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Hello everyone! It’s Tiana, how are you all? I hope you doing well! ♡♡ After a month I lost my old account (taebium)… I’M BACK!! I want to apologize for all this time, I did not think such things would happen. I wanted to go back the same time I realized I lost my blog, but some personal problems happened… But in the end everything went well! ;A; So I thought it would be a good time to do this ff and also I want to thank ALL OF YOU for staying with me still and for being part of my life. Every single you mean a lot to me! ♡ Even if I dont talk much to some of you, you all are very precious to me and I’m glad we are here and know each other, sharing our stuff and putting a little smile on everyones face. Thank you so much for the unconditional love and support. I wish you all the best!! ♡♡

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Everyone, with the Silver Mask looming closer and closer, with the fact that the tsm audiobook might be released at the end of the month, let’s come together to fight spoilers. No one likes being spoiled accidentally! We want people to have the ability to choose to read a spoiler or not, not having them forced upon their eyes while simply scrolling down their dashboard. With only two books left, we can be sure that some big stuff’s going to be happening, and let’s allow everyone who reads these awesome books to be able to experience the many plot twists and turns with knowing consent, not because of a wild spoiler appearing.

PLEASE, to keep spoilers off Tumblr and allow everyone in our lovely fandom to be able to read The Silver Mask without the plot being ruined for them, PLEASE:

a) Don’t post ANY SPOILERS ON TUMBLR BEFORE THE BOOK COMES OUT. Honey, it’s great that you got the book a week early, but the rest of us didn’t, so UNLESS YOU KNEW EVERYTHING THAT YOU’RE GOING TO POST BEFORE YOU READ THE SILVER MASK, zip the lips!

b) Once tsm comes out, let’s not discuss the book if what the post contains you didn’t know before you read the book WITHOUT PLACING A ‘TSM SPOILERS ’ TITLE ON TOP FIRST, SO CASUAL SCROLLERS WITHOUT A PREORDER HAVE AMPLE WARNING, let’s say, at least until November 10th. (A month later).


If you have questions or suggestions on how to improve this post, or anything at all, don’t hesitate to come talk to me!

A Moment of Appreciation

I wanted to take the time to make a more personal post and speak from the heart here.  When I made the post yesterday about supporting the Archie team on Patreon, I honestly never expected such a strong response.  In only a single day we’ve gotten to almost 900 notes, by far the most our page has ever had.  It’s truly awesome to see the community come together like this, putting aside their personal grief in order to support these people in their time of need.  Making a fan comic of this scope is pretty tough, but seeing how cool our audience is reminds us that it’s all worthwhile.  We’ll do our best to make the continuation that you guys deserve to read, but until then, just keep on being beautiful. ;)

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Hey Namjoon :) I was that anon who asked you out on a date, and my schedule freed up again this weekend! How about we go out to amusement park and come back to Jin's after to chill? Also baking squad you guys are awesome please keep being amazing :) Dark sunshine couple you guys are also wonderful ^^ (And so are you, fabulous artist ♡♡)

(Everyone at the bakery and admin say thank you~)

          Bet you thought we’d forgotten about this, didn’t you.  NEVER FEAR, guys, we’ve been waiting on Silas ( @pearlsparable ) to return from hiatus before we got the ball rolling on this.  I ( @obdurare ) and Silas ( @pearlsparable ) have both been overwhelmed by the welcome we received when we migrated over, and we’ve both hit major milestones recently.  And since we hit them so close together, we decided to do a dual appreciation in two parts.

PART ONE:  THIS SUNDAY ( July 23rd ) we plan on holding one of our famous liveblogs on a server on discord.  Times will be announced when we get a little closer, probably Friday, so if you want to join us for all or part of it - we’ll be covering CotBP through AWE - we’ll be sure you know when and where to find us.  We’ll be doing a voice chat with a stream, so by all means, come drop us a note in the chat ! !

PART TWO:  Running until NEXT SUNDAY ( July 30th ), we’re holding a promo giveaway.  This is on me, because I like smashing photoshop against a wall.  Two winners and two runners up from each of our followers will be randomly chosen.  So here’s how to do that:

001  You must be following one of us, obviously, though I don’t think you’ll hurt our feelings if you put up with both of us.

002  Likes and reblogs count ! !  But please don’t spam your dash.

003  Again, winners from each set will be chosen July 30th at 9pm EST ( GMT -5 ) at random, and I’ll announce it and contact the winners.

