please keep art source

anonymous asked:

is reposting and reblogging the same thing?? i'm so sorry if it is!!

((No, it isn’t! Reblogging is fine, I encourage that actually! Reblogging is just posting from the source, so people actually know it’s me who is producing the content. And that only applies to Tumblr, which is solely where I’m putting out the art. So reblogging is good! Very good, really good! It gives me more attention and I always love reading the tags you guys put on your reblogs they make me smile ^^

Reposting is when you save the images and post them on another site. Sometimes people don’t even give credit, which is the absolute worst because people can claim the art as their own even though it’s not. It’s basically art stealing.

I haven’t watermarked any of the art on here so far? Except maybe on a couple posts but I think I’m going to start doing that for every one now so people know that it’s MY art and maybe then they’ll feel less inclined to steal it from me, idk.))