please keep a positive thought for me

please be gentle with yourself. you’re trying. if it’s taking you longer than you thought to achieve something or get somewhere that’s okay. try not to compare yourself to others too much because not everyone gets to where they need to be right away. you’re alive that’s what matters. keep trying. you’ll get there.

well! i recently hit an unbelievable milestone on this blog and so i thought now would be an appropriate time to do a proper bias list. i’m sure i will forget people and want to keep it sort of short, so please forgive me if you’re not on here. thank you to everyone that follows me, new and old! 

@gcdsfavorite - HEY BABY!!!! as always, i am taking a moment to be really gay. you inspire me every day. you’re so brilliant and beautiful and impossibly perfect. i’ve had one of the best years of my life solely because you were in it. i’d be half a person without you now and i’m so glad we are alive at the same moment in time. can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks ;) i love you i love you i love you.

@clownpolicy @killsam @viiduam @purrsuasion and of course, @archaicwitch - MY SPICIES!!! i love you gorlz so much!!!! your friendship is priceless to me. thank you for making me laugh until i’m crying and clutching my sides. i’ve never met a more talented, kind, funny, beautiful group of people in my entire life. i could go on and on about how much yall mean to me but i’ll leave it at that. (special shout out to @bleachskin who, though isn’t an indoctrinated member of the spice cabinet, does get the title of first spice husband)

@varakaar - angel! baby! comrade! light of my life! my jewish wife! i love you, i love your memes, i love your kindness, i love everything about you. thank you for being a bright light in my world. we will always be connected through anger and lenin.

@niedobitek - you know how much i adore you, but i just wanted you to have your own special shout out. thank you for being the perfect mom to both myself and to wanda. this blog wouldn’t be the same without you, i wouldn’t be the same without you. your wisdom is endless, thank you so much for sharing it with me. 


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I’m sorry this is very late, though I feel is very necessary to all the people following this blog for me to speak on this matter. I cannot hide it and I know there’s people like myself struggling tonight.

I love you all, no matter your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation. You are not alone though, please stand with your friends, family, your community. Please know that you will never be alone, there are many other people who also agree with you and are feeling them same about this. Please don’t fret, please don’t feel useless or anything of that negative thoughts. Keep your head held high, keep your thoughts positive. If you know a loved one who is also struggling tonight, please send them a message telling them they are not alone through this. Help each other out and send positive vibes around. 

I love you all, I am sending a lot of positive vibes to each and every one of you. Please don’t give up hope. Please don’t ever feel you are isolated. Please don’t ever hurt anyone. Please keep positive together.

ok so like

i’m stressing the hell out and quite sad and idk confused because my aunt is very sick atm and my wedding is in like 20 days and my dad was asking me earlier if i can just put it off?? cancel the wedding and everything completely??? (he said do it later but we can’t because lol) so i told him that we can’t and he didn’t say much aftrr that but like the thought of it made me want to cry and like please god i dont want to be rude or heartless honestly but idk idk like

can you please please keep my aunt in your prayers so she can recover soon and just please send positive vibes our way because honestly i’m just so perplexed and sad etc etc etc ashddlagjsja

Taking Notes from Textbooks: How I Study Pt 1/?

I just started my A2 courses and I know many others are in a similar position to me, so I thought I would share one of my favourite methods of studying. I hope this is useful, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

1. Split up your textbook reading into smaller sections that make sense when split up as such, and try to give each a brief subheading. 

2. Give yourself 5 minutes to read the first section. If you finish it before the time is up, keep rereading until you have memorised as much as you can. Be strict with yourself - use a timer or stopwatch to make sure you stick to 5 minutes only!

3. Close the textbook. Write down everything you remember from what you have just learnt, in as much of a chronological order as possible (if it’s not, don’t worry - what’s important is getting down everything you’ve learnt onto paper). Take as much time as you need, and keep going until you’ve gotten down everything you remember. Alternatively, if you’re under time constraints, limit this writing down period to around 5-7 minutes (depending on the size of the section you read).

4. Re-open the textbook. Compare the reading with the notes you have just made. Is something missing? Draw an arrow, add a footnote, whatever you like; just add the information in (I like to do this in a different colour so I know which information I’m most likely to forget). 

5. Repeat for the rest of the sections.

6. Review the notes you have made either the same evening or the next morning in order to retain the information. Get people to test you on it, make flashcards on the things you forgot, and so on - the review part of this method is really up to you! However, it is one of the most vital steps, as the number of times you review it determines how much you’ll actually remember. 

Here is an example of what a finished page of notes should look like:

As you can tell, the information I forgot is drawn on with loopy arrows on the left-hand side of the page. However, you can add this in the margins, on the bottom of the page, wherever you like! It is in a different colour, however since it was a dark blue, my scanned notes may not represent this very well.

I hope this method comes in useful, should you choose to try it out!

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please stop telling me that it is going to get better, that doesn’t comfort me at all.

please stop telling me to “think on the bright side” or “look at the positives” because chances are, I’ve already tried to and can’t find any.

please stop telling me that I have so much to look forward to because I don’t see it.

please stop.

Jace Wayland | Imagine

Request: Jace imagine with fluff and angst. -requested by @mukesbitchin

A/N: I am sincerely trying. may be OOC. // please tell me what y’all think. 

Warnings: none

It was something around midnight or the early morning, the moon was on its highest position, triumphing over the daylight that has been devoured by darkness. 

Jace hasn’t closed one eye that night, the weirdest thoughts were keeping his senses wide awake, spinning around some weird scenarios that could have happened to you.

Most of them had to do with jealousy - you weren’t a couple for that long.  But some had to do with odd paranoia.

Your relationship was so innocent and new for now, he couldn’t even believe he could actually call you his girlfriend.

After weeks, you had your first day off and planned onto partying with your girls. But Jace didn’t know it would take this long and he had to worry what was keeping you away from him.

It wasn’t like he expected your whole life would be centered about him, but he’d appreciate to know of your whereabouts. 

Struggling between giving you enough space and protecting you, trying to weight not to clinge but showing you he cares a lot.  Losing you already would tear him apart, maybe as well as his insecurity.

After all, life is a constant fight - and love was the battlefield. 

* * * 

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apperancce  asked:

My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday. Please tell me how it'll get better. Please

I’m sorry my love, that’s hard. But you got this!! Let yourself feel all the emotions, but just know, you’re going to get through it. I promise you. Me and all my wonderful followers are here for you. Focus on you, and keep thinking positive thoughts, even thought you might want to do just the opposite right now. You’re gonna be alright. Just keep going. Put all the emotions into something that makes you happy. I suggest journaling in a time like this. I’m here for you!! Sending love your way x

Earl Grey, No Sugar

There he stood, staring up at the tall building he might enter everyday. He clutched his briefcase, fingers tapping along the sides. He ran his hand through his hair one last time before stepping through the glass, double doors. His glossy, black shoes tapped against the marble floor as he paced towards the elevator. His demeanor screamed ‘nervous.’ Once the elevator arrived to the very top floor, he waltzed up to the receptionist’s office, and put on his infamous facade. “Hello, I’m here for an interview. 11:00 with Ms-” The woman standing next to the receptionist cut him off, abruptly. “L/n? Please, follow me. She’s expecting you.” The man in the silver suit followed, closely behind, attempting to keep up with her fast walking. He chuckled, “Really? She’s expecting me? I would’ve thought many were applying for this position. I assumed I was just a number, of sorts.” The woman he was following smirked, “Actually, Ms. L/n isn’t hiring anyone right now. We barely have enough building for the employees currently working here. However, she made an exception for you.” The suited man tilted his head, curiosity overwhelming him. “R-Really? She’s not hiring, except for me? I swear, she is very mysterious! When do I get to meet her?” The two stepped into a large office at the end of the hall. The woman guiding him turned around, taking off her blazer. “You already have.” 

She stepped around the room, over to her desk, which seemed much to large for a person as small as her. However, she commanded it like a ship and a sea captain. In fact, that was the perfect way to describe her. Small, but capable of powerful things. The man in question looked around the enormous office. There was a luxurious couch, a fireplace, a long table, he assumed was for meetings, and a very comfortable looking nook for writing. He looked back at the woman who was sipping a tea, staring out of one of the many windows. He coughed, stepping towards her, and extending his hand. “Hello, I’m-” “Draco Malfoy.” She answered, stepping past his peace offering and sitting in her thick, emerald chair. “I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself until now, but I guess you know who I am, since you invited me here.” She drank the steaming drink, placing her blazer on the back of her chair. “Mr. Malfoy, I’m positive you are curious as to why I am accepting your offer to photograph for my newspaper.” He smiled, shyly, playing with the straps on his bag. “W-Well, yes. Might I ask how you know me?” The woman stood up, and began to walk around the room. “It’s my job to know, Mr. Malfoy.” He blushed, cursing himself for the obvious question. This interview meant the world to him. After the war, after Voldemort, after Potter, and after Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy had finally decided to live his own life. His father wanted him to be a prestigious member of the Ministry of Magic, and his mother wanted him to pursue a life of potions, but neither of them knew his true passion. During his years at Hogwarts, Draco had secretly partaken in the school paper. He was absolutely fascinated by moving pictures, and would only ask for a new camera, and film for his birthdays and Christmas. Of course, he received other things, but at the top of every pile during the holidays, was a small box with the latest photographic invention. Draco decided the one place he knew he’d fit in was the paper. He had dressed in his finest suit and worn his finest facial expressions, but nothing could trump the fact that his entire future came down the one woman seated across from him. She laughed, condescendingly, flipping through his portfolio. “Lot’s of pictures of trees, I see.” He smiled, pointing out a large oak in the Forbidden Forest. “Well, um, most of these were taken during my years as a school boy. See, my, uh, parents never supported my love of pictures at home, so I only had my school to practice. I attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, by the way.” She chuckled, “I know.” He smirked, “You’re right, it’s your job.” The woman sat back, looking at him with wonderment in her eyes. “You really don’t know who I am, do you?” He furrowed his brows, shaking his head. “I’m sorry, no. I know you are Ms. L/n, but that’s about it.” She narrowed her eyes, leaning across the table. “Let’s see. I know you know me, but how do I help you remember? Perhaps I’ll sing a song. You might know this one, since you came up with it.” She raised a brow, taunting him. “Mudblood, mudblood, can you even see? Can you keep your fat, lousy, four eyes off of me?” The woman who once had the nonchalant act nailed began to lose control, crunching her nails against the wood of her desk. Draco’s once squinted eyes widened in realization. Horror spread across his features like a plague. He, quickly, stood up, apologizing over and over again. The large room could only be filled with “sorry’s” and apologies. He, immediately, stopped when the woman raised her hand. “I don’t need an apology. I am not a biased person, what’s past is in the past. I only care about your talent, which as far as I’m seeing, isn’t much. I’m sorry, but-” Fear rushed into his eyes, his face quickly heating. “W-w-wait! Please! I have more! I have potential! Please, if I don’t get this job, I’ll have nothing! You have to let me do this, I’m begging!” She smirked, slumping back into her chair. “Did you ever surrender when I said please?” He gaped, staring at her wide eyed. “I asked. I was polite. I begged. What makes you so different?” He whimpered, burying his head in his hands. “Nothing.” The woman, who was once enjoying her afternoon as a sadist, sat up, confused. “Excuse me?” She saw his back shaking, lightly, as he murmered. “I’m not special. I’m still surprised you asked to see me at all. I’m guessing this was your revenge for years of me hurting you. B-But, before I leave, and never come back, take a look at my favorite. It’s the last one.” She scoffed, obliging. She flipped through the stack to the very last one. It was of a meadow, just outside Hogwarts, but if closely examined, a small figure could be seen. She looked deeply into the photograph, noticing the hints of h/c hair. She looked up at him, her e/c eyes glistening. “I knew who you were. I had to. After all, you were my first picture.”

He got the job.