Mostly this is because we really love you guys, and want to do something fun, on top of something tangible.  So if you’re interested in a promo, be sure to like or reblog this post and spread it around.  You guys are absolutely great, and really, having such great followers, and such great mutuals has done a whole lot to get us motivated and excited about rp again.  So keep being awesome.   💗  💗  💗

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who or what inspires you?


passion and passionate people. 

I take great inspiration out of those that are so willing to build and explore. To have the will to learn; to bring more into their own writing, to produce more with their characters, to listen and try to find out things they never even considered or thought about, to put that bit more of knowledge they just discovered into their own presentation and then to offer and show it to other people in the desire to have them be or become just as much passionate about it. 

I see writing as a form of art. A form of self-expression and possibility to draw others in with stories and plotting as well as all that was lingering in your mind about a character [ be it Canon or OC ] you just happen to adore, love and cherish. So if people are, truly and honestly, passionate about it? I sure as much will take great pleasure in reading what they create, in indulging in the little headcanons here and there and will develop a desire to hear more, urging them on to give me more. I also like to just push someone a bit further and into a certain idea, I like to see the desire to grow in their own words and ways of expressing what they didn’t know how to show someone before. Just as much as I love when it’s done with me.

Writing is a learning process, just like any form of self-creation you want to share with the world. To see someone grow and try because they want to be that bit better or want to improve and truly aspire to share what all goes on in their mind? It’s really a beautiful and inspiring thing to witness. 

I’m actually gonna use this post to make a little shout-out to people while I’m at it so here goes my piece of love to all of you~

People I plotted with, and who legit kept me wanting more of their explanations and characters [ and who’ve become great friends over time ], I’m very blessed to interact with you all  ❤ ❤ ❤

@diiablerie​ | @cherubim-grief​ [ of course, Sin with all of their muses, because I can’t even tell how much I appreciate them for being here with me ❤  ]. @vantrece​ | @aevyternal​ [ Whitney with her awesome blogs, once again, I’m so glad for you being here with me ❤  ]. @jxdicium​ | @cxrtus​ [ Artie, ARTIE, please keep on doing what you do, keep on growing, keep on being you, it’s a pleasure  ❤ ]. @aaccismusx​ | @dahliasperriot​​ [ we only recently got talking a LOT, but thank you for putting up with my constant rambling, it’s wonderful  ❤ ]. @episentre​ [ we still need to talk a LOT more, but your work is pleasant and gorgeous, and it’s a delight to watch  ❤ ]. @taubc​ [ AGAIN, oh my god I love getting messages from you? they are so full of love for all we create  ❤ ]. @daturida​​ [ we only got a bit of talking ( a ’’’’bit’’’’ ) done by now, but I always look forward to your ideas and plans, it’s a delight  ❤ ]. @e–nomine [ and all your blogs tbh, like honestly Jolls, be confident, I love what you can do, I love how you write ❤  ]. 

And with addition, now all those I simply follow on my dash, we may have begun interacting, sometimes have begun talking, or not yet, but you are all wonderful  ❤ ❤ 

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“Is that a wrench in your pants? Or are you just happy to see me?”

A birthday present dedicated to derpfire! It’s based off her Botfight!au, which you can find other cool stuff about it here (X). There’s also an amazing fanfiction for it that guardianoffrost is making! :) Please do check it out! I wish you the best of birthdays Derp! I hope for the day we can see each other again, it was a lot of fun! You’ve been a tremendous, talented, and awesome hilarious person since i met you on tumblr! Keep being amazing! Lots of love!!! <3

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My reaction to being told you enjoy my requests:*INHUMAN HAPPY SCREECHING* :D! Seriously though, the fact you like my asks made my day, thank you so much!!! Anyway, could I please get the SDC (and their stands!) being nursed back to health by their crush after a particularly unpleasant encounter with an enemy stand user whose stand can make others horribly ill? Thanks, and as always, keep up the fantastic work! -Scary 'n Sweet Anon

*INHUMAN HAPPY SCREECH IN RETURN* I really do love them they’re a pleasure to write for when I see them in my ask box! We really need to talk off anon some time (if you want) because you’re awesome and I wanna know you dude! ^^


- Ghost


·         After the battle with the enemy stand Avdol wouldn’t notice that anything was amiss to begin with, simply going about things as he normally would; however, as the hours begin to pass he’ll begin to feel suddenly weak

