please keep credit to the artist


Do not reblog any of the reposts from @j-hope-e-e-e please!

For some reasons, people think this person is the artist of the arts….


Those are all uncredited reposts coming from different twitter/pixiv artists who never gave their consent for it!!!!

The arts above belong to @katsudodonn on twitter,  わくや and from Pixiv!!!
They also don’t allow any reposts without credits and their permission!!!

We have tried to contact them but they have ignored our message and keep reposting, so we decided to let the fandom know so you can avoid the reposts and stop reblogging!

We also need to say that there are already YOI artists who made their account private on twitter because of the problem of reposts.

When you repost something or even reblog a repost, it can have consequences, please me more careful!

Thank you for reading.

Do not support reposts, respect the artists and encourage them on their pages!

JHO Bracelets have been chosen!

A big round of applause and big thank you to everyone who contributed to a bracelet design!

The final chosen bracelets were designed by @happilylouie​ and @claudiyah​.

The order has gone in and will arrive in ~3 weeks. Keep your eye out for more details when they arrive. We have also ordered more ‘Given a Chance’, as well as both ‘Home’ designs.

I am going to try to go through my files and credit all the participating artists but if I miss your name for some reason, please let me know!


If anyone sees this fanart, please don’t reblog!!!
If you have already reblogged it, please delete it!!

This fanart belongs to the artist 黒兎 on pixiv and twitter, and they don’t allow any reposts of their arts, this is even written clearly on their profile :

You can find this artist on their own blog @au-to, follow and support them there instead!!

We talked to the user but they’ve only added credits, and sadly it keeps being reblogged so, by respect for this artist, please stop reblogging it and delete all reblogs!!!

Thank you and be careful~

Do not support reposts, respect the artists and encourage them on their pages!

Check our PSA tag for more blogs warnings

Good day!

Just a quick note to highlight an issue that has come to my attention these past few weeks. 

When you reblog a reproduction of an artwork, PLEASE keep the captions. And here’s why:

1. Credit to the artist, ALWAYS. Artworks are still WORK. Credit the artist damn it. They deserve it. They didn’t go to art school and practised till their fingers bled for you to reblog their works without captions. 

2. Art blogs such as mine work really hard to find the details and links to these artworks so keep the DAMN CAPTIONS DAMN IT. 

3. So far I was willing to pretend that I don’t see you all reblogging shit without captions but from now on I shall name and shame you. If you are one of those people that keep doing this, please be my guest and feel free to click on that ‘unfollow’ button. You shall not be missed, I can assure you. 

Please feel free to contact me for a further debate on the matter. 


Your friendly neighbourhood art historian. 

Do not reblog any of the reposts from naomi-channel please!

They are a massive reposter who shared way too much uncredited arts in only two months!! And sadly, some are already reblogged a lot too…

The arts come from many pixiv/twitter artists and even tumblr artists like @fantakoi, @hanakoto, @blau678 , @carocchiect…

We have tried to contact them but they have ignored our message and keep reposting without any credits and permission.

Since they are so many reblogs, we will contact the most of artists we can, but we would really appreciate if the fandom could avoid to reblog the posts of this blog.

Thank you for reading and be careful.

Do not support reposts, respect the artists and encourage them on their pages!


Had to replace a many headphones thanks to this situation. :C

Hello it’s been a while. Work and illnesses have kept me from updating more regularly. Hopefully I can keep drawing these a little while longer.
To be honest, the constant theft and reposting without credit had me lose motivation for a while as well.
Please always link back. Thank you.



I know this is a very common thing in the art community but PLEASE ask for permission and credit the artist properly before taking their work. Technically this user stole my work and didn’t even bother to credit me properly. I asked them nicely to credit me and to next time ask for permission but instead of replying to me, they deleted the entire post altogether and avoided the issue.

Lesson of the day. Please credit the artist properly and ask for permission.

Also thanks to a fellow tumblr user, who I’ll keep anonymous, for bringing this to my attention. Much appreciated :)

Pro-Tip: Unsourced Art

Use reverse Google image search, click “all images,” and look at the oldest one. Usually you can trace it back from there. If you can’t trace it back, if Google doesn’t work, or if you don’t have access to reverse Google image search: Don’t post it.

Artists spend a long time on their work and it is unfair to repost their work without their consent, let alone without their credit. This goes for fanart, gifs, qr codes, screenshots– anything that was made by someone other than you. For some reason I’ve been seeing a lot of stealing lately and it’s upsetting.

Please be respectful and help keep this community safe. Thank you.


It’s September again, just like clockwork. Kids are back in school, the leaves are changing colors, and we’ve partnered with MADE (@made) to send some of Tumblr’s most dynamic creators to NYFW (@nyfwofficial) for the 12th year in a row. You can keep tabs on the best of the bunch over at our official Fashion (@fashion) Tumblr and in the #NYFW tag.