His official employment began the next day. Miss L/n made it very clear that she would waste no time in getting him to work. Would anyone believe it? Draco Lucius Malfoy, the platinum child whose life was served on a silver, and emerald, platter would work. He didn’t mind, though. He relished the fact that he would be providing and working for himself. He was glad to, for the first time, do something for only him, and no one else in mind. He set his alarm for five thirty. Work started at nine sharp, but he wanted enough time to get ready, properly, and make it on time. His apartment wasn’t too far from the office, but he still would not take any chances. The clock blared on time, waking him up from his light sleep. He had a minor case of insomnia from stress, but mostly excitement. He hopped out of bed, pulled on a dress shirt, jeans, and a black tie with converse. He brushed his teeth and hair, scarfed down a sandwich and coffee, and grabbed his bicycle. Narcissa wanted to provide him with a suitable car, but Draco had insisted he bike. Truth was, he enjoyed the scenery. His light brown, leather satchel wrapped around his upper body, supported, as he biked downtown. The weather was a bit overcast, but that was the way he liked it. It took around fifteen to twenty minutes to ride to work, and it was only seven forty. He stood, once again, outside the building, waiting for someone to come and open up. Most people didn’t show up until at least eight thirty, but he wasn’t most people. He decided to practice a bit, and took out his camera. He looked around for inspiration, stopping as he looked up at the building. He noticed the extra large curtains opened at the top, and recognized it as her office. He lifted the device, capturing the perfect angle of her place. He looked down at the photograph which popped out, smiling to himself. He thought about his new boss. He found her alluring, cocky, and absolutely..what’s the word? Well, that’s just it. He couldn’t figure out that word. He hadn’t truly paid attention to her at Hogwarts. Draco hadn’t paid attention to anyone, really. He didn’t date at school, like most boys did. He focused on acing every exam, among other things. Once fifth and sixth year arrived, while most young men were busy flirting with witches in their astronomy class, he was worried about life at home, and the Dark Lord. After he was out of Hogwarts, he still didn’t think much about women. Sure, he found them attractive. He knew, for sure, that he was straight, but he told himself he’d start a career before a relationship. As he studied his picture, he hadn’t noticed a certain woman staring down at him from her office. Two minutes later, a faint knock was heard from inside the building. He turned around, goofily, and stared back at the woman who had just hired him. He smiled, putting away his camera. A few clicks and twists later, the door creaked open. “Well, don’t just stand there, it’s going to rain.” He stumbled in, feet tripping over the other. “I thought no one else was here.” She smirked, “You were right. Everyone gets here at around half past eight. Speaking of which, what are you doing here?” He chuckled, smoothing out his hair. “I thought, uh, I’d get here early, since it is my first day.” She led him towards the vacant elevator, pressing her number. “I’d say your early.” He smiled, playing with the straps on his bag. “W-Well if everyone gets here around then, w-what are you doing here?” She coughed, looking at the glowing number ‘32.’ “I had some, uh, work to finish.” Draco looked away as well, catching on to the fact that she wanted her personal business left alone. “You know, if you need help-” she looked up at him, “with that work, I mean, I’d be glad to assist.” She saw through his eyes, knowing what he really meant. “Don’t worry. It’s not that much.” He nodded, not realizing they had arrived to her office. “Well, since no one is here, you can’t get started. I have some books in my library if you would like to read while you wait.” He shifted, unsure how to politely react. He decided this would be the best way to get on good terms with her. Friendly conversation. “Would you recommend something?” She smirked, walking from around her desk towards the bookshelf. “Well, I personally love the book To Kill a Mockingbird, but I think you’ll adore a collection of Edgar Allen Poe.” He looked at the books, confused. “Who’s he? And that other book, To Kill a Wood Pecker, or something of the sorts, is it about care of magical creatures?” She chuckled, lightly, “No, actually, both are muggle.” He cleared his throat, uncomfortably, scanning the titles. “I-uh, forgot you were mud-” he stopped talking once he noticed what he was about to say. “I prefer the term muggleborn.” He nodded, trying his best to ignore his prejudiced upbringing. He grabbed the thick, black book with the author she mentioned earlier. “I’ll give it a shot.” He sat in a thick, charcoal bench which overlooked the city. This was Draco Malfoy’s version of perfection. Rain. A good book. A nice view. He was in paradise. Fifteen minutes later, he noticed his boss hunched over her desk, looking a bit sorrowful. He closed the pages, which he was surprised to enjoy, and sulked over to the misshapen woman. “Um, excuse me, Ms. L/n?” She shot up, rubbing her eyes. “What is it?” He smiled, half heartedly, trying to lighten the mood. “Well, you seem a bit..sad? Need someone to talk to?” He saw her flinch, so he tried a different approach. “We don’t have to talk about your problem,” he corrected, “Not-not that you have a problem, just-” a he fumbled for words, she sighed, motioning him to the seat in front of her desk. He sat in the chair from the day before, which happened to feel a tad more comfortable. “So, what would you like to talk about Ms. L/n?” She chuckled, rubbing her hands over her face. “You can call me y/n, you know? I don’t have to be Ms. L/n all the time.” He blushed, feeling a bit timid. “Alright, y/n”. he squeezed out the name with difficulty, “let’s talk about school? I don’t think I really knew you.” She smirked, “No. You didn’t.” Draco frowned, looking around at the trinkets on her desk. “Well, I should’ve. Even if you were in Ravenclaw.” She laughed, boisterously. He looked back, baffled at her sudden outburst. “I-I wasn’t Ravenclaw! I was in your own house!” She attempted to spit out in between giggles. Although he felt he should’ve been offended, or embarrassed, or some other emotion, he couldn’t help but smile. He felt..happy..when she laughed. There was no other word. He wasn’t angry that she undermined him. He wasn’t self conscious by his mistake. He was happy. He was happy that she was happy. She slowed down her breathing, her eyes crinkled from laughter. “Y-You never noticed me because I wasn’t Potter or his friends.” Draco gaped as he began to laugh, as well. “That’s not true! I knew you, but I didn’t know you. I think we have around forty minutes to get to make up for six lost years.” She sighed, fiddling with a quill. “I’m not that interesting.” He smirked, grabbing another writing utensil and examining it. “You must be if you’re chief editor. Come on, if you were Slytherin, it means you are a pretty cool individual. I’d like to know more about that cool individual.” She put down the feather, and hunched her back, giving off an aura of relaxation. “Well, I became a reporter because Slytherins are the best at it. I started the school paper, and worked my way up from there.” He smirked, raising an eyebrow. “How do Slytherins make the best reporters? I would’ve figured Ravenclaw’s brains or Gryffindor’s bravery would’ve gotten far in this profession. I thought we’d be better politicians, to be frank.” Y/n smirked, “We’re smart enough to see through people’s lies, ambitious enough to get what we want, blend in to the background so people can’t figure us out, and are quick witted enough to stump an enemy. Really, Slytherins do make the best paparazzi.” He smiled, widely, and began to ‘golf clap.’ “Very good, Ms. L/n! Ten points to Slytherin!” He joked, mimicking Dumbledore. Y/n laughed along, bending over in his spot on impersonation. The two talked and talked, not realizing what time it was. After what felt like two minutes, an enchanted note flew up from her desk, shouting “TIME FOR WORK, MISS” before burning into bits. The two, sighed, standing up from their seats. “Well, time to get to the work floor.” Y/n began to walk towards the door when Draco, instinctively, snatched her sleeve. “U-Um, i-if you don’t mind, I don’t think half an hour was enough catching up time. D-d-do you maybe think we c-could talk tomorrow, too?” She looked at him, smiling at his sentence. She had never seen him so vulnerable, or blushing so madly. “I think I might have some extra work I need to come in early for. I, suppose, if you have to get here early, I could leave the door unlocked.” The pair, looked at the other’s shoes, trying to hide their impending smiles. “Sounds like a plan.”

Once the two walked in to the meeting room, all eyes were on them. Most were on the editor, but a few stole glances at the new kid. He stood, lost, near her, looking around the magnificent hall. “Everyone, I would like to welcome a new member to our team, Mr. Draco Malfoy. He will be our latest photographer. Please, sit in your division.” He followed a group of people who were all huddled near the other end of the table. There were five groups: the writers, who dressed in trendy clothes that would be seen in Milan, or some big city, the reporters, who wore brighter suits that gave off a very preppy vibe, the illustrators, who were covered in natty cardigans and jeans, the photographers, who dressed in an average, yet classy look, and finally, the budget team, who could be noticed by their tacky suits. While all gave off the impression of maximum professionalism, y/n trumped them all. In a way, the set up reminded him of meetings with the Dark Lord, but everyone seemed much more elated. He joined the seven people who were beckoning him over, putting his supplies on the table. Murmurs were heard around the room. Many of the people there, he noticed, were at Hogwarts. He also picked out a few unfamiliar faces. ‘Probably Durmstrang,’ he thought. As he was about to take a seat, he heard his name called. He turned towards his new friend, y/n, who was smirking. “Don’t bother unpacking. Just leave your things, I’ll have Isaac pick them up and place them in your cubicle.” He gave her an uncertain smile as a taller, lanky gentleman grabbed his bag and coat. “Ah, Isaac?” He turned, politely bowing. “He’ll need the jacket.” Draco stumbled towards the butler image and took the cotton garment. “So,” her voice rang through the dark room, “what do we want?” A series of drinks were called through the room. “Cappuccino!” “Chai!” “Iced tea!” Words were flying at him, as he stood, retreating a bit. Y/n turned to him, smirking. “Did you get all that?” He twisted his face into a concerned expression. “It’s quite alright, my quill did. Take the list to Hog’s Head.” He, lightly, grabbed the small paper, slowly walking out of the room. Draco trotted down stairs, arriving to his bicycle. He hopped on, not caring that the clouds were trickling. He stuck his neck out, sniffing for the smell of rain. Many people wouldn’t assume such, but Draco was an introvert. He was in complete bliss traveling downtown to fetch whatever was on the list his boss provided. He began to think about work. Why didn’t she send that assistant looking man to do the job? Surely, she had enough employees. His thoughts clouded his mind, like the sky, and before he knew it, he was in line at the cafe.

He ran out of the restaurant, holding at least thirty drinks, most with magic, but he had to balance them out, which was hard work. He held his wand in between his teeth, as he fetched his bike. Draco peddle as fast as he could back to work. With his long legs, it took only about half an hour. Once he got back, the different sections had already began to work. The second he walked in, everyone passed by, snatching their drink and walking back to their peers. Draco paced over to his boss, handing her a chamomile. “I didn’t ask for a drink,” she murmured as she corrected a mistake in a draft. He grinned, nervously, “I-I-I know, but you seem a bit..tense. I thought I might-” She hopped up, passing his tea. “I’m not tense, I’m working. Give your drink to someone else. Daisy likes that, I think.” His eyes looked over at a red headed girl, hunched over a desk, working. She blended in with her group, which could be easily distinguished. ‘Artist.’ He decided to take y/n’s advice and stalked over to the young girl, who he could tell was around his age. “Erm, Daisy?” She quickly shot up, her glasses becoming skew. “That’s me.” He attempted a smile, but failed. “I heard you have a taste for chamomile? I’m not going to drink it, so I thought-” She grabbed the drink, guzzling it down. “Thanks!” She began to sketch, again, adding more detail than before. He was glad to see the drink went to some good use, but he would’ve like for y/n to have enjoyed it. He didn’t know why, but he yearned for her approval. It wasn’t her position in work, nor the fact that she controlled his very existence. It was just her personality. He enjoyed the fact that she demanded respect. He didn’t care that he had wasted years of a relationship with her. He was determined now, more than ever, to get to know the real y/n l/n. 

During the day, he had run a few errands, like getting prints or grabbing supplies, but he hadn’t minded. True, he was confused as to how photography was included, but he brushed it off. Once the work day was over, he sighed, relieved to have finished his first day. His cubicle was set in his portion of the office, along with the others. His work place was bland, unlike everyone else’s. He hadn’t had time, during the day, to decorate. Draco sat in the cafeteria, though it was more like a kitchen. He drank a small cup of black tea as he continued to read the muggle book from earlier. She was right, he had a passion for mystery. As he read, he heard a distant conversation approaching. A group of, what he recognized as photographers, walked in, heading towards he fridge. He smiled, widely, waving to his ‘division,’ as y/n liked to put it. “Hey, guys!” He waved, largely. The almost began to smile, until they noticed a faint black mark appearing from under his left sleeve. They quickly turned around, avoiding him. The group walked out of the room, snickering as they left. His once grand smile faded with their laughs. He wondered why they had left. He wasn’t rude to anyone at work. In fact, he was truly a sweetheart to anyone he talked to. Sure, some moments were uncomfortable, but he tried his best. He finished his drink, placing it in the sink, and went downstairs to join the employees leaving. He walked out of the building, staring at the moon. He smiled at it, as it reminded him of himself. Cold, a bit intimidating, and surrounded by things just like it, but not exactly. The stars kept their distance, just like people. The moon was alone. What he didn’t think was it took only one person to walk on the planet, to realize how beautiful it was, and what an amazing perspective it allowed. The moon saw the world differently. The moon was far away, but if someone went the distance, they would appreciate every second of it.

He tugged his coat over him, defrosting from the chilly night air. A couple other divisions chuckled as he grabbed his bicycle, while they climbed into their cars. Even their transportation described them. The writers had the smart cars, which saved on gas, the reporters drove the safe, yet shiny suv’s, the artists drove the wacky colored Volkswagens, the photographers had the flashy BMW’s, and the finance crew drove whatever their wife insisted upon. Once again, he was alone. He did want to travel through bike, but he felt embarrassed. It seemed like he couldn’t afford a car, which was completely untrue, but he still felt ashamed. He sighed in defeat as he began to peddle. He watched the cars passing, as he rode, and thought about how nice it would be to sit on the moon.