·         He’ll still try to pass it off – he realises something is wrong but he doesn’t want to cause his S/O any stress or worry just because he is feeling under the weather

·         Although he puts on a front and does his best to not cause alarm, S/O’s going to find out in the end when he finds himself momentarily blacking out, only to come to and see his partner’s horrified expression as they desperately clutch to him

·         He realises how big of a mistake it was with-holding this from them as they spend nearly all of their time from that point keeping an eye on his condition, tending to his every need and ensuring that he receives the best care they could offer while they waited for the stand’s effect to wear off

·         Avdol will try to assure his S/O that they do not need to spend their time on him and that he will eventually recover on his own; but as they pout and state ‘I’m your S/O I’d throw everything aside for  you’ his heart will swell with pride knowing that he is so blessed to have them by his side

·         A variety of teas to aid in the recovery process are a must because it will give the two chance to sit down and talk about a plethora of topics, and he will also want them to drink these remedies as well just in case it was possible that the enemy stand could transfer it’s illness to others

·         Magicians Red will try to assist S/O in any way it can, hanging close by even if it too is under the influence of the stands illness just to be sure that they’re not overworking themselves for his sake

·         It won’t take very long for him to recover, but he will be sure to let his S/O know every day just how grateful he is for their help

·         “My love, I do not know what I have done to deserve you but I am eternally thankful that our fates have intertwined so”

·         Once the effects have finally worn off and he is back no his normal self again Avdol is going to treat his partner like a princess, (more so than he usually does) going out of his way to express his gratitude to them with showers of affection as well as declarations of his love towards them


·         Stubborn sea boy is stubborn, refusing to acknowledge just how sick he is with a stone cold façade because the last thing he wants is having people swarm around him asking if he’s okay when he feels like shit

·         S/O’s going have to be incredibly perceptive to pick up that anything’s wrong but even then it’s going to be a lot of work on their part to coax the truth out of him – and by work I mean using Star Platinum to find the truth

·         Jotaro’s going to be confused when they suddenly go quiet, but even in the throes of sickness and nausea he knows that they’re planning something

·         The moment Star’s name passes their lips he realises what they’re doing and before he has the chance to stop it the purple stand is going to appear and practically tackle his S/O, looking exhausted and sickly as he lets them know that something is very wrong

·         Jotaro’s going to be death glaring his own stand who only pouts and clings even more to his partner as they start scolding him for refusing to tell them as he’s ushered over to the nearest bed (or sofa if he’s lazy enough) to rest

·         S/O’s going to have to be relentless to get him to stay there, forcing him to drink some soup or a beverage that helps with sickness just so he can keep himself in as best condition as he can be till the stand wears off

·         Illness tends to make Jotaro far grumpier than he usually is so this treatment may cause him to snap at S/O, however the moment he sees them getting upset he’ll grab their wrist before they can walk away and mumble out an apology for yelling

·         During the entire time he’s ill Star’s barely going to keep still, wanting the exact same treatment as his user and he’ll probably even be hanging over Jotaro’s shoulder when he’s next given medicine giving them puppy dog eyes until he gets some too

·         Poor Jotaro’s going to be suffering with the constant taste of soup and bitter medicine X2 in his mouth until he finally recovers

·         Once he does he’s going to steer clear of anything he’d eaten while under the influence of that enemy stand and will probably be a little weary the next time he gets sick – it’s not that S/O’s methods are bad it’s just that after you have things so often in a short amount of time  you get sick of them (poor boy’s going to be put off soup for life)


·         Kakyoin doesn’t want to make S/O concerned about him, but he’ll still let them know that he’s been feeling under the weather since the enemy stand battle because he knows that the truth will come out sooner or later

·         He’ll already have some sort of ‘sick kit’ that he put together himself from his previous times pulling through terrible illnesses, but given that his illness is caused by a stand many of the stuff’s not going to work

·         He will really appreciate it if his S/O wanted to help out, finding it endearing that his partner is so kind to look after him and aid him as he tries his best to keep in good condition health wise

·         As sickness often makes people miss eating and drinking they’re going to have to remind him every once in a while to eat something, even if it’s just small snacks if his stomach can’t handle it