Please follow and enjoy this year’s bountiful crop of artists:

And those are just the new kids. You can see the whole list over at Fashionista’s (@insidefashionista) round-up.

Hats off to the whole crew. Or hats on. Whatever is in this season.

Photo credits go top to bottom and left to right in the order listed

Art Theft and Tracing

I’ve recently been made aware by multiple sources that some of the art that I’ve drawn within the last couple weeks has been heavily traced and then posted without credit. This is extremely disappointing.

I personally am completely fine with other artists finding inspiration with the content I create. In fact, studying the technique of other artists is one of the most efficient ways I personally learn new skills and had this person simply asked me for permission and then subsequently credited me, I would have absolutely no issue. However, I don’t consider tracing the lineart and the composition of a piece, changing minor details, and then posting this work without any kind of credit to be genuine in any way. This is art theft and plagiarism and is absolutely unacceptable.

I’ve decided to let this instance slide but please be aware that I see the people responsible for this and I am keeping a close eye on their blog and other artists and will likely be a lot less nice the next time this happens. I depend quite a bit on the income I receive from my art and, on top of that, find it personally insulting to have my art traced without permission. I also encourage other dragon age fanartists to watch out for people who may be plagiarizing their art because i suspect this is not the first time this person has traced other people’s work. 

Please do not make this community an unsafe place for artist’s to share their hard work.

Worked on this one for a week straight and it’s finally done! It’s a gift for a friend and tbh I’m a little sad to give it away. It’s my first attempt stitching on evenweave and I don’t want to go back to aida lol. I picked the colors myself which I think would have been fine on the vulpix alone but I think the colors I used for the flowers and laurel clash too much. Definitely need to keep that in mind next time!

If anyone recognizes the pixel art I used for this pattern please let me know so I can credit the artist!

A message to the Fandoms

Support your fan artists please. You don’t know how long a piece took to draw or write and every single like and reblog will certainly brighten up their day. 

DO NOT REPOST. Why is that so hard to understand. And saying “credit to the artist” doesn’t make it okay either. You need permission and if you get it, link the image to the original post PLEASE. Reposters discourage artists from creating new stuff. It makes them scared because they are afraid someone else will take it.

Now here’s something else to think about. There are so many undiscovered and talented artists on tumblr who keep creating new content with hardly any notes. Please, go into a tag that you like, sort the content by “most recent” and if you see a piece of work you like, especially if it has only a couple of notes, please give it a like or even a reblog. It will really brighten up their day and will encourage them to keep creating.

Creative types like myself thrive off of validation and the knowledge that people like what we create so please respect the work we put into our creations and you will get a lot more content out of it.

respect the creatives of the fandom.


You will never be alone as long as you keep creating bonds during your lifetime.

(thank you, @just-another-detective for finding the artist ^^)

Hello little creatures!

i’ve decided to keep this blog up due to all you guys, i didn’t realize how much you enjoy it. Thank you guys for all the support you’ve given me. I haven’t been active much lately, as I am busy, but i’m going to try my best to keep this blog going. I’ll also try my best to find the sources, and if you guys know of any of the artist please let me know so I can credit them. I never wanted to upset anyone. THANK YOU GUYS FOR BEING SO DAMN AWESOME. ily all 🖤🖤🖤
色っぽいの目指して頑張ってたのですがむずかしいですね~。これは全年齢?どのくらいなのかな??? 私にはこれ以上は無理です。というのと、拙宅のアイベルはこれより先には進まないですね。 これ以上がもし

And I think I hit my daily quota of this ship today XDDD (everyday is a veizen day to me :D) 

Screams internally 

(I own nothing, please keep the linked source and credit to the artist) 

Reposts without credit

Artist Note: PLEASE DO NOT REPOST ON OTHER WEBSITES OR REMOVE MY WATERMARK. I’ve seen a lot of reposts including other artists on pinterest, instagram and even youtube without credit and it’s really sad. Listen… sharing artwork with credit is ok because it shows appreciation of the ship and the fandom but it also helps the artist out by getting them out there and making them more known. Asking permission lets the original creator keep track of where their stuff is being posted so they can see comments, etc. 

But if you don’t link or credit them, then we can’t make more things. Content creators aren’t sitting here catering you. While some people do this for fun, some people are doing this for their work. 

For other friends and artists: Sign your artwork and place your name somewhere clearly and hard to remove. :-) It’s the least you can do so if it does get reposted, your name is still on there for people to see and find you! :) 


“Fucks sake, you again”

“No we cannot put your cheap ass whiskey in your coffee. Do it yourself, lazy fuck.”

“Yes, Your voice is nice now cash or credit?”

“My name is Enjolras. Not Apollo. I am not an narcissistic asshat, so please don’t make the comparison.”

“If you keep calling me Apollo for my looks, I’m calling you Dionysus for your drinking problem”

“The boiling temperature and lack of sugar and creamer in your coffee is inhuman and most likely unhealthy, but I’m being paid to make it how you request, so here you go.“