Y/n stood in her office, peering out at the sun beginning to rise. She smiled to herself, as she pressed her lips against the warm coffee in her favorite, white mug. She sat on the small bench, watching the city. All the cars and buzz and screech reminded her of growing up. She thought of her favorable childhood, and her parents always teaching her the most magic they could for her age. She smiled as she thought of her mother, who always drowned her in love. Her mind drifted to her father, who was a bit more reserved, but none the less, loved her with all his heart. She hadn’t realized until she heard a plop in her coffee that she had been crying. She looked at the time. 7:00. She fixed herself, and continued to look out the window for the young, and curious man. At the beginning, the only reason she had even asked him to come for an interview was just to ruin his day. She knew, all through Hogwarts, that he was infatuated with photography. She would see him, occasionally, sitting in a tree, along the barrier of the Forbidden Forest, or she would watch him pace down the halls, with his camera following close behind. She could even say she…fancied…the boy. That is, until they had a conversation. He would, without rest, sneer at her choice of clothing or hair style. He would laugh and say she dressed like his mother, but y/n couldn’t help the fact she preferred a pencil skirt to jeans. The hate built up inside of her, and she cursed herself, everyday for having any affection for him. When she found out he was looking for jobs, she invited him to The Prophet just to see the light drain from his eyes when she cursed his skill. Once Draco stepped in, the hope of a job glistening in the cool blue orbs, she lost every plan she had. She couldn’t hurt him; not after all he’s been through. She decided against her earlier judgement, and when she saw the small, yet detailed picture of her fifteen year old self, flipping through an old novel, she knew he’d be in her office more than once.

Y/n had been so wrapped up in her thought, she hadn’t noticed the sound of the elevator, outside, opening. She jumped from her seat, running to the door. She opened it with a smile, until she examined who stepped out. “Oh, hello Isaac.” He nodded, curtly, before resuming his earlier task of going to the kitchen. She sighed, closing the door. ‘Why did I even want him to show up? I know he was a prat in school, but now. Now, he’s a man. Still, it’s not like he’d ever like me. He’s just being respectful, y/n. That’s all this is. He doesn’t really like you. How could he?’ All these thoughts danced around her head, taunting her with the most outlandish ideas. She was right in that he was respectful, but there was something else. There was something she said that was completely false. He doesn’t really like you.

At eight twenty, a silver and white bicycle pulled up in front of the building. Y/n looked down at his hair, which perfectly matched his bike. His silver tips blended with his transportation, and looked amazing with the stormy sky. The whole picture was absolutely flawless. She ran to the elevator, and down two flights to the conference room, waiting outside, patiently. The second she heard the elevator ding, she straightened her charcoal blazer, as if it were second nature. ‘What am I even worried about. He’s just a-’ her thoughts stopped, abruptly as he showed up down the hall. His clear pools called eyes were cast onto the marble floor, following the small white rivers which ran through the cold, black rock. His shoulders were up, as if a puppeteer were controlling him. He looked odd. He didn’t look relaxed, like usual. Draco looked very upset, which didn’t sit well with her. She crossed in front of him, trying to smile. “Hey, are you alright? You didn’t show up this morning, and I began to worry.” He, too, tried a smile, but couldn’t. “I woke up late, sorry. Here’s your book.” He reached into his satchel, passing her the novel. He tried to walk around her, but she swerved in front of him. “Well?” He sighed, looking back to the floor. “Well what?” She lowered her eyebrows, looking at the cover. “Well, did you like it?” Draco played with the elbow of his coat, nervously biting his inner cheeks. “Actually, I did. You were right, I have a love for mystery.” She smiled, widely. “Really? I thought you would. I mean, you seem so. I have more in my office if you-” He stopped her, shaking his head. “I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” She stepped back, her heel being the only noise heard. He continued, “It’s not you, I just don’t think someone with such a low job as me should be conversing privately with someone in your position.” She chuckled, placing a hand on his shoulder. “I let you into my office. If I tell you you’re allowed to visit, then you are. If you don’t want to come, let me know. There will always be a spot by the window, open.” He smiled, blushing. Her hand was still on his shoulder, and he didn’t know why, but he was feeling very…hot. He nodded, quickly, fiddling with his fingers to release tension. “Y-you really mean that?” Just as she was about to respond, the golden elevator opened, revealing most of the journalism section of the paper. She retracted her hand, smoothing out her skirt. Just as she was about to turn to open the doors to the conference room, Draco held her shoulder, slowly spinning her around. “D-d-do you maybe think I could go to your office a-after work?” She smiled, mouthing ‘sure.’ She noticed his cheeks get even more strawberry-like as he moved out of the way. He looked towards the group approaching and walked, quickly, down the hall. She watched him walk away, and glared at the group. Around five minutes later, everyone was gathered in the conference room, except Draco. Y/n began with the regular announcements, and just when she was about to disperse the sections to their offices, Draco ran in. His arms were filled with the office’s previous order. He passed out the drinks, smiling at everyone who said “thank you.” Y/n tilted her head, and asked what was the meaning of his random act of kindness. He scratched his elbow, and twisted the strap of his bag. “Well, I thought everyone would enjoy a nice, hot drink to start the day. Turns out, the diner delivers, so I just had to run downstairs. No biggie.” As the employees left the hall, they patted his back, saying one extra “thanks,” and went to their areas of the building. Draco, rather shy, for once, went up to y/n, and passed her a steaming cup. “I noticed yesterday morning you drink earl grey, with no sugar. I got you a cup, you know, just in case you’re thirsty and don’t feel like making it in your office, or something.” She smiled, taking a sip. “How did you know? I didn’t say.” He blushed, again, stuffing his hands in his pockets. “I could smell it. It’s my favorite, and I noticed your sugar jar full in your office, so I assumed you didn’t use it.” She smirked, warming her cold hands against the cup. “You were correct. I don’t take sugar in my tea.” She pointed her hand to the door, giving a kind smile. “Well, off to work. I’m sure Alvin is going to give you ‘Hell Week,’ so you better hop to it.” The two walked out of the office, and to the elevator. The door dinged open to 24. Draco stepped out, turning to y/n, who was still inside. “Wait, what’s ‘Hell Week?” Before she could answer, the door closed, taking her to the top. He looked around, to find pictures hanging from the ceiling, of sneaky politicians, ghastly love affairs, and many other scandals bound to make the front page. He looked over to a young man, not too older, pacing towards him. His sapphire coat blew behind him, as he walked. His thick, brown glasses matched his hair, and surprisingly, the stubble on his chin fit his overall I don’t give a crap look. “Hi, I’m Alvin Friverwitch. I’m the head guy here in the photography department. I’m sure Ms. L/n already told you about Hell Week.” Draco chuckled, running a hand down the strap of leather on his bag. “Well, not much.” Alvin nodded along. “Well, you made it through Monday. Every newbie has to be the secretary for a day. Gives Isaac the day off, and humbles yourself. Now that you got through that, you get to spend the day in the owlery.” Draco shook his head, trying to process what the young man said. “Excuse me, owlery? Haven’t been in one of those since-” “Hogwarts, I’m sure.” Draco tilted his head, “You went to Hogwarts?” Alvin nodded, motioning him to follow, as they stepped out of the office and towards the elevator. “Ravenclaw. Don’t worry, don’t expect you to remember. I wouldn’t have known you, either. Great, now we know each other, so all that is put aside, and we can work together.” As they stepped off on the 32nd floor, Draco could tell Alvin had a very high energy personality. He seemed like a good person to be friends with, but, dear God, let Draco not get on his bad side. They marched the other way from y/n’s office, and towards large, black, metallic doors. Alvin tapped his wand against it, muttering ‘alohamora.’ The doors clicked, as they swung open, revealing, what seemed like, hundreds of highly expensive owls. Alvin held his arm out, which a very small, but friendly looking Northern Saw-whet owl landed on. “This is Baldwin. He’s my owl, he’ll help you out today. Baldwin knows our routes inside, and out. He’ll get you your letters as fast as you can say “accio.” Draco pet the creature, lovingly, it’s head nuzzling into his fingers. He chuckled, as the owl looked exactly like its owner. Its brown, disheveled feathers resembled the photographer’s messy, chocolate hair. Alvin smirked, pacing towards the gigantic window, which provided the most light in the room. “Today, you will be working with the birds. There are two hundred and forty owls currently in this room. You will be lining them up, and sending out letters. The letters to be sent out will fly through that box,” he pointed towards a purple cube that was magically filling itself. “The letters the owls bring back, you put in that box.” He motioned towards the yellow cube, adjacent to the other. “This is all you will be doing. Oh, and make sure you don’t switch them up. I can’t tell you how many times that happened with the artists. Ask Ken about it, he’s the head of the Arts department. He’ll mention ‘the Great Draught’ where nothing would be able to be sent for a week because someone screwed up.” Alvin strode back to exit, smirking. “Have fun!” He closed the doors, leaving Draco and a hell of a lot of birds.

Around lunch time, he had sent over five thousand letters, and received around two grand back. Draco worked his arse off, enchanting the envelopes to reach the birds, and shouted out a list for each one. By one o’clock, he knew each bird’s name and how well they could accomplish a job. However, he made a mental note that Baldwin was, by far, the best. He hummed to himself songs his mother sang while he worked. It was not very well air conditioned in the owlery, so he had to set down his coat and roll up his sleeves. His hair was a mess, the white locks sticking in every direction. He wiped a band of sweat from his forehead, muttering “no wonder they call it Hell Week.” He turned around, fast, when he heard a quiet and dainty chuckle behind him. Y/n was standing in the doorway, arms crossed across her perfectly ironed blouse. “I think they make it hot in here just to spite you.” Draco smirked, passing a letter into the yellow box. “So, do the owls do it themselves when I’m not here?” She shook her head, dismissively, crossing the room through the rows of snowy birds. “No, Eugenia usually does it, but since we have a new arrival, she gets the day off.” Draco smiled, “Well, she has a tough job. I’ll bring her a muffin, or some pastry tomorrow as a sincere apology for her suffering.” Y/n giggled, petting a white and grey specked Tawny owl. “She likes the job. She even brings her daughter, sometimes, to help out and play with the animals. They’re her friends.” Draco joined, rubbing the feathers of the bird. “This your’s?” She nodded, “This here is Ambrosia. She’s not the fastest owl, but is the most efficient. She’ll survive a hurricane to get your letter to your grandmother delivered.” He bit his lip, smiling. “Reminds me of someone.” She blushed, pulling a long strand of h/c hair behind her ear. “Well, you should come to the cafeteria. It’s lunch time, and everyone in your department wants to get to know you.” He shook his head, sitting against the window sill. “No, thanks. I need to hold down the fort.” She sighed, “You’re hungry. Take a break.” He smiled, and waved his hand towards the doors. “I’ll be fine. I’ll get take out after work, but I need to do a good job or Alvin will surely hit me with the cruciatus curse.” She smiled, folding her arms. “Oh, Alvin’s not that bad, but I like your dedication.” She walked towards the giant doors, turning her head. “Oh, and don’t forget, my office is open, especially to those avoiding to confront their coworkers when going home.” She winked, closing the door at his gaping face. He gave a breathy laugh, looking out the window. He rubbed his knees to his chest, closing his eyes and sighing. As his hands hooked themselves together, a pair of claws were felt. He opened his eyes to stare at large, e/c ones. He smiled, observing the magnificent owl. “Ambrosia, you just might be the most beautiful owl I’ve ever seen.” She hooted, jumping and pecking, lightly, on his head, as if giving little bird kisses. The two looked out towards the city, below, watching the owls flying into the distance.