·         He’ll appreciate the effort that they go through to help even if he doesn’t appreciate being confined to his bed most of the day – he enjoys staying inside but being stuck in one place is going to drive anyone to be a little upset

·         Kakyoin’s going to want to hold his S/O close to him, although this will only be the case if he knows the stands influence can’t spread

·         If it doesn’t then he’ll like to spend a lot of time keeping them by him, their presence alone making him feel a little more capable of coping with the sickness since he knows that they are there for him

·         Hierophant Green and S/O are going to become a mom tag team getting Kakyoin as healthy as he can be even if the stand itself doesn’t feel too well either

·         Cuddle pile – If it isn’t too overwhelming or uncomfortable Kakyoin, S/O, Hierophant Green (and S/O’s stand if they have one) are going to hold each other and just keep the other warm and happy

·         When he recovers you can bet he’s going to remember his S/O’s kindness and take them out to a nice place as thanks, but the next time they get ill themselves he’s going to become like a parent, treating S/O with care and gentleness to ease them through their recovery as they did with him


·         There’s two ways this might go with Polnareff depending on how badly ill we’re talking here

·         If it’s bearable then he’s going to be dramatic about it, falling into S/O’s lap with a cry of “Mon amour I feel ever so sick! Will you stay with me while I recover~?” as an excuse to keep his lover by him all the time

·         However, if it’s a level of illness that he can’t handle then he’s going to be a little more closed off and reluctant about it, shrugging it off just so his S/O doesn’t have to worry

·         But it’s hard to convince them as such when he’s nearly collapsing into the nearest sharp edge, chair, table and stair the entire time he’s trying to play it cool

·         In the end it won’t take long for him to come clean and confess just how painful the illness caused by the enemy stand is, trying to put it in a way that won’t exaggerate how he’s feeling (which isn’t hard given that it’s so excruciating)

·         If S/O makes him something homemade to help him get better he’ll be incredibly happy, gladly eating it regardless of whether he feels too sick to eat or not

·         Pol tends to let his appearance go a little more when he feels ill, so expect to find his famous hairstyle to be a lot more messy and un kept (S/O certainly doesn’t mind I know I wouldn’t)

·         His voice grows rough too along with a constant sore throat – he does talk a lot so this fact is inevitable – which is why he’ll appreciate if S/O comes up with some sort of drink or medicine to soothe these ailments

·         Polnareff is cheesy and will love his partner I they give him ‘get better soon’ kisses, getting all giddy and happy at little gestures like that; although he’ll swear off lip kisses just in case a wave a nausea hits at the wrong moment he wouldn’t want to kill the mood

·         Once he’s recovered he’ll be swarming S/O and making up for lost time spent looking after him by taking them out to a place of their choice for every day he’s been ill, practically carrying them around as if to show off how his S/O is the best in the world

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I actually sent you like 4 asks so I feel kinda bad :'v I just want you to know that I love a lot this blog and you can take some rest from it and get sleep, because we care more about you than about your answers <3 Keep healthy and being awesome!!

Honeyyy, don’t feel sorry, it’s okay !!
 You’re so sweet omg <33 ily!
I hope i’ll answer your asks soon, please be patient with me, i’ll try to asnwer a lot of asks today!

I would like to take a second to thank everyone in the Lazytown fandom

I started watching Lazytown because of a meme I found a while back. I loved the villian, the hero, the children, basically everything about it. I made this blog thinking I could just put out stupid head cannons and random thoughts and the few people in the fandom would like it. But I never expected to be surrounded with love and support. Like, for example, I now confidently dance and sing to Lazytown songs because I know others are doing the same thing. I promote my love for the show because no matter who makes fun of me for it, I still have all of you. Even aside from Lazytown stuff, the friends I’ve made through this goofy kids show are absolutely amazing and supportive. I just can’t express how thankful I am to see so much positivity and talent and enthusiasm come from this!! Seriously, everybody who is in the Lazytown fandom seem so kind and genuine. Plus, we all have our sport dad and our meme dad to guide us. If you don’t think that’s a beautiful and amazing thing to come from a simple childrens show about exercising and being healthy, well I don’t know what to tell you.

Anybody please feel free to message me if you need to talk, need support, have questions, wanna rp, chat about lazytown or are just looking for somebody to vent to. I am always jere ♡

hey, @duranduranofficial

I’ve got a quick doodle for the bday boy!
thanks for bringing our lives such joy, keep on being awesome

ALSO, can’t wait to see you next March, hopefully in more than one concert (please do more dates in south america! we want you guys full time, not only in festivals!!)

