are ok) and all payment is via PayPal in british pound sterling 

thank you for supporting me thus far!

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7goodangel’s FAQ

( Can also be found at )

[This version is made so then it can be easily searched within the blog and be easier for mobile users to find! Will reblog when an update to the FAQ happens! The original page will still be up as well as the post version of it. FAQ is under the Read More to not clutter up the dashboard. Please read this prior to sending questions!]

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Hello, it’s that time again where I’m looking for guest artists for the blog!

if you are interested please send me a message on tumblr with an example of your art, and your email.

I am looking for parts to be due on May 15th EST. 

Rules: You cannot release or discuss your part until after it’s posted to the blog as to keep the no spoiler rule. 

One day, recently, I talked about starting an “event”. So here it is! ♥ ;;

I want to release Composer. But I need help. ~

I can’t seem to create clothes for him. All that’s decided is his face, hair, the “following” crystals and some colors. I keep drawing, sketching his outfit but nothing seems to please me. 

This won’t probably get many notes but I need to try this. I need creative people.


♦ You need to be an artist. No, you don’t have to be super famous with a super marvelous art style. But I need it to be drawn to me so I can understand.

♦ You need to at least know Elsword. The outfit has to match Ain’s scheme but be unique.

♦ You need to know that you will be credited in his release post, but not in every art I draw of him and in every fanart.

♦ He will not belong to you in any aspect. I only need help with his clothes. Everything else will be of my own. 

♦ I don’t need an entire outfit. I need tips and help to design it. 

♦ I can be picky… ;;

♦ I’m also accepting tips on how to improve Musici’s clothes.

What do I win?”:

♦ Sadly, not much. I can offer two pieces of art of anything if you come with a good idea of clothes for Composer. Everything will be decided in my IMs, so if you are interested, please talk to me and we will work it out! It’s basically an art raffle, but not an art raffle. You will win art of your OCs or anything you want if you help me~ 


♦ Help me design Pendulums and “effects” for them and you will win one piece of art of anything.

Updates on Lofty: Musician:

♦ His blue strands of hair now has pink mixed. Same goes for his right eye.

♦ Small changes on his shoes.

This post may get updates later.

Hello all! Ásta here, aye, the woman behind this tumblr. Thank you so much to all my new followers, and old! Quite a bit of you now, oh my. I would like to extend my thanks to all of you who follow and like and share my work, while still keeping my captions and credits intact. You are loveable. Those who don’t, well. Up yours. 

Please keep following me on my journey to improving my artistic vision and photography, as I have many ideas and things to share with you in the future.

Much love! 


Rán have nåde. 

Worked on this one for a week straight and it’s finally done! It’s a gift for a friend and tbh I’m a little sad to give it away. It’s my first attempt stitching on evenweave and I don’t want to go back to aida lol. I picked the colors myself which I think would have been fine on the vulpix alone but I think the colors I used for the flowers and laurel clash too much. Definitely need to keep that in mind next time!

If anyone recognizes the pixel art I used for this pattern please let me know so I can credit the artist!