Finally, the clock that rang out “NINE O’CLOCK” struck. Every door on every floor flew open at the bell, workers pouring out to get home. Draco looked up from his gaze, towards the large black doors that opened, like the rest. Alvin sped towards him, with an unreadable expression on his face. “How’s your second day?” Draco smirked, “Not as bad as I pictured.” Alvin nodded along, writing down a scribble into his notebook. “Right, so, how many letters delivered?” Draco spun himself around, snatching a clipboard from where he previously sat. “Thirteen thousand and twenty seven, Mr. Friverwitch.” He chuckled, almost silently, “Nice. My father is Mr. Friverwitch. But you can call me that, until the end of the week. When that bell rings on Saturday, my name is Alvin. We clear?” Draco smiled, nodding. He was glad he could have at least one male friend at work. “And how many letters have we received today?” Draco glanced down at the chart, “Seven thousand and forty two, sir.” Alvin lowered his notebook, his eyes, which resembled some Belgium dessert, looked Draco up and down through the top of his glasses. His thick eyebrows knit together in bewilderment. “You’re telling me, you got over seven thousand letters sorted, not to mention, thirteen grand sent!” Draco gave a goofy smile. Alvin snorted, crossing his arms in amusement. “Might I say, Malfoy, that you have beaten the record!” Draco chuckled, “I guess not many newbies work hard first week, huh?” Alvin shook his head ‘no’, and added, “No, I’m not talking about with new workers, I’m talking about overall. When Eugenia started working here, she beat the record with eleven thousand and fifty seven letters sent, but you did, like, two thousand more than her! I say, if the photography thing doesn’t work out, switch to the post office!” The two laughed, holding their stomach with their free hands. Alvin whistled, with Baldwin flying onto his shoulder. “He’s not lying, yeh?” The bird cooed, and made a nodding type motion. Alvin took off his glasses, cleaning the lenses, as if it would help him see the truth better. “Well, Malfoy, excellent work today! I’ll make sure, once Hell Week is over, course, that you switch desks with Meredith. I’m sure you’ll be much more fun to sit with.” Alvin smiled, genuinely, walking away with Baldwin flying close behind. Draco looked out the window, smiling to himself. Maybe his co-workers would actually get to know him. He knew Alvin wasn’t too bad. He reminded Draco of a genius version of Potter. Perhaps that was the missing link. Harry 2.0 with brains and diligence was the perfect male counterpart for Draco. He looked across the city, and when the sound of chatter disrupted his thoughts, he smiled. He looked down at the people talking, and noticed one to be Daisy. He crossed his arms, looking at the reporters and writers for the Prophet. “You don’t have to stay.” He whipped around, tilting his head. “You can go and talk with them. I won’t mind.” Draco shook his head, nibbling on his bottom lip. “And miss an evening in your library? Not for the world.” Y/n smirked, turning to head back to the office, with a messy looking Draco following close behind. They walked into the pristine work space, Draco placing his bag on the floor next to the couch. As y/n started to brew tea, he walked over to the stack of books, examining each spine. “Why don’t you want to socialize with the photographers? I mean, I understand, maybe not the financers,” they chuckled, “but your own strand wants to know you.” He frowned as he picked up a dusty book of fables. “Well, I don’t think they want to be known as friends with the Death Eater.” He turned, and she could see the end of is tattoo poking out. “Many think the Basilisk was harmful,” he stared into her eyes, “but really, I was the monster inside Hogwarts.” She picked up two, steaming cups of tea, handing him one. “You’re right.” He looked up from the drink, befuddled. “You and the Basilisk are strangely alike. You both prefer solitude, a simple stare can kill, you both have an extreme ability to harm people,” Draco looked deep into her e/c eyes, hurting with every word she said. “And, you were both controlled by the same man, and didn’t have a say about it.” He cocked and eyebrow, and twinkled at her speech. “I say that gets rid of all other bad things, since you didn’t have a choice. Now, if you marched up to Voldemort and signed over your life, I’d say get out of my building and out of our world, but you didn’t. Peer pressure is a dangerous thing, Mr. Malfoy.” He scoffed, “More like parent pressure.” The two took a long sip of tea, and moved their party to the couch. “What book did you pick?” He smiled, “Well, it seems to be written by a man named Aesop. Hmm, sounds odd. Old writer, perhaps?” She smiled, “An old, muggle writer.” He shifted in the cushion, placing the book on his lap. “The book I lent you last time was muggle, and you liked it. What’s the matter?” He gave a light laugh, tracing his fingers over the engravings of the author. “It’s just..I grew up believing muggles were absolute scum. I mean, my parents used the term mud-” He looked over at her, who was intently listening. “Well, it’s just a bit weird being so nonchalant about it now.” She smirked, “I know. My parents were the same.” He looked at her, completely confused. “What do you mean?” She laughed, “I always wondered why you made fun of me at Hogwarts. I was a pureblooded Slytherin, so it was a bit odd.” He placed his cup down, standing up. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I am so so so so so so sorry! I apologize for the mistake! I’m so sorry!” She laughed, curling her legs next to her on the couch. “All is well. Just wondering, though, why did you?” He sighed, “Well, probably because I didn’t know your blood. It’s stupid, I know, but still.” She smirked, “Well, you know now.” Y/n stood up, crossing to the other side of the room. “I think you’ll enjoy The Tales of Grim’s Hollow. She passed him a crumbled book, which seemed to have a story hidden in the pages, behind the text. “Why, this looks like it hasn’t been opened since the time of Salazar Slytherin,” he joked. “Yes, well, maybe not that long, actually. I read it all the time in my dorm.” He smiled, thinking about how many nights she must’ve stayed up, reading. “I do wish we had talked during Hogwarts. I’m sure we would have been friends.” Draco smiled at her, watching her stir the tea in her porcelain. “Perhaps. I tried to talk to you once, purely for homework, and your girlfriend nearly chewed my head off.” She laughed, but stopped when she saw his puzzled expression. “Excuse me?” She looked around, as if it were obvious. “Why, Pansy, of course. I wanted to ask you about Sprout, or Flitwick, or some class and she yelled at me to not flirt with you!” She laughed, loudly, “I even said I just wanted some help with an assignment, since you were a Prefect, and she screamed even further.” Draco coughed, placing his cup on the small table next to them. “Pansy wasn’t my girlfriend.” She nodded, blinking rapidly. “It sure seemed like it.” He shook his head, his face becoming a bit red. “Nope, didn’t date while at school. I was too busy with work.” She listened, but held back an inner smile. “I see.” “What about you? Any boyfriends?” She giggled, “Not much. I mean, I went on a few dates, here and there, but nothing serious. I went to the Yule Ball with Cormac McLaggen, if it makes any difference.” He, too, resisted the urge to grin at the information. Y/n began to smirk, “Surely you fancied people. Did you ever sneak into the girl’s dormitories, or spend a bit too long in the Prefect bathroom?” He laughed, blushing immensely. “No, no.  I didn’t do relationships. Still don’t.” Her eyes widened in amazement. “You’ve never had a girlfriend?!” Silence was her answer. “Been on a date?” Another no. She took a step forward, smirking. “Ever kissed a girl?” He gulped, audibly, and searched for something in his pocket to fiddle with. “I’ll take that as a no.” He released a long breath he didn’t realize he was holding when she turned back towards her desk. “You know, I think Daisy might have a thing for you. Besides, she might be into your sappy, innocent, school boy routine.” He stepped forward, defending himself. “I’m not innocent! I know lots of things!” Y/n joked, crossing her arms, “I bet you don’t even know what sex is!” He reddened, scoffing, “Of course I know, l/n, I’m not stupid.” She gave a cocky grin, “Alright, if you’re not so innocent, tomorrow morning, you ask Daisy out for lunch.” He rolled his eyes, “But I don’t like her.” “I don’t see why not. She has nice hair, good teeth. You two aren’t in the same division, so it wouldn’t be awkward if you had a one night stand. It’s perfect.” He looked down, shaking his head. “Don’t you get it? I don’t want a one night stand. I want a relationship. Besides, she isn’t my type.” She gave a grin, similar to Lockheart’s. “Oh, and you have a type?” “Yes. And it is not her. I don’t want to even want to go on a date with Daisy, let alone shag.” She had a sly look in her eye when she spoke. “I’m sure you don’t. But has a Malfoy ever turned down a challenge?” 

The next morning, Draco sped into the office, nervously waiting with two cups of tea. One was earl grey, with a steaming chamomile in the other. As he stood outside the conference room, he sipped his tea, waiting for the woman of the hour. After around ten minutes, a mess of curly hair was spotted. Her sneakers squeaked against the marble. It irritated his ears. He much preferred a clicking noise. As she approached, he took in her different features. She reminded him of a more scattered version of Trelawney. He cleared his throat, stopping the young girl from passing. “Daisy, I believe?” She nodded. “Right, so, here.” He awkwardly passed her the drink, playing with the strap of his satchel. “How about lunch today?” She looked into his eyes, thinking. Her hazel eyes searched him for a moment. “I know this is a trick.” His eyes widened as he searched for an answer. “H-How-w-what?” She looked down, forming a sad smile. “Boys like you don’t ask out girls like me.” “W-what are you talking about?” She gave a dry laugh, looking up at him. “You’re the popular, pretty boy who has everything. I’m a nobody. I know someone put you up to this, and really, I don’t mind. I just don’t want to put myself through the pain of pretending this is real.” He stumbled over his words, trying to form an excuse. “I-I don’t know what to say.” She smiled, sipping the tea. “Say you’re sorry and never speak of this again.” They smiled sadly at each other, as he murmured a sorry. As Daisy turned to walk away, he held her elbow, turning her. “You know, Daisy, I might not think of you, romantically, per se, but I would still like to lunch with you. Hog’s Head?” She thought for a moment before nodding. He grinned, letting her go. As she walked away, drinking his gift, he thought about what had happened. What he didn’t know was that an envious boss had heard the entire conversation.

After the morning, ritualistic meeting was over, Alvin marched up, clipboard in hand, photography supplies in the other. “Morning, follow me.” Draco, quickly, stepped in time, learning its best to keep up with him. The two went down to the first level, which, unlike when everyone walked in, was filthy. Dirt and a disgusting paste covered the floor. At the center of the lobby was a mop and bucket. “Don’t try and use magic. Placed a blocking charm. There’s thirty two floors. Shouldn’t take the whole day. Good luck!” Before Draco could even process what happened, he turned to find the elevator closed, and gone, along with his mentor. He stepped, cautiously, towards the center of the room, grabbing the mop. He groaned, his loud noise echoing through the deserted hall. Draco worked twenty minutes to half an hour per floor. At lunch time, he noticed everyone heading towards the elevators, including Alvin. He seemed like he was tipping over, his books piled on top of the other. “Here, allow me.” Draco flicked his wand, having the reading material float around them. “Thanks! Quite efficient, you are!” Draco smirked, “You have to learn how to transport many things at once when you’re a barista for a day.” The two men chuckled, gathering into the elevator. “So, where you headed for lunch?” Draco smiled, “A girl from the Illustration department, and I, are going to Hog’s Head.” Alvin’s eyes narrowed as he smirked, his glasses glistening with interest. “Patricia? She is rather pretty, but she has a horrible laugh, let me warn you.” Draco shook his head no, “Actually, I’m taking Daisy, perhaps you know her.” Alvin laughed, quite loudly, his cheerful tone filling the elevator. “Daisy? As in, Dizzy Daisy?” Draco choked a laugh, dropping his head in confusion. “Dizzy Daisy is the loopiest girl you’ll ever meet. Put’s the Lovegoods to shame. She has never had a drink as long as she’s worked here ‘cause the thestrals don’t like the smell. My question is, what in the blimey hell are thestrals?” He laughed, pushing back his glasses to keep them from falling off of his nose, while Draco accompanied, only to try and keep the mood light. Once the elevator stopped, the two walked out, still giggling. Draco spotted her across the lobby, sketching a tree which stood outside. Alvin noticed his gaze, and added in, almost whispering, “You know, you still have a chance. Say you need to catch up with photography, or work, or something. Just ditch her. I’m sure she’d rather spend time with thestrals!” He emphasized the word, while continuing to laugh. Draco looked off at her, and noticed that even her workmates didn’t want to associate themselves with her. For a moment, he thought what it would be like to agree. If he were at Hogwarts, he probably would have left her, waiting in the lobby, and gone off with Alvin to a cafe. He also noticed how much he related to the poor girl. He, himself, felt like her everyday, surrounded by people, but in the end, all alone. He looked over at Alvin, sighing. “I can’t back out now. I’ll have lunch with you tomorrow, yeah?” Alvin looked up, nodding. “Yeah, alright. Tomorrow is scheduled. Don’t forget, I warned you.” He winked, before waltzing out of the building, and towards his car. He looked over at the pile of pale, auburn hair. He walked over, patting her shoulder. “Hey, we still up for lunch?” She smiled, nodding. The two vanished in a ‘pop,’ landing outside the pub. They got a small table, comfortably huddled in the back. A waitress got their orders, as they settled into their environment for the next hour. “So, tell me about yourself.” She smiled, gently. She opened her sketchbook to the first page, pointing. “This is my life.” He flipped through the pictures, astonished at her skill. She, gracefully, accepted his comments. “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but who made a bet with you to ask ‘the freak out’?” He gulped, closing the book. “I’m not at liberty to say.” She sniffled, though she wasn’t crying. “Was it Alvin?” He looked up, worried. “No, no, what makes you say that?” Daisy brushed a thin hand through her hair, making it frizz more than humanly possible. A few strands fell onto her freckled nose, covering her pink rimmed eyes. “Alvin has never liked me, as a person, I mean. Even at Hogwarts, he was always a little rude. When we began to work together, he didn’t like the fact I was different, and officially exiled me.” Draco furrowed his brows, concentrating on what she was saying. “What do you mean, ‘exiled you?” Daisy laughed, looking down at her mug of half drunk lemonade. “What Alvin says, goes. He’s basically the assistant editor, influence wise. The only thing he can’t do is fire people, but he can put in a damn good word.” Draco frowned, externally, but on the inside, he was proud to have been accepted by who, was unknowingly, one of the most powerful men at the paper. He had even become close with the editor, herself! Wait, why was he ruining his chances with a girl like Daisy? He scratched his forearm, a nervous tick, and asked, “Why doesn’t he like you? You don’t seem all that bad.” She sighed, grabbing her bag. She lifted the strap, revealing a bright yellow and black pin. “He believes only Slytherins and Ravenclaws should work in news. He always says, “leave fighting to the Gryffindors, and farming for the Hufflepuffs.” Draco began to laugh, but stopped himself when he saw the sad look on her face. “I truly am sorry, Daisy. By the way, what are thestrals?” She looked up, a gaze of caution spread in her eyes. “I know you think he’s your friend, but don’t get too close with Alvin. He might seem kind, and you may think, just because he’s Ravenclaw, he’s good. Remember this, Draco Malfoy, he’s only in Ravenclaw because he values his intelligence, but he has the heart of a true Slytherin. You, as well as I, know your house will do anything to get ahead, and that includes destroying a budding friendship.” He gulped, looking down at her glass of un-alchoholic sweetness. For the rest of the lunch, he couldn’t get the idea of Alvin being a ‘bad person’ out of his head. Maybe everyone was right, and maybe Dizzy Daisy was wrong.