Sighhh. I’m so overhelmed. How in the world did I reach five thousand followers? And how in the world do I try to stay humble while I’m also screaming on the inside? I honestly can’t thank you enough. Thank you for following me. Thank you for liking and reblogging my writing. Thank you for tagging me on stuff and including me in recs. Thank you for being awesome. Even if we’ve never spoken, I love and appreciate you.

Now comes the list of AMAZING blogs that I follow that keep my dashboard looking fabulous. I’m gonna put it under a keep reading since it’s kinda long. But I also want to say that I know a lot of us have the same mutuals. If you see this and for whatever reason I’m not following you yet and you think I should, please don’t hesitate to message me. Also…you can always just come say hi :).

So here we go…

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Dear Joseb fandom,

It has come to my attention that there are several hateful, homophobic blogs (presumably run by the same person) attacking Joseb shippers this week, either by anonymous messages, or reblogging with cruel words attempting to discourage and rile people up. If you receive one of these messages, or if one of the blogs reblogs your post, I suggest you do the following:

  • Don’t do anything brash. It’s easy to fight fire with fire, and lash out, because what they are saying and doing is very cruel. But oftentimes, it’s best to block them fully with the ignore feature, and not encourage them. This will keep your posts safe, and they will not be able to contact you.
  • Please don’t allow them to discourage you. Being called terrible names and being attacked because of something you love is hurtful, and these things are often difficult to deal with. If you need someone to talk to, my askbox and messaging is always open. I will help you work through it ♥
  • The best we can do is carry on, keep making content, and love and support each other! Everything they’re saying is untrue and needlessly hurtful. Just remember that you are talented, awesome, and have done absolutely nothing to deserve this unfair treatment.

Stay safe out there, lovelies! ♥

Watch on

The Creatures; we owe so much to you guys. It’s thanks to you guys that we know each other, that we can call each other friends. And that’s something we’ll never be able to thank you guys enough for. It’s through our gifs, edits and fan videos that we show how much we love you and appreciate every single one of you for doing the amazing things that you guys do. Thanks for all the laughs, for all the awesome moments and for being exactly who you guys are. 

                       You are all incredibly important to us!

Thank you for everything and please keep doing the wonderful job that you guys do. 

          Creature Group.

I wonder why any fanfiction writer would try to shame readers into leaving kudos or comments on their fics. Is there someone in this world who wants shame kudos and reluctant comments? Fuck it. No: please don’t leave kudos on things because you feel shamed into it by the writer. 

You’re good, reader. You’re good. You don’t owe us shit. Are you looking at one of our stories right now? Well, hell! THANK YOU. You gave us a chance! You looked at a thing we created! We’re HONOURED that you picked our story out of the list of zillions and gave us an honest shot, even if you didn’t dig it and hit the back button after three sentences. You gave it a try. You’re awesome. Keep being your fabulous self. I love your hair, that cut is adorable on you.

If you really dig a story and want to add your name to the list of kudosers, then go for it with a pure heart and a glorious purpose. Add your name where you’re proud to have it hang. Leave a brand on our work when you feel you want to. But feel no pressure to do so, not ever. There’s no cost of admission here. I for one hope we can keep it that way.

Stay - Part 1 (NC-17)

Here’s a bit of Joshifer, inspired by that lovely interview where Jennifer admits how much she misses Josh as she’s filming Mockingjay. Please watch for a music link within the story.

Thanks as always to Angela, Hutchhitched, my editor for keeping me straight. Hope you all enjoy!


Los Angeles, November 2013

The Catching Fire madness has already begun. Having experienced my first Global Fan Day yesterday to being interviewed by a variety of media outlets today, my voice and patience is wearing thin. The experience was amazing though, as we visited Google and tried on those awesome “Inspector Gadget” glasses, spent time chatting with fans on twitter, and even took a helicopter to the Facebook corporate offices.

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160215 #Ravi Twitter Reply Compilation

#HAPPYRAVIDAY Please be healthy~~  We are always shining for you! @AceRavi #VIXXinMéxico Thank you for my love
Ravi: thank you everybody see u next time^^!!!

I’m sad I can’t fully express how much I like VIXX and Raviㅠㅠ Happy Birthday Wonsik!!!! Really really congratulations thank you for my love and thank you for being a singer❤️ Have a birthday as awesome as Ravi I love you #HAPPYRAVIDAY
Ravi: Thank you ^^

Anyway Wonsik! Happy Birthday to Wonsik who is so handsome, kind, cute and cool💗 Thank you for my love😂 We’ve been running for 4 years now let’s keep going forever. Alright? Hey Wonsik. I love you. I can’t express with words how much I love you. Have a good day ❤ ️Bye✋
Ravi: Hi^^

#HAPPYRAVIDAY From now on only good things will happen to us I sincerely wish you a happy birthday and I hope you have a Happy Ravi Day~~♡♡ Should I attend a writing academy after the CSAT~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋembarassing ㅎㅎ..I love you ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
#HAPPYRAVIDAY I just want to say I love you ㅎㅎ take care of your body and I miss you ㅎㅎ I really have to go to bed now oppa don’t overwork yourself and go to bed late but hurry and go to sleep~♡ I’m going on a dream train on Wonsik Line so I can dream of oppa~
Ravi: wear your seat belt^^

Oppa happy birthday!! I’m so sorry for falling asleep and doing this now..;; Ravi who is always lovely and cool! We fans like you more because we know you’re always working hard♡ Have a very happy birthday! I love you!
Ravi: Thank you~go to bed^^

one thing this phandom can pride itself on is that it really fucking cares about the wellbeing of dan and phil but sometimes that’s our downfall, too. please never forget that dan and phil appreciate our concerns and love that we look out for them but at the end of the day they’re both capable of fighting their own battles without our help, and as harsh as you may think that sounds, it’s true. just keep being your awesome self and supporting them, but please know when to hold back, that’s all.

Dear J,

Remember the first time we met? I was working as a waitress at that coffee shop and you saw my boss legit yelling at me for my coworker not showing up on time. 

You left me a forty dollar tip for a two dollar cup of coffee.

Then the next week I ran into you at the grocery store and was really awkward and said thank you and then asked how I could pay you back and you were really smooth and said I could see a movie with you. 

Remember the first time you kissed me? After dropping me off at my apartment. I told you I was lonely, that I didn’t have anyone. It was true. But then you said you were just a phone call away anytime and you leaned against the door frame with one hand and pulled me close with the other arm and kissed me like you wanted me. And after that I couldn’t say that I had no one anymore. 

Remember the first time I asked you for help? I was locked out of my apartment and I texted you because I was too scared to call my landlord and you came. And then I had a total meltdown on the stair landing next to the coke machine and you sat on the floor beside me and held my hand until I stopped crying. And then you walked me through everything I was going to say on the phone and held my hand while I called and then we went to your apartment and played cards for a few hours.

Our whole relationship has been like that. Me giving you ugly broken things and you looking at them and being calm and telling me that they weren’t that bad and actually were pretty cool and that I was pretty great anyway.

And that’s really, really awesome of you.

I don’t want to keep doing that to you though. I want to give you nice things. I don’t know how but I’m going to try. Please please please notice. 

I really love you and I’m not used to loving people who love me back so I’m really bad at this.  But I’m going to try because you’re a wonderful person and you deserve nice things from people.

Love you. 

Thank you,



I hate doing this, but it feels so good. I started this story with this chapter in mind and I have been waiting until I was able to finally write this part for almost a year. It took a lot more tears and a lot more time than I had expected, but that’s good right? I hope you enjoy and please leave a review, kudos or comment, like, and reblog this! It would mean the world to me! and thanks so much for my lovely beta, duaedenateist, for being awesome. Also, I decided to cut this story into four parts, rather than making it one long-ass fic. This chapter marks the end of the first part.


“We probably shouldn’t be kissing if we wanna keep this undercover.”

Oliver nodded and then shook his head. “Ah, screw it.”

He pressed his lips against hers, making her hum in approval. She was quick to recover from the sudden attack of his lips. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, locking her fingers at the nape of his neck. Her lips moved against his in a perfect rhythm. They had gotten to know each other very well over the last few weeks. What they liked, what made them squeal and moan and groan. What nibbling on a lip did and all the sensitive spots. Felicity traced a finger along his jaw when they parted, foreheads pressed together, breaths mingling.



Outfits: Oliver and Felicity, Sara and Laurel, Robert, Thea and Moira, The news hits Starling City

Love, Hannah