He returned to the building, not having spoken much with Daisy after the mention of Alvin. Draco finished mopping all the floors two hours before closing time, and decided to stop in Y/n’s office. He walked in to find Alvin and y/n, talking on the couch. He couldn’t understand why, but he felt his stomach drop when he noticed how.. closely..Alvin was sitting with her. The two looked like they were in deep conversation, and when Draco opened the large, and rather loud doors, they pulled apart, startled. Alvin turned around, smiling. “Draco! You’re done!” He flew off the couch, straightening his coat. “I was just going to leave, anyway. I’ll see you in a few weeks, y/n.” She smiled, following him to the door. “Goodbye, Alvin.” He winked, walking towards the elevator. Y/n turned towards Draco, who she was surprised to find pacing through the office. “Are you alright?” He stopped in front of her desk, pouring himself tea. “I’s stupid.” Y/n walked towards him, sauntering in front of her desk. “Alvin was just giving me the report.” He let out a breath of air, dripping with relief. She sat down on the long, black, leather couch, crossing her legs. “How was your date with Dizzy?” He looked over at her, glaring. “Sorry..Daisy.” He stirred his tea, huffing out air. “It wasn’t a date,” he muttered through gritted teeth. Y/n smirked, pulling out a magazine. “Really? That’s not what I heard. I was told you even took her to Hog’s Head.” He looked at her, his brows creased. “How sweet, lemonade,” she dragged out the word, taunting him. “A secluded, little, table for two,” she twisted her upper body to sprawl her arms across the top of the couch. “I bet she made you pity her.” Draco gulped down the steaming tea, avoiding eye contact. “Not t-true.” She held her head up with her delicate hand, her nails digging into her cheekbone. “Do you want to see her again?” He blinked, rapidly. “I don’t have any romantic feelings for her. But while we’re on the subject, how is your relationship with Alvin? Hmm? He seemed pretty cozy with you on that couch.” She laughed, her chuckle filling the silent floor. “Alvin is an employee. I would never date Alvin.” He walked to the library, scanning titles. “Then what was he doing here?” Y/n sighed, flipping through the pictures of models, all sporting the latest quidditch gear. “Talking about you.” He looked at her figure, lying on the couch like a spoiled house cat. “What about?” She smirked, “Alvin has taking a liking to you. Its hard to catch his attention, but you have. You should be happy.” He bit his lip, debating whether or not to bring up Daisy’s opinion on the elusive Alvin. “Look, don’t get me wrong. I don’t have any problems with Alvin, but I heard he’s not that great of a-” “Let me guess,” Y/n stood from the couch, crossing, slowly to him. “You heard he’s not a true friend and has the..what was the phrase..heart of a Slytherin?” He gaped, looking past her heels. “Trust me, Diz-Daisy has warned the entire office. I had to confront her.” He flipped through an old, book of poems, asking for her to elaborate. “I told her to not spread rumors. See, Daisy told you what she wanted you to know. I, actually, admire her for it. What she didn’t mention was the infamous Christmas party.” She motioned him to follow her the window sill. They sat, opposite each other on a bench. “I hired Daisy soon after Hogwarts. It was the first Christmas since the battle, and we all knew that Dizzy had a massive crush on Alvin.” Draco didn’t stop her, realizing that the nickname was stuck, like another term he used quite often. “So, as a joke, we all decided to plant fake mistletoe under them. You know, not enchanted. When Daisy went to lean in, Alvin shoved her, and began to-” as she laughed, she cursed herself, watching Draco’s pained expression. “I’m sorry.” Draco sighed, shaking his head. “I know I have no right to judge you, since I was the Alvin of school. But, but how could you do this? Sweet, innocent you? You were Daisy. How could you? How could you? How could you?” Draco sped towards his bag, picking it up by the strap. Before he reached for the door handle, he heard a faint “wait,” stopping him. He looked at y/n’s weak silhouette, outlined by the moonlight. He had to tell himself. She looked beautiful. “I am sorry. I know I should be telling Daisy this, but, I’d rather have your forgiveness than her’s.” Draco closed his eyes, composing himself. “Why did you really ask me to work here?” Y/n chuckled to herself, “Honestly?” He nodded, smiling subtly. “I wanted to know you. You seemed like a lost boy, and I wanted to see the real you. It sounds dumb or sappy. Really its both. I just knew there’d be someone under the bully. That someone was the photographer I saw sneaking into the woods by himself, or smiling when he got his few minutes alone. I wanted to know the man he became. That’s the real reason you’re here. Your talent is the icing on the cake.” Draco blushed, playing with the leather strap on his bag. “C-can I ask? W-w-were you j-jealous I went to lunch with Daisy?” He wouldn’t call it blushing, but he did notice a pink tint pasted to her cheeks. “No, of course not.” He wanted to tell himself she wasn’t lying, to just brush it off as nothing, but he noticed a tiny detail. Y/n was the type of person who looked you straight in the eye when she spoke, but when she answered his question, she was staring at the streets below. 

After a few more days of unbearable, manual labor, Hell Week was over. Draco walked into work on Saturday morning, ready to chat with y/n and work like a Hebrew slave. He walked down the immaculate hall of the 32nd floor, shuffling his shoes. He knocked, carefully, onto her door, before walking in. He didn’t want another Alvin incident. Once he entered, Alvin was standing there, along with y/n, but so was the entire office. “HAPPY HELL WEEK!” Streamers popped, and an enchanted message flew across the room. Welcome to the Prophet, Draco! He smiled as many Weasley products filled the space. Y/n smiled, walking to him, heels clacking. She extended her hand, shaking his. “Welcome to The Prophet. I expect excellent work from you.” Draco blushed, nodding rapidly. “Of course, Ms. L/n.” She winked, retreating to her desk. Alvin jogged up, chuckling. “Hey! Draco!” He hugged the blonde into his side, laughing. “Man, we are going to have so much fun! Now, I know you may think now that Hell Week is over, its smooth sailing. BUT, on the contrary, your work here is going to make Hell Week seem like a cruise ship. I don’t know why I’m using so many aquatic references.” Draco smirked, “Whale, I’m glad to be working here!” Alvin laughed along, catching his joke. “Any fin is possible here at The Prophet!” “Seariously, we should stop these jokes!” Alvin clutched his side, doubling over, “You’re krilling me!” The two men laughed at their stupid conversation, and for a moment, Draco forgot all about what Daisy said. In fact, he forgot about her all together. She was towards the back of the room, near the windows. The thing is, y/n was right about everything Daisy said. She did fancy Alvin, and the Christmas party incident was something she did like to forget about. But no one knew what happened after the party, when her true disliking towards the brunette began. Soon, after half an hour of chatting and eating small pastries, everyone left to their work. Alvin left last, giving Draco the day off. This left him and y/n, alone. He chuckled, cleaning up the room with his wand. “That was fun! Alvin was pleasant company!” Y/n smirked, staring outside. “I didn’t really speak to you much during the party. Did you leave?” She smiled, shaking her head. “I don’t enjoy parties. I never really go to Alvin’s Hell Week get togethers. Then again, they’re never this large.” Draco blushed, thinking that she put some time into his surprise party. “What do you mean?” She sat at her desk, typing and occasionally sipping some tea. “Alvin usually just gets just his department in the break room, or the conference room, if you did a good job. But he got the entire office in my room to celebrate you, and just you.” Draco looked down, happy that he had gotten a group of people to like him because of his personality. He hadn’t the slightest idea why, but he felt a certain way when she spoke of him. When she put aside her work, which he knew she cherished, he felt a certain..bubbling. It was like the inside of his stomach would jump, twist, turn, and do acrobats. The second his left foot would step off of the elevator and towards her office, late into the night, he would get sweaty and exasperated. His hands would jitter and vibrate, like a scared animal. The only thing is, he wasn’t scared. He was anxious. He was a smart man, and in that moment, he pieced every little thing together. The kindness, the sweat, the..attraction. It all made sense. He fancied her. Draco dropped the book he was holding, stubbing his toe. He reached down to pick it up, hitting his head against the book shelf. The man groaned, rubbing his hand against his injury. Y/n giggled, before returning to her project. Draco laughed, as well, placing the book back on the shelf. He walked over to y/n, rubbing his hands against the sides of his legs. For the first time in his life, he wasn’t going to run away. He was going to stand up, and pretend he was sorted into Gryffindor. His face matched the house’s red he decided to act like. “H-hey, you know, I have the day off.” She nodded along, “Mhmm..” He went to grip his bag strap, but couldn’t find anything on his shoulder, so he paced around the room. “I-I, well, u-umm, p-perhaps-” “Get on with it, Draco.” He stopped in front of one of the many large windows in the room, looking for something to distract himself with. “M-maybe if you aren’t busy at lunch, we could, maybe, go somewhere to eat, maybe.” He turned towards her once he heard the abrupt stopping of the clicking of her typewriter. “Now, would you bring along Alvin, or Daisy, or anyone? Or, perhaps, would it be just us?” She looked from her hands to his features, waiting for the telltale response. Draco coughed into his fist, running a hand through his hair. “I-I-I-I mean, m-maybe. If you w-want.” She smiled, continuing to type. “We could, I guess. I know I won’t invite anyone. Let’s not go to Hog’s Head, though.” He laughed, “Right.” The rest of the morning was spent with y/n typing, occasionally chatting, and Draco reading a fantastic book about a series of mysteries. He believed it was called Sherlock Homes, or Holmes, or something of the sorts. An hour before lunch, he excused himself to the restroom, but secretly was calling his favorite restaurant. This was his first time having feelings for anyone, so he wanted to make it exceedingly special. He called Madam Puddifoot’s, reserving a booth for two. All his friends at school had taken girlfriends, potential lovers, and anyone who aroused them to the cafe. This being said, he got a reservation.

After an hour of diligent typing, y/n sat back, taking a deep breath. She turned to Draco, who was still captured by the adventures of Holmes and Watson. “Draco, would you do me a huuuuuuuge favor?” He looked up, nodding. “Could you run downstairs and fetch my car? You just have to ask the valet for it, I’m sure they’ll accommodate.” Draco stood up, walking out of the room. “Excuse me for asking, but wouldn’t you rather apparate, or perhaps fly?” Y/n smirked, grabbing her long, jet black coat. “Who said we weren’t flying?” 

Draco stepped off of the elevator, and jogged towards valet. “Hello, umm, I’m here to pick up Ms. L/n’s car.” The two men laughed, until the shorter, yet larger man spoke up. “And I suppose you think I’m going to just give it to you, yeh? How about I have some I.D?” Draco scrunched his nose, his inner Slytherin poking out. “How about you open a newspaper? There’s your identification!” He glared, his white hair contrasting against the darkness of his clothes, which surrounded him like an aura. He was about to pounce on the man before a faint clicking of heels disrupted Draco’s train of thought. “Now, now, gentlemen, we can handle this appropriately.” He felt a shiver up his spine, just hearing the aloofness in her voice. “Mr. Malfoy was requested by me to get my vehicle, so next time this happens, I will prefer a bit of courtesy.” The shorter man nodded, flicking his wand and having the car pull up. To say the least, Draco was astounded. A sleek, of course, black, Rolls-Royce Phantom rolled towards them, opening it’s doors. Draco smiled, like a child at a toy store, but held in his squeals. He hopped into the passenger’s seat, thinking over the fact that y/n mentioned this would happen again. He sat in the car, smoothing his hands over the cream leather. He looked through the window at y/n’s elegant figure, talking down to the man who disrespected him. He couldn’t help but feel something. He couldn’t describe it. The way she spoke, and sneered. He couldn’t help but be enchanted by her. Her dark emerald and black robes, which proudly displayed their former house, had his breath stick in his throat, as he watched her walk to the car. Even the way she strut was alluring. The way her hips swayed only made him begin to wonder what was under that pencil skirt..

Y/n crouched into the car, shutting the door, forcefully. “I just almost had to fire my staff.” He snapped out of his dream, clearing his throat in embarrassment for thinking such things. “So, where to?” He smiled, pulling his satchel towards him and onto his lap. “Well, I made arrangements at Hogsmeade.” She smiled, warmly, and motioned with her wand towards the glove compartment. A new set of controls flipped, which were clear that they were not muggle. She pressed a clear button, and shifted her car into flying mode. They lifted into the air, and began to zoom towards lunch. Draco looked out the window in complete bliss. Y/n watched him, her left arm resting against the door. “You know, Draco, you can afford a car like this. You could, perhaps, even get a newer model.” Draco shook his head, smiling. “Nothing can be better than this.” Y/n smirked, her ego boosting, but she didn’t think that Draco wasn’t talking about her car.

The pair stepped into the tea shop, shaking their coats. His breath staccatoed as he stalked up to the hostess. “Reservation under Malfoy.” She searched the list, frowning. “Malfoy, of course. Who could forget a name like that?” Her eyes shifted towards his left arm before turning towards the booths. Y/n scoffed, glaring at the woman. “I am demanding a new hostess. How dare she speak to you that way?” Draco shook his head, scratching his neck. “Its fine, I’m used to it by now. I mean, sometimes it is bad, like, my apartment had been pranked a few times, and I get some bad looks, but I’m okay.” She looked into the transparent eyes, seeing through his lie. She could tell that people affected his behavior, and she couldn’t stand it. Draco smiled, reassuringly, and walked towards the table the woman had selected. Y/n stuck her chin up, gliding towards her. “Excuse me, do you know who I am?” The woman looked her up and down before scoffing. “No.” Y/n smirked, “Of course, I almost forgot I was speaking to someone as unintelligent as you. See, darling, I am The Daily Prophet. Surely, you have heard of it. This means I have the power to bring someone as minimal as you to rock bottom, which will be no trouble at all. Then, once you’ve hit rock bottom, I will grab a drill and sink you even lower than you are. First, I want a new hostess, and after that, I would like you to apologize to my colleague, Mr. Malfoy. You treated him very poorly, and if I don’t get these two things, I will add a third, and that is your job.” The woman gulped, muttering a sorry, before attempting to rush away. “That wasn’t loud enough, dear. I don’t think the table next to us heard you. I want all of Puddifoots to hear your weak voice.” The woman looked at Draco’s shoes, screeching a sorry. “How pathetic.” Y/n turned towards a waitress watching the scene unfold. “You there! I will take you as a replacement. Oh, and by the way, dear, I take back our deal.” The previous hostess finally looked up, confused. “You will have no job by the time I get my drink.” And on that note, Y/n sat down, across from Draco, pleased. She took off her coat, and loosened her hair around her shoulders. “Now, then, now that that’s over, let’s order!” Draco smiled, utterly stunned. “How did you? What did-” “Draco, I couldn’t let someone get away with talking to you like that. I get that you are a changed man, or whatever, and you allow people at your apartment complex to bully you, but I won’t stand it. I suffered to many years-” She had forgotten that she was talking to her childhood tormentor, and swallowed her words. “My point is, don’t let people push you around out of guilt. That woman got what she deserved, and you should be happy she lost only her job.” Draco smirked, scanning the menu. A new waitress came, along with the manager. “I am very sorry, ma’am. What just happened, from your point of view?” Y/n explained that the woman was very unkind towards Draco, and she put her in her place. The manager dragged away the sulking woman, leaving the new waitress, who was obviously terrified of screwing up. “Hello, what can I start you off with?” Draco cleared his throat, “I’ll have a black tea with milk, and for the lady, and earl grey with no sugar.” Y/n smiled behind her menu, secretly flattered that he had remembered her cravings. After a moment or two of silence, she couldn’t tame her curiosity. “Draco, why did you pick this particular restaurant?” He picked at his fingers, looking for a distraction. “W-well, mother always did like the place, and when I asked where to take you, she mentioned it. N-n-n-not that I sp-spoke to mother about you! Well, I did, but I told her only nice things, I swear!” Y/n giggled at his antics. “Really, so because your mother likes the place, you took me here?” Draco nodded, and then slowly shook his head. “Well, not exactly. I-I saw that Blaise and Theo would always bring young women here, so I thought I’d give it a try.” It seemed as if he had looked everywhere in the room but her eyes. She smirked, and decided to use his anxious state as an advantage. “Draco,” she drawled out, dancing her fingers along his hand. His breath hitched at the sudden contact, with his eyes turning quickly to their hands. “Are you positively sure that you picked this place out of mere coincidence,” she traced her long, manicured fingers up his arm, leaving a hot trail, “or did you know exactly what you were doing?” Draco was a smart man. He knew that Y/n was a trained reporter, and would do just about anything for an answer. He took what little discipline he had left and muttered a ‘coincidence.’ She sat back, retracting her hand. “Alright.” Just when he was about to relax a bit and enjoy his fresh tea, she spoke again. “Well, if you take young women here, why did you take Daisy to Hog’s Head?” He laughed, “Why, Daisy’s not as special as you.” His face grew red at his slip, drowning it down with a steaming drink. This was, in fact, going to be a long lunch.

After their “date,” they returned to the office, reveling in each other’s company. Their usual schedule continued. Draco left the office later, and arrived exceptionally early. The man began to be trusted with higher assignments. He was sent on different projects to photograph, and different stars to stalk and picture. It was quite awkward when he would have to follow Harry Potter. While she was grateful that Draco had begun to explore the world and live as a free adult, Y/n did get to see him less, and less. After half a year of only seeing him once or twice a week, she decided to take matters into her own hands. He had been to Bulgaria, via floo, since word got out that Viktor Krum was shagging a Weasley. No one knew which one of the forty seven there are, but that was Draco’s job. He had been in a bistro, getting a refill of earl grey, when he felt his wrist buzzing. Y/n had enchanted a watch, that if there were an emergency, or a reason for him to return to London, he’d know to come back. He crawled out of the coffee hut, and went behind the building, puffing away in green smoke. He appeared in the fireplace of y/n’s office, and was surprised to find he wasn’t alone. “Draco! Haven’t seen you in ages!” Alvin sauntered up to him, hugging him loosely. “Draco, we have something to discuss with you.” He sat on the couch, nervously tapping his knee. “If this is about Krum, I’m pretty sure he’s not having an affair with the twin, well, former twin. I’ve narrowed it down to the parents, the Weaslette, and I have some leads that it is actually Granger. You know how we received word from anonymous that the hotel check in list says Weasley? Well, I’m thinking it might be Granger, since its now her marriage name! I mean, they even went to the Yule Ball together! I-If I can get this article, I’ll have a major story photographed! Isn’t it-” “Draco.” He stopped rambling, looking up to y/n, who was standing with Alvin, in a very professional posture. Alvin smiled, “I think its a huge story, and I’d love to read it when it comes out, but, its not why we brought you here.” Draco’s breath quickened, his chest close to hyperventilating. “Oh, no! You’ve decided to fire me! No no no no no no no, I have just started to get my landlord his payments, and the neighbors have stopped trashing my place! I have a good sleep system, and to find a new job that fits that will be nerve racking and-” He didn’t noticed as he got lost in fidgeting and speeding off into his own thoughts, that y/n had sat next to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Shh, deep breaths. In..and out…in…and out..” He nodded, closing his eyes, breathing deeply. He had practiced exercise precisely like these when he was seventeen, and things in his life were a bit more..complicated. While he appeared to have relaxed, there was still a burning sensation when she released her hand. “Draco, you are not leaving The Prophet. In fact, we intend to keep you here for a while! Draco, I’m promoting you.” His eyes widened before instantly narrowing with joy. He tackled y/n against the couch, gripping her. “Thank you thank you thank you! I have to call mother! My landlord will be thrilled! I can buy that suit I wanted! Thank you!” She smiled, biting her lip, since she was the only one who noticed he was so close to her body. Once he stopped talking, he looked down at her, and jumped off, fixing his tie. “I’m so sorry! I-I-I-I-I ap-pologize!” She smirked, flattening her blouse and skirt. “Not to worry. The reason I buzzed was because I wanted you to have a talk with Alvin about the job. After all, he’s had it for the past three years.” Draco’s smile vanished, his shoulder slumping in immediate sadness. “Y-You’re leaving? Where are you going?” Alvin smiled, sitting next to him on the couch. “Not to worry, bud. I’m leaving the photography world. I’ve found I have a talent for managing, and I’m starting a company! I’ll visit time to time, trust me. We can still go out for drinks, or have lunch!” Draco nodded, giving a sad grin. “Definitely.” Alvin coughed, awkwardly, getting down to business. “You are now the official head of the photography department, which is impressive, considering how short you’ve been here. You run the strand, now. You work mostly with Miss L/n, but during certain hours, you’ll have to check everyone’s work before submitting it to her. She’ll decide from your choices. It’s simple, really. Plus, you’re sent on MUCH better assignments. Not to mention, you yourself pick the tasks for Hell Week, which I find is the best perk. The raise is kind, too.” After half an hour of discussing the job, Alvin stood up, extending his hand. “It has been an absolute delight working with you, Draco Malfoy.” He stared into the dirt circles, connecting their hands with remembrance. “As with you.” 

Because of his job performance, he decided to have lunch with his mother. Father was in Azkaban, almost finishing his term, but Narcissa wasn’t imprisoned, mainly because of Potter’s testimony in court. Draco appeared in the fireplace, brushing off his shoulders. “Draco! Darling! Congratulations!” He ran up to her, embracing her with fondness. “Mum! I’m so happy to see you! How was lunch with Mrs. Zabini? Or, should I now call her Mrs. Greengrass?” Narcissa chuckled, inviting him into the living room. “Yes, she is well. We were discussing you, in fact.” He pried, sitting in one of the love seats. “Sweetheart, we were wondering when you plan to marry.” He blushed, scratching his neck. “Well, er, not soon. I mean, I’m not in a relationship, so, probably not next Tuesday.” She smiled, “Honey, I know you’re not with any witch, but you certainly want to be.” He looked up at her through his porcelain eyes, completely astonished at his mother’s perceptiveness. “Um, how-how did you-” “A mother always knows. So, tell me. Who is the lucky girl?” He smiled at his feet, finally speaking of his strange attraction. “You, um, might actually know her. Y/n. Y/n L/n, of the L/n family.” Narcissa nodded in approval, smirking. “I know.” “I beg your pardon.” Narcissa looked up from her tea, calling for a house elf. “Tolly, I’d like you to get tea for Draco.” The small elf looked up, smiling largely. “Hello, Master Draco. Pleasure to have you back in the manor. Can I assist Master Draco in his requirements?” He nodded, “Sure, I’ll have an earl grey.” His mother’s perfectly sculpted eyebrow’s lifted, “Earl grey? You grew up on black, why the change of heart?” He swallowed the fresh liquid, gulping it down with ease. “I’ve taken a sudden interest in its qualities.” She nodded, studying his faintly pink cheeks. “So, you have hots for the boss, huh?” His eyes grew comically, the tea spewing from his mouth. “Mother!” She laughed loudly, patting his shoulder. “Don’t worry. You know, many people have office relationships, especially the boss and secretary.” “I’m not her secretary, you know.” Cissy sighed, placing her cup on the mahogany table. “Yes, I’m aware. Darling, while I am extremely excited that you finally are attracted to someone-” “Finally? What do you mean?” “Sweetie, your father and I thought you were gay for a while, but this is quite reassuring. Any who, I am relieved and happy for you, but..” He ran a hand through his hair, jittering. “B-But what? You approve, r-r-right?” She smiled, petting his head. “Of course, love..but..I don’t want you to be used.” “Used? She wouldn’t use me..” “Listen to me. She is an extremely powerful woman, and women like her..well..I would be surprised if she were a virg-” “Don’t finish that sentence.” Narcissa sighed, “My sweet Draco. Before you begin a relationship with her, you need to think of all the outcomes.” He laughed, mostly towards himself. “She doesn’t think of me that way. She wants a man who is like her. She wants someone commanding, smart, and stunning, just like her. God, mother, you really should see her in a pencil skirt.” Narcissa smirked, “You need to show her you are the exact same way. Maybe lose the skirt.” They shared a laugh, sipping their tea and enjoying the afternoon. 

Draco returned to his apartment, fairly replenished from his time with mother. As he opened the door, he looked inside, his face mirroring pain. The entire apartment was ruined, every table flipped and chair broken. A note was left on his breakfast table, reading in red lettering, ‘We don’t want a death eater as a tenant. Why don’t you do the world a favor and kill yourself. If you don’t, we’d love to finish the job.’ Draco choke back a sob, crumpling the paper and throwing it across the room. He practiced his breathing exercises, watching the cars drive by. He tried to calm himself by staring out the window, but the words of the note replayed in his mind. As he began to hiccup on his tears, his watch rung. ‘Draco, I need you in the office. I have some questions about your selections for this week’s paper. I want to review the themes we’re looking for, and talk about what you need to expect from your employees. Get here soon.’ He jittered, straightening his coat and apparating. He eyes lifted, looking around in Y/n’s office. She hadn’t viewed him, but knew his presence. “Ah, Draco. Glad you arrived so soon. We need to talk ab-” She finally lifted her e/c hues, them soon growing in horror. “Draco? Are you alright? You” He nodded, his lip quivering. “I’m fine.” She walked towards him, quickly, leading him to the couch. “I know better than anyone that the phrase ‘I’m fine’ is a cover for its contradiction. Now, tell me. What happened?” His back shook as he wheezed. “I-I-I c-c-c-c-came h-home..and..there was a n-note.” She soothed him, rubbing his back. “A note?” “A note. It t-told me to kill myself.” She suddenly became serious, her hand stopping its circular motion. “Draco, don’t you dare even consider it.” “I’M A MONSTER! A BLOODY SOD IS WHAT I AM! I’D BE DOING EVERYONE A FAVOR IF I JUST ENDED EVERYTHING!” He fell onto Y/n’s lap, gripping her legs. “D-Don’t go.” Her whisper echoed in his ear, dancing in his head. “Why?” She brushed a hand in his hair, sighing. “I’ve been told once or twice that I was a freak, and should just get rid of myself.” He sniffled, trying to contain his cries, but they would only escapade. “I-I-I-I a-am s-s-so sorr-rry.” He dug his head into her lap, his tears soaking her slacks. “I was a horrible person at Hogwarts to y-you. I d-deserve to die.” “But do you want to?” He thought for a moment, then shook his head. She ran her hand along the sides of him, obviously an expert in comfort. “Is this the first time you’ve received a note?” His earlier gesture returned. “Then why are you so upset now?” He sat up, wiping his tears with his palm. “I guess its because I finally h-have a good reason to live.” She looked down at his soaked sleeve, which pressed against his tattoo. He looked down, clearly ashamed, and saw her damp legs. “Oh, I-I am so sorry. I d-d-d-didn’t mean-” “Have you always had a stutter?” He looked up at her through his pale lashes, blue eyes reflecting with water. “I-I..w-well..” “You do it an awful lot, so I have to ask. Is it reoccurring?” He only nodded, not trusting his tongue. “I-I have had it since I was little. Father thought i-it meant I was w-w-w-weak.” Y/n nodded, placing a kind hand on his shoulder. “I-I had speech lessons. I-I-I-It goes away, unless I am nervous o-or upset.” She smiled, attempting to make him laugh. “I would have never guessed the stud of the Slytherin House to ever be nervous.” He giggled, brushing a hand through his sweaty hair. “Yes. Only certain teachers knew I had it. No one else knows.” She smirked, “So, I am the first?” “I suppose. And, for the record, I wasn’t the stud. That was Blaise.” They shared a laugh, sitting by the sunset, in the cold, yet unnervingly cozy office.

It had been a year and nine months. Draco was running the office beautifully. There was a certain incident towards the beginning, when one of his workers had claimed that a ‘Voldemort lover’ shouldn’t be put in such a high position, but Y/n took control of the conversation. She gave Draco a knowing look, understanding that his stutter would make an appearance, and he couldn’t afford that. Ever since, his colleagues have respected him, and truth be told, he puts together rather fun Hell Weeks. Now, it was December. The snow had barely fallen this year, due to some climate thing. The Prophet didn’t cover what fell from the sky, as much as who had fallen from stardom. Turns out, Draco was right about Krum. He had been shagging Charlie Weasley, and meeting him behind bars and in seedy hotel rooms. Once the story had broken, many had congratulated Draco for his work concerning the project..especially Y/n. Soon, the most wonderful time of year has arrived. Everyone was in charge of bringing a special dish to the Christmas party. A certain bloke in finance brought a highly expensive brandy, Daisy made cupcakes which were enchanted, and Y/n brought a roast beef. Nobody, including himself, had expected Draco to come. He wasn’t a big fan of gatherings, and to have everyone in such a large, but compacted space didn’t sit well with him. However, it was his mother who had convinced him to go. She wooed him into it by saying it was a courtesy to her. As he walked into the room, most of the conversation died down, including the music. He cleared his throat, extending a pan. “What’d you bring? Caviar,” a drunk man shouted from the back, causing the hall to laugh. “No, its a family recipe.” He lifted the covering napkin to reveal slightly burnt chocolate chip cookies. The once chuckling room erupted into laughter once they saw his offering. He felt his throat tighten, which meant his impediment was impending to arrive. Y/n wasn’t paying much attention, as she was talking with one of the female reporters. Once she noticed his voice, she immediately stopped talking, and whipped around towards him. She could see him, clearly, over the sea of people, and sped towards the front of the room. Just as he had lifted the cover from his dessert, did she pause. He looked up at her, his eyes giving away the fact that he couldn’t do this. She walked forward, turning around with her back facing him. Her silence quieted the hall, as they all stared in fear of her dominating form. “I don’t really know why you’re laughing, Paul. Did you bring anything?” He shook his head, slowly. “Hmm, that’s what I thought. Can’t offer anything except that large appetite.” There were multiple giggles and gasps heard. “Must be why that wife of yours is in debt. She’s spending too many galleons cooking for your fat arse.” The congregation smirked and laughed, forgetting about Draco’s problem. She looked towards a lanky man in visual arts, who was holding one of the writers quite close. “And you, Harold. Do you have anything to offer?” He smirked, “I didn’t bring food, but I have something you can eat.” A few of his friends laughed, while most were gaping in surprise. Draco was about ready to hex the bloke. Y/n straightened her blazer, sauntering towards him. “I’m not surprised. You forget many things, including the fact that you’re married.” She glared at the woman, but returned her attention to him. “The next time you want to laugh at someone better than you, perhaps consider have to give.” As the hall heard chuckles, many from Draco, she walked back towards the front, sighing. “Not many of you like to remember the Wizarding War, myself included. However, I think Draco would like to forget the most. So, instead of judging him, let him have a night of ignoring past mistakes.” She raised her champaign glass in the air, “To forgetting!” The hall repeated, cheering. Once everyone had resumed the party, she turned around, taking his tray. She looked down at the cookies, noticing their flaws. “Did..did you make these yourself?” He nodded, blushing. “The house elves aren’t allowed to know the recipe. I didn’t want to put mother through trouble, so I baked them.” She smiled, warmly, and put them on the buffet. “They’re lovely. I’m sure everyone will give them a go.” He smiled, and talked with her throughout the party. Neither realized that as they spoke, the plate of treats was disappearing with each passer-byre. She had excused herself to the women’s room, leaving him, momentarily, in a room of almost strangers. As he continued to sip at a glass of butterbeer, he noticed Daisy standing alone, like him. He walked over, smiling. “Daisy! We haven’t talked in a while! How’s yourself?” She grinned, playing with a curl. “I’m quite alright.” Any person wouldn’t notice, but Draco was a bonafide Slytherin. He could easily see her glassy eyes weren’t from a fun party. “Daisy? You alright?” She shook her head, trying to dismiss him. “So, you and the boss, huh?” He looked towards his drink, sighing. “Not exactly.” She gave a fake smile, looking around in concern. “At least she cares for you. You can see it. I’ve never seen her more loving to anyone, and her sister visited a few times.” He bit his lip, trying to hide his flushed face. “I suppose. Maybe I’ll ask her out, some day.” Daisy nodded, her fingers shaking. “Daisy, are you sure you’re alright-” “Do you even know where she is, Draco?” His brows creased, “She’s-” “In the lady’s room, I’m sure.” He looked at her as if she were crazy, her Trelawney resemblance peaking. “I-how did you-” “I wouldn’t be surprised if he were in town.” Draco felt rage tighten his chest, “Who is he?” Daisy frowned, “Your closest friend at the paper. Don’t worry. She shags everyone at the Christmas parties.” He turned, sprinting out of the room. He didn’t have time to wait for the elevator, and bolted as fast as he could up the stairs. He finally reached the top floor, his breath constricting in his throat. He opened the door, hoping and praying to be wrong. He gasped as he viewed Y/n sprawled on the desk, Alvin hovering over her. He was kissing her neck, feeling her hips. Draco began to have a nervous breakdown, his arms shaking uncontrollably. Alvin looked up when he heard his labored breathing. Friverwitch smirked, not taking his hands from their place. “Draco, just turn around and close the door.” He shook his head, pulling his wand from his coat pocket. “GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF OF HER!” He felt his heart utterly break when Alvin only smirked. “I don’t think either of us want that? Do you, love?” Y/n waited a moment, before shaking her head. Draco couldn’t exactly see her face, but was ruined all the same. “I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I d-d-don’t-” “Spare yourself. Don’t wanna put that tongue through too much trouble.” Y/n closed her eyes, a simple tear falling. She couldn’t see Draco, but she felt her lip quiver at the fact that he was stuttering. It was a knowing sign that he was crumbling. “Ho-how..HOW COULD YOU!” Draco glared at them, Alvin not flinching. “Its business, bud. Now, if you could close the door on your way out-” “I BLOODY CONSOLED IN YOU! I TOLD YOU EVERYTHING! I POURED MY SOUL OUT TO YOU!” He huffed, “You could have at least told me you were seeing Alvin.” Y/n stood up at that, buttoning her blouse. “I’m not.” He shot daggers at her, shaking his head. “You..You don’t get to talk. I can’t believe Daisy was right.” Alvin laughed, “Of course she was.” He looked between Draco and Y/n, and headed for the door. “Well, you two look like you need to figure things out. I’ll be off. Oh, and Y/n, pleasure doing business with you.” Draco punched him in the nose, and continued to kick him in the ribs. Y/n screamed his name, as he elbowed his and clawed and kicked anywhere he could. By the time he had finished, Alvin was a disheveled mess on the floor. Draco pointed his wand at Friverwitch’s throat, screeching in pain. Y/n whispered not to hurt him, and Draco turn towards her, broken. “What?” he whispered. Y/n sighed, holding herself. “Don’t, Draco.” He trembled, falling apart. “SHUT UP! YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY ANYTHING TO ME! JUST..JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!” Draco ran out of the room, cradling himself. In all the time he had known Y/n, he never had expected his mother to be correct. Y/n was a black widow, and Draco was utterly and hopelessly woven into her web.

Two weeks later was when he found out. He had been in his apartment, since it was his day off. Whenever Draco had time, he would guard his home, scared that another riot might occur. The day after the party was silent. Daisy was nowhere to be found. She left a note, with a mug from Hog’s Head on his desk. ‘Thanks for being my friend.’ Truth be told, Draco had thought of her as a sister. When he accepted the fact that she couldn’t be around Y/n, due to her..correlations.. with Friverwitch, he understood her departure. Still, it was bitter sweet knowing Dizzy, and all the odd kindness she had to offer. Draco was sipping at his tea, reading a book of Skeeter’s when he heard the news. His watch buzzed, alerting him. ‘Come to the office, immediately.’ He twisted his face in confusion, since it wasn’t her voice talking. It was a voice he dreaded most of all. Alvin.

Draco apparated in front of her desk, all of her things gone. He looked around, horrified. The furniture had lost its meaning. The chairs no longer had her imprint. The books were gone. His beloved Y/n was gone. He searched the floor, running down the halls. “Y/N! Y/N, WHERE ARE YOU! WHERE HAVE YOU GONE!” His feet stopped in front of the double doors leading to the owlery. He pushed them open with all his force, his body stopping to see Alvin, standing by the large windows. Baldwin was perched on his shoulder, gnawing at a nut. Draco could feel Friverwitch’s smirk, just by the unsettling presence in the room. “Where is she?” “Who?” He revolved, Draco being correct about his smirk. “Oh, you mean that whore?” Draco quaked, trying to swallow down his nerves. “” Friverwitch laughed, condescendingly, and walked around the room, taunting him. “She’s gone.” “Gone?” “Away. Since you had to step in and ruin our fun time, she couldn’t go through with it. She wouldn’t even let me kiss her..because of you.” Draco gaped, “Me?” “You. She’s bloody in love with your sorry arse. It killed her to even accept my offer. She was whining the whole time, saying how angry at her you’d be. She even cried that you would never want to be with her ‘damaged goods.’ Frankly, Draco, I told her you’d take whatever she’d give. Even if it were my leftovers.” 


Alvin fell to the floor, his owl flying into the distance. Alvin shook in pain, his screams tearing through the air. Draco’s years of training from Aunt Bella was finally kicking in. “Tell me where she is.” He lightened his wand enough for his victim to respond. “Never!” Draco gripped tighter, causing pain to sting through him. “I will ask one last time! If you don’t tell me, I will throw you off of this balcony!” “FINE!” Draco lowered his weapon, never taking his eyes off of Alvin. In that moment, Draco Malfoy was the scariest man alive. His stature displayed pure terror, and what was once a loving, mostly gentle soul turned into a terrifying force the Dark Lord himself couldn’t compete with. “She’s in New York.” “New York?” “Yes. She didn’t go through with our deal, so I didn’t either.” He managed between pants. “The Prophet is bankrupt. My company is buying it. I told her to shag me and save the paper, or stay moral and move. I transferred her to New York. She seemed happy. Said she couldn’t face you.” Draco tussled his hair, marching to her office. He locked Alvin in the owlery, and placed a silencing charm. This was enough for him to go crazy, which wouldn’t disappoint Draco. He ran into her office, grabbing a styrofoam cup. ‘I still have time.’

Y/n was holding a box, looking around her new office. “Well, its not nearly as large as my old one, but it’ll do.” She placed the box in the middle of the empty room, shaking her head. If she had just grown up, she could’ve stayed in London. 

Stayed with him.

Like magic, she heard a knock on her door. Draco busted in, gasping air. “Y/n..why did you go?” She stared at him, breaking with each desperate breath he took. “I failed you, Draco.” He paced towards her, cradling her face with his hand. “You did nothing wrong. I’m sorry he tried to use you.” A tear escaped her eye, her breaking point showing. “Draco, I’m sorry I never told you how I felt. I lead you on, only for you to have to see that.” He kissed her forehead, keeping his mouth against her. “I’m sorry I never expressed myself either.” She stepped back, wiping a tear. “You have to go back home. My work is here now. I’m sure Alvin will keep you at the paper. You are a good worker, and that’s all he cares about.” Draco shuddered, whimpering in his throat. “You’re my home.” She glanced at his shaken form, her heart clenching. “Y/n..I quit.” Her eyes met his in utter astonishment. “You what-” “I’ll find a job here. Wherever you go, I will pick up my things and leave! I’ll always be with you, even when you hate me!” She blushed, nibbling at her lips. “In fact, I handed a woman at the front desk my resume. Told her I’d make a good assistant for you.” Y/n smirked, “Really?” “Yes. In fact, I’m so confident I got the job, I started it already. As my first order of business, I got you your morning tea.” He handed her the cup, which she had failed to notice he had been holding. She gripped it tightly, but noticed the scribbled message on the side. As she read the writing, tears filled her eyes, her mouth widening in joy. 

Marry Me:

Sip for yes

Throw away for no

Y/n looked at him, her sobs finally escaping. 

She raised the cup to her mouth, taking a long gulp. As she placed the cup on the floor, she pulled Draco towards her, smashing her mouth to his. As he finally kissed his fiancé’s lips, he glamoured in the joy that they tasted exactly like a piping cup of earl grey.

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Please please please keep writing Nobility. lots of dramione shippers out there and we can't wait to read more!

I will keep writing it, Anon. Honestly I love this story probably more than anyone (it is unfortunately locked in my brain so perhaps my enthusiasm is based in me knowing the ending) and it would pain me not to finish; I just update far less frequently than I would like to because the thought of posting currently makes me squirm with doubt given some of the responses I’ve received.

BUT, at the end of the day, I know there is far more positivity than negativity regarding the story, and I do need to learn to set aside the noise and simply focus on telling the story right, as I always have in the past. I hope my misgivings ease in the near future; but regardless, I will definitely keep telling the story.

And thank you so much for asking :)

I believe in energy, I believe in good vibes. Positive vibes.
I believe that each person you meet, each place you visit, constantly keeps emitting vibes.
If you’re calm and patient enough, you will feel it.
And trust me, that makes life a lot easier.
It quickly eliminates people, things and places that don’t please your soul.
Ouran As...

Hogwarts Students!

I’ll back up my thoughts here with quotes from the Welcome Letters from Pottermore and some HP meta as well as character traits from canon, and if you disagree/have any thoughts, please feel free to message me!

Tamaki: Gryffindor! “Gryffindor people tend to be very emotionally driven as their primary function, and work with their hearts first and their heads second.”, “Gryffindors can be very quick to flip outlooks, mostly trying to keep a positive outlook on everything until their own mindsets or goals are threatened, at which point they can turn quite negative and “doom and gloom”’ Personally I think that this describes Tamaki to a T - His plans are in fact often emotionally driven, and when they are sometimes shot down with another’s bit of reasoning, he often draws in on himself - or in a corner - shrouded in black lighting used to show his sadness. He also gets rather fiery whenever his plans are “attacked” so to speak. His flair for dramatics is also a Gryffindor trait - “A secondary characteristic of Gryffindors would be showboating, I’d say. They love seeming impressive to a crowd…”, and we all know how much Tamaki loves impressing the crowds.

Honey: Hufflepuff! Honey was actually the hardest for me to “sort”, so to speak, because he has this sort of duality about him - the sweet, childish Honey, and the more intense, brutal Haninozuka. But reading through some meta, this actually is why he’s in Hufflepuff. Honey tried for a very long time to be someone he isn’t, denying himself the things he truly wanted and essentially denying every aspect of his truer self. “… their habitual tendency to try and be what they think others need them to be. They will try and form themselves to what they think someone wants them to be in order for the other person or peoples to be happy. This is not something they should try, as expression and their free spirit is what makes the Hufflepuff who they truly are.” Honey is definitely a free spirit once he lets go of his restrictions. Honey’s loyalty to the club and his family is also a factor - it’s often said that of the houses, Hufflepuff is the most loyal. Although they are also seen as exceedingly kind, Hufflepuffs become brutal in regards to being betrayed or hurt - while Honey generally becomes more emotionally upset by this sort of thing, the only “betrayal” I know of is when Mori won’t allow him to have sweets and Honey only lashes out at him once and it’s definitely not pretty, his most violent reactions are when the Club, his family, are threatened. “If a Hufflepuff likes you, which generally they will give you the benefit of the doubt, they will be empathetic and try to use this to help you. If, for some reason, you betray or upset a Hufflepuff, do not think they will just go sulk, this is simply how their darker and more negative side comes out.” Honey tends to avoid conflict, and even tries to act as a peacekeeper on several occasions, another Hufflepuff trait.

Kyoya: Slytherin! Kyoya’s as cunning as they come - which doesn’t make him a bad person by any means, just like being placed into Slytherin wouldn’t. He’s very loyal, even if he does choose to present that loyalty as coming from a place of, well, his desire to be “connected”, even though I(and I’m sure many others) feel that Kyoya’s loyalty to people, especially the Host Club, is entirely genuine and has nothing to do with their familial ties. “For instance, we Slytherins look after our own.” When it comes down to everything, the Host Club is more than a club - it’s a family. “Loyalty is not automatically granted because of your title, you must earn it, and once you have their trust they will do anything for you, and protect you through any means that is necessary.” Kyoya is willing to go endless miles for the club - especially Tamaki - because they are his friends, his family. Slytherins are naturally ambitions and seek control - “A Slytherin in complete control and well on their way to their goals is likely to appear relaxed or even smug.” I mean, that sounds just like Kyoya, doesn’t it?

Hikaru and Kaoru: Gryffindor! Due to the similarities between the houses, I almost put the two of them in Slytherin, but I believe Gryffindor to be a much better fit for them. They’ve been consistently likened to the Weasley twins - mischievous, red-haired twins who are well-liked among their peers. Both boys are emotional, although Hikaru is notably more emotional and less mature than Kaoru. Personally I see there being two types of Gryffindors - the outgoing, popular with everyone type which is clearly Tamaki, and the more withdrawn, rough around the edges type which I where I see the twins. “They try to keep their emotions at bay and just show how strong they are, how incapable they are of breaking. These are the Gryffindors that put up a wall, and if you can connect with them, this wall falls easily.” It’s well known that before the twins joined the Host Club, they spoke almost exclusively to each other, and were incredibly emotionally withdrawn. The twins have slowly transitioned into more Type 1 Gryffindors thanks to the Host Club. They are also incredibly loyal, even if to each other first and foremost, and like the others, regard the Host Club as their family. The twins as well as Tamaki are also chivalrous, a noted trait among Gryffindors.

(truthfully I was hoping to put them into separate houses, but their personalities and drives are honestly so similar I don’t think even the Sorting Hat would have)

Mori: Hufflepuff! “Hufflepuffs are trustworthy and loyal. We don’t shoot our mouths off, but cross us at your peril; like our emblem, the badger, we will protect ourselves, our friends and our families against all-comers. Nobody intimidates us.” Mori has proven himself, on multiple occasions, to be resoundingly loyal to both his family and the Club - even ‘protecting’ Haruhi from Tamaki only after just meeting her!(I use the term ‘protecting’ loosely of course). “Overall, Hufflepuffs are much stronger than they are ever given credit for, and most of this stems from the fact that they do not act for themselves, but for the people that they love.” Mori only speaks when he sees fit - he is by every measure the strong, silent type - and is not boastful by any means, which is certainly a trait the other houses occasionally have issue with, whereas Hufflepuff is known for their fairness and open-mindedness. Mori is also incredibly kind, and is described as being “too kind-hearted, so he could never break a girl’s heart”(in reference to Valentine’s day but most likely a general statement concerning Mori).

Haruhi: Ravenclaw! The most obvious thing I can think of here is Haruhi’s strive for knowledge with a goal in mind - she had a goal she wanted to achieve and only the most elite academy could help her get there. She’s the top of her class, so the intelligence is clearly there. Haruhi actually reminds me a lot of Luna, for some reason - she’s very smart, indeed, but this isn’t her most important quality which is what most people expect from Ravenclaws. While it’s known that Haruhi would often rather be studying than engaging in Host Club activities, this is only due to her focus - she must remain at the head of the class or otherwise lose her scholarship. Ravenclaws often have an intellectual niche of sorts, and I see this a lot in Haruhi and her gift of reading people: she can tell the twins apart regardless of the tricks they try to pull, she sees through Kyoya’s facade, and understands that Mori is trying to punish himself before anyone else(save for maybe Kyoya). She also seems to hold back her own emotions - she doesn’t really express a lot of emotion other than general annoyance with the club, “Ravenclaws are fantastic at hiding their emotions.“ While Haruhi is clearly at least somewhat comfortable in large groups, she’s definitely more of an introvert and you have to remember that most often, even during club hours, she most often only sits with two/three girls at a time, and while I don’t think she minds spending time with the all of the Hosts, she generally seems to side along with one or two specific Hosts at a time, “if you are looking for someone jumping at any and all opportunities to spend time with you or have fun in big groups, then you are not looking for a Ravenclaw“.

I can honestly say I didn’t expect this to get so long and detailed(Honey’s is really long whooeee.)

Tomorrow will be ATLA! I’d like to do these once a day for a week, although maybe not so detailed. So if you have any suggestions for other fandoms, please feel free to shoot me a message!! :)

Part Two:  Love, Leather & Motorcycles

A Fight that lead to you leaving.
A secret you’re trying to protect at all costs.
A secret he now desperately needs to know to fill;
A piece missing from his heart he never realized was gone.
A truth that leads him to find Love, Leather & Motorcycles.

Dean x Reader

Word Count:  1200ish

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

@hellooo-tricksters my little cinnamon roll of sweetness, here it is Part Two.

Flashbacks in Italics.

“Dean, stop and think before you do that.” Sam protested. “Think of what Y/N will do to you when she gets back.”

“Don’t you mean if she comes back, Sammy?” Dean queried.

“Dean! She said she was only going for a couple weeks not leaving forever.” Sam tried to reason.

“We don’t know that Sammy!” With a dramatic wave of his arms, Dean continued to argue. “What if she just said that, huh?”

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The best day of your life.Its not your wedding, Or your birthday,Or the day you laugh your ass off.
Its the day you wake up in the morning,
And suddenly you realize,That you are under no obligation to keep others pleased,And others are under no obligation to keep you pleased.That there are more ways to make someone happy than not being who you are.That people -including yourself- are more than opinions.And thats what makes them beautiful.
No matter how much you pretend
It works like that.
One night you sleep.
You wake up the next morning.
And just like that,
Your life has changed.
You are changed.
You are free
—  It might be tomorrow. (Via @midnightbluewallflower